The Ring Report TV Update 10/30/94 Vol. 1, No. 87

The Ring Report TV Update 10/30/94 Vol. 1, No. 87
(MIDTERM MADNESS! Anyone got cliff notes to “BLEAK HOUSE???”)
WCW NEWS: BRUTUS BEEFCAKE is being called BUTCHER in WCW; this is because the WWF has the rights to the Brutis Beefcake name . . . TERRY FUNK apparently quit the WCW to return to the independent circuit. With WCW becoming an extended version of the WWF, there was no place for a real wrestler like Funk in the promotion . . . HARLEM HEAT’S new manager will be JOHNNY ATTITUDE . . . The main event for the next Clash will be THAT HH GUY, STING and DAVE SULLIVAN vs. KEVIN SULLIVAN, BUTCHER and AVALANCHE . . . Also on the card will be “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN vs. STEVE AUSTIN . . . JOHNNY B. BADD will face THE HONKY TONK MAN, DUSTIN RHODES does the job for VADER and THE NASTY BOYS take on HARLEM HEAT . . . CURT HENNIG wanted $400,000 a year, which is why he will not be coming to WCW . . .

WWF NEWS: SHAWN MICHAELS has a serious shoulder injury which will most likely keep him out of the Survivor Series . . . BRET HART is expected to lose his title to LEX LUGER after the first of the year; Hart’s box office power has been fading quickly . . .

USWA NEWS: THE UNDERTAKER got a disqualification win over SID VICIOUS recently in Memphis . . . Also on that same card, BUDDY LANDELL and TOMMY RICH had a major blood bath . . . Rich came into the ring with bleached blonde hair and when he left, his hair was red . . . Rich and Landell have a genuine dislike for one another which goes back several years . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Talk that SID VICIOUS will face MABLE in house shows, followed by a long Mable video from the WWF . . . KORY WILLIAMS got squashed by Sid, amidst cheers and chants of “powerbomb” . . . another Mable clip, taped words from Sid talking about how he would destroy Mable . . . SCOTT BOWDEN came out, said that Florida State had lost to Miami because he had been attacked by Miami’s players and the FSU players were worried about him; Scott then rambled on about how, in the wintertime, his family used to go to Haiti to “escape the heat” and that they had a good friend there, SGT. VICTOR, who had been forced out by the unfair American troops; out came Sgt. Victor, the Haitian Sensation, and he crushed THE AMERICAN EAGLE . . . another Mable clip . . . a video of PG-13/MISS TEXAS vs. THE PHANTOMS/FANTASIA in which Texas pinned Fantasia, but after the match the Phantoms hit all three faces with a coal miner’s glove . . . SHADOW, EDRICK HINES, and ALI BEN KAHN lost to PG-13 and MISS TEXAS; the announcers said Texas was the only woman on the PWI Top 500 Wrestlers list . . . JERRY LAWLER came out and commentated on an UNDERTAKER match from the WWF, because Sid and Undertaker square off soon . . . PHANTOMS beat TONY WILLIAMS and EDDIE GIVENS . . . another Mable clip . . . a clip of BUDDY LANDEL yelling about an upcoming match against TOMMY RICH . . . TOMMY RICH fought JERRY LAWLER; no winner when Scott Bowden was about to interfere and out came RANDY HALES to save the day; Hales is a sissy, by the way . . . a BRIAN CHRISTOPHER video . . . ANOTHER MABLE VIDEO (enough already!!!  Mable sucks!) . . . a clip of Brian Christopher getting powerbombed twice by Sid . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: WET ‘N’ WILD beat VIPER 2 and THE MERATOR (SP?) and during the match Viper 2 got a big hole in his tights . . . PAUL ORNDORFF destroyed COLT STEEL . . . COL. RED interview  where he and HERB ABRAMS almost got into a fight . . . THE NIGHTSTALKER (ADAM BOMB), destroyed a prelim . . . “COWBOY” BOB ORTON actually was cheered as he retained his Southern states title  by pinning HELMUT HESSLER, who was accompanied by KEVIN “THE TRUTH” CASEY . . . The main event was between IVAN KOLOFF and JIMMY VALIANT  and I forgot how it ended but that is probably for the better. After  the match Koloff and his manager Col. Red beat up on Herb Abrams  . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: A match where SGT. SLAUGHTER beat IVAN KOLOFF despite the SHEIK being at Koloff’s side; COL. DEBEERS was one of the announcers . . . a face BOB BACKLUND defeated some jobber, then said he had never given up . . . a RIC FLAIR match where he defeated some jobber . . . a match with “WAR EAGLE” CHRIS CHAVIS (TATANKA), beating some jobber who looked exactly like PAUL SCHAFFER from DAVID LETTERMAN . . . the rest of the show contained plugs for magazines and books . . . I do not know how old these matches were, except the Tatanka match was *Very* old.  Chavis was about half the size he is now . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: RAZOR RAMON vs. YOKOZUNA — Yoko loses by countout when he spots a casket. OH MY WHAT A SURPRISE THAT WAS!! . . . TOADY did a “I Hope The WWF Survives because I need a job report” . . . THE FARTIN’ NUNS beat up 2 prelims . . . The Evil Native American TATANKA popped a prelim to death . . . an IRS promo . . . ADAM BOMB char-broiled a prelim, then MR. BOB BACKLUND jumped into the ring and applied the funky chicken wing on Bomb . . . JERRY LAWLER introduced CHEESY and issued a challenge to DOINK and his midgets . . .   Diesel over a prelim . . . A WWF Our Season Never Ends (But our ratings do) promo . . . NEXT WEEK: MR. BOB BACKLUND vs. LEX LUGER . . .!

WHAT YOU MISSED: CACTUS JACK beat CHAD AUSTIN . . . Highlights from last week’s match featuring BOO BRADLEY in which Cactus Jack interfered . . . Cactus talked with JIM ROSS . . . THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Express went to a bar and beat the crap out of THE GANGSTAS . . . The Express were arrested for assault . . . RICKY and ROBERT gave an interview . . . SCOTT STUDD beat SHAWN CASEY . . . A “confrontation” between BRIAN ANDERSEN and TRACY SMOTHERS . . . LANCE STORM and BRIAN LEE beat GEORGE SOUTH and STEVE SKYFIRE . . . An interview with JIM CORNETTE . . . ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER is coming in to battle BOB ARMSTRONG . . . THE DIRTY WHITE BOY (with RON WRIGHT in his corner), beat BRUISER BEDLAM in a whipping match . . . Bedlam was lashed five times and then he attacked Ron Wright . . . DWB and Wright gave an interview . . .

WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/29/94 by RICKY KAYE
WHAT YOU MISSED: DOINK THE CLOWN pinned TONY DEVITO . . . KING KONG BUNDY squashed ERIC FERGUSON . . . a Survivor Series Report with TODD PETTINGILL . . . BOB BACKLUND chicken winged RUSS GREENBERG . . . THE BUSHWACKERS defeated RINO RIGGINS and KERRY DAVIS . . . KWANG pinned JS STORM . . . A distasteful IRS promo . . . LEX LUGER closed the show beating THE EXECUTIONER with the Rebel Rack . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: JOHNNY B. BADD squashed RON OAKES . . . A post Halloween Havoc report . . . ALEX DAVIS fell to THE HONKY TONK MAN . . . CLASH REPORT: VADER will face DUSTIN RHODES, STEVE AUSTIN will take on JIM DUGGAN for the US Title, JOHNNY B. BADD will defend his TV Title against THE HONKY TONK MAN, and THE NASTY BOYS will be against HARLEM HEAT . . . DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE beat BUDDY WAYNE . . . Gordon Solie interviewed HARLEM HEAT . . . TOM BURTON fell to FRANK ANDERSON . . . A promo for When Worlds Collide with Chris Cruise . . . HARLEM HEAT defeated BRIAN & SCOTT ARMSTRONG in the main event . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: The show began with footage from Halloween Havoc which focused on BROTHER BRUTI (now being called BUTCHER) turning on THAT HH GUY . . . AVALANCHE, who is “One” of the “Three faces of fear”, destroyed SCOTT SANDLIN & FLASH FLANNIGAN . . . DUSTIN RHODES beat FRANKIE LANCASTER . . . More Havoc footage . . . A CLASH UPDATE: THAT HH GUY, STING & DAVE SULLIVAN will meet with BUTCHER, AVALANCHE & KEVIN SULLIVAN with MR. T being the special referee . . . THE HONKY TONK MAN over BILL PAINE . . . A look at the career of JOHNNY B. BADD  . . . HARLEM HEAT squashed a prelim team . . . More Havoc stuff . . . Interview with the “Three Faces of Fear”, BUTCHER told us that he turned on THAT HH GUY because he was neglected by HH . . . PEZ WHATLEY lost to STEVE AUSTIN . . . Interview with DAVE SULLIVAN . . . JIM DUGGAN beat JOE CRUZ . . . ALEX WRIGHT defeated JOHN STEVENS . . . THAT HH GUY did an interview concerning BUTCHER . . . Chris Cruise did an AAA IWC Control Center . . . CHRIS NELSON fell to THE GUARDIAN ANGEL . . . STING defeated STEVE KIERN in the main event . . . STING & DAVE SULLIVAN did an interview which was interrupted by KEVIN SULLIVAN.  He challenged STING in the ring and STING accepted.  STING was winning the fight when BUTCHER & AVALANCHE attacked him.  AVALANCHE “Avalanched” both STING & DAVE until several jobbers were able to break things up . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE EMBARRASSMENT along with THE THREE LITTLE EMBARRASSMENTS beat TONY DEVITO . . . LIVE EVENT NEWS (LEN) with Charlie Minn . . . KING KONG BUNDY 5 counted AARON FERGUSON . . . THE TOAD with yet another exciting Survivor Series report <g> . . . Legendary singer JEFF JARRETT beat a prelim . . . RAZOR carved up some guy . . .  An interview with THE MILLION DOLLAR TEAM minus JIMMY DEL RAY (It brings back memories with Ted talking about how he has the best team money can buy. If there was ever a PPV he shined at it was this one) . . .  MABLE won over a prelim . . .  LEX LUGER beat a masked fool . . . and things ended with another LEN . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: I missed the first 7 minutes because I fell asleep during a boring show called “WWF SUPERSTARS,” which is on before WORLD WIDE . . . THE HONKY TONK MAN over a prelim . . .  A recap of events at Halloween Havoc . . . GENE OKERLUND did a CLASH OF CHAMPIONS CONTROL CENTER . . . FRANK ANDERSON beat a Bald Guy . . . A IWC PPV Control Center . . . STARS AND STRIPES and JIM DUGGAN vs. “LORD” STEVEN REGAL and PRETTY WONDERFUL:  S&S/Duggan won  via DQ when Sir William interfered . . . A very pissed off THAT HH GUY talked about THE BUTCHER turning on him . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: things started with a replay of BRET HART saying he’ll clear his schedule for BOB BACKLUND . . . MIKE BELL had an easy time losing to ADAM BOMB . . . a SURVIVOR SERIES report . . . RICH MYERS looked pretty bad as he fell to JEFF JARRETT . . . a promo for IRS . . . GARY SCOTT felt pretty queasy after losing to RAZOR RAMON . . . LIVE EVENT NEWS featured a promo for AFA’S Wrestling School . . . BARRY HORROWITZ & BOB STARR jobbed for THE NEW HEAD SHRINKERS . . . COREY STUDENT got some training in the art of losing from JIM NIEDHART . . . a replay of an interview with TED DIBIASE’S MILLION DOLLAR TEAM . . . a promo for WWF merchandise . . . and things ended with an unknown prelim giving his career towards getting MABLE some rapping lessons . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: The show started off with an excellent pre-taped bought pitting SHAWN MICHAELS and DIESEL’S WWF tag belts up against RAZOR RAMON & THE 123 KID.  This was the longest WWF non-PPV match in recent memory and it was probably the best match on WWF TV since the classic RIC FLAIR vs. CURT HENNIG loser leave town match on RAW last year.  Too much action to call, but both teams worked their butts off (I can’t believe I’m saying that about a WWF match), and Michaels & Diesel pulled out the win when Diesel clobbered the 123 Kid to set up pin by Michaels . . . from that match we’d expect a great use of the rest of the time? ::sigh:: Nope.  Didn’t happen, the rest of this “Action Zone” hour was filled with prelim matches and rehashed promos . . . a SURVIVOR SERIES report . . . BOB BACKLUND put RUSS GREENBURG out with the chicken Wing . . . a promo for IRS . . . and KING KONG BUNDY squashed a prelim . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: LANCE RUSSELL and DAVE BROWN announced that SID VICIOUS is still the champ, PHANTOMS are the new tag champs, then showed a MABLE video . . . Sid came out, talked about how he had defeated TATANKA, now THE UNDERTAKER, and would beat Mable . . . SCOTT BOWDEN, TOMMY RICH, and DOUG GILBERT came out, and Rich insulted Landel . . . REGGIE B. FINE lost to “NATURE BOY” BUDDY LANDEL when Landel applied the figure-4 . . . Lance interviewed MO and MABLE . . . Sid, with SPELLBINDER in tow, came out and said Spellbinder was the number 1 contender, so to fight Sid, you had to beat Spellbinder . . . Spellbinder easily beat TD STEEL; after the match, Sid beat on Steel until Mable came out; the heels held back Sid while the faces held back Mable . . . clip of the PHANTOMS beating PG-13 for the tag belts in Louisville; a third Phantom made the difference while the ref. was distracted . . . SHADOW lost to MABLE . . . Rich, Gilbert, and Bowden came out and guaranteed that BRIAN CHRISTOPHER would not show up for the next match, where he was supposed to team with JERRY LAWLER; Lawler came out alone, and Rich  and Gilbert attacked; who made the save? Christopher!  Lawler and Christopher went on to destroy ALI BEN KAHN and EDRICK HINES . . . a long and bizarre match, so bear with me: the clip started with Lawler and Rich in the ring, Christopher and Gilbert outside; Christopher got a crutch and was beating Gilbert with it; the ref., FRANK MORREL went outside, and in the ring, Rich pulled out a pair of scissors (a la Sid), and attacked Lawler; Lawler juiced, got the scissors away, and attacked Rich; Rich juiced; Christopher and Gilbert wound up back in the ring, both juicing as well; at one point, Christopher pushed Gilbert out of the ring and dove over the  top rope onto him (a la ECW); back in the ring, ref. Morrel tried to break things up, got hit, and he started fighting; cut to the locker room, where Lance and Cory Macklin were interviewing Rich and Gilbert; an angry Morrel charged in and suspended them; they said fine, and started beating him; in came EDDIE MARLIN and RANDY HALES, and they got beaten as well; Lawler and Christopher made the save . . . highlights of the SID VICIOUS vs. UNDERTAKER match; UT got the tombstone on Sid, but Spellbinder ran in and UT won by DQ . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Joey Styles took a nice jab at JERRY LAWLER and his midgets before the first match started . . . Comments from BORNE AGAIN about 2 COLD SCORPIO . . . 2 Cold Scorpio beat HACK MYERS . . . Comments from PUBLIC ENEMY about the November to Remember . . . Fans’ (and TOMMY CAIRO’s), comments from the hotline about SANDMAN/et al situation . . . Comments from PAUL E. DANGEROUSLY about SABU — I think–that lasted a good portion of the show (interjected with segments from the CACTUS JACK/Sabu match from last week and scenes from the CHRIS BENOIT/Sabu match in Philly on Oct. 1) . . . JASON proclaimed his love for — his title *belt* and proceeded to sing “You are so Beautiful” to it . . . Tommy Cairo was beating up MIKEY WHIPWRECK when TOMMY DREAMER came out and made the save . . . Time limit draw between CHRIS BENOIT and the TAZMANIAC . . . Comments from SHANE DOUGLAS about his match with RON SIMMONS on Nov. 5 . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: BOBBY HEENAN appeared without the neck brace and with a new haircut and glasses in the opening of the show . . . JIM DUGGAN & STARS & STRIPES defeated “LORD” STEVEN REGAL & PRETTY WONDERFUL by DQ when SIR WILLIAM interfered . . . a look at the HALLOWEEN HAVOC main event between THAT HH GUY and RIC FLAIR . . . a look at THE BUTCHER, KEVIN SULLIVAN & AVALANCHE squashing STING & NAVILLUS EVAD from WCW  SATURDAY NIGHT . . . a Clash of Champions Control Center led into an IWC/Lucha Libre Control Center . . . GENE OKERLUND took a minute to say that Ric Flair will be missed but he got what he deserved in the end of the cage match . . . and things ended with STING defeating ARN ANDERSON by DQ when BUNKHOUSE BUNK & MENG interfered; THE NASTY BOYS & DUSTIN RHODES made the save . . . NEXT WEEK: Sting & Dustin vs. Bunkhouse & Anderson!

FROM THE MIND OF THE MANIAC by “Maniac” Mike Blade
Last week, a man retired from Professional Wrestling. He was a man who worked every show. A man who, whether face or heel, gave it his all. Sure there have been a few more rest holds over the last few years, but you try flying over the top rope to the floor every night and see how long you want to do it.

I write not of RIC FLAIR, but of JACQUES ROUGEAU. Flair was great too be sure, and great to the sport as well. But Jacques was special to me because he, to this day, is the only wrestler that I’ve ever had a conversation with.

It was a cold winter night in February a few years back. The WWF was playing the Salt Palace and I decided to leave early as the main event was The Ultimate Warrior against whomever. Taking a short cut through the building, I passed the dressing room area. As I passed, Jacques was coming out. He and Ray (as the Fabulous Rougeaus), had fought The Bushwhackers that night. He looked at me for a long moment, then smiled when he realized I wasn’t a mark. He asked me to watch his back as he made a phone call, then asked if I could give him a ride to a local restaurant.

Once in the car, we discussed the wrestler’s life. At the time, the WWF had him on the road for 15 days, home for three, then back out for 15. All the while, he was hiding his face from anyone who might pass us in a crosswalk. Apparently, some of the marks can be quite “annoying” when they see a heel on the streets. He wasn’t fond of his heel status, but it paid the bills. Part of “the great McMahon plan”.

The conversation was short as the restaurant was close, but it was a nice chat with a surprisingly nice guy.

Jacques Rougeau was never my favorite wrestler, but he was a worker of the highest order. His presence will be missed.

One final thought . . . Supposedly, Sid Vicious is negotiating a return to the WWF. The question of money seems to be keeping them apart. Sid, no one is going to pay to see your annual implosion, again. Get there, rebuild your name, then worry about the dollar signs.

Although I only saw the first few minutes, and the last 15 of Havoc, I’m quite convinced, that the WCW is now the WWF of the mid-late 80’s. I attended the Friday Night’s Main Event live at the JLA, when the WWF was setting up WM6, it That HH Guy vs. Savage, and Warrior vs. Bravo. I also watched on PPV, Survivor Series 92, when it was from the JLA. The atmosphere from both of those WWF events, was the same as last weeks Havoc.

Seeing Bobby and Tony, in a booth up in the stands rather than at ringside, it reminded me of a WWF PPV from when both Bobby and Tony were still part of the WWF. The lighting was the same, the elaborate banners, and the pushing of That HH Guy. But what really did it for me, was That HH Guy standing in the middle of the ring, posing for us all to see. Then who comes out — none other than another former WWF’r Earthquake. The WCW needs to establish their own style, not copy off of the WWF. I will give credit, to WCW, or whoever came up with the idea of Beefcake as the masked man, it was “Unexpected”. I personally never thought it wouldn’t be him, for the simple fact, that I thought he couldn’t wrestle anymore. Bobby, told it like it was at the end of the PPV, and Mean Gene should be shot for his comments, even Tony agreed with Bobby, which made Gene come off, as more of an ass.

There is already talk of Ric Flair returning in March, when Sting turns on That HH Guy, and That HH Guy demands to have Flair as his partner. I personally think that is BS, Number one Flair needs to stay out for 2 reasons: 1) If he doesn’t WCW loses more credibility, and 2) Flair loses credibility, because he already stated to the Observer, that when it came time for him to lose a retirement match, it would be his last match. Now I love Flair, and I will miss him dearly, he is a true great, and I wish he would come back for one match, so I can see him live. But Flair is so over That HH Guy, that this scenario of Flair coming back to help That HH Guy makes me sick.

[NOTE: WWF AngleMania is a monthly feature that deals with fictitious title changes. It is in no way true or based on “inside information”, but only a result of what a bored mind can come up with on a Saturday Night. These events will probably never happen, they are only what should happen IMNSHO.]

So without any further ramblings on my part, here is WWF AngleMania for the Survivor Series and up until the Royal Rumble . . .

Bret Hart faces Bob Backlund in a match where the towel must be thrown in by either Davey Boy Smith (in Bret’s Corner), or Owen Hart (in Bob’s Corner). About 20 minutes into the match, Backlund gets Hart in the Chicken Wing!!! Davey Boy thinks about throwing in the towel, but decides against it. Hart gets to the ropes but Backlund  won’t break the hold!!! Finally, he does, and then does his victory dance. But Hart mounts a comeback, and gets him in the sharpshooter! Owen thinks about for a minute, and finally throws in the towel!  Bret retains the WWF Title!!! Bret and Davey Boy start to leave, but then they see Bob getting mad at Owen, and Bob puts the Chicken Wing on him! Bret and Davey Boy run back to the ring, and try to pry Backlund off of him. They do, and Backlund leaves the ring. Bret and Davey Boy help Owen to his feet, and Owen hugs his brother. Aww . . .  Owen turns face, how nice . . .

Other title matches: None, but Shawn and Diesel are stripped due to Shawn’s injury. Jack Tunney says that there will be a 8 team tournament, with the first 4 matches taking place on the Action Zone, the next 2 on Monday Night Raw, and the final match taking place at the Royal Rumble!!!

Just when you thought Bret Hart was safe, here comes Bob Backlund again!!! Backlund gives a speech before the match, saying it was the 11 year anniversary the day they “took away” his WWF title, and that he was gonna take it back. He makes good on his promise. In a tremendous match, Backlund defeats Hart for the WWF Title! Bob goes nuts! He does his victory dance! He gets on the mic and denounces the crowd, and tells them now they have a champion their kids can look up to, BECAUSE HE HAS NEVER EATEN MARIJUANA!!!

Other title matches: Razor Ramon retains his IC Title by defeating “Double J” Jeff Jarrett.

King Kong Bundy & Bam Bam Bigelow defeat The Bushwhackers

The Headshrinkers defeat Double “We’ve never been on TV, but we job all the time” Trouble

The Heavenly Bodies defeat The Smoking Guns

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express defeat Well Dunn


King Kong Bundy & Bam Bam Bigelow defeat Headshrinkers

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express defeat Heavenly Bodies

Which sets up KING KONG BUNDY & BAM BAM BIGELOW vs. THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS for the WWF World Tag Team Titles at the Royal Rumble!!!

That’s it for this week’s WWF AngleMania. Like it? Hate it? Makes you shudder at the thought of all this happening? E-Mail me at Fair2Flair@AOL.COM and tell me how you like it (or don’t like it).

First a minor note, yes we’ve added coverage of both UWF and ICCW wrestling this week.  Unfortunately, both federations are running shows from last year (or even further back), which can be kind of confusing at times.  I’ve decided that we’ll continue to run them since there are people who actually watch the shows each week and might want to know what they missed if they can’t see the shows.

That said, just let it be known that once they start running new shows we’ll let you know but until then remember that they are OLD MATCHES and do not necessarily reflect the current continuity of either federation. Now back to your regularly scheduled Notes from the Mad Dog . . .

Everyone is talking about the ending of WCW’S Halloween Havoc PPV last week and just about every where I’ve gone from everyone I’ve talked to the general consensus is this: That sucked.

It seems only the most loyal HH-amaniac is happy with what went on and how their main event ended.  Ric Flair doing the job for HH in his home federation no less.  ::Sigh::

NOW is the time to tell the people at WCW what you think.  I know, the last time I did this I got flamed because no one thought it would work, but this time enough of you are PO’d at the WCW — namely the idiots in charge of WCW — that some action may happen. If you’re upset the ball is in your court it’s time to let them know what you think of the whole situation.

If you’d like to tell WCW what you think of their PPV and that HH Guy call or write:


ONE CNN Center

Box 105366

Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5366

ATTN.: Eric Bischoff (or if you want the head booker)
ATTN.: Richard Fliehr (AKA: Ric Flair)

PHONE: 1-404-827-2066

FAX: 1-404-827-2931

If you have a fax capable modem on your computer — I’m not saying that you should, oh, constantly send the same message over and over to them and flood their fax number with the message that Eric B. must go, but ANY action on your part would be nice and faxes from your computer are a lot FASTER than snail mail and a lot less hectic than trying to get Flair or the Eric monster in person.

Special thanks goes out to Will Wiehe from CSERVE for the address and #’s, and please if you’ve posted something publicly about this situation in the past week take the time and forward it to WCW — I’m sure they’ll be more than pleased to know what we, the fans, really feel about this situation.

Until next . . .


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