The Ring Report TV Update 9/24/95 Vol. 1, No. 135

The Ring Report TV Update 9/24/95 Vol. 1, No. 135
(“Alive, it’s raining . . . and sleep is on the mind . . .”)
WHAT YOU MISSED: DEAN DOUGLAS had some comments . . . SAVIO VEGA/BOB HOLLY fell to KAMA and TATANKA . . . RAZOR RAMON complained about Dean Douglas . . . PIERRE THE PIRATE over a jobber . . . YOKOZUNA/OWEN HART over MOM when Yokozuna leg-dropped MO and Owen scored the pin . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: AMERICAN MALES beat the HARLEM HEAT and are “supposedly” the new tag team champs. Marcus Bagwell fell on top of Booker T for the 123. This all happened after the Heat destroyed the Blue Bloods, challenged the American Males, asked for Sherri to hit Bagwell with the boot, then she abandoned the Heat to kiss the Colonel . . . Last week, there was a pointless RIC FLAIR interview after the first match. This week, there was a GREAT Ric Flair interview . . . MR. WONDERFUL pinned JOHNNY B. BADD after an attempted sunset flip from the bad man failed and Orndorff fell on top of him . . . They showed a clip from a break from Baywatch where the MACHO MAN was lifting weights and the TASKMASTER tried to kill him. Ric Flair and a couple of nobodies made the save . . . That led to a Macho Man interview where Savage accused STING, JIMMY HART, and LEX LUGER of joining the DoD. Lex came out and the two argued for awhile . . . RIC FLAIR beat BRIAN PILLMAN after Brian submitted to the figure four. I am loving every minute of Ric Flair right now. Ric is at the top of his game right now . . . SOME RANDOM THOUGHTS: I want to see emphasis on Ric Flair and the Horsemen, the Macho-Lex feud, the athletes, and less of the DoD, Hacksaw Duggan, Evad, Renegade, and HH’s other idiotic friends. I can tolerate the HH-Giant crap, but HH has WAY too much power. Next week, I’ll be taping NITRO, because I’ll be at the RAW tapings in Grand Rapids and I can’t WAIT!!! . . . NEXT WEEK: ALEX WRIGHT vs. DISCO INFERNO (Disco better win, that guy is great!), KARASAWA in action, SAVAGE vs. SULLIVAN, and LEX LUGER vs. MENG . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: COUSIN beat GARY YOUNG by disqualification when BIG WILBUR interfered . . . SAM HOUSTON beat GREG VALENTINE . . . An interview with Greg Valentine . . . CURT VON HIMMLER beat TERRY GOLDEN . . . An interview with THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY . . . An interview with KEVIN DILLINGER and PEGGY LEE LEATHER . . . BULL PAIN beat RAINBOW BROWN . . . KEVIN DILLINGER and PEGGY LEE LEATHER beat MIKE JACKSON and DEBBIE T. WILDE . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE DIRTY WHITE BOY and TRACY SMOTHERS beat LARRY SANTO and KILLER KYLE and then gave an interview . . . A statement by Bob Armstrong where he fined a bunch of guys and imposed some new rules . . . An interview with JIM CORNETTE and THE HEAVENLY BODIES . . . TOM PRITCHARD has to use an “orthopedic boot” . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN rolled over MIKE KHOURY . . . HH gets his Harley smashed . . . Fall Brawl high(low)lights . . . MEAN GENE discusses HH’s ambulance ride then interviews TASKMASTER and THE GIANT . . . STING has a monologue about various things . . . THE AMERICAN MALES beat SCOTT & STEVE ARMSTRONG . . . BUNKHOUSE BUCK & DICK SLATER locked SISTER SHERRI in her dressing room . . . Hotline report w/Mean Gene, LEX LUGER was overheard saying bad things about Sting to ARN ANDERSON . . . RIC FLAIR defeated MARK STARR and then begged Sting to team with him . . . For some mysterious reason, Starr got and entrance with music . . . HARLEM HEAT (w/o Sherri, still locked up), beat Buck & Slater with Buck’s boot . . . Buck and Slater were unhappy with COL. PARKER after the match . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: JOHNNY B. BADD made it a badd day for OTIS APOLLO . . . CHRIS CRUISE got some comments from DIAMOND DOLL before DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE interjected himself . . . Replay of KURASAWA “breaking” HAWK’S arm . . . Hawk then made quick work of TERRY RICHARDS . . . TASKMASTER (w/MENG) trashed TODD WILDER . . . THE BLUEBLOODS beat BARRY HOUSTON & JULIO SANCHEZ . . . STING tells Cruise that he won’t team with RIC FLAIR . . . GARY SPIVEY helps MR. WONDERFUL discover himself . . . Orndorff then mauls TERRY MORGAN . . . ARN ANDERSON & BRIAN PILLMAN don’t help SCOTT & STEVE ARMSTRONG with their TV main event losing streak . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: JIM ROSS, VINCE MCMAHON, and JERRY LAWLER were commentating . . . KAMA & TATANKA wrestled HENRY GODWINN & BAM BAM BIGELOW to a double countout . . . SLAM JAM w/DOK HENDRIX, he announced SURVIVOR SERIES will be held Sunday, November 19, at the US AIR ARENA, tickets on sale Oct. 7 . . . Promo for WM XI the Special . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY beat TONY WILLIAMS with a Pedigree . . . Interview with DIESEL and SHAWN MICHAELS which was interrupted by JIM CORNETTE, YOKO, OWEN HART, and MR. FUJI . . . BOB HOLLY lost to ISAAC YANKEM . . . SAVIO VEGA lost to SID by DQ, when BIGELOW interfered in the match . . . SLAM JAM w/DOK HENDRIX . . . NEXT WEEK: SKIP & RAD RADFORD vs. HAKUSHI & BARRY HOROWITZ, also SAVIO VEGA vs. BRITISH BULLDOG . . . !

Professional Wrestling at The South Broadway Athletic Club, St. Louis, MO. I won’t even begin to tell you the name of the wrestling organization that wrestles here, because they change it so often and the tickets say Pro Wrestling, September 23, 1995, 8:00 PM.

So anyway I arrive at the club around 7:30 to get a good seat, the place seats 600 but lots of the seats are already reserved, and I didn’t have one of them. I sit down in the second row, and this fat obnoxious kid in front of me is removing reserved signs from chairs and offering me a seat. I say no, and keeps on jabbering until I decide to get up and sit on the other side of the building. I’m in the third row now and I have a better seat, because I’m right next to the drunk guys with signs and next to the heel entrance. The show, as always, starts 15 minutes late. No big deal. I was surprised at how full the show was, it looked like a packed house. At 8:10 about 50-100 more people stream in, this is why the show doesn’t start until 8:15. The show starts and here’s the action.

*The Lumberjacks vs. Thunderbolt & Lightning (with Magic Man)*
Thunderbolt & Lightning, who both where masks and skin tight black suits, walk in to the music of “Enter the Sandman”. I start the chant of “Sandman”, which most of the adults get, but the kids don’t know what I’m talking about. Magic Man wears a top hat, a black silk shirt, funny wrist guards, and expensive sunglasses. He is the reason people come. He generates the most heat of anybody on the card. Magic looks at me strangely when I yell “Sandman”, and he says something like “Too many goddamn hillbillies”. The Lumberjacks are two huge guys with plaid shirts and axes. They are incredibly strong, but they can’t sell a move. Thunderbolt is the Drill Instructor who will wrestle later, and everybody knows this because his neck is huge. Lightning is Frankie-D, who will wrestle later as well. You can tell who Frankie is by his gut. Anyway the match starts with Thunderbolt against Andy, the biggest lumberjack. Thunderbolt gets the crap kicked out of him by several body slams, leg drops, and stiff clotheslines. Then Andy tags in Alan, the smaller lumberjack. Alan has fewer moves than Andy. Alan slams Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt tries to tag Lightning but Lightning gets off the apron. Finally, Lightning tags in and gets beat up for a while and tries to tag Thunderbolt in and Thunderbolt jumps off the apron. Magic is pissed. He tries to talk to them and they get pissed at him. Then Thunderbolt and Lightning double team a Lumberjack. Thunder grabs him and Lightning goes to the top rope. A flying clothesline is attempted, but the lumberjack ducks and they clock each other. Lumberjack then pins Thunderbolt. Then Thunderbolt & Lightning brawl and Magic tries to separate them. ** for wrestling, *** for the angle created. The match was about 18 minutes.

*Interview with Missouri/Illinois Champion John Blackheart and Magic Man*
Blackheart walks out on a cane, and Magic grabs the mic and says he won’t be defending “our” title tonight. The crowd is pissed. Then Blackheart gets pissed at Magic for calling it our title and says Magic’s fired. Blackheart then vacates the title because he doesn’t want to take the easy way out. My guess is Blackheart, who in real life is a biker, hurt his leg on a motorcycle, or didn’t want to wrestle anymore. Blackheart had been brought back from retirement last April by Magic. Magic says he’s had enough of this sh!t tonight and storms out. Blackheart wrestled in the 70’s and 80’s. Blackheart then sits at a table in the back with his biker friends and drinks all night.

*Tye Dalton vs. The Red Devil (with Magic Man)*
Tye is a skinny cowboy from Oklahoma. Red Devil is a masked guy with a red suit on. Magic comes out with a red jacket with satanic symbols on it. The jacket also has lights on it as well, and Magic carried a pitchfork with him. The jacket was the most exciting part of the match as Tye destroyed The Red Devil easily. 1/2* for wrestling, ***** for Magic’s jacket.

*Junior Heavyweight Champ Keith Smith comes out and is told that scheduled opponent Buddy Stephens is not there tonight, but Keith will have a challenger. I don’t understand how Stephens was ever in the Junior Heavyweight when he ways about 290.

*Danny Boy vs. Pete Madden*
The best match of the evening. Madden is awesome and Danny Boy is good too. They first traded flying arm drags and clothesline, Danny Boy has a great flying clothesline, and Madden sells the moves. Madden was very polite and gave clean breaks until Magic Man came down to his corner. Then Pete used closed fists to batter Danny Boy, who countered with a flying Frankensteiner. Madden somehow gets back into control and climbs to the top turnbuckle only to be caught by Danny Boy who slams him off the top rope Madden gets the advantage back with a stungun and mounts the top rope for his famed moonsault. He nails Danny Boy with it and gets a two count. Then he drops a leg on Danny and mount the top rope and misses with a moonsault. They throw each other into the ropes and Danny Boy pins Madden with that move that Guerrero pinned Scorpio with to win the ECW TV belt on April 8th. ****1/2 for wrestling. The best live match I’ve ever seen except for Steiners winning World Tag Title from Money Inc.

*Intermission* Tonight is camera night so the fans get to take pictures with the wrestlers. During intermission Ed Smith, Keith’s father, announces that next card Thunderbolt & Lightning will fight to the finish, in a mask vs. mask match. I notice a camera man with an ECW shirt on and smile at him. Spotted at the bar are Pete Madden and John Blackheart drinking and smoking.

*Keith Smith vs. Tye Dalton for the MO/I’LL J. Heavyweight belt*
Nothing like the last match. It’s obvious these two had no idea they were going to wrestle each other. They spent many restholds together, and after 15 minutes of agony where we chanted “This f*cking sucks”, Keith won with a figure four to retain the belt. I’ve seen a lot more with Keith. Keith usually juices a whole lot and he didn’t tonight. This match deserves no stars and deserves my rating of WCW blows this away.

*Drill Instructor vs. Frankie-D (with Magic Man)*
These two fight at every card no matter who else is on the card. They will fight twice next card because they are Thunderbolt & Lightning. Drill Instructor takes a stiff throw to the floor and these two wrestle their usual match when Frankie takes off his knee brace and whacks Drill Instructor. Then Magic grabs he brace and Frankie holds Drill to be hit. Drill Instructor ducks and Frankie is knocked out for an easy pin. ** for wrestling, ***** for Magic screwing up again.

*Rock ‘n’ Roll Kid vs. Crazy Max*
Max is over 350 and is from the State Hospital. Rock n’ Roll has some great drop-kicks and cross bodies. Max wears toilet paper and part of a garbage can to ringside and teepee’s the crowd. Rock ‘n’ Roll juices a lot. The match is short when a bloody rock n’ roll wins by DQ, when Max beats the crap out of referee Bobby Paton. Rock ‘n’ Roll then does an awesome dive from the apron onto Max and knocks him down. **1/2 for wrestling, **** for Paton finally getting beat up.

Note: Next match was good wrestling, but mostly heat with the crowd. I was mad though because the crowds representative to get in the wrestler’s face, Psycho Bitch from H3ll, was not there this time.

*MO/I’LL Tag Team Champions Johnny Jett & Tom Sullivan vs. Giant Assassin & Jim Lord (with Magic Man). 2 out of 3 falls for the tag team title* Great match. Assassin is very tall and very wide. Lord has a typical wrestler build and looks mean as h3ll. Assassin was screw jobbed out of 15th ward alderman job, because his opponent fixed the ballot box. An investigation is pending. Jett & Sullivan are two good wrestlers. Sullivan is very talented and has a great off the top rope shoulder block. Lord starts out with Sullivan and they mix it up for a while. I couldn’t see it much, because me and he drunk guys were jawing with the Assassin and Magic. All Magic said was “Stupid godd@mn hillbilly f**s. Too many of you f**s”. Assassin is very hairy on his back. The drunks behind me had signs that said Giant “@ss” and shave your back. We offered combs to him to comb his back hair. We then yelled shave your @ss. And he replied to one of the drunks “My @ss has more hair than your bald @ss had”. Then Magic said “Bow down to my Assassin mortal.” We then told him to shut the f*ck up, and he said “I ain’t got no hair on my tongue . . . but I got more hair than a lot of you guys in other places.” Some woman went after Assassin and the cop had to get her away. Assassin was finally tagged in and crushed Sullivan for the first fall in 8:45. The next fall saw Assassin smash Jett & Sullivan. Magic was jawing with us again, while Lord kept quiet. Assassin tagged back out and jawed some more with us. Jett pinned Lord to end the fall in 9:10. Total time was 17:55. Then during the last fall some kids at ringside nailed Magic with about 10 bottles of silly string. Magic was mad and ran in the back and came back with his shirt off. He got really upset when the kids did it again. Magic ran to tell the promoter and the promoter laughed in his face. Then Magic blamed it on John Blackheart who was still sitting with his friends. Blackheart almost whacked Magic with his cane. The last fall ended in a draw after about 15 minutes of action. It was a double countout when all for were brawling on the floor. Lord fell at my feet, and Assassin got clobbered by Sullivan, who had a chair. *** for wrestling, ***** for the time I trading insults with Magic and The Assassin.

Show lasted 3 hours and was only $6 admission, $5 in advance. Next show is Thunderbolt vs. Lightning Mask vs. Mask.

WHAT YOU MISSED: The first match was scheduled to be VIRGIL vs. THE THUG. 2 wrestlers in KKK outfits walked down to ringside and attacked Virgil inside the ring. One took his robe off to reveal JIM NEIDHART, who beat the heck out of Virgil. No one knows who the other hooded wrestler was, but they both went on to hang Virgil over the top rope with the KKK robe . . . an interview with JIM NEIDHART . . . an update on JOHNNY “PSYCHO” PAINE, who was challenged by a local radio station DJ to wrestle the MAD CANADIAN, who works for the station . . . DREADED PAINE then wrestled the POWER TWINS in the Semi-finals of the Tag Team Tourney. Paine and Dredd controlled this wild brawl until Paine accidentally hit Dredd and Dredd was rolled up by LARRY POWERS. The two partners then argued and Dredd attacked Paine and left him in the ring . . . an interview with the POWERS OF PAIN . . . a promo for the first NWC video tape release, “Total Chaos”, which will feature Desert Death Match 1 & 2 featuring Cactus Jack vs. Sabu, along with Terry Funk vs. Virgil in a Branding Iron Match (all uncut and unedited). Tape will be available at the 10/7 Anniversary show . . . an interview with JOHNNY “PSYCHO” PAINE, who after the interview gave a DDT to interviewer BILLY ANDERSON in the studio . . . from the Tag Tourney, POWERS OF PAIN dominated AERIAL ASSAULT the entire match, but were disqualified for shoving ref. DAVID HOGG. BARBARIAN then went on to give BOBBY BRADLEY 2 powerbombs . . . an interview with WARRIOR . . . matched signed for the 10/7 Anniversary show are Warrior vs. Jim Neidhart, Honky Tonk Man vs. Koko B Ware, Virgil vs. The Thug, Larry Powers vs. Earthquake, Johnny Paine vs. Navajo Kid, Lady Victoria vs. Barbara Blaze, and other matches with Bobby Bradley, Don Juan, newcomer The Irish Assassin, and the return of the Mexican tag team Superboy & Principe Hindu. NEXT WEEK: AERIAL ASSAULT vs. POWER TWINS for the NWC TAG TEAM TITLES!

In Your House took place just minutes ago (at least from when this was written), from God knows where in Michigan. Our Broadcast team was Jim Ross, VinnieMacm and Jerry Lawler. This was a pretty good combo but I would have hoped for Jim Ross to have more to say. Vince doesn’t let him get a word in edgewise.

Savio Vega vs. Waylon Mercy — During the course of this match it was announced that Owen Hart was missing. This match wasn’t what you would call however it did have it’s surprise, like Savio winning for example. I didn’t particularly enjoy this match but it had a few close calls and Savio Vega being beaten upon

Sid vs. Henry Godwin — Jim Ross said it best when he said “these two are not exactly technical purists”. This was probably the worst match on the card, but it does increase the corporation winning streak to for, which has gotten Ted to put a tie back on. Ted also got slopped.

Monsoon told Cornette he must find a partner for Yoko during an interview segment. Monsoon said the match would go on with or without a partner for Yoko.

Davey Boy Smith vs. Bam Bam Bigelow — Thankfully Bam Bam has gotten rid of the jacket and fireball gloves. He wrestled a match that was as good as you would expect from this on paper (well, maybe not that bad), Davey Boy pinned him sometime after a missed moonsault. Also one spot had Bulldog totally on the wrong part of the mat for Bigelow’s off the top rope head bunt and Smith rolled to the right spot VERY blatantly.

Bob Backlund cam down and amused the crowd than said he found a superstar that he likes and introduced Shane Douglas. Shane comes down and in turn introduces Razor Ramon. I have no idea why.

Dean Douglas vs. Razor Ramon -This was a good match like I thought it would be. Backlund did not get involved and it had some pretty good spots. I would really consider Scott Hall a talent now. When he was the Diamond Studd and well . . . Scott Hall he never impressed me. This was a good match. At one point the ref. was bumped, Shane got the Razor’s edge, The Kid came down a counted to three like a ref., Razor thought he won until he saw the Kid. When he did he got angry threw the Kid out of the ring and Shane rolled him up for the three. At the end Kid and Razor had a stand off.

Jean Pierre Lafiette vs. Bret Hart -Why does Bret come down to ringside jacket-less when he has a thousand others just like it? That annoys me for some strange incomprehensible reason. Anyway this was a very good match with a lot of good spots and near falls. One point Pierre was back-dropped out of the ring and landed on his feet. he also took a good bump falling out of the ring on another occasion. Bret was starting to get redundant but this and SSlam proved to me he can still perform well. Bret one with a sharpshooter out-of-nowhere.

Davey Boy Smith turned out to be Yoko’s new partner.

Alundra Blaze came out to model a T-shirt. Then she took it off, unfortunately she had on another one under it (sigh), (feminists send complaints to

Two Dudes with Attitude vs. Yokozuna and Davey Boy Smith — I guess this was ok. I expected it to be crappier. It had some good points in the ending was chaotic enough to keep you concerned. The end had Owen Hart Coming down to ringside and getting pinned?? He wasn’t even a sanctioned TT Title holder, I don’t see how he lost the belt. The end sounds a little “Uncensored-ish” to me (Hey I made up another word, just call me Roget . . . .oh sorry), ahem . . . where was I? Oh yes, I don’t no what happened but Diesel and Shawn now hold every belt in the WWF, Go figure.

This PPV, I was not expecting much from. I didn’t get a lot but I think it was ok anyway. I mean we had two great matches and one or two mediocre ones. I guess you could say you got your money’s worth, I know I did (my brother paid for this one).

Next week : -a bunch of PPV Jargon

FLASHBACK to the weeks ending 9/9/86 — 9/15/86 by MADDOGJMF
NWA: In order to help launch it’s new NWA SUNDAY EDITION show on WTBS the NWA devoted the whole show to an NWA WORLD TAG TITLE defense between THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS and THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. It was an up and down battle that did go the whole hour and ended in typical fashion as the ref. was bumped, DENNIS COUNDRY attacked ROBERT GIBSON — who had BOBBY EATON rolled up — and then JIM CORNETTE Eaton out of the ring.  Coundry came in and the ref. recovered enough to count the pinfall.  DUSTY RHODES, who had been commentating at ringside, came down to the ring and explained that Coundry was the illegal man in the ring and things ended as the ref. DQ’d the Express and The R’n’R & Dusty had a staredown with the Midnights and BIG BUBBA ROGERS . . . Dusty had a good month as he won the NWA WORLD TV Title from ARN ANDERSON after he DDT’d Anderson on chair that Anderson brought to the ring after a ref. bump — and threw it out of the ring before the ref. woke up . . . The NWA banned the piledriver . . .

WWF: NIKOLAI VOLKOFF & THE IRON SHEIK got a rare win on TV as they defeated DANNY SPIVEY & MIKE ROTUNDO when Volkoff hit Spivey over the head with SLICK’S cane when Spivey was press slamming the Sheik . . . TERRY & JIMMY JACK FUNK turned into jobbers as they did the job to GEORGE “THE ANIMAL” STEELE & THE JUNKYARD DOG. Not only did they did the job — JJ was hog-tied by the Dog . . . THE TONGA KID & KING TONGA became HAKU & TOMA — THE ISLANDERS . . . Ref. DANNY DAVIS was the center of controversy as a “bad guy” ref.  Most notable of his actions came in RANDY SAVAGE’S IC Title defense to BILLY JACK HAYNES.  Haynes got the Savage one in a full nelson but turned him around and accidentally bumped the ref.  Savage was screaming in pain but when Davis came to the ring to replace the fallen ref. he promptly DQ’d Hayes for “hitting” the ref. . . . CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO apparently left the area as George Steele & THE BRITISH BULLDOG started appearing without him.  The Capt.’s other team — THE MACHINES — added DRAGON MACHINE, JUNKYARD MACHINE, THE REBEL MACHINE and THE HONKY TONK MACHINE to their ranks — according to interviewer KEN RESNIK . . .

AWA: DEBBIE THE KILLER TOMATO not only received the name of the decade but also had a shot at SHERRI MARTEL’S AWA WOMEN’S TITLE. However, the name couldn’t get her the win and Martel won with a flying splash off the ropes . . . COL. DEBEERS had a close call when his prelim opponent didn’t show up and SCOTT HALL came out as DeBeers challenged “any American to come down to fight.” DeBeers ran back to the dressing room . . . the team of ALI KAHN, NORD THE BARBARIAN & BORRIS ZUCHOV took on THE MIDNIGHT ROCKERS & JERRY BLACKWELL. The match ended when SHEIK ADNAN AL KASIE came to the ring and attacked Blackwell — resulting in a DQ of his team . . . JOHNNY RICH entered the AWA — billed as the hotshot cousin of TOMMY RICH . . . ALEXIS SMIRNOFF & GORDIENKO were two new “Russian” wrestlers in the AWA . . . The Midnight Rockers claimed to be bringing in a female manager to take on Sherri . . . CURT HENNIG took on LARRY ZYBSZKO to determine the #1 contender to NICK BOCKWINKLE’S AWA WORLD TITLE — the match ended in a double count out . . .

WCCW: PERCY PRINGLE started managing JOES LE DUC . . . BRUISER BRODY was in the middle of his war with ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER . . . ZULU was a brand new face in the WCCW . . . the WCCW shows were running 2 months behind on TV . . . The WCCW finally held it’s tag team title tournie and PERCY PRINGLE’S team of MATT BORNE & BUZZ SAWYER.  In the finals GARY HART’S team of THE DINGO & SUCKO WARRIOR fell apart when Dingo beat the heck out of Sucko after Sucko was pinned.  Sucko never appeared on TV — even though he was billed as the second coming of wonder bread . . .

WWA: SCOTT RECHSTEINER became the new WWA champion . . . The WWA Tag Titles were being held up . . .

UWF: WILD BILL IRWIN joined up with DEVASTATION INC. . . . In a lumberjack match MICHAEL HAYES & BUDDY ROBERTS took on TED DIBIASE & STEVE WILLIAMS.  Originally the match ended in DQ of THE FREEBIRDS when Hayes used a belt to hit DiBiase but DiBiase & Williams demanded that the match should continue.  Well, it did, and the rest of the match was highlighted by an all out brawl by THE FANTASTICS & STING & EDDIE GILBERT outside of the ring.  How did it end? Well, someone threw Hayes a chair and he used it on DiBiase and — DQ again . . . CHRIS ADAMS entered the area after the WCCW stripped him of their title.  Upon entering the area he was challenged — and accepted — a superkick vs. superkick match vs. SAVANNAH JACK. The match was decided — of all things — by GEN. SKANDAR ACKBAR tripping Adams as he tried to do a  top rope move . . . Buddy Roberts took the UWF TV Title from TERRY TAYLOR after using a handful of trunks . . . and The Fantastics won the UWF TAG TEAM Titles at WRESTLEFEST ’86 from Eddie Gilbert & Sting; after the match JOHN TATUM & JACK VICTORY attacked Gilbert & Sting . . .

At a recent WCW Nitro show, I saw some fans hold up a sign that said, “We want it RAW”. Everyday thing, right? However, I learned that, as the match closed, WCW security dude Doug Dillinger confiscated the sign. What the h3ll is this, I wondered. I e-mailed this question to Groucho787, and he suggested that the folks at WCW are insecure. I suggest it’s plain BS. First Eric Bischoff & Steve McMichael put down the WWF on national TV, and now this.

“WCW is where the big boys play!”

And That HH Guy is the greatest World champ of any federation in any time and place.

Shyeah right.

I did a recent comparison between the WWF and WCW, and this is what I figured: The WWF has the better World Champ, but WCW has a slightly better secondary Champ. WCW has the better Monday nite show, but the WWF has better PPVs. The WWF is up one on WCW in the public affairs dept. (they have their own AOL service). I say, the WWF is slightly better overall.

WWF/WCW RATINGS For period ended: 9/19/95 by EZ HSIANG

1. Diesel 356 lb. Detroit, Michigan (WWF World Champ)
2. Shawn Michaels 220 lb. San Antonio, Texas (WWF Intercontinental Champ)
3. Mabel 503 lb. Harlem, New York
4. Davey Boy Smith 275 lb. Leeds, England
5. Undertaker 328 lb. Dallas, Texas
6. Bret Hart 234 lb. Calgary, Alberta
7. Razor Ramon 285 lb. Miami, Florida
8. Savio Vega 255 lb. San Juan, Puerto Rico
9. Hunter Hearst Helmsley 250 lb. Greenwich, Connecticut
10. Jean-Pierre Lafiette 265 lb. New Orleans, Louisiana

1. That HH Guy 292 lb. Venice Beach, California (WCW World Champ)
2. Sting 260 lb. Venice Beach, California (WCW United States Champ)
3. Diamond Dallas Page 265 lb. Las Vegas, Nevada  (WCW Television Champ)
4. Lex Luger 275 lb. Chicago, Illinois
5. Ric Flair 243 lb. Charlotte, North Carolina
6. Flyin’ Brian 225 lb. Cincinnati, Ohio
7. Renegade 255 lb. parts unknown
8. Randy Savage 245 lb. Sarasota, Florida
9. Paul Orndorff 253 lb. Brandon, Florida
10. Johnny B. Badd 240 lb. Macon, Georgia

1. Owen Hart & Yokozuna 796 lb. WWF Tag Champs
2. American Males (Marcus Bagwell & Scottie Ricks), 475 lb. WCW Tag Champs
3. Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray), 540 lb. #1 contenders: WCW Tag Title
4. Diesel & Shawn Michaels 576 lb. #1 contenders: WWF Tag Title
5. Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater 498 lb. #2 contenders: WCW Tag Title

Next edition will come out on or shortly after 10/3/95.

Here we go again, another week of Raw & Nitro to analyze. Hey, everyone in Internet land, are you really reading this? How about some email to OK?

Where was I? Oh, yeah, Nitro & Raw. Well, let’s get started, shall we?

Commentating–Raw: Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler; Nitro: Eric Bischoff, Steve “If This Guy Doesn’t Change His Nickname I’m Gonna Kill Him” McMichael and Bobby Heenan

Not a thing has changed since last week. If WCW wants to stand a chance in this category, they need to ditch McMichael and Bischoff and rehire Gordon Solie. At least McMichael stayed pretty quiet during the show.

Current score: WWF 9, WCW 8

Wrestling Comparison #1–Raw: Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid; Nitro: Ric Flair vs. Brian Pillman

WCW definitely wins here. For the first time in forever, WCW actually let Flair win a match against someone like Pillman with the figure-four(WCW +8). OTOH, we have a screwjob in the form of ‘The Franchise’ Dean Douglas in Razor-Kid III(WWF +5). Ah, well.

Current score: WCW 16, WWF 14

Wrestling Comparison #2–Raw: Owen Hart & Yokozuna vs. Men on a Mission (World — wait, this was non-title); Nitro — The American Males vs. Blue Bl . . . no, wait, make it Harlem Heat (World tag team title all of a sudden).

This one goes to Nitro by a mile. We KNEW nothing would happen in the Raw match because a), the WWF would never have anything happen to Yoko’s & Owen’s belts this close to IYH3, and b), the match happen last month 🙁 (WWF +4).

OTOH (that acronym is starting to look silly), WCW threw in a World tag title match that turned a ho-hum Males-BBs match into a World tag team title change, giving the Heat the shortest reign in WCW history (I think) (WCW +7).

Current score: WCW 23, WWF 18

Wrestling Comparison #3–Raw: Prelim matches; Nitro — Johnny B. Badd vs. Mr. Wonderful (Paul Orndorff)

I’m gonna puke if I hear Orndorff’s new music one more time. This was an okay match, much better than a buncha prelim squashes. Now, Johnny’s still getting a US title shot later, right? Right? (WCW +5, WWF +2).

Current score: WCW 28, WWF 20

I’m not EVEN gonna bother comparing what’s on next week, due to the fact Nitro has FOUR matches scheduled (WCW +8), while Raw’s got one (WCW +2).

Final score: WCW 36, WWF 22

Weekly score: Nitro 1, Raw 1

Well, Nitro’s getting better. One of Nitro’s advantages is the unpredictability of being live (wasn’t that why we started watching Raw?), I hear the WWF’s thinking on making Raw live every week again. They better.

There’s been a lot going around the wrestling boards recently about the Raw/ Nitro war and which federation is going to win. It seems to me that now would be a good time to do an in-depth comparison of the two major federations. I’ll be using a point system, and we’ll see who wins out.

Wrestling Talent
WWF: Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Hakushi, Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid, Sid Vicious, Shane Douglas, Dustin Rhodes, Waylon Mercy, The Undertaker

WCW: Hulk Hogan, Sting, Dallas Page, Randy Savage, Lex Luger, Sabu, Brian Pillman, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Johnny B. Badd, the Dungeon of Dumb

No contest. The WWF in a landslide. Hogan, Savage, Flair and Double A are past their primes. The WWF has solid young talent in Michaels, Kid, Rhodes & Douglas. WCW is depending upon wrestlers who don’t want to wrestle at all and ones who don’t want to wrestle in WCW. The Dungeon of Doom is a joke. Of the 12 WWFers I listed, there are at least eight really good workers (Shawn, both Harts, Hakushi, Razor, Kid, Shane, Dustin), WCW has 6 (Sting, Sabu, Pillman, Flair, Double A & Badd), of those, Sabu doesn’t want to be there while Flair & Arn are too old.

WWF: 8 pt.
WCW: 4 pt.

Television Shows:
WWF: Superstars, Action Zone, Mania and Monday Night Raw

WCW: Pro, WorldWide, Saturday Night, Main Event, Prime and Nitro

Superstars is a decent show. They usually have at least one good match, usually more. Action Zone is a good idea, but it needs a feature match. Mania is good for those of us who miss Raw. Raw is still the best wrestling show on TV. WCW Pro and Prime are essentially the same show, and neither one is good. WorldWide hasn’t had a good match in quite a while. Saturday Night is good, but a two hour show should have more than one feature match. The Main Event has once again become obsolete. Nitro has started out strong, but if you think back to the early Raws, they were originally all feature matches, eventually Nitro will become a Monday night version of WCW Saturday Night.

WWF: 8
WCW: 7

WWF: 16
WCW: 11

The WWF rarely has totally bad pay-per-views. The only really bad one this year was King of the Ring (my first ever live PPV and it sucks :(), Conversely, WCW is notorious for having bad shows. The Royal Rumble, King of the Ring and Survivor Series are all great concepts. WCW doesn’t have anything original.

WWF: 9
WCW: 4

WWF: 25
WCW: 15

WWF: Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler, Todd Pettengill, Dok Hendrix, Jim Ross

WCW: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, Gene Okerlund, Dusty Rhodes, Eric Bischoff, Larry Zybszko, Chris Cruise, Steve McMichaels

WWF doesn’t have a bad broadcaster. They have two good ones in Hendrix and Ross, but they’re underused, while mediocre ones like McMahon, Lawler and Pettengill are on most of the shows. WCW has 2 great broadcasters in Schiavone and Heenan. Okerlund and Zbyszko are good. Cruise, Rhodes, Bischoff and McMichaels are horrible.

WWF: 7
WCW: 7

WWF: 32
WCW: 22

Head Honchos
WWF: Vince McMahon

WCW: Eric Bischoff

Is there any doubt? Say what you want about Vince, but at least he’s original. Bischoff is clueless.

WWF: 8
WCW: 2

WWF: 40
WCW: 24

There it is. The WWF in a landslide. But if you want my opinion: LONG LIVE ECW!!!

Allergies SUCK! My nose has been acting like a broken sink, it’s been clogged and has dripped as well. Ok, enough whining from me, on with the show.

I watched Fall Brawl this past Sunday. Unlike the old days, nothing on the card stood out positively in my mind. WCW has been on a downward trend with their PPV’S, and this one was no exception.

I will admit that I was glad to see Harlem Heat (for at least one day), regain the tag belts from the redneck connection. However, I am quite sick of the love connection angle with Colonel (I say, I say, you sound just like Foghorn Leghorn, Boy!), and Sister Sherri. It’s way too WWFish.

Let me digress for a moment to throw this in, If Eric Bischoff hates the WWF so much, why is he trying to turn WCW into a clone of it.

Back to matters at hand. The Renegade-Diamond Dallas Page match was awful with a very dumb ending. Neither of those two idiots belong in a wrestling ring.

Wargames was boring. The reason why was because most of the people in that match should be put on a slow boat to China.

The one good match was Fly’n Brian vs. Johnny B. Badd. Both men worked like crazy and gave the fans a good match.

Well, that’s it for this week. If anyone out there knows the artist and title of the entrance music for either 911 or a former Smoky Mountain tag team known as the Thrillseekers, please drop me a line. My address is at the end of the report. HAVE A GOOD WEEK!

Well I have nothing profound or deep to say this week (do I ever?), just IYH 3 reactions. Well IYH3 has concluded and all I can say is  ho hum.

Here’s the rundown and really the least said about the first three matches the better:

Savio beats Mercy. Is it that hard to figure out that Savio WILL NOT go over?? Let me just say that again — Savio will never be popular! Have I made my point? So why job a possibly big heel to this loser? The Savio push is without doubt one of the true unsolved mysteries  of the universe.

Sid pins HOG. ::sigh:: One word — Dull I could go through the standard complaining about these types of matches but I’ll save you all.

Smith pins Bam Bam. ::sigh:: Eleven words — Not quite as dull as Sid-HOG but still pretty dull.

Douglas pins Razor. Suddenly things start looking up. This was better and managed to wake me up. Why wasn’t Douglas as good as usual? Well for some reason the WWF seems to think that having a 4 Star match would be a bad thing and would hurt the WWF 😉 These two could easily work a four star match but unfortunately for us they didn’t. But this was pretty good just not what it could have been.

Hart pins Lafiette. Now we are getting much, much better. Nice solid match and great to hear Ross use the actual names for various moves. A pleasant change from, “Wow did you see that!” to “Great Somersault Plancha” Some great tease finishes and Lafiette took some huge bumps over the top rope to the floor. Great match although I would have liked to see Lafiette Cannonball Bret’s son just once as they had considered it 😉

Yoko and Davey and Owen vs. Shawn and Diesel – Well the ending was just plain dumb. I fully expected Vince to say tune into MNR to see what the official decision is (because Owen wasn’t sanctioned for the match), but he didn’t. I expected Monsoon to run out and overturn the decision but he didn’t. I’ll reserve full judgment until MNR (when I think the belts will be given back to Yoko and Owen), but for now it seems like a wasted angle. The match itself was carried ALL the way by Shawn since they decided to take the second best worker out of the match and replace him with a stiff. I expected more from this I must say.

So overall it wasn’t the worst PPV of all time and it wasn’t the best. Three thumbs down and three thumbs up make for an average card. It could have been FAR better had Douglas and Razor worked a longer match and the first three matches (which were full of Old Generation restholds anyway), had been shorter.

I’m puzzled why the WWF promotes matches like the first three on the big shows since it seems nobody is particularly interested in them. The crowd was dead and the third and predictable slopping of DiBiase didn’t even get a very big pop out of the kids.  Well that’s all for this week and I look forward to seeing if Shawn confronts Marty tomorrow night. There’s a chance for Shawn to make up with Marty, attack Marty or Marty could turn heel. Wouldn’t it be great to see Shawn bring a window down to ringside and throw Marty through it just for old times sake ;), Oh and can we expect to see the infamous Rocker Drop? All these angles *could* be explored on MNRaw tomorrow night.

It’s time to take a look back at the last few months. Who are wrestling’s winners and losers over the last few months? The definitive list follows.

Shawn Michaels: WINNER. After taking the Royal Rumble and moving on to a title shot at WrestleMania, Shawn has turned face, taken back the IC strap (and probably the tag titles by the time you read this), and is basically the WWF’s new poster boy.

Bret Hart: LOSER. Bret started the year on the DL, and made a bid for the WWF World title at the Royal Rumble. Since then he’s finished the feud with Owen. He’s restarted the feud with Jerry Lawler. He’s feuding with Issac Yankem and Jean Pierre Lafitte. Basically, he’s feuding his way to the bottom of the WWF.

Terry Bollea: WINNER. (Yeah, I know.), Say what you will about him, I know I do. Bollea has managed to stay atop WCW when it would have been in everyone’s best interest for him not to. Now if he’d actually have a match once in a while.

Eric Bischoff: LOSER. Eric’s year started off with a little thing called “Uncensored”, a pay-per-view that was anything but. He’s managed over the year to systematically destroy everything that the organization he oversees once stood for. “Monday Night Row” notwithstanding, Bischoff needs to get his act in gear.

Waylon Mercy: WINNER. Spivey’s new gimmick has caught on so well that few of us remember how good a wrestler he can be. There are even rumors that VinnieMac may stop pushing him because he doesn’t want another popular heel (remember “kill the clown”).

Tatanka: LOSER. Last word from Titan was that Chavez has been given his walking papers. It was just over a year ago that he’d become jobber to the stars. And just a few months before that he’d ending a two year undefeated streak. It does flow downhill afterall.

Lex Luger: WINNER. Who ever thought? The classic underachiever has both major feds bidding for his services, then signs a guaranteed deal for nearly $400,000 (between WCW and New Japan). And still manages to produce the biggest surprise wrestling has seen in some time.

Ric Flair: LOSER. How long can he ride on being a “former” champion? While it looks like the “Nature Boy” is on the way back up, the “retirement”, the “obsession with” Bollea, the loss to the Disco Nazi . . . this has not been a banner year for one of the sport’s brightest stars.

LATE BREAKING LOSER: Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. As skilled a worker as there’s ever been in the squared circle. Will picking up the baton of The Narcissist be the legacy of this aging star? It didn’t work for Luger either. But he didn’t have psychic Gary Spivey to tell him that in the future, people will think it was lame.

LATE BREAKING WINNERS: The fans. The escalating war between the WWF and WCW has had one major advantage. We are seeing some of the best action we’ve seen in years.

Okay, it’s gotten to the point where I have to speak out. On the Internet we’ve again seen the development of topics debated over and over again and it’s finally time for the Ring Report perspective on this whole thing. Forgive me folks, this is from me and will be my only statement on the matter — written by me, not “us,” “we” or “group of the week” so again, there’s only one person responsible for my words as I write them — me.

In the past week I’ve seen a lot of questions come up that people are debating over. For example: Are there too many reports? Who benefits from the reports? Are reports “favors” to everyone? Do people who do reports have lives? And, finally, am I the source of all evil in the world.

The last one first: Yes. Everything bad in the world is my fault. I can be blamed for just about everything so blame it on me and use it as a justification for everything. I really don’t care any more so please — if you don’t have something to blame for a situation — just say Maddog did it and everything will work out fine! <g>

Before we get into the rest, we’ll look into what’s the purpose of reports. I don’t know, I guess deep down in all of us there’s this urge to tell what we see. If I go to an ECW event and they stack three tables on each other and it looks great to me — I’m going to tell someone about it. I’m going to tell two people about it — I’m going to blab until people hear about it. Why? Because I was there, I saw it and I’m sharing my experiences and half the time — It’s an overwhelming urge to share.

When I share, am I doing you a favor? Probably not. Sometimes people would rather hit me when I’m babbling on about something neat or when I forget and tell the same story twice. When it comes to the Ring Report I take it as an honor and as something nice when you’re actually *READING* what I’m saying or what my reporters are saying. If the reports make your life a little brighter — that’s fine — if not, that’s fine too — nothing is making you read or subscribe.

What about the complaints of two or three of the same reports? In the past we’ve run coverage of the same show by two different people. We’ve had complaints about it just like on any group where two or three or twenty reports of the same thing. To me they’re two different views on the situation and we’ll run them when we have the space to run them or when we don’t have an assigned reporter and get multiple submissions.

Do our reporters have “lives?” I know it’s cool to come out and say that you’re cool because you “have a life” but here’s a cool fact: If you’re breathing, you’re living and you have a life. Forget the people who take it upon themselves to define things: you have a life — even if you’re a (fill in the blank), who lives in (fill in location), who never (fill in “cool” thing to do). Do your report, share it if you want to share it, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re “nothing” or “lacking a life” if you write a wrestling report.

Who benefits from reports? I don’t know, I’ve been writing the Ring Report for nine years now. At first it was just a letter to a friend in Seattle each week — that went on for our first 5+ years. Who benefited from it? I sure as heck did, it refined my writing skills and did help get a sense for the business and how things worked.

Who benefits from reports? My friend did — he *still* lives in the Seattle area, doesn’t have cable, and gets maybe one hour of wrestling a week. My reports brought him the heydays of the NWA, UWF, AWA, WWF, WCCW, USWA, NWA FLORIDA, ICW, Central States — you name it. Now they’re bringing him (and now everyone else), ECW, WCW, WWF, NWA, MEWF, etc.

Who benefits from reports? The promotions did. Free press is a great way to get your promotion some exposure. Right now The Ring Report is downloaded by over a hundred people on AOL each week, over a hundred on CompuServe, and it’s passed on through subscription lists to at least 200 hundred more. If one person goes to a show or watches your TV or buys your product because of a report — your promotion has benefited from it.

Case in point — ECW. Without the support of those ECW reports on RSPW and the ones I saw on CompuServe I would have *never* gotten off my duff and started going to Philly (most people regret that *now* <g>). If you love a promotion and you want people to know about it — write up your report and send it in. If they read the reports, they will come. If they don’t — they won’t.

What about the critics? Without the critics I’d still be doing “great nicknames” for every wrestler. Without the critics I’d still be doing this on CompuServe only (not a dis of CompuServe). Without the critics I’d still be the only reporter on the Ring Report and butchering every submission into Ring Report “style.”

You have to keep an open mind when you get criticism. Sure it makes you mad but sometimes the critics have valid points. I respect someone *more* for sticking in there and continuing his or her reports and learning and making the reports better from the criticism than I do for someone who says “the critics suck, I quit.”

Finally, should I start charging for this? You know, each week I spend about 6 hours putting this together and we have between 10 and 20+ single spaced pages of work each week. Our reporters spends an hour or more of his or her life watching the shows and reporting what goes on. Our columnists spend countless hours getting their thoughts together and sending them out. Same for the people who actually go to the shows and report on them. If I could pay them for doing so — I’d do it in a heartbeat. Sadly, I can’t afford it.

Other people may take their stuff and go “pro” — kudos to them for that — but the Ring Report is going to remain free, weekly, and just about everywhere. Why? Because I’m an idiot, I’m evil, and I have no business sense. Just ask (insert “cool” peson’s name here or my mom’s name), and (he/she/it), can verify that! 🙂

Now with that said, I’m clamming up again. Saturday September 30th is my 25th birthday and thank you in advance to anyone who can possibly find me (or put me in the right direction to find), a commercial free non-TBS taped copy of the movie “Better off Dead.” It would make my year and if you do I’ll give ya a free lifetime subscription to the Ring Report! 🙂



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