The Ring Report TV Update 1/30/94 Vol. 1, No. 48

The Ring Report TV Update 1/30/94 Vol. 1, No. 48
When a wrestler leaves a federation, sometimes they move on, sometimes they retire, sometimes they just `flush’ their federation careers. Don’t know what I mean? Read on!

WWF: A lot of big promotion has gone into giving ALUNDRA BLAZE a big push, including bringing in female wrestlers from other  federations and even bringing in a female wrestler from Japan! But  after a recent WWF card that had the former MEDUSA MICHELLI featured on it, she returned to her locker room, opened her locker, took out  her gym bag and found that one of the wrestlers mistook it as a  toilet and took a dump in it! Needless to say, Dusy left the  federation, dragging GREG `THE HAMMER’ VALENTINE with her. If I find out who did the dirty deed, I’ll let ya know. 😀

BITS AND PIECES: TATANKA is now sporting his natural brown hair and a full head-dress, because the red dye that he was using in his  hair to signify the blood of his people was making his hair fall  out! The WWF figured a brown-haired Indian was better then a scalped one, so look for the new Tatanka coming soon . . . THE UNDERTAKER wasn’t resting too much 9 months ago as his wife recently gave birth to a little ‘Taker. Undie is taking some time off from the wrestling ring to play the family man, and might sign up with New Japan after  Wrestlemania X . . . JACK TUNNEY gives both winners of the Royal  Rumble, LEX LUGER and BRET HART, a chance to wrestle Yoko for the  title. A 4 man tournament, including OWEN HART, will be held with a  coin flip determining who will wrestle who, with the winner (Luger)  meeting Yoko at WMX . . .2 out of 3 fans say the Royal Rumble went  into the crapper, even without Medusa on the show . . . Best match  of the Rumble was The HARTS vs. the QUEBECERS . . . worst was  YOKOZUNA vs. UNDERTAKER…. May 2nd is the trial for VINCE MCMAHON,  but don’t look for this to go anywhere . . . BIG JOHN STUDD and RON REECE might be coming in, teaming under the name “GIANTS OF  WRESTLING” . . . SUMMERSLAM has been moved to Chicago . . . The 123 Creep has anywhere between a blown knee and a broken leg . . . and THE STEINER BROTHERS have signed a 10-week contract to wrestle in Japan . . .

WCW: Not much coming out of WCW that wasn’t already reported, but new WCW commissioner NICK BOCKWINKLE has said RIC FLAIR is not  100% and will not face VADER at Superbrawl. With all the talk about Flair’s family coming up, I look at this as a red herring, and an  attempt to make Bockwinkle look legit. Also, they’re still showing  promos of Vader and Flair in the cage.

In other Flair news, reports are that he’ll be defending his  title against STING and RICKY STEAMBOAT in the future. If he keeps  his title, this could be the start of a turn for Flair.

BITS AND PIECES: THE PATRIOT might be coming into WCW in the  near future . . . TOO COLD SCORPIO and LORD STEVEN REGAL have  resigned, something practically unheard of in the WCW these past couple years . . . And finally, the WCW is going full steam ahead with their house shows again, and look to expand! Might get interesting . . .

That does it for this week of the Rumor Mill, but the action never stops in the GWA! The world champion of on-line wrestling is  at record breaking numbers, and with the addition of a new league on Thursday nights from 8-10 et in the Squared Circle, you have  even MORE action to get in on! We’ll see ya there!

WRESTLING ON TV by Terry Dugas
[From the floor of the National Association of Television Program Executives conference in Miami, FL.]

The WWF syndicated television programs (taken together) rated 10th among all syndicated programs.  These are not the cable shows, but the versions that air on the local stations.  The average rating for the shows was 7.3, down 8% from last year.  They drew a larger audience than shows like Inside Edition, Current Affair, Hard Copy, Designing Women, Donahue, Entertainment Tonight, and American Gladiators (down a whopping 23%.)

The WWF had an impressive presence, with a large pavilion, but the mood was not upbeat.  They had nothing new to offer (or even say) this year.  All the big stars were there, LEX LUGER, RANDY SAVAGE, YOKOZUNA, THE UNDERTAKER, JIM CORNETTE, and DOINK.  But their announcers were represented by VINCE MCMAHON & STAN LANE.

I asked Mr. McMahon if the WWF planned to use its syndication arm to distribute either SMW or USWA programs.  He indicated, quite candidly, that there was no advantage to the WWF to give either federation national television exposure.  The “working arrangement” with both federations will continue, but not expand.

The big news at WCW was the hiring of BOBBY HEENAN and NICK BOCKWINKLE. I spent about twenty minutes with Mr. Heenan, and he indicated he was to announce, not manage or hold a front office position.  As you know by now, he debuted at the Clash.  He was excited about working for WCW and indicated he works six to eight days a month.  The flight time from Tampa to Atlanta is just over an hour, from Tampa to Orlando is about twenty minutes.  He can fly in, tape his stuff, and be home that night.

The WCW has hired several staff away from the WWF, including a television Producer.  A source with Turner Broadcasting indicated Turner has committed one year and substantial money to turn WCW around.  They have started with talent raids on WWF announcers and front office staff and will pursue wrestlers aggressively.  After a year, Turner will evaluate WCW’s position within the Turner organization. WCW syndicated programs ranked 14th with a 6.4, down 14%. They too had the stars there, RICK RUDE, JOHNNY B. BADD, and RIC FLAIR. On the announcing side, GENE OKERLUND was also there with Heenan.

Other Federations
No other wrestling programs are being distributed nationwide.  SMW and USWA will continue to be offered only to their local affiliates. From a business standpoint, this makes sense.  Nationwide exposure would benefit either organization only if they were offering Pay-Per-View or an extensive road show.  As long as both organizations are content to stay regional, regional TV gives them all they need.

No sign, either, of GWF or the David Crockett group.

Also, there is no women’s wrestling being distributed nationwide.

Related Wrestling News
Thunder in Paradise, the HH show, has been sold throughout Europe and is cleared in 85% of the country.  The overseas sales ensure the series will break even regardless of the ratings in the US.  A second season is almost assured.  The program is set for release on March 21 and is being taped at the Universal studios in Orlando. Phillips Media will release an interactive video version of the program (CD-1, I assume) in the fall of this year.

In all personal appearances and in print, HH is referred to as Terry “Hulk” Hogan. And he had quite a long line at his booth.  The syndicator has gone to great lengths to distance Hogan from professional wrestling.  I didn’t speak to Hogan, but the PR people for the show insist that Hogan will never wrestle in the US (at least, as long as he has the TV show.)  However, the overseas sales were made on his popularity as a wrestler.

World Martial Arts Federation
This is being presented more as a live action cartoon than a sport. They refused to release the list of competitors and indicated special sets were being built similar to the action shows at MGM, Disney, and Universal studios.  The “competitors” at their booth were dressed in costume and looked more like professional stunt men and bodybuilders than martial artists.  The program is now scheduled for a half-hour and will be shot on location at Universal studios in Florida.  The program is only set for 26 episodes, but as of this week, there were not enough stations signed up to guarantee broadcast.

Upcoming PPV Hard knocks 5 kick boxing, Feb. 4, $14.95 Superbrawl IV, Feb. 28, $24.95 Ultimate Fighting Championship II, March 11, $14.95 (UFC I had a .4 buy rate. Extremely profitable) NFL stars vs. American Gladiators, April 9, Price TBA Toughman National Finals, May 21, $14.95 (four regional competitions will be held February to May)

NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling 1\25\94 By Dan Muckel
A match taped last week but not shown until this week was PUBLIC ENEMY over DUANE GILL and some other whipping boy. TOMMY DREAMER used his new finisher “the dreamweaver” (a Japanese sleeper followed by a Russian leg sweep) against DR. DISASTER for a pin . . . MR. HUGHES trashed some guy whose name I did not catch . . . TERRY FUNK retained his title in a match against PAT TANAKA when KEVIN SULLIVAN and the TAZMANIAC interfered . . . Sullivan and Taz were scheduled to take on two losers but PAUL DIAMOND and Tanaka came out instead. Diamond pinned Taz but then was beaten by Taz and Sullivan . . . Two more matches signed for the Feb. 5th card. Public Enemy in a no dq match against  “the tag team too violent for Smoky Mt. Wrestling — THE BRUISE BROTHERS” . . . This match was signed because Public Enemy grabbed the ECW commissioner . . . Pat Tanaka and THE SHEIK (replacing Diamond) against Sullivan and Taz for the ECW tag titles . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: LEX LUGER over a prelim . . . A Royal Rumble Report with the TOAD PETTINGZOO . . . JEFF JARRETT over a ham & Egger . . . MOM fell to THE HEADSHRINKERS . . . ADAM BOMB over TOMMY ANGEL . . . A “SPARKY” promo . . . DOINK over Joey Somethingaratther . . . SHAWN MICHAELS over some guy named Tyrone . . . Next Week: 123 KID vs. JOHNNY POLO, KWANG, Special Interview with OWEN HART, and IRS will be in the broadcast booth with Vinnie Jr . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: We start out by finding out that not only will RICK MORTON face CHRIS CANDIDO for the SMW TV Title, but ROBERT GIBSON has arranged for Ricky’s sick father to be at ringside . . . We now go to a press conference.  JIM CORNETTE announces that TERRY FUNK will face THE BULLET; If The Bullet wins, BOB ARMSTRONG is Commissioner again and if Funk wins, Bullet unmasks and Armstrong must leave SMW forever and Armstrong must kiss Cornette’s feet . . . JEFF VICTORY vs. TRACY SMOTHERS — Smothers makes quick work of this jobber, beating him with an elbow from the top rope. It looks like Smothers is the most over face in the promotion, as the kiddies just go bonkers for this guy . . . A look back at last week, when Chris Candido won the SMW TV Title from Smothers.  Looks like a good match, but Candido wins when Smothers picked him up for a side suplex, and as they are in mid-air, Candido pulls out something and hits Smothers.  This ending is exactly the same as the Savage vs. Santana I-C match in Boston 11 years ago . . . Candido interview.  He had a new US Junior Heavyweight belt made because he couldn’t wear something that BOBBY BLAZE wore.  Also, he has DENNIS CARLUZZO, the promoter for WWA, looking into Smothers so he can prove that Smothers is really Vito Maranaro of Pennsylvania.  Candido is a triple champion:  US Junior, SMW TV, and WWA Champion . . . Down and Dirty With Dutch has a look at Christmas Chaos and the Triangle match. BRIAN LEE attacks DIRTY WHITE BOY, hitting him with the glove.  Smothers loses to Lee, as DWB is unable to continue in the triangle match.  Candido attacks Smothers outside the ring, giving him a brainbuster.  Lee then pins Smothers and all of the sudden, DWB is able to get into the match.  Lee is all over DWB in this match, holding the upper hand throughout this end.  Juice by DWB. TAMMY FYTCH hit DIRTY WHITE GIRL with her purse.  Fytch sprays DWB in the eyes, and Lee wins. DWG attacks Lee, and Lee holds DWG for Tammy to hit her in the gut.  Smothers makes the save, and beats the heck out of Lee.  Tammy hits Smothers with her purse to break up a figure-4 leglock.  Lee is going to hit Smothers with a chair, but DWB makes the save . . . Still DDWD.  Look at last week’s impromptu match between DWB and Lee.  Referee is KO’d, and DWG makes the 3 count. Tammy then hits DWG with a purse and DWB gets the purse and clears out the ring with it . . . DDWD interview with DWB and DWG. DWB says that he wants a title match with Lee.  He also says that Tammy should be on the Olympic track team because she can bust 100 in 10 seconds! . . . Darryl Van Horne interview he says that in a few weeks, PRINCE KHARIS will debut on SMW TV . . . Chris Candido vs. Rick Morton for SMW TV Title.  Gibson and Blaze call Morton back to the dressing room, and Candido wins by countout . . . a BRUISE BROTHERS; they are returning to face the Bodies . . . Locker room footage.  Ricky’s dad was attacked by someone, and the faces were screaming for an ambulance.  Afterwards, DWB did an interview.  He said that Cornette and the Bodies attacked Morton and poured Draino into Morton’s eyes . . . JASON HERD & JASON WEST vs. SMW Tag Team Champions, The Heavenly Bodies.  Cornette claims that Paul Morton attacked him in the bathroom with a knife.  Cornette says he wants to press assault charges.  Morton charges the ring, but all of the faces stop him.  The match continues with the great Heavenly Bodies teamwork.  Bodies win with a Del Rey moonsault . . . Interview with MIKE &  DOUG FURNAS about their match on Sunday Bloody Sunday with the Bodies.  In that match the first person to get the Tennessee helmet on a pole gets to use it.  Also, if the Furnas’ lose, they have to wear University of Alabama jerseys in the ring.  Doug says that two Tennessee players will NEVER wear Alabama jerseys . . . Bobby Blaze vs. SMW Champion Brian Lee;  Lee wins the match with a backdrop-driver, similar to the one done by Steve Williams . . . Smothers interview.  Says Cornette went too far by attacking Paul Morton.  Says Morton will get his revenge.  Also, he says he will get his revenge on Candido and says he will shove the WWA belt up Dennis Carluzzo’s butt sideways . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: RANDY HOGAN was no match for VADER . . . TOO COLD & BAGWELL over THE CLAW & NASTY NED . . . SUPERBRAWL CONTROL CENTER: New Matches! NASTY BOYS vs. CACTUS JACK & MAX PAYNE for the Tag titles plus LORD STEVEN REGAL vs. ARN ANDERSON for the TV title . . . BOBBY HEENAN is now on the hotline on Sundays (Oh Boy, I just can’t wait to call!) . . . Flashback was from April 1, 1989 with STING defeating MIKE ROTUNDA for the TV Title . . . “Pitiful” BILL PAYNE lost to “Pathetic” ERIK WATTS . . . Those wonderful COLE TWINS defeated BOB COOK & BILL TYREE . . . THE NASTY BOYS beat up KEN KENDALL & FRANK ROSE . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: GENE OKERLUND announced that BOBBY HEENAN had entered the WCW . . . TOO COLD SCORPIO & MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL defeated PAUL ROMA & PAUL ORNDORFF when Bagwell reversed Roma’s attempt to throw him into Orndorff’s loaded knee pad.  Roma’s head hit the pad, Scorpio attacked Orndorff, and Bagwell covered Roma for the pin . . . RON SIMMONS used a handful of tights to pin ICETRAIN . . . it was announced that NICK BOCKWINKLE is the new WCW COMMISSIONER . . . . DUSTIN RHODES & “LORD” STEVEN REGAL wrestled to a 15 minute draw in the WORLD TV Title match . . . THE NASTY BOYS  fell to CACTUS JACK & MAX PAYNE when  , after the match Payne and Jack kissed MISSY HYATT . . . BRIAN PILLMAN used THE BOSS to chase STEVE AUSTIN out of the arena in his pinfall win over COL. ROB PARKER . . . in the elimination tag team match RIC FLAIR & STING defeated VADER & RICK RUDE; Flair was eliminated by countout after suffering a back injury at the hands of Vader, then Vader was eliminated by countout after trying to attack Flair outside the ring.  Sting and Rude continued the match and things ended with Sting pinning Rude . . .

WWF MANIA 1/29/94

WCW PRO WRESTLING 1/29/94 by David Taub
WHAT YOU MISSED: JOHNNY B. BADD pinned TEX SLAZENGER (with SHANGHAI PIERCE.)  Afterwards, the Texans tried to double-team Badd, but to no avail . . . MEAN GENE interviewed VADER and HARLEY RACE, “We’ll get you Flair!” . . . Dustin Rhodes over Rick Tango after a bulldog . . . A SuperBrawl Control Center with Mean Gene (still no mention of the word “live” or its location) . . . JUNGLE JIM STEELE  defeated BOB STARR with the Steele Trap . . . Vader destroyed AL  PHILLIPS . . . Mean Gene interviewed THE NASTY BOYS (without Missy) . . . Highlights of RON SIMMONS joining up with COL. PARKER and  STEVE AUSTIN . . . In the main event, STING, RIC FLAIR & THE BOSS  (with an appearance by ICETRAIN) defeated Ron Simmons, Steve Austin and RICK RUDE, when Sting rolled up Simmons, after he was distracted by Ice Train . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: It was announced by JACK TUNNEY that there will be two championship matches at Wrestlemania X.  A coin toss between LEX LUGER & BRET HART will be held this Monday night to decide the matches.  If Luger wins the toss he’ll face Yokozuna while Bret faces OWEN HART in a match of equal competition, then the winner of Yoko/Luger faces Bret regardless of the Bret/Owen outcome. If Bret wins he takes on Yoko with Luger facing CRUSH & Lex faces the Yoko/Hart winner . . . MOM demolished two prelims . . . JIM CORNETTE ranted about Yoko’s victory at the Rumble . . . THURMAN PLUGG beat THE BROOKLYN BRAWLER . . . a promo for ALUNDRA BLAZE . . . DIESEL destroyed TOMMY ANGEL in a match in which the honorary ring announcer was so terrible (practically illiterate) that even Vince & Stan made fun of her . . . TATANKA tomahawked AUSTIN STEELE . . . TP with a WM X Report . . . THE EARTHQUAKE will return this Monday night . . . TYRONE KNOX lost to JEFF JARRETT . . . THE UNDERTAKER gave us his last words . . . THE HEADSHRINKERS had fun with SID GARRISON & LARRY McGILL . . . NEXT WEEK: 123 & JANNETTY, KWANG & STEINERS vs. QUEBECERS in a non-title match, if Steiners win in the first 10 min. they get a title shot next week! . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: PAUL ORNDORFF & PAUL ROMA defeated ERIK WATTS & TERRY TAYLOR when THE MASKED ASSASSIN loaded Orndorff’s knee pad in order for him to KO Watts with it . . . STEVE AUSTIN over BRADY BOONE . . . a SUPERBRAWL Control center . . . ROB PARKER & STEVE AUSTIN did an interview . . . VADER wrestled a prelim match then ranked on RIC FLAIR’S wife during an interview . . . At a press conference, NICK BOCKWINKLE announced that Ric Flair’s title defense at Superbrawl would be delayed until April.  When Vader got wind of the announcement he charged into the room and got into a shoving match with RICK STEAMBOAT.  Bockwinkle regained order by fining Vader $25000 before the commercial break . . . The team of THE EQUALIZER & HARLEM HEAT fell to DUSTIN RHODES, STING & BRIAN PILLMAN when Dustin pinned the Equalizer . . . footage of Col. Parker trying to leave the building and THE BOSS stopping him . . . JUNGLE JIM STEELE over BOB COOK . . . when it was time to put on the Chicken Suit, Col. Parker had TEX SLAZENGER & SHANGHAI PIERCE come out to help STEVE AUSTIN attack Brian Pillman.  The vicious assault was broken up by all the fan favorites in the building, who then forced Parker into the suit and made him do the “funky chicken” dance . . . at least THAT angle is over . . . The Boss had an easy time with BOBBY EATON . . . JOHNNY B. BADD defeated Shanghai Pierce by monkey-flipping him and ripping off his mask; while I didn’t recognize Shanghai without his mask, sources say that he was “MEAN” MARK CANTERBURY . . . TOO COLD SCORPIO & MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL lost to THE NASTY BOYS in a match for the WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES when SAGS pinned BAGWELL . . . and things ended with comments from VADER . . .

USWA 1/30/94 by CRUNGE
WHAT YOU MISSED: SKULL VON CRUSH came out with BIG BUSINESS  BROWN (still claiming to be from the Home Shopping Network) and  blasted JERRY “The King” LAWLER for an apparent altercation . . .  SKULL VON CRUSH then went to the ring and beat DEL RIOS, but during the match, the lights went out, and when they came back on, a new  wrestler, the GREAT MESTAPHO (sp.) was in the middle of the ring  (some guy dressed as a wizard) . . . BERT PRENTICE came out and  called out DEL RIOS, and Bert told the crowd how DEL RIOS had been  shot two years ago and pronounced dead, and his apprehension over  his scars kept him from being a great wrestler – Bert offered to  manage Del and had him take off his shirt, to show some very  real-looking scars . . . it was announced that MIKE ANTHONY is the W*ING Junior Heavyweight champion . . . JEFF GAYLORD and MIKE  ANTHONY lost to DOUG & EDDIE GILBERT, with BIG BUSINESS BROWN, when Doug used a chain – LAWLER and BRIAN CHRISTOPHER came out and told what had happened, and the ref. reversed the decision . . . GREAT MESTAPHO came out and did the Candle through Arm magic trick . . .  Brian Christopher (Lawler in corner) vs. Wolfie D. (BBB in corner) ended when Doug and Eddie attacked Lawler in the middle of the match . . . TD STEEL was to fight KOKO B. WARE, but the Great Mestapho  threw fire in Steel’s face and he was helped out . . . Koko came out and Tony Williams took TD’s place . . . Koko beat Williams easily . . . CHRIS FRAZIER and CHARLIE LAIRD lost to the MOON DOGS in about 10 seconds . . .

Short stuff this week, I promise.  WCW MAIN EVENT didn’t air due to WTBS’s superbowl festivities and WWF ALL AMERICAN wrestling will return NEXT WEEK as I messed up with my VCR this afternoon.

That’s it for this time so . . .


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