The Ring Report 4/2-4/24/88

THE RING REPORT FLASHBACK Vol. 1, No. 2 4/2-4/24/88
(a look back at this month in history)
In a rematch of their classic feud for the NWA WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES that took place on the Saturday edition of WTBS’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING, BARRY WINDHAM turned on LEX LUGER in order to set up the pinfall for the new world tag team champions: ARN ANDERSON & TULLY BLANCHARD!

The match was a classic – – Luger and Windham seemingly had their team work down to perfection until Luger received two consecutive DDT’s from Tully Blanchard. Blanchard tagged out and Arn Anderson gord-bustered Luger. Defying all odds, Luger reached his corner and tagged out to the fresh Windham. Windham was in the ring taking on both men for the rest of the match as JJ DILLION and the alternating outside man took potshots at the nearly unconscious Luger by throwing him into the metal ring posts. Dillion also attacked Windham by saying that Luger would not be there for him when he was in trouble, which eventually drove him over the edge.

Luger was unconscious at ringside and Windham was nearly unconscious inside the ring when Windham went for the tag and found no one there. He looked around and Dillion again taunted him. Less than two seconds later Luger somehow made it to the ring apron and Windham forcibly tagged out, demanding that Luger get into the ring. When Luger couldn’t get in, Windham picked him up, body slammed him, then stood him back up for a lariat and let Anderson pin him. JJ immediately congratulated Windham and the Horsemen left with their new member, BARRY WINDHAM.

THE MIDNIGHT RIDER entered the ring and demanded to know where Windham was before running into the Horsemen’s dressing room and promptly getting attacked by the Horsemen, THE POWERS OF PAIN, THE VARSITY CLUB, THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, and DICK MURDOCH. Murdoch ripped off the Rider’s mask, but he camera could not show the Rider’s face because STEVE WILLIAMS, STING, and NIKETA KOLOFF ran into the dressing room and covered it with their bodies on the way out of the dressing room. the mask was in Horsemen possession later as Windham left with his new allies in a limo. He rolled down the window, and held up the Rider’s mask over four fingers, the sign of the Horsemen. A very graphic end . . .

IN SHORT NEWS: Two weeks ago DUSTY RHODES was suspended from wrestling in the NWA for 120 days and was stripped of his U.S. Title following a non-unanimous decision by the NWA Board of Directors. Following Rhodes’ disappearance, THE MIDNIGHT RIDER mysteriously appeared. JJ DILLION immediately protested to JIM CROCKETT, only to have Crockett declare that the if the Rider lost his mask in an NWA sanctioned match to reveal himself as Rhodes, Rhodes would be suspended for life from the NWA. Crockett then decided that he’d give DILLION the first shot at the mask: in a BULLROPE match at the third Crockett Cup! THE SHEEPHERDERS turned on flagman JOHNNY ACE following a recent match with KENDAL WINDHAM & RICKY SANTANNA on WTBS’S MAIN EVENT show … he was promptly replaced by THE REAL THING, who is now calling himself RIP MORGAN . . . LARRY ZYBSZKO & AL PEREZ will be managed by GARY HART at the Crockett Cup; he replaces BABY DOLL, who disappeared from the NWA . . . In related new, Gary Hart is trying to get the piledriver ban lifted . . . Friday May 13 is the date for the U.S. Title Tournament in the Sam Houston Coliseum . . . RON GARVIN was injured recently in an attempt to stop THE VARSITY CLUB from abducting PRECIOUS . . . “COACH” KEVIN SULLIVAN of the Varsity Club has renamed Precious “PATTY” . . .
ANDRE, unconscious, IN THE RING! “HACKSAW” JIM DUGAN used his 2×4 to knock out the WWF’s largest man two weeks ago on Superstars of Wrestling. Dugan, angered by Andre’s interference in his match with TED DIBIASE during WRESTLEMANIA IV, entered the ring following a rare Andre prelim match and challenged the giant to a match right then and there. The Giant motioned for Dugan to come closer to him then grabbed him by the throat then lifted Dugan off of the ground! Dugan apparently popped a vein and blood pored out of his mouth as the mad giant strangled him with the strap forum his ring attire. Things got worse in a hurry as the giant began head-butting Dugan before Dugan some how managed to grab his trusty 2X4! As Andre attempted another head-butt on the fallen patriot, Dugan blocked it with the 2×4! The move knocked the giant unconscious and released Dugan from the strange hold to the cheers of the fans. Dugan took a bow, showing no signs of pain from his popped vein, and left for the dressing room. The giant, on the other hand, snored away in the center of the ring!

When Andre awoke he attacked the two medics and three referees who tried to revive him and cleared the ring in a frenzy! He even took a swing at the camera man and ringside officials! Following this encounter the Giant rehired BOBBY HEENAN as his manager, and has ignored HULK HOGAN (his former feud), in interviews. . .
IN WWF SHORT NEWS: RICK RUDE and JAKE ROBERTS are now feuding following an incident on this week’s SUPERSTARS show when Rude tried to kiss Jake’s wife CHERYL. When Cheryl refused to kiss Rude he tried to force her before Roberts made the save . . . HULK HOGAN was named the winner of the “BEST MALE ATHLETE” award on Nickelodeon’s “KID’S CHOICE” awards show . . . TED DIBIASE is using the cobra clutch and now calling it “THE MILLION DOLLAR DREAM ” . . . DiBiase is also stuffing prelim’s mouths with $100 bills after he defeats them . . . “SUPERSTAR” BILLY GRAHAM is now managing DON MURRACO . . .

“ICEMAN” KING PARSONS is the new WCCW Champion! He defeated KERRY VON ERICH for the title two weeks ago in a strange match where the lights went out and Kerry mysteriously fell unconscious in the ring.
The match had been controlled by Von Erich until BLACK BART made his way to ringside and was met by MICHAEL HAYES, Von Erich’s tag team partner. While Hayes and Bart fought at ringside TERRY GORDY appeared at the ring apron, made a “cut it” motion, and the lights went out. When they came back on Hayes was unconscious under a table while Von Erich was unconscious in the ring. Gordy and Bart had left the area, and a stunned Iceman Parsons looked around then pinned Von Erich to become the new WCCW Champion! Several camera flashes went off during the darkness and the World Class Board of Governors has requested that anyone who took pictures during the blackness turn over the film to them in hopes to clear up this situation. Until the investigation is over “ICEMAN” KING PARSONS is the current WCCW Champion!
IN WCCW SHORT NEWS: THE SIMPSONS won the WILD WEST & TEXAS Tag Team title belts from JACK VICTORY and JOHN TATUM last week, but Tatum & Victory regained the Texas belts this week . . . CHRIS ADAMS and TERRY TAYLOR have to be having one of the most vicious non-televised feuds in the history of the sport! . . . BLACK BART wants “WILD” BILL IRWIN as his new tag team partner. . .

IN AWA SHORT NEWS: BAD COMPANY, AKA PAUL DIAMOND & PAT TANAKA, defeated THE MIDNIGHT ROCKERS two weeks ago for the AWA World Tag Team Titles . . . The pin came when Tanaka covered MARTY JANETTE after Bad Company threw Janette into a ring post . . . BARON VON RASHKE is feuding with SOLDAT USTONOV and TIJHO KAHN . . . RICKY MORTON has appeared without ROBERT GIBSON but claims that the ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS are still together . . . MEDUSA MICELLI is now managing AWA World Champion CURT HENNIG as KEVIN KELLY left the area . . . the AWA has a new look for its ESPN shows, which doesn’t seem to be improving it’s ratings . . .

IN PWTW NEWS: In Memphis, JERRY LAWLER and EDDIE GILBERT are throwing fireballs at each other in their intense feud . . . Gilbert has been reunited with his father TOMMY GILBERT, a local area rule-breaker . . . DIRTY WHITE BOY needed his valet to knock out TOM PRITCHARD with an old rag and a can of ether to win the CONTINENTAL Area title during a bunkhouse match . . . DAN SPIVEY is tearing up the WWC area looking for a shot at CARLOS COLON’s WWC Title . . . AVALANCHE and MIKE GOLDEN took the tag belts from THE SOUTHERN ROCKERS, AKA STEVE DAHL & SCOTT PETERSON, after Peterson decided to wrestle with injuries to defend the titles . . . ATLANTA area promoter PAUL JONES died recently at the age of 87 in his home in Georgia. Jones, not to be confused with NWA manager Paul Jones, was famous for his invention of the hook scissors which eventually evolved into the figure four. He is also remembered for challenging the great Harry Houdini to escape from his hold, Houdini declined . . .

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