The Ring Report TV Update 10/31/93 Vol. 1, No. 35

The Ring Report TV Update 10/31/93 Vol. 1, No. 35
(Snow?  I see SNOW!  It’s only OCTOBER!)
WHAT YOU MISSED: DENNY BROWN fell to SID VICIOUS . . . the NASTY BOYS defeated DAVEY RICH & RICO FREDERICO . . . some HALLOWEEN HAVOC highlights from last week were in the HIGHLIGHT ZONE . . . WCW FLASHBACK was from STARRCADE 87′ featuring the ROAD WARRIORS vs. TULLY BLANCHARD & ARN ANDERSON . . . the WRECKING CREW lost to RIC FLAIR & PAUL ROMA . . . the first BATTLE BOWL CONTROL CENTER featured participants comments on the event . . . RICKY STEAMBOAT beat PAUL ORNDORFF by disqualification when the EQUALIZER interfered . . .

WWF MANIA 10/30/93
WHAT YOU MISSED: TODD PETTINGIL pronounced that RANDY SAVAGE would be okay from his terrible tongue injury . . . a look at the summit . . . CRUSH (with MR. FUJI), defeated PHIL APOLLO . . . CURT HENNIG over a prelim . . . MEN ON A MISSION interrupted JERRY LAWLER’S attempt to interview THE QUEBECERS; MOM rapped their way to a title shot vs. the Quebecers in a match aired this week on WWF WRESTLING CHALLENGE . . . MOM defeated some prelims . . . RAZOR RAMON over TONY DEVITO . . . BASTION BOOGER over a prelim . . . a replay of a recent LUDVIG BORGA prelim match . . . THE SMOKING GUNS shot down BARRY HARDY & BERT CENTINO . . . and TODD PETTINGIL revealed that he’s really a woman named “FRIEDA” . . . :}

WHAT YOU MISSED: JOHNNY B. BADD defeated FURY OF THE WRECKING CREW . . . THE HOLLYWOOD BLONDES over the talented team of MARK STAR & KEN KENDALL . . . a Battle Bowl control center . . . RICK RUDE destroyed BRADY BOONE . . . ICETRAIN kept chugging along with a win over TONY VINCENT . . . HARLEM HEAT experiment with off the top rope moves in a win over two prelims . . . and STING & DAVEY BOY SMITH vs. THE EQUALIZER & PAUL ORNDORFF ended when STING came off the top rope and splashed Steamboat on to Orndorff to set up for the pin while the ref. was confronting the Equalizer . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: A replay of the SAVAGE/CRUSH summit began the show . . . the SMOKING GUNS defeated the EXECUTIONERS . . . UPDATE focused on the SURVIVOR SERIES . . . BAM BAM BIGELOW crushed a prelim . . . the STEINER BROTHERS demolished BERT CENTENO & CHRIS DUFFY . . . the HEAVENLY BODIES over P.J. WALKER & MARK THOMAS . . . SURVIVOR SERIES REPORT: NEW MATCH!  The ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS vs. the HEAVENLY BODIES for the SMOKY MOUNTAIN TAG-TEAM TITLES . . . TATANKA’S winning streak ended as he fell to LUDVIG BORGA.  While the official argued with MR. FUJI, who had come to ringside, BORGA smashed TATANKA with a chair & rolled him in the ring for the pin.  YOKOZUNA then came & did a BONZAI DROP on TATANKA before LEX LUGER could come to the rescue.  LUGER had been subdued in the locker room by the QUEBECERS . . . NEXT WEEK: RICK STEINER vs. JAQUES of the QUEBECERS . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: JOHNNY B. BADD & ERIK WATTS defeated PAUL ORNDORFF & “LORD” STEVEN REGAL when MAX PAYNE entered the ring; Orndorff held Badd for Payne to attack, but Payne attacked Orndorff instead . . . comments from RIC FLAIR on his main event match with SID VICIOUS . . . ICETRAIN rolled on over TONY ZANE . . . more amateur challenge videos . . . a BATTLE BOWL update . . . during DUSTIN RHODES’ defeat of PAT ROSE it was announced that he will defend the U.S. title vs. PAUL ORNDORFF (managed by THE MASKED ASSASSIN), at the next CLASH OF CHAMPIONS . . . words from Sid Vicious on his match with Ric Flair . . . THE HOLLYWOOD BLONDES defeated CHRIS SULLIVAN & CHRIS KIERN; after the match “FLYING” BRIAN PILLMAN attacked “COL.” ROB PARKER during their interview then STEVE AUSTIN attacked Pillman . . . THE (insert adjective here) KONGS defeated JOSH JOHNSON & AL HUNTER . . . THE SHOCKMASTER over CHUCK BROWN . . . RICKY STEAMBOAT rolled up BOBBY EATON for the win in the semi-final event . . . and RIC FLAIR earned a title shot with VADER for the WCW World Title at the next Clash of Champions by DQ when “COL.” ROB PARKER attacked Flair after Vicious had reversed Flair’s figure four.  Sid throat dropped Parker after the loss . . . NEXT WEEK: GENE OCKERLAND!

WHAT YOU MISSED: JOE FOWLER & BOBBY HEENAN in front of a blue screen again . . . a full replay of the LUDVIG BORGA/TATANKA incident from SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING . . . THE HEAVENLY BODIES wrestled a prelim match . . . IRS over PHIL APOLLO . . . THE KING’S COURT featured RAZOR RAMON . . . MARTY JANNETTY battled THE 123 KID to a double countout when JOHNNY POLO KO’d both men outside of the ring; after the match both men attacked POLO . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL defeated MIKE MOON . . . “THE PATRIOT” TODD CHAMPION did an interview and now says he wants “LORD” STEVEN REGAL; he claims that STEVEN isn’t really a lord.  Hmm, wonder where he came up with that one? . . . “COL.” ROB PARKER & STEVE AUSTIN did an interview in which they denounced SID VICIOUS & “FLYING” BRIAN PILLMAN . . . Austin went on to defeat a prelim . . .  a BATTLE BOWL control center . . . PAUL ORNDORFF, ARN ANDERSON (& ERIK WATTS) vs. THE (insert adjective here) KONGS (& ERIK WATTS) ended when YOSHI QUAN tripped Paul Roma then one of the Kongs squashed Roma for the win.  Quan apparently suffered a knee injury after falling from the ring when Watts attacked him . . .  and VADER squashed a prelim . . .

Seems like no one is listening to RODNEY KING anymore, as attacks between federation workers vs. each other, federation vs. federation and federation vs. retired wrestlers shows nobody wants to get along!
WCW: The big news from down south comes to us from across the sea as SID VICIOUS and ARN ANDERSON duke it out in their hotel in England! During the night, the other wrestlers of the WCW teased big Sid about losing a street fight once, getting Sid to the boiling point. Sid goes into Arn’s room where a fight breaks out, glass breaks, someone grabs a pair of scissors and blood starts flying! Arn takes a cut real close to his eye, and rumors are that Sid was stabbed close to 20 times! Don’t believe that part though, because both Arn and Sid were treated, released and sent back to the States. WCW warns all their wrestlers to keep quiet on the whole thing. The wrestlers opinion of the fight: A draw!

Bits and pieces: STING plans to head either to the WWF after his contract runs out next year, or will join THAT HH GUY and his NEW wrestling federation! More on that story later on! The Horsemen break up as PRETTY PAUL ROMA turns on Anderson. RIC FLAIR and RICKY STEAMBOAT team up to go after the NASTY BOYS and their titles. BRIAN PILLMAN will feud with STUNNING STEVE AUSTIN, and no word on what the newly turned faces MAX PAYNE and Sid Vicious will be doing. I told ya you’d need the black and white hats! MISSY HYATT’s new love interest is ROAD WARRIOR HAWK! Maybe the LOD will turn heels again, join up and go under the management of Missy. A great team to watch, and Missy’s not an eye sore either!

WWF:THAT HH GUY  takes some serious shoot comments from MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE as Savage just rips into the big yellow and red! Savage blames that HH Guy for his failed marriage with Elizabeth, who stayed with the That HH Guy family AFTER she left Randy because HE chose a wrestling career over her. Sounds like Savage needs to grow up and learn to take some responsibility.

That HH Guy, on the other hand, has kept quiet because he’s depressed about the low box office concerning his new movie, MR. NANNY. That HH Guy WILL NOT be going to the WWF, and has talked to a number of Japanese stars about wrestling in a new federation here in the States. The All American Wrestling Federation is that HH Guy’s new project, but still just in talk.

Jim Ross says on Radio WWF that he’s not happy with the way his announcing career is going in the WWF, after being taken off of PPV’s, and when his contract runs out early next year, he’ll head BACK to WCW, where they love his work behind the mike! The way it looks, Ross will join Jesse and Tony doing color, while MEAN GENE takes over the ringside interviews. But between his complaining about his career, Ross did find time to get married. Congrats to Ross! 🙂

In what I think happens to be one of the lamer SURVIVOR SERIES, TATANKA will be pulled after his attack by the FOREIGN FANATICS and will be replaced by THE UNDERTAKER on TEAM USA. No matter what you read on the boards, the KINGS KNIGHTS will be JERRY LAWLER, BRIAN CHRISTOPHER (his son-in-law) JEFF JARRETT (some relation to Lawler) and TERRY FUNK.

Why the WWF is calling this SS “Back to it’s original format” is beyond me, because when it first came out, it was 5 men on a team. (Remember” Teams of 5 strive to survive”?) Anyway, four DOINKS, and other teams that have practically been thrown together make the SS a toss up as WCW’S BATTLE BOWL is on PPV just 4 days before it! If there’s a good Clash on the 10th, watch for a bigger showing at Battle bowl!

Bits and Pieces: BRET HART called the wrestlers of the WCW Drugs, meaning full of steroids, creating a lot of bad blood between the WWF and the WCW. MEDUSA MICELLE still has no plans of going to the WWF to feud with LUNA VACHON, as she’s happy working indie shows and living with her fiancee GREG `THE HAMMER’ Valentine.

Just a big note this week as we’ve entered week 35 of the Ring Report, I’m going to start charging for this.  Yes, starting next week we’re going to have a brand new format with all new organizations and you’ll be charged $2.50 an issue pre-paid (minimum $5.00 charge), it won’t be posted electronically any more and you’ll have to rely on the U.S. postal service to get it to your house a week later, maybe.

Okay, how many readers would come back if I actually did that? Didn’t think many.  Probably one or two, but not enough to cover shipping and handling charges.  The Ring Report has always been free and will remain free for the rest of time (or it’s time on this Earth), it will continue to appear weekly in the same spots and cover the same organizations.

So when you see ads for other newsletters, remember, The Ring Report will be right here — for free — each week, covering WCW & WWF with Rumors and lead stories and rambles from the Mad Dog.  We can’t promise spectacular graphics or total coverage of the entire world of wrestling (and that’s a BIG world these days), but for the money you’re paying — I think it’s the best deal going today!


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