The Ring Report TV Update 4/24/94 Vol. 1, No. 60

The Ring Report TV Update 4/24/94 Vol. 1, No. 60
(Special Crunge Aging Celebration Issue!)
WHAT YOU MISSED: Highlights of MUTA vs. AUSTIN from SPRING STAMPEDE . . . THE PATRIOT defeated THE GAMBLER . . . TERRY TAYLOR beat THE TERRORIST . . . SLAMBOREE UPDATE: Legends scheduled to appear include LARRY “THE AX” HENNIG, ANGELO “KING KONG” MOSCA, ERNIE LADD & HB HAGARDY. Matches scheduled include RICK RUDE vs. VADER, THE SULLIVANS vs. THE NASTY BOYS & TULLY BLANCHARD vs. TERRY FUNK . . . Footage of THE NASTY BOYS vs. CACTUS & MAX at Stampede . . . SCOTT SANDLIN & KEN KENDALL fell to THE NASTY BOYS . . . FLASHBACK: RIC FLAIR vs. TERRY FUNK in their “I QUIT” match from the Clash on Nov. 15, 1989 (how many times do we have to see this match?) . . . PAUL ROMA & PAUL ORNDORFF defeated BRAD ARMSTRONG & THE Z-MAN . . . Highlights of RUDE  vs. STING at Stampede & comments from STING after his match ended this week’s show . . .

WWF MANIA 4/23/94
WHAT YOU MISSED: The Zoo had a “surprise” birthday party thrown for him, he then claimed it wasn’t his birthday and then they haulted the party and he spent the rest of the show wandering around trying to convince people it was his birthday . . . JEFF JARRETT defeated a prelim, replayed from RAW . . . DOINK defeated AUSTIN STEELE with the “stump puller” . . . HOWARD FINKEL interviewed Jarrett . . . ADAM BOMB defeated a prelim . . . a look at the IRS/TATANKA ice skating incident from last week . . . IRS over a prelim with the “penalty” (a modified STF) . . . another DUKE DROESE promo . . . BAM BAM BIGELOW squashed a prelim . . . and things ended with THE EARTHQUAKE squashing a prelim . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: The show began as Vince McMahon discovered his mike was unplugged, this gave Jerry Lawler a chance to talk about himself until DOINK appeared & threw glitter on “THE KING” . . .  DOINK beat BERT CENTENO . . . In The Heartbreak Hotel, SHAWN MICHAELS revealed that DIESEL wants a shot at RAZOR RAMON’S Title, he then interviewed his guest, MR. PERFECT, who is angry at LEX LUGER . . . THE SMOKING GUNS over two prelims . . . A replay of TATANKA’S humiliation by IRS last week . . . IRS beat BERT STYLES . . . A DUKE “THE DUMPSTER” DROESE promo from the landfill . . . RAZOR RAMON pinned ADAM BOMB after his patented “Razors Edge” . . . JERRY LAWLER came out after RAZOR’S win & asked him why he wasn’t accepting challenges for his title, RAMON then agreed to take on anyone including DIESEL next week . . . SCOTT TAYLOR & BEN JORDAN lost to THE QUEBECERS . . . OWEN HART over GARY “THE ITALIAN STALLION” SABAUGH . . . Things ended w/LAWLER talking to DIESEL . . . NEXT WEEK: RAZOR RAMON vs. DIESEL for the INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE! . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Words from STING right after he’d won the International Title from RICK RUDE at Stampede . . . TOO COLD SCORPIO & MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL beat TONY ZANE & THE GAMBLER . . . DUSTIN RHODES over RICK FARGO, RHODES told Gene he wants a bullrope match w/BUNKHOUSE BUCK at Slamboree . . . VADER vs. RUDE, SULLIVANS vs. NASTIES & TERRY FUNK vs. TULLY BLANCHARD plus a host of legends have all been scheduled for the Slamboree PPV . . . A look at NICK BOCKWINKLE stripping THE BOSS of virtually everything, except his clothes thankfully, at Stampede . . . BAD ATTITUDE defeated THE SULLIVANS when DAVID dumped STEVE KIERN over the top  rope . . . COL. PARKER told Mean Gene that the key to capturing RIC FLAIR’S title was in his briefcase . . . THE PATRIOT beat THE TERRORIST . . . Gene introduced “SENSUOUS” SHERRI MARTEL who is looking for a man to take her to the top . . . RICKY STEAMBOAT & ARN ANDERSON defeated TANAKA SAN & HAITO when STEAMBOAT pinned TANAKA after a high cross body . . . Gene Okerlund interviewed “LORD” STEVEN REGAL who is demanding a public apology from LARRY ZBYSZKO . . . NEXT WEEK: STEVE AUSTIN vs. JOHNNY B. BADD for the US Title and the final decision on the ending of RIC FLAIR vs. RIC STEAMBOAT  from SPRING STAMPEDE . . .!

WHAT YOU MISSED: Note from last week:  the show ended with a  tag team, Ian and Axel Rotten, the ROTTEN BROTHERS, who also call themselves BAD BREED . . . this week:  DOUG GILBERT beat the COLORADO KID . . . Doug then asked brother EDDIE GILBERT to be the special guest ref. in an upcoming match between Doug and BRIAN CHRISTOPHER, which came about when special guest ref. Doug attacked Christopher after a match in which Christopher teamed with Eddie; Eddie accepted . . . TOMMY RICH talked about how he now hated Eddie Gilbert . . . a Brian Christopher video . . . DREAM MACHINE (Troy Graham) lost by DQ to Brian Christopher when the ref. caught him with a chain, so Christopher is still the USWA Heavyweight Champ . . . BILLY JOE TRAVIS and DON BASS came out whining about the MOONDOGS, and RONNIE LOTZ came out and got slapped by Bass . . . REGGIE B. FINE and LEON DOWNS lost to the SPIDERS (with BERT PRENTICE) . . . Lotz and the Moondogs came out and EDDIE MARLIN said they could have Travis and Bass if they would put up the belts; they did, and in a wild one, the ref. counted the Moondogs the  winners, gave the belts to Travis and Bass, reversed it, and Eddie Marlin is holding up the belts, so there are no TAG TEAM CHAMPS now . . . interview with Eddie Gilbert talking about what a good friend Tommy Rich used to be . . . BAD BREED beat JEFF GAYLORD and TONY WILLIAMS . . . the SPELLBINDER beat the GRIM REAPER . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: the running gag of the show had GORILLA MONSOON & JOHNNY POLO miniature golfing . . . THE QUEBECERS destroyed two prelims . . . Polo interviewed LOU ALBANO, who went insane and had to be restrained from killing Polo . . . THE HEADSHRINKERS over TYRON KNOX & DEREC DOMINO . . . another DUKE “THE DUMPSTER” DROESE promo . . . THE SMOKING GUNS defeated two prelims . . . MEN ON A MISSION defeated “IRON” MIKE SHARPE and another prelim . . . RODDY PIPER’S “BOTTOM LINE” featured the Rowdy One talking about JERRY LAWLER from the set of “TOUGH AND DEADLY,” his current movie project from Universal . . . a replay of BRET HART vs. KWANG from RAW . . . and things ended with “THE KING’S COURT” featuring JERRY LAWLER and ALUNDRA BLAYZE from RAW . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: highlights of PAUL ORNDORFF & PAUL ROMA defeating TOM ZENK & BRAD ARMSTRONG when Orndorff used the Piledriver to set up Zenk for the pin . . . footage of STING defeating RICK RUDE for the WCW INTERNATIONAL BELT from the Spring Stampede PPV . . . footage of VADER vs. THE BOSS from SS . . . a look at BRIAN PILLMAN winning by DQ over BUNKHOUSE BUCK when Buck used a rope to choke Pillman from this week’s WORLD WIDE WRESTLING . . . a SLAMBOREE control center . . . a look at ARN ANDERSON & RICK STEAMBOAT defeating BADD COMPANY, err, “THE TEAM FROM JAPAN” . . . a replay of SHERRI MARTEL’S introduction from WCW SATURDAY NIGHT . . . TERROR RISIN defeated TERRY TAYLOR by pin when DALLAS PAGE distracted Taylor for the easy roll-up . . . and things ended with a look at the “controversial” ending to RIC FLAIR vs. RICK STEAMBOAT at SS . . .

We’re late, we’re late!  Rushing through another deadline and rolling along with highlights of the week:  It looks like DIESEL defeating RAZOR RAMON for the WWF IC Title will finally air on WWF SUPERSTARS next week . . . VINCE MCMAHON’S steroid distribution trial has been pushed back to July for no apparent reason . . . MISSY HYATT appeared on “A CURRENT AFFAIR” this week to mixed results, in one part of the interview she came off as being snotty, in the other part she showed some tears and emotion.  It still remains to be seen what is real, but it does finally tell us something she may have been bugging ERIC BISHOV about when he fired her earlier in the year . . . and, finally, expect a rematch between Flair and Steamboat to air during sweeps month on WCW Programming — SPOILER WARNING: Dave Prazak, editor in chief of “OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE,” a wrestling newsletter, reports that the angle has been filmed and ends with a masked BARRY WINDHAM attacking FLAIR . . .!


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