The Ring Report TV Update 3/27/94 Vol. 1, No. 56

The Ring Report TV Update 3/27/94 Vol. 1, No. 56
(“I know everything, just ask me, I read WON!”)
WWF Fan Fest (March 18 through Sunday March 20) by Brett Schwan
On Saturday, March 19 I had the opportunity to go to the last 2 1/2 hour Fan Fest session. After waiting on line for over 1 hour to enter we were finally allowed in. To my surprise . . . I had an amazing time. All types of merchandise was available: Coliseum  Home Video had a huge assortment of tapes available and HILLBILLY  JIM was the “president” of the company. Also available were pewter miniatures (beautifully detailed), magazines, photos, etc.

You also had a chance to step into the ring but you were not allowed to actually wrestle. For $2.00 you could get 3 chances to dunk Doink. You could do a “Face to Face” segment, commentate on a match with Gorilla Monsoon, or get your picture on the cover of WWF magazine (all for a nominal fee).

Of course the best part of Fan Fest was getting to meet and take pictures with some of the athletes. I had the pleasure of  meeting; BAM BAM BIGELOW, BOB BACKLUND, LUNA VACHON, VINCE MCMAHON,  THE BUSHWHACKERS, FREDDIE BLASSIE, TED DIBIASE, YOKOZUNA, MR. FUJI, HARVEY WHIPPLEMAN, GEORGE STEELE, and SHAWN MICHAELS.

I also had the not so pleasurable meeting with TATANKA and LEX  LUGER.  These two men were the biggest snobs there, they would not look at you or speak to you, they’d just sign their autograph and  throw it back to you. Of all the wrestlers there the most outgoing were THE HEADSHRINKERS & AFA, who mauled every person who posed for a picture with them.

At the conclusion of the 2 1/2 hour event, IRS, MOM, Yokozuna, and RANDY SAVAGE all stepped into the ring (at different times), and gave a little monologue about their WMX matches. All 3,000 fans (way too many for this type of event), were given a complimentary pass to  a wrestling card in their hometown anytime from now until December.

Overall, I give Fan Fest a very high rating and for once Vince  treated the fans with the respect they deserved. After all, the  price of the Complimentary ticket is almost equal to the price of  the Fan Fest ticket. On this one day, everyone came out a winner.

WHAT YOU MISSED: BUSHWHACKERS vs. THE QUEBECERS (Still Tag Champs).  Whackers with the early advantage, but the Quebecers win with the help of JOHNNY POLO, after the match CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO challenges the Quebecers to a title match of any team of his choice . . . T-T-T-TATANTO destroyed a prelim . . . ANOTHER WrestleMania report with TROPH PETTINGZOO . . . DIESEL ran over a prelim . . . A special interview with BRET “THE CRYBABY” HART, Bret said he would take on all challenges including OWEN HART and YOKOZUNA . . . JEFF JARRETT vs. KOKO B. WARE, Koko fell to Double J, then after the match RANDY SAVAGE and JJ started to argue at ringside, then a short brawl in the ring, then out of nowhere Koko hammers JJ from the top rope. Then Macho and Koko party in the ring. (Koko actually got a good pop from the crowd after he smashed JJ in the head) . . . NEXT WEEK LEX “I need theme music” LUGER vs. RICK MARTEL . . . 123 OUNCE KID . . . OWEN “The Best There is” HART and Quebecers vs. ????

WHAT YOU MISSED: A look at Gene talking w/Flair about that HH guy on last week’s Sat Night show . . . DUSTIN RHODES beat OTIS APOLLO . . . Okerlund talked to The Sullivan Bros. about taking care of business w/The Nasty Boys . . . KEVIN SULLIVAN destroyed SONNY ROGERS . . . New Stampede Matches! RUDE vs. STING for the International Title & FLYIN’ BRIAN vs. “LORD” STEVEN REGAL for the TV Title . . . FLASHBACK: RICKY STEAMBOAT defeated PAUL ORNDORFF to become the TV Champion at the 8/18/93 Clash . . . “LORD” STEVEN REGAL pinned BRAD ARMSTRONG w/a hook of the tights . . .

WWF MANIA 3/26/94
WHAT YOU MISSED: JEFF JARRETT polished off VIRGIL . . . an update on the co-host voting — THE ZOO is now asking to send in submissions via video tape (can you say “amateur challenge contest?” I knew you could) . . . THE BUSHWHACKERS fell to the QUEBECERS from MONDAY NIGHT RAW . . . a replay of CAPT. LOU ALBANO confronting JOHNNY POLO . . . a replay of the interview with BRET HART from RAW . . . DIESEL over a prelim . . . a replay of TATANKA over a prelim from RAW . . . and ADAM BOMB nuked another lucky prelim . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: TERROR RYZIN’ over VERN HENDERSON . . . a look at STING tricking RICK RUDE into a title match at SPRING STAMPEDE . . . a Stampede Control Center . . . RICK FLAIR responded to THAT HH GUY’S recent remarks . . . Flair then defeated TONY MELON in a rare prelim match for the champion . . . an interview with COL. ROB PARKER, BUNKHOUSE BUCK & STEVE AUSTIN . . . Bunkhouse Bunk destroyed KEN KENDAL . . . an interview with HARLEY RACE & VADER . . . and TOO COLD SCORPIO & MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL defeated HARLEM HEAT by DQ when RON SIMMONS attacked Scorpio, ICETRAIN saved the day . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: JOHNNY B. BADD downed JOHN STEVENS . . .  STING & PILLMAN talked about their match w/ROMA & ORNDORFF later in  the show . . . A replay of BUNKHOUSE BUCK attacking THE Z-MAN two  weeks ago . . . BUNKHOUSE BUCK beat THE Z-MAN after hitting him w/a  foreign object . . . STAMPEDE UPDATE: REGAL vs. FLYIN BRIAN & RUDE  vs. STING have been added . . . TIM TORRES & JASON JOHNSON fell to  THE NASTY BOYS, then Tony talked with Knobs & Sags . . . ERIK  WATTS over TONY ZANE . . . Gene interviewed FLAIR who said he wasn’t looking past STEAMBOAT but HH was making a mistake in thinking he  could walk into WCW & dominate . . . STEVE AUSTIN beat THE JAPANESE WARRIOR “FIRECAT” using an inside toe hold . . . Gene promoed the  WCW Card in St. Martin next week . . . A look at RON SIMMONS  attacking TEDDY LONG & TOO COLD SCORPIO on Worldwide . . . MARCUS BAGWELL defeated THE TERRORIST . . . In HH’s second interview he said that if he got his chance, FLAIR would feel the wrath of the H’STER . . . STING & FLYIN’ BRIAN defeated PAUL ORNDORFF & PAUL ROMA when STING splashed ROMA from the top rope.  After the match RUDE  attacked STING & gave him a “Rude Awakening” with his belt around  STING’S neck, then Tony spoke w/RUDE who said he’d dismantle STING before Stampede . . . NEXT WEEK: RON SIMMONS vs. that wonderful guy, MARCUS BAGWELL . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: The show opened with a clip from a house show where TOMMY WILDFIRE RICH attacked announcer CORY MACKLIN . . . Cory’s arm was in a sling throughout the show  . . . it was announced that EDDIE GILBERT defeated BRIAN CHRISTOPHER for the USWA Heavyweight Title . . . Christopher came out and complained that Eddie Gilbert had faked an injury to con the ref. into slowing things down, and cheating to win; they did a split screen so Eddie and Christopher could talk to each other, and Eddie said he was a better man, and would wrestle Christopher right then, but not for the titles; Eddie started asking Christopher what kind of car he had and complaining about how Christopher and JERRY LAWLER were riding around in his mother’s van; Eddie said he’d put up the USWA title for Christopher’s 1993 Blazer, and Christopher agreed . . . RONNIE LOTZ led out the tag team champs MOONDOGS and announced there would be a $5,000 MOONDOG BATTLE ROYAL where anything goes; Ronnie talked about how the Dogs beat up BILLY JOE TRAVIS, then showed the clip, and Billy Joe was juicing furiously . . . EDDIE GIVENS and SAM NORRIS were destroyed by the Moondogs in about 10 seconds, then started with the chairs, boards, and metal; Billy Joe Travis ran out with his “gee-tar” and pounded the Moondogs; Billy Joe and DON BASS then threatened the Moondogs, and Bass said he would put his “cee-gar” where the sun don’t shine . . . EDDIE GILBERT came out with his two titles (USWA Heavyweight and Unified World Title), and talked about taking Christopher’s truck . . . EDDIE GILBERT vs. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER (Truck vs. Title) – during the match, the ref. was knocked out, and DOUG GILBERT ran out and nailed Christopher with a chain, but when the ref. came to, Christopher had recovered, ran Eddie into the ringpost, and won on a countout; somehow Christopher won the belt on the countout; Doug came back out with the chain, and as they fought, Eddie threw fire at Christopher . . . BERT PRENTICE said Christopher had been taken to an emergency room with burns on his chest . . . SKULL VON CRUSH beat TONY WILLIAMS easily . . . BILLY JOE TRAVIS vs. DOUG GILBERT – Lotz came out and talked bad about Travis, then a Moon Dog came out and attacked Travis with a board; Cowboy Don Bass came out to help, as did Bert Prentice . . . a backstage interview with Brian Christopher, bandages on chest, and said he and JERRY LAWLER could throw fire better than anyone . . . highlight film of Lawler/Gilbert feud through the years . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at still photos of BRET HART pinning YOKOZUNA for the WWF WORLD TITLE from WMX led into the new live-footage opening . . . a totally new look for Superstars — they’re using a different type of tape so the action looks “live” . . . VINCE MCMAHON is now joined by JERRY LAWLER each week in the broadcast booth . . . Face to Face with STAN LANE has been replaced by “LIVE EVENT NEWS” with Stan Lane . . . LEX LUGER over DUANE GILL . . . still picture highlights of Luger losing to Yokozuna at WMX . . . a promo for the WMX replay . . . DIESEL over JOHN CRYSTAL, during this match it was implied that SHAWN MICHAELS blames Diesel for his WMX IC Title loss . . . IRS gave us top reasons to pay our taxes (reason #1: if you pay them he’ll stop doing top reasons to pay our taxes segments) . . . TATANKA vs. QUANG ended in a double count out as QUANG was knocked out of the ring and Tatanka attacked IRS, who came to ringside to steal Tatanka’s headdress . . . and THE SMOKING GUNS defeated JASON HEADINGS & RICH MYERS . . . OWEN HART over a prelim . . . JOHNNY POLO replaced JERRY LAWLER in the booth and JEFF JARRETT came out to harass everyone . . . NEXT WEEK: JEFF JARRETT faces that monster of the map, SPARKY PLUG . . .!

WHAT YOU MISSED: new host GORILLA MONSOON was joined by new co-host JOHNNY POLO and they brought back the “I’m the host” routine . . . a look at the RAW interview with BRET HART . . . OWEN HART defeated a prelim . . . DUANE GILL fell to LEX LUGER . . . a replay of QUANG vs. TATANKA . . . DIESEL destroyed DAVID THORNBURG . . . and a look at CURT HENNIG vs. a prelim from the WWF WRESTLING ARCHIVES . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a replay of BRAD ARMSTRONG vs. “LORD” STEVEN REGAL week two . . . a replay of HARLEM HEAT falling to TOO COLD SCORPIO & MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL by DQ . . . a SPRING STAMPEDE CONTROL CENTER . . . a look at RICK RUDE attacking STING during Sting & BRIAN PILLMAN vs. PAUL ORNDORFF & PAUL ROMA on WCW SATURDAY NIGHT . . . THE BOSS defeated RON SIMMONS by DQ when Simmons attacked the Boss with his night stick . . . and things ended with last night’s comments from THAT HH GUY . . .

It has been a very strange week here at Mad Dog central, I might actually be talking time from my studies to get a job and, quite possibly, “a life.”  I don’t know what that means, but it’s going to be interesting.

Had a major flashback last week while watching Monday Night RAW on video.  Captain Lou Albano came out and challenged another manager on “live on film” TV . . . all of a sudden it was 1984 again and I felt that Captain Lou was going to call down BARRY WINDHAM & MIKE ROTUNDO to kick some major butt.  Sadly, this flashback was spoiled by IRS telling me his top reasons why I should pay taxes.  ::Sigh::
Captain Lou is back, hopefully with a new team like Windham & Rotundo — someone fans can relate to.  Unfortunately, it looks like he’ll have the Headshrinkers (a rumor I’ve heard from 7 different people), a team no one really cares about.  ::Sigh::

Well, maybe the week was made by “ROWDY” RODDY PIPER returning to ref. the title match between BRET HART & YOKOZUNA at WMX, followed by a tape of him threatening JIM CORNETTE on WWF SUPERSTARS (though the Zoo called him “RODDY” RODDY PIPER).  Maybe he’ll come back and put some sense in the WWF, we can only hope.


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