The Ring Report TV Update 8/28/94 Vol. 1, No. 78

The Ring Report TV Update 8/28/94 Vol. 1, No. 78
WHAT YOU MISSED: A replay of LEX LOSER beating the powerful Crush from the Sunday Night Scam . . .  RANDY SAVAGE told us that he believes that the Loser sold out to TED DIBIASE . . .  We watched the turn of OWEN HART from the Royal Rumble.  Then Owen pinning Bret at WrestleMania.  Followed by scenes from Owen’s crowning from The King of The Ring.  After that we listened to comments from Owen and JIM “THE ANVIL” NEIDHART . . . Special Interview w/Bret “Grease Mop” Hart. As the camera panned through out the arena you could see A LOT of empty seats on the floor and on the other levels . . . A SUMMERSCAM promo . . . Another SUMMERSCAM promo . . . A replay of DIESEL running over TYPHOON . . . RAZOR RAMON and WALTER “I HOPE I AM GETTING PAID FOR THIS” PATON talked about SUMMERSCAM . . . A replay of the King’s Court when the BLTAKER choked PAUL “CRATER FACE” BEARER . . . Another SUMMERSCAM promo . . . ANOTHER SUMMERSCAM promo . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Things started with a “RAP” video highlighting the feud between THAT HH GUY and RIC FLAIR . . . RICKY LYNN GREG only messed up twice in his singing of the national anthem . . . THE NASTY BOYS defeated PRETTY WONDERFUL in a non-title bout when JERRY SAGS pinned PAUL ORNDORFF after an elbow from the top rope . . . an interview with HH as he was getting into his act a masked person dressed in black “clubbed” his knee and he had to be taken out to an ambulance . . . in the WCW US TITLE bout RICKY STEAMBOAT didn’t need the special no DQ stipulation to pin STEVE AUSTIN and become the new title holder . . . about this time they informed us that STING was flying in from CHICAGO to come to the aid of HH . . . ERIC BISCHOFF did a hospital report . . . we saw the premiere of THE HONKY TONK MAN’S new video, which looks a lot like his old videos . . . WCW COMMISSIONER NICK BOCKWINKLE announced that if HH could not wrestle tonight he’d have to forfeit the belt to Ric Flair . . . DUSTY & DUSTIN RHODES got a DQ win over TERRY FUNK & BUNKHOUSE BUCK when ARN ANDERSON interfered in the match.  After the usual KO of Dustin, Dusty smashed a wooden chair over MENG’S head before being brought down and put in a nerve hold. Dusty was later carried out on a stretcher . . . it was announced that Pretty Wonderful would have to defend their titles to the Nasty Boys on this week’s WCW Saturday Night . . . from the Hospital, Eric B. interviewed HH’s attorney who said he had just talked to Eric B. and other WCW officials and had advised HH not to wrestle tonight . . . an interview with Ric Flair — Flair challenged HH to walk to the ring and hand him the belt . . . this was followed by Eric B., again from the hospital, announcing that HH was on his way back to the arena . . . in a match dominated by coverage of HH arriving at the arena, ANTONIO INOKI defeated WCW TV CHAMPION “LORD” STEVEN REGAL in a non-title match by putting Regal to sleep with a choke sleeper hold . . . And in the best match of the night HH lost to RIC FLAIR by COUNTOUT after SHERRI MARTEL clubbed his knee behind the ref.’s back. After the match the mysterious man in the mask returned to help Flair attack HH.  Sting saved the day and carried his “mentor” back to the awaiting ambulance . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE GUARDIAN ANGEL beat BOBBY DEE . . . JEAN PAUL LEVESQUE got a win over MARK STAR . . . A HONKY TONK MAN promo featuring his new theme music . . . FLYIN’ BRIAN pinned BILL PAYNE . . . FLASHBACK: DUSTIN RHODES w/DUSTY over PAUL ORNDORFF w/THE ASSASSIN at the CLASH on Nov. 93 . . . A hotline promo with Gene “Look at that leg” Okerlund . . . THE HONKY TONK MAN debuted with a victory over BRAD ARMSTRONG . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Vince did an interview with BRET HART, BRET called JIM NEIDHART an “fat tub”. BRET ran into OWEN HART & NEIDHART on his way back from the interview, they had words until the officials broke things up . . . JIM NEIDHART squashed a prelim, LAWLER then interviewed HART & “THE ANVIL” . . . MABEL took a dump on BARRY HORROWITZ . . . More Leslie Nielsen UNDERTAKER reports . . . TOAD proclaimed himself “HEAVY P”, did a DOMINO’S RAP and gave a SlumberSlam Report . . . DOUBLE J vs. THE DUMPSTER: JARRETT had pinned THE DUMP using his feet on the ropes, but OSCAR came out a did a rap telling the ref. what had occurred. Then another ref. came out & the original official reversed his decision and said that the match must continue. DOUBLE J then attacked OSCAR and fled the ring, he then met up with MABEL so he fled through the stands. Thus, he was counted out and the TRASHMAN got the win . . . A segment with the very intimidating WALTER PAYTON . . . RAZOR RAMON crushed MIKE COLLINS . . . THE BLTAKER was the guest on the HeartBreak Hotel when PAUL BEARER appeared on the video wall from a graveyard. BEARER said that he felt the presence of his UNDIE, then the UNDERTAKER himself spoke. This seemed to upset the BLTAKER who was told that he’d be “destroyed” at summerscam . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: RICKY STEAMBOAT pinned TOM BURTON, the cameras focused on a fan, who was also at the CLASH, that heckled STEAMBOAT during the match . . . JOEY MAGS & TODD MORTON lost to BUNKHOUSE BUCK & TERRY FUNK . . . A replay of MENG attacking DUSTY RHODES at the CLASH, then an interview w/COL. PARKER’S gang . . .  STEVEN REGAL & JOHNNY B. BADD went to a time limit draw, after the match BADD KO’d SIR WILLIAM . . . Interview with REGAL, he said he wants a match with BADD at FALL BRAWL . . . CHRIS MICHAELS submitted to STEVE AUSTIN . . . STING over JOHN FAULKNER . . . Interview with CACTUS JACK, he said he is no longer partners with KEVIN SULLIVAN. DAVE SULLIVAN came out in a frenzy, calling CACTUS SUTCAC (although it came out sounding like SUSTAC). CACTUS got made at DAVE & DDT’d him. CACTUS was about to hit DAVE’S injured leg, but Mean Gene convinced him not to . . . A very, very dumb segment which featured DUSTY RHODES entering a tough bar looking for the NASTY BOYS. Picture DUSTY in jeans and a cowboy hat, as he enters the bar someone inside asks him, “Dude, where’d you park your horse?” He finds KNOBS & SAGS and asks them to be his partner at WAR GAMES. To prove they are worthy, KNOBS & SAGS beat up everyone in the bar. DUSTY is pleased and everyone shakes hands. Very, very dumb! . . . HARLEM HEAT beat BUDDY WAYNE & BARRY HOUSTON, they now want to be known as STEVIE RAY & BOOKER T, as opposed to KANE & KOLE . . . Footage of the happenings at the CLASH between THAT HH GUY & RIC FLAIR, then NICK BOCKWINKLE read a statement saying that RIC FLAIR & SHERRI MARTEL are suspended from WCW indefinitely . . . A FALL BRAWL Control Center, STARS & STRIPES will face PRETTY WONDERFUL, STEVE AUSTIN will meet RICKY STEAMBOAT & STEVE REGAL faces JOHHNY B. BADD. Plus, there will be a triangle match . . . VADER demolished CHRIS NELSON . . . THE NASTY BOYS vs. PRETTY WONDERFUL ended in a DQ when one of the NASTIES tossed one of PRETTY WONDERFUL over the top rope. COL. PARKER’S gang then attacked the NASTIES . . . Interview with COL. PARKER and gang, the only interesting thing about this was when TERRY FUNK took the mike and started yelling, “ARP . . . ARP . . . ARP???” . . . I have no idea what he meant, but it was interesting nonetheless . . .

WWF WRESTLING SPOTLIGHT 8/27/94 by Chris Yetman
WHAT YOU MISSED: The show started as usual with GORILLA MONSOON propped up in a chair in front of a huge TV screen . . . TATANAKA scalped RENO RIGGINS but not after getting in a shouting match with Moneybags . . . An interview with BRET HART and he talked about him, OWEN HART, and the Dungeon; in other notes he continued to call JIM NIEDHART a “Big Fat Tub” and after the interview he, Owen, and “the Big Fat Tub” got into a shouting match in the aisle and the stampede of WWF Officials came out on cue to break up the maylay . . . Monsoon commented that Niedhart couldn’t keep his pants on (??!!) . . . Niedhart destroyed FRANK STILETTO (he really should get new boots) . . . An interview with Owen and Co., nothing new just same old childhood traumas . . . the “DOUBLE J” JEFF JARRETT/DUKE “THE DUMPSTER” DROESE match from Superstars(It’s about time someone punched the crap out of OSCAR) . . . A LESLIE NIELSON recap . . . A SummerSlam report with TODD MASENGILL (PLEASE NO MORE DOMINOES RAPS!!!) . . . Replay of the Supernatural, or as TED DIBIASE would say “Cheap Tricks”, experience on the Heartbreak Hotel . . . that was it for the WWF’s weekly recap show . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: This week World Wide returns to the “World Wide” Arena, with JESSE VENTURA and a very excited Eric Bischoff . . . STING beat THE COCONUT SAVAGE with the “Scorpion Deathlock” after the win Sting helped Coconut back to the locker room area . . . Gene interviewed new US Champ RICKY “THE DRAGON” STEAMBOAT . . . Nick Bockwinke told us that RIC FLAIR has been suspended from wrestling in the United States . . . DAVE AND KEVIN SULLIVAN over THE SOUTHERN POSSE . . . We watched DUSTY RHODES track THE NASTY BOYS down and Dusty asking the Nasties to team up with Him and Dustin at Fall Brawl . . . JEAN PAUL LEVESQUE destroyed LEROY HOWARD . . . A Fall Brawl Control Center . . . The Guardian Angel crushed a prelim . . . Mean Gene interviewed VADER who talked about Fall Brawl . . . TERRY FUNK, BUNKHOUSE BUCK & ARN ANDERSON destroyed 3 poor  prelims. After their win Bischoff interviewed the Stud Stable who talked about their match with the Rhodes/Nasties at the Fall Brawl  . . . NEXT WEEK: STARS AND STRIPES, STEVE AUSTIN, and NASTY BOYS &  Dustin Rhodes in 3-Man tag action . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: VINCE MCMAHON returned to ALL AMERICAN THIS WEEK as a “sub” for the departed TODD PETTINGILL (hey Mike B. — this one was on YOU) . . . a replay of the DUKE “THE DUMPSTER” DROESE vs. JEFF JARRETT match from WWF SUPERSTARS . . . in the MEMORY LANE MATCH we say BOB ORTON lose to PAT PATTERSON from September 18, 1982 when Patterson caught him in a sunset flip . . . We saw a replay of PAUL BEARER interrupting THE HEARTBREAK HOTEL this week with news of his UNDERTAKER . . . DIESEL defeated TYPHOON in a replay of their match from last Sunday Night’s WWF USA Network special . . . a quickie SUMMERSLAM report . . . TATANKA defeated RENO RIGGINS . . . IRS & BAM BAM BIGELOW defeated JOHN PAUL & KEVIN KRUEGER . . . and things ended with RODDY PIPER and “THE BOTTOM LINE” . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: DANTE and MEPHISTO were announced as the new Tag Team Champs . . . DAVE BROWN and LANCE RUSSELL said BUDDY LANDELL had revealed his “true colors” earlier in the week . . . EDDIE MARLIN came out to say that he had seen clips of last week’s attack by DOUG GILBERT, TOMMY RICH, and SCOTT BOWDEN on RANDY HALES (Eddie’s right-hand man) and that the next five matches for Gilbert were hair matches, no matter who he wrestled or what kind of match; Gilbert came out to whine and they cut to a commercial . . . Landell came out with Gilbert, Rich, and Bowden to talk about Marlin and BRIAN CHRISTOPHER, saying he hit Christopher with a chain because he was a crybaby . . . COREY WILLIAMS and TD STEEL lost to Tommy Rich and Buddy Landell . . . Christopher came out on crutches and said that in a “softbrawl” game, Rich cheap-shotted him; Gilbert, Rich, Landell, and Bowden came out, tore up his x-rays, then hit him on the knee with the crutches, until the MOONDOGS made the save . . . Eddie Marlin came out and SUSPENDED Doug Gilbert (looks like he’s gone) . . . SID VICIOUS came out to watch SPIKE HUBER and SPELLBINDER destroy two jobbers; Vicious beat them both with the Unified belt; when Eddie came out to make him stop, he apologized . . . JERRY LAWLER beat LEON DOWNS in a dud . . . clips of the Moondogs beating people with chairs, as there is a loser-gets-10-lashes-with-a-chair match coming up . . . Gilbert, Landell, and Rich came out, but Eddie Marlin came out and tossed Doug Gilbert out of the building; Rich and Landell said they would not get hit by chairs . . . SHADOW 1 and 2 got killed by the Moondogs in 2 seconds, although the Moondogs got the DQ for bringing in foreign objects . . . PG-13, KOKO B. WARE, and DOUG BASHAM took on ELIMINATORS and DANTE and MEPHISTO in 8-man tag action; both falls ended with all 8 in the ring and no real decision . . .

Another exciting week <g>. There were rumors of “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND departing from Titan after Monday’s SummerSlam. This would eventually prove to be true, unlike some other current rumors. For example, there was the talk of TERRY TAYLOR becoming a member of the Four Horsemen. I could never envision that myself, the Horsemen were always considered to be an “elite” group of wrestlers. I don’t consider someone who dresses like a rooster to be elite! If TAYLOR was to be a Horsemen, what next? The Gobbly Gooker???

In matches this week, RICK RUDE beat DUSTIN RHODES in the first of a series of three matches to determine the US Champion. On that same program, RICK RUDE attacked RIC FLAIR with the NWA Title on the set of A FLAIR FOR THE GOLD. This attack would result in a match between those two at the FALL BRAWL PPV. Also, the match in which BRIAN PILLMAN busted his ankle was aired on WCW Saturday Night this week.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: STING & DAVEY BOY SMITH defeated HARLEM HEAT by DQ when SID VICIOUS attacked STING on WCWSN . . . THE SMOKING GUNS surprised WELL DUNN on ALL AMERICAN this week (is this the best match the WWF can deliver?) . . . Talk of LUNA VACHON entering the WWF had begun . . . and the news flash that kept us all talking, CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO claimed to be 31 years old on the ALL AMERICAN program (now TERRY FUNK may not make a whole lot of sense when he talks, but at least he admits to being an old fart <g>) . . .

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Eighteen years ago, in 1976, I moved to Berkeley from Austin. I was in my early twenties and I stumbled onto what would two years later become the ‘punk rock’ scene. In 1976, it was not a ‘scene’. It was a series of ratty storefronts turned into ‘clubs’ where people were creating something that they didn’t quite know what it was. It was loud, chaotic, fun and the division between performer and audience was blurred.

I got back from the South Philly ECW Bingo Hall and it was worth every mile I drove. The scene had the same kind of creative energy. Everyone in the room realized that something new was being created. It’s like a story that’s being written from the front back and there’s no telling where it will end. It was electric.

In ECW, the crowd is close in every sense. The wrestlers play the house well because the house plays the wrestlers well. They are knowledgeable and really appreciate a good effort. One of the largest pops of the night went out to Too Cold Scorpio and Chris Benoit who wrestled the scientific match. The violence and mayhem got its pop, but so did the skill moves.

ECW is a tiny circuit like many across the country. A mixture of those who have never appeared on TV and those whose contracts with the majors have, for one reason or another, been allowed to lapse. What should be the last stop for the vets, for one magic night, felt like the first step in something brand new. Something that is bigger than the Bingo Hall on a street that looks like it came from Beirut.

The wrestlers were really into it. The crowd was really into it. It was the way it might have been before there was a real buck to be made. It was that rare event in American society — culture reinventing from the bottom up. It was Mikey Whipwreck who looked like two hundred South Philly young twenties guys in the crowd teaming with Cactus Jack to become a champ. It was Shane Douglas stating that Flair is history and it’s his turn. Stating it as fact, not boast. It is fact.

I’ve seen the future of wrestling in a Bingo Hall in South Philly. The future’s in good hands.

Wresting is, first and foremost, a business. Vince McMahon knows this. Some might say he knows it too well. The people at WCW seem to be having a little trouble with the business end of it right now.
McMahon has been busily hawking “SummerSlam” over the last few weeks. There’s a plot for the eggplants, Undertaker vs. Underfaker; and a plot for the rest of us, Hitman vs. Rocket in a cage. This year “Domino’s delivers SummerSlam” and some of you have been put off by this. Actually, I believe that you’re put off by Todd Pettinghimself’s foolishness as he sings along with the “Gotta Be Domino’s” jingle. Doesn’t matter, the Domino’s angle is good for the WWF, and the connection won’t hurt Domino’s much either. It’s good business.

And, McMahon can at least keep the flow of things going in order. In fact, the only time in recent memory when the WWF has slipped and given something major away, was before WrestleMania 4 when WWF Magazine announced Randy Savage as the World Champion. Too bad it was a few weeks before the finals of the WM4 tourney where he actually became champion.

If something is mentioned on SUPERSTARS, they acknowledge that on All American . . . etc.

WCW on the other hand is screwed up. Badly. Over the weekend, I watched both WCW World Wide and WCW Saturday Night. Locally, Worldwide shows at 11:30 AM and SAT NITE shows at 4:05 PM.

World Wide started with an announcement from Nick Bockwinkle that Ric Flair and Sherri Martel had been suspended. This would lead to Sting, Vader and Angel in the triangle match at Fall Brawl. They went on to tell about the TV title match and tag team title matches at Fall Brawl. Oh yeah, and there was a way-too-long segment on Dusty Rhodes trying to secure tag partners for the War Games (Nasty Boys).

When Saturday Night started, they had no idea of the announcement by Nick Bockwinkle (in fact they played the same tape late in the show. Until that time it was Sting, Vader and Flair in the triangle match. By the time they left the air, they had no idea that Angel would replace Flair. Also, they had a TV title match on the show and a tag title match as well. Both leading up to announcements of the respective matches at Fall Brawl. Steve Regal even challenged Johnny B. Badd for the match, which according to World Wide had already been signed. Oh yeah, and there was a way-too-long segment on Dusty Rhodes trying to secure tag partners for the War Games (Nasty Boys).

What this all leads up to is continuity. The WWF has it. WCW does not. The WWF plays the game, all too well. WCW does not. Turner’s house is in shambles right now, and signing that HH Guy for another year isn’t going to help. What he needs to do is clean house. Get rid of Bischoff and his team and hire some intelligent people to run the organization.

If someone were running any of his other sports franchises into the ground, they’d be gone in a hurry. This just proves that Turner has no regard for WCW as an entity. He’s letting it be turned into a clone of the WWF (circa 1987-88). We don’t want that or need it. What we want is good wrestling action, and an intelligent setting for it. Let’s face it, even Doink and Jeff Jarrett are decent wrestlers past all the foolishness.

If Teddy Boy wants to run a wrestling promotion, now is the time to prove it, before yet another former great (NWA/WCW) heads for the hall of fame.


Okay, really short news this week as I’m running extremely short on time until our Midnight Eastern “You’ve really Screwed Up This Time Mad Dog” deadline.

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We’re a tiny little newsletter run in cyberspace by guys who don’t really have any connections in pro wrestling other than watching and observing the sport on nights when we should be out having “lives.”  There’s not a whole heck of a lot of glory in it so for those anyone on the staff of “grandstanding” or “being in it for the glory” please save your arguments and aim them at the other newsletters out there (aim at the Torch — they like it!) . . .

With that, I’m off to finish repairing my computer after the latest Hard Drive crash and find a way to get some sleep before the morning hits and my second semester at Wilson College begins . . .


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