The Ring Report TV Update 5/28/95 Vol. 1, No. 118

The Ring Report TV Update 5/28/95 Vol. 1, No. 118
[NOTE: These are rumors as reported by local hotlines, on-line wrestling boards and from talking to people in the wrestling industry. As they are *rumors* and not *facts* we ask that you make up your own mind as to their validity.]

WWF News: The WWF has announced their Hall of Fame inductees for the June 24 ceremony in Philadelphia . . . They are: THE FABULOUS MOOLAH, ANTONIO ROCCA, GEORGE THE ANIMAL STEELE, ERNIE LADD, IVAN PUTSKI, PEDRO MORALES, and THE GRAND WIZARD . . . The WWF has taped a series of matches where DIESEL beats SID easily. Rumor has it, the WWF plans to air these matches if Sid should suddenly walk out on them as he has done before . . . ERIK WATTS and CHAD FORTUNE are now wrestling in the WWF as TECHNO TEAM 2000 and will be feuding with MEN ON A MISSION . . . RAZOR RAMONE and JEFF JARRETT played tag with the InterContinental belt last weekend . . . Ramon won the belt in Montreal on Friday and then lost it back to Jarrett a couple of days later . . . The main event for King of the Ring will be DIESEL and BAM BAM BIGELOW vs. SID and TATANKA . . . ESPN 2 is said to be making a feature on BOB HOLLY being a star in both wrestling and auto racing . . . Danny Spivey will work in the WWF under the name WAYLON MERCY and will die his hair black . . .

WCW News: Slamboree is reported to have a very low buy rate . . . Reports say the WWF and WCW PPV’S were both damaged by the fact they were only one week apart . . . Look for the same results in June . . . There was reportedly lots of backstage friction at Slamboree with GORDON SOLIE upset by the fact that ANGELO POFFO was going into the Hall of Fame. Gordon felt that Poffo did not have a history with the NWA or WCW . . . BOBBY HEENAN was allegedly upset because he wasn’t being inducted . . . STEVE AUSTIN purportedly agreed to do the job for RENEGADE and in return, WCW reportedly agreed to use Austin as more than a person to give a push to HH’S friends . . . There is talk of BRIAN PILLMAN and Steve Austin reforming their tag team . . . VADER will reportedly not be renewing with UWFI . . . This will allow him to get more money from WCW and will allow him to work for New Japan . . . GARY MICHAEL CAPETTA is apparently through announcing for WCW. Capetta was making around one hundred grand a year and WCW felt that was too much . . . MICHAEL BUFFER’S contract has been renewed by WCW. Buffer will continue to screw up ring introductions for main events of big shows . . . Rumors has it that Arn Andersen will be making a face turn and will feud with RIC FLAIR . . . KEVIN SULLIVAN will manage the TOWERS OF DOOM which will reportedly consist of KAMALA, THE GREAT WHITE SHARK, (formerly known as AVALANCHE), and PAUL WRIGHT (the big guy who was seen at Slamboree) . . .

SMW News: JIM CORNETTE has apparently returned to being a heal manager and is now managing BUDDY LANDELL . . .

New Zealand Heavyweight boxer David TUA won his 19th straight bout when he outclassed Irish-American Dan Murphy in Atlantic City.

The match was finally stopped 45 seconds into the fifth round when the referee stepped in to stop the punishment. This is the 16th time that TUA has not gone the distance.

The fight in New Jersey was on the undercard of the World Heavyweight clash between Evander Holyfield and Ray Mercer. Although Murphy had a considerable height advantage, Tua was still able to get under his defenses with short sharp left jabs and left hooks. Tua also repeatedly attacked Murphy’s body and landed countless blows to the American’s mid section.

Jim Cornette followed-up on his heel turn from the previous night in Knoxville by interfering to help the heel side in two of the matches at the first SMW card to be held in Charlotte. Give SMW crew credit for working hard in front of a crowd that had to be disappointing (around 300). Two matches were better than the ones done by the same participants the night before in Knoxville. The matches generated little heat from the crowd in spite of some excellent brawling and at times it looked like the fans didn’t know how to react.

The card opened with Killer Kyle vs. Boo Bradley in a falls count anywhere in the building match. This was “selected” from a number of announced gimmick matches. This match was better than the spiked collar match they wrestled in Knoxville. They spent a lot more time outside the ring than in it and with the floor mostly empty, they sent each other flying through the chairs. Kyle opened up the cut Boo had opened the night before. At one point, Kyle put Boo on his shoulders and ran him headfirst into the wall leaving Boo’s blood smeared on the wall. Finish came when Kyle attempted the same move and Boo pushed him off into the wall and covered him in about 17 minutes. It was kind of strange to see Boo who was staggering and bloody at the end of the match working the gimmick table at the first break, though.(***1/2)

SMW Title Match: Buddy Landell vs. Steve Armstrong
Tommy Young was introduced as guest referee for the next match. Cornette than came to the ring and talked about the beating on and burning Bob Armstrong the night before. Re Young: “He hasn’t refereed a match in 5 years and he hasn’t changed his underwear in 7 but give him a hand”. To the fans: ” You have gotten even uglier and stupider since the last time I was here”. To Armstrong: “What is your family tradition, alcoholism?”. Buddy Landel was introduced with Cornette now as his manager. Landel re: Bob Armstrong: “He went up like Richard Pryor, baby”. This match featured some great exchanges between Young and Cornette including a spot with Cornette climbing in the ring to challenge Young and then getting hung upside down in the ropes. Landel did the Flair facefirst after a running clothesline by Armstrong. Cornette tripped Armstrong and used the racket on him on the outside. Landel lost in a DQ for using the racket in 13 minutes with Gibson making the save. (***)

Legends introduced: 4 time referee of the year, Tommy Young, SMW General Manager, Sandy Scott, “master of the Kiwi leg roll” Abe Jacobs, Swede Hanson, Johnny Weaver who wrestled 7 world championship matches to time limit draws, Tim Woods, and Magnum TA. Only Magnum’s introduction generated a decent crowd response. The announcer then talked about Rock and Roll Express. Ricky Morton then came out wearing the neck brace and getting almost no response.

NWA Title Match: Dan Severn vs. Bobby Blaze
Dan Severn came to the ring with both the UFC belt and the NWA belt. This is one h3ll of an athlete but wasn’t able to show much of it. Blaze worked hard but couldn’t do much to push Severn into anything really interesting . Severn won it in 5:30 with Blaze quickly submitting to an armbreaker. (*1/2)

Ghetto Street Fight: The Gangstas vs. Smothers and Dirty White Boy
Best match of the night with a very strong performance by NewJack. If he is leaving the promotion he sure went out with a bang. He got on the house mic and called a black fan at ringside who had been vocal in every match “some Uncle Tom home picked Negro”. Again, they took full advantage of the small crowd on the floor and brawled all over the building scattering chairs all over the place. New Jack and Smothers both juiced. New Jack did a very stiff version his flying clothesline from the apron to the floor on White Boy and put Smothers through a table with a piledriver. It was the first time I have seen a cinder block in the ring along with the usual trashcan and noose. A lot of solid shots with chairs and trashcan lid. Finish saw DLO Brown coming off the top rope onto Said after White Boy rolled out of way with White Boy covering him for the win (20 minutes?), They continued brawling back toward the dressing room and up onto the stage for about 5 minutes afterwards. Mentions of ECW by ringsiders could be heard during this match. (****)

SMW Tag Title Cage Match: Rock and Roll Express vs. Al Snow and Unabomb
Snow was trying to be creative and decided to dismantle the ropes. Unfortunately, he had a h3ll of time unscrewing the turnbuckles which seemed through the timing of the match out of sync. The match was over before he really got to use them.. Not much action for a cage match. They need one of those cages made out of cyclone fence pieces not a flimsy wooden one. Unabomb looks great to the extent that he took a lot of steroid heckling from one fan. Landel and Cornette came to ringside with Cornette throwing the racket to Unabom who used it on Gibson for the win in 6:30. (**)

Indications were given that the promotion would be returning to Charlotte but no date was announced. They have a 6 PM Saturday time slot for TV on WKAY. Magnum’s beautiful wife accompanied him to the show, her legs are (*****). After his first scaffold match in Knoxville Al Snow said he would have liked to try some more stuff but “the other guy was a little nervous”. Severn’s manager, Phyllis Lee, in response to a question about Crockett recognizing Severn as champion said that she though Crockett had been kicked out of the NWA and that he hasn’t been paying his dues. Tommy Young said that he felt nervous about refereeing after the long layoff but that everything went well. He said the reason he isn’t working is because of the neck as he can’t afford to take any bumps on it. Next week: Thursday, Hickory NC, Friday , Harlan KY, and Saturday in Morristown.

WHAT YOU MISSED: A look back at SID killing SHAWN MICHAELS . . . RAZOR RAMON over jobber. After the match BRET HART came out and chewed out JERRY LAWLER demanding a match with the king, a minor brawl broke out . . . HUNTER HELMSLEY over a jobber . . . BOB BACKLUND told us why he would be a good president . . . A look at the IYH winners . . . . THE ALLIED POWERS over 2 guys who lose for a living . . . KAMA over the great BARRY HOROWITZ . . . Shawn Michaels came back and defeated KING KONG BUNDY qualifying for the KOTR tournament. After the match BDC and BAM BAM came out to celebrate with Mr. Michaels . . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: The show opened with a very bizarre interview from CACTUS JACK who will be celebrating his 30th birthday in one week . . . THE TAZMANIAC and 911 destroyed THE ORIENTAL CONNECTION . . . One of the videos available from ECW is the three falls in three different cities match between EDDIE GUERRERRO and DEAN MALENKO, which took place last weekend in three different cities in PA . . . A segment featuring THE PUBLIC ENEMY at an LA country club before leaving for a tour of Japan . . . Highlights of matches featuring TOMMY DREAMER and RAVEN, followed by highlights of Cactus Jack vs. THE SANDMAN . . . Highlights of some Guerrerro/Malenko matches . . . SHANE DOUGLAS introduced us to referee BILL ALFONSO, who is going to bring wrestling and order back to ECW . . . Tommy Dreamer and MIKEY WHIPWRECK wrestled Raven and STEVE RICHARDS to a no contest when Alfonso stopped the match . . . Following the match, Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas had to be restrained from attacking one another . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: BOO BRADLEY beat GEORGE SOUTH . . . Highlights of a match between BUDDY LANDELL and STEVE ARMSTRONG followed by comments from both wrestlers . . . An interview with JIM CORNETTE . . . Highlights of a double chain match between THE GANGSTAS and THE DIRTY WHITE BOY and TRACY SMOTHERS followed by comments from both teams . . . Highlights of a cage match between AL SNOW and RICKY MORTON. At one point during this match, there were two UNABOMS in the ring, or at least two guys who looked exactly alike . . . Comments from THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS . . . Comments from Al Snow . . . BOBBY BLAZE beat Al Snow be disqualification when Unabom interfered . . . An interview with Al Snow and Unabom ended the show . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: TITO SANTANA beat THE BOUNTY HUNTER and then gave an interview . . . THE FABULOUS FREEBIRDS, (MICHAEL HAYES and JIMMY GARVIN), beat two jobbers and then gave an interview . . . Comments from TOO COLD SCORPIO and CHRIS ADAMS . . . JOHNNY GUNN beat T. REX . . . An interview with AWF president PAUL ALBERSTEEN . . . STEVE CASEY beat JOHN PAUL and then gave an interview . . . Comments from BOB ORTON JR . . . TONY ATLAS and KOKO B. WARE beat THE TEXAS HANGMEN . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: MOM beat ROSS GREENBERG & TIM MCNEANY when MABEL belly-to-belly suplexed MCNEANY . . . Clips of people getting the IYH House . . . In a King Of The Ring Qualifying Match KAMA spinebustered DUKE THE DUMPSTER DROESE . . . LEN w/STAN LANE . . . SHAWN MICHAELS beat DR. TOM PRITCHARD with a superkick or Chin music as HBK likes to say . . . PROMO for WWF Hall of Fame . . . DIESEL & BIGELOW were interviewed by DOK “PS” HENDRIX . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY beat BRIAN WALSH with the Pedigree . . . Vince announced a special 1-hour showing of WM11 on regular TV . . . The BUSHWACKERS licked DOK HENDRIX . . . SKIP & SUNNY Promo . . . TECHNO TEAM 2000 beat BROOKLYN BRAWLER & BARRY “The WINNER” HOROWITZ when ERIK “TROY” WATTS pinned HOROWITZ . . . LEN w/ STAN LANE . . . Look at BRET HART on Lonesome Dove . . . NEXT WEEK: KOR Qualifying Match between DOINK & ROADIE, ALSO BOB HOLLY, ALLIED POWERS, UNDERTAKER, and a Great Deal more . . . !

WHAT YOU MISSED: The New tag champs, THE NASTY BOYS were interviewed then mutilated two prelims . . . BUNKHOUSE BUNK AND DIRTY SICK SLATER ate a couple of jobs for breakfast . . . RIC FLAIR was interviewed . . . MENG won a squash . . . ARN ANDERSON grounded FLYIN’ BRIAN with a handful of tights . . . No word on matches next week. . .

NAW in BOONVILLE, IN by (Jim) Sorry, due to a family gathering I only have time to give you a quick recap of the card. I’ll write up a follow up post for next week about the great experience last night watching the first N. American thumbtack death match.

MAJOR MASSACRE lost to EL ??? (due to audio I couldn’t hear his name; he wore a tiger mask and American flag pants, but was announced as being from Mexico)

AXL ROTTEN destroyed some dude dressed in all blue (who was accompanied by Johnny HotBody). Axl used a face first powerbomb to score the pin.

#1 Contender match- JEFF OSBORNE defeated RODNEY.

NAW CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH- 2 out of 3 falls- ANDY RUNNION defeated the KOMET KID in 2 straight to win the title. Afterwards, Komet attacked the new champ, which led to Osborne and Rodney coming out. After a wild brawl, Rodney challenged the 3 other wrestlers to a 4 way tag elimination match for the belt at the next card.

THUMBTACK DEATH MATCH-BAD BREED lost to BULL PAIN & THE WAR MACHINE when Ian fell on the thumbtacks spread around ringside. Before the match Ian was supposed to team with Bull Pain, but Bull attacked Ian. Axl came out to help and the match started. Weapons used: tool box, pail, frying pan, Uhaul truck, tables, 2 Liter bottles, hot dogs, chains, boards, and of course thumbtacks. A kid puked twice due to all the blood shed. During the match some fan tossed a chocolate Santa into the ring. Why? I have no idea, but it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen happen during a wrestling match.

WHAT YOU MISSED: Some of the action was live from Speedstreet in Charlotte, NC outside in the pouring rain . . . THE NASTY BOYS beat a prelim team . . . Still shots from the dreaded PPV Slamscam . . . Eric Bischoff interviewed a NASCAR driver who drives a WCW/HH GUY sponsored car (another attempt to copy the WWF who also sponsors a car), . . . TIM HORNER lost to ARN ANDERSON, Gene Okerlund interviewed “Double A” and referred to the next PPV as “Bash at the Beach” . . . Gene gave a “Great American Bash” rundown which looks like this so far: FLAIR vs. SAVAGE, PILLMAN vs. WRIGHT, and there was no mention of the previously scheduled RENEGADE vs. ARN ANDERSON . . . RANDY SAVAGE gave a Slim Jim promo and explained that the winner of the Slim Jim Challenge would go on to wrestle for the TV Title at the GA Bash . . . The 1st match in the Slim Jim Challenge saw PAUL ORNDORFF defeat “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN . . . MENG squashed MARK STARR . . . A US Title Tourney match saw RANDY SAVAGE pin STEVE AUSTIN . . . The 2nd Slim Jim Challenge match saw FLYIN’ BRIAN beat BIG BUBBA . . . DALLAS PAGE over a jobber . . . Another interview with some NASCAR people . . . The final Slim Jim Challenge match saw PAUL ORNDORFF defeat FLYIN’ BRIAN with a handful of tights . . . US Title Tourney match: RIC FLAIR got a DQ win over ALEX WRIGHT when RANDY SAVAGE attacked FLAIR in the middle of the match . . . The post match interview had SAVAGE explaining to WRIGHT why he attacked FLAIR and WRIGHT, being the wimpy babyface that he is, said he understood . . . NEXT WEEK: RIC FLAIR vs. RANDY SAVAGE . . .

Before I get into What You Missed I will explain to those who have never seen AWF wrestling the rules. Here they are . . .

1. The AWF uses the round system. The rounds last four minutes and depending on the importance of the match the more rounds there are.

2. Putting your hands on an official results in an automatic DQ.

3. Throwing your opponent over the top rope also results in a DQ.
WHAT YOU MISSED: AWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION TITO SANTANA successfully defended his title by defeating The Bounty Hunter with the Flying Forearm in the 1st round . . . An interview with Tito Santana . . . THE FABULOUS FREEBIRDS MICHAEL PS HAYES & JIMMY GARVIN returned to the ring and destroyed the duo of HUBERT SIMPSON & DON DIAMOND when Jimmy “Jam” hit Donny with the hold he calls the “911” . . . An interview with the Freebirds . . . JOHNNY GUNN, the female heart throb, disposed of T. REX with a move I’ve never seen before, he placed Rex on the top while he stood on the second rope, grabbed him by the neck, fell back and drove Rex’s head into the canvas . . . Comments from “GENTLEMAN” CHRIS ADAMS & 2 COLD SCORPIO . . . An interview with President PAUL ALPERSTEIN regarding all the gifts being sent to Johnny Gunn . . . JON PAUL was obliterated by the arrogant European by the name of AMBASSADOR STEVE CASEY with the fallaway slam . . . And in the Main Event it was the combo of “THE BIRD MAN” KOKO B. WARE along with his bird FRANKIE and his partner MR. USA TONY ATLAS over THE TEXAS HANGMEN when in the second round on of the masked Hangmen scooped up Atlas for a bodyslam when Koko drop-kicked Atlas’ back causing Atlas to fall onto the Texan and get the three count . . . After the match NAILZ THE CONVICT came out from the back and through Koko outside the ring and then brutally attacked Tony until several AWF officials and wrestlers separated the two . . . Comments from COWBOY BOB ORTON JR . . . Next week “Gentleman” Chris Adams teams up with 2 Cold Scorpio!

NOTES: At first I expected this federation to suck, but it really isn’t that bad. To tell you the truth, I kinda got into the Nailz/Atlas saga. If anyone is interested in watching the AWF it is on Saturday afternoons on MSG. Check local listings for time. Until next time, so long!

By the time many of you get to see this, we will be just one month away from the ECW Summer Get-together/RSPW Convention II whatever we are calling it. Now, for those of you that are interested still in coming in, let me say that in fact there WILL be a show June 30th. Even though it won’t be at the Lackawanna Stadium, it’s hoped for an outdoor site. Also on is still the big show at the ECW Arena on July 1st as well as the convention itself the afternoon of the 1st. If you’ve been looking to experience all that we’ve been talking about with what we call Extreme Championship Wrestling, this would be the perfect time to do so. See two big shows in 2 days, plus meet the stars of ECW.

The Holiday Inn at the Philadelphia International Airport will be the home of our get together and there is a special rate available for this weekend. I also have available packages including bus transportation to the show on June 30 Th. and also will be able to get ringside seating for the July 1st Arena show.

If you’d like more information about this upcoming event, e-mail me at MRECW@AOL.COM. Thanks.

Well yet another week has gone by and I have to ask myself the question . . . What is the WWF thinking??

They come up with great angles like the Bret Hart attack on Lawler and then at the same time announce the main event for KOTR is going to be Bam Bam and Diesel vs. Sid and Tatanka !??!?!?! Since I am flying up to Philly for this I am praying it is all some huge joke.

Another thing that has me worried is the way the actual KOTR Tourney is set up. I was thinking they would have a Kama vs. Undertaker match which ended in a screwjob in order to get the Undertaker out of the Tourney without ruining the inVINCEability angle. But to do that Kama would have to beat Shawn. Now Kama beating Shawn is not possible so the only way to do it would be another screw by the $$ Corporation. It would of course be ludicrous to have the $$ Corporation dominate the event with screwjobs so they have to think of something else. I have no idea where they are going with this but hopefully the Undertaker-Kama angle will be ignored at KOTR. Otherwise we will be treated to a complete mess of a PPV that would turn away the fans that they have recently regained.

When I turned on my TV this morning and Jim Ross told me Diesel was in the hospital I couldn’t help but think that all was right with the world. Unfortunately later he said Diesel would be 100% for KOTR. Sorry to take pleasure in somebody’s personal suffering but Diesel is ruining the WWF and with him out of the way the WWF would be forced to make Title changes and change the Main Event for KOTR. These are the two big things I see wrong with the WWF right now. (We all know Doink will be around for ever so just live with it)

Just think about it for a second. With Diesel gone we would see some action in the WWF Title ranks. The main event for KOTR would be changed, probably to some kind of match for the Title. Shawn would stop hanging around with Bam Bam because he would have no reason to. Imagine a WWF with Hakushi, Michaels, Candido, Hart, Razor, Undertaker, Jarrett, Sid all fighting for control. With Diesel gone and a vacant Heavyweight Title it could all be possible.

The WWF is showing a one hour version of WM on NBC sometime next week. I’m puzzled as to why they aren’t coming out and saying when it is on. Maybe they haven’t set a definite date yet. If they have I see no reason as to why they couldn’t mention when it was on. I doubt USA would really forbid the WWF to mention the words “NBC”.

Finally I’d like to provide a service to you all. So here is a piece of advice. If at any time you switch to TBS and see something that vaguely resembles professional wrestling you should immediately throw something large and heavy at the TV and then wash your eyes with water. Do some vigorous exercise to prevent slipping into a coma. Finally switch on some ECW and order a special cable box that can block out TBS. That way a disaster like that can be avoided in the future 🙂

Until next week I remind you that I and the editors of the “RingReport” are not held legally responsible for any severe damage to your television sets. Although I’m sure you could get some money from Turner 🙂

Have you heard the latest inane rumor? Supposedly, Turner Broadcasting has a three year plan at the end of which WCW will cease to exist. If you believe this to be true, I’d like to discuss with you some lovely lakeside property in Nevada.

Rumors are just that, rumors. By definition they are unsubstantiated, yet there are those who trust everything they read on these boards. Whether it be a premature obituary or from someone claiming to be an insider, do not believe everything you read.

That said, I can cover why this would be a bad thing for wrestling. True, there are those who think that the WWFjr is a bad thing for wrestling already, but that’s nothing compared to a nation with only one major promotion.

If WCW were to fold it’s tents and send Bollea and his pals back to the beach, that would mean the WWF would have a virtual monopoly on wrestling in the states. He could pay wrestlers pretty much anything he wanted. He could charge pretty much anything he wanted. And, if we want wrestling, that would be that. After all, not everyone has access to the regional promotions that crop up from time to time.

The wrestlers who don’t want to work for the WWF, or Vince doesn’t want, would end up in Japan or the independents. While this would no doubt strengthen organizations like ECW and SMW, the vast majority would go underpaid and under-appreciated.

I have no love for WCW, Turner, Bischoff, or anyone wandering aimlessly around Atlanta these days. However, they serve a purpose in keeping a balance in the business of wrestling. So be careful what you wish for (or what you read).

Off the soapbox and onto the pleasant surprise of the week. Shawn Michaels is a fun face. I was concerned that the HB Kid wouldn’t be able to translate over well, but based on last week’s Raw, the turn may have been a good move. I laughed out loud when he put his arm around DiBiase. His ring abilities don’t appear to be effected. The long term will tell, but after the first outing, I’m willing to give him a chance.

A short one this week as I don’t really feel like talking that much. I’m tired from another stressful week and topping off those stresses is the fact that I myself learned a lesson in responsibility this week.

It was a minor quibble for most, but after my long winded ramble last week I felt horrible about it so here’s the rundown: A wrestler called me this week to help promote a card he was on. He gave me a number for people to call for merchandise. I posted that info on most of the major on-line services to do him a favor . . .

Well, I didn’t check the number out. Hours after I posted the info the word got back to me that the number had a taped interview with another wrestler on it instead of merchandise info. Well, I was shocked because the wrestler gave me the number about 5 times during our initial discussion and assured me ordering info would be on the line.

Called the wrestler immediately after that. Got him to explain what to do in order to leave your name and number for further info then posted that to the net and solved the problem (hopefully).

Anyway, I know it’s not a big deal to most of you but I felt miserable because if I had only checked the number out. I would have known people would be confused with how to get ordering info and I could have cleared up the matter before going public with it. I didn’t, and I clearly learned to heed my own advice — always check out things before you pass them on — even if it’s straight from the source!

Quick Health Update for those that give a d@mn: Allergy tests revealed this week I’m allergic to dogs and cats and common grasses. This isn’t good news as I live in a house with 5 cats and 4 dogs (8 animals belonging to my sister who doesn’t even live here anymore), and my house is located out in the boonies surrounded by other houses with large grass-covered yards. The joys of life. I start getting allergy shots this week — between 10 and 17 different things — and they’ll continue once every two weeks for the next two years. Oh joy. The cats & dogs are staying but I think we’re gonna get Astroturf or just paint the front yard . . . 🙂

In other matters, Apologies to one “Diabolical” Dave Scherer for misspelling his new newsletter’s name last week. It’s the Wrestling Lariat and you can e-mail him at for subscription info.

That’s all I have for this week so . . .


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