The Ring Report TV Update 11/28/93 Vol. 1, No. 39

The Ring Report TV Update 11/28/93 Vol. 1, No. 39
(Doo, Doo, Doo . . . Da, Da, Da . . . Turn off those headphones!)
“Yah hear that sucking sound? That’s Wrestling PPVS sucking your money right out of your pocket!”
— One nameless fan after the Survivor Series and right before he ripped out his cable box in disgust . . .

Special Correspondent HORSEMAN13 reports that Titan Sports President VINCE MCMAHON has pleaded “not guilty” to federal charges of steroid distribution this week and has been released from custody after paying $250,000 unsecured bond.

According to an article in THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, McMahon is charged with a three-count federal indictment for distribution of anabolic steroids to wrestlers in the WWF from 1985 to 1991.

The U.S. Government is apparently attempting to seize the $9 million corporate headquarters of Titan Sports Inc. at Stamford, CT., as McMahon allegedly used Titan funds to purchase steroids.

McMahon’s trial date is scheduled for May 4, 1994, and if convicted he could face up to eight years in prison. Dr. George Zahorian of Harrisburg, PA, who was convicted of 12 counts of distributing steroids to wrestlers and weight lifters last month is expected to testify in court along with that HH GUY.

In WCW News, the WCW now claims that SID VICIOUS was eliminated by WCW CHAMPION VADER in an incident not shown on WCW TV broadcasts. Of course, it is a cover to their alleged suspension of Vicious for stabbing ARN ANDERSON in England last month.

In related news, Vicious has been replaced by VADER in the semi-finals of the JESSE VENTURA STRONGEST ARM challenge. Vader now is expected to take the challenge trophy even though he wasn’t even in the tourney last week!

WCW SHORT NEWS: TONY SCHIVANTE explained that MISSY HYATT has hair extensions and hinted to JESSE VENTURA that he should try them . . . RON SIMMONS is still giving ICETRAIN the run around for training sessions; will they just turn him and get it over with? . . . Icetrain eliminated STEVE AUSTIN in this week’s JESSE VENTURA ARM WRESTLING CHALLENGE . . . I’m getting tons of requests for .GIF files of MISSY HYATT and FIFI, if you have any please e-mail me immediately . . .

WWF SHORT NEWS: GORILLA MONSOON has been bad mouthing THE SMOKING GUNS during WWF broadcasts . . . SHAWN MICHAELS wants RAZOR RAMON to sign for a series of “belt vs. belt” matches; he also claims to be “the Undisputed” IC Champion . . . WWF PRESIDENT JACK TUNNEY issued a statement that only 1 DOINK will be allowed to wrestle in the WWF . . . OWEN HART and brother BRET got into a shoving match after their family defeated SHAWN MICHAELS and his MYSTERY KNIGHTS at the Survivor Series. Owen was eliminated in that match after accidentally running into Bret . . . DOINK’S “little friend” DINK made his fist appearance this week . . . and STAN LANE is the latest co-host of WWF SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING, replacing REO ROGERS who “fell off his horse” and apparently couldn’t make it to the broadcast . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE 1-2-3 KID and MARTY JANNETTY survived . . . “MACHO MAN” RANDY SAVAGE, substituting for CURT HENNIG, and CRUSH brawled and the 1-2-3 Kid got MAULED in the early going in that match . . . BRET, BRUCE and KEITH HART survived in the family feud match, OWEN HART was pinned by SHAWN MICHAELS after he ran into Bret on the apron. After the match, Owen came out and argued with Bret . . . THE HEAVENLY BODIES took the SMOKY MOUNTAIN TAG TEAM TITLES from THE ROCK AND ROLL EXPRESS after JIMMY DEL RAY nailed ROBERT GIBSON in the head with the racket off the top rope; the fans should’ve been shot for yelling ‘boring’ during this one . . . all four Doinks (AKA THE BUSHWHACKERS & MEN ON A MISSION) won . . . LEX LUGER survived and finished off LUDVIG BORGA after YOKOZUNA and THE UNDERTAKER eliminated themselves by count out when they brawled outside of the ring . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE NASTY BOYS beat TERRY DAVIS & LEROY HOWARD . . . MERCENARY #1 lost to CHARLIE NORRIS . . . some Amateur Challenge videos . . . an ad for the 1994 MISSY HYATT CALENDAR! . . . WCW FLASHBACK was from Starrcade ’89 featuring the ROAD WARRIORS vs. the WILD SAMOANS . . . THUNDER & LIGHTNING stormed over DENNY BROWN & JIMMY ROGERS . . . a look at last weeks BattleBowl in THE HIGHLIGHT ZONE . . . in the main event PAUL ORNDORFF & THE EQUALIZER upset TOO COLD SCORPIO & MARCUS BAGWELL when THE EQUALIZER power slammed BAGWELL after he had leaped from the top rope! . . .

WWF MANIA 11/27/93
WHAT YOU MISSED: TODD “THE ZOO” PETTINGIL started things off by claiming he had “the swiftness of a cat;” yah . . . RAZOR RAMON squashed BARRY HOROWITZ . . . THE HEAD SHRINKERS finished off two prelims . . . Razor Ramon came during DIESEL’S match with MARTY JANNETTY. Diesel, never the bright one, turned his back on Jannetty and found himself on the receiving end of a big drop-kick. He then hooked his leg in the rope and couldn’t get free. Strangely, instead of helping Diesel, referee DANNY DAVIS counted him out . . . The Zoo announced that WWF PRESIDENT JACK TUNNEY announced that only 1 DOINK would be allowed to wrestle in the WWF . . . a replay of BRET HART vs. IRS from last week’s WWF SUPERSTARS show . . . WELL DONE over DAVE DIAMOND and PJ WALKER . . . THE SMOKING GUNS finished off two prelims . . . MEN ON A MISSION crunched THE EXECUTIONERS . . . and things ended with a “DOUBLE J” JEFF JARRETT promo . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: STING trounced MIKE DEBOCCO . . . GENE OKERLUND (another latest spelling in my book), interviewed DUSTIN RHODES . . . ICETRAIN defeated “STUNNING” STEVE AUSTIN in this week’s STRONGEST ARM competition . . . a STARRCADE control center; it will be held this year in Charlotte, NC on December 27th and the main event will feature RIC FLAIR vs. VADER in WCW WORLD TITLE vs. CAREER match . . . DUSTIN RHODES over BUTCH LONG; after the match STEVE AUSTIN & ROB PARKER challenged Rhodes to a U.S. Title rematch at STARRCADE . . . RICK RUDE sliced a victory away from RICK HARDROCK . . . an interview with THE NASTY BOYS & MISSY HYATT . . . an interview with STING, who announced that he had a partner to challenge the Nasties at STARRCADE . . . a brief look-back at an interview with MAX PAYNE in which he claimed to “touch minds” with CACTUS JACK; as long as it was only MINDS . . . Payne and Jack defeated THE HARLEM HEAT when Cactus pinned KOLE . . . and Ockerlund interviewed RIC FLAIR (with FIFI) . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: REO ROGERS is gone after only one show as co-host, Vince said he had an accident with his horse & then introduced STAN LANE as the new co-host! . . . THE STEINERS destroyed STEVE SMITH & LAVERN GILL . . . On UPDATE it was announced that starting this Mon. in Memphis there will be a tournament to decide a WWF LADIES CHAMPION. Also, in a conversation via telephone, OWEN HART said he was tired of being in his brother’s shadow . . . RAZOR RAMON crushed MIKE KHOORY . . . LEX LUGER did an anti-drug segment . . . ADAM BOMB demolished MIKE BRUSKY . . . RAYMOND ROUGEAU interviewed SANTA CLAUS who gave gifts to the kids & an Undertaker bear to RAYMOND . . . DAN DUBIEL fell to SHAWN MICHAELS who still claims to be the Intercontinental Champion . . . DOINK along with midget friend DINK defeated SID GARRISON . . . another boring JEFF JARRETT promo . . . PAUL JONES lost to CRUSH . . . NEXT WEEK: JANNETTY, DIESEL, 1-2-3 KID, M.O.M., & BORGA . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: ARN ANDERSON and PAUL ROMA lost to STEVE AUSTIN & PAUL ORNDORFF after Orndorff KO’d Anderson off the top rope when Anderson was pinning Austin and the ref. was tied up with Roma. Roma then listened to THE MASKED ASSASSIN’S order to go back to his corner and let his partner get pinned . . . a STARRCADE control center . . . ICETRAIN squashed PAUL LEE; after the match RON SIMMONS came out and made more comments about how Icetrain is messing up their meetings . . . a look at the contract signing between RIC FLAIR and VADER for the STARRCADE main event followed by footage of how Vader injured Flair at BATTLEBOWL . . . HARLEM HEAT got a rare win over DUSTIN RHODES and THE SHOCKMASTER when Uncle Fred tossed KOLE over the top rope to get his team DQ’D . . . more WONDERFUL Amateur Challenge videos . . . Ron Simmons over FRED AVERY . . . a STARRCADE control center . . . THE COLOSSAL KONGS liquidated JEFF GAMBLE & CHRIS SULLIVAN . . . and the team of THE NASTY BOYS & RICK RUDE (with MISSY HYATT) lost to the team of STING, RICKY STEAMBOAT & RIC FLAIR when Sting pinned Rude . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE UNDERTAKER killed a prelim . . . A special report about the troubles in the Hart family (Owen and Bret) . . . BOB BACKLUND over the BROOKLYN BRAWLER . . . LUDVIG BORGA over a nameless prelim . . . 1-2-3 KID over “IRON” MIKE SHARPE . . . Another JEFF JARRETT promo . . . DAN DUBIEL was destroyed by IRS . . . Special Interview: DOINK, Santa came to ringside and gave DOINK a present: DINK — a little DOINK look-alike . . . BASTION BOOGER over RICK “THE MODEL” MARTEL by DQ . . . The SMOKING GUNS over RENO RIGGINS and TODD MATA . . . NEXT WEEK: RAZOR RAMON, THE QUEBECERS, DIESEL, and a special interview with CRUSH . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: VINNIE JR. repeated JACK TUNNEY’S announcement that there will only be 1 DOINK in the WWF . . . DAN DUBIEL fell to SHAWN MICHAELS . . . MIKE COREY was dropped by RAZOR RAMON . . . RAYMOND ROUGEAU interviewed DOINK and special guest SANTA CLAUS. The jolly old man (no, not PAT PATTERSON), gave Doink a special present: DINK, THE MICRO CLOWN! Doink now has a “special friend” to call his own . . . DOINK & DINK went on to beat up a prelim . . . BASTION BOOGER got a rare win by DQ when RICK “THE MODEL” MARTEL went crazy from Booger’s body odor and brought out the “arrogance” spray . . . another promo for “DOUBLE J” JEFF JARRETT . . . a look at the CRUSH/RANDY SAVAGE feud, followed by a CRUSH prelim match . . . MIKE SHARPE lost to THE 123 KID . . . and a special prelim match featuring ADAM BOMB; hope that warmed your holidaze spirit!

WWF: Things are calming down again after all the scandals braking out. JERRY LAWLER’S only ring appearance comes in Memphis, where he gets one of the loudest and longest applause by the crowd in a long time, and is visibly moved by the support.

Vince McMahon pleads not guilty (where’s Beavis and Butthead when you need them?) to distribution of steroids and intent to defraud the FDA. McMahon is released on $250,000 bond. If McMahon is convicted, the government will attempt to take the WWF and Titan Towers, reportedly worth 9.5 million! :O

WCW: The official word on ARN ANDERSON and SID VICIOUS is that both are suspended without pay. WCW has NOT acknowledged the fight, and still has promos for both wrestlers in their shows. Seems that they’re not making any quick and lethal decisions about the future of their organization.

On the other hand, they did put Battlebowl up against the Survivor Series, but when I talked to my source (who is in the front office of the WWF) he said that the WCW lost the battle, with insider reports claiming 90% of the fans gave it a big thumbs down, and it has the lowest buy rate of any WCW PPV so far. On their good side, having a low buy rate means more people bought Survivor Series, and that might get an even LOWER fan approval rating! From *everyone*, meaning 100% of the people I talked to, Survivor Series sucked. Looks like wrestling isn’t choosing the better federation, but the lesser of two evils. :/

That’s it for this report. Stop by the GWA on AOL Sunday and Wednesday nights and maybe you’ll pick up on more wrestling news, and the wrestling forum on Saturdays for the whole week’s rumors up to the minute! 🙂

Auckland, New Zealand was the site on November 19 for the WORLD BOXING FEDERATION title fight between the title holder JIMMY THUNDER of New Zealand and the Challenger, JOHNNY (The Entertainer) NELSON of England.

The fight went the full 12 rounds and the title was awarded to Nelson in a unanimous decision. Nelson has indicated that he would be happy to return to return to New Zealand for a rematch if the price was right.

The following Pro Boxing matches were held in Auckland, New Zealand November 26: DAVID TUA (NZ) took on MICHAEL ACEY (USA) and the fight was almost over before it started, when Tua totally outclassed his opponent sending him to the canvas at least once and then followed with a left hock that left the American too dazed to continue and the fight was awarded to Tua.

Other fights: MARTY SULLIVAN retaining the New Zealand Middleweight Championship title in a unanimous points decision against MONTY BHANA . . . SEAN SULLIVAN won a NZ Light Middleweight elimination bout from DANNY MORRIS . . . RUDI FILOPOVIC retaining the NZ National Super Middleweight title against JASON RARERE . . .

It’s time for end of the year retrospect and all that great stuff! The Ring Report is looking for your replies to the statement: “In 1993 my favorite moment came when (insert event here)!” We’re looking for a one to two paragraph summery of the event (hopefully wrestling related), and how it changed your life/made your day/brought on puberty, etc.

E-mail those paragraphs to me (the account is “MAD DOG” JAMES M. FINCH on CompuServe and simply MADDOGJMF on AOL), by December 19th in order to be included in the December 26 edition of the Ring Report! On that note . . .


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