The Ring Report TV Update Vol. 1, No. 17 6/27/93

The Ring Report TV Update  Vol. 1, No. 17  6/27/93
(the wrestling report for the few, the proud, the totally confused)
With a straight face and a tear in his eye, BAM BAM BIGELOW
proclaimed his love for his little “LUNA-TIC” . . .

To every one’s surprise this week the 1-2-3 KID actually  survived his rematch with RAZOR RAMON.  How’d he do it?  Well, I’ll  say it’s exactly how I’d do it: HE TOOK THE MONEY AND RAN.  He had  a car standing buy after he ran out of the ring and left a very  confused Razor Ramon on the streets of New York.

IN WWF SHORT NEWS: As mentioned in “STUPID WRESTLER TRICKS,” BAM BAM BIGELOW is now in love with LUNA VACHON . . . THE STEINER  BROTHERS seem to have actually held on to the WWF WORLD TAG TEAM  TITLES for the entire week . . . MOM premiere on WRESTLING CHALLENGE  next week . . . and BASTION BOOGER upset VIRGIL in a rematch of  their “classic” match from last week . . .

RIC FLAIR and BARRY WINDHAM highlighted this week’s WCW WORLD  WIDE WRESTLING with two brawls outside of the ring.  What were they  fighting over?  Believe it or not, Windham was upset with Flair  because Flair STOLE HIS DRESSING ROOM! Oh, people fight over the  strangest things these days!

IN WCW SHORT NEWS: BEACH BLAST CONTROL CENTERS on WCW shows  this week announced a partial card for Beach Blast!  Here’s a  run-down for all who missed them: RIC FLAIR will face BARRY WINDHAM  for the NWA WORLD TITLE . . . in a 30 minute “IRON MAN CHALLENGE”  match, RICK RUDE will face DUSTIN RHODES to fill the WCW UNITED  STATES TITLE . . . THE MASTERS OF THE POWER BOMB will take on STING  & DAVEY BOY SMITH in the main event . . . and THE HOLLYWOOD BLONDES  will face ARN ANDERSON & PAUL ROMA in a defense of their WCW/NWA  WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES . . . It’s the end of the world!  Yes, DUSTY  RHODES may take on THE MASKED ASSASSIN on the same card!  You have  been warned . . . !

WHAT YOU MISSED: a recap of RAZOR RAMON’S recent actions  involving THE 1-2-3 KID . . . THE STEINERS over RINO RIGGINS &  BARRY HARDY . . . a promo for the KOTR replay . . . DOINK faced  MARTY JANETTE in a best of three falls match; Doink took the first  fall, Janette pounded him with a fist drop off the top rope for the  second fall, and the clown’s evil twin pinned Janette for the third  fall . . . after the match RANDY SAVAGE, who had been doing  commentary at ringside, charged the ring and showed the ref. the  second Doink under the ring to get the match awarded to the former  Rocker . . . MR. HUGHES defeated BOBBY WHO . . . and in the big  rematch RAZOR RAMON and THE 1-2-3 KID wrestled to a double  count-out when the Kid grabbed Razor’s $10000 and ran out of the  arena to catch a waiting get away car . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE MASTERS OF THE POWER BOMB defeated TOM  ZENK & JOHNNY GUNN . . . RICKY STEAMBOAT over YOSHI KWAN . . . RON  SIMMONS squashed TODD ZANE . . . LORD REGAL rolled over “JUMPING”  JOEY MAGGS . . . DICK SLATER destroyed PEZ WHATLEY . . . a beach  blast promo announcing the big matches . . . VINNIE VEGAS & BIG SKY  crunched ROB MORGAN & TJ MAVERICK . . . TEDDY LONG looked at THE  HORSEMEN vs. THE HOLLYWOOD BLONDES . . . and STING & DAVEY BOY  SMITH destroyed THE WRECKING CREW . . .

WWF MANIA 6/26/93
WHAT YOU MISSED: our first replay of RAZOR RAMON vs. THE  1-2-3 KID . . . LEX LUGER took off the pad on his arm to knock out  OWEN HART behind the ref.’s back . . . a look a classic body  slams from the past . . . PAPA SHANGO trashed TONY ROY . . . a  replay of THE STEINERS prelim match from MONDAY NIGHT RAW . . . a  video of guys yelling about YOKOZUNA . . . another promo for MEN ON  A MISSION . . . and ADAM BOMB nuked JERRY SEAVEY . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: ARN ANDERSON & PAUL ROMA defeated DAN BRODE &  WARREN QUINN . . . a BEACH BLAST CONTROL CENTER . . . THE WRECKING  CREW interrupted an interview with TEDDY LONG . . . MAX PAYNE over  DAVE HART . . . this week’s “A FLAIR FOR THE GOLD” featured DUSTY  RHODES; THE MASKED ASSASSIN came out and started a shoving match  with Rhodes . . . THE MASTERS OF THE POWER BOMB played “prelim.  squash” . . . this week’s “WHERE’S CACTUS?” segment had KATHERINE  WHITE find a clean shaven Jack living in the lower side of  Cleveland with a woman named “BANG BANG”; Jack doesn’t seem to  remember his time in the WCW . . . RICKY STEAMBOAT & RON SIMMONS  defeated PAUL ORNDORFF and DICK SLATER when “the Dragon” pounced on  Slater for the pin . . . and THE HOLLYWOOD BLONDES announced that  they would defend their NWA/WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES against ARN  ANDERSON & PAUL ROMA at Beach Blast . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: The show opened with a brawl in the dressing  room between BARRY WINDHAM and RIC FLAIR; the were fighting over,  of all things, who would get the private dressing room . . . a  replay of this week’s “WHERE’S CACTUS?” segment . . . ARN ANDERSON  & PAUL ROMA defeated THE WRECKING CREW . . . a replay of this  week’s BEACH BLAST CONTROL CENTER . . . MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL  defeated JD WOLF . . . a replay of this week’s “A FLAIR FOR THE  GOLD” . . . a look at MAX PAYNE injuring JOHNNY B. BADD followed by  a new Payne interview . . . DUSTIN RHODES rolled up BIG SKY for the  pin in the main event . . .  and things ended with ANOTHER brawl  between Windham and Flair . . . !

WHAT YOU MISSED: MR. HUGHES squashed TITO SANTANNA . . . an  update on THE STEINERS winning, losing, and winning the WWF WORLD  TAG TEAM TITLES . . . DOINK squashed THE UNKNOWN PRELIM . . . a  taped segment from MR. FUJI & YOKOZUNA in which they ranted a bout  the body slam challenge next week . . . THE HEAD SHRINKERS  destroyed two prelims . . . a replay of THE 1-2-3 KID vs. RAZOR  RAMON BASTION BOOGER upset VIRGIL . . . a promo for MOM . . . in an  interview with BONNIE BLACKSTONE BAM BAM BIGELOW proclaimed his  LOVE for LUNA VACHON . . . and I thought MY love life was bad . . .  CURT HENNIG pinned BERT CENTINO . . . things ended with “THE  SUMMERSLAM JAM” featuring “HACKSAW” JIM DUGAN screaming “USA” over  techno rap background music . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: BART GUNN lost to TED DIBIASE when a robotic  IRWIN R. “DON’T CALL ME MIKE” RETUNDO, err, SHYSTER walked to the  ring, clobbered Gunn with his briefcase behind the ref.’s back, and  walked back to the dressing room . . . a look at THE 1-2-3 KID vs.  RAZOR RAMON . . . JERRY LAWLER interviewed HIMSELF on “THE KING’S  COURT” . . . a replay of the TITO SANTANNA vs. MR. HUGHES match  from SUPERSTARS . . . and a replay of DOINK vs. MARTY JANETTE from  MONDAY NIGHT RAW . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: MICHAEL HAYES cooling things off at the LAKE  LANEIR ISLANDS water park . . . an interview with JOHNNY B. BADD;  the bad man is now wearing a mask to cover up the burns inflicted by  MAX PAYNE’S BADD BLASTER attack . . . BARRY WINDHAM destroyed ROB  MORGAN . . . TEX SLAZENGER and SHANGHAI PIERCE defeated CHRIS  SULLIVAN & TOMMY ANGEL . . . the typical BEACH BLAST CONTROL CENTER  with ERIC BISHOV . . . Hayes looked at this week’s “A FLAIR FOR THE  GOLD” . . . TOO COLD SCORPIO & MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL wrestled  BIG SKY & VINNIE VEGAS to a time limit draw . . . and things ended  with an interview by RIC FLAIR . . .

The hottest rumors say that MONEY INC. will turn on RAZOR  RAMON in the next couple of days after it is revealed that he  borrowed the $10000 from them . . . this will finally explain why  Razor, as a fan favorite, has been losing to LEX LUGER in house  shows across the country . . . rumor has it that ECW champion DON  MURACO may defend his title in the SMOKY MOUNTAIN WRESTLING area  as the two promotions may have a working relationship . . . there’s  also reports that the ECW has made a deal with the Japanese WING  federation to feature 6 WING wrestlers on up-coming ECW cards . . .  IVAN KOLOFF is tag teaming with VLADIMIR KOLOFF in ECW while tag  teaming with COLT STEELE in the NAWA . . . THE DARK PATRIOT has  resurfaced in the ECW; he’s feuding with JT SMITH . . . THE PATRIOT  teamed with THE EAGLE to capture the ALL-JAPAN ASIAN TAG TEAM  TITLES . . . expect THE MOUNTIE to return to the WWF . . . they  say that TYPHOON has been out with a separated shoulder . . . THE BLACKHARTS have left the WCW . . . MEN ON A MISSION will finally  hit WWF TV rings next week . . . IN USWA ACTION, OWEN HART entered  the area as a heel and immediately attacked face JERRY LAWLER . . .  SIMPLY DIVINE lost their USWA tag belts to the team of THE HOMEBOY  and NEW JACK . . . JOEL DEATON is wrestling with STAN HANSEN in  Japan . . . and “COWBOY” BOB ORTEN has been spotted in the WINDY CITY  WRESTLING area . . .

Nothing much to talk about this week, Lorne seems to be taking  some time off and Ian just left for camp so I’ll be handling MONDAY  NIGHT RAW until he returns.  In my spare time I’ve been watching  PAUL ROMA’S initial tag team matches with ARN ANDERSON.  They may  have made a good choice for a replacement HORSEMAN this time.

He still wrestles like he’s still part of VINCE MCMAHON’S  rip-off of THE STEINER BROTHERS (POWER & GLORY), and his “SUPERFLY  DIVE” from the top rope is down right lethargic compared to  ANYTHING BOBBY EATON ever did from the top rope, but the kid is  still learning.

He’s not the ego that SID VICIOUS or LEX LUGER presented to  the group, or even a threat to RIC FLAIR’S next reign as NWA WORLD CHAMPION (a tactic that brought both of the above to the Horsemen). He’s a guy much like TULLY BLANCHARD, someone who’s going to do the  job for them without threatening the structure of the group.  It’s  going to be very interesting to see how he adapts to “ANDERSON  STYLE” wrestling over the next couple of months . . .