The Ring Report TV Update 7/31/95 Vol. 1, No. 127

The Ring Report TV Update 7/31/95 Vol. 1, No. 127
(“Reflections of a spudhead issue!”)
[NOTE: These are rumors as reported by local hot-lines, on-line wrestling boards and from talking to people in the wrestling industry. As they are *rumors* and not *facts* we ask that you make up your own mind as to their validity.]

WWF NEWS: This week’s wrestling news has been totally dominated by one story — JEFF JARRETT and ROADIE legitimately quit the WWF. This is apparently not an angle! . . . Immediately following Jarrett’s loss to SHAWN MICHAELS, Jarrett and Roadie grabbed their gym bags and left the arena. They didn’t even bother to shower and change clothes . . . If you recall VINCE MCMAHON’S mic supposedly went out shortly after that . . . Apparently, Vince was back trying to straighten out with Jarrett and Roadie and there was nothing wrong with the mike . . . Conflicting reports are coming out as to why Jarrett and Roadie quit . . . The most frequently heard rumor is that Roadie, BRIAN ARMSTRONG, has a major drug problem. Reports say Roadie refused to give up his “heavy use of and addictive substance” as the WWF had asked . . . The WWF was becoming worried about the safety of the wrestlers wrestling Roadie because of the potential for serious injury because of Roadie fouling up moves while under the influence . . . Jarrett and Roadie were apparently very good friends and he was simply standing by his friend. By standing by his friend, Jarrett has virtually destroyed his wrestling career . . . Both Jarrett and Roadie were in the midst of big pushes by the WWF . . . The WWF is apparently interested in possibly getting Jarrett back, but says Roadie will never work in the WWF again . . . The WWF is unloading all the JJ merchandise and has canceled plans for another music video which was to be shot in Denver next week . . . Again, please remember, there are a lot of rumors and conflicting accounts of why Jarrett and Roadie left the WWF . . . It will probably be a couple of weeks until we get the full story of what happened . . .

Good Lord, a wrestling show on a weeknight when I have to be at work the next day? Ah, why not? I hadn’t heard anything earth shattering about the federation as of yet and for the small admittance fee of $10, I figured I could bolt out of there if I got bored. However, this was NOT to be the case. Read on . . .

I arrived at the Silo Nightclub at approximately 5:45 PM A tad bit early? Yes, well, I didn’t realize how close to Reading I lived. That was fine though because it gave me a chance to talk with some of the folks in line. It seemed that they were regulars and knew most of the people who worked with the promotion. From what I gathered, The Silo is one of the more frequent homes for the PCW shows.

While standing in line, I got a gander at some of the hot names that were to be part of this three day extravaganza. The Heavenly Bodies (The Dr. of Desire, Tom Pritchard and The Gigolo Jimmy Del Ray), walked by and following behind them was a small cloud of dust believed to be their egos. These were only a couple of the intense surprises that I had in store for me tonight.

I entered The Silo and attempted to find my seat. MadDogJMF met me there so we had a rough time trying to find two seats together, so we decided to sit at the bar for a moment. I had a vague idea of what Blaine looked like so I set out to search for him. Luckily, I didn’t have to search long. I introduced myself and he led us over to my reserved ringside table (VIP treatment, if ever I saw it). We were able to sit and talk with Blaine for about 20 minutes and were also lucky enough to meet his beautiful wife and his son. During our little chat, Blaine informed me that he had added a couple of matches just for me and that he also had a couple of surprises in store for me. He wouldn’t elaborate any more than that but I LOVE surprises so I was really looking forward to this. He fed us some inside scoops and informed us that he had to tend to a few things before the show and excused himself. He returned approximately 15 minutes later with a question.

“I know this is your reserved table but would you mind if we put a couple of the regulars here with you?”. Oh, how nice. I’m going to end up with Sign Guy and Dreads at my table, right? WRONG! I had no clue what I was in for with these two. I had the honor of sitting and conversing with Mike Spillane (call him Mickey, he loves it), and Todd Duchynsjki. They are part of the BYWF (Back Yard Wrestling Federation). They also have a web page on the World Wide Web so if you get a chance, check it out. These two were the best hecklers I’ve ever seen. They have Manson, Sign Guy and Dreads beat by a mile. They had great posters and really knows how to get everyone’s attention. They had the entire audience in roars of laughter throughout the night and they added a LOT to the show.

And out comes the ring announcer, looking like Harley Race in a bad tux (but nevertheless, a very nice guy). Bill Apter was in attendance at ringside as well. Poor Mike Spillane has been trying to get into the PW 500 for the longest time now so I had to sit and listen to him gripe about how Apter is a loser and will never put him in the PWI 500. Finally, Apter spoke to him and that was all it took. He got Apter’s fax number and was a very happy camper for the rest of the evening. Watch for him in the PWI 500 soon. He has the charisma to make it in the business, guaranteed. However, not everyone is Mike’s fan.

This woman . . . older woman . . . bless her heart, she had to be around 85 years old and a HUGE Johnny Gunn fan. She had seen Mike Spillane at a previous show, obviously heckling Gunn, her idol. She proceeded to tell him that if he heckled Johnny tonight, she was going to beat him up and then pour a Coke over his head. I was hysterical with laughter. She reminded me of Ringside Rosie.

The show starts with Captain Lou — The Guiding Light — on the microphone (and we all know what happens when you give a microphone to Capt. Lou). However, I must say he had many positive things to say about the PCW and how proud he was to be a part of this promotion and how proud he was to be managing Assault and Battery (“The Maniac” Jimmy Deo and Maxx Crimson), the PCW Tag Team Champions. What felt like hours later (actually, only about 10 minutes), the matches began. Oh dear God, what was I getting myself into?

First match of the evening was Striker (225 lb., hailing from Parts Unknown), and Metalhead (weighed probably around the same), vs. Double Delight (combo weight of 625 lb.), who looked like very LARGE Chippendale dancers. They were accompanied to the ring by their valet, the lovely Juliet. (This was a beautiful young <very young> lady wearing a starts & stripes bikini. Metalhead was pinned while trying to hit on Juliet. That’ll teach you to mess with the valet.

The match itself wasn’t bad. There were some quick moves, even for Double Delight. There is some good talent there that can be utilized well if trained properly.

The next match was Butcher Blackwell vs. Big Mark Mest. “Big” can’t even begin to explain Mark Mest. The man is astronomical! These two performers are VERY agile for as big as they are (easily 350 — 400 lb. each). This was a surprisingly fast paced match with some very good moves. Juliet comes out and proves as a distraction to Big Mark (Mmm, looks like she has a thing for big guys), which allows Butcher to roll him up for the pin. (Of course, having his feet on the ropes for leverage helped him a lot, too), The ref. didn’t see it, of course so at the next show, we’ll be taking a collection to buy some new specs for him.

Blaine has an added attraction to his shows and that is his interviewing after each match. I think this is a great idea because it allows you to get a feel for what the wrestlers are like and also provides for keen photo opportunities. The next match was Blue Collar Kevin King (they said he was 240 lb. but I don’t know where that weight was being kept . . . maybe in his boots). He looked very tall, thin and lanky. He had his hair pulled back in a ponytail and a Harley Davidson denim jacket on. This guy looked like the epitome of redneck. He wrestled Jimmy B. Good with his manager Judd the Stud. They saunter out to “Livin’ On The Edge” by Aerosmith and was the first theme music I heard so far this evening. (Blaine, are you reading this? More theme tunes, please), Kevin is quick for being thin and not looking to be in the best of shape. Mike Spillane began a “Judd is Effeminate” chant and also made a poster to help his cause. This drove Judd CRAZY!! Judd is a lanky, thin young man. Attractive but VERY cocky . . . good hair. (Blaine said something about Judd being pH balanced . . . :), Judd is EASILY riled up which added to the fun. Of course, Mike had everyone in hysterics by going into his “effeminate” chant every 5 minutes of when things got a little slow. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the winner of the match because I was laughing so hard. I’ll have to defer this one to James Krick (Editor’s note: it was Jimmy B. Good all the way).

Next match was Chuck Sloan (220 lb.), vs. Ubas (185 lb. from Bombay, India). Ubas is one impressive kid! He’s very young and VERY hungry for wrestling! He begins with a flying back body block to Chuck. He has good, fast moves and EXCELLENT technical wrestling skills. He seems to really thrive on high flying, aerial moves as he executed several flying splashes off of the top rope. No, not off of the turnbuckle but off of the rope itself! I knew who had this match won about 5 minutes into it and Ubas validated this by getting the pin after a perfect moonsault off of the turnbuckle and onto Chuck! Ubas came over after the match and shook my hand and even gave me a hug. I told him I was very impressed with his abilities and he seemed very appreciative. Blaine then proceeded to ask me if I enjoyed the match and I said that I did, very much. He said that was one of the matches that he added just for me and also asked if I knew what Ubas was if you spelled it backwards. Well, considering Ubas was being billed as hailing from Bombay, India and a high flyer, I had a pretty good idea what he was trying to say. :), However, Ubas has only been wrestling for about 2 1/2 months and for only having been in the business for that long, I believe we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the future. This is a talented kid who has a lot going for him, including the desire to work . . . really work . . . and he’s very happy to be in the company of people who enjoy watching him. It’s a nice change from the norm.

Blaine then invited Larry Sharpe to come up and take a bow. Larry indicated that he was happy to be in the company of such greats as Captain Lou Albano. He also indicated to us that the first match he EVER watched as a child involved Captain Lou. I’m not sure if he was trying to tell us that Captain Lou was old or not but I think that was the point that came across.

Blaine then invited a tag team known as “Bad Attitude” to come to the ring for an interview. They slowly made their way to the ring to the pulsing beat of “Dr. Feelgood.” These twin brothers look like Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart with about 100 lb. more muscle on them. Both were wearing black T-shirts w/a skull and crossbones on the front, bandannas around their heads and shades (with the lighting in there, you needed the shades). Blaine told BA that there was one person in particular that he wanted them to meet. He motioned towards me and said “Carrie Messantonio, look at these guys. Big, mean guys, huh?”. I just nodded, figuring that this was another one of my surprises. These two guys were now glaring at Mike at our table for heckling them. I forget exactly what he was saying to them but BA never forgot. Blaine proceeded to inform them that he thought he saw them on some TV show the other night. He says “I think I was watching The Sports Channel in Philadelphia . . . let’s see . . . I think it’s on Tuesday nights at 6 PM”. Before they could even answer, I could hear the mutants about 3 tables away from me begin “ECW, ECW, ECW”. After the interview was over, BA recalled what Mike had previously said to them in his rants of heckling and decided to pay him a visit. They got close to his face, sneered and growled and then turned to me. They softened up slightly and one of them said “You’re not related to him, are you?”. I laughed and said no. They invited Mike into the ring but he seemed to have been glued to his chair. I’m not quite sure what the problem was but he murmured something about being paralyzed. Funny thing about Mike, he has the ability to heal himself because he quickly regained use of his limbs as soon as BA hit the exit door.

The next match was for the PCW Junior Heavyweight Championship. The champion, Steve Corino (201 lb.), hailing from Winnipeg Canada vs. The Midnight Rocker (212 lb.) hailing from New York City. The Rocker had an Ultimate Warrior thing going for him (including his fashion theme) although I have to admit that he has a few more moves than Hellwig. Corino is a quick, technical wrestler. He’s very weak in his drop kicks but if he works on them, they could be devastating. The Rocker attempted a piledriver on Corino but the champ was able to reverse it and The Rocker ended up on the receiving end of the piledriver. In doing so, it caused one of The Rocker’s rubberbands to fall out of his dreadlocks. In a spontaneous fit of improvisation, Corino picked it up and shot him in the face with it to the amusement of the fans. Corino executed a headbutt to The Rocker’s groin but somehow, he recovered and delivered a NICE superkick to the champ (a little chin music, please). After some smooth wrestling moves and amusing Ultimate Warrior flashbacks, Steve Corino retains the belt after executing a perfect cross bodyblock AND (this is important now, so pay attention), hooking the leg.

Ah, intermission. I was able to converse with Gary Walters, Eric Tennant, Sammy Siegel and a host of other ECW mutants. After a trip to the ladies room and receiving cooking tips from Sammy (the gourmet chef), and Eric (knows how to boil water), I decided to take my seat. There was a little entertainment happening inside the ring with the Heavenly Bodies along with Judd the Stud (Dud is more like it), talking trash on the microphone. They were slated to wrestle Assault & Battery on this evening and their manager, The Guiding Light, Captain Lou Albano emerged to set things straight. After trading several insults back and forth between these guys, “The Maniac” Jimmy Deo (1/2 of A&B) emerged with a vengeance. The Bodies decide to hide behind Blaine and show their true colors, yellow. Lou finally gets to his boiling point and completely DECKS Judd to resounding applause! The Bodies then proceed to chase after Apter and he retorts by setting off the ol’ camera flash in their faces. It slows them a bit and enables A&B to chase the Bodies around the ring. Finally The Bodies ask A&B to wait until the actual match so that they can talk with the fans, have their photos taken with them, give them autographs, etc. (Yeah, they just called us mushroom pickers and now we want our photos taken with them. I don’t think so.), A&B hone their anger until the match and exit the ring for the time being (much to MY dismay!)

Now, inside the ring, The Bodies are inviting the fans to come into the ring and have their photos taken with them and autographed for $5.00. Not a huge line but it gives us a chance to heckle them for a while. While this is going on, Judd (who now looks like a 70’s disco reject), is making his way around the ring while people chant “weasel” (how appropriate). Of course, Mike Spillane had to get in on it and got in Judd’s Face. Judd was getting irritated as he turned to Mike and said “You know, you’re really getting on my nerves” to which Mike quickly responds with “You know, you really have pert breasts”. I DIED laughing! I didn’t SAY anything, mind you. But I did find the comment amusing. Judd now looks at me, looks back at Mike and said “I don’t know how you know what pert breasts look like if you’re looking at HER” as he points to me. I told him he was just jealous because I look better on my worst day than he does on his best. 🙂

We’re still at intermission, mind you. Just a little mindless entertainment to pass the time until the next match. I informed Blaine that Judd was very rude to me and before the next interview, he began a “Judd is a Dud” chant to get back at him for the comment regarding my breasts. (My eternal gratitude to Blaine for that ne!), 🙂

Intermission is over and Blaine brings out Double J for an interview. Ain’t he great? (sigh), Same boring ramble that this guy does in the WWF. (sorry guys, I was never impressed with JJ). At least his new entrance tune isn’t bad. Even though it’s country (hack-gag-cough-wheeze), I can deal with it.

Ah, the match *I’VE* been waiting for. For the PCW Tag Team Title. Captain Lou Albano emerges with Assault & Battery (“The Maniac” Jimmy Deo and Maxx Crimson), the current champions. The entrance music is some sort of speed metal tune but it’s great!! Even Bill Apter was dancing at ringside. What a sight to see. Thank God I didn’t eat dinner that evening. The Heavenly Bodies emerge with Judd the Stud (gag), to surprisingly good music. The match begins as Pritchard unloads on Deo but Deo is QUICK to recover. Pritchard unloads again and swings Deo into the turn-buckle but in a true, team-like spirit, Maxx shields the blow by placing his body across the turnbuckle. Deo swings Pritchard towards the turnbuckle and The Gigolo Jimmy Del Ray attempts to do the same thing that Maxx did for Deo. However, all it gets him are several kicks to the gut from Maxx. A&B doubleteam The Bodies and Deo begins to work Del Ray over, but GOOD! A&B win with a three count and are still the champions. A brawl ensues (as we figured it would), and they finally exit the area.

The Lumberjack Match for the PCW Heavyweight Championship. The lumberjacks on the Heel side are The Midnight Rocker, Big Dale Leisey, Jeff Shirk, Jimmy B. Good, Chuck Sloan, Judd The Stud, Butcher Blackwell, Bad Boy Owei-O and Bad Attitude — Seek & Destroy. On the face side are Blue Collar Kevin King, The Chef — DZ Gillespie (along with his cookies), Steve “Cristy” Corino, Romeo Catino, Vinne “Sweetheart” Biondo, Ubas (there’s my boy!), Troy Mest, Mark Mest, Jimmy Deo :), Maxx Crimson and Captain Lou Albano.

The match? The champion, Crash the Terminator (342 lb.), vs. Johnny Gunn (255 lb.). The first part of the match is all Gunn as he begins by bulldogging Crash. Each wrestler was thrown out of the ring and into the lumberjacks of the opposing side, so pretty much everyone got a good shot at their least favorite wrestler at one point or another. However, there was one thing I found out about Crash that wasn’t all that positive (aside from the fact that he is a heel). He seems to have this fetish for spitting. He spits towards Jimmy Deo (who just happens to be in front of me at ringside), and I was lucky enough to get some residual of that. I called him some derogatory name and he leaned over and said “Awwwww, did I get you?”. Once again, I affirmed this with another name or two and this prompted him to spit at ME this time! I informed him that I hope he had his rabies shots this year. I also heard Captain Lou scream at him from the floor saying “How dare you do that to this beautiful young lady”. I don’t think either comment phased Crash in the least. Bad Attitude was continually harassing A&B at ringside . . . they harassed me too but it seemed that A&B clocked ’em both a few times just for me. (I didn’t help things much by saying things about their mama. 😉 Crash wins with a BEAUTIFUL moonsault off the turnbuckle. Gunn tells Crash he beat him fair and square (sure he did), and asked if he could just hold the belt. He even said he’d strap it on Crash. Crash hands him the belt and turns his back on him (bad move). This is where Crash gets CLOCKED in the head.

The final match of the evening . . . PCW US Championship Match. The one, the only, Double J Jeff Jarrett (That’s J-E Double F, Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . Ah, you know the rest), vs. Jimmy Powers (HUGE guy — 250 lb. all muscle). Jarrett seemed to have trouble getting in the ring (you know how he is, he always has to step outside the ring until HE’S ready). The ref., Tony Nichols, begins to count him out. Double J stands there and counts with him. (I thought in-breeding impaired that ability). He rolls in the ring on the count of 9 and rolls back out. He dances around several times before getting into the ring. Good match all in all but Double J wins by an illegal maneuver (he sits on Powers’ face and holds the ropes for leverage). Powers asks him to come back in the ring and win like a real man since he won by cheating. Double J dances around this a bit and finally walks out with the belt. Well, there is always Gilbertsville.

I really, REALLY enjoyed the show! Yes, I’m still an ECW fan (sorry Jimmy Deo), and probably always will be (at least as long as Cactus is there), but I now have a renewed appreciation for other independent shows.

A fire hall? I really didn’t think I was going to like this show quite as much. The atmosphere just wasn’t the same but I am always willing to try something new.

As soon as I walk in the door, who do I see but the infamous ECW Stanley (“Take A Bath, Stanley”), being as loud as usual. He starts hitting on me and Jimmy promptly puts him in his place. (Thanks. I didn’t want to have to stay down-wind of him all night). Once again, Gary Walters was there and his crew so I had my chance to razz him for most of the night.

I was escorted to my own little spot up in front of the arena where the wrestlers entered. I also got to play a bit of “valet” that night for Assault & Battery (luckily, I dressed for the occasion). That was nice. I even had some kids asking me for my autograph. I was flabbergasted because I haven’t had anyone ask for my autograph in AGES.

I got a chance to talk to the ref., Tony Nichols, and I asked him if he’d like to borrow my glasses. He thanked me for the offer but said Double J had already offered him a pair.

The first match was Tombstone (a large man with a Jason from Friday the 13th mask on), and The Crippler Kevin King (last night, he was Blue Collar Kevin King), vs. Double Delight with their valet, Juliet. This was sort of a weak match. Double Delight wins when Romeo pinned Kevin. Kevin was easily pinned because he got a bit distracted by Juliet.

The next match is for the PCW Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Once again, The Midnight Rocker vs. Steve Corino. The Rocker clips Corino’s knee and works the leg. Rocker also gets a chair to work the leg a little more (Hey, this isn’t the ECW!! No matter, any foreign object is good to use as far as I’m concerned). A part of the chair breaks and the ref. comes over and hands me a rod from the chair. I have to wonder if he knows what he’s doing but it doesn’t matter. I can always put it to good use. Corino finally gets some control and cracks The Rocker with a chair. The Rocker grabs someone’s crutches (this is getting better and better), and wails on Corino. The Rocker is disqualified and Corino retains the title. Judd gets involved and out comes Big Mark Mest. This seems to be the cue for everyone to exit the ring. (You would too if you saw Big Mark Mest)

Next up are The Mest Brothers vs. The Dark Forces. Juliet provides a distraction to Mark Mest which helps The Dark Forces win. Troy Mest starts screaming at his brother, Mark asking him what happened. He told him not to let it happen again, they shake hands and exit the area.

The next match is The Heavenly Bodies w/Judd the Studd vs. Assault & Battery with The Guiding Light, Captain Lou Albano. The Bodies win the Tag Team belts with interference from Judd. (this won’t last long, I’m convinced of it). Jimmy Deo has shown an EXCELLENT ring presence at this show as well as the night before. For some reason though, tonight he’s better than ever!

Next comes the Lumberjack match. Pretty much the same lumberjacks as the evening before and it’s the champion, Crash the Terminator vs. Johnny Gunn. Somehow Gunn and Crash get away from the lumberjacks and work their way around the perimeter of the firehall. They use everything in sight — chairs, trash cans, tables, ropes, etc. Gunn was dragging Crash around and used almost everything he could find. (Unfortunately, no kitchen sink here). Finally, back in the ring, Johnny executes a BEAUTIFUL DDT to Crash. However, Crash wins while two of the lumberjacks hold his hands over the ropes for leverage while pinning Gunn. Once again, a brawl ensues and Deo is having a BALL bodyslamming several of the heel wrestlers on the FLOOR — not on any mats, mind you. On the FLOOR. Gunn challenges Crash to come back to the ring because he said he can’t win on his own. He came back to the ring to the tune of two chairshots and another DDT.

PCW US Championship title match with Double J vs. Jimmy Powers. Double J has trouble starting the match again and keeps saying something about it being “two on one and I’m going to even up the odds” so he goes out and gets Crash the Terminator. Crash doesn’t get involved until the end when Jarrett pins Powers, Powers has his foot over the ropes and Crash pushes it off. Double J retains the title.

Once again, this show was a lot of fun!! Even though it was held in the firehall, there were a lot of fans there and the noise, at times, was deafening.

One more write-up to go. From ringside . . .

PCW AT THE WIND GAP Saturday, July 21, 1995 Tennessee Invasion ’95 This was a great show. It’s funny to see kids who are so skeptical because all I heard before the show was “That’s not the real Double J. He’s in Memphis getting ready for In Your House show tomorrow”. Well, finally when they saw him, they got to see that it WAS indeed him.

I didn’t get a chance to take notes at this show because I was the ringside photographer at this one. I got some GREAT shots that hopefully Blaine will be able to use for promo shots (if I ever get them developed — 7 rolls of film tends to cost a little money). Anyway, on with the show.

Being behind the scenes at this show gave me more of an “at ease” feeling. I can’t explain it but knowing what’s going on is always a lot of fun. (I still got some people asking me for my autograph at this one too).

First match, John Rotten vs. Chuck Sloan. Rotten gets the pin.

Next, Double Delight vs. The Mighty Mest Brothers (The Mighty BIG Mest Brothers). Mark gets distracted once again by Juliet and gets pinned. Troy begins to argue with him again. I guess Mark had enough of Troy’s mouth because he gave him a VICIOUS clothesline which knocked him all the way out of the ring. Mark now becomes part of The Love Connection with Double Delight and Juliet.

Ubas (YEAH!!), vs. Stryker. Fast match as Ubas dominated almost the entire thing. Ubas wins with a moonsault (CLEAN and crisp!), after wearing Stryker down with SEVERAL aerial moves through the match . . . including one off of the rope and onto Stryker on the floor!!

Bad Attitude (Seek & Destroy), vs. Butcher Blackwell, Jimmy B. Good and Blue Collar Kevin King in a Handicap Tag Team match. Bad Attitude wins after several squashes into the turnbuckle for each of the opposing team members. It’s amazing how well that ring held up. I honestly thought it was going to topple over.

Intermission and photos with The Heavenly Bodies.

PCW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match with Steve Corino vs. The Midnight Rocker. Corino wins and retains the title. He executed some beautiful aerial moves. Judd attempts to interfere and Captain Lou comes out and clocks him once again! Captain Lou tells everyone that he’s been watching Corino for the past three days and he likes his style and is really tired of Judd interfering in the matches. By this time Judd is long gone after being cracked by Lou.

Tag Team Title match with Assault & Battery (Jimmy Deo and Maxx Crimson), with their Guiding Light, Capt. Lou Albano vs. The Heavenly Bodies w/Judd the Stud. Tonight, A&B get their Tag Team Title belts back, even after Judd attempts to interfere. He tried to pull the boot of Jimmy Deo, when in fact, he got a hold of Dr. Tom Pritchard’s boot which aided in his being pinned. During the interview with A&B, Bad Attitude emerges and a brawl ensues. They sign a contract stating that there will be championship match sometime in the future between these two teams. God, this is NOT to be missed!!! I can’t WAIT to see this one! Hopefully, it’ll be at the Kutztown show in August.

PCW Heavyweight Championship Match with pretty much the same lumberjacks again. However, in addition to the guy in the Jason match, we also have Michael Meyers from the Halloween series. It was difficult to focus on the match itself when I see Jimmy Deo trying to get the attention of The Rocker on the other side. “Hey Rocker” he maniacally screams . . . “You got a phone call . . . c’mere!” I heard The Rocker say “Uh, no. I’m not gonna fall for that one again.” So Jimmy tries another tactic. “Hey . . . c’mere. I wanna tell you a secret”. I thought I was going to DIE laughing! I also get to see Bad Attitude getting into it with Assault and Battery. I saw this one coming. Crash gets disqualified and Gunn wins but the title does not change hands.

PCW U.S. Title – Jarrett vs. Powers. Jarrett continually groaned that Powers was pulling his hair. That wasn’t the case, of course. Double J would get Powers backed into the turnbuckle, the ref. would squeeze between the two of them in order to break them apart. Jarrett would hit the ref. across the back and blame it on Powers. Powers finally got revenge when he switched it around and did the same thing but blamed it on Jarrett. It was a bad weekend for Double J because Powers won the match and the title. All in all, this was a great match. Fast paced with a lot of great moves.

If you’ve never been to a PCW show, I would highly suggest that you go. It really is full of entertainment. I believe that a lot of people are jealous with how well the PCW fares in the area. For updates on shows, etc., call (610), 916-4915 or e-mail me. I’ll be keeping a very, VERY close eye on this federation as well as the talent within it.

WHAT YOU MISSED: A look at SHAWN MICHAELS taking the IC title from JJ . . . SHAWN MICHAELS pinned JIMMY DEL RAY. After the match MICHAELS did a strip tease for a male dominate crowd (Is this really necessary?) . . . A look at the BRET HART/HAKUSHI feud . . . THE SMOKING GUNNS over 2 jobbers . . . A learn to speak English the FATU way promo . . . WAYLON MERCY over GARY SCOTT . . . A look back at IYH . . . BRET HART over HAKUSHI . . . SHANE DOUGLAS as the “DEAN”???? (promo) . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: RAINBOW BROWN beat RANDY TUCKER by disqualification when THE DIRTY WHITE BOY interfered. TRACY SMOTHERS made the save . . . An interview with DEMOLITION AX . . . An interview with Rainbow Brown and Tracy Smothers . . . MR. NASTY and RUDE DOG beat THE ROCKIN COWBOYS . . . HILLBILLY COUSIN LUKE beat GARY NATIONS and then gave an interview . . . An interview with DICK MURDOCH . . . Tracy Smothers beat KURT VON HIMMLER . . . An interview with GREG VALENTINE . . . In a very good match, SAM HOUSTON and GREG VALENTINE wrestled to a time limit draw . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: TERRY GORDY beat a jobber . . . Highlights of a match between TOMMY RICH and BOO BRADLEY . . . Comments from Boo Bradley . . . A profile of THE MONGOLIAN STOMPER . . . Comments from JIM CORNETTE, Terry Gordy and TOMMY RICH . . . Highlights of the Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers beating AL SNOW and UNABOM to win the SMW tag team titles . . . An interview with THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Express during which a match is signed between the Express and Smothers and DWB for the tag titles . . . Comments from THE HEAD BANGERS . . . The Head Bangers beat THE HARDY BROTHERS . . . They had a drawing for participants in a ten man dream match thing which takes place August 5 . . . Apparently, each man gets to pick his dream match . . .THE WOLFMAN chose to wrestle Jim Cornette for his dream match . . . Jim Cornette and Buddy Landell gave an interview . . . Comments from THE UNDERTAKER and PAUL BEARER . . . Comments from BILLY JACK HAYNES . . . An interview with BRAD ARMSTRONG . . . Comments from Al Snow who wants RICKY MORTON for his dream match . . . The Rock and Roll Express beat KILLER KYLE and DLO BROWN . . . The show ended with highlights of THE PUNISHER beating the h3ll of STEVE ARMSTRONG and an interview from BOB ARMSTRONG . . . Here is the complete Super Bowl of wrestling card for Friday August 4 in Knoxville, TN . . . The Head Bangers vs. THE STEINERS, DAN SEVERN vs. BOBBY BLAZE . . . Al Snow vs. MARTY JANETTY . . . PG-13 vs. JACKIE FULTON and STEVE ARMSTRONG . . . Billy Jack Haynes vs. BRAD ARMSTRONG . . . Boo Bradley and THE MONGOLIAN STOMPER vs. Terry Gordy and TOMMY RICH, The Undertaker vs. Unabom, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. Tracy Smothers and the Dirty White Boy, Buddy Landell vs. SHAWN MICHAELS and Bob Armstrong vs. the Punisher . . .

WWF RAW TAPINGS Louisville, KY 7/24/95 by BOB CLOSSON
I have been to numerous Superstars and Challenge tapings but this is the first RAW taping that has been in my vicinity. Most WWF tapings are boring and this was no exception, but since not as many squashes as a normal taping, not that bad of an evening. Louisville did not sellout, nor did I expect it to. WWF has an elaborate production and when you think they have to move everything to Evansville and St. Louis afterwards, you have a great appreciation for all the work they put into these tapings. The tapings took place at Louisville Gardens which is where USWA runs a card every Tuesday night. To be honest, I would doubt the majority have ever been to a USWA card (and they don’t know what they are missing).

Now for the show. Overall there were 17 matches and Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler were only at the announcer’s table for 10 of the matches, which leads me to believe only 2 weeks worth of RAW was taped but every match was taped so maybe Vince and Lawler will be edited in for the others. There were some “Jerry” chants throughout the evening but I doubt it will be heard on any of the telecasts.

1) In a Indian Strap Match, BAM BAM BIGELOW defeated TATANKA. If you have seen a strap match, then you can tell me how Bigelow won. If not, they did the typical Tatanka touches a corner while Bigelow touches the same turnbuckle from behind and this continues until they reach the final turnbuckle. Why lo and behold, Bigelow is able to stop Tatanka and touches it himself to win the match. *1/2

2) In a WWF Tag Team title match, RAZOR RAMON and SAVIO VEGA defeated OWEN HART and YOKOZUNA by countout. Good match. Razor had Owen pinned but another referee ran out and said Owen was the illegal man and the match was continued. While this argument was going on, Jim Cornette was arguing with the referee and before the match was restarted, Cornette was told to leave ringside, which he did with the expected objections. Ramon had Owen set for another “diamond drop” but Yokozuna, who was outside the ring, grabbed Owen and pulled him and they walked back to the dressing room. ***

3) Vince and Lawler finally walked out with Jerry getting cheered. KING MABEL won a squash over NICK BARBERRY. There were more Lawler chants after this match. Mabel made his normal demand that the fans respect him and said he would be the world champion following his SummerSlam match with Diesel.

4) The BodyDonnas, SKIP and SUNNY came out complaining about Barry Horowitz. Tammy Fytch does a great job in getting heat (no surprise to those who saw her in SMW). Skip won a squash match.

5) FATU won a squash over MIKE BELL.

6) KAMA won another squash but did his normal confrontation with the Children of the Night. Give these two credit, they stayed in their seats the whole night without moving. They get paid for this?? Oh well, they should get something for having to sit through some of these matches and getting a stiff neck at the same time. I would only hope someone massages their necks after each taping. I still wish someone would slap that guy of COTN.


8) In a tag title rematch, OWEN HART and YOKOZUNA defeated RAZOR RAMON and SAVIO VEGA. Once again, Vince nor Lawler were at the table announcing so I don’t know if either of these matches will air on RAW or were just taped for Coliseum Video. Yokozuna leg-dropped Vega while Ramon was fighting Owen outside the ring. Not as good as their first match. **

9) FATU returned to win another squash over TONY DEVITO.

10) Now was time for the live RAW everyone saw on USA. No need to go into detail on these matches since you saw them yourself. SHAWN MICHAELS defeated JIMMY DEL REY with a superkick. Cornette and Tom Pritchard were also at ringside. **



13) BRET HART defeated HAKUSHI in what was easily the best match of the night and Hakushi’s “flying tiger drop” was as impressive live as it was on TV. *** I did watch a tape of the show and noticed they did show JEAN PIERRE LAFITTE coming out to “steal” the bag that had Bret Hart’s head inside. Apparently this was Hakushi’s final match for the WWF although there are conflicting reports but Meltzer seems to think it was his last match. As for the bag, I wasn’t sure what that was all about. My original thoughts were that Vince wanted to make sure Hakushi didn’t take the bag with him or that Lafitte would be next in line to feud with Bret Hart. Well, the latest Observer answered that question when Meltzer reported the following “They are doing an angle where WWF wrestlers are supposedly having things stolen from them in the dressing room which apparently will wind up with Lafitte to get over his pirate gimmick”. With that, this does make sense now.

14) DIESEL won a non-title match over SIR MO using a powerbomb. Act surprised when I tell you that King Mabel came out during the match but Shawn Michaels soon followed to add heat to this match. After Diesel won, laughing at Shawn and when Shawn recovered, he and Lawler were yelling at each other with Lawler standing on top of the table and not backing down, which seemed to please the Lawler fans, which are plentiful in Louisville. **1/2 (more for the after match activities)

15) In a casket match, THE UNDERTAKER defeated KAMA. This was probably not for RAW since once again Vince and Lawler weren’t announcing, nor were they for the remaining matches. One thing I saw that I never noticed before, was then when they turned out the lights for the Undertaker, a good number of fans lit their lighters in a way people do at concerts. Nice touch and looks impressive in person. Maybe that is a type of tribute the ECW fans should try instead of throwing chairs in the ring or getting inside the ring. Just start a “turn out the lights” chant so you can display your lighters. Also, think of the angles that could come out of that. Imagine someone entering the ring and “throwing fire” while the lights are out. Oh well, enough of my imagination. **1/2

16) BRET HART and SHAWN MICHAELS teamed for what may be the first time and defeated JACOB and ELI BLU with Bret using the sharpshooter to get the win for his team. Disappointing match (** rating), but they weren’t exactly matched up with the best wrestlers on earth. As you already know, the Blu’s were replacing Jeff Jarrett and Roadie who quit the WWF Sunday night. Roadie quit because he knew he was going to fail a drug test and Jarrett was upset about money but their is another conflicting report that says Jerry Jarrett told Jeff that he would become a jobber once he dropped the Inter-Continental title. You would have to think Vince is very upset about them quitting when you think of all the time he put into setting up that “video angle” and the eventual breakup of the two. Vince already blew this angle off when he already said on RAW that it was probably Roadie singing. Others took that to mean that Jarrett and Roadie are still with Titan. I took that to mean that Vince was already burying the two and he could use the “lip synch” idea as a reason to suspend both from WWF for life for fooling the fans. Vince could make fun of this whole situation if he would dust the cobwebs off of Milli Vanilli and have them tape a spot where they “think it is terrible anyone would do what Jeff Jarrett did — wink wink.”

17)The final match was a cage match and DIESEL was successful in defending the world title against PSYCHO SID. Horrible match and it took longer to set up the cage. Diesel had Sid pinned but DiBiase entered the cage to interrupt the pin attempt. Diesel grabs Ted and his hit from behind by Sid but Diesel was still able to get a pinfall over Sid. What a horrible way to end a 4-hour wrestling evening.

The next night I attended the USWA card at the same Louisville Gardens. Here is the report on that card which I found to be ten times better than the WWF show.

1) GORGEOUS GEORGE III pinned KOREY WILLIAMS who replaced no-show Brickhouse Brown. For some reason there were more cheers for GG3 tonight. Maybe that was from last week where he came out with Brian Lee after the Rock and Roll Express and Mark Curtis had destroyed Wolfie D and Randy Hales and seemed bothered with the SMW folks. Anyway, GG3 won with a suplex and pin. *

2) In a match that wasn’t announced, BRANDON BAXTER pinned MISS TEXAS thanks to his use of the most popular USWA gimmick, the chain. GG3 accompanied Brandon. Not a bad match (**), and Brandon does a great job of creating heat. However, I think it is a mistake to use Brandon in so many matches. They should just kept him as a manager and waited about 6 months before putting him in matches where you know he would get hit. They should’ve built up the frustration of people wanting him to get clobbered more. Now it is too much of a common occurrence to matter that much.

3) AXL ROTTEN made his return to the USWA and had a 10 minute draw with SCOTT STUD. Total scientific match but interesting to watch regardless. Must be a shock for Axl to go to a draw with a former WCW jobber. They did the normal aftermatch arguing followed by the normal shaking of hands. Is it just me or has Axl lost weight?? **1/2

4) TRACY SMOTHERS defeated PAT TANAKA by DQ. Another good match (***), that Tanaka had originally won but he was caught pulling hair and was DQ’d. Smothers was still a face for this match but their were already fans exchanging insults with Tracy and Smothers kept issuing challenges to them.

5) BRIAN LEE defeated BILL DUNDEE by DQ in a match where if Dundee won, Lee would have to leave town. Since Brian won, Doug Gilbert gets to return from his “suspension”. In other words, Gilbert has returned from his Japan tour with IWA. Brandon Baxter gave Brian Lee the infamous brass knucks which he tried to use on Dundee. Dundee grabbed them from Brian and naturally he was caught with them and DQ’d. Lee attacked Dundee afterwards. **1/2

6) BILLY JACK HAYNES successfully defended his USWA heavyweight title against Mr. Boring, STEPHEN DUNN. Dunn tried a DDT near the ropes but Haynes grabbed the ropes to break the DDT and then used the ropes as leverage to pin Dunn. *

7)JERRY LAWLER defeated BUDDY LANDELL on DQ and kept his World Unified title. MARK CURTIS was the referee for the match and did so using Smoky Mountain rules where the piledriver is legal and he says the title can change hands on DQ which I don’t think is true. Anyway, another good match (***1/2), which saw Lawler frustrated over the antics of Curtis (who was great once again). Curtis kept threatening to DQ Lawler for any rule infraction. The match ended when Curtis gave Landell a chain which he used to pin Lawler and win the title. However (and you need to be brain dead for this), Joe Wheeler (USWA ref.), came out and reversed the decision since he saw Curtis give Landell a chain. Now why Wheeler can overrule Curtis is beyond me but this is pro wrestling, thus the need to be brain dead at times. Curtis and Landell then worked over Wheeler who was helped back to the dressing room by Lawler and Frank Morrell (the other USWA ref. and a graduate of the Bronco Lubich School of Refereeing).

8)In the main event and a Texas Death Match, ROBERT GIBSON and BUDDY LANDELL defeated PG-13. They announced that Ricky Morton wasn’t there because PG-13 attacked him last week. I’m sure you know the real story but just in case, Morton has apparently been fired by both SMW and USWA because of legit problems Morton has with Tracy Smothers and apparently that involves Andrea as well. Once again, this match was filmed for the third week in a row which leads me to believe they are creating a video of either this feud or of the USWA vs. SMW feud. PG-13 entered the ring from the opposite side they normally do for the “surprise attack”. Randy Hales was not present tonight. The first person pinned was Gibson who answered the 10 count. Wolfie D also answered the count followed by Buddy Landell. Landell had the good fortune of having Wolfie D piledrive him on a table in the ring which of course broke in half. In something I don’t remember ever seeing before, while Landell was being given the 10 count, Mark Curtis ran out with a bucket of water and threw it on Landell to help him recover in time. So now we had a nice wet ring. The final fall came about when Tracy Smothers involved himself in this feud and smashed a water bottle over JC Ice who was unable to recover in time and he was stretchered out.

This sets up a six-man match next week. Tommy Rich was their partner in Memphis Monday night and will probably be their partner in Louisville next week. Of course, Rich is a SMW regular now so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tommy turns on PG-13. There was broken glass in the ring and Ice was bloody. Tracy Smothers continued to taunt the fans and it got so bad that security really had to hold back some fans and two were thrown out of the building in the process. Smothers loved this and continued to taunt the fans. Smothers had quickly become the most hated man in Louisville when all was said and done. Billy Jack Haynes and Gorgeous George III also came out after the match but this time they weren’t yelling at the SMW heels but seemed to be protecting them from the fans.

Another wild night in USWA land and this is leading up to the big USWA/SMW combined card in Louisville 8/8 which I won’t be able to attend because of my weird work schedule. This USWA vs. SMW feud is really great stuff and should be a strong contender for feud of the year. However, without Ricky Morton it does lack somewhat but Tracy refueled the fire with his antics.

WWF at Roberts Stadium, Evansville, IN 7/25/95 by Jim Hudson
This was the first time WWF had held a TV taping here, so I had no idea what to expect. I picked up my grandfather and fellow RSPW lurker Matt and headed to Roberts. We were happy to see that our seats were located across from the cameras. We sat down and took in the surroundings. It was amazing how many lights and speakers the WwF set up for the show. We were “pumped up” by some DJ and a dumb guy in a rabbit costume from a local country station. Now we were “ready for WWF action”

This match started off with the 2 teams pushing each other while trying to take their ring entrance gear off. Yoko seemed to be cracked up by something Luger said to him. Davey Boy started off against Owen. At one point Davey had Owen in the corner and began slamming his head against the turnbuckle. This started the crowd counting all ten slams. Davey picked Owen up and repeated the same thing two more times. Owen must have felt like a glutton for punishment, because Davey picked him up again but gave him 10 slams distributed by the 3 turnbuckles in the corner and the ring apron. The crowd seemed to like it so Davey did that 2 more times. For the record, I believe Owen now holds a record for the most times having his head slammed into a turnbuckle at 60 times!! That was pretty much the highlight of the match. The end came when Luger had the Ref. distracted by his entrance into the ring and Davey was hit with a legdrop from Yoko after he had hit Owen with a powerslam. The ref. saw Yoko’s legdrop and DQ’d them. The Allied Powers posed and kept making gestures that they wanted the belts.

2) Jobber match — Jerry Scott v. David Haskins
Yawn. Jerry Scott won somehow. David was announce as being from Memphis and looked a little like Jerry Lawler.

This jobber wasn’t as bad as the ones in the previous match, but he still fell to the slopdrop of Godwinn’s

At this point, VINCE and DOC HENDRIX made their appearance at the booth to practice their opening for the show. This drew a decent pop from the crowd. The announcer told the crowd that we would be “going live via satellite to a national audience.” This created a big pop from the crowd as the lights went down and lights started circling the stadium.

Rad’s entrance wasn’t too bad. Fatu came down and began doing some stupid dancing. The “new” Fatu wears tights with little messages like “Don’t do drugs” and “Stay in School” on them. This was a decent match. Fatu won with a rollup. Rad attacked Fatu after the match, but Fatu chased him away. Then we were treated to another great display of dancing by the “new” Fatu.

It’s amazing how a jobber like Jerry could gain 20 pounds in about 30 minutes between matches like his different introductions insinuated. Mabel squashed Jerry.

During this match I noticed BOB BACKLUND was standing about 30 feet from us. As he walked towards me I yelled something about Presidents. He asked me something, which I couldn’t hear due to Mabel’s stupid music. Matt was standing right next to him and answered a question right but missed a second one. Bob complimented him getting the first ? right but recommend he “procure” something. This was being filmed by cameras as Bob went on to ask various ?’s to others around us.

Razor took the majority of the beating during this match. The end came when Razor and Savio cleared the Brothers from the ring, which left the Kid with Zeb. Kid pinned him after a spinning kick.

7) WAYLON MERCY v jobber
During the match, Waylon missed his spot where he acts like he’s holding the ring ropes for the jobber as he returns to the ring. It looked really bad when he had to do it a second time so the jobber could sell the move.

Doc entered the ring to give an interview. This started a weak chant of “Freebirds” which he acknowledged by smiling at the direction of the chanters. THE BODYDONNAS entered the ring to their workout music. They talked about a match with SHAWN MICHAELS. Then the crowd started the chant of “Barry” which ticked them off. They started ranting and raving about how out of shape BARRY HORROWITZ is.

This was a great match. Shawn is one of the most entertaining wrestlers I have ever seen. Shawn grabbed the mic during the match and said something about Barry to Skip. Then Barry came down in glasses and street clothes. Michaels won with a superkick. After the match, Shawn invited Sunny into the ring. She began to dance and swoon over Shawn while he was dancing. He then faked a kiss with her, which she pouted over. Then, Shawn granted her wish by laying her out with a kiss. After Skip came to, he challenged Barry to a match.



11) KAMA (who encountered the CREATURES OF THE NIGHT afterwards)


Hakushi entered without SHINJA. Aldo had one of the better fireworks displays of the night during his intro. If only Aldo didn’t look like a power ranger, it would be a better gimmick for PJ. Hakushi won with a headbutt from the top rope.

Next, Mabel was interviewed by Doc about his upcoming SummerSlam match with DIESEL. He said Diesel couldn’t Jacknife him, but he could belly to belly suplex Diesel easily. Then they talked about beating up Shawn on RAW.

At least we know this King gimmick of Mabel’s can only last a year, unless for some freak act he repeats. Razor tried to put Mabel in his Razor’s edge, but ended up getting back dropped and leg-dropped. Mabel won this match, which was taped for Coliseum Home Video.

The Barry-Skip match didn’t get started because Skip attacked him before the bell. Barry was helped back by 3 refs. after Skip did something to him outside the ring.

Brick got a pop from the crowd due to his USWA appearances. Brick actually got to do some good moves on HHH, but fell victim to the pedigree.

Nothing big about this one besides another appearance by Backlund in the crowd.

DOC interviewed SID about his upcoming SummerSlam match against Shawn for the IC title. Doc acted like he was scared of Sid the whole interview. Sid yelled in the camera’s lens for a while after the interview.

SKIP and BARRY HORROWITZ continued their 10 minute challenge. Barry ended the match by trying numerous moves to pin Skip before the time limit, but got the victory due to the stipulations of the match.

18)WAYLON MERCY v another jobber

All the good guys received loud pops from the crowd for this match being taped for video. The beginning was humorous as Shawn and Diesel tried to cope with UT’s cold approach. UT and Diesel stared at each other as UT left Diesel to start the match. Sid acted like he wanted no part of the match. Tatanka was the first to leave after a big boot from Diesel. Diesel was next to go by DQ for stopping a pin attempt. Kama and UT fought outside to a double CO. This left Sid and Shawn. Shawn rolled up Sid for the victory. Diesel came out to celebrate with Shawn afterwards.

20) Cage Match — BRET HART v HAKUSHI
This match could have been better, but both wrestlers tried to escape the cage too much. After every move the standing wrestler would climb the cage. The end came when Hakushi was caught by Bret on top of the cage. Then Bret delivered a superplex off the top of the cage and rolled out the door for the victory.

This was the best wrestling production I have ever attended. The squash matches were boring, but the thought of being on TV was pretty cool. It was interesting to watch the cameramen hand out WWF merchandise of a wrestler in the next match to people and then prompt them to start acting nuts when the camera turned on. The constant mist produced by something in the lights was an interesting effect to add to the TV appearance. Needless to say, it was definitely worth the money.

WHAT YOU MISSED: Tonight’s show opens with highlights of the ECW’s recent visit to Fort Lauderdale and a lot of the action that took place, there is no audio commentary during this which makes it better . . . JOEY STYLES talks about the injury to TAZ . . . The match up in which Taz gets injured is shown as it’s TAZ & EDDY GUERRERO vs. DEAN MALENKO & TOO COLD SCORPIO . . . classic comments from the Atlantic Ocean at 5 am with comments from RAVEN, STEVIE RICHARDS and BUELA . . . .. BILL ALFONSO almost getting what’s coming to him at the last show is re-aired . . . MIKEY WHIPWRECK vs. THE TERRORIST in what might be called a squash, but then it’s Alfonso is back and he gets away from 911 leaving just his shirt and the Terrorist gets the ride on the chokeslam express . . . Thoughts from the PUBLIC ENEMY back in the hood where they belong . . . there’s a special BUELA extension on the ECW HOTLINE at 1-900-476-6986 . . . show ends with the PITBULLS vs. Joe DeFuria & Bull Pain, quick match with run-ins at the end by the Dudley Brother, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Stevie Richards and Luna. Next week, it’s Eddy Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko for the ECW TV title, Sandman title defense and a Taz update . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: HILL and RENKO made a drug bust . . . CAPT. FURRILLO worried that his relationship with the DA might be interfering with his job . . . ED MARINARO and BRUCE WEITZ collared some dirtbags . . . HILL STREET BLUES has replaced the AWF in my area . . . so, until I find it again, I’m opening up this position for somebody who’s actually able to SEE the show . . . (sigh), it sure was fun :), . . . before I depart, I have some AWF news, direct from Jedd Criss’ Bodyslam newsletter . . . The current shows were all taped two months ago . . . the FREEBIRDS are out, mainly due to MICHAEL HAYES’ disappearance and the debut of DOK HENDRIX in the WWF, who looks and acts uncannily like PS :), . . . The next TV tapings may do away with the round system . . . TERRY TAYLOR will be gone as well, as he has accepted a job on the booking staff with Terry Bollea Championship Wrestling . . . come back, Terry! Come baaaaaack! . . . wrestling magazines already have photos and stories about the winners of the tag team tournament, but I’m not going to tell you here . . . I’d rather you actually give the show a try, instead of just reading lines of text on a screen . . . the tournament final has three wrestling celebrity judges . . . good luck to the next AWF guy . . . I’m dismissed . . . !

WHAT YOU MISSED: MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL beat JAKE STEELE . . . A Clash update with MEAN GENE . . . JOHNNY B. BADD KO’ed JOHNNY SWINGER . . . The Dungeon of Doom where THE GIANT PAUL WIGHT choked out HH . . . TASKMASTER walked all over LEROY HOWARD . . . HARLEM HEAT hung over RED TYLER and EDDIE JACKE then were interviewed by CHRIS CRUISE . . . Hotline update: more layoffs coming . . . DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE used the Diamond Cutter to pin NAVILLUS EVAD . . . In this match, Evad chokeslammed Page and Cruise mentioned something about calling 911, I guess they know about ECW after all . . . 🙂

WHAT YOU MISSED: WCW SATURDAY NIGHT: A very upset WCW Champ declared war on the DUNGEON OF DOOM . . . RANDY SAVAGE pinned TOM BURTON . . . VADER killed a poor loser . . . A DUNGEON OF DOOM segment . . . RENEGADE over a jobber . . . STING made SCOTT STEPHENS submit to the scorpion deathlock . . . MENG and ROB PARKER visited the new Japanese warrior . . . SISTER SHERRI challenged ROB PARKER and BUCK, SLATER. Thus setting up a SHERRI/HARLEM HEAT vs. PARKER/BUCK/SLATER match . . . RIC FLAIR beat MARCUS BAGWELL with the help of ARN ANDERSON. FLAIR was preparing to do some more damage to BAGWELL when VADER came in and scared the h3ll out of FLAIR. ANDERSON came from behind clipping VADER’S knee then DDT’ing VADER. Then about 1 minute of stomping. From there FLAIR and ANDERSON ran from ringside . . .

Wrestling Challenge 7/30/95 by RICKY KAYE
WHAT YOU MISSED: I missed the first part of this show so this is what I saw . . . TATANKA pinned a jobber . . . FATU promo . . . ALDO MONTOYA over TONY WILLIAMS . . . Double J singing from IYH 2 . . . GOLDUST promo . . . ADAM BOMB nuked TONY DEVITO . . . DEAN DOUGLAS promo . . . BRET HART/HAKUSHI match from raw . . . KING KONG BUNDY squashed BUCK QUARTERMAINE . . . SUMMERSLAM report . . . ISAAC YANKEM promo . . . Next week: WAYLON MERCY, BAM BAM BIGELOW, and 123 KID . . . I will be on vacation for the next two challenges but I am sure nothing interesting will be shown . . .!

WHAT YOU MISSED: ADAM BOMB demolished TONY DEVITO . . . The SummerSlam lineup has DIESEL defending the WWF Title against KING MABEL . . . KING KONG BUNDY obliterated a jobber . . . Another “Make a Difference” promo with FATU . . . A replay of BRET HART defeating HAKUSHI on MNR . . . A wonderful ISAAC YANKEM promo . . . VICTOR LEWIS & SCOTT TURNER fell to the SMOKING GUNNS . . . “DEAN” DOUGLAS gave a lesson . . . JIM ROSS explained that THE ROADIE and JEFF JARRETT have not been seen since the PPV and he wasn’t even sure if they would be coming back to the WWF . . . A look at RAZOR RAMON, SAVIO VEGA, & THE 123 KID beating JACOB & ELI BLU along with UNCLE ZEB . . . A promo for GOLDUST . . . TATANKA over DAVID HASKINS . . . Things ended with a replay of JERRY LAWLER giving a warning to SHAWN MICHAELS on MNR . . .

FLASHBACK to the week ending 7/27/86 by MADDOGJMF
AWA: The AWA started replaying old STAN HANSEN prelim matches even though he was no longer with them . . . LARRY ZYBSZKO uttered his favorite word on AWA TV for the first time: “Spudheads.” He explained that it is short for “ignoramus lowlife” and he applied it to the fans of the AWA . . . NORD THE BARBARIAN was still around carrying a stretcher to the ring but mentor BRUISER BRODY was nowhere to be found . . . and ALI KAHN & SHEIK ADNAN AL KASHA attacked BRAD RHEGHNANS (SP — someone send me the correct spelling PLEASE!), then declared Kahn to be the best wrestler ever to come out of Afghanistan . . .

WWF: On TNT RANDY SAVAGE and MZ. ELIZABETH were greeted by the “president of the Macho Man fan club” and his valet “Esmerelda.” The guy was dressed like Savage, was out of shape and well, didn’t look that “macho.” He pranced and he preened and ordered Esmerelda around for a while and then turned his back on Savage only to reveal that he had “RANDY WHO?” written on the back of his shirt. Savage went nuts and ripped the guy’s outfit apart only to reveal that it was “LORD” ALFRED HAYES the whole time . . . in a worse moment of the week ADRION ADONIS had his “personal florist” MR. BRUCIE give everyone a flora & fauna lesson on Adrion’s “THE FLOWER SHOP.” This incident had the WWF playing a “buzzing” noise to simulate a bee and had Mr. Brucie freak out and start squirting Adrion with a water bottle because he thought the bee was on Adrion’s rear end. Needless to say I’m glad that I don’t have this on videotape . . . DICK SLATER entered the WWF as “THE REBEL” . . . THE ROUGEAU BROTHERS made their first WWF appearances . . . BILLY JACK HAYNES got a DQ win over BRUTIS BEEFCAKE when JOHNNY VALIANT tripped Haynes in front of the ref. . . . VINCE MCMAHON worried about THAT HH GUY’S mental condition after the attack by PAUL ORNDORFF the week before and promptly announced a series of HH vs. Orndorff matches . . . in an interview WWF PRESIDENT JACK TUNNEY said that if BOBBY HEENAN could remove the mask of GIANT MACHINE and prove it was ANDRE THE GIANT (who had been suspended by the WWF at the time), Andre would be banned from the WWF for life . . . FREDDIE BLASSIE announced that he sold 1/2 of his contract on NIKOLAI VOLKOFF & THE IRON SHEIK to someone he’d introduce the next week . . .

NWA FLORIDA: KENDALL WINDHAM was out for two weeks with an eye injury after a brawl saw THE CUBAN ASSASSIN wrap his fist with a leather belt to “Sunday punch” Windham . . . PAT ROSE had his first loss in the area as rookie MARK STARR got a win in this scientific match . . . THE FABULOUS ONES were the top seeded team in the up-coming NWA FLORIDA US TAG TEAM TITLE Tourney . . . SHAWN ROYALE destroyed JERRY GRAY . . . CHRIS CHAMPION got an easy victory over RICKY SANTANNA . . . and in the main event, Kendall Windham interfered in brother BARRY and LEX LUGER’S showdown with ED GANTNER and “COWBOY” RON BASS. Kendall went crazy with a leather belt until THE NINJA, Gantner & Bass triple teamed him, knocked him down and ended up hanging Luger with the leather belt. They then threw Luger over the top rope and the Ninja used the metal belt hook to cut Windham open. With the damage done the three heels simply walked back to the dressing room . . .

WCCW: KERRY VON ERICH had his first interview from the hospital after his horrible motorcycle accident . . . in a match between STEVE SIMPSON & CHRIS ADAMS vs. KABUKI & RICK RUDE, manager PERCY PRINGLE, who had fired Kabuki weeks earlier, went to hit Simpson with a cane while Kabuki held him. Simpson dived out of the way and Pringle smashed Kabuki with the cane, leading to a quick roll-up, Kabuki going insane in the ring and Kabuki turning on partner Rick Rude . . . and if that wasn’t enough, in the main event new-comer MATT BORNE and KEVIN VON ERICH had a memorable and even-ended match. In the end it looked like Von Erich was about to put the dreaded IRON CLAW on Borne when “MAD DOG” BUZZ SAWYER entered the ring and destroyed Von Erich. He and Borne then piledrove Von Erich onto Borne’s knee and left him lying in the ring . . .

NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP AREA: The great cage showdown between THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS and AMERICA’S TEAM (DUSTY RHODES & MAGNUM TA), was spoiled when BIG BUBBA ROGERS entered the cage and totally destroyed Dusty . . . Magnum TA was still down 3-0 in his best of 7 series with NIKETA KOLOFF . . . and it looked like RONNIE GARVIN won the NATIONAL TITLE from TULLY BLANCHARD after using his “hands of stone” punch on Blanchard for the pin, but manager JJ DILLION’S quick thinking saved the title. Dillion slipped into the ring and put a pair of brass knuckles in Garvin’s tights, Garvin punched him, and when Dillion recovered he asked the ref. to search Garvin’s pants for a foreign object other than his athletic supporter. Ronnie protested but the ref. searched him anyway, found the brass knuckles and the National Title went back to Blanchard . . .

Here’s what to look for in the WWF:

1. “GOLDUST” will likely be Dustin Rhodes

2. Look for the strong ties that exist between the WWF and USWA to weaken. (See headline #1 in WCW), This might force some WWF superstars that wrestle in the USWA, like Jerry Lawler, Sid, Mabel and Mo, and Razor Ramon to follow in “Double J” footsteps & jump ship. Remember Vince, “anything is possible in the WWF.”

Here’s what to look for in the WCW:

1. Jerry Jarrett will likely become the head booker of WCW, thus, taking over for Kevin Sullivan who did a marvelous job (HA HA). Therefore, it is safe to assume that, “Double J” Jeff Jarrett and “The Roadie” will soon be on there way to the WCW. Look for “Double J” to quickly gain hold of the US title.

2. As we all know, both father and son Jarrett have strong ties and influence in the to USWA/Memphis area. Their positioning in the WCW could lead to development of a WCW/USWA wrestler pipeline. In addition, if “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan also uses his connections in ECW to recruit new talent for the WCW, we just might see the WCW revive itself in time for the upcoming showdowns with WWF Raw on Monday nights. Of course, this is assuming that Hogan and Bishoff will be in approval.

3. Arn Anderson and Ric Flair will probably face-off at Fall Brawl and/or Halloween Havoc.

4. Down the road, look for Sting and Hawk to become WCW tag-team champions either by defeating “Harlem Heat” or “The Bluebloods”. Sting, acting as the ultimate face, will likely surrender his US strap, thereby sacrificing individual satisfaction for the good of the team. Once they lose, his move will probably backfire, thus sparking on of the two to turn rulebreaker.

Before I start, let me first say that 8 am classes SUCK! Especially if you have to drive 50 minutes to get to class. Now that I’ve done my whining, on with the show.

I had originally intended to give what I think makes a good wrestling promotion and how the WWF and WCW stand up to that criteria. However, after watching In Your House with my friend James, I have decided to devote this week’s work to what I think is wrong with Vince “I’ll do anything for a buck” McMoron’s federation.

I’ll start with the Body Donnas. They were a terrible idea from the outset and have only gotten worse. Why they are getting a push is beyond me. It’s an even worse idea to let Sunny have that wireless mic every time Skip wrestles. Both of them should be put on a slow boat to China!

Is it just me, or do the rest of you find it equally ridiculous that Fatu can all of a sudden go from being an uncivilized savage to a cool, street-smart, successful wrestler with a social conscience. Contrary to what Vince might think, not all wrestling fans have a room-temperature IQ.

When I saw Shane Douglas as Dean Douglas, I had a horrible flashback to the days of “Genius” Lanny Poffo. This whole dean idea seems to be a re-hash of the genius gimmick. The genius gimmick sucked and this one does too.

Two things bothered me about IYH: 1. Why were there no camera shots of the fight between Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie? Any kind of new angle is lost without highlights. 2. Why wasn’t Double-J’s lip-synching exposed at IYH? Anyone could see he wasn’t singing. It would have been better if the fake had been exposed while on stage.

Well, that’s it for this week. Remember, if anyone calls you stupid, do like Forest Gump and respond with a smile, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

STATE OF WRESTLING by Rob Newland a.k.a. Laret
The following contains some theoretical situations and should be treated as such. These situations are being used as a way of explaining the way I feel about a couple of issues. I hate disclaimers but I feel that sometimes they save me time rather than responding individually to people through E-Mail and explaining my column. By the way if you feel the need to respond to any issues in my column I welcome E-Mail.

I’m sitting at home tonight and the phone rings. On the other end of the phone is Paul E. (Stick with me I do have a point later on.) He asks me if I would come up to Philly and receive 10 chokeslams by 911. All I get is air fare and hotel. I make no money. Will I do it?

Now I know that 10 chokeslams is going to hurt. I mean really hurt. Basically I have nothing to gain by doing it. But I start packing my bags. Why? Because I love wrestling! I along with many other people on the Internet would do something crazy like this to break into the business. I just saw Tom “Mr. ECW” Misnik take a cane shot from Sandman on the Con Tape. Why? He loves wrestling.

Even if nothing comes from it and I didn’t get into the business I would still do it because it would be an experience. It would be a story to tell other fans about and brag about it.

Now think of THAT HH GUY. Every time he wrestles on a PPV he gets 300,000 dollars. When he wrestles he hardly breaks a sweat. In the last 5 years he hasn’t changed at all and does the same act every night. How is it possible for me to look up to or admire this person?

Now think of Mikey Whipwreck. Every time he wrestles he gets substantially less. But he goes out there and takes huge bumps. Here is a guy who WCW or the WWF would be hard pressed to do anything with but make him a jobber. Yet he goes out there and works his a** off. Why? I’m guessing it’s because he loves wrestling. Here is somebody who deserves to be admired. Somebody who deserves to have his name chanted by hundreds of people.

My basic point is there are many people in wrestling who don’t care. Don’t care about the product, the fans or even public perception of themselves. They take the check and do the minimum to get paid. This is probably why I consider workrate to be one of the most important things in wrestling. Take a guy like Mo. I hate him. I hate his gimmick, the way he wrestles and the effort (or workrate), he puts up. But at IYH he did a moonsault. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps he was told to do it. Perhaps he did it to save his job. But he tried. I doubt I’ll ever like the guy but at least by his performance at IYH he earned some respect.

Now that ECW and the WWF say they read the Internet we have many postings on RSPW and AOL that are directed to Vince. The next message is usually saying how stupid they are for thinking Vince is on the net. First of all if you read the notes that are titled, “Hey Vince” or words to that effect they are just ways that that fan would book things. People used to post how they would do the booking long before the feds said they read the net. Now people have somebody to direct these thoughts to. If you think it’s a waste of time posting how you would book things to Vince then don’t read it. We don’t need another 5 messages saying how stupid the first message was. People would post how they would book the feds even if Vince hadn’t said he was on-line so lighten up.

OK now we go back into the confusing realm of hypothetical situations.

Who do you like more? Jeff Jarrett or Ric Flair? I’m sure many of you said Ric Flair. I used to agree with you, but not anymore.

You are Jeff Jarrett. You just lost the IC Belt to Shawn Michaels. The guy you have traveled on the road with for the past couple of months is quitting because he knows he will fail a drug test. You realize that after the general public knows you didn’t really sing the song your career in the WWF is over. You will be a JTTS for the rest of your time. So you walk out. You want to keep some credibility so you take what will be a substantial pay cut so you are not used as a stepping stone for new faces.

Now imagine you are Ric Flair. One of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Now in HHCW the hard-core fans are losing respect for you. The fans who supported you when you were winning your first NWA Title now look at you and laugh. You know that as long as you are in WCW you will never be Champion again. You will lose to Hogan and Savage every time or be forced to turn face and team up with them. But you don’t walk. You don’t care if you lose every shred of credibility you once had you stay to make a few extra bucks and be used as a stepping stone for new faces. Who deserves more respect from this point of view. Jeff Jarrett or Ric Flair? Think about it!!!

Is Vince listening? For the uninformed, VinnieMac has mentioned various on-line services several times over the last few weeks. Primarily, the forthcoming WWF sight on AOL, also making mention of the Internet and claiming that “we hear you loud and clear.” So, is Vince actually listening?

After having viewed IYH2, and read many of the postings this past week, I’d have to say “no, he’s not.” Yes, IYH2 was quite possibly the best PPV of year so far (considering the competition, it could only go up). Yes, there were a couple of excellent matches and some surprises. But, it ended with a lousy match that set up what promises to be a whole-heatedly idiotic feud between Diesel and Mabel. So, if Vince is listening, it’s with just one ear.

Apparently, the powers that be at the WWF are content to bring us demented dentists, schizophrenic Spivey’s and, worse yet, a boring version of Shane Douglas. (It’ll be interesting to see if Douglas is as watered down in the ring as his personality was in the first “Dean” segment.)

If Vince is listening, then why does Owen Hart get fired (only to be saved by big brother once again)? If Vince is listening, why is a non-worker like Kevin Nash still the champ? If Vince is listening, what is this inexplicable obsession with putting Mabel over as the heel of the moment.

No, Vince is not listening. He may have someone sitting in Titan Tower reading your posts. He may even read a few of them himself. But even if he’s reading every one of them, they don’t seem to be getting through.


First, thanks to MARC and DENNIS CORALLUZZO along with DAN SEVERN for giving us on AOL the chance to meet Dan on-line. Guys it was a great turnout and I thank each and every one of you for taking part! If anyone is interested in transcripts I should have them formatted by this weekend so start e-mailing me on Saturday or so . . .

Second, thanks to JAMIEW (I’ve known the guy for 3 years but I can never spell his last name right! 😛 ), on AOL. Jamie is repairing my horribly mutated .dat file for his WRESTLING LEAGUE SIMULATOR version 5.1. Jamie, without you to repair my dat files — what would I do? :), I *need* 110+ wrestlers and 40 tag teams or else the game just isn’t right! 🙂

Third, plugging a comic book called ROUGHCUT. It’s a black and white anthology from a couple of years back and one of the stories features a character called “BODYSLAM.” Of course a guy named BODYSLAM1 on AOL provided me with the copy.

Honestly, the short story featuring Bodyslam, an off duty wrestler who wears his mask — even at the bar he frequents — was the best story of this anthology series. The character is introduced and in the first few panels you understand who he is and what his motivations are — which is more than I can say for half of the stories on the market these days. The story appeals to both wrestling fans and comic fans and it’s about 10000X better than the lame attempts at WWF and WCW comic books over the years.

If you’re interested in getting more info on the comic e-mail It’s definitely worth checking out and hopefully there are more appearances by Bodyslam since this initial appearance.

Fourth, got a nice e-mail from Mark Zschiegner a Sysop for the MegaHertZ BBS. Mark was nice enough to offer the Ring Report it’s own area on his system and while I don’t have the software to get to the MegaHertZ BBS if any of our reporters do I’ll give you Mark’s e-mail address and you can contact him with my blessing. The run down on the MegaHertZ system goes like this:

“Site: MegaHertZ BBS – Santa Paula, California

“Music, Musician, TAB (Guitarist), Wrestling Oriented BBS


Node: 1:206/2409 – FidoNET
Phone: (805), 933-9175
Files: Wrestling Related – Text, Games, Graphics. ALL files are


“Magic Name” – WRESTLE – List of Wrestling Files on

MegaHertZ BBS.

There are also two other sites listed in the latest version of the FPW(Fidonet Pro Wrestling), FAQ sheet (7/26/95). They are:

MacSavvy BBS – Dallas, TX
HeartBreak Hotel – Jupiter, FL

You can pick up the latest FPW_FAQ on MegaHertZ BBS / MacSavvy BBS (originates there)”

Finally, my mailbox crashed again. I get a lot of mail and well, this week there was so much that it crashed my entire system. Before I deleted it my mail file had grown to 29 Megs on my harddrive and gave me gibberish instead of the wonderful mounds of e-mail I normally receive.

Luckily I had backed up a lot of it using a program called POWERMAIL for Windows AOL by Bradley O’Keefe and BPS SoftWare Inc. It’s a third-party add-in for America On-Line for windows and I can tell you for a fact that it’s e-mail folder options saved my life on more than one occasion.

Besides the e-mail folders, POWERMAIL literally cut the time I spend doing the Ring Report each week in half. I used to have about 10 address books for AOL and for every 2 address books I’d have to send out one e-mail message when I sent out the Ring Report. This would add HOURS to the Ring Report publishing time — especially when we had the 7 or 8 part issues.

Well, I was shocked and amazed when I tried POWERMAIL for the first time and it let me put all 10 address books into one address field. That alone made it worth registering!

But wait — there’s more! If you were tired of having to read every message in the AOL forums on-line the registered version solves this problem and now I’m finding more and more time to do other things on-line as POWERMAIL makes handling of the messages in my wrestling area on AOL a breeze! This is a must for anyone who has AOL for Windows!

I’ve been using POWERMAIL’S sister product POWERTOOLS for Windows AOL for a couple of years now. It helps you automate chat rooms (this is my legendary MACRO program), Instant messages and so much more (in both products), that I don’t have the space to list them here.

I highly recommend both shareware products and if you’re interested you can do a file search on AOL’S mail software libraries for them, FTP to or visit got to and visit their web page. If you have Windows AOL or are thinking about it — these programs make life a breeze!

And that’s it, we’re off on another Monday edition this week and probably for another couple of weeks until my job situation settles down. Right now look for us right before MONDAY NIGHT RAW hits the airwaves on the East coast, and until next . . .



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