The Ring Report TV Update 12/26/93 Vol. 1, No. 43

The Ring Report TV Update 12/26/93 Vol. 1, No. 43
(Happy Holodazed!)
“If you can’t trust me, Mr. Okerlund, who can you trust?”
— “Lord” Steven Regal commenting on the state of affairs in the wrestling world?

Our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of LARRY CAMERON, who died of heart failure in the ring in Germany a few weeks back. He will be missed.

WWF: BRET and OWEN HART are rumored to team up to go against THE QUEBECERS at the Royal Rumble for the WWF Tag straps, but all this is an angle to bust the Hart brothers up for a confrontation at Wrestlemania X from Madison Square Garden.

YOKOZUNA will defend the WORLD TITLE (Sorry guys! Looks like THE UNDERTAKER has little chance now!) against LEX LUGER at Wrestlemania X, but DON’T expect Lex to take the strap! Lex has NOT been drawing crowds to the arenas, so look for the next WWF champ to be BRET HART!

MADUSA MICHELLI, now known as ALANDRA BLAZE, defeated HEIDI LEE  MORGAN to win the WWF Womans World title. Blaze is expected to go  against LUNA VACHON somewhere down the line, but the WWF is bringing  in someone new to compete against her. Who it is remains unclear at this time.

BAM BAM BIGELOW helped BASTION BOOGER make the turn to face as he attacks Booger when Booger starts chasing Luna Vachon around the ring. It’s doubtful that Booger will be much of a crowd pleaser, but look at DOINK.

Bits and Pieces: A new law is going to make it harder for the  government to seize any property from Titan Sports should VINCE  MCMAHON be found guilty of distribution of steroids and attempted  fraud of the DEA . . . JERRY LAWLER is expected to have all charges against him dropped at his January hearing . . . MARTY JANETTY and THE 123 KID are teaming up and will grab the World tag straps in the very near future . . . And finally, that HH guy denies ANY contact or relationship between him and the WWF on MTV Europe, where he was plugging his new record, “OUCH” . . .

WCW: The big news here is the firing of the BRITISH BULLDOG, who, publicly, was released because he missed TV tapings. The Bulldog claims he couldn’t find the building. Now, behind the closed doors, word leaked that the Bulldog was fired because of a bar room fight he was in where he trashed some poor ham and egger, and the WCW is really scared that this will lead into another SID VICIOUS scandal.

Because of his firing, the WCW has brought in BIG BOSSMAN, now known only as THE BOSS. The Boss will be fighting RAVISHING RICK RUDE for the internationally recognized World title at Starrcade on Monday night.

Here’s a couple more rumors about unscheduled appearances at  Starrcade. BOBBY THE BRAIN HEENAN has signed with the WCW, and could  possibly start as EARLY as Starrcade! The Brain was torked about not  getting enough pay from the WWF, and they weren’t able to come to  terms before the WCW could sign him, so expect the Brain to show up at any time.

Rumors are popping up again that the Brain will be coming in with his long-time screen enemy, that HH guy! Double H has been rumored to be showing his face in WCW for a long time, but now with Bobby signing, it rumors (and this comes from 2 high sources!) are starting again!

Here’s the first three matches lined up for the Clash of the  Champions, originating out of Baton Rouge, LA on Jan. 27th.

MAX PAYNE and CACTUS JACK vs. THE NASTY BOYS for the Tag titles

Bits and Pieces: The Bossman wasn’t the original choice for  replacing the Bulldog, but ROWDY RODDY PIPER was! Piper showed  interest in coming back to wrestling, but due to conflicts with his  movie career, he wasn’t able to do the shows . . . Look for the SUPER SHOCKMASTER in the WCW at Starrcade, but don’t ask me what that is . . . And lastly, TED TURNER held a meeting with all the top WCW stars and brass saying that wrestling will stay on TBS because he  loses more money with the Braves and Hawks then he does with the WCW!

Toni Adams and Doug Gilbert come out this week to talk to Dave Brown. Toni is wearing a neck brace – apparently, Brian Christopher gave her a piledriver at a recent house show.

After rambling a bit, Toni removed the neck brace to prove that Christopher didn’t get the job done. Suddenly Toni decided that she wanted to make a point about something, but first she wanted Dave to roll the new Brian Christopher video [clips]. Golly, how convenient.

Christopher’s set of clips is done to EMF’s “Unbelievable”. Once the video is over, Toni says she’s going to show how a *real* video is supposed to look so they roll her new set of clips, to the tune of Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” – which also happens to be Christopher’s entrance music! (And I have to admit… I’d rather watch her video than his!)

Once this video is over with, Toni tells us how she’s gone out and found someone to “complete the team” . . . and out comes “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert! He’s here to help his brother and to resume a feud with Jerry Lawler!

Later on the show Brian Christopher and Jerry Lawler come out  to talk to Dave. Brian is upset because Toni Adams had the audacity to use his music in her video. After all, he says, “the song is I’m Too Sexy, not I’m Too Sleazy!” Christopher & Lawler introduce someone they’ve brought in to counter Toni Adams: Bertha. “Bertha” is a large guy in drag with a long blonde wig, and a phony, um,  bosom, of about size 55DDD.

Things ended this week as Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler, and Little Eagle took on PG-13 and Midget D. After some time, Christopher and Lawler cleared the ring except for Midget D. They picked him up by the hands and feet, swung him back-and-forth a  couple of times, and then tossed him out over the top rope into the arms of PG-13. Then the Gilberts (and Toni Adams) ran in and  attacked. Bertha came down and chased Adams around the ring as time ran out.

SHORT NEWS: Recently, the Warlock was unmasked and revealed to be the Vampire Warrior . . . The Bruise Brothers are coming to the  USWA . . . Del Rios seems to be in the “we don’t want to push him, but we don’t want him to lose so we’ll keep sticking him  with a jobber tag partner” category . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: What you missed:  A replay of the Tatanka vs.  Borga match where Yoko squashes him . . . DOUBLE J destroyed PJ  Walker . . . Todd Somethingorather with a Royal Rumble report . . . Tatanka over Ludvig via DQ from Yoko’s involvement, Lex make the save for Tatanka . . . Fink introduced Capt. Albano . . . Adam Bomb over a prelim . . . A Sparky promo . . . A replay of Owen complaining about Bret, and Bret saying he will never wrestle Owen . . . Owen over Mike “Taco” Bell . . . A Undertaker promo (Royal  Rumble) . . . Head Shrinkers over 2 prelims . . . NEXT WEEK: Razor, Lex Luger and Janetty vs. Polo!
USWA 12/93 by Craig Utley
WHAT YOU MISSED: They announced the New Heavyweight Champ is BRIAN CHRISTOPHER who defeated BUDDY LANDELL . . . WAR MACHINES are new Tag Team Champs after beating JEFF GAYLORD and MIKE ANTHONY . . . TONI ADAMS, wearing a neck brace, came out with “DIRTY” DOUG GILBERT to run down BRIAN CHRISTOPHER and announced Doug’s new partner is “HOT STUFF” EDDIE GILBERT . . . the GILBERT brothers beat FAR TOO WILD . . . BRIAN CHRISTOPHER and JERRY “Don’t call me Michael Jackson” LAWLER announced they had a manager to counteract TONI ADAMS . . . BERTHA (BERT PRENTICE in drag) came out . . . I got ill at this point . . . VAMPIRE WARRIOR beat Charlie the jobber  . . . JEFF GAYLORD and MIKE ANTHONY beat DEL RIO and ALI BEN GUN(?)  . . . WAR MACHINES destroyed two prelims . . . LAWLER, BRIAN CHRISTOPHER, and LITTLE EAGLE wrestled PG-13 and MIDGIT D, but the Gilberts attacked LAWLER and CHRISTOPHER as the show went off the air . . . No mention at all of JEFF JARRETT . . .

WCW POWER HOUR 12/25/93 by Ryan Cunningham
WHAT YOU MISSED: Eric Bishoff returned and was in the holiday spirit making Larry “The Grinch” Zybszko dress up like Santa . . . THE EQUALIZER beat FRANKIE ROSE in a most exciting bout . . . A look back at THE BOSS pinning RICK RUDE on last week’s WCW Saturday Night . . . RICK RUDE romped KENNY KENDALL . . . VADER defeated ICE TRAIN in the final strongest arm match . . . A look at RIC FLAIR’S fabulous career . . . RICK THAMES & SONNY TROUT lost to CACTUS JACK & MAX PAYNE . . . another edition of the Highlight Zone . . . WCW Flashback featured the return of ROAD WARRIOR HAWK when he teamed with DUSTIN RHODES to defeat THE EQUALIZER & RICK RUDE at the August 93 Clash . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: RICK RUDE defeated FRANKIE LANCASTER . . . an  interview with THE AWESOME KONGS . . . an interview with THE NASTY  BOYS which STING interrupted over the video wall . . . RON SIMMONS  was booed by fans in his win over BRAD ARMSTRONG . . . a STARRCADE  CONTRL CENTER . . . “PRETTY” and “PRECIOUS” the PAULA TWINS (AKA  PAUL ORNDORFF & PAUL ROMA), defeated KENDAL WINDHAM & LEROY HOWARD  . . . an interview with DUSTIN RHODES . . . STING over BILL TYREE   . . . an interview with “LORD” STEVEN REGAL . . . RIC FLAIR made  KING KONG submit to the figure four . . . and things ended with a  Flair interview . . .

WWF SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING 12/25/93 by Ryan Cunningham
WHAT YOU MISSED: SHAWN MICHAELS defeated PHILL APOLLO . . . MOM were victorious over MIKE BELL & IRON MIKE SHARPE . . . A replay of BORGA vs. TATANKA on RAW last week . . . ADAM BOMB devastated BRIAN ROSS . . . A promo for martial arts stylist KWANG . . . DOINK took care of RENO RIGGINS . . . ROYAL RUMBLE REPORT: New Participants! ADAM BOMB, BAM BAM BIGELOW, RANDY SAVAGE, 123 KID, both HEAD SHRINKERS, RICK STEINER, BOB BACKLUND & GREG VALENTINE!  Also, BORGA vs. TATANKA in a rematch plus THE QUEBECERS will defend against OWEN & BRET HART who have “apparently” resolved their differences . . . IRS manhandled RALPH MOSCA . . . NEXT WEEK: An interview with RAZOR RAMON & LEX LUGER vs. JACQUES of the QUEBECERS! . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: GENE OKERLUND and TONY SCHIAVONE hosted  things from Gene’s cabin in Northern Minnesota . . . ERIC BISCHOFF  interviewed “RAVISHING” RICK RUDE and looked back at how Rude  injured DAVEY BOY SMITH and “put him out” of the WCW with an arm  injury at the finals of the JESSE VENTURA arm wrestling contest;  Rude also mouthed off about THE BOSS, MAN IS HE BIG . . . Bischoff  also puzzled Rude by saying that THE GREAT MUTA is back in the  United States . . . a STARRCADE Control Center . . . an interview  with DUSTIN RHODES and a look of highlights from the Rhodes/STEVE  AUSTIN feud . . . “LORD” STEVEN REGAL and SIR WILLIAM made an  appearance and looked back at their feud with RICK STEAMBOAT . . .  as usual, Regal had the best interview on the show . . . a look at  recent battles between STING and THE NASTY BOYS . . . SANTA  stumbled on to the scene . . . Santa read a demented version of  “the night before X-mas” . . . a look back at how VADER destroyed  all comers this year including “the legendary?” JOE THRUMAN . . .  oh well, at least they didn’t replay those “where’s CACTUS?”  segments . . . RIC FLAIR appeared and did an interview and look  back with Gene & Tony . . . more Amateur Challenge videos . . . a  look at Tony’s favorite moments including THE SHOCKMASTER’S first appearance . . . Gene’s favorite moment was Flair’s “classic” match  vs. Kole of Harlem Heat from last week . . . in the one new  wrestling match on the show, MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL and TOO COLD  SCORPIO defeated TEX SLAZINGER & SHANGHAI PIERCE when TOO COLD  cross body blocked Tex into Bagwell’s sunset flip for the pin;  after the match PAUL ROMA and PAUL ORNDORFF beat the heck out of  TOO COLD & BAGWELL . . . and SANTA gave out gifts to TONY & GENE  then was unmasked to be THE SHOCKMASTER . . . ho, ho, oh no!

WHAT YOU MISSED: BRET & OWEN HART announced that they’ve put  their differences aside and will take on THE QUEBECERS for the WWF  World Tag Team Titles at the Royale Rumble next month; VINCE MCMAHON pointed out that the Harts are still scheduled to be in the Royale  Rumble battle royale . . . OWEN HART over Paul Vendale . . . an  interview with THE QUEBECERS . . . a replay of TATANKA defeating  LUDVIG BORGA by DQ when YOKOZUNA interfered from Monday Night RAW  this week . . . it was announced that Tatanka and Borga would have  a rematch at the Royale Rumble . . . HEIDI LEE MORGAN fell to  ALUNDRA BLAYZE (AKA Medusa Micelli), via roll-up for the WWF  WOMEN’S TITLE . . . a segment in THE UNDERTAKER’S WORKSHOP . . .  IRS over RALPH MOSCA . . . a “DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE” segment with  Bret Hart . . . IN TWO WEEKS: THE SMOKING GUNS vs. BASTION BOOGER &  BAM BAM BIGELOW . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at the 1983 STARRCADE showdown between  RIC FLAIR and HARLEY RACE for the NWA World Title . . . a look at  STEVE AUSTIN vs. DUSTIN RHODES from the past year . . . a look at  the RICK STEAMBOAT vs. “LORD” STEVEN REGAL feud over the past year . . . DUSTY RHODES mad an appearance and he looked back at his DQ  win with STING over TULLY BLANCHARD & ARN ANDERSON from a CLASH OF  CHAMPIONS in 1988 . . . “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND said that MISSY HYATT  has hot news about Dusty on the hotline . . . and a look at THE  BOSS, MAN IS HE BIG, vs. RICK RUDE last week on WCW SATURDAY NIGHT  . . .

Happy Holodazed from the Ring Report!  It’s the end of the  year and EVERYONE else is doing “end of the year” retrospectives,  but not us at the Ring Report!  Our end of the year comes in 9  weeks with the 52nd issue of the Ring Report so get those  “looking back” submissions in ASAP!

So what are we looking for?  Well, how about the most  memorable moment of the past 52 issues?  Examples would include  RIC FLAIR losing to CURT HENNIG on Monday Night RAW; VADER power  bombs CACTUS JACK on the concrete; and SID stabs ARN in a Vicious  drunken battle!  Other ideas: Worst Booking (and why), Worst  wrestling idea, Best Feud, Best Blood, Best/Worst Interview, well  you get the idea!  Two to Three short paragraphs!

Send your submissions to me via e-mail ASAP!


MADDOGJMF & Company!

The Ring Report TV Update 12/27/93 Vol. 1, No. 43 updated
Correspondents CHRIS CUMMINS and HORSEMAN13 bring reports of a  possible race riot at a recent Smoky Mountain wrestling card in  Wise, Va.  Apparently a fan was injured at the NAACP was alerted  when wrestlers from the Smoky Mountain area brawled with fans and a  disgruntled security guard in two separate brawls that broke out on  that card.

The first incident started early on the card during a match  that pitted THE BRUISE BROTHERS vs. JIM CORNETTE, JIMMY DEL RAY and  KILLER KYLE (substituting for TOM PRITCHARD), in a three on two  match up.   Cornette apparently had made plans to hide behind a  security guard in order to hide from the Bruise Brothers when a  second security guard objected.

When Cornette and Del Ray tried to explain what they were  doing (without letting on that it was all pre-planned), an  argument broke out and the security guard may have been slapped by  either Cornette or Del Ray.  Later Del Ray hit the security guard  with a flying forearm after the Bruise Brothers whipped him into the  security rail outside the ring and a fight broke out with the  security guard.

Cornette had the security guard ejected after the match, but  things did not end there.  The guard allegedly returned with  friends who joined a college wrestling team in the crowd who had  been heckling the Smoky Mountain wrestlers all night and things  went from bad to worse as the card progressed to the battle royale  at the end of the show.

It was down to TRACY SMOTHERS, Jimmy Del Ray, Killer Kyle, and  BOBBY BLAZE when Del Ray was tossed over the top rope and was  confronted by members of the wrestling team.  Del Ray responded by  doing a “Fred Sanford comedy gimmick” and challenging the wrestling  team to a fight.

The wrestling team responded by surrounding Del Ray only to  have the Bruise Brothers come to ringside and start a shoving match  to help Del Ray out.  A brawl broke out and just about everyone on  the card got involved in fending off the fans.

Four separate local police departments responded to the brawl  and after things settled down they quietly escorted the Smoky  Mountain troop out of town.  No charges were filed as of this time  but there is talk of a NAACP investigation as Cornette allegedly  made racial comments backstage that may have provoked some of the  African American college wrestlers.  Look to the Ring Report for  updates as them come in on this very strange incident.

WCW STARRCADE 12/27/93 by Ryan Cunningham
WHAT YOU MISSED: TERRY TAYLOR defeated THE EQUALIZER in a  preliminary match not broadcasted on TV . . . PAUL ORNDORFF & PAUL ROMA defeated TOO COLD SCORPIO & MARCUS BAGWELL when the ASSASIN loaded his mask and head butted SCORPIO who was then pinned by ROMA . . . THE SHOCKMASTER beat KING KONG after a big bodyslam (Awesome Kong was supposed to wrestle but the ref. didn’t notice it was King) . . . LORD STEVEN REGAL vs. RICKY STEAMBOAT for the World TV Title  ended in a 15 minute time limit draw . . . CACTUS JACK & MAX PAYNE beat TEX SLAZENGER & SHANGHAI PIERCE when JACK DDT’D PIERCE . . .  STEVE AUSTIN took the U.S. Title from DUSTIN RHODES in two straight  falls, winning the first by over the top rope DQ & the second when he held RHODES’ tights getting the pinfall . . . RICK RUDE retained his World Heavyweight Title when he used a sunset flip to pin THE BOSS . . . STING & HAWK defeated THE NASTY BOYS by disqualification when MISSY HYATT came into the ring and interfered . . . “NATURE BOY” RIC FLAIR captured his eleventh World Heavyweight Title by defeating VADER.  The match ended when VADER’S knee buckled after coming off the ropes and knocking FLAIR to the canvas.  FLAIR grabbed the injured leg and pulled VADER down rolling him up for the 1-2-3! . . .

OTHER NOTES: TEDDY LONG took Manager of the Year honors as  voted by callers of the WCW Hotline . . . SUPERBRAWL IV is scheduled for Sunday, February 20 . . . The new WCW commissioner will be named in January . . . MICHAEL BUFFER was on hand as was NASCAR driver KYLE PETTY whom MEAN GENE interviewed . . . The hOOters girls were there as well . . . speaking of hOOters, MISSY HYATT was a real  crowd pleaser wearing a pink see through with nothing but a top & undies underneath (she also carried a whip) . . . Yah should’ve seen the look on Hawk’s face when he saw Missy and that whip 🙂 . . .  After FLAIR’S victory VADER trashed things in the locker room  (including Eric Bischoff) while FLAIR celebrated with his family as well as with Ricky Steamboat, Sting & Gene Okerlund who got some  emotional comments from the teary eyed champion . . . THATS ALL!

WHAT YA ALL MISSED:  A replay of Ta-Tano(Tatanka) vs. Borga from Raw . . . Lex “The Nerd” Luger over Barry Horowitz . . . A replay of Jannetty vs. 1-2-3 Kid with Polo’s interference . . . A  Yoko-Claus promo . . . Doink over some Ham & Egger . . . A Royal Rumble Report with Toad Pettingzoo . . . A Undertaker promo (Royal Rumble) . . . A anti drug promo by Bret Hart . . .  Highlights of  Women’s Tourney finals between Alundra Blaze and Heidi Lee Morgan  . . . Razor Ramon over Derek Domino . . . NEXT WEEK: The Smoking Guns vs. Bam Bam & Booger, Jeff Jarrett, and Yokozuna!

Well, this is our first-ever update to the Ring Report TV  Update’s normal weekly edition and I hope you’re enjoying it.   Recently I’ve had some complaints that readers have to wait a week  for results of all the major Pay Per View events so this is an  attempt to meet the need for up-to-date results.

While I can’t guarantee that we’ll put out an update after  every PPV during weeks to come (as I go to school and work full  time), I can say that we’ll try our best to keep you up to date!

On a more serious note I was shocked to hear about the  incident in Smoky Mountain that tops our news this week.  It looks  like stupid wrestlers combined with stupid fans made an incident  that goes straight to the top of the “Stupid Blunders of 1993” list  as the year winds down.

If you go to a wrestling card, or know anyone who does, please  — leave the guys alone and let them wrestle.  Wrestling may be  fake, and all those moves you see in the ring might now hurt their  opponents but wrestlers have a certain knack for applying those  holds on fans who get in their faces.  Believe me, you’ll feel it  afterwards (just look at the examples set by JAKE ROBERTS and BARRY  WINDHAM in the past few years).

Meanwhile it is appalling to find that someone of the stature  of Jim Cornette would allegedly make racial remarks in order to  provoke fans.  This is a time for peace, not for stupid things like  this.  Peace people, peace.


MADDOGJMF & Company!