The Ring Report TV Update 5/30/93 Vol. 1, No. 13

The Ring Report TV Update  5/30/93  Vol. 1, No. 13
(Shhh! We’re secretly experimenting with format changes!)
Quote of the Week

“It’s just not worth it.”
— THE 1-2-3 KID’S response to RAZOR RAMON’S $2500 rematch challenge.

WCW Official GREG GAGNE announced that the WCW U.S. Title has  been held up pending a rematch following an inconclusive investigation by the WCW BOARD of directors into a recent title defense between champion DUSTIN RHODES and Challenger RICK RUDE on WCW WORLD WIDE WRESTLING.

That match ended in controversy two weeks ago as the original  referee had been knocked out of the ring following a collision  between Rhodes and Rude.  A second referee entered the ring and  eventually counted a three count on Rhodes when it appeared to the  original referee that Rude had his shoulders down and that Rhodes  had his shoulders up.

Rude was awareded the belt by the second ref over the protests  of the first ref. and commentator TONY SCHIVANTE, who had the  privilage of seeing the pin from a different angle.  From replays it  appeared that both men had their shoulders up on third count of the pinfall and an immediate protest was filed with the WCW Board of  Directors.

Early speculation from fans places the rematch possibily at  the Next Clash of Champions on June 17. However, it seems that WCW  officials will let the title stay in limbo at least for the next few weeks.

IN MORE WCW NEWS: RIC FLAIR is returning to the RING!  On this  week’s WCW SATURDAY NIGHT ARN ANDERSON announced that he and Flair  will face WCW/NWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHMPIONS THE HOLLYWOOD BLONDES at the next CLASH OF CHAMPIONS. Flair’s decision follows an incident on a recent “A FLAIR FOR THE GOLD” in which the Blondes insulted the  memory of THE FOUR HORSEMEN.  More details as they come in!

RICKY STEAMBOAT returned to singles action this week with, of  all things, a countout loss to BIG VAN VADER in a WCW WORLD TITLE  MATCH!  Steamboat’s name was chosen by WCW Computers to meet the  champion in the final match of “THE COMPUTERIZED CHALLENGE” this  month and seemed dazed as he entered the ring without a tag team  partner.  In the end Steamboat rallied from an enourmous amount of  punishment but failed to pull out a win as Vader attacked him  outside of the ring to earn a countout.  Following the match  Steamboat again assumed the role of the fire spitting “DRAGON” he  used during his last stint with the WWF.

IN WCW NEWS BITS:  VAN HAMMER and RON SIMMONS have formed a tag  team following recent losses in singles action . . . STING and DAVEY  BOY SMITH briefly tagged this week and were promptly challenged by  HARLEY RACE & COL. ROB PARKER; a match vs. BIG VAN VADER and SID  VICIOUS may come as soon as THE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS . . .

IN WWF NEWS:  THE 1-2-3 KID turned down RAZOR RAMON’S $2500  rematch challenge this week on the WWF SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING  program.  Sighting the fact that he has a family and knew that Ramon  would be out to destroy him if he did get back into the ring, the  Kid stated that it simply wasn’t “worth it,” even though he upset  the Superstar two weeks ago on MONDAY NIGHT RAW.

His announcement enraged the brutal Ramon, who immediately  upped his challenge to $5000 and again called for the Kid to get in  the ring with him for a rematch as soon as possible.  In related  news, the Kid is set to wrestle in the big Super Jouniors tournament  in Japan this week and shouldn’t be back for a rematch anytime soon,  though you never know with the WWF.

IN WWF NEWS BITS: In an interview during a KOTR update that HH  GUY blamed WWF President JACK TUNNEY for his inactivity and his  failure to get a title shot with BRET HART at WRESTLEMANIA . . .   BOB BACKLUND surprised everyone this week by wrestling BAM BAM  BIGELOW to a draw on ALL AMERICAN WRESTLING . . . Finally, a match  pitting CRUSH vs. former Inter-Continental Champion SHAWN MICHAELS  has been signed for the King of the Ring pay-per-view . . .

FEATURE MATCH MR. PERFECT VS DOINK THE CLOWN: Doink went  under the ring. Doink choked Perfect with the towel and threw him  down. Perfect punched Doink. They trade blows then Perfect jammed Doink in the bread basket. Doink jumped on Perfect then Perfect  snapped Doink’s leg. Perfect gave Doink a backwards figure 4. After  breaking the hold Doink slammed Perfect. Perfect threw Doink out of  the ring then Doink went under the ring and Doink 2 came out. Doink 2 beat up Perfect but Perfect got him in the perfect plex to win. Both Doinks beat up Perfect until Crush came down and beat them both  up.

OTHER MATCHES: MONEY INCORPORATED VS MIKE BELL AND TONY DEVITIO. Money Inc. offered $100 dollars to whoever would shine TED DIBIASE’s shoe and a guy came down and did it and only to get $30 from DiBiase. Ted gave Tony an arm bar then a closeline. Irwin came in and slammed Tony. Irwin beat up Bell then he pinned him . . . CRUSH VS BOBBY WHO: Crush did his moves to beat Who . . . RAZOR RAMON INTERVIEW: Ramon offered the Kid $2500 if he came and fought Razor but instead Bret Hart came down and made fun of him . . . ADAM BOMB VS PHIL APOLLO: Bomb did the basic moves that we saw on Superstars to beat Apollo . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: TOO COLD SCORPIO and MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL  defeated PAT ROSE and FRED AVERY . . . JIM NEIDHART defeated MIKE  THOR . . . RICK RUDE squashed MARK MERCEDES . . . PAUL ORNDORFF  destroyed DAVE HART . . . TEDDY LONG . . . DICK SLATER attacked the  ref. to earn a DQ in his match against THE JUNKYARD DOG . . . and a  replay of BARRY WINDHAM defeating JOHNNY B. BADD in an NWA WORLD  TITLE DEFENSE . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: A replay of ADAM BOMB nuking PHIL APOLLO in  his MONDAY NIGHT RAW premiere . . . a review of THE 1-2-3 KID  defeating RAZOR RAMON & Ramon’s $2500 challenge to the Kid . . . a  replay of the CRUSH vs. SHAWN MICHAELS KOTR qualifying match . . . a  replay of last week’s “KING’S COURT” featuring GIANT GONZLAS . . .  and OWEN HART lost to MR. HUGHES . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: PAUL ORNDORFF defeated DAVE HART; note that  Orndorff wrestled with a heavily taped right leg . . . GREG GAGNE  announced that the WCW U.S. Title belt has been held up . . . a full  replay of SID VICIOUS destroying “BOGUS” VAN HAMMER . . . THE  HOLLYWOOD BLONDES destroyed PEZ WHATLEY & T.A. MCCOY; the Blondes  now bring an instamatic camera in the ring to take pictures of their  fallen opponents . . . RICKY STEAMBOAT spit fire before his prelim  match vs. CHRIS SULLIVAN; apparently Steamboat is back in singles  action full time . . . STING appeared on “A FLAIR FOR THE GOLD”. . .  ARN ANDERSON announced that he and RIC FLAIR will take on The  Hollywood Blondes at the next CLASH OF CHAMPIONS on June 17 . . .  STING and DAVEY BOY SMITH defeated BIG SKY & VINNE VEGAS . . . after  the match HARLEY RACE & COL. ROB PARKER came out and interrupted an  interview with Smith & the Stinger . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: RON SIMMONS & VAN “SPLAT” HAMMER had problems  with THE WRECKING CREW buy pulled out a win . . . JIM NEIDHART  defeated TODD STANSTELL . . . a review of the DUSTIN RHODES/RICK  RUDE U.S. Title Controversy and GREG GAGNE’S ruling . . . THE  BLACKHARTS defeated BEN JORDAN & MARK MERCEDES . . . a replay of “A  FLAIR FOR THE GOLD” . . . and BIG VAN VADER defeated RICKY STEAMBOAT  by countout in a WCW World Title defense and the last “COMPUTERIZED  CONTENDERS CHALLENGE” match . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: TATANKA defeated RICKY RICH . . . an update  featuring the announcement that CRUSH will face SHAWN MICHAELS as an  added match at KOTR . . . DOINK #1 wrestled a prelim match . . . I  missed most of the interview with SHERRI MARTEL . . . YOKOZUNA  squashed TONY RAY . . . a review of the 1-2-3 Kid’s win over RAZOR  RAMON and the Kid’s refusal of Ramon’s $2500 challenge . . . THE  STEINER BROTHERS defeated TONY DEVITO & MIKE BELL . . . a KOTR  report; nothing new . . . a clip from “THE KING’S COURT” . . . CURT HENNIG defeated a prelim . . . and Razor Ramon appeared in the  closing credits to raise his challenge to $5000 . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: For the first time in over a month BOBBY  HEENAN AND GENE OCKERLAND hosted “live” insteado of in front of a  blue screen!  This week they were in Pittsburg at the Annual BILL  FRALIC GOLF TOURNAMENT . . . BAM BAM BIGELOW and BOB BACKLAND wrestled to a time limit draw . . . a replay of a recent STEINER BROTHERS prelim match . . . a replay of the 1-2-3 KID/RAZOR RAMON situation . . . another replay of JASMINE MCNEIL’S anti-drug segment . . . and a replay of DOINK (#1 and #2) vs. CURT HENNIG from MONDAY NIGHT RAW . . .

To flashback or not to flashback is my play on Shakespeare’s famous line.  The great Flashback controversy continues this week as E-mail was split in reaction to my decision to include a Flashback in the regular edition of The Ring Report.
I feel that the Flashback section of the Ring Report is a great  way for people new to the sport to learn about its history.  It’s  also fun for me to kick back with old issues of the Ring Report and  find something I’ve forgotten about, or relive an old memory from those “good old days.”

From your response I feel that the Flashbacks should continue  once every four weeks as planned.  The next one is set for June 20  and will be a part of the regular edition of the Ring Report much  like last week’s edition ( a “short version” of a full sized report). There will also be an expanded edition of FLASHBACK that weekend, featuring a complete transcript of the events briefly summarized in that week’s Ring Report.

I want to thank everyone who took part in the Flashback  discussions and I hope this will stand well with everyone out there. Including those rabid <g> masses of “Anti-Flashback” protesters (you know who you are).