The Ring Report TV Update 2/26/95 Vol. 1, No. 105

The Ring Report TV Update 2/26/95 Vol. 1, No. 105
EDDIE GILBERT’S funeral was held Friday in TN, he was 34. It was reported earlier this week that Gilbert had a bruised heart. He was also apparently taking medicine for high blood pressure and sometimes had trouble receiving medical clearance to wrestle. ECW did a very classy tribute to Gilbert, I am sure SMW will as well. It remains to be seen whether the WWF and WCW will pay their respects to Gilbert . . . In WCW’S case, it will probably cost $1.49 a minute to find out . . .

WCW NEWS: Fan reaction to Super Brawl was very negative. Many fans, including me, were upset by the screwjob finish to the HH/VADER match and THE NASTY BOYS/HARLEM HEAT match . . . WCW has dropped two of their Clashes and replaced them with PPV’S . . . This brings the total of PPV’S up to nine. WCW wants to have 11 PPV’S next year. Speaking of next year, about this time next year of before, I should get to report the complete and total demise of WCW. By the way, $27.50, which is what WCW PPV’S cost now, times nine is $247.50 and $27.50 time 11 is $302.50 . . . The lineup for WCW Uncensored so far looks like HH/Vader in a strap match, RANDY SAVAGE/AVALANCHE, Harlem Heat/Nasty Boys in a tornado match, JOHNNY B. BADD/ARN ANDERSEN in a boxer meets wrestler match, JIM DUGGAN/MENG in a martial arts challenge match, and DUSTIN RHODES/BLACK TOP BULLY in the back of a big truck which will hopefully drive away during the match . . . ALEX WRIGHT will be feuding with Arn Andersen in an attempt to make Wright look good . . . THE STEINER BROTHERS will not be in WCW before April . . . WCW is still not mentioning HARLEY RACE’S accident . . . Steve Austin is back wrestling again . . . WCW continues to try and get SABU . . . Hall of fame inductions for Slamboree include: DUSTY RHODES, FRITZ VON ERICH and DORY FUNK. Plans to induct RICKY STEAMBOAT have been scratched since Steamboat is apparently suing WCW . . . RICK RUDE says he would like to come back to wrestling & face RIC FLAIR and HH . . .

WWF NEWS: Don’t look for JESSE VENTURA in the WWF. Ventura and JIM ROSS don’t get along well and it is not likely Ventura will be in the WWF any time soon . . . LAWRENCE TAYLOR is getting one hundred thousand dollars for his match with BAM BAM BIGELOW at WrestleMania . . . In a sign of how times change, DICK MURDOCH is working for the WWF and NWA at the same time . . . MICHAEL HAYES got a tryout as a Monday Might Raw announcer . . . BOB HOLLY will race in twelve NASCAR events this year . . .

SMW NEWS: AL SNOW has decided to wrestle exclusively for SMW because he can get more matches there . . .

ECW NEWS: THE SANDMAN will be out of action for quite a while
with a severe concussion . . .

I got to the Arena in plenty of time for the event. The Arena was completely packed — I don’t know how many paid and how many “98 Rock” giveaways, but the size of the crowd was reminiscent of the usual crowd size during the SAMMARTINO era. One thing very different — many more kids there than for the usual WCW event. The foam rubber finger and 2×4 business was thriving.

Among the no-shows were the two friends I was supposed to sit with. They gave their tickets to someone else, since they had been invited to a bris (For you “goyim” who don’t know what a bris is, it involves a Jewish clergyman with an X-acto knife), and they couldn’t get out of the obligation. So I spent the entire night sitting with someone else and someone else’s kids.

The first thing to hit the ring about 5:50 was this strange midget mascot-like-creature (return of the Gobbledygooker?), doing a mini-trampoline act and getting absolutely no reaction from the crowd. The Arena was already more than half full at that time. Then on came GMCappetta and the card started.

PAUL ORNDORFF pinned BRAD ARMSTRONG in 3:16 (I always have my timekeeper’s stop watch with me). Ref. didn’t see Paul’s foot on ropes (gimmick finish #1). I could not help thinking that a PPV card that had advertised such luminaries as evaD Sullivan and Bunkhouse Buck was wasting two of its most skilled and appreciated workers, Orndorff and Armstrong, on a dark match that may or may not have been seen on TBS at 6:05.

MARCUS BAGWELL & THE PATRIOT (STARS & STRIPES), pinned DINO CASANOVA & ROMEO VALENTINO (THE GOODFELLAS), in 1:36. During this short match, Vader went berserk at the announcers’ table, rushed the ring, threw Bagwell out and then powerbombed the remaining three wrestlers. My heart went out to the GOODFELLAS, who have made a name for themselves on local cards and should have been given the opportunity to strut their stuff, even as JTTS. The pin, by the way, was one of the few clean pins of the night.

ARN ANDERSON pinned JOHNNY B. BADD in a lumberjack match in 4:28. Chaos outside of ring most of the match among the jacks (Duggan, Wright, Dustin, evaD, Bunkhouse, Bully, Roma & Kevin S). Interference from Blacktop Bully who threw JBB off top rope led to the pin and a battle-royal type brawl. (gimmick finish #2)

Then, the PPV matches started.

ALEX WRIGHT pinned PAUL ROMA in 13:22. The first big crowd cheer of the night was when Roma attacked das Wunderputz in the middle of das Discoscheiss. (For you “goyim” who don’t know what a “putz” is, it’s not a golf term.) An audible “ECW ECW ECW” cheer from across the Arena in section 107, row J or K. Alex seemed nervous, missing several moves and landing wrong on occasion; but he also showed flying maneuvers and other flashes of brilliance. Orndorff came out to second his partner Roma, and the match eventually ended with das Wundermarketingfailure giving das Drop-kick to Roma’s das Back while he was talking das Strategy with das Paula and then covering Roma for das Pin. Actually, this match wasn’t that bad. One observation — Alex Wright has the tools to be a major star in the business but I am afraid he has been ruined a la Erik Watts by a really stupid gimmick. (gimmick finish #3 if you’re counting)

JIM DUGGAN pinned BUNKHOUSE BUCK in 11:37. At the very beginning JD hit BB with the flag, which is technically, I believe, against the law. This match was hard to see because the spotlight was shining right in my face and the lighting pattern made the ring foggy. A yawner, with restholds and occasional punches. I heard those “911 911 911” cheers from section 107 again. The old push-Buck-into-Col. -Parker trick led to the pin. (gimmick finish #4) After the match, Meng (Meng? King Tonga? Lenny Hurst? Haku? Gesundheit?), attacked Hacksaw with some kind of nerve hold. Must be setting up next month’s PPV. Meng should work much better with Duggan than Buck did.

KEVIN SULLIVAN pinned EVAD SULLIVAN in 7:19. Hopeless. Kevin throws realistic punches and kicks while evaD throws punches reminiscent of David Sammartino’s misses. The old push-evaD-into-Brutus trick led to the pin (gimmick finish #5). Brutus did not leave the ring with Kevin. It looked like our stapled-together friend had taken a shot to the head.

HARLEM HEAT over NASTY BOYS by DQ in 11:07. This is the first match since the lumberjack preliminary that drew any kind of deep crowd reaction, although many of us were choking after the WCW indoor fireworks went off during the introductions. A lot of decent action in this match; impressive savate kicks by one of the Heat. I must admit that even at her advanced age (probably almost as old as I am), Sherri is one good looking shiksa (For you “goyim” who don’t know what a “shiksa” is, Pamela Anderson is one, Demi Moore is one, Fran Drescher isn’t.) The end came when the ref. was bumped, Sags (the blond one, I think he’s Sags), throwing one Heat out of the ring, Sherri trying to leap off the top rope with shoe in hand only to be pushed off by Sags and hitting the other Heat instead. Sags pinned the remaining heat. Nasties were given title and belts until other ref. Randy Anderson came in to tell match ref. Nick Patrick that Sags had thrown the other Heat off the top rope. Decision was reversed and Heat was declared winner. (gimmick finish #6). I’d look for a rematch (and look forward to one) at the next PPV.

BLACKTOP BULLY pinned DUSTIN RHODES in 16:12. At the beginning, Bockwinkle ordered Meng (Meng? Haku? etc.) back to the dressing room. With this match Barry Darsow has tied Kevin Nash’s Baltimore Arena record for most wrestling names used in Baltimore with four. (Krusher Khrushchev, Smash, Repo Man, Blacktop Bully/Master Blaster, Oz, Vinnie Vegas, Diesel). Section 107 was at it again yelling “K-Mart Suit, K-Mart Suit” at Col. Parker while another section started a “Repo Repo Repo” cheer. The old Dustin-picks-up -Bully-and-gets-tripped-by-Parker trick leads to the pin (gimmick finish #7). Decent match.

Then came the Ric Flair interview. The crowd had been chanting “We want Flair” most of the night and erupted into tremendous cheers when Slick Ric appeared for his interview with Gene Okerfraud and then took a seat in the front row. Flair gave a “WCW is where it’s at” talk, naming most of the major wrestlers (who were cheered except for HH who was soundly booed when Flair mentioned him).

STING & RANDY SAVAGE pinned AVALANCHE AND BUBBA ROGERS in 10:24. Sting and Macho Man got by far the loudest ovations of the night. No boos (unlike what would come out later). Avalanche looks much smaller around the chest than I remember seeing him before. Every time I hear Savage’s “Pomp and Circumstances” theme music I am reminded not so much of the graduations I must attend each year (I teach high school), but of the old TV show “Queen for a Day” where Jack Bailey would give refrigerators away to women who spilled their guts to the audience. Best match of the night, action in and out of ring. Sting pinned Avalanche. A clean finish. By the way, this match marked the return of Randy Savage’s bare chest to the airwaves.

During video buildup to main event, Vader’s video got some boos with scattered cheers (still many more boos than cheers). When the HH video was shown, there were solid boos and several “HH sucks” cheers started.

Then, fireworks, smoky introductions and we all start choking at our seats again. Vader comes out, again to mixed cheers and boos. HH comes out to the thunderous cheers of all the prepubescents in the audience. Some of it did sound piped in. A friend left me a message on my answering machine that the boos did come in loud and clear on the TV broadcast but said that would probably be remedied by the replay. I will admit he still can stir up the crowd during his introduction. If he only could learn how to wrestle.

When HH is introduced by Michael Buffer, the adults take over again and there seems to be an equal number of cheers and jeers.

HH beat VADER on a DQ in 14:37. During the early part of this match, HH actually applied a step-over-toehold—an actual, honest-to-goodness wrestling hold!!! I almost died of heart failure right there. HH’s chair shot to Vader elicited many boos. For a while I became a total mutant, yelling out at intervals (and getting stared at by many people) “Let’s go, Vader!! Pin that mamzer!!!” (For you “goyim” who don’t know what a “mamzer” is, Newt wants to put mamzers in orphanages.) Missed moonsault. Successful power bomb. Ref. KO’D. Vader pins HH with ref. unconscious. Flair comes in and counts for the pin and then beats the hell out of HH. Ref. awakens and DQ’s Vader for the interference. They continue to beat the h^ll out of HH until Savage and Sting make the save. (gimmick finish #8). Might have been a good match but my dislike for HH’s persona and  style would hardly have made me an unbiased observer.

Four good matches out of 10, with 8 gimmick finishes. If this were one of my students’ tests, I would give this a “C”. It actually was better than I expected (I was prepared to give it an “E”), and the bottom line is the crowd, much less critical than this old hand (and too young to remember the glory days of Bruno), did seem to have a good time-and the good time, regardless of my criticism, is what ultimately counts.

My next dispatch will be next Sunday’s MEWF card at Bingo Bill’s in Essex, Md. — Jeff Amdur, the MEWF timekeeper

WCW Prime Wrestling #3 2/20/95 by DAVID TAUB
WHAT YOU MISSED: THE NASTY BOYS win a squash . . . PAUL ROMA wins a squash . . . an awesome VADER video, followed by Vader destroying the career of AL PHILLIPS . . . DAS WUNDERPUKE beat some guy named MARINA. Following the match, Roma and BOBBY EATON, tried to sneak-attack the German, but Das Wimp got out of the ring and ran away . . . BUNKHOUSE BUCK & BLACKTOP BULLY lost by DQ to DUSTIN RHODES & SLACKJAW DUGGAN when Buck used his boot. This match went on for soooo long, and was sooooo boring . . . In the “match of the wee” HH & STINK squashed THE BRUISE BROS. in a match that was shown on WorldWide a few months ago. The only purpose of showing it now was to discredit the Bruises who are now in the WWF going by the name of the Blu Bros. . . . . Next week: ARN ANDERSON vs. JOHNNY B. BADD for the TV title . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED:  JIM CORNETTE did color with Satan AKA Lord Of Darkness AKA The Devil AKA a guy known as Vince . . . BAM BAM killed a loser . . . ADAM BOMB over a guy in pink . . . A replay of BRET HART getting an award . . . This weeks show was plastered by WCW House show ads . . . Shawn brought out SID as his new body guard . . . THE BLU BROTHERS over 2 guys that never win . . . DIESEL kissing up to real athletes (again) . . . JEFF JARRETT was killed by Diesel . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: DICK MURDOCH and SCOTT PUTSKI beat BLACK BART and CHAZ in a match from last week . . . An interview with Black Bart . . . THE WOLVERINE lost to a Mexican guy . . . THE SICILIAN STUDS (with BRANDON BAXTER) beat MIKE DAVIS and TRACY AUSTIN when Baxter interfered . . . An interview with SAM HOUSTON . . . RANDY RHODES and DANNY DAVIS beat HIGH VOLTAGE with help from Brandon Baxter . . . BLACK BART beat SCOTT PUTSKI . . . An interview with Brandon Baxter . . . Another interview with Black Bart, however this one ended when Dick Murdoch and JOHN HAWKE attacked Bart . . . John Hawke beat TONY NORRIS in a surprisingly good match . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: It was announced that EDDIE GILBERT was fired from SMW. SMW showed a clip of a match involving ROBERT GIBSON and UNIBOMB that Gilbert interfered in. I believe this may have been Gilbert’s last American TV appearance . . . An interview with THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS . . . BOO BRADLEY beat THE WOLF MAN with CHRIS CANDIDO doing color commentary . . . An interview with Chris Candido in which he says that if he can’t beat Boo Bradley on February 25, he will leave SMW . . . A JERRY LAWLER video . . . Comments from THE DIRTY WHITE BOY . . . An interview with BUDDY LANDELL which ended then the Dirty White Boy attacked Landell and ripped off his close down to his underwear . . . The Gangstas had their weekly interview . . . Al Snow beat GEORGE SOUTH . . . An interview with Al Snow in which he introduced Unibomb as his new tag partner. However, the highlight of this interview is when Snow told JIM ROSS he had places to go and people to see, when Ross asked Snow where he was going Snow said he was going to the back to have some sex . . . An interview with JIM CORNETTE . . . BOB ARMSTRONG was the special referee for the six man match with Cornette and THE BODIES vs. THE GANGSTAS . . . The Gangstas attacked Armstrong and Cornette during the interview and TRACY SMOTHERS and SCOTT ARMSTRONG made the save . . . Tracy Smothers and Scott Armstrong beat THE INFERNOS and were then attacked by the Gangstas, Bob Armstrong and Jim Cornette made the save . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: SHANE DOUGLAS kept me glued to my TV for almost thirty minutes as he discussed the state of wrestling and his career. This was the greatest interview I have ever seen . . . Information about Club ECW . . . TOMMY DREAMER (wearing a red “RSPW TO THE EXTREME” shirt), beat STEVE RICHARDS . . . A promo of ECW Tag Wars 94, which is a video collection of great tag team matches . . . ECW now accepts credit card orders . . . A tribute to EDDIE GILBERT, which was very classily done considering Gilbert wasn’t even in the federation at the time of his death and didn’t leave ECW on good terms . . . A look at 911 power bombing PAUL LAURIA . . . A look at CHRIS BENOIT power bombing SABU on a table with ROCCO ROCK laid out on it . . . Comments from CHRIS BENOIT and PAUL E. DANGEROUSLY ended the show . . .

DOINK THE CLOWN over HENRY GODWIN. Not much happened in this match except for Dink showing Godwinn up a couple times <yawn> . . . BULL NAKANO over ALUNDRA BLAZE. Very good match with Nakano using the ropes for the pin.  ADAM BOMB came in to complain, and Alundra did a number on Nakano to the delight of the crowd . . . BROOKLYN BRAWLER over some jobber. They said this guy was from La Crosse, but he put us to shame, Brawler drew some heat though . . . Adam Bomb over MR. BOB BACKLUND. Started out with Backlund telling the announcer that his name is “Mr. Bob Backlund.” After Bomb got the pin, Mr. Bob came back and put him in the CFCW.  DUKE “THE DUMPSTER” DROESE made the save . . . Duke “The Dumpster” Droese over MANTAR. Fairly good match with a lot of nice bumps taken by both men.  Surprised that Mantar lost . . . SMOKING GUNS over WELL DUNN. The straps were on the line and this was the best match of the card.  Well Dunn did a fantastic job working the crowd, nice moves from the Guns, except a couple punches that clearly missed . . . UNDERTAKER over KING KONG BUNDY. Undertaker easily had the biggest pop of the night. It was an okay match with a bad ending. UT with a flying clothesline and the pin.

NOTES: There was a crowd of about 2300 on hand, and many local radio stations were hyping the card all week.  A couple of the wrestlers were on the airwaves Wednesday.  Adam Bomb even had his picture on the front page of the local paper Friday morning.  This was my first live event since SummerSlam, and it was pretty much what I expected.  Nothing to get excited about, but impressed because I went for free.<g>  One last note, right before the last match, I looked back toward the dressing room and I thought I saw King Kong Bundy and UT sitting together in street clothes. I wondered what they are doing out in the open minutes before the match, but it turned out to be GEORGE “THE ANIMAL” STEELE and some other guy.  The turnbuckles remained intact though.<g>

Hello once again everyone and I know that I am now home as I just got through another great weekend of ECW wrestling. I wont dare to follow up on what Dave Scherer wrote about the Philly show — he captured the feelings and emotions of Terry Funk returning to his rightful place in Extreme Championship Wrestling. I’ll be adding some comments about some of last night’s matches later, but first prior to the big show at the ECW Arena, it was a card at the Big Apple Dinner Theater in Kennett Square. Headlining the show was Hector Guerrero vs. Shane Douglas for the ECW title, but before that saw a fine card in front of an estimated 250 folks. Not bad for the first time in a new building with not much mention of the actual card on the TV show.

Opener was Hack Myers vs. Jason, the sexiest man on earth, even though we did get a nice “Coors Light” chant going for Hack which was getting back to the con show at Flagstaff. Since my intrepid reporter Jess McGrath as well as The MadDog and Sam Siegel joined me at ringside which allowed me to mark out more than usual. Jason got the win after a superkick, even though Jason did have his foot on the ropes.

Its the match for the RSPW TV shirt title in which Tommy “He’s Hardcore” Dreamer vs. Steve “Lurker” Richards. One thing I learned in talking with Tommy was that in that match at the con, the shirt got destroyed and he wants another one which he will “wear with honor”. Ref. for this match was Jim Molano who was told to go back to Foot Locker. Raven was at ringside for this one and Richards jumped Dreamer while he’s distracted by Raven, but later Richards gets a nasty crotchshot which has him appear to throw something out of his tights. Dreamer sets the superplex for the pin. We then took a brief intermission to fix ring which was moved about after the superplex.

Tazmaniac made quick word of Chad Austin. As usual the chants of “KILL KILL” for Taz were out as he used chairs and tables on Austin. Keep in mind that this was a dinner theater and these weren’t the folding chairs of the Arena but in fact dinner table chairs. Also the table was not the bingo type but the solid ones you see him hurl in the ECW show open. As mentioned Taz made quick work of Austin and finishes him off with the belly to back suplex and then after the match Benoit and Malenko were out to cause havoc and then Sabu who added into the staredown setting up last night’s title change. What was a prelude to last nights show, Ian and Axl went at it and did what they could since no one thought to bring international objects. Sorry, I forgot them. They broke a couple of the aforementioned tables and chairs and used some kind of prop from either Oklahoma or Hello Dolly. Yeah, you would think Id know. They take it up to a staircase prop and fought up there. Ian juiced from the front and back of the head and Axl gets the win.

Up next is Sabu vs. 2 Cold Scorpio. Scorpio is out first and hearing “Whooop there it is” has my now classic Alex Wright imitation. It was a slow match initially with some restholds, but Sabu gets a Frankensteiner done with a chair run spot, Scorpio with a moonsault, Sabu falls from a chair on the top rope trying to get a drop from the top. Sabu missed another moonsault later, Scorpio with a powerbomd, well he tries it and misses and Sabu turns it into the sunset flip for the pin.

Later its Benoit and Malenko vs. Cactus and Mikey. Before this, Taz is in the ring with ref. Pee Wee Moore and he gets a belly to belly from Taz for his troubles as he has to ref. again later on with no chokeslams. Chants after ECW are “mouth to mouth” as the “Hello Nurse” Damage Control woman appear. Malenko stars off by stomping on Mikey, which later Mikey gets a head scissors and Armdrags on Dean. Benoit gets tagged in and lays out Mikey and the crowd seems to be more pro Benoit and Malenko and not cheering for Mikey, which has Cactus turn to the crowd and yell” its Mikey for crying out loud”, Mikey gets hung up on the ropes and falls to the floor. He gets back up and then in the ring and does a plancha on Benoit. Cactus is back in and Benoit gets on him right off, then CJ runs and gets Benoit’s in the throat against the ropes — Cactus works on the arm, but later Benoit powerbombs Mikey superhard and stiff then Malenko in with 2 brainbusters and then a Benoit superplex, Cactus breaks ’em up with a doubleteam and then Later Mikey comes off the top rope with a drop-kick on Dean, then a Frankensteiner — Dean gets back with a double underhook into a powerbomb on Mikey for the pin. Sabu and Taz run back in for revenge and it all breaks down once again setting up tomorrow night.

The main event was Shane Douglas vs. Hector Guerrero in the title match. Hector even looking a lot older because of the gray in the hair we got a Lazer-tron chant.

When last we left Lazer-tron or was that the Gobbledygooker. Anyway, Shane makes his appearance and as is the custom goes off for a bit and this time some of those that this like him agree with his question — “where the h3ll is Kennett Square?” A fan in back makes a great point that why does the ECW World Heavyweight title belt have a map of Penn. on it. Side note about last night and something I’ve been noticing. The belt has been looking a big dog-eared and after Terry Funk and Sandman toasted and caned Cactus — when making the save Shane slammed the belt on the ringposts causing timekeeper Rocco to have to jump to get a piece of it Saturday Night.

The match between Hector and Shane was quite good IMO, Hector had a Russian leg sweep, armbar and inside cradle then a bridge by Douglas to get out of the pinning predicament. Hector then pulls the arm back and causes Douglas to choke on the ropes on the way out. Outside the ring, Douglas suplexes Hector on the stage face first. Just think Dolly Levi will be on that spot the next night. It’s at that point, Hector gets a split lip and looks to be spitting up blood, it gets back in the ring for a while with Douglas having a chinlock then its back out and Hector uses a chair, gets some nice punches and throws Douglas into the ringpost. They take it all over the dinner theater audience and back into the ring — Hector with a flying forearm, rolling cradle and drop-kick — but Shane comes back and gets the belly to belly to 2. Shane then gets him into the figure four, Hector grabs Molano’s hair (what there is of it), to try to get the hold broken, but Hector’s shoulders are touching and we have the pin count of 3 and Shane keeps the belt.

A good match and I for one was happy to see Hector back. He got a nice reception in the Big Apple Dinner Theater and gave a good effort. Hope they can find some use for him in the future.

As I mentioned and also as Dave Scherer has mentioned, the ECW show taking place on March 18th is as much as a “must see” if there ever is one and if you want to make sure you get in to see it — best way is to get your tickets in advance and have em in hand. I will more than happy to help out in anyway I can. Just e-mail me and we’ll make arrangements.

Don’t forget about the ECW mailing list. If you’re interested in ECW merchandise like videos and T-shirts e-mail me your snail mail address and I’ll see to it you get it.

In my TV show report, I’ll be filling you all in on the new tapes out and their availability. Upcoming shows in Philadelphia at the ECW Arena are: March 18, April 15, May 13 and June 17. So, keep those dates in mind.

Special thanks to Jess McGrath for taking notes so I could mark out on Friday.

WHAT YOU MISSED: Some still shots from SuperBrawl V . . . THE NASTY BOYS over MIKE KHOREY & DAVE DALTON . . . BLACKTOP BULLY squashed LARRY SANTO . . . A WCW Uncensored Control Center, it’ll be in Tupelo, Mississippi on Sunday, March 19th.  Matches: STING vs. BIG BUBBA, MACHO MAN vs. AVALANCHE, a Texas Tornado Match with THE NASTY BOYS facing HARLEM HEAT, JOHNNY B. BADD vs. ARN ANDERSON in a boxing vs. wrestling match, and DUSTIN RHODES vs. BLACKTOP BULLY . . . DALLAS PAGE defeated VAN HAMMER in this week’s Arm Wrestling match when MAX MUSCLE knocked HAMMER’S legs out from under him . . . BIG BUBBA & AVALANCHE destroyed two jobbers . . . HARLEM HEAT defeated THE FANTASTICS in the main event . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED:  BAM BAM over a geek . . .  THE SMOKIN’ GUNNS and HEADSHRINKERS fought to a double countout . . . SHAWN MICHAELS brought out the very scary SID . . . A replay of DIESEL killing JEFF JARRETT . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: In the 20-man Battle Royal THE BRITISH BULLDOG was the last man standing . . . Live Event News with STEPHANIE WIAND . . . DOUBLE JERK figure-foured BEN JORDAN . . . MAN MOUNTAIN ROCK pinned some jobber . . . OWEN HART made GARY SCOTT submit to the sharpshooter . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: replay of the Battle Royal from Superstars, which had it’s moments and was won by DAVEY BOY SMITH . . .  Live Event News with STEPHANIE WIAND . . . HAKUSHI W/SHENJA “wowed” the crowed . . . A clip From the DIESEL and BRET HART match from Royal Rumble to sell the Video no doubt . . . A promo W/FUJI and BEARER as transvestites being interrogated on the disappearance of YOKOZUNA. It had the guy from NYPD Blue in it. In short it was a WrestleMania promo . . . KAMA supremely fought . . . Live Event new on the WM press conference . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: An update on SuperBrawl last weekend . . . THAT HH GUY came out demanding a strap match with VADER at the next PPV and said he’d have a surprise for VADER & FLAIR . . . BIG BUBBA & AVALANCHE flattened MARK THORN & KIP ABEE and gave an interview . . . Footage from DALLAS PAGE’S arm wrestling challenge on WCW Pro . . . ALEX WRIGHT defeated DINO CASANOVA, an interview with WRIGHT . . . LARRY MCMAHON lost to BLACKTOP BULLY, interview w/BULLY & COL. PARKER . . . VADER & RIC FLAIR came out to give an interview when THAT HH GUY burst out, wielding a strap and causing a scuffle. NICK BOCKWINKLE then kicked VADER & HH out of the building . . . ARN ANDERSON beat BRAD ARMSTRONG, interview w/ AA & PARKER . . . WCW Uncensored Control Center, VADER will face THAT HH GUY in a strap match . . . DICK SLATER & BUNKHOUSE BUCK crushed two prelims . . . DAVE YOUNG fell to JOHNNY B. BADD, interview w/ BADD . . . STARS & STRIPES over GEORGE SOUTH & FRED AVERY . . . “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN squashed TONY VINCENT . . . STING & MACHO MAN had apparently defeated HARLEM HEAT for the tag titles when referee Pee Wee Anderson reversed the decision because one of HH had thrown SAVAGE over the top rope earlier in the match.  AVALANCHE & BIG BUBBA then did a run in destroying STING & SAVAGE with SAVAGE getting AVALANCHED . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: (1/2 show special) . . . Brian Pillman over Nasty Ned . . . The Monster Maniacs killed the team of Butcher and Avalanche. Butcher and Kevin Sullivan had words after the match. Gene talked with the Monster Maniacs . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: DAVEY BOY SMITH pinned TIMOTHY WELL . . . WrestleMania 11 promo with MR. FUJI and PAUL BEARER in women’s clothes . . . Mantaur pinned Geza Kalman . . . Live Event News . . . DUKE DROESE pinned RINO RIGGINS . . . HAKUSHI pinned CHRIS NELSON . . . Health South Sports Council with LEX LOSER . . . KAMA promo . . . KAMA beat BILL PAYNE . . . Tag title match from superstars last week . . . Action Zone promo . . . KING KONG BUNDY squashed LEE TOBIN . . . Live Event News . . . Next Week: TATANKA, SMOKING GUNNS, BLUES BROTHERS, MAN MOUNTAIN ROCK . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: The WWF shows are now starting with an “Over 50 years of Sports Entertainment” promo . . . look at BOB BACKLUND vs. DAVEY BOY SMITH from last week . . . MANTAUR over a prelim. During this match JIM ROSS called Mantaur by his real name and mentioned that he was an amateur wrestling champion.  My, how has he fallen . . . a replay of the LT/BAM BAM BIGELOW situation . . . DUKE DROESE over RINO RIGGINS . . . KING KONG BUNDY over LEE TOBIN . . . a look at the Battle Royale from Superstars . . . a look at SHAWN MICHAELS bringing out SID as his new bodyguard . . . KAMA over BILL PAYNE . . . a look at the Survivor Series Backlund vs. BRET HART match . . . and things ended with Davey Boy Smith & Bret Hart defeating OWEN HART & Bob Backlund when Davey Boy powerslammed Owen inside of the ring for the pin while Hart slapped the sharpshooter on Backlund outside of the ring . . .

A week ago today SuperBrawl took place and the general consensus was that HH would do the job, which he did not . . .  The crowd at the Baltimore arena was less than enthused, in fact HH got a $hity reception, this may have been the best part of the day . . . There were a lot of mediocre matches, this may not sound good but compared to WCW’S recent “PPV’S” it was a welcome change. Also to take note was that this was probably HH’s best match since entering WCW, this was not because of HH working but because of Vader’s selling. WCW’S last hope was to give Vader the title but with the upcoming “Uncensored” strap match being non-title that may not happen . . .  It was their last hope with me and the blew it . . .

New Zealand Heavyweight David TUA will take on American Art CARD in Atlanta City, March 5.  This will be the New Zealanders’ first fight since his December 9 bout against Cecil `Instant’ Coffee which lasted just 29 seconds in Auckland, New Zealand.

This match will be on the undercard to the Pernell Whitaker — Julio Cesar Vazquez WBA Junior Middleweight title fight.  After this TUA could then be held over to be on an under card for Evander Holyfield’s comeback fight against Ray Mercer on May 20.

[Note: The Ring Report does not condone the use of holds discussed in RadioS’s column, and is NOT RESPONSIBLE for injuries/death/etc. caused by the holds discussed in the column.]
MOVE OF THE WEEK by RadioS1001

This week’s MOVE OF THE WEEK is the “Neck Buster/Bomber. It comes to us from LordHowie.
1) Place the opponents head between your legs and lift them onto your shoulder.
2) Drop them on their neck/upper back on your knee. It would look and drop just like a reverse shoulder breaker, on the neck. WARNING: THIS IS AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS MOVE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. IT CAN INJURE OR KILL SOMEONE DUE TO DROPPING THE PERSON ON THEIR NECK.

STATE OF WRESTLING or for this week only . . . $$$$ OF WRESTLING BY Rob AKA

Every week wrestling fans who watch WCW are treated to the same phrase every time a mildly exciting move is performed: “That’s why we are Number 1!!!!!!!!!”

Is this true? Are WCW really number 1? Well for the purpose of this article we will ignore actual wrestling seeing as that can get too complicated. Personal views and loyalty get in the way. We will instead focus on TV and PPV ratings and of course $$$$.

A recent article in Financial World provided the facts and rather interesting comments from WWF and WCW.

Let us see what Vince has to say about the war between the two, “The only business that has kicked Ted Turner’s behind every day of the week is the WWF,” says McMahon.

Eric Bischoff replies, “Sounds like a desperate man in a desperate situation.”

Well sorry Eric but Vince has you on this one. The WWF has and still does kick Turner’s butt every day. As Vince said later, “Ted hasn’t made the first dollar since he has owned the WCW.”

True? Well yes. WCW produces $20 million dollars for Turner. (This doesn’t sound right but it’s what the magazine said. I think this figure is after they have paid off the wrestlers, announcers, crew etc.). In other words he is losing money on WCW. How is the WWF doing?

The WWF brings in $150 million dollars. This doesn’t include what they make overseas (about $160 million in 3 years), and it also doesn’t include the income from the Top Ten WWF video games. So far the WWF has made $200 million on Video games and toys.

So the WWF wins by a large margin on total profit.

How about Nielsen ratings which is the way TV audiences are measured?

The WWF draws a 6.0 figure. Which means 6% of all US television households viewed the event. WCW comes in at 4.7. Again WWF seems to come out on top.

How about HH. What has he done for WCW?

As much as you may hate it HH has been great for WCW. (Remember this is money I’m talking about.)

They have doubled to $13 million since HH entered. Unfortunately the WWF makes $25 million from PPV. Again WCW loses. Sorry Eric. If Vince is a desperate man I dread to think what you are. So in the end WWF wins. NO complaining and no flames to be directed to me I am just reporting the facts.

So to end this up I will hand it over to Vince for one final quote, “One is ice cream and the other is what is scooped up behind the elephant at the circus.”

WWF – Well the WWF continues to change. Last week on Superstars they had a face vs. face tag match. Heels have been getting CLEAN wins! What’s going on?

ECW – A refreshing interview with Shane Douglas this week. Whilst he is of course biased  towards ECW it is still great to hear a wrestling organization actually mention other federations. The way WCW has made little snide inside comments recently is making me sick. Maybe you don’t hold events in Bingo halls but with the amount of people who show up for your house shows you could.

It seems Sandman is injured. It is hard to think of any wrestling injury being real when it is used for an angle but the way he takes hits I wouldn’t be surprised if he does have a concussion. The angle is that they have a mystery wrestler to take on Cactus Jack at the show on the 25th. Speculation is allowed although no mention of the Warrior is to made 🙂

Maybe one day in the far future people will stop asking where the Warrior is and stop speculating about his return. He has been rumored to appear at each WWF and WCW PPV in the last year. Let it go. Until next time.

Last week I dealt with the rumored returns to the WWF. One happened, the other didn’t. Admittedly Sid (Whatever his last name may be), was my first choice, though I still hold some hope for Jesse’s return.

Why Sid? Because watching Sid has always been a pleasure when he’s in the ring (even when he was anchored to Harvey Whippleman). He also remains one of the great interviews in wrestling (as a heel). And because, just like you couldn’t turn away from that infamous white Bronco driving down the 415, you watch Sid to see when he’ll next implode.

Sid Eudy entered wrestling several years ago as Lord Humongous. Soon thereafter, the old NWA came knocking on his door. rechristened as Sid Vicious, he joined the Four Horsemen. His rough style and cocky demeanor made a perfect fit with Flair, Anderson and Windham. Just as he was about to turn face, the WWF snagged him.

His tenure in the WWF started as a referee at SummerSlam 91. He helped That HH Guy vanquish Sgt. Slaughter, General Adnan and Colonel Mustafa. As Sid Justice, he feuded with Jake Roberts until a torn bicep put him on the shelf and out of Survivor Series. His return at the 1992 Royal Rumble was marked by a HH cheapshot, pulling Sid out of the ring after Sid had eliminated him. The heel turn was complete a few weeks later when, on the NBC Main Event, Sid walked away from a tag match pitting he and HH against Flair and the Undertaker.

The old Sid reigned terror over the WWF until HH’s retirement match at WM8. He was set for a feud with the Ultimate Warrior when he walked away. He claimed because he’d been promised a title and it never materialized.

A year later, Sid Vicious returned to the organization formerly known as WCW. Now teamed with Vader as The Masters of the Power Bomb, the heel was back in form. Over the next seven months, Vicious was just that. But, again as a face turn was happening, Sid picked a fight with Arn Anderson in a British hotel. They both needed stitches, and afterward Sid needed a new job.

A few months passed before Sid resurfaced in the USWA. He was immediately handed the Unified title and did his best heel work over the next few months.

With his return to the WWF, Sid has come full circle. He can’t go back to the organization formerly known as WCW. And it’s a good bet that Vince won’t have him again if he screws up this time.

A few last words of advice . . . Vince, keep him a heel. I don’t care how many people cheer for him, he is a Grade A heel and should remain as such. And Sid, stay away from the scissors cause for a big boy you’ve got a lot of growing up to do yet.

We’re late! We’re late! We’re late!  Yes, tonight I’m, obviously running *very late* with the Ring Report.  It’s now after 11 PM and I still have to go through and reformat this issue for general distribution, which will take me forever, but that’s another story . . .

I’d like to start this issue off by saying a quick “have a great trip” to Managing Editor Ryan Cunnigham, who is going to England this week.  Ryan, have a great time and I hope that you get back SOON because manning the Ring Report account is something that is going to make life stressful in the next week or so (I’m still catching up on e-mail from my LAST Philly trip, so bear with me).

It’s been a very strange week, probably topped last night with the ECW show in Philly and Friday night with the ECW event in Kennet Square.  Even with the addition of my ex in my car (and her almost immediate and *very obvious* flirting with Jess “the NJ stud” McGrath), I had a great time at the shows and I can’t wait for the next one.  I marked out with the Sandman/Terry Funk angle and seeing a possible Cactus & Shane Douglas vs. Sandman & Terry Funk match next time will probably blow everyone’s minds.

Thanks go out to PWI Photographer Tim Walker who made sure I didn’t wreck my car last night in the snow on the way home from Philly (even when we encountered a car coming at us the wrong way on a one way street).  Tim’s no good (much like Tom Misnik), he is totally wrong about guys in hats (don’t ask), but he’s cool under it all.

In other news the Internet war with Dave Meltzer started up again with Meltzer apparently ripping the Internet, while columnists from the Internet ripped him back in various forms. It’s a dumb war, but IMHO it was bound to happen. I just wish the WCW would take notice of all of the negative posts and have it get under their skin as much as it did Meltzer’s.

The funeral for Eddie Gilbert was held at the end of the week and was preceded by the first round of tributes on TV and at SMW and ECW house shows.  It was especially touching (to me anyway), last night when they rang the ring bells in honor of Eddie and for the first time in history the ECW arena went silent with the crowd in the building for the 10 rings, followed by the fans literally rocking the building with an “Eddie” chant in tribute to him.  It gave me goosebumps.

Finally, the New Jersey version of the NWA World Title changed hands this week.  Where did it change hands?  Not in New Jersey. Not at and NWA house show.  Not even to an NWA Wrestler.  Where’d it happen? At a Smoky Mountain show.  Who got it? Dan Severan, a “star” of the Ultimate Fighting Championship series.  For a belt that is promoted as “dating back to 1905” and “sharing the legacy of great champions like Flair, Funk, Race and so many more” IMODO it’s kind of pathetic that the belt not only changes hands to a wrestling unknown, it doesn’t even change hands in New Jersey or on an official NWA card!

But that’s life and I’m still very late on this deadline . . . HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

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