The Ring Report TV Update 5/29/94 Vol. 1, No. 65

The Ring Report TV Update 5/29/94 Vol. 1, No. 65
(Happy Memorial Day!!)
WHAT YOU MISSED: The show opened with an interview with RICKY MORTON previewing his match with CHRIS CANDIDO . . . TRACEY SMOTHERS beat a prelim . . . BRUISER BEDLAM beat BRIAN LOGAN . . . an and JIM CORNETTE in which they insult TRACEY SMOTHERS’ family . . . Smothers storms out and is attacked by Bruiser Bedlam, who  uses brass knuckles to split Smothers’ head open . . . An interview with BOB ARMSTRONG and Tracy Smothers in which Smothers asks for a coal miner’s match with Bedlam . . . Highlights from last week’s match between the DIRTY WHITE BOY and JAKE ROBERTS . . . An interview with DWB . . .

WWF HOUSE SHOW 5/29/94 by Wolfgang K. Hoffman
This Saturday evening WWF came for the second time to the biggest city of Switzerland – Zurich – an excellent possibility for a lot of people in and near Switzerland to watch the spectacle called ‘WWF WrestleMania Revenge’.

At the shops in and near the hall where it took place they did not only sell WrestleMania tour things, in addition they had a lot of Undie-shirts (I really wonder when he will return; business with Undie’s goods is obviously excellent as usual!) and RAZOR RAMON-shirts, and they got rid of a lot of them!

The event brought a lot of audience – was it worth to come to Zurich? Yes, definitely yes, I think most visitors have been satisfied, like myself. We would be very happy if WWF stops again in Switzerland.

This time I am not just telling you who won, I want more exactly tell you what happened. My seat was located in the second  row – ideal to get the whole event? Partly, yes, please see: Already before the beginning of the show some few young children and many no more so young children and many of their parents stood between the ring barriers and the first row. This influenced our sight, of course; therefore they have then been politely asked to leave that place. They did it really for some minutes, but then, at the end of the respective match at the latest they were here again – in increased quantity – just like ants in the garden after having been defeated . . . <G>

During the break we managed to move the location of the seats nearer to the ring; from now on nobody was able to pass there and we would see everything. ‘Hurrah’, we thought. But as soon as Bret Hart appeared the ants arrived again, in again increased quantities, and tried this time to move the barriers towards the ring; until the start of that fight we had therefore to do some physical training by tearing the barriers back in our direction, in order to avoid a success of the ants to get new territory. Boy, we had a lot to do! I never saw such things in WWF-TV; are American kids in this regard better than European ones?

Almost all of the rule breakers disappeared once in direction of the locker room (perhaps was there a wonderful woman waiting for  them?); most of them returned only after the referee had counted  until 8 or 9.

I lived dangerously; the fans of the faces did not love me because I loudly cheered for their enemies. They looked angry at me, as if I am completely silly! I had decided to give this evening my assistance to the persons with the smallest quantity of assistance; the heels. I was almost the only person yelling ‘Quebecers’ and ‘Vive le Quebec libre’ and the only person around yelling ‘Rocketer Champion’ and ‘Come on, Owen’ and the only person around yelling ‘Come on, Yoko’ respectively ‘Fuji, give Yoko some help’. I had a  lot of fun looking at the astonished faces of the other fans; they could not understand how somebody can cheer for such guys.

And now to the matches:

THURMAN “SPARKY” PLUG against 1-2-3 KID: During a big part of the match they seemed to be equal – both used good techniques, including aerial moves – it was an interesting match. 123 Kid did the final pin.

ADAM BOMB/KWANG against THE BUSHWHACKERS: This match was  announced by a female guest speaker from Austria (why on earth was she not from Switzerland, in Switzerland?? WWF, believe it or not, in Switzerland we have women, too!). The match was a very entertaining one – really very funny to watch. Of course as usual
Adam Bomb and Kwang used rule breaker tricks several times (and, as usual, the referee did not see them), – and they finally got the pin. During a lot of time Adam Bomb and Kwang managed to weaken  just one of the Bushwhackers. But people around shouted loudly and constantly ‘Bushwhackers’, even after they had lost. The Bushwhackers were the real heroes . . .

IRS against TATANKA: I did not know that people of Washington’s tax department know whether we Swiss people are paying our taxes or not; IRS obviously knows. He says, we do not! (G)   During this match the referee was partly knocked out and was  therefore not able to see how IRS crashed his metal basket on  Tatanka’s head and got so, shortly afterwards, the pin. As long as the match lasted we saw a lot of moves and reversals. I shouted at several times ‘Max, Max Moon,’ he then looked astonished at me. When he was in a severe headlock I shouted again ‘Max, Max, Max Moon’, then he looked again, somehow irritated. By the way, I did not know that we have Indians in Switzerland, but obviously we do have; we saw several Indians in the audience. (G)

YOKOZUNA against MABEL: Announced was Yokozuna against EARTHQUAKE, but Quake did unfortunately not appear (is he hurt??). Mabel is taller than the already tall Yokozuna and taller than known from TV; I call this match therefore as ‘Match of the giants’.  At first I supposed to see a SUMO match; both just wanted to run and to tear down each other; both succeeded some times. Afterwards, during some minutes, I would never have bet that Yoko will win. The real Wrestling success of Yoko began when Fuji changed place and  distracted the referee whilst Yoko used the Japanese flag to weaken Mabel. As from then Yoko got more and more the possibility to prepare Mabel for the three count.

THE HEAD SHRINKERS against THE QUEBECERS: Most people here cheered for the Head Shrinkers, only some few for the Quebecers. So far I had the Head Shrinkers only seen on TV; there they seem as tough as ‘live’ but by far not this way of imposing. It was the most interesting match of the evening, a match showing a lot of action  and strength! Near the end of the match the head Shrinkers did with the Quebecers what they usually love to do each other – to pull head to head. The end showed the usual, wonderful pin by the Head Shrinkers. I liked what I saw; the Head Shrinkers are really worth the title they have!

BRET HART against OWEN HART: We saw there a lot of common moves. Some of them were boring arm bars and head locks,  some of them good aerial moves and some of them have been interesting moves I so far never saw at Owen’s matches. Both brothers had a lot to do;  there have been some minutes where Owen could probably have ended the match with his Sharp Shooter. But he continued fighting – during more then 20 minutes – and he lost at the end at a wonderful reversal of Bret, by a clear pin! Owen obviously tried to hurt  Bret’s legs; was this in reality or was it again just show? I am not 100% sure. When Bret was on the mat, out of the ring, Owen took an unused chair to manage that Bret steps again into the ring . . .

Additional Notes (after the event): Thank God the ring report  is by written (after matches I can hardly speak). Directly after the match the following impressions have been forgotten to mention:

– Security Service: Before the match those people extremely searched for cameras and bottles; they looked (friendly) into hand bags whether there was any illegal object in them! During the matches they unfortunately did not do very much against the ‘ants’ in front of us, so that we had to help ourselves.

– There have been very funny situations during all of the matches, also during the Bret Hart/Owen Hart match. Once, Owen climbed in the corner behind the ropes, the referee climbed there on the other side, willing to prevent that Owen jumps onto Bret, then Bret climbed onto the referee . . .

– Last time I had a seat in the 6th row, not so near than this  time; nevertheless the WWF stars could then better understand me. This time much more people yelled . . .

– The show was super and was worth the about 45 Dollars. The matches lasted a long time, we got a lot of action for our money.

WHAT YOU MISSED: JOHNNY B. BADD pinned BUDDY LEE PARKER . . . an interview with DUSTIN RHODES . . . STEVE AUSTIN had an easy time with BOBBY DEE . . . a segment with THE NASTY BOYS looking for CACTUS JACK & KEVIN SULLIVAN . . . STARS AND STRIPES (AKA MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL & THE PATRIOT) defeated CHRIS SULLIVAN & DICK SLATER . . . an interview with RICKY STEAMBOAT . . . and RIC FLAIR drew with “LORD” STEVEN REGAL in the fifth match of the MARQUEES DE QUEENSBURY CUP Tournament.  The ref. ordered the match to go an extra five minutes and Flair pulled off a win via pinfall . . . and things ended with an interview with Flair in which he chastised the fans for liking THAT HH GUY . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE SMOKING GUNS used the sidewinder to beat “IRON” MIKE SHARPE & a prelim . . . KOTR Qualifier: ADAM BOMB vs. 123 KID ended as the KID went to the top & hit BOMB with a cross body splash but the ref. was distracted by HARVEY WIPPLEMAN & couldn’t make the count.  KWANG came to ringside & attempted to spray green mist in the face of the KID but hit BOMB instead.  The KID then rolled up BOMB for the win.  After the match, BOMB tried to attack WIPPLEMAN who then ran off w/KWANG . . . YOKOZUNA destroyed CORY STUDENT . . . A KOTR REPORT w/ICE TODD . . . IRS over MIKE MARALDO . . . Another UNDERTAKER sighting . . . TED DIBIASI said he’d made contact w/THE UNDERTAKER & he’d soon be property of THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN . . . THE HEAVENLY BODIES beat MIKE DAVIS & PHIL APOLLO . . . Footage of ADAM BOMB going after HARVEY WIPPLEMAN & looking for KWANG after loosing his match earlier in the show . . . NEXT WEEK: LEX LUGER in the Heartbreak Hotel & ADAM BOMB vs. KWANG . . . !

WHAT YOU MISSED: Gene, Bobby & Tony gave a recap of Slamboree, Gene said that HH was the most charismatic person & Heenan walked off the set . . . Mean Gene interviewed the H’ster who said he’d return to wrestling if the fans wanted him to . . . MARCUS BAGWELL defeated SHANGHAI PIERCE . . . A promo for the hotline on which you can now vote in a poll asking if HH should return to the ring . . . COL. ROB PARKER introduced “MING” (AKA HAKU) as his bodyguard . . . STEVE AUSTIN over SCOTT STUD . . . Tony announced that NICK BOCKWINKEL would make an announcement about World Title Unification relating to the June 23 Clash on next week’s show . . . Gene did another Slamboree review . . . ARN ANDERSON DDT’s KEN KENDALL . . . COL. PARKER offered ARN ANDERSON to be part of his STUD STABLE but ANDERSON declined.  The COL. told AA he was ignorant & would have to deal w/”MING” in the future . . . “LORD” STEVEN REGAL vs. LARRY ZBYSZKO for the TV Title went past the TV Time so the conclusion  will be shown next week . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: LANCE RUSSELL and DAVE BROWN talked to EDDIE GILBERT, who introduced his new video, done to the tune of DIRTY DEEDS (DONE DIRT CHEAP) . . . the ELIMINATORS (Tag Team Champs) beat SPIKE HUBER and TONY WILLIAMS . . . a clip of JERRY LAWLER and JEFF JARRETT vs. EDDIE GILBERT/DREAM MACHINE; Lawler had Gilbert pinned, and ref. SCOTT BOWDEN ran in, kicked Lawler in the head, and Gilbert won . . . Bowden came out and said he had done it because of Lawler’s disregard for the rules . . . Lance informed Bowden that EDDIE MARLIN had suspended him, and Eddie Gilbert came out to take up for him . . . a new BRIAN CHRISTOPHER video . . . Christopher took on the Dream Machine for the USWA Heavyweight Championship (Christopher is champ); the Eliminators came out and held Christopher while Eddie Gilbert beat him with a Singapore cane . . . DEBBIE COMBS, the US Women’s champ, beat ROBBIE RAGE . . . LAWLER lost to EDDIE GILBERT when Scott Bowden threw powder in Lawler’s  face, and Eddie rolled him up for a pin in about 5 seconds . . . BAD BREED, REGGIE B. FINE, and BULL PAIN won the first fall against the SPIDERS, COLORADO KID, and SPELLBINDER, and the show ended with them going at the second fall . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: an announcement that TYPHOON would be substituting for EARTHQUAKE on the WWF WMIX REVENGE TOUR . . . highlights of THE KING’S COURT with LEX LUGER . . . Lex Luger destroyed BARRY HOROWITZ . . . a segment featuring TED DEBIASE in a funeral parlor . . . DIESEL wrestled a prelim match . . . a replay of ADAM BOMB losing to THE 123 KID from WWF SUPERSTARS . . . a KING OF THE RING REPORT . . . After BAM BAM BIGELOW defeated a prelim ALUNDRA BLAYZE attacked LUNA VACHON . . . RODDY PIPER did a “BOTTOM LINE” from his home in Oregon . . . RAZOR RAMON defeated DEREC DOMINO . . . and things ended with the news that CRUSH would replace JIMMY DEL RAY in the KOTR qualifying match vs. TATANKA tomorrow night on RAW . . .

First, a special note that you’ll see for the next couple of weeks: on June 19 I will be attending the King of the Ring card in Baltimore.  Since that is a Sunday Night there probably won’t be a Ring Report until sometime Monday afternoon that week so for once  you’re on your own for a major PPV results (though I am working on  a solution as we speak), at least until the next day.

This week, due to Holiday programming/family plans a lot of the shows we normally cover were either delayed or preempted this week. They’ll all be  back next week along with (hopefully), the first work of our new gossip columnist! With that . . .


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