The Ring Report TV Update 6/25/95 Vol. 1, No. 122

The Ring Report TV Update 6/25/95 Vol. 1, No. 122
[NOTE: These are rumors as reported by local hot-lines, on-line wrestling boards and from talking to people in the wrestling industry. As they are *rumors* and not *facts* we ask that you make up your own mind as to their validity.]

WCW NEWS: As strange thing happened, I watch THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH and actually like part of it . . . The ALEX WRIGHT/BRIAN PILLMAN match was probably the best match WCW has had all year, which isn’t saying much . . . Although the RIC FLAIR/RANDY SAVAGE match wasn’t as good as their WWF match, it was still a good match . . . The Great American Bash also showed how far WCW has fallen when THE RENEGADE beat ARN ANDERSEN in a match which was a disgrace to the sport and to Andersen . . . Speaking of disgraces, the Ric Flair/Randy Savage match at BASH AT THE BEACH will be a “lifeguard match” with The Bay Watch TV show stars being involved in some way. The match will be filmed for a future Baywatch show starring HH, STING, Flair and Savage . . . Also as part of the BAB will be a triangular tag match between THE NASTY BOYS, HARLEM HEAT and THE BLUE BLOODS . . . There will also be a STING/MENG rematch, a Pillman/Wright rematch and Renegade will get another victory over a legend as he will beat PAUL ORNDORFF . . . WCW’S plan to bring in DAN SEVERN to battle CRAIG PITMAN has fallen through . . .

WWF NEWS: By the time you read this, you will have found out that RAZOR RAMON wasn’t in the KING OF THE RING. Ramon’s has bruised ribs following a fall from a ladder during a ladder match with Jeff Jarrett . . . CHRIS BENOIT will apparently not be coming into the WWF as he does not want to give up his New Japan tours . . . Indications are that SHANE DOUGLAS will be coming into the WWF as a heal and will have his own TV segment . . . The WWF has another IN YOUR HOUSE PPV slated for July 23, which is a week after the WCW has their debacle . . . JEFF JARRETT’S singing debut will be on that PPV. However, rumor has it THAT ROADIE will actually be doing the singing which will lead to a split between Roadie and Jarrett . . .

SMW NEWS: SMW has THE SUPER BOWL OF WRESTLING on August 4 with tiles from the WWF, USWA, NWA and SMW being on the line . . . Several new stars have come into SMW including THE SPIDERS (now resulting as THE HEADBANGERS), TERRY GORDY, BRAD ARMSTRONG and the Punisher . . . TOMMY RICH is also expected to be coming in . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE UNDERTAKER over a mortal jobber . . . ADAM BOMB over BILL PAYNE . . . KOTR Report w/MR. TOAD SPANKHISMONKEY . . . SID/TATANKA squashed THE HEADSHRINKERS . . . JERRY LAWLER talked about destroying BRET HART . . .  HUNTER HELMSLEY over a prelim . . . SHAWN MICHAELS had fun w/a prelim. After the match KAMA came ringside, then the UNDERTAKER, then MABEL (Typical pre PPV standoff with nothing happening) . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Geez, just when I have been avoiding the worst wrestling show on TV, I tried (gulp), to watch it for about half-an hour. Here is the semi-report: EVAD SULLIVAN beat GEORGE SOUTH with a crappy “submission maneuver” (it looked like South was in a position to be piledriven/power bombed, then he submitted), . . . In a fairly okay match (pretty d@mn rare for WCW), CRAIG PITTMAN defeated BRAD ARMSTRONG in a 15-20 minute match . . . ERIC BISCHOFF with DALLAS PAGE on the golf course (note: THE DIAMOND DOLL was repeating the ELIZABETH angle by being the ball “b!tch”), . . . In the final gawdawful match of the show, BUNKHOUSE BUCK defeated TIM HORNER with the assistance of DICK SLATER. Afterwards, BRAD ARMSTRONG made the save . . . Not even GORDON SOLIE could make DUSTY RHODES’ babble seem coherent. Next week, TONY SCHIAVONE returns (AKA Solie quits), and THE NASTY BOYS make an appearance . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: MIKE JACKSON beat KEN DILLINGER . . . THE DISCO INFERNO beat RANDY TUCKER . . . An interview with MR. WRESTLING III . . . SAM HOUSTON (wrestling as a babyface this week), beat GARY NATIONS . . . An interview with THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS . . . DICK MURDOCH beat KURT VON HIMMLER . . . A very bad, very long, video of HERCULES . . . An interview with THE DIRTY WHITE BOY . . . The second interview of the hour with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express . . . The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express beat The Dirty White Boy and Mr. Wrestling III . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: For the first time in three weeks, we have a show with actual matches on it . . . THE HEADBANGERS (who used to wrestle as THE SPIDERS), beat Mike Mason and LARRY SANTO . . . An interview with the Headbangers, who are wrestling as a heal tag team . . . An interview with TRACY SMOTHERS and THE DIRTY WHITE BOY . . . Comments from AL SNOW . . . Al Snow and UNABOM beat THE WOLFMAN and LEE THOMAS . . . An interview with Al Snow, Snow gives some of the best interviews in the business . . . Comments from THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS . . . A SUPERBOWL OF WRESTLING update . . . The Superbowl of Wrestling will be on August 4 with title belts from all the major federations, except WCW, being on the line . . . An interview with JIM CORNETTE, who introduces TERRY GORDY . . . It is really sad to see how the years have taken their toll on a man who used to be the best over 300 pound wrestler . . . BOO BRADLEY beat D-LO BROWN . . . An interview with RANDY HALES, the vice president of the USWA . . . BUDDY LANDELL beat STEVE ARMSTRONG with help from THE PUNISHER . . . An interview with BOB ARMSTRONG ends the show . . . Armstrong introduces ARMSTRONG’S AVENGER, BRAD ARMSTRONG, and BUDDY LANDELL comes out and challenges him to a match next week . . .

I just got back from the Megamall in Bloomington, MN where I, RSPWer Kevin, a few of his friends, and a couple thousand PukaManiacs witnessed the grand opening of That HH Guy’s PastaMania (the first in a chain he plans to open throughout North America, all managed by someone from Minnesota).

It was supposed to start at 1:00, but I ended up getting there about 40 minutes early, only to find about 400 people in an autograph line listening to the “I wanna be a HHamaniac”, etc. videos they had blaring in an infinite loop.

There were tables on either side selling red and yellow PastaMania shirts, hats, do-rags, aprons, etc. with pictures of the HHster holding plates of pasta.

Shortly after 1:00, there was a lengthy contest to see which child looked most like HH. It was won by a kid (maybe six or seven years old) wearing about $100 worth of HH merchandise, plus a paper HH mustache. He won a trip to a card anywhere WCW is having a house show (since they don’t come to Minnesota anymore). Personally, my favorite was a sixteen year old with black crew-cut hair and glasses who wore NO red or yellow and did no HH-posing or anything. 🙂

After that was over, some geek from a local country station introduced Eric Bischoff (who looks a good 6 inches shorter in person — I had always guessed he was about 5’6″). Eric babbled for a while, then introduced Jimmy Hart. Hart babbled even longer, then introduced Mach Man. An entire song played without Randy showing up (and it wasn’t his P&C intro. music). He eventually showed up (to many cheers), babbled constipated-like for a while, mentioned that his best friend should give him a title shot (more cheers), and let Jimmy announce HH.

This is the first time I had seen HH in person since he was at the Special Olympics in Minneapolis about 5 years back. They limited the autographs to one per person. Security droids pushed ladies around who were trying to get pictures of HH and Macho. They stalled further by having the HHster meet all the contestants in the look-alike contest. The line moved slowly forward. We amused ourselves by yelling things like “who’s the man” and various derogatory things about Liz between music videos.

After about 200 people had gone through the line, they took a break for something I don’t remember anymore, then the line moved slowly forward again. After another 200 or so had received autographs, they took another break. This time it was so Macho and HH could have a pasta-eating contest. It wasn’t a contest to see who could eat the most pasta, but rather who could eat the most pasta in one minute. Macho won. In my college days (back when he was wrestling as Terry Boulder), I probably could have eaten more than both of them combined. :-), This part was filmed by both WCW and Entertainment Tonight. At this point, Kevin, I, et. al. were in the front row, so the camera panned by us a lot. I’m the one with the Vader salute and an occasional Four Horsemen sign. They turned off the cameras for a minute while Jimmy asked everyone to start spontaneously chanting “HH-a-mania” or “Pasta-Mania” or something. I was shouting VaderMania and SabuMania myself. Kevin and one of his friends were trying to get little kids to ask HH a question when they got up there: “who really gave you the black eye at that WrestleMania?” :-), When we finally got up on stage, I have HH sign the Legion of Doom/Internet World Tour T-shirt I wore when I was at NWA GrandSlam I (with Sabu vs. Lightning Kid & Road Warrior Hawk vs. Terry Funk). I know it’s sacrilege. I *did* ask HH if he was ever going to do the job for Vader, but either he didn’t hear, or he was ignoring the question. He had gone onto the next person.

We looked around for Eric Bischoff (I wanted to ask him if it was his idea or Ted Turner’s to put a WCW show on TNT opposite MNRaw), but he didn’t seem to be around anymore. We talked to someone from PWI (who looked like a shorter, older, fatter Wade Keller, right down to the glasses, haircut, and dorky face), who was snapping pictures of the event.

We eventually found where PastaMania was in the mall. I was expecting it to be a sit-down restaurant where a waitress takes your order type of place (the top floor of the mall has a Hooters, Planet Hollywood, and tons of other such places). Instead, it was about ten feet of counter space in one of the fast food courts. I had a small Styrofoam plate with lettuce, a breadstick and a small pile of noodles for $5.00 (for kids they have HHaroni and HHios; I think everything for adults was $5.00).

HH’s wife was in line with the two kids about 10 or 20 people ahead of us. I didn’t notice what they ordered. They were done and gone before our food was ready, so I didn’t get a chance to ask her how bad he was in bed at the height of his steroid abuse, or to ask the kids if he beat them when he was in a roid rage. 🙂

Dan Severn-Tarzan Goto Press Conference 6-23-95 by PETE STEIN
Yes, I was there- on a whim, I decided to check out this, seeing as if I never go to Japan, bringing Japan to us is the next best thing. (Also, I thought this would cement Scherer’s opinion of me as a full-time freak . . . =)

* The conference was held at Go Restaurant in the village. That is the restaurant owned by Itsuko ?, one-half of the former Jumping Bomb Angels. The place is small and unassuming on the outside — the only sign that it’s owned by a wrestler is the picture of Tiger Mask on the front window. Once you go inside, though, the wrestling memorabilia leaps out at you. Photos of everyone from Antonio Inoki on down to Jason, of all people — all of them taken at Go. Also a New Japan calendar and some photo collages. No wrestling trophies, though — I asked Itsuko about the trophy bowl inscribed in Japanese, and she told me it was for her husband’s baseball team. (!)

* Names in attendance besides Severn and Goto were: Dennis and Marc Coralluzzo (“Me and my shadow . . . ” =), Hi Marc! I was the one in the shorts . . . ); Victor Quinones, Takashi Akano and Yoshihiro Tajiri of IWA; Devon Storm, Kid Inferno, Tommy Cairo and Tommy Fiero of the NWA; Eddie Goldman of WBAI-FM and Canvas Cavity; Georgiann Markopolous of the Wrestling Chatterbox; Gordon Scozzari, Philadelphia’s favorite son =); Fred the Elephant Boy, Dan Ligerstrom, Phyllis Lee (Severn’s manager), and several

* Weekly Pro’s Cage Nakayama served as emcee. He had a great story about some Japanese restaurant in NYC that named their house specialty drink after Karl Gotch. Apparently Bull Nakano came in and got stinko on 3 or 4 of them. =)
* The magazine I’d brought to the ECW show last week got a lot of mileage yesterday. Itsuko borrowed it to look at the AJW and JWP matches (‘natch), Quinones scanned it for his IWA merchandise, Cage quickly browsed through it as well. If I’m not mistaken, Storm (who I hope wrestles better than one of the Cole brothers he looks like =), and Cairo may borrow a couple of spots from the Kroffat-Rob Van Dam match photos they were checking out.

* Storm and Cairo are wrestling tonight in the finals of the NWA North American championship. I jokingly asked Fiero why their NA title had the flags of Japan and Great Britain on it, and got rewarded with a dirty look for my troubles. Yeesh! Ask a simple question . . . =)

* The UFC belt has to be seen to be believed. Next to the Pancrase title, the UFC belt is IMO the most impressive belt in the world. The NWA belt would’ve gotten dwarfed by it, were it not the NWA belt. As it is, the NWA title is quite classy, even if it is just a copy of the original.

Some highlights from the conference itself:

* Goto is a lot shorter than he looks on TV, but really thick. I figure him to be about 5’9, 280. You could tell he was an FMW/IWA guy by the scars on his head. You could stick coins in ’em. That is, if you didn’t mind having your spleen handed back to you afterwards. =), He apparently knows a little English, enough to get by as a tourist. Phyllis Lee said that Goto trained under Boris Malenko in Tampa and later under Karl Gotch, which might explain the English. (Anyone know if this is legit? Herb? Hisa?)

* According to Quinones, 27,000 tickets have already been sold for the stadium show, with almost two months left. Looks like they’ll have a great crowd- whether more people show up for Severn-Goto or the Texas Death Match tournament is anyone’s guess, though.

* Severn has a real Dick Gautier/Hymie robot quality to him. The strong, silent type. I think he said four words during the entire conference (for the record, they were “I accept his challenge,” after Goto challenged him to put up the UFC title if Goto beat him in August). Afterwards, he loosened up a lot. The Hare Krishnas dancing outside seemed to lighten the mood considerably. =)

* “Mr. Severn, have you wrestled in Japan before?” Asked by one of the American photographers. This just might be the dumbest question I’ve ever heard, in light of the hype surrounding this match in Japan.

* While Storm, Cairo and the other NWA wrestlers arrived about 30 minutes early, Severn and Team Coralluzzo wound up about 45 minutes late. Most likely traffic — driving into NYC on a Friday afternoon will do that to you.

* Dennis spent most of the conference trying to hype tonight’s show, including the Cairo-Storm match for the NA title. They looked pretty silly posing for photos while everyone else was snapping Severn and Goto. =), (Marc, it was the truth!)

After the conference, food and drinks were served. I stuck around long enough to try something called a Philadelphia Roll. Salmon, seaweed . . . and cream cheese. I mysteriously lost my appetite after that one. BLEAH!

All in all, this was different. It was fun meeting the wrestlers, especially Tommy Cairo. Devon Storm has what might be considered “the look,” as Meltzer says. All he has to do is lose the Cole hair. If I had any money, I would be there in a second. But I’m broke, so . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: CHARLIE NORRIS and TOM ZENK beat THE SOUTHERN POSSE in 2 rounds when Zenk hit a “Z-dog”, a bulldog after kicking off the top turnbuckle pad . . . in the WARRIORS CORNER were KOKO B. WARE and TONY ATLAS then RICO SUAVE . . . Interview babe CHRIS E. interviewed AWF Champ TITO SANTANA. He agreed to be SGT. SLAUGHTER’S partner in the tag team tournament . . . “BIG V” VERN HENDERSON lost to SUPER DESTROYER 1 after a chicken wing . . . Warriors Corner with OLIVER HUMPERDINK talking about his men, the TEXAS HANGMEN . . . CHRIS E. (babe), with CHRIS ADAMS AND KONNAN 2000. Adams says NAILZ and EXECUTIONER attacked 2 COLD SCORPIO in Europe, so he and Konnan will team up and go after them . . . HHCW’s own MANNY FERNANDEZ loses to RON POWERS with his buddy FIDEL SIERRA . . . commentator TERRY TAYLOR says “That’s not the Raging Bull!” . . . NAILZ AND EXECUTIONER in WC . . . Taylor says Nailz’ voice has raised about 9 octaves since he last heard him . . . then WC with SST — SAMOAN SAVAGE AND SAMU . . . Chris E. with JOHNNY GUNN AND JIMMY POWERS . . . Chris E. (babe), and KEN RESNICK (guy), with the TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT PAIRINGS . . . Hangmen vs. Gunn & Powers . . . HERCULES & MR. HUGHES vs. RENEGADES . . . Koko & Atlas vs. Super Destroyers . . . Adams & Konnan vs. SST . . . byes go to Norris & Zenk, TOMMY RICH & GREG VALENTINE, Sierra & Powers, and Nailz & Executioner . . . so after all that buildup, Tito & Sarge are not in the tournament . . . neither are the FREEBIRDS, Taylor points out . . . KENNY KENDALL & BUTCH LONG lose to Herc and Hughes . . . during the match Taylor says hi to Dave Meltzer . . . WC with JEFF GAYLORD . . . Ken with Herc, Hughes, and Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie . . . Sgt. Slaughter says he may not be in the tag team tournament, but he’s coming up next . . . Sarge cobra clutches LIGHTNING FOOT JERRY FLYNN . . . WC with Adnan & Sierra & Powers . . . Ken with Zenk and Norris . . . BLACKTOP BULLY says he’ll be here next week . . . also next week: first 2 matches in the tournament: Hangmen vs. Gunn & Powers, and Koko & Atlas vs. Super Destroyers . . . Sarge tells us we’re dismissed . . . !

WHAT YOU MISSED: Some highlights from the Great American Bash started the show . . . THE NASTY BOYS won a squash over MANNY FERNANDEZ & TOM BURTON . . . Chris Cruise interviewed Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs . . . Bash At the Beach Report: THAT HH GUY will meet VADER in a steel cage, RANDY SAVAGE vs. RIC FLAIR in a “Lifeguard match”, STING defends the US Title against MENG, and PAUL ORNDORFF will hopefully defeat THE RENEGADE in their match for the TV Title . . . GARY JACKSON & LARRY SANTO lost to THE BLUE BLOODS . . . I had to sit through another Kevin Sullivan mini-movie and see him become the TASKMASTER for the 2nd time . . . MARK STARR suffered enormous humiliation as he jobbed for THE RENEGADE . . . PAUL ORNDORFF beat LEROY HOWARD . . . VADER demolished RICKY LANE . . . VADER talked with Chris Cruise to end the show . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: TODD announced that RAZOR RAMON would not be in KOTR . . . THE UNDERTAKER killed MIKE McREYNOLDS . . . ADAM BOMB pinned BILL PAYNE . . . Words from BRET HART. . . SID & TATANKA beat THE HEADSHRINKERS on last week’s RAW . . . LAWLER had his “Dungeon of Torture” segment . . . JOHN PAUL ummmm . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY defeated some guy . . . SHAWN MICHAELS “superkicked” GUS KANNATARAS. . .

SHAWN MICHAELS beat BROOKLYN BRAWLER by countout . . . WAYLON MERCY promo . . . MOM beat JERRY FLYNN and MIKE MCREYNOLD . . . LEN w/STAN LANE . . . UNDERTAKER beat BARRY HOROWITZ with the Tombstone . . . BOB BACKLUND spoke about saving the world . . . WWF Merchandise Guy spoke . . . SKIP w/SUNNY beat JOHN CRYSTAL with a Superplex off the top rope . . . Look back at history of BIGELOW quitting the corporation and what has happened up until KOTR . . . MANTAUR lost to BAM BAM BIGELOW . . . LEN w/STAN LANE . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY beat MIKE KHOURY with the Pedigree . . . A look at LAWLER’S torture chamber . . . KOTR PROMO . . . !

WHAT YOU MISSED: PSYCHO SID & TATANKA squashed GUS KANTARRAKIS & BUCK QUARTERMAINE . . . A look at the events leading up to the KOTR main event . . . WAYLON MERCY promo . . . ADAM BOMB nuked REGINALD WALKER . . . A look at JERRY LAWLER’S torture chamber . . . ALDO MONTOYA pinned BILL PAYNE . . . KOTR report . . . HAKUSHI over BOB COOK . . . BOB BACKLUND promo . . . UNDERTAKER interview . . . MABEL squashed DAVID HASKINS . . . JEAN PIERRE LAFITTE pinned JOHN SENOWSKI . . . KOTR report . . . KOTR promo . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: We saw some highlights from THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH . . . RENEGADE squashed a jobber . . . A look back at VADER scaring NICK BOCKWINKLE and ERIC BISHOFF at the GAB . . . JOHNNY B. BADD over a prelim . . . GENE-O did a BASH AT THE BEACH Control Center . . . KEVIN SULLIVAN and the fat old guy talked, and brought out KAMALA as a weapon against the WCW Champ . . . Gene talked with RANDY SAVAGE . . . DIAMOND DALLAS over a prelim dude . . . In the main event STING and HAWK beat THE HARLEM HEAT when Sting pinned one of the Heat with a body block from the top rope
. . .

Well it looks like I will be reporting NWC house shows for the near future due to prior commitments on the part of Andy (Mcsk8sid). I hope I can fill his shoes. This was the 2nd sellout for the NWC at the Silver Nugget Casino (around 1900), and it certainly lived up to expectations. I just got back from the Nugget (by the way, I just completed a 16 1/2 hr. shift including working a booth in the arena for my job), and I will make this short and sweet. First I would like to thank (in no order), Cactus Jack, Virgil, JYD, and Rob Van Dam for their courtesy to me and my staff working with me tonight. Come to the Zone on me anytime! Now, on to the card. This was the biggest Main Event in the history of the NWC, and it was nice to see Mike Tenay at the show. His radio show by the way I believe will now be on in Vegas on 1340 am beginning on 6/25.


The first appearance of Don Juan in NWC. He looks and acts a lot like Ric Flair, which of course put him in the heel category. It was a quick match with Juan winning with a power slam.


In their first appearance as a tag team, the Native Warriors took quite a beating. Judge Dredd looked pretty good in this match, and took it to both Warriors. Dredd is about 7′ and 400 lb. and will wrestle Sabu for the NWC title Sunday night in California, near Palm Springs. Paine & Dredd were DQ’d after ref. David Wolff was beat up by Dredd (it was a long night for Wolff.


Seemed like a normal interview until Jack made a reference that he could always wrestle in the NWC because the NWC fans like crazy matches like tonight’s main event. I thought ECW was known for that, unless times they are a changin . . . .


Tonight saw Lil Haystacks show the first offensive move he has ever made. NWC has been known for lots of midget matches, but only because the most popular wrestler in the NWC in Little Tokyo. Why? Why ask why. Dean & Keys win when Tokyo was pinned by Haystacks and Dean (yes, that’s right).



Match was delayed when one of the Power Twins was a no show due to laundry duties (?), so he was replaced by The Thug. Thug was not allowed to wrestle until he paid a $500 fine to the Nevada State Athletic Commission for a previous suspension. Bradley and Van Dam look better every time they work together. AA win when one of them pin Larry Powers when Larry took a bump either in the shoulder or knee. However, the title was not given to AA due to The Thug being a substitute. No word yet on another match to determine the tag champs. (David Wolff chokeslamed by The Thug).


For some reason, Virgil wants to be hardcore, desperately. He came in out in fatigues and put the bad mouth on Sabu, Cactus Jack and Mr. Hughes.


This was a bonus match, I think because of the great turnout (TV starts in 2 weeks). Zuma again put on a good show with a variety of high risk moves (he looks like Sting with a surfboard). Zuma wins with a flying clothesline.


This was a grudge match. Last month they got into it after Honky smashed a guitar over Virgil’s head. Guess what . . . Honky wins with the guitar by pinfall. NOW THINGS START TO GET INTERESTING. I knew that a big announcement was coming, but NO ONE was ready for this. Honky starts complaining about the lack of competition in the NWC, and ring announcer/promoter TC Martin says, fine, let me make a phone call. “I’ll be back in 15 minutes”. At this time, the steel cage went up for the main event, but I can’t skip ahead of this one. TC comes back out with Honky and tells him he found a wrestler to face him. On Saturday night, July 22nd at 7:30 PM, the main event will be the Honky Tonk Man vs. . . .  The Ultimate Warrior! UW has returned to wrestling exclusively with the NWC and will once again try to beat the HTM in 55 seconds. And  believe me, this will be Jim Hellwig, the real deal . . . HE IS NOT DEAD!


This is the first of it’s kind ever as far as we know it. The list of weapons was impressive (official list, inventoried by my bud, Web). We had 2 tables, 1 fire extinguisher, 1 cork board, 1 marker board, 1 light cover, 2 fluorescent bulbs, 1 plunger, 1 2×4 (hoooooo), 1 seat cushion, 1 room service tray, 3 plastic chairs, 1 cable, 2 bottles, 1 shovel, and 1 noose.

I cannot cover the entire 30 min. match, but boy were their highlights. Hughes was first out, but then continued to wrestle for another 5 minutes outside the cage along with everyone else. Once order was restored (lol), Sabu and Jack teamed up on Virgil. Now by this point, Virgil was in camo, and now black eye paint was all over his face and body. He came ready to fight, but at one point it was so bad, that Jack pulled a “Doink” hair wig out of his shirt and put it on Virgil. It was then announced that no clowns were allowed in the NWC (thank you).

Virgil gave it a h3ll of a battle from this point forward, but got beat bad. Virgil managed to but the Doink hair on Jack, and he didn’t take it off for 10 minutes or so. Finally, as expected it was Sabu vs. Jack in the ring. In my opinion, this match was not meant for Virgil or Hughes. Things didn’t seem right with the world until it was just the 2 of them left. By this point, Sabu was busted open pretty bad, and Jack was on his way too. Sabu took over using a number of the remaining pieces left of the weapons and put Jack in a bad spot. Now I have seen lots of footage of Sabu vs. Jack but this seemed different. They just had done about as much to each other in the past year as you could do. So tonight, Sabu took it up a level. Tonight I saw my first ever moonsault from the top of the cage (on top of Cactus Jack)! It was the finest Sabu moonsault I have ever seen, But THE TABLE DIDN’T BREAK. So now, we move on to the legdrop onto Jack on the table. BUT THE TABLE DIDN’T BREAK. I swear at this  point I thought Sabu and Jack were both dead! One of the legs on the table was bent badly so the table did not break. It still lives today, and I may try to buy it on Monday after surviving that. Some more weapons were driven into the head of Cactus, and he was finally dragged out but EMT personnel (Emergency Medical Training). Sabu wins again over Jack in the NWC (3 for 3). By the way, ref. David Wolff was eliminated and carried out after a Cactus swing neck-breaker. Good think 911 wasn’t here or you would be dead by now.

This was the best NWC card yet, and with the bombshell of UW coming in July (he will also do an autograph session on Sat. afternoon), NWC made some MAJOR steps tonight in the right direction.

USWA TV Show, 25 June 1995, by CRUNGE
WHAT YOU MISSED: BRANDON BAXTER came out and introduced his new corporation, called the LEGEND SLAYERS: out came DOUG GILBERT, BRIAN LEE, and JIMMY HARRIS . . . Gilbert lost to BRICKHOUSE BROWN when Lee and Harris jumped in the ring; JERRY LAWLER and BILL DUNDEE made the save, and gave Baxter a spanking with a street sign . . . Lawler/Dundee beat two jobbers; after the match, Gilbert, Lee, Harris, and Baxter attacked until PG-13 made the save . . . clips of the Best of Louisville tournament . . . BILLY JACK HAYNES beat a jobber . . . clips of the Hall of Fame inductions from a few weeks ago; the first inductee was EDDIE GILBERT, then PHIL HICKERSON, JOE LeDUC, BILLY Somebody, and JACKIE FARGO . . . BRIAN CHRISTOPHER had some comments for Billy Jack . . . GAMBLER/GORGEOUS GEORGE III w/DOWNTOWN BRUNO and UPTOWN KAREN lost to PG-13 . . .

Savio Vega beat IRS with a spinning kick to qualify for the KOTR tournie . . .

WWF KOTR Pay per View Quarter finals:

Savio Vega beat YokoTuna by count out . . .
The Rodie beat Bob “Spark Plug” Holly . . .
Michaels and Kama Time Limit Draw (both eliminated) . . .
Mabel beat Undertaker (Due to interference from Kama while the ref. was knocked out.) . . .

Semi Finals
Vega beat Roadie . . . .
Mabel advanced due to a bye in the Michaels-Kama Match . . .

Mabel defeated Savio Vega. Then Mabel and Mo beat up Razor and Vega. 123 Kid came to help and also got beat up as usual . . .

Kiss my foot match
Bret Hart beat Jerry Lawler after Hakushi interfered. Bret made Lawler not only kiss His foot, but also shoved Lawler’s foot into his own (Lawler’s’) mouth.

Tag Team Match
Diesel/Bam Bam beat Sid/Tatanka. Diesel Jackknifed Tatanka, Sid walked out of the arena and Diesel pinned Pocahontas Tatanka.

The Next PPV will be on July 21st? from Texas. In Your house.

We are now less than one week away from the ECW summer get together and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support in this venture. It’s going to be a lot of fun and a weekend that I’m sure those of you coming in will long remember. I’d like to take this bandwidth to go over a few things, give ya reminders and so forth that may come up as the days grow closer.

First of all, let me say up front — There is no room in the Inn. Yes, a Christmas reference and also to where we are staying and focal points of activity. The hotel for the con and where the Flagstaff bus leaves from is the Holiday Inn at the Phila Int’l Airport in Essington, PA. It’s on Rte I-291 off I-95. The number there is 610-521-2400. Check in time is 2 PM and that should give you all time to get settled, relax before the bus leaves. I plan on arriving at the hotel at about 12 PM to get my butt settled among other parts of my anatomy. There is a restaurant in the hotel as well as a Denny’s next door so if anyone that is already going to be at the hotel, we can make plans for lunch and hang out.

The fine folks at Martz Lines are providing the bus up to the Flagstaff. For those few of you that joined us back in February remember this trip and let me say a few things about that. I’ve requested that Danny Sowell be our driver again and also thanks to Ed Zohn, I’ve been able to get alternate directions so you needn’t worry about that d@mn hill again. Sure that lady who lives at the corner is happy about that. As was the case last time there will be the last few weeks of ECW TV shown to get you all up to date and the tape will have some nice surprises as well.

For those of you going on the bus, I’ll be distributing the tickets for the events at the time you enter the bus. These will be the tickets to the Flagstaff, Convention admission tickets and the tickets to the Arena show. I’ve mailed out the rest and some of you have made plans to pick them up from me at Flagstaff. Those of you with 2nd row Ringside should be very happy with the view and those with General Admission will be as well as with the closeness of the place this night and all cards at the Flagstaff take on a “party” atmosphere and is a nice way to start off. As much as I was hoping for the stadium show, I’m always happy to head to the Flagstaff for a show. Once again I want to thank Ed for his help with the tickets and also to Jake Arner, Flagstaff owner for helping coordinate this date, so we should keep that in mind while there.

We will return to the Holiday Inn right after the show and this time’s viewing will feature the stars of New Frontier Wrestling. A young group that has impressed a lot and you’ve seen some of these guys on WWF in “squash” matches and getting to see them work to the top of the ability is something to look forward to. A special thanks to Ted “Scott Sullivan” Hobgood for getting the tape together and just doing so much as far as designs and extra work for this, he deserves our thanks and some notice from some of these other groups!

If you got a T-shirt from Ted for this con, I’m sure he’ll be adding to this as to how you can get it from him.

Saturday afternoon at a room to be announced at the Holiday Inn we’ll all be at will be the ECW get together. We are full on this more than you can imagine. Admission is by pre-paid ticket only. If you’re signed up, paid with me you are all set. There are a few stragglers that have reservations that will be finishing up this week. You can expect ECW champion Sandman to attend as well as getting to say “Hey Champ” to the Public Enemy. I’m also hoping to have Cactus Jack in attendance as well as the other stars of ECW. Injuries and other commitments may keep some from attending but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with those that are there we just need to beef up security so Bill Alfonso doesn’t get in, even though some of you (right Brett), want to get their hands on his weasely @ss. This will be a chance to get some pictures with and of the ECW stars, get autographs and ask some questions. This was a lot of fun last year and should be even more so this time. SCHEDULED times for this are from 2 PM –5 PM. A lunch time road trip to the legendary Tony Luke’s could be taking place and that will be more firmed up over the weekend.

Then, it’s Saturday night and Hardcore Heaven ’95 at the ECW Arena. With the time that the con will be over and the fact that there will be already assembled mutants at the Arena I’m working on making sure those of you with bleacher seating get in there and can all sit together. I’m hoping to have an answer on that very soon. The show begins at 7:30 and should be over around 11 or so and for those of you staying in Philadelphia again Sat night, there’s gonna be a lot to do at night. We may have a group going out, so again be watching for that!

As of now here are the line-ups for both nights. These can of course change with travel problems or whatever . . .

Friday night June 30th Mountain Top Madness

ECW World Heavyweight Title match Sandman w/Woman vs. Tommy Dreamer w/Luna
ECW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH Public Enemy vs. Raven & Steve Richards w/Bhuela

Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas debate the neutral zone trap

BARBED WIRE BAT MATCH Axl Rotten vs. Ian Rotten

COORS LIGHT MATCH Hack Myers vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

also there:
Taz, 911, Paul E and much more . . .

Saturday Night 1 July Hardcore Heaven ’95 ECW Arena

ECW World Heavyweight Title match **STIPULATIONS TO BE ANNOUNCED THIS TUESDAY***** Sandman w/Woman vs. Cactus Jack

The Final battle between Ian Rotten and Axl Rotten

Tommy Dreamer and Luna take on Raven and Steve Richards

and a lot more with 2 Cold Scorpio, Taz, Shane Douglas, Public Enemy and a whole h3ll of a lot more including the ever annoying Bill Alfonso.

This is going to be a lot of fun and hope that you will all have fun with it as well. ECW is about being EXTREME and cares about the fans. if you saw Double Tables you know what that the guys put it a notch higher that night as they knew of all of those that came in, so with this being bigger and better, who knows.

I’ll be tying up loose ends in the TV report this Tuesday and for those of you that are on the mail list and here on AOL and the net — keep a eye out for it anytime after 7:15 PM Eastern.

Thanks to all of those that were there with help and support through all of this with a special bit of thanks to Tod Gordon, Ed Zohn, Ted  Hobgood, Ruth Ann Compton of Martz, Phyllis Turner of the Holiday Inn, Dave Scherer. THANKS!

1. Shane Douglas will sign with the WWF. He will be pushed as a big time heel. WWF is even entertaining the idea of giving Douglas an interview  forum, much like “The King’s Court” and “Heartbreak Hotel”.

Here is what to look for in the WCW:

1. Harlem Heat will regain the tag team belts (probably at July PPV triangle  match); only to lose them to “Colonel” Parker’s team of Bunkhouse Buck and “Dirty” Dick Slater. This will leave the “Bluebloods” as the only big name tag team not to have held the belts. Therefore, you can expect the “Bluebloods” to be next in line, unless, WCW reunites the “Hollywood Blondes”.

2. It’s only a matter of time before “Das Wunderkid” Alex Wright turns heel. Depending upon who his opponent will be, it will probably occur at the July PPV, that’s if WCW decides to schedule him on the card.

3. WCW will likely move up the “Macho Man’s” heel turn in order to increase viewer interest for it’s new 2 hour show on TNT.

4. Speaking of Savage, expect his return match with Flair to be either a cage match, strap match, or a lumberjack match.

*Note* Starting Saturday, I will be away on military orders for two weeks, therefore, my column will not appear in the next two Ring Reports. Have a good 4th of July and drive safe if you are traveling over the holidays. Enjoy “King of the Ring”.

WARNING: An upcoming plot is given away within this article. If you are still foolish enough to be a mark, by all means read on.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pretty hard on WCW. My personal preference has been to call them WWFjr since that’s what Bischoff has turned them into. I’ve blasted their productions, their work, their pay-per-views, their champions . . . basically, I’ve blasted the promotion itself. With all that in mind, I decided to sit down and write about what they’re doing right. And, I’ve come to this conclusion . . . they aren’t doing a whole lot right.

While the WWF holds tapings the week after their pay-per-views, thereby helping to keep the storylines secret. The WCW has been holding tapings sometimes months in advance. If a title is going to change hands, we know about it. In cyberspace, we’ve gotten a posting from someone at the TV tapings. Or, when watching the programs, the champion will start coming to the ring without the belt before he’s lost it. (For instance, at the recent tapings, Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater won the tag titles. You may have seen this match already, or it may take a few weeks.)

WrestleMania not withstanding, the WWF provides consistently better coverage. The camera angles are usually better for not seeing bad work. Rarely are WWF cameras scanning the crowd when something is happening in the ring. And say what you will about VinnieMac, I’ll take him any day over Tony (If I shout the name of the move and say nothing else, it’ll seem like I know what I’m doing.), Schivone.

Well that’s it for my pro-WCW column. What do you think? Am I generous with praise or what?

By the way, it’s nice to see that Roddy Piper can still flame Bollea with the best of them. In a recent appearance on FX’s “Breakfast Time”, Hot Rod claimed that he’s the reason Bollea is bald. LOL!

One totally bizarre week leading into another . . .

Yes folks, there have been some changes on staff that may mix you up a bit at first but don’t worry — you’ll get used to it once if I can.  I did screw up this week and turn down applicants for the WCW Pro Wrestling slot when I thought I had it filled.  If you’re interested in it please e-mail me here at

This is going to be a big week for me as I’ve finally decided to set a deadline and find work this week.  Yes, calling all of you in Central, PA — I’ll work for X-Com, Comics, and paying off my Visa & Mastercards!  I have no Unix skills, but I’m a pretty d@mn good windows user/trouble shooter/guy people go to when they need answers to their computer questions.  Heck, I’d even work from home via e-mail if you’ve got one of those positons to offer since relocation is out of the question (going back to college in the fall).  Any help is appreciated, all offers are welcome (even non-computer jobs), and I’ll be forever in your debt (and hopefully out of debt to my college, my parents, Mr. Visa, Mr. Mastercard, Mr. Montogmery Ward, and Mr.’s Rocco & Johnny! 🙂

This week also marks the summer ECW Convention which Tom Misnik and others have worked so hard on putting together.  I’m glad for them and let’s hope that it goes off without a hitch!

On that, I’m out of here and wish me luck for this week ’cause I’m a-going to need it! 🙂

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