The Ring Report TV Update 7/31/94 Vol. 1, No. 74

The Ring Report TV Update 7/31/94 Vol. 1, No. 74
(Horses and Boxers and Wrestlers, oh MY!)
WHAT YOU MISSED: The show opened with a replay of last week’s announcement of the two six man tag matches for August 5 and 6 . . . CHRIS CANDIDO beat SCOTT STUD . . . JIM CORNETTE’S UNION is on strike and we heard comments from Cornette as he and his union picketed at ringside . . . After the commercial, Cornette continued talking until his union was run off by BOB ARMSTRONG, TRACY SMOTHERS, ROAD WARRIOR HAWK & RON WRIGHT . . . We then heard comments from them plus a very bizarre interview with Road Warrior Hawk . . . THE THRILL SEEKERS beat a couple of prelims . . . We then heard from THE HEAVENLY BODIES and Jim Cornette, who was interviewed for the third time in thirty minutes . . . We then had an interview with the Thrill Seekers . . . A Knoxville Night of Legends update . . . THE GANGSTAS beat a couple of prelims; following the match, the Gangstas were interviewed . . . The rest of the show was taken up with interviews, among those Interviewed were TERRY GORDY, THE DIRTY WHITE BOY, and finally, Chris Candido, BRIAN LEE and TAMMY FINCH, err, FYTCH . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: TERRY FUNK, BUNKHOUSE BUCK & ARN ANDERSON squashed JOEY MAGS, SCOTT STUD & TODD MORTON . . . TERRY TAYLOR used a crucifix to pin SHANGHAI PIERCE . . . THAT HH GUY lied his steroid filled guts out as he stated that Hamania has, “made wrestling cool again”. He also said that WCW is now the #1 wrestling organization because of HIM . . . a promo for next week’s LIVE Saturday Night show . . . KEN KENDALL lost to “TERRA” LEVESQUE . . . another promo for the HH GUY HOTLINE . . . “TERRA” LEVESQUE now says he wants the World Title and will beat whoever stands in his way . . . FLASHBACK: Back to 1988 at the Miami Mayhem CLASH, DUSTY RHODES & STING fought ARN ANDERSON & TULLY BLANCHARD w/JJ DILLON . . . BAD ATTITUDE over STARS & STRIPES when EATON gave BAGWELL a legdrop off the top . . .

WWF MANIA 7/30/94
WHAT YOU MISSED: a replay of ADAM BOMB losing to YOKOZUNA from this week’s RAW (which will return to our coverage line-up next week), when KWANG came to the ring at tripped Bomb . . . THE BUSHWHACKERS had a hard time with DUANE GILL & BARRY HARDY, but pulled out the win anyway . . . TODD PETTME made the declaration: “I am the NEW GENERATION!” Makes you want to crawl under your bed and cower in a fetal position, doesn’t it? . . . a replay of TATANKA defeating NIKOLAI VOLKOFF from RAW this week, followed by Tatanka’s challenge of LEX LUGER to a match . . . a promo for BOB  BACKLUND, followed by BRET HART’S comments on Backlund . . . and  things ended with THE HEAD SHRINKERS beating up some prelims . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: DAVE THORNBURG fell to DIESEL . . . BOB BACKLUND vs. BRET HART: HART over BACKLUND with a small package, then HART offered to shake hands which both men did. HART celebrated & wanted to shake hands again, but this time BACKLUND slapped HART right in the face. BACKLUND then applied a chicken wing submission hold on BRET until the officials broke things up. BACKLUND then stared at his hands, indicating that he couldn’t believe what he had just done (or possibly an indication he was trying to contact James Hellwig???) . . . ADAM BOMB beat JOEY SOLLINS . . . THE BLTAKER destroyed a prelim & then placed him in a bodybag . . . a look at LESLIE NIELSEN’S investigation which saw THE UNDERTAKER deliver a Domino’s Pizza to his office . . . NEXT WEEK: THE 123 KID takes on JEFF JARRETT . . . !

WHAT YOU MISSED: The show began with highlights of RIC FLAIR taking on RICK STEAMBOAT on last Sunday’s Main Event . . . FRED AVERY & FRANKIE LANCASTER lost to STARS & STRIPES . . . WCW Commissioner NICK BOCKWINKLE announced that RIC FLAIR will have a rematch with THAT HH GUY on the Aug. 24th CLASH. He also stated that “SENSUOUS” SHERRI was being fined $25,000 for her interference at BASH AT THE BEACH . . . DALLAS PAGE beat BARRY HOUSTON . . . HARLEM HEAT fried KEN KENDALL & ALEX DAVIS, Gene interviewed THE HEAT, who still aren’t revealing their manager . . . RIP ROGERS was no match for FLYIN’ BRIAN . . . STEVEN REGAL used the ropes to pin MARK STARR . . . REGAL gave a good interview, he indicated he wants a match w/ANTONIO INOKI . . . Another look at ARN ANDERSON turning on DUSTIN RHODES . . . BUNKHOUSE BUCK & TERRY FUNK demolished TODD MORTON & JOEY MAGS . . . Footage from a match in Macon, GA last Monday. It saw BUNKHOUSE BUCK taking on LARRY SANTO, MENG was attacking SANTO when DUSTY RHODES came into the ring & attacked COL. PARKER. Then DUSTIN RHODES appeared & he took on TERRY FUNK until a bunch of faces came in the ring.  MENG then began to challenge DUSTY who had to be held back by the faces.  When the ring was cleared, DUSTY took the mike & emotionally asked DUSTIN if he would be his partner. DUSTY said he needed no handshake, just a big hug & kiss. Both RHODES hugged each other, agreeing to be partners, which drew a big response from the fans . . . CLASH MATCHES: THAT HH GUY vs. RIC FLAIR, TERRY FUNK & BUNKHOUSE BUCK vs. THE RHODES’ . . . STEVE AUSTIN & RIC FLAIR defeated RICKY STEAMBOAT & STING in an excellent match which went nearly 3O minutes. The ending saw STING being distracted by SHERRI allowing AUSTIN to get the upperhand on STEAMBOAT. STING tossed SHERRI out of the ring onto FLAIR, but at the same time AUSTIN covered STEAMBOAT hooking the tights & getting the 3 count . . . Gene interviewed STING & STEAMBOAT, STING says he wants a match with the winner of FLAIR vs. HH at the CLASH. STEAMBOAT said he’s getting sick of STEVE AUSTIN trying to get himself DQ’d in matches (this sets up either a NO-DQ or a title changes hands on a DQ match for AUSTIN & STEAMBOAT at this months CLASH) NOTE: During this match, Tony Schiovane mentioned that he wanted to say Hi to all the people at Lucha Libre because they were  in the States doing a card in LA . . . NEXT WEEK: LIVE from MGM in Orlando, you can call 1-9OO-37O-3WCW & be the matchmaker . . . !

WWF IN OAKLAND 7/30/94 by Dave Bock
Last night I attended the WWF Summer Sizzler Tour in Oakland at the Henry J. Kaiser Arena.  It was a decent show and it seemed that everyone there did as good a job they could. I don’t why but it seems that they work harder in the bay area for some reason. I think that it might have something to do with the fact that Dave Meltzer lives in the bay area and he attends the show. I guess they think if he says it was a good show they will sell more tickets for future shows. <g>

Well now to the results: THE 123 KID pinned QUEBECER PIERRE (JOHNNY POLO was not at ringside) . . . THE HEAD SHRINKERS beat THE HEAVENLY BODIES when FATU pinned TOM PRITCHARD (JIM CORNETTE was not at ringside) . . . JERRY LAWLER won by DQ over DUKE “THE DUMPSTER” DROESE.  First Lawler pin Droese with his feet on the ropes then a second ref. come down and had the match continue then Droese hit Lawler with the trash can causing the DQ. The was hardly any wrestling at all in this match. It was basically Lawler doing his thing to get heat and he got it . . . LEX LUGER beat CRUSH in a Stretcher Match.  They looked like they tried. that’s all I can say . . . ADAM BOMB pinned KWANG; Enough said . . . RAZOR RAMON beat DIESEL by DQ when Diesel hit Ramon with the Belt.  This was better then I had expected but then again I wasn’t expecting much . . . MABEL pinned BAM BAM BIGELOW. It looked to me that Bam Bam was really trying to make this match good but he was in the ring with Mabel. But I do have to say that there really wasn’t many neat holds in this match . . . BRET HART pinned OWEN HART.  JIM NEIDHART was in Owen’s corner and BRUCE HART was in Bret’s corner. A good match but not something I will remember for years to come . . . One more note, Because the show ran late, people started to leave because the last bus was about to come.  Hart vs. Hart was the best match.  Adam Bomb vs. Kwang was the worst . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: A recap of how SID VICIOUS “won” the Unified Title last week . . . TOMMY RICH came out and complained about the officials in a match he had during the week . . . a clip from Louisville where ring announcer DEAN HILL was battling REGGIE B. FINE when in came DOUG GILBERT; Dean announced that HANDSOME JIMMY VALIANT will be in his corner this week . . . the ELIMINATORS with Reggie B. Fine said they would beat up PG-13 this week in a stretcher match . . . the Eliminators destroyed EDDIE GIVENS and TROY WILLIAMS, and BART SAWYER and J.C. ICE cleared the ring after the match, because the Eliminators continued to beat the jobbers . . . J.C. then talked about beating the Eliminators . . . a clip of a Battle Royal to determine an opponent to wrestle Sid that same night; JEFF GAYLORD received two pile-drivers from Tommy Rich, and then Rich and JERRY LAWLER pulled each other out, leaving a prone Gaylord in the ring; Sid charged in and made short work of Gaylord . . . Gaylord came out to threaten Sid . . . TD Steel then lost to Sid . . . as Sid went to talk to the announcers, Gaylord came out to help Steel, and was soon joined by SPIKE HUBER; as Sid insulted Gaylord, Spike turned heel and attacked Gaylord from behind; Spike and Sid double-teamed Gaylord . . . Doug Gilbert beat J.C. Ice when Rich tossed in a chain, but BRIAN CHRISTOPHER came out and told the ref., who found the chain and reversed the decision . . . Christopher was battling the SPELLBINDER when Doug, Rich, DREAM MACHINE, and Spike attacked him, while the Eliminators and Reggie kept any faces from helping; the MOONDOGS made the save . . . ALI BEN KAHN and the SHADOW lost to the Moondogs . . . BART SAWYER beat LEON DOWNS to end the show . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: MABEL & TYPHOON lost to CRUSH & YOKOZUNA when Crush smashed Typhoon with a savate kick to lead into a Yokozuna belly to belly suplex for the pin . . . a SUMMERSCAM report . . . RODDY PIPER did another “BOTTOM LINE” . . . a replay of BOB BACKLUND vs. BRET HART for the WWF WORLD TITLE, followed by Backlund losing his mind . . . About this time I noticed that “THE BLUES BROTHERS” was on WTBS so I missed most of that match and the rest of the show (I’ve seen the movie a gillion times but it’s still better than the WWF on USA) . . . in the match classic GORILLA MONSOON, HAYSTACKS CALHOON & IVAN PUTSKI defeated BLACKJACK LANZA, BLACKJACK MULLIGAN & BUGSY MCGRAW when Putski pinned Mulligan . . . and things ended with THE BLTAKER defeating a prelim . . .

In WCW this week, it seemed that JOHNNY B. BADD & MAX PAYNE were involved in every main event.  On the Power Hour, BADD defeated PAUL ORNDORFF by DQ when MAX PAYNE interfered.  WCW Worldwide saw RICKY STEAMBOAT team with BADD to defeat ORNDORFF & PAYNE. Last, but not least, MAX PAYNE finally got a win when he pinned BADD on WCW Saturday Night.

For once, things were looking UP in the WWF as JIM CORNETTE and his HEAVENLY BODIES entered. The WWF really had a lack of talented tag-teams (well, they still do) to compete against THE STEINERS. So, by bringing in the BODIES we could all look forward to some decent tag-team matches. Plus, it was pretty amazing itself that JIM CORNETTE was in the WWF, a place he swore he’d never go.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: THE 123 KID upset TED DIBIASE with the help of RAZOR RAMON on WWF Wrestling Challenge . . . On MNR, BAM BAM BIGELOW got a countout victory over BRET HART as HART had to leave the ring to save his parents from the insults of JERRY LAWLER . . . and we were all relieved after hearing that the WWF purchased TINY TIM a new ukulele after his was demolished at the hands of JERRY LAWLER . . .

Smokyland? Where dat? Oh yeah, Morristown. Here goes . . .

Smoky Mountain Wrestling presents the Night of the Legends at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum on Friday, August 5th with what is shaping up to be the biggest SMW house in the company’s short history. People were amazed when they drew 3,900 paid in K-Town this past February for “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” but don’t be surprised when reports come out that the Knoxville Coliseum sells out on 8/5 for this show. It has been plugged like no other card before it, and a record setting 6,000 person live crowd is almost a definite. (At least that’s what Cornette’s hoping for . . . and let’s all hope with him if we wanna keep seeing Smoky Mountain Wrestling around.)

The main event is Part One of DOUBLE TROUBLE as TERRY & DORY FUNK
along with BRUISER BEDLAM (with JIM CORNETTE) face TRACY SMOTHERS, “BULLET” BOB ARMSTRONG and ROAD WARRIOR HAWK (with RON WRIGHT). The match ends when one of the two bearers of a white flag (Cornette and Wright) wave their team’s flag in surrender. Bound to be a good one.

THE THRILL SEEKERS (LANCE STORM and CHRIS JERICHO) take on THE HEAVENLY BODIES (JIMMY DEL RAY & TOM PRITCHARD) in a revenge match. The Bodies (under masks), attacked the Seekers in the parking lot behind Morristown East High School, and as a result, Smoky Mountain Wrestling has ordered the Bodies back for one week so that the Seekers might gain revenge. A hot match is almost a given.

THE DIRTY WHITE BOY defends the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Heavyweight Title against FREEBIRD “BAM BAM” TERRY GORDY.

BRIAN LEE & CHRIS CANDIDO defend the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Titles against THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS (RICKY MORTON & ROBERT GIBSON), with Lee & Candido’s manager TAMMY FYTCH handcuffed to Robert’s brother, RICKY GIBSON.

Much of the evening of 8/5 will feature presentations to past Knoxville wrestling greets, including the likes of The Original Heavenly Bodies, DON & AL GREENE, NELSON ROYAL, THE MONGOLIAN STOMPER, RONNIE GARVIN, and more. To go along with all the presentations, a special legends tag team match has been signed, pitting The Mongolian Stomper & Ronnie Garvin (teaming for the first time) against BOB ORTON JR. and “Mr. Excitement” DICK SLATER.

And in a battle of the strongmen, DOUG FURNAS returns to the area from Japan (where he has been competing in All Japan Pro Wrestling), to take on member of Jim Cornette’s union (The Federation of International Thugs and Eliminators), KILLER KYLE.

SMW is bringing in the muy expensivo production truck to turn this extravaganza into a 2-tape four hour commercial tape, to be released in early September. 5 cameras will be in the arena capturing the action. The tape will contain all of the Legends Update segments which have been airing on television the past few weeks, plus backstage footage and exclusive footage of the get together with the legends before the night’s card begins.

The following evening, SMW presents “Fire on the Mountain III” in Johnson City, Tennessee, which is also expected to do well attendance-wise. If fans bring their ticket stubs from the Night of the Legends card, they get $2 off any ticket to Fire on the Mountain III. This will not be taped for SMW TV or commercial tape, but the Outside Interference cameras will be present to capture the entire card (E-mail me if interested).

The main event features Part Two of DOUBLE TROUBLE, with the same six man tag team main event as the previous night, but this time in a Texas Death Match. The gimmick is, BOB ARMSTRONG got his Coward Waves the Flag match only on the stipulation that Jim Cornette could get a Texas Death match the next night, since the Funks are the masters of it.

Brian Lee & Chris Candido take on The Rock & Roll Express for the tag team titles in a hair vs. hair match. If the Rock & Roll win, Tammy Fytch must shave her head. If Lee & Candido win, Ricky Morton must shave his head. “There must be a winner!”

THE GANGSTAS (NEW JACK & MUSTAFA SAIED) take on BRAD & BART BATTON . . . Dirty White Boy defends the SMW Title against Dick Slater . . .  The Thrill Seekers battle The Heavenly Bodies in a streetfight . . . plus more! Full results will be posted here as they become available.

These two cards kick of SMW Fanweek ’94, which lasts until 8/13. Many camcorders will be present to capture all of the following . . . 8/7 “Battle of Beckley” in Beckley, West Virginia, 8/8 TV taping (site to be announced), 8/9 Cookout with the heels at Panther Creek State Park, 8/10 Discussion Day, 8/11 Jefferson County Fair card, 8/12 Knox County Knockout in Barbourville, KY, and 8/13 “King of the Mountain” single elimination tournament in Morristown, Tennessee at the Morristown Football Stadium. Keep your eyes out for videos of all this stuff when they’re in trading land.

And that’s the scoop… from SMOKY MOUNTAIN WRESTLING!

Quick notes from a weird week in the life of the MadDog. If you’d like to comment, rebut, complain etc., about the Ring Report please remember that I can be contacted via e-mail at MADDOGJMF@AOL.COM or at 71554,121 on CompuServe.  I’m usually kind of friendly in handling those but there are reasons why I’m known  as “Mad Dog” (as a few people found out this week), reply at your own risk but never be AFRAID to speak your mind!

That’s it, I’m worn out this week — two trips to the dentists for different dental nightmare sessions followed by some heavy prescription drugs pretty much made the week a blur. I should be back in top form next week so until then . . .


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