The Ring Report TV Update 11/27/94 Vol. 1, No. 92

The Ring Report TV Update 11/27/94 Vol. 1, No. 92
LUCHA LIBRE NEWS: THE LOVE MACHINE, ART BARR, died in his sleep earlier this week; The cause of death has yet to be determined, and he was only twenty-eight years old . . . There will be another AAA/IWF PPV early next year; hopefully, the announcers will be more prepared this time . . .

WCW News: GENE OKERLUND announced on “former WWF Saturday Night” that he had information about THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR on the hotline. Don’t look for the Warrior to be in WCW any time soon as The WWF is apparently close to coming to terms with him . . . It is beginning to look more and more like YOKOZUNA will be coming in to battle THAT HH MORON . . . BRIAN PILLMAN and STEVE AUSTIN are not happy with the way their careers are going. I can’t believe Pillman isn’t happy with his appearing on TV once or twice a year . . .! <g>

WWF NEWS: As of early this week DIESEL and SEAN MICHAELS were still booked on some tag matches together, which could be very interesting . . . WWF insiders were saying that BOB BACKLUND’S title reign could be a long one. They said he should remain the champion until the WWF can find someone with enough drawing power to take it away from him . . .

NWA News: TULLY BLANCHARD is wrestling again as he appeared on a recent show in Dallas. He says God brought him back to wrestling — Are you sure it was “God” and it wasn’t money Tully?

WHAT YOU MISSED: ARN ANDERSON & BUNKHOUSE BUCK beat KENNY KENDALL & BUCKY SEIGLER . . . CRAIG PITTMAN got a win over LARRY SANTO . . . A STARRCADE report with Gene . . . FRANK ANDERSON pinned MARK STARR . . . A special feature on HARLEM HEAT . . . BARRY HOUSTON jobbed for THE HONKY TONK MAN . . . Flashback: All the way back to October 1993, we witnessed a WCW Saturday Night match between PAUL ORNDORFF & JOHNNY B. BADD (since the current wrestling is so bad, maybe they try and pick really sucky matches from the past just to show there have been worse times, of course — we know that’s a crock of  🙂 . . . The final match saw DUSTIN RHODES bulldog JEAN PAUL LEVESQUE for a win . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: ADAM BOMB nuked RINO RIGGINS . . . JEFF JARRETT over MIKE “TACO” BELL . . .  BOB HOLLY over PHIL “NIGHT AT THE” APOLLO . . . Some highlights of BULL NAKANO squashing ALUNDRA BLAYZE for the WWF WOMAN’S CHAMPIONSHIP . . . an IRS promo . . . IRS destroyed ARBY JOHNS . . . TATANKA over a prelim . . . RAZOR over GARY SCOTT . . . and KING KONG BUNDY flattened BEN JORDAN . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: A review of BACKLUND losing the title and then regaining it at SS . . . MOM (Yeah, they’re back), crushed two jobbers . . . A post Survivor Series report . . . THE BRITISH BULLDOG beat BAM BAM BIGELOW by DQ . . . Live Event News . . . KWANG beat up BEN JORDAN . . . BOB HOLLY beat some ham-n-egger . . .  THE HEAVENLY BODIES beat TYRONE FOX & MARTY GINNER . . . SS encore promo . . . GIRL-O-WAR pinned RENO RIGGINS . . . Another “tales from the crypt” segment with IRS . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE NASTY BOYS squashed RON OAKES & JOHN STEVENS and did a terrible interview . . . JEAN PAUL LEVESQUE over BOBBY WALKER, an interview with “LORD” STEVEN REGAL who praised LEVEQUE’S ability . . . STARRCADE UPDATE: THE NASTY BOYS will face HARLEM HEAT and ALEX WRIGHT vs. JEAN PAUL LEVESQUE . . . BRAD ARMSTRONG beat RIP ROGERS . . . Gene said he’d have information on THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR on the hotline . . . Some Clash footage . . . GEORGE SOUTH lost to DUSTIN RHODES, after the match BLACKTOP BULLY & DUSTIN had a scuffle . . . THE FANTASTICS defeated SGT. BUDDY LEE PARKER & TOM BURTON . . . LARRY SANTO fell to BUTCHER, Gene interviewed KEVIN SULLIVAN & AVALANCHE . . . HARLEM HEAT crushed two prelims and did an interview . . . STING over DENNY BROWN . . . JIM DUGGAN vs. STEVE AUSTIN for the US Title ended with VADER interfering, giving “HACKSAW” the DQ win.  STING had to come out to save DUGGAN  . . . Things ended with Tony interviewing JIM DUGGAN who challenged VADER to a match . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Highlights from The Clash . . .  JOHNNY B. BADD over TONY MELLA . . . THE FANTASTICS over THE SOUTHERN POSSE . . . GENE OKERLUND did a Starrcade Control Center . . . THE STUDD STABLE over 2 Ham & Eggers . . . VADER squashed BRIAN COSTELLO . . . HARLEM HEAT W/SISTER SHERRI beat THE NASTY BOYS by DQ . . . Gene talked with STING . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: A replay of BAM BAM BIGELOW losing to THE BULLDOG and getting pissed at TED DIBIASE only to be revived by the all mighty Dollar . . . Post SS report w/MR. BOB BACKLUND yelling about his short Title reign and DIESEL making fun of the former champ . . . ADAM BOMB beat THE EXECUTIONER . . . An interview with the new WWF WOMEN’S CHAMP BULL NAKANO . . . WELL DUNN, well, won . . . THURMAN HOLLY “Got the Checkered Flag (arf arf) . . . Promo for some guy who is a little to friendly with Hogs . . . THE BAD GUY carved up some scrub and flirted with the special guest ring announcer who may have been his wife . . . It all ended with IRS in the cemetery with 2 money ghouls talking about how he will audit THE UNDERTAKER . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: OWEN HART defeated some jobber . . . a SURVIVOR SERIES report . . . ADAM BOMB pinned THE BLACK PHANTOM . . . Clips from the BULL NAKANO and ALUNDRA BLAZE match where Nakano won the title; followed by an interview with Nakano and LUNA VACHON . . . WELL DUNN actually won a match beating GARY SABUAGH & MIKE KHOURY . . . Live Event News . . . RAZOR RAMON pinned JS STORM; The guest announcer was terrible and called Razor’s belt the international title . . . HENRY “REINCARNATION OF HILLBILLY JIM” GODWINN promo . . . DOUBLE J figure foured JOHN CRYSTAL . . . an IRS video . . . THE BUSHWACKERS beat BROOKLYN BRAWLER & RAY HUDSON . . . The show ended with Live Event News . . . Next week: KWANG, DOINK, LEX LUGER, JIM NEIDHART, SMOKING GUNNS, BAM BAM BIGELOW and the Challenge debut of ALDO MONTOYA THE PORTUGUESE MAN-OF-WAR . . .!

WHAT YOU MISSED: I recorded this show and I *still* was tempted to switch channels every few minutes. This week? “TEEN WOLF” was on the USA Channel.  I must also note that before the show started I thought of the surprise everyone showed at DIESEL’S win for the WWF Title last night; I shouldn’t have been surprised — DAVE SCHERER called it yesterday afternoon. You know? I gotta start listening to him more! Now on to the show . . . things started with still shots of Diesel defeating BOB BACKLUND for the WWF WORLD TITLE last night in Madison Square Garden . . . DUKE DROESE fell to KING KONG BUNDY . . . a SURVIVOR SERIES RECAP featuring footage of the ENTIRE title change last night . . . WELL DUNN returned to action by defeating GARY SABUAGH & MIKE KHOURY . . . a promo for PIG FARMER HENRY GODWINN . . . ATOM BOMB squashed THE BLACK PHANTOM . . . footage of BULL NAKANO doing a leg drop off the top rope to set up for her pin of ALUNDRA BLAYZE for the WWF Women’s Title from the EGG DOME last week.  NOTE: this videotape footage was entirely different from the still shots they used to announce the win on WWF SUPERSTARS . . . MSG footage of Diesel saying “thank you” to the fans of the WWF . . . OWEN HART used the sharpshooter to put out JASON AHRNDT . . . footage of the WWF FLOAT from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade . . . AMERICAN JOURNAL’S LAUREN THIEREY screwed up the ring announcing before RAZOR RAMON defeated JR STORM . . . a promo for IRS . . . THE BUSHWHACKERS over THE BROOKLYN BRAWLER & RAY HUDSON finished the show . . . NEXT WEEK: THE 123 KID & MAN-O-WAR face THE HEAVENLY BODIES . . .!

WHAT YOU MISSED: Clips of a match between JERRY LAWLER/BRIAN CHRISTOPHER/BILL DUNDEE and TOMMY RICH/DOUG GILBERT/SCOTT BOWDEN where Dundee pinned Bowden, but there was massive brawling all around the ring; Rich and Gilbert both juiced, and the bell did not stop any of the action . . . Tommy Rich and Scott Bowden (with neck brace), came out and Rich talked about the first big break he had ever had was being the tag champ with Dundee, and he tried to convince Dundee that Lawler and Christopher were no good . . . Rich and BUDDY LANDEL fought for the USWA Heavyweight title, and Landel had Rich in the figure-4 when Bowden jumped in to get the DQ; Gilbert ran in to attack Landel, then Christopher ran in, Landel chased out Bowden, and Rich and Gilbert double-teamed Christopher until Dundee ran in; Christopher hit Dundee by mistake, and Rich grabbed the microphone and started yelling, “See!  I told you they couldn’t be trusted!” . . . SID VICIOUS and SPELLBINDER came out, and Spellbinder beat JEFF GAYLORD; after the match, Sid and Spellbinder beat up Gaylord until Landel made the save; Sid asked Landel to admit he was scared to wrestle him, but, of course, Landel is not scared to wrestle Sid . . . BRIAN CHRISTOPHER beat EDRICK HINES . . . the tag team belts are held up, although I do not know why . . . Bill Dundee video . . . DREAM MACHINE (TROY GRAHAM) came out and said he and Dundee used to be one of the most awesome tag teams, that Dundee was one of his best friends, and asked Dundee to come out; after a warm reunion, Dream asked Dundee to be his partner outside of USWA, but Dundee said he had committed to Lawler to help him; this made Dream mad, and Dream shoved Dundee into a ring post; Christopher came out to help, then Rich, then Gilbert and Bowden; EDDIE MARLIN finally broke things up . . . BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (RON and JIMMY HARRIS), beat TONY WILLIAMS and KORY WILLIAMS easily; the MOONDOGS made a post-match appearance . . . Moondogs beat CADILLAC BROTHERS while MISS TEXAS tried to talk about the tag titles (USWA: NEVER LET THIS WOMAN HAVE A MICROPHONE AGAIN); Beauty and the Beast made a post-match appearance . . . Brian Christopher video . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Not much on this show, as the WCW is going to longer matches (squashes lasting 10 minutes) . . . HARLEM HEAT and THE NASTY BOYS fought to a DOUBLE DQ after the ref. lost control of the match . . . a replay of the JIM DUGGAN vs. STEVE AUSTIN match from WCW SATURDAY NIGHT . . . DUSTIN RHODES used a bulldog to defeat JEAN PAUL LEVESQUE . . . a STARRCADE CONTROL CENTER . . . and, flipping channels (go BALTIMORE CFL!), I missed the end of the main event (WCW is stingy on replays these days), but I can tell you that ARN ANDERSON & BUNKHOUSE BUCK did the job for STING & JIM DUGGAN . . .

[Note: this article came in right after the Turkey Day special went out and It does not reflect the current state of the WWF World Championship. That’s entirely my fault so please don’t flame Matt for his commentary . . . –MADDOGJMF]

What is the WWF coming to?

BOB BACKLUND is now the WWF Champion.

Scary, isn’t it? As Vince McMahon said, “Almost everybody in the arena is crying about what happened in the championship match.” Can you believe it, Bob “I have to much caffeine” Backlund, is now the WWF Champion.  I don’t believe it was to come out as Owen begging his parents to throw the pink and black towel in the ring for Bret. Bret’s parents were mad at Owen and I’ve heard were in Bret’s locker room, and would not allow anyone in the room.  His early diagnosis was Bret should be ready for action in the upcoming weeks.

Do you think Ted DiBiase and James E. Cornette w/Mr. Fuji planned the little attack on “Texas Ranger” Chuck Norris? I think so. The way only men from the Million Dollar Corporation came out, became a little obvious that Mr. Fuji, James E., and Ted DiBiase had a plan.  This time the Million Dollar Man was there.  As you recall, the Million Dollar Man was in the broadcast booth with Vince McMahon.  The plan, this time, did not work.  The Undertaker was victorious and the crowd was happy.  Is Yokozuna dead from the WWF? Do you think he will go to WCW as rumors persist? Only time will tell.

The first match of the 8th annual Survivor Series, was the Teamsters against the Bad Guys.  I thought Shawn Michaels, who was coming off an injury, was going to wrestle. But I don’t remember if he did or not.  Any way it did not surprise me that Michaels left the ring and headed toward the locker room. But he did not go to the locker room apparently he went to his car and left the arena.

I am happy now because Diesel will probably become fan favorite and hunt down Michaels. But, I am disappointed because he will not be tag team title holders anymore.  Look for them to meet sometime in the future.

Here is the matches that I think will happen at the Royal Rumble:

1.  Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels

2.  Bob Backlund vs. Lex Luger

3.  The “Maybe” Tag Team Title Championship Tournament Match

4.  Doink vs. Jerry Lawler

If there is a Tag-Title Tournament, here are some teams that will probably be in the tournament:

1.  The Headshrinkers

2.  The Smoking Gunns

3.  The Heavenly Bodies

4.  King Kong Bundy/Bam Bam Bigelow

5.  Men on a Mission

6.  Tatanka/IRS or Tatanka/Shawn Michaels

I wrote the results so now it’s time for the review which I didn’t have time to write for the Turkey Day edition. First of all, Thanks to everyone who showed up to the Post-SSERIES con on the 23rd. It was great to see the interest and I could say we had a pretty good time. All together, IMHO, the Survivor Series was just another example of the WWF’s declining quality and new ideas. The results were quite predictable and there were no real surprises.

The first match, the TEAMSTERS/BAD GUYS, set up the breakup of MICHAELS AND DIESEL.  To achieve this they had MICHAELS yet again miss a kick and hit DIESEL instead.  It was an all right angle setter but the ending wasn’t good at all. It started out with some good wrestling which is what you expect with combos like RAMON, DIESEL AND MICHAELS who usually give a good fight.  The ending is what turned me off.  DIESEL chased MICHAELS out of the building and all his teammates tried to stop the fight but got counted out in the process. A boring end to what could’ve been a decent match. RATING: **

In the ROYAL FAMILY/CLOWNS ARE US match was a joke (what else?). When will Vince learn that Wrestlers accompanied by little people just doesn’t work (remember the Macho midget?). I was looking for a laugh or two from this but didn’t even get that. It was mostly LAWLER and his famous stalling tactics which bored me. The pie in Lawler’s face in the end was what saved it from being a 1/4. All in all, it was quite a joke and a time filler. RATING: 1/2

The HART/BACKLUND SUBMISSION CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH was where I was looking for the most action and best plot. I got some action but the plot, IMHO, was not a very good one. For a champion like HART who has worked his butt off for a long time at least they could let him go down in a more honorable way.  There was some good technical skills by HART in the middle which was where I thought I’d see some good wrestling and some action , with BACKLUND throwing in a good move here or there. But when OWEN HART became involved by clotheslining BRET while he had the SHARPSHOOTER on BACKLUND and then KO’D DAVEY BOY SMITH that’s when the plot went downhill. Now with BRET’S back turned towards BACKLUND while BRET was giving a rude comment towards OWEN (which was the high point of the match), BACKLUND slapped the CROSS FACE CHICKEN WING on HART.  OWEN then put his acting background to work and turned on the waterworks and showed sympathy towards BRET in the CFCW and DAVEY BOY. He tricked his parents with his sympathy into throwing the towel in.  Then ran off joyously, it was all a trick. The ending of the match was disappointing.  This was a match where if you like Owen Hart then you would’ve loved this match, if you hated Owen, you hated this match A good, hardworking champion should not have to be helped into the locker room after his losing the title.  Although Bret never said “I QUIT” it was a predictable end to a good reign.  RATING: *** (for the middle)

The MILLION$TEAM/GUTS AND GLORY match was predictable and somewhat boring.  By this time I was sick of watching the SSERIES. Just hearing BACKLUND’S speech before this match started had soured the whole thing, I hate listening to Bob “I talk to my hands” Backlund. That just poisoned my whole outlook on the rest of the series. This match was some good wrestling, but no real fun or plot.  Just the typical LUGER “I Hate Bad Guys” Campaign that he’s always on. Although it was sort of fun seeing LUGER squashed by BUNDY in the end.   RATING: * (for some of the few good maneuvers and LUGER’S being squashed at the end)

The CASKET MATCH with UNDERTAKER/YOKOZUNA was a typical UNDERTAKER match.  UNDERTAKER gets knocked down, sits up to the roar of the crowd. That’s basically how the match went on, with the exception of YOKO and UNDERTAKER trading shots in the casket. CHUCK NORRIS just sat there and stared down BUNDY and BAM BAM and finally gave JJ a kick to the head.  UNDERTAKER wins of course after giving YOKO a boot into the casket. The best part of the whole match was Undertaker’s entrance (that’s the best part to most UT matches!). The wall opening was a nice touch. RATING: * (for the entrance and Yoko and UT trading shots in the casket)

In conclusion, I give the SSERIES 2 stars out of five.  Parts of each match were all right but the beginning of the TEAMSTERS and the middle of the CHAMPIONSHIP match saved the SSERIES from getting one or less. Remember to all those reading this, that this is only my opinion of the SSERIES and I’m sure there are some out there who liked it but this is how I perceived it. As Chris Yetman has said, “You either hate the SSERIES or love it”, I didn’t like it all too much and that’s what this article reflected upon. Let’s hope that VINCE gets some new material and fast! 🙂

Any comments regarding this article can be gladly sent to

FROM THE MIND OF THE MANIAC by “Maniac” Mike Blade
Okay, so I forked over the $24.95 that my cable company was extorting for the “Survivor Series”. You know what? I’m glad I did. Not because it was the greatest event of the year . . .  it wasn’t. Not because I had a rollicking good time, though I did enjoy it. Mainly because overall, with the exceptions of the Clowns vs. Crowned Clowns match, it was a decent wrestling card. Nice to know that can still happen these days.

Here are a few of things I liked, didn’t like, etc. . . .
– They sold Diesel as a force to be reckoned with, eliminating four in row and pretty much polishing off Razor. And finally turned him face.
– I’m not so sure that the 1-2-3 Kid wasn’t actually hurt during that match. He either sold it well or proved that injuries can happen regardless of the pre-determined results.
– There wasn’t a great deal of outside interference going on (try getting that in WWFjr.).
– Unfortunately, it looks like the Hart family feud gets fueled up once again. I was actually hoping for a conclusion.
– Owen had me sold on his change of heart, even though it was overplayed and the split screen was annoying.
– Bobby Backlund is going to make a lousy champion, especially if he continues to compare himself to various deity. They finally have managed to push this good gimmick too far.
– Stu Hart hasn’t moved that much since the late sixties. He must have been sore the next morning.
– The WWF is in desperate need of a good broadcast team. I don’t speak Spanish, but kept wishing my cable system had done the secondary channel audio anyway.
– Just where is Lex Luger going?
– Jeff Jarrett is a great worker. Not just in the ring but taking shots from Diesel and Chuck Norris and making them look real.
– The tag team division has died again — Smoking Gunns, Heavenly Bodies, Head Shrinkers, and Bushwackers. Is this what it’s come down to? Arrrrgh!
– The new generation needs an infusion of new blood. Now!

First off, this marks the first time I have ever agreed with Todd Pettingill, and will probably be the last, but the 94 SS did surpass expectations. The Diesel/Michaels spilt was down to perfect, and Michaels gave another great interview to add to the already good angle.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Vince use Bret’s parents, in a believable angle, and it was great to see them sell it. Well at least Helen didn’t start laughing this time. Hey give Owen and Oscar, his acting was great.

Well I guess the Lex push is over . . .

Why kill all the momentum
Bob had, by jobbing him to Diesel? They built him up for months, and for what 3 days. However, Diesel is over, and I’ll be the first to admit jumping on the wagon. Diesel is Awesome. If you think about it Diesel won the title in almost the same manor THAT HH GUY did. Backlund screwjob to Sheik, HH jumps in as #1 guy and at the next MSG show takes the title. Hart loses to Bob screw job, Diesel is #1 guy, and at the next MSG show became champ . . .

The final factor that made me jump on the Diesel wagon, was that great interview over the weekend. It was the first time they used New and Old generation terms correctly!

WWF ANGLEMANIA by Nick Thompson
[NOTE: WWF AngleMania deals with fictitious angles. It is in *no way* true, or based on any “inside information”, but only a result of what a bored mind can come up with on a Saturday Night. These events will probably never happen, they are only what should happen IMODO.]

This edition of WWF AngleMania deals with the upcoming tag team title tournament. Below are the brackets for the tournament:

Kid & Man O’ War

— Kid & Man O’ War
Smokin’ Gunns




Rock ‘N’ Roll Express  —

— Rock ‘N’ Roll Express
Well Dunn

–Rock ‘N’ Roll Express

Heavenly Bodies

— Heavenly Bodies

Week 1: Kid & Man-O-War vs. Smokin’ Gunns
A very rare faces vs. faces tag team match-up, with the Smokin’ Gunns taking the heel roles. Starts out very scientific, then turns into a brawl. Bart & Kid brawl on the outside while Man-O-War hits Billy with a cross body from the top rope and gets the 1-2-3. Kid & Man-O-War celebrate and the Gunns are upset. Here comes the heel turn!!! The Gunns beat the snot outta Kid & Man-O-War until WWF officials break it up . . .

Week 2: King Kong Bundy & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Bushwhackers
Yes folks, you’ve wanted to see it for years, now here it is. The Bushwhackers finally get squashed into oblivion!!! KKB & BBB win
. . .

Week 3: Rock ‘N’ Roll Express vs. Well Dunn
Despite their great finisher, Well Dunn still sucks. R&R’s win . . .

Week 4: Heavenly Bodies vs. Headshrinkers
Good match. Bodies win when Fatu has trips over his boots, gets up, and catches a moonsault from Del Ray . . .

Week 5: Kid & Man O’ War vs. KKB & BBB
Your basic “little guys vs. big fat guys” match. Kid & Man-O-War run to the ring and clean house. KKB & BBB take the upper hand. Kid & Man-O-War make a comeback. But wait, what’s this? Here comes the Smokin’ Gunns!!! Bart trips the Kid and Bundy nails him with a splash. 1-2-3, it’s over . . .

Week 6: R&R Express vs. Heavenly Bodies
These two teams always put on a good show. Match lasts about 30 minutes with all the high spots. R&R’s finally win it, and they go on to face King Kong Bundy & Bam Bam Bigelow at the Royal Rumble . . .

Yes, I did call it. About a month ago I created an angle where there would be a tag team title tournament, although I had it happening because Shawn was injured. And I NEVER would have made Diesel the champion. For the love God, Vince. Are you eating some bad marijuana??? Backlund should have been champ until WrestleMania!!! But then again, this creates a perfect scenario for Shawn Michaels to become champ . . .

WWF AngleMania will be back in few weeks with all sorts of angles for the Royal Rumble. If you have questions, comments, or whatever, feel free to E-Mail me. Fair2Flair@AOL.COM . . .

Sitting at home watching snow fall before the start of another Ring Report session.  If you ever wondered it takes about 4 hours to put all the reports together from all of our reporters & columnists each week, followed by about two hours to reformat the Ring Report and to send it out to our extensive e-mail list and to post it directly on CompuServe, AOL, and the Internet.  It’s a long process and most weeks I’m lucky if I make it in with an issue by midnight each Sunday night.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re growing every day (and notice I’m NOT covering every show — or even watching every show myself anymore) — it seems that we’re trying out new columnists each week and our coverage of house shows alone has led a couple of our readers to ask if we should change our name from the TV UPDATE to the plain old WRESTLING UPDATE.  I *am* toying with that idea, but then again, I’m a creature of tradition and changing the filename from RRTV## to RRWU## might be too much for my poor brain to comprehend. 🙂  In any case, if you’d like to send me your thoughts on the potential name change, e-mail my address below . . .

Now, on a totally different tangent, I’m still a little puzzled at the big shake-ups in the WWF this week.  The world title changed hands for a second time last night as Diesel defeated Bob Backlund in Madison Square Garden.  The funny thing is that as usual, the WWF sent out two versions of WWF Superstars this week again — one for Saturday, and one for Sunday, and let Todd Pettingill screw up the details of the title change again.

It’s nothing new, but after going through the trouble of redoing the entire show to include references to Diesel winning the belt — they could have had Todd Pettingill’s estimation of the match (48 seconds), come closer to matching the time of the match from most reports I’ve seen (7 seconds — and I’d list everyone who said that but I don’t have space here).  But then again, most reports have Helen Hart throwing in the towel during the title match at Survivor Series yet on both versions of WWF Superstars they reported Stu Hart threw in the towel.  Oh well . . .

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