The Ring Report TV Update 10/22/95 Vol. 1, No. 139

The Ring Report TV Update 10/22/95 Vol. 1, No. 139
(“I DEMAND that It’s that HH Guy or ignore him!”)
WHAT YOU MISSED: HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY over DOINK . . . BARRY HOROWITZ and HAKUSHI talked about baseball . . . PG 13 fell to the SMOKIN GUNNS . . . DOC talked with JIM CORNETTE and the BULLDOG about killing DIESEL . . . THE DEAN over a jobber . . . A GOLDDUST promo . . . A replay of the UNDERTAKER being squashed by MABEL and YOKOZUNA, then comments by PAUL BEARER . . . BRET HART over the EVIL DENTIST in a cage match so boring that the arena was empty by the end of the match . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: JOHNNY B. BADD BEAT “DIAMOND” DALLAS PAGE by DQ when Page attacked Badd before the match took place. . . CHRIS BENOIT defeated EDDIE GUERRERO when Benoit turned a full-nelson into a belly-to-back suplex . . . A stupid interview with the GIANT and TASKMASTER with MEAN GENE . . . MENG beat HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN with that “Golden” Spike . . . A pre-recorded interview with the most hated man in wrestling, the ego-maniac himself, THAT HH GUY!!! . . . FLAIR and STING beat ARN ANDERSON and BRIAN PILLMAN by countout. It started out with just Flair taking on Arn and Pillman, but midway through the match, Sting came out. YIPPEE!!!!. . . STING and FLAIR gave an interview with Mean Gene . . . NEXT WEEK: STING and LEX LUGER vs. HARLEM HEAT, DEAN MALENKO and CHRIS BENOIT vs. EDDIE GUERRERO and ALEX WRIGHT, and that HH @$$HOLE will be there. YIPPEE!!!! . . .!

CENTER STAGE 10/18/95, TAPING FOR WCW SATURDAY NIGHT by James “Orange Hat Man” Raggi
I, James “Orange Hat Man” Raggi, was in attendance with “Lord” Scott Hudson, Earl Steven DeTruth, DL “Where’s my tape recorder?” Burrell, and special guest Ray Lloyd, pro wrestler extraordinaire, shoot style expert.

Anyway, sad to report that the North Georgia Wrestling Alliance is no more. Sammy Kent is still running shows, but there is no more TV and it’s dead. Sorry to see.

OK, here we go . . . .

MATCH 1: Johnny B. Badd vs. Paul Orndorff

Obviously Badd’s ribs aren’t all to well yet . . . he made a great entrance with a fabulous looking robe, and then came Orndorff’s entrance, with that OOOOHHHH SOOO WOOOOOONNNDDDEEEERRFFFUUULLLLL music. Orndorff got in the ring and stalled long enough for hair to turn gray, so Badd clotheslined him from behind over the top rope to the floor, and Orndorff’s mirror smashed all over the floor. Orndorff was so distraught that he didn’t notice the ref. counting him out, so JBB gets the win. Better than it sounds, believe me. It was fun!

MATCH 2: Dean Malenko vs. Joey Maggs

Malenko is the “Man of a Thousand Holds”, and Teddy Long comes to ringside to ‘scout’ Maggs. Decent squash, with Maggs getting some spots as Malenko was distracted by Long. Malenko wins with a scorpion variant (maybe the Texas Cloverleaf???). Malenko is not over in the least, and he has the ring poise, but he’s an iceman in that ring. Not good if you’re not known.

MATCH 3: Disco Inferno vs. Chris Canyon

Whether you like Disco Inferno’s shtick or not (and his real name is Glen Gilbertty, I believe it is spelled, not as Meltzer has it spelled), you can’t deny he does it well. The guy is hilarious. I’ve followed him for years, and he is a pure comedy machine. (Ask me about the North Georgia Mil Mascaras angle with him a couple years back sometime . . . ). He can also work fairly well, too. Canyon is the best jobber in the country right now. It was moves back and forth, with Inferno stalling after every move to fix his hair, and then Canyon got the advantage, and got a near fall with a hot Northern Lights suplex from a rebound off the ropes. But Inferno beats snot out of Canyon, then discos around the ring until he backs into Canyon who rolls him up for the pin, CANYON WINS! Canyon goes nuts, and Inferno is HILARIOUS, looking like he’s about to cry, until he gets happy and thinks he actually won the match. The guy is great! Also, Canyon pulled off an awesome spot where he reverses a sleeper into a backbreaker . . . this is one to see!

MATCH 4: Eddy Guerrero vs. Bob Starr

Eddy is OVER at Center Stage, with even the marks chanting Eddy Eddy! Eddie wins a straight squash with a Frog Splash.

MATCH 5: Craig Pittman vs. Dynamic Dude lookin jobber

Pittman put the hurt on this boy, finally putting him away with a Code Red. Better than Pittman squashes of the past, but still WAY too long.

MATCH 6: Big Bubba vs. Steve Armstrong

No music for Stevie, he was basically a jobber. Fairly even match, but not too good. Bubba gets the pin with the Bubba slam, but then tapes up his fist and nails Armstrong, so the ref. reverses the decision.

MATCH 7: American Males vs. Barrio Brothers

Barrio Brothers, Ricky Santana and Fidel Sierra, are booed like nuts, and have their own music. Santana carries a Puerto Rican flag, but the marks STILL chant USA. The males, Mark Bagwell and Scott Riggs (AKA Scott Studd, real name Scott Antol, and that is the right spelling), are over big with the Center Stage crowd. Good paced match, nothing too special, but a good four way brawl at the end. Finish is Sierra trying to piledrive Riggs, but Bagwell catches him with a cross-body from the top for the pin.

MATCH 8: Dean Malenko vs. Todd Morton

Morton wears a Poison shirt to the ring. Agghhh, does he have a clue? Another Malenko working holdfest, but he pops the crowd BIG doing his fireman-into-a-gutbuster. He wins with a back heel trip submission.
MATCH 9: Lex Luger vs. Gambler

Luger destroys him and gets the sub with the Rack.

MATCH 10: VK Wallstreet vs. Eddie Jackey

VK (Vincent K?), is a bore. He’s a good technician, but he has less charisma than Dean Malenko, OR Dave Sullivan. At least you can laugh at Sullivan. Wallstreet wins with the fallaway slam.


Out comes Disco Inferno. He takes the mic, and says he knows why we all came out, we came out to see him dance! Do we wanna see him dance??? The crowd says no, so of course he says “You want it, you got it!” and dances up a storm. He is sooooo funny doing this, he is so into the role, Glen IS the Disco Inferno! Love him or hate him (and I love him!), his clueless putz (with a difference, though . . . ehhehe), gimmick is better than Evad and Ralph, eh?

MATCH 11: NITRO REMATCH, Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

Oyyyyyy, Benoit is so not over. Eddy is so over. Benoit got some mean respect tonight. Last week at Center Stage, Benoit put the hurt big time on Alex Wright, and Eddy did the jump-into-a-Frankensteiner to beat Ricky Santana, add that on to the Nitro match, and the crowd was into this one big. This was a TOTALLY different match than the Nitro match, with so much back and forth. AMAZING. I can’t believe that even though they did so much on Nitro, and so much here, there was still so much they haven’t done yet. These two have to be the two best wrestlers in the world, BAR NONE. Anyway, after a great great match that had the markiest mark popping, they did a no contest finish when Benoit gave Guerrero a belly to back from the top rope and it KO’D them both. It was really well done, and I was scared a bit, cause it was a rough landing, and they sold it, not moving, till after the lights were shut off and half the crowd had left, and even then, both were helped back to the dressing room. It was a work though, as none of the crew was distressed after the show. But I think this is a very good finish because A), It looked like they were both legitimately put out from a nasty move. B), It sets up rematches, and d@mn right I want to see more of this!!

All in all, an excellent (and short!), taping, and the crowd was into most of it. Benoit will get over in this present course, and Eddy is over with this crowd, which isn’t bad cause it goes nationwide, bbbuuuutttt they need something to do with Malenko. I know WCW probably isn’t interested in putting these guys over to any serious degree, but if they did, and if they tried to get these guys over, they would guarantee great matches for who knows how long?

I say put the TV Title on Guerrero in a no risk bet . . . but alas, they are putting Badd over Page at Havoc (not that Badd is undeserving . . . ).

Anyway, that’s what happened here, I’ll be there on the 25th for another taping.

I hope the big names are all in Japan again so we get more Malenko, Benoit, and Guerrero . . . and hopefully more of Disco Inferno, Mr. JL, and I hope Sabu wrestles here at least once before he either kills himself or leaves WCW . . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: HENRY GODWINN slop dropped Tim Nocks . . . SLAM JAM w/ DOK HENDRIX . . . HAKUSHI lost to DEAN DOUGLAS . . . SLAM JAM w/DOK HENDRIX . . . FATU beat RICHARDS . . . Interview w/DIESEL . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY beat JOE DEAGAN with a Pedigree . . . SLAM JAM w/DOK HENDRIX . . . GOLDUST spoke . . . !

PRO WRESTLING in ST. LOUIS 10/21/95 by
A friend of mine who went with me on Saturday night said that he had seen Commissioner Harry White walking his dog in the park and stopped to talk with him. Harry said that he was just a front man and wasn’t involved in promoting anymore. He also said that when Vince McMahon was in town for TV tapings last July that he spent more than an hour with him. He had many funny stories about the business that I will tell during the report.

* The Lumberjack vs. The Gambler * The Gambler comes out and decorates us with cards that all say “G” on them. Gambler is the other Lumberjack who sometimes wrestles as a team with THE lumberjack. Lumberjack comes out swinging his axe. Lumberjack manhandles Gambler a while then Gambler hits a nice elbowdrop from the top rope. All in all a pretty bad match which saw Gambler roll Lumberjack up for the pin. I went over to see Harry White after this match and he said he’d stop by and talk with me for a while later.

* Frankie-D (with Magic Man), vs. Rock n’ Roll Kid * Pretty good match. Rock n’ Roll hits a nice drop-kick to Frankie’s face. Frankie likes to brawl a lot and it goes to the outside for a while. Magic Man works Rock n’ Roll over on the outside. Rock n’ Roll gets back in the ring. They continue to brawl and once again spill to the outside where a double countout is reached. The ref. separates the two and Frankie grabs a chair. Chants of “Crush the ref.!” are heard. Frankie puts the chair down and leaves.

Harry White comes and chats with me. He asks me if I ever heard the real reason why Tommy Rich got the NWA World Title. I said “enlighten me”. He goes on to tell me that a promoter in the south named Jim Barnett was a staunch supporter of, as Harry put it, “alternative lifestyle”. He said that exchange for certain “favors” that Rich could have the NWA World Title for a few days. Rich allegedly accepted. I should have said “then why doesn’t Dustin Rhodes go work for him and get a world title . . . ” The 50 cent program that I bought says that since Heavyweight Champ. John Blackheart vacated the title at the last show that a tournament all across the midwest beginning in Springfield, IL, will end on Dec. 2nd in St. Louis for a new Heavyweight Champ. I asked Harry if this promotion goes on the road. He responded by saying “It doesn’t leave the zip code”.

* Ragin’ Cajun vs. The Ninja (with Magic Man), * Ninja is Pete Madden in a little black suit with a mask. Cajun is 350 lb. of lard. Cajun destroys Ninja with a powerbomb, a powerslam, and a couple elbow drops and a splash. Cajun is the one in June that powerbombed Madden through a table. Harry told me Madden bought the table and doctored it himself. I asked why Bruiser Brody used to wrestle here and now Ragin Cajun does. He said that Brody was a friend of commentator Herb Simmons. Anyway, Cajun wins in a few minutes.

* Ty Dalton vs. Danny Boy * Battle of the babyfaces. Dalton is a good wrestler, while Danny is fair. Danny is more popular. They shake hands the whole match. It’s announced as being a 10 minute time limit. After ten expires Ed Smith taps the bell. The ref. looks at him and tells him 5 more. They wrestle another five and do that thing where one guy has the other pinned, the ref. counts to two, his hand is coming down for the third count and the time expires. 15 Minute draw.

I talk to Harry again. I ask why there isn’t blood here tonight. He said that there are to many little kids in attendance and parents get upset. Also, Kosta is overheard telling Keith Smith and Pete Madden “Don’t get gory tonight”. Harry tells me a story about when he was once outside Kiel Auditorium with Ric Flair. And Flair and Dusty Rhodes had been told not to bleed that night. Flair was sitting outside, rubbing his hand on his head, acting like he was cutting himself. Harry said that Flair wanted to bleed that night and promoters wouldn’t let him. I ask him who’s going to put the Thunderbolt and Lightning masks on tonight, and he says he doesn’t know, but he can find out later. I ask him if you can ever book big names here. He said if you did nobody else would get paid. He says all the ex-WWFers charge a lot and won’t lose. He told me that 2 weeks ago in Carpenters Hall JYD, Ron Powers, and Bob Orton were wrestling for a charity event and got a crowd of 40. He said you just can’t hire the people. He told me that tonight’s crowd was about 350, plus or minus a lot of little kids he said. Harry told me that all of his friends that like wrestling were going to Chicago tonight to see SABU!!!! I’m pissed I missed that one. I ask about Dave Perry’s suspension. He said that the angle is that Perry violated some rules of the SBAC. He tells me that the real reason is that Perry spit and a fan’s face after a match and the fan told promoter Tony Kosta.

* Mask vs. Mask: Thunderbolt vs. Lightning (both with Magic Man?) A pretty slow match. I predicted that one was Johnny Jett and the other was Rock ‘n’ Roll Kid. I was correct. The match was boring as h3ll with Lightning pinning Thunderbolt. They finally remove Thunderbolt’s mask and he has a mask underneath. They both run off with Magic ruining this angle. Last show they hated each other and Magic. Now after they fight they run off together with Magic.

* Tom Sullivan (One half of tag champions), vs. GIANT ASSASSIN (with Magic Man * Assassin gets the largest pop from the crowd of the night. Assassin gives a kid his robe to carry back, after doing a Rick rude strip thing, and tells him “this is worth more than your mom and dad make all year”. Assassin jaws with the fans for 6 to 7 minutes before getting in the ring and starting to wrestle. He gets Magic’s wand and hits Sullivan in the throat with it. Stipulation to this match is that if Assassin OR Jim Lord beat Tom Sullivan OR Johnny Jett in their singles matches, then they get a tag title shot in November. Magic beats Sullivan up on the outside. “Shave your back!” is heard. People with signs hold them up and Magic calls somebody a hillbilly. Some old drunk gets on the house mic and says ” . . . blah blah Assassin why do you like Magic . . . ” Assassin asks Ed Smith, the older than earth time keeper, if this is his son. Not much wrestling action. Assassin gets pinned by Sullivan.

* Jr. Heavyweight Champ. Keith Smith vs. Pete Madden * Harry tells me that Madden hurt his knee in the match with Cajun and that this would be short and not very good at all. He was right as Smith slaps the figure four on for the submission in 8 and a half minutes. Madden walks off looking hurt.

* Johnny Jett vs. Jim Lord (with Giant Assassin), * Jett is fat now. He used to be in great shape. Harry tells me that the difference between a good and bad worker is if they keep themselves in shape or not. He said Madden makes everybody look good. He said that Ty Dalton is the second best worker. He said Bud Stephens is fat and out of shape and Jett had gained 30 pounds. Anyway Lord and Jett wrestle for about 10 minutes and then the ref. is knocked out of the ring. Assassin runs in and beats the crap out of Jett allowing Lord to get the pin when the ref. is revived. The crowd begins to file out as Assassin & Lord continue to pummel Jett in the ring. Tom Sullivan runs out and makes the save.

Saturday Night, November 18th
MMWA/SICW at the South Broadway Athletic Club
2301 South 7th street St. Louis, MO
8:00 PM bell time

* Some Heavyweight Title Tourney matches *
* Giant Assassin & Jim Lord vs. Tom Sullivan & Johnny Jett for the tag belts *
* Jason Reeves will return to active competition *
* Plus more to be announced *

Saturday Night, December 2nd
2301 South 7th Street St. Louis, MO
8:00 PM bell time

* Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals! *
* Plus More to be announced *

Note: This card that I attended was the WORST I have been to. There was no blood, no tables, and Pete Madden was hurt.

WHAT YOU MISSED: This week’s show opened up with BRANDON BAXTER introducing THE HEAVENLY BODIES as the greatest team ever. The Bodies went on to beat TD STEELE & SPELLBINDER when JIMMY DEL RAY hit Steele with the Moonsault. TOM PRITCHARD also had comments toward PG-13 and the SMOKIN GUNNS . . . Next came Brandon Baxter introducing TECHNO TEAM 2000 as the greatest team ever, which brought out the Bodies to argue with Baxter. TT2000 beat KIP MORRIS & CHRIS FRAZIER when TROY hit Frazier with a Sunset Moonsault . . . The Brandon Baxter show continued when he came out to put the bad mouth on MISS TEXAS, who came out to slap him around, but was attacked by JESSE JAMES ARMSTRONG . . . Lance Russell showed highlights of last week’s altercation between Armstrong, JERRY LAWLER, and BRIAN CHRISTOPHER . . . DOUG GILBERT went on to beat JJ Armstrong by DQ when STEVEN DUNN came out to assist Armstrong and was caught by the ref. . . . Dunn was then scheduled to face Christopher, but chaos reigned supreme as Armstrong and Gilbert ran in the ring . . . the show ended with the Heavenly Bodies coming out and demanding a match with PG-13, which they got. TT2000 then came out and the show ended with a 3-way brawl in the ring . . .
FLASHBACK to the week ending 10/20/86 by MADDOGJMF
NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP AREA: It was a week that had serious implications in the world of wrestling as MAGNUM TA — a young superstar that some were betting on being the future of the sport — was seriously injured in a car accident. Initial reports said that he suffered a broken neck and destroyed the 5th vertabrae is his back. They did not know when or if he would walk again . . . In one of the most tasteless moments in NWA history the NWA had THE FOUR HORSEMEN attack DUSTY RHODES in the parking lot of JIM CROCKETT PROMOTIONS and break his arm on camera . . . TULLY BLANCHARD was apparently injured in the ring and had to pull out of the scheduled tag team cage match in, NC, that would pit Blanchard and RIC FLAIR against Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA. The stipulation was that if Rhodes & TA won Dusty would get a title shot with Ric Flair at STARRCADE ’86, and if Dusty’s team lost Dusty would be out of Starrcade all together. Due to Magnum’s injury Dusty was also granted permission to pick any partner to fill in for TA . . . JIMMY VALIANT’S BIG MOMMA returned and agreed to put her hair on the line against PAUL JONES’ hair during the Jones vs. Valiant match at Starrcade . . . and Jones dropped BARON VON RASHKE from his stable . . .

WCCW: A mysterious scarlet haired lady named THE RAVEN appeared in the ring and took over the contract of THE DINGO WARRIOR. She immediately started tag teaming her man with RICK RUDE, who dropped all ties with PERCY PRINGLE . . . and KEVIN & LANCE VON ERICH returned to the area in a non-title win over tag champs BUZZ SAWYER and MATT BORNE . . .

WWF: DANNY SPIVEY was out of wrestling for a while after arthroscopic knee surgery . . . DANNY DAVIS continued to go “bad” as he made some problems for SD JONES in Jones’ match with HERCULES HERNANDEZ . . . DINO BRAVO made his first appearance in the area as a heel and under the management of JOHNNY VALIANT . . . RODDY PIPER made his first appearance back on Piper’s Pit after his injury on Saturday Night’s Main Event. His just was JIMMY HART and he presented Hart with presents. He gave Hart some black panties “from MR. FUJI,” a lai “from Don Morocco” and a rope and a pink cowboy hat “from ADRION ADONIS & BOB ORTON.” He then tied Hart to a chair, brought out a bottle of mouth wash and made Hart gargle and spit it out in the Pink hat. He then proclaimed that as the lai went around Hart’s neck that this would be the only lai he’ll ever get. He put the black panties on Hart’s chest and then put the hat on Hart’s head then skipped off on his “bad” leg . . .

NWA CENTRAL STATES: for some reason the edition of the best of NWA Wrestling on Home Team Sports was devoted to the Central States! Our first match saw Central States Tag Champions — THE THUNDERFOOTS defeat TODD CHAMPION & DAVID PETERSON when Foot #1 KO’ed Peterson with a loaded boot for the win . . . and BABY DOLL interfered in a match between THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL EXPRESS vs. THE WARLORD & BIG BUBBA that cost her team the match when she attacked RICKY MORTON in the ring . . .

AWA: “GENTLEMAN” KEN TYME made his debut in the ring and claimed to have a “big surprise” for GREG GAGNE . . . LARRY ZYBSZKO & NINJA GO attacked NICK BOCKWINKLE with a kendo stick during his match vs. DENNIS STAMP. Bockwinkle was left bleeding in the ring . . . THE RUSSIANS, SMIRNOFF & GORDYENKO, started using the figure four HEAD lock as finishers . . . and in a Ladies’ title defense SHERRI MARTEL took on DESPONIA MONTIGA. Desponia controlled most of the match until BUDDY ROSE & DOUG SUMMERS interfered. While Montiaga suplexed Martel, Rose tripped her and Martel got the pin. THE MIDNIGHT ROCKERS made the save . . .

THE RIGHT VIEW by Jim Sondergeld
For weeks now I have been ruminating over all the disparate ingredients being prepared for WCW’S Halloween Havoc PPV. World champion Hulk Hogan has grown successively more addle-minded, the Giant (now THERE’S an original moniker), has looked more and more invincible, and Sting has played matchmaker to Randy Savage and Lex Luger. And the question I’ve been asking is how WCW is going to try and sell another standard HH-rises-from-the-dead-and-overcomes-all-odds-yet-again script for the main event. The buildup has made such a clinker almost inconceivable. It just hasn’t added up — until now.

Try this scenario on for size: HH and “The Son Andre Never Had” (I’m growing rather fond of that handle), have their monster-truck battle; HH not only wins the encounter, but TSANH is “injured” in the process (maybe through some sabotage or other); he can’t wrestle the champ in the main event. Luger and Savage win their respective matches, and their clash becomes the main event instead, with the winner named #1 contender. At the climax of that bout, HH shows up at ringside, in black and without Jimmy Hart, supposedly to observe the outcome, and then interferes, causing either Savage or Luger to lose. Then HH announces that he’s turned bad, and that he’s joined the Dungeon of Doom. At Starrcade ’95 HH loses the WCW world title to either Savage or Luger and goes back to Tinseltown.

If the rumors I’ve heard about HH taking several months off to make another movie are true, this scenario would work as well as any. It would also explain why WCW signed Luger.

The rest of my Halloween Havoc picks to come next week.

Good evening, and welcome to On the Ropes. Our top story: tag team wrestling is still dead.

I just picked up the latest issue of PRO WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED, with the PWI 500. I bet practically every one of us here has bought one of the Bill Apter magazines at one time or another. When you’re a fan of something, you want to keep up with the literature. But I still can’t figure these magazines out.

Of course, Apter’s books are strictly mark-oriented. They’re on newsstands and in drug stores, unlike, say, the Observer. They strictly favor the “fan favorites” over the “rulebreakers.” I even started using those meaningless terms when I talked wrestling, then tried to use “face” and “heel.” Now I settle for “good guys” and “bad guys.”

They even go so far as inventing writers, even running angles with their actual writers, who all play a certain type of character. In this month’s issue alone, one writer was fired for taking a payoff from a manager to place his men high up in the PWI 500. Another staff writer is the niece of one of the fictional writers. As far as I know, she’s made up, too.

Not that I think this is wrong; just weird. For “sports entertainment,” it should make sense that the literature involved is skewed. The quality on the Apter mags has decreased considerably; I stopped picking them up a while back. Lots of factual errors, and a reluctance by the staff to follow what was *actually happening* in wrestling — they were too busy running their own angles on their own made-up articles with their own made-up interviews.

This, of course, is different from the kids-oriented WWF magazine, which looks nice, but that’s about it. And the WCW magazine, which improved upon the WWF magazine’s format — until the WWF mag changed it’s format. And the WCW mag was canceled.

For what it’s worth, here’s the top 10 of the PWI 500: 10) Mitsuharu Misawa. 9) Razor Ramon. 8) Randy Savage. 7) Vader. 6) Terry Bollea. 5) Sabu. 4) Bret Hart. 3) Sting. 2) Shawn Michaels. 1) Diesel.

Well, Bollea’s not number one, and Sabu is above him. That should please somebody out there. Nighty night!

THE SUPER BOMB by Tom Robson
In years past people, myself included have been very critical of Vince McMahon, The World Wrestling Federation and the decisions they make. Well, recently the WWF has made some very good and some very bad experiences.

The Firing of Bill Watts: Watts is very good at developing angles, etc. Sure, he made some mistakes during his control of WCW in 1992, but people often forget the good things that he did. Big Van Vader might not have become the superstar that he is today if Watts wasn’t around to give him his first WCW World Title. He originated the “Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal” match. Personally, I always loved that match. Also, he really pushed the team of Steve Williams and Terry Gordy in a time where WCW needed a great tag team feud, and they got one with Williams & Gordy vs. The Steiners.

1) The Push of the British Bulldog: Davey Boy Smith is one of the better workers in the United States today. However, he has never been the number-one face or heel in a federation. The closest he came was during his WCW stint of 1993, but he was still number three to Sting & Ric Flair. In the WWF he was always behind Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon and Bret Hart. Now, he’s the most hated man in the WWF, and I love it! This man has deserved a World Title for a long time, and now he’s going to get it, even though he’ll probably lose it to Hart at the Survivor Series.

2) The Decision to Try to Bring Back Jeff Jarrett and Adam Bomb: Enough has been said about Double J, so I won’t talk much about him. Adam Bomb is simply a great wrestler. He has the incredible ability to combine power and speed. He also has great interaction with the fans, at least the little kids. Bomb would make a great Intercontinental Champion, at least speaking from a business standpoint.

Well, that’s one bad decision and two good ones, but I’d have to say that, in the long run, that bad decision could hurt them. It’ll be an interesting situation to keep an eye on.

Just a quick comment on the Shawn Michaels situation. The Bruise Brothers must be really stupid, ’cause I really doubt that any legitimate federation is going to sign them. Also, it’s really a shame that wrestlers are getting jumped outside the ring. You have to wonder what kind of shape The HB Kid would be in if Davey Boy & The Kid weren’t there. It’s pretty scary.

Before I get to the gist of this week’s column, let me first say to the WWF You, you’re not good, for having PG-13 basically job for the Jokin’ Guns during their WWF tag title match. PG-13 is a quality tag team and they deserve better, especially against those two jokes that are supposed to be WWF tag champs.

My main concern this week is with Shawn Michaels. I have not heard anything in particular, but I think the incident that happened is real. Shawn Michaels is well-known and also portrays himself as arrogant. The thugs that beat him up saw him as an easy target. Also, remember Shawn was alone late at night. Now that I’ve given you my explanation on why this is not an angle, I’ll tell you what really bugs me about all this.

No one was punished in the murder of Bruiser Brody. I’m scared that the creeps that beat up Shawn will not serve time. You are probably saying that the two incidents are different, since Brody’s murder occurred in Puerto Rico and this attack happened in the U.S. I wouldn’t be so sure.

Remember, the justice system in the U.S. is far from perfect. Remember also, that there are some idiotic people who see pro wrestlers as bad actors and not good athletes. I fear that those two factors will play against any prosecution of those creeps.

This is not to say that I don’t hope that they are found guilty and prosecuted. I hope the book gets thrown at them. The 10 scumbags that beat Shawn Michaels are nothing but cowards and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Shawn Michaels is in my prayers. To all wrestlers and to all my readers, please BE SAFE! There are some sick people out there.

My car, a 1994 Laser Red Ford Mustang, has not had a great year. On January 12th, an elderly lady pulled out in front of me and destroyed the front end. On Tuesday, an older man ran a red light and demolished the driver’s side. Amazingly, I’ve walked away both times with just a few sore muscles.

What has this to do with wrestling? Absolutely nothing, I’m just venting.

Big Van Vader has a lot to do with wrestling. And my guess is that he’s been the subject of more than one sleepless night recently at WCW.

The shoving incident with Paul Orndorff caused him to be suspended. Current rumors would suggest that suspension is being lifted. A move WCW had to make.

Had Vader been fired, he surely would have ended up in the WWF. Considering he’s one of the most famous wrestlers in the world, that would have been bad news for WCW. It also brings to light what will prove to be a windfall for wrestlers over the next few years.

With the increased competition between the WWF and WCW, the stars of wrestling are going to enjoy fatter paychecks. Organizations will pay more to keep or lure the big names. While Bollea was a free agent, Savage and Luger were not and it took healthy incentives to get them to Atlanta. Promoters are going to have to protect their turf, and that means more money for key players.

Vader would have been a big loss for WCW. Considering the state of Atlanta wrestling, they can’t afford too many big losses. Especially until the yellow and red storm lifts.

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I’m responsible for something horrible.

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At first it was just a neat little way to get around saying a name that makes me barf. He’s the most over-exposed person in the wrestling world and the fact is that I cringe at the thought of having someone like HIM carry the future of wrestling into the gutter. I also cringe at the thought of having to include this person in my publication.

I can’t ignore him — he’s everywhere, on every WCW show. So important to them that they’re interrupting Dean Malenko vs. Eddy Guerrero matches to inform everyone that he decided on quilted bathroom tissue instead of the plain stuff.

I turned on a tape of “WCW All Niter 2” the other day. Every other match had something to do with him. Magazines — there he is. Wrestling areas and newsgroups — he’s there (thankfully he’s being blasted).

I don’t care for That HH Guy. I run this publication. I don’t have to say his name if I don’t want to and the FACT is that I can be childish here and stick to my guns on this issue. I’m not going to do it so neener neener neener! 😛

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