The Ring Report TV Update 11/26/95 Vol. 1, No. 145

The Ring Report TV Update 11/26/95 Vol. 1, No. 145
(“I wanted to tell you . . .” ::gasp:: ::plop:: “Get a medic!”)
NEW JAPAN TV 10/9/95 by Rob Newland
[Note – I receive two weeks of New Japan TV every two weeks so once I get going there will be a report on two weeks of New Japan in every other issue of the Ring Report. Since this means it’s easy to catch up I thought I’d start my report on the TV from a while back to try to get you up to date. You may also notice when I start my regular schedule that my reports are of TV from about three weeks ago. This is because my tapes are coming from Japan and obviously take some time to arrive in the US.]

Riki Choshu/Kensuke Sasaki vs. Kazuo Yamazaki/Osamu Kido  I’m not the biggest Choshu fan in the world as may become evident over the next few weeks 🙂 Some solid mat wrestling took place all through this match. Kensuke Sasaki pinned Osamu Kido after a Powerslam.

Jushin “Thunder” Liger  vs. Shinjiro Otani
I was very disappointed that only 5 minutes of this match aired. It looked like a great match with some close falls and awesome high spots. Liger pinned Otani after a FishermanBuster off the top rope. I think Liger has used this move once in the US on a recent WCw Pro show but for those of you who haven’t seen it I will attempt to describe it. Liger picks up his opponent in position for a Perfect Plex and lifts him up and over but drops his opponent on his head and neck instead of on his back. Liger also does not hold the move for the pin he releases it and then goes for the pin.

IWGP Jr. Title — Koji Kanemoto (c)  vs. Chris Benoit
A fantastic match that really shows the difference between the WCw Benoit and the New Japan Benoit. Here Benoit is free to shine and does so in an awesome match. Kanemoto is a great worker and also the current IWGP Jr. Champion. Kanemoto was on WCw TV recently so if you saw that I assure you he is a great deal better than he appeared in that match. Liger was watching from ringside during this match. I’m guessing the reason he was there was either in the position of a second or more likely he was checking out Kanemoto who currently holds the Jr. Title that he will soon challenge for. The last 5 minutes featured some highspots including a very fast Frankensteiner on Benoit from the top rope. Kanemoto won by pinfall after a Tiger Suplex. Kanemoto hooks both arms of his opponent behind their backs and then performs a suplex holding the arms in place.

IWGP Title — Keiji Muto (c) vs. Junji Hirata
Muto is known better to US fans as the Great Muta. He now wrestles without the paint and as a face. I have to stop myself from viewing things from a US point of view many times while watching New Japan and this match was an example of this. I just couldn’t get over the fact that Hirata is such a mid-card star and Muto needed 15 minutes and pulled out many of his moves to beat him. Muto did carry Hirata to a great match though but the US wrestling side of my brain couldn’t get over the fact that Muto was in serious danger of being pinned when wrestling Hirata. I guess I need therapy 😉 Muto won by pin after a Moonsault.

NEW JAPAN TV 10/16/95
The matches on this and the next couple of weeks of NJ TV are from UWFi vs. New Japan card in the Tokyo Dome which drew 67,000 fans. UWFi is a shoot style group which has more mat work and ends matches in submissions and never pinfall. I suppose if a US group started running matches that looked like UFC but were all a work it would be basically the same thing. As you can imagine this caused a massive style conflict that some workers dealt with and others did not.

Naoki Sano vs. Jushin Liger
Sano and Liger had a series of classic matches years ago but because this match was essentially worked shoot and not pro style it lacked the action of their previous encounters. Liger did manage to get in a Plancha which he missed plus Sano broke his shoot style to hit Liger with a Tope but apart from that the match featured mostly mat work. Whether this was the intended angle or just something I personally got out of the match I don’t know but I looked at it like Sano was reverted to his Pro Wrestling style the longer he was in the ring with Liger. Liger although known for his high flying talents is actually a great mat wrestler and had a chance to show some of that in this match. Sano tried many shoot style submission moves to get the win but eventually got the pinfall after putting Liger in a Dragon Suplex and then a Tiger Suplex. These guys (IMHO) did the best job of combining the pro with the shoot style and produced an entertaining match.

IWGP Title — Keiji Muto (c) vs. Nobuhiko Takada
This was the Main Event of the show and was essentially anti-climatic. Muto won the match via submission with a figure four leglock. The match itself was 16 minutes long which is a long time but I expected a longer classic battle. I really don’t see where they plan to take this as I see no point in having a rematch since Muto beat Takada at his own game which is submission wrestling. It was an ok match but didn’t live up to the hype.

Well there you have my report on two weeks of New Japan TV. I really would appreciate it if you sent me a note saying if you would like to see future reports on New Japan TV as I am trying to find out how much interest there is in this report. I also welcome any opinions you have on the column or questions/comments on New Japan. Thanks!

I bought tickets for this show two weeks early since I was going to be in the area for the ECW November to Remember. At the time I purchased the tickets the only match I was interested in seeing was SKIP vs. ACE DARLING. Little did I know that the main event would be changed, more on that later . . .

After arriving at the Camden High School and locking the car (after removing all valuables), my trusty sidekick Ron and I entered the building. We were greeted by DENNIS CORALLUZZO who handed us our first row seats. I was amazed that we got such good seats since I had sent the money out less than two weeks before. (I later saw why we had such good seats. The crowd had less than 200 people.), As we walked into the gymnasium many of the wrestlers were walking around. We found our seats right in front of the stairs at ringside. (Since the price of the ticket was $12 and we spent about $10 in tolls I will rate these matches on a monetary scale if the total is greater than the amount spent, consider the show a success.)

One of the natural born killers ended up being GLENN OSBOURNE, who I have always liked. The match wasn’t anything spectacular. Both teams went back and forth until Osbourne rolled up Rebel and Gunn rolled up the other man. The referee made the three count and declared the Natural Born Killers the winners since they made the pinfall first. Lame ending but I was happy to see Osbourne. Rating: $1.50

(The announcer then announced the next man coming to the ring would be BLUE THUNDER. He was wrong and after a few minutes of confusion he announced the next match. A group of people behind us kept doing Blue Thunder chants during this match and the next few. When I looked back, it ended up being none other than bleach bum Dave Scherer and Co.)

Neidhart attacked early taking control of the match. The match was short and ended when Virgil knocked Anvil into Destiny and rolled him up from behind. Rating: $.50 (Blue Thunder chants: $1.00)

The original main event was Inferno Kid vs. HAKUSHI. Now they give us Rick Ratchet. Both men are quite small and tried a number of high spots, some successfully, some not. Ratchet won but I forgot how. Rating: $.75

Volkoff’s manager looked like the doorman from the hotel he was staying at. Volkoff entered the ring and graced the crowd with his rendition of the Soviet National Anthem. At its conclusion, Droese came out carrying a plastic garbage can. He walked past us and swatted Ron’s hat off. Ron was now provoked. The match seemed to go on forever until Volkoff’s manager came in the ring and Volkoff started using a foreign object. Droese was declared the winner by DQ. Rating: $1.25 only because Nikolai sang.

I can’t remember Rage’s first name but it doesn’t really matter. Combs looked like GoldDust with her horribly tight fitting gold body stocking on. The entire match consisted of Combs screaming “HAIR” at the ref. whenever Rage pulled the hair. Combs finally got the pinfall. Rating: $.75

Finally, Blue Thunder!! Another surprisingly bad match. Jim came out with his title WWA Championship belt. In the end, Jim was victorious. Rating: $.50
7. TWIGGY vs. (Ghetto or Master), BLASTER
I forget Blaster’s name but Twiggy and his manager were quite funny. Both were dressed in drag with heavy make-up and stockings on. Twiggy got destroyed during the match and was literally dragged back to the locker room by his manager. Rating: $1.50

This was a street fight where falls counted anywhere in the gymnasium. The match immediately spilled out of the ring and the teams battled back and forth in the bleachers, ringside seats, and back by the dealer tables. They tried hard to make it an “ECW style” match. The Bros. won via pinfall out on the gym floor. Rating: $2.00

This is the only reason I originally bought the tickets. Ron and I got our “Join the Bodydonna Brigade” sign(with the 8×10 of Tammy giving the finger), ready. As they entered the ring, Skip noticed us and said “S#!T, Not that d@mn sign again!” Tammy then grabbed the mic and started yelling at the crowd how they should me more like the two guys sitting in the front row! That was us! She actually acknowledged us again! The match started and we gave Skip the “golf clap” for every move he made. The ring broke at one point (a loose board under the mat), but Skip and Ace kept wrestling. At one point, Sunny distracted the ref. and threw Skip the timekeepers metal rod (that he used to ring the bell). Skip nailed Ace with it and got the pin. After the match, Skip grabbed the mic and started yelling about the next match. He said “I know you’re all here to watch the next match with that walking cheat sheet, Hakushi.” He continued saying that he knew the fans wanted to see them use tables, armoires, bedspreads, sheets and whatever else they could find. He said he wished he could do that but they wont let him and “Tammy, Oops Sunny” do that anymore. He then grabbed our sign and held it up for all to see, while Sunny posed for us on the ringside steps. Rating: $5.00 (For acknowledging our existence-$5.00 more)

Both Sabu and Hakushi got a large pop from the crowd of 200 or so. Both men did their usual high flying spots. Control went back and forth between both men. Sabu threw Hakushi out of the ring and jumped over the top rope to do a Frankensteiner type move, instead Sabu landed, balls first, on Hakushi’s head. That’s gotta hurt! Both men made their way back into the ring. Sabu was whipped into the turnbuckle and Hakushi followed him in with the springboard elbow. Sabu regained control only to be attacked by DEVON STORM. Sabu ended up winning by DQ. While Sabu and Storm were slugging it out, Skip, who was watching the match from the bleachers, ran to ringside and tried to piledrive Hakushi through a table. Hakushi reversed it and backdropped the bodydonna through it instead. Sabu laid out Devon Storm and THE MASTER on as table then went over the top rope and through all three. Skip ran down the aisle right past us with a ladder. When we saw him he gave us a look and said: “I’m just F@#K’n with you, I’m not going back in there!” He dropped the ladder and went back to the dressing room. Sabu also left but both Storm and the Master stayed motionless on the floor. As the announcer told us all to have a nice evening he called for any doctors in attendance to come to ringside. I still don’t know if anyone was really hurt but knowing Sabu, anything is possible. Rating: $4.50 (Skip interference and punchline adds $2.50).

So the total rating for this NWA/WWF show is $26.75. The last three matches really did save the show. Overall, I enjoyed this show (although the crowd was a disappointment), and it did warm me up for what would later turn out to be a November to Remember.

WHAT YOU MISSED: Things started out with photos from SURVIVOR SERIES, including shots of DIESEL losing the WWF WORLD TITLE to BRET HART and then putting Bret through a table . . . THE 123 KID and HAKUSHI wrestled a great match that saw MARTY JANNETTY try to enter the ring during the match. The Kid got the win after DiBiase shoved Hakushi off of the top rope, leading to a round house kick by the Kid and the pinfall . . . JERRY LAWLER interviewed The Kid and DiBiase after the match and Marty Jannetty again came down. This time he went after the Kid but didn’t notice PSYCHO SID sneaking up from behind. SID powerbombed Jannetty and he was left for dead . . . VINCE MCMAHON reminded us that he sold his soul to the KARATE FIGHTERS . . . SONNY looked great before SKIP’S match with SAVIO VEGA. Unfortunately she couldn’t help things as DIESEL, sporting graying sideburns, came down to the ring and attacked Skip outside of the ring. He then demanded a microphone and explained that he wasn’t going to be a corporate puppet of Vince McMahon, he wasn’t going to apologize, and that he’d still be a friend to SHAWN MICHAELS and others but would only slap the hands of fans who had black gloves on their hands . . . in the main even OWEN HART and SHAWN MICHAELS wrestled a decent match until Owen went over the top rope and Shawn did a “RICKY STEAMBOAT” maneuver to get back in the ring over the ropes. Michaels danced a little and then fell to the mat. From there everything went silent as Vince McMahon rushed to ringside. Owen Hart did not continue to the match and called for paramedics. After a commercial break it was still silence and paramedics and PAT PATTERSON administered oxygen to Michaels in the ring. After another commercial break Shawn seemed to regain consciousness but it faded to black before anyone gave us an update . . .

WWF House Show at CoreStates Spectrum in Philadelphia- 11/24/95 By Eric Stone
My brother and I purchased tickets for the WWF show at the Spectrum on the way to ECW the week before. While we both knew not to expect a card half as good as what we saw at the ECW Arena, we both came away very disappointed. I forgot to bring a notebook so these results are all from memory. I saw several ECW T-shirts in the crowd. The Hawaiian Boy was in attendance as was the guy with white hair who sits next to him. Also Stanley and his girlfriend showed up right after intermission.

Match #1: Fatu/Hakushi/Barry Horowitz over Skip/Isaac Yankem/Kama when Fatu pinned Kama after a superkick. Pretty good opener and I was happy to see that Skip wasn’t forced to job for that loser Fatu.

Match #2: Ahmed Johnson beat Rad Radford with a tiger bomb. Very short squash and Johnson didn’t sell anything.

Ted DiBiase then came into the ring for an interview. He did his “everyone has a price” interview and said he’d offer $100 to a fan if the fan could do 25 pushups. A fan came into the ring and did 25 pushups and was given $100. He then offered $100 to any fan who would get on his hands and knees and bark like a dog. Some fan came in the ring and barked like a dog and was given $100. Then DiBiase said he’d give $100 to a fan who’d kiss his feet. An idiot came in the ring, kissed his feet and was given $100.

Match #3: 123 Kid defeated Aldo Montoya with a spinning DDT off the top rope. Basically a squash and I noticed that Eddy Guerrero executes that spinning DDT a lot better than the Kid.

Match #4: GoldDust beat Bob Holly. Not too bad but certainly not good.

Match #5: Sid beat Razor Ramon by count out when the 123 Kid beat up Razor outside the ring. Okay match with a predictable ending.

Match #6: Hunter Hurst Helmsley beat Henry Godwinn but Godwinn ended up slopping Helmsley. This was the worst match I’ve ever seen live. I was yearning for King Mable to work three matches in one show by the end of this match.

Intermission: There was a hockey game earlier in the day at the Spectrum and the seats on the floor didn’t cover the whole area of the ice. The section where the goals are were empty of seats. Anyway, these two kids who must have been 7 or 8 years old decided to have a wrestling match in the empty area. It was a fantastic match, a lot better than the slop match, with the kids executing figure fours, sleepers, sharp shooters, and many other moves. It was a lot of fun to watch and I was pissed when the security guard made the kids sit down.

Match #7: Savio Vega beat “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. My brother and I held up the “Triple Threat” symbol when Shane came into the ring. Plenty of ECW chants throughout the match. It wasn’t very good but it was nice seeing Shane in person again.

Match #8: British Bulldog beat Diesel by DQ when Diesel took off the turnbuckle and dropped the Bulldog face-first onto the exposed buckle. Pretty good match but the ending was dumb. I didn’t see their IYH match so I don’t know how this match compared to that one.

Match #9: Smokin Gunns beat Owen Hart and Yokozuna. Best match of the night and I only rated it as a ***1/4 match.

Match #10: Bret Hart defeated Undertaker by DQ when UT had Hart set up for the tombstone piledriver but Diesel came out and attacked Hart. Afterwards the whole dressing room emptied out and a brawl ended the show. Hart had some interesting leg submission moves on UT during the match, but the crowd was dead until he went for the sharpshooter. That’s one thing I don’t like about the “big two”. The crowds are trained to pop for certain moves that signal the finish, so the near falls mean nothing. Hart had the figure-four on UT which was used as a submission finish for the main event at the last Tokyo Dome show, but the crowd didn’t care because they knew that Hart’s opponents only submit to the sharpshooter.


Overall, it was not a very good show. I was not surprised to see them selling Shawn Michaels gimmicks but they made no announcement as to why he wasn’t there which I thought was wrong because if it wasn’t for AOL and RSPW, I would have had no clue why he wasn’t there.

WHAT YOU MISSED: Had to watch on fast forward so just the meat (or mush, whatever it looks like to you . . .Lowlights of the STING vs. HH match on the 11-20 Nitro . . . LEX LUGER beat BART SAWYER . . . THE AMERICAN MALES over THE STATE PATROL . . . SCOTT “FLASH” NORTON destroyed TERRY MORGAN . . . MASA CHONO outclassed EVAD NAVILLUS . . . KENSUKI SASAKI easily defended the US title over COBRA . . . An announcement by CHRIS CRUISE that the purchase of half the Pro show by SONNY ONOO is null and void and New Japan wrestlers will no longer have half the show. So it’s back to the usual bad squash matches . . .

Location: The Bagley Center, Vancouver, Washington Announcer: Dutch Savage(17 time PNW Champion)

Richie Magnet vs. Bruiser Brian Cox
Magnet is a bald, 40+ “veteran” with a build that resembles Buddy Rose.  Bruiser is green but improving. The match is not that great with Bruiser Brian winning with a school boy.

Interview with Bruiser Brian:
Challenges Jesse Barr to an “Idaho” Barb Wire match. “In Idaho Falls, Idaho, we’re tough men. We settle it out in the barb wire pasture”. Dutch mentions that he *heard* that razor wire was going to be used not barbwire.

– As Joey Styles would say “OH MY GOD!” -:)

Interview with Bill “the Anchor” Sawyer
Just finished a match and was attacked by Col. DeBeers. Sawyer is going on a *world* tour and when he gets back, he challenges DeBeers to a cage match.

Interview with Bart Sawyer:
A time limit draw with Buddy Wayne just finished. Bart is pissed. “Buddy Wayne, anytime you want a match, a street fight, you got me. I’m coming for you!”

Chain Match: SLAM vs. Tackle
– They used to be a tag team called the Serbian Liberation Army Movement or something like that.

Lots of chokes with the chain but after about 5 minutes, the chain gets  tangled around the bottom ring rope and neither wrestler can get it untangled. (Comment: It’s so bad, it’s entertaining.)A brawl ensues out of the ring with Tackle bashing SLAM with a chair(.5 on the ECW register, out of a total of 5 points.) SLAM rips the top of his mask and juices. The bell rings with Tackle stomping a bloodied SLAM and leaves him laid out on the floor.

Interview with Tackle:
Tackle thanks the American people and is not finished with SLAM. He wants a “mask vs. mask” match with SLAM. “The battle is not over!”

Interview with SLAM:
“Bloodied, but not beaten, I am still alive. Tackle, you have to kill me stop me. I accept you challenge! Tackle, you will bleed next time!”.

Oly Olsen (Lariat Columnist? -:) ) vs. Dane “The Body Beautiful”
Rush Scientific wrestling by Oly who applies armbars and arm drags on Rush. There is a real size mismatch with Oly appearing about 5′ 8″ and 180 lb. and Rush being about a foot taller and 40 or 50 lb. heavier. Match ends with a double pin. Rush raises his arm just before the ref. counts three and is declared the winner.

Interview with Dane Rush:
Rush bets Dutch $100 that Mike Roselli won’t show up for his match next week against Lou Andrews. Dutch shakes on it. Rush then starts talking about how Barr, the leader of the RAT Pack(Barr, Rush & Andrews) is going to wipe out Bruiser Brian next week in the barbwire match.


“I have a great idea, we’ll have a gigantic Battle Royal. You know, one that will kick Royal Rumble’s @ss. we can make it have 60 guys in it and better yet have it in three rings. I can picture it now . . . Wow!”

Is this a transcript of a meeting in a WCW board room? It is probably close to one. 60 men, 3 rings, it can’t be bad . . . Ha you know better than that. This was a huge disgrace, a 60 men, 3 rings, and 3 “giants” disgrace.

The event *LIVE!* form Norfolk Virginia started with an interview with Sting, Randy Savage, and That HH B@stard. He removed his black clothes throw them in a waste basket and set it on fire to “symbolize the return of HH”. Well just like HH’s ego the fire went unexpectedly out of control during the interview sending smoke everywhere. After Sting started to yell “PUT OUT THE FIRE” he grabbed a bottle of spring water and put it out himself in the middle of the interview. They are the most unprofessional group of people in the universe. HH than went to criticize “rags” referring to the sheets and he childishly cheap-shoted the Internet. Since he sometimes reads what we say let me say this. Hogan, your jealousy is rooted in the fact that you know that we are the only ones who see you for who you really are and That is a talentless ego maniac whose ego has been known to brake up marriages, disgrace careers (Flair’s in particular), and destroy what was at one time the greatest wrestling organization in the world. HH you are an abomination to wrestling and don’t even think about blaming the Public’s general disgust with you on us.

. . . now where was I . . . oh yes match #1

Johnny B Badd vs. Diamond Dallas Page (Diamond Doll on the line w/ the TV belt)
This match started out slow in pace with a lot rest holds and just general boredom. The match really picked up pace towards the end with a couple of nice spots towards the end. A continuing problem in Johnny’s, Page’s, or both men’s matches is the lackluster endings. Badd did Sabu’s famous catapult leg drop and got a delayed pin and the Diamond Doll. Quote of the night was when Schivani said the Diamond Doll will no be treated with respected now that Johnny B Badd WON her . . . you figure it out

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Big Bubba Rogers
Candidate for worst match of the year. This was just complete crap. Bubba did bleed, I guess that will be a firing: ) Towards the end of this torture . . . err match VK Wallstreet came down and gave Bubba a chain in which he nailed Jim with and got a KO. Apparently you win this match by KO like in boxing. Really bad.

Cutie Suzuki and Muyumi Ozaki vs. Bull Knakano and Akira Hokuto Sonny Ono was in Bull and Akira’s corner to remind you this is a WCW match and you must be disgusted at least once. All 4 of these women have tremendous talent> I have seen them wrestle before. Unfortunately the match consisted of a lot of hair pulling and few high spots by Akira. The match was decent though featuring Bull’s famous double suplex and a nice moonsault (although she missed it). Bull and Akira scored the victory with Bull’s Guillotine Legdrop.

Benoit vs. Kensuki Sasake
Once again Sonny Ono made me vomit. This match can’t be bad right? wrong. The first 5 minutes was an armbar. The basically lumbered around the ring for an amount of time equal to the time spent on a great match but alas we were WCW’d. I can’t recall and memorable spots in this match. Sasake won with a spike slam.

“The Total Package” Lex Luger vs. Macho Man with bad music This was really bad too. I didn’t even pay close attention to it and that’s my job. Towards the end Luger got him in the Torture rack outside the ring and throw Savage back in, applied an arm bar and the ref. stopped that match. Apparently Savage gave up in the armbar. You will see the irony of this later.

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Sting
As far as I am concerned this new feud of there’s in just tarnishing the other matches they have had. I can remember some real slobberknockers they were involved in. The last 3 have been crap. This was once again a long match but had Flair running fro ring to ring the whole time and basically just getting irritating. Sting really has deteriorated. It seems his repertoire is now just a press slam. Sting mad Flair submit again in the deathlock. To me this is a disgrace. The Horseman haven’t even been formed for a month and already 2 of them have jobbed in one night. Bad match

60 Man, 3 Ring, 3 Giants . . .
If somebody changes a gimmick you would expect some sort of an explanation no matter how half @ss it may be. The Yeti’s gimmick was changed for a Mummy to what looks like a Ninja with no explanation or acknowledgment. Also he is a new shorter man. I believe he was the first one out and not once did one of the 3 announce teams acknowledge it. The screen was divided into 3 for the ENTIRE event. This was annoying. Brian Armstrong was stretchered and not until he was right in front of the camera did they acknowledge it. It was almost like if they don’t get a good shot of it that don’t have to say anything. when it finally went into one ring Flair went under the ropes, to the apron and climbed to the top turnbuckle he was then knocked off of it and eliminated. Flair once again was cheated out of a victory. With the ref. distracted with savage eliminating the One Man Gang The Giant, who was eliminated, dragged HH out of the ring. The ref. seeing no one left in the ring declared Savage the victor. HH cried for an hour in the ring and then plugged Nitro. The end was a disgrace.

The matches themselves were poor for the most part and so was the battle royal. The Camera work was atrocious. there also seemed to be no rules as the wrestlers could wander from ring to ring. There were 3 refs. and each was in a ring!? This allowed guys to hang outside the ring and battle wrestlers who are eliminated. There was not order to this PPV at all. I believe that quote at the beginning was made by a chimpanzee as no human could have made this mess.

Next week: World Bore 3 Follow-Up

I’ll start with this week, the week of 26 November 1988. And since controversial WWF referee Danny Davis was the popular topic in the last This Week in the WWF update of 28 October 1986, I’ll concentrate on happenings regarding Elizabeth (former manager and ex-wife of Randy Savage).

During a WWF World Championship match between champion Savage and Andre the Giant at Madison Square Garden on 21 November, Elizabeth kept complaining to the referee about Andre’s continual choking of Savage. Andre finally became fed up with Elizabeth, and choked her (as she was trying to leave the ring apron), and picked her up as if to chokeslam her. Jake Roberts came out for the save, and Andre cast her aside to flee the ring in fright once Roberts opened his bag to reveal Damian the Snake (remember that Andre collapsed in the ring after having the python thrown onto him). Other WWF wrestlers — particularly Hulk Hogan — came under harsh criticism from Victory Sports Series staff editors because they  didn’t come out to aid Elizabeth against Andre.

Elizabeth was starting to come between Savage and Hogan (whom were teaming together as part of the Mega Powers), as Savage scowled at Hogan for raising Elizabeth’s hand during their post-match victory pose session at the Survivor Series (24 November), in Richfield, OH. Savage’s anger would foreshadow his eventual heel turn in February 1989, and set up the Hogan-Savage match at WrestleMania V.

On the WWF Superstars of Wrestling broadcast of 26 November, Bad News Brown, a guest on the Brother Love Show, demanded an explanation from WWF President Jack Tunney on why he wasn’t receiving shots at Savage’s WWF title. Brown alleged that Elizabeth was doing (implied), sexual favors for Tunney, and when Tunney admonished the Brooklyn-native brawler for making such an accusation, Brown grabbed the WWF President by the necktie and told him that “no one touches Bad News Brown and gets away with it.” After Tunney imposed a $25,000 fine on Brown, Savage asked him to reconsider so he could handle Brown’s punishment instead.

Well the Survivor series was last Sunday and the general consensus seems to be that it was primo . . . I personally think is was a good show but don’t hole the general enthusiasm for it that others do, granted I did go insane when Bret won the title (actually I went insane for Diesel losing the title not Bret winning it. WWF is really going in the right direction now. The main problem that I had with the WWF was that Diesel was turning into a Hogan-esque (<—hey look, a new word! . . . sorry), wrestler. Last Sunday not only did the WWf remedy that, they did one better and gave him back his attitude. The WWF went as far as to admit Vince’s scheme to turn Diesel into a “corporate puppet”. The interview on Raw consequently was the best interview I have ever seen him give . . . The Kid received a monster push at SS with his win in the first match. This seems to be setting up Sid and the Kid as a TTeam and possibly champs . . . The talk is that the WWF may have taken a step towards the Hardcore with Bret going through a table on Sunday. While this may be somewhat true, don’t expect maniacal “Double Tables” matches on Raw next week. They do need to do something if TPE is making a run for the WWF. Public Enemy is a great Tag Team but a big part of them is a certain insanity I don’t think they can have in the WWF . . . The Undertaker looked like a complete @ss last Sunday. Not in the ring, in the ring he cleaned house, but they made him wear a mask a la Barber/Butcher/Zodiac/Beefcake . . . IMO the show stealer was the Wild card match. This had a lot more talent in it then written on paper. The participants in this match complimented each other greatly. That along with the mini feuds in the match made in a quality TT elim match . . . The women’s mach marked what may be the end of the WWF women’s division. However this may be just the beginning for Alundra Blayze as she is scheduled to go wrestle in All Japan’s Women’s league. the league as some very talented wrestlers in it and she is probably better of there then in the pit disgrace we call the WWF Women’s Division . . . Over all I guess the event was good, even the Gold Dust match had it’s spots, now if you’ll excuse me I have a craving to watch 60 wrestlers lumber around in three rings and pay for it . . .

Last week was a good one for learning new wrestling words and phrases on the Internet such as “marked out,” as in half of RSPW having been MO’D over the Shawn Michaels work.

Of course, hindsight is always 20-20, so now that we’ve all seen the reruns of RAW it’s very clear how everybody, from the refs., Lawler, Owen, those fake EMS guys -how about making sure the guy can breathe first before administering the all-saving oxygen mask?- the Spanish commentators full of concern, I mean EVERYBODY hit their spots for this one. The masterstroke was letting the audio go silent, so that all the channel flippers (myself included), would stop dead on the sight of the lifeless Shawn.

Still think it was real? If you think it was real, then lose the double standard and start raking the WWF over the coals for trying to capitalize on tragedy, because they’re selling Shawn updates on their 900 line.

This whole Fragile Shawn work supposedly stems from the infamous Syracuse incident, that he is suffering Post Concussion Trauma Syndrome something or other. Yet there’s never been a good, accurate, detailed account of the extent of those original injuries. No doubt, there was a nightclub attack of some sort (since everyone insists that there was), but contrast Michaels’ injury to that of the Undertaker’s. With Shawn, he’s beaten for an eternity (right?), by 10 guys and he’s on TV a week later, tears in eyes, giving up the IC belt. Calloway, on the other hand, is taken out by one badly placed clothesline by Mabel, and he disappears, just completely gone.

So at the root of all this are FAKE injuries. Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. [I sound like my wife now as she watches me watching] Even if only for a minute, we’ve all been marked out. [Which is admittedly better than being able to see every angle from a mile away, like Luger being WCW champ.]

What would the WWF have to gain by all this? For starters, it relieved Michaels of the I-C belt without a pin or submission, thus preserving his future value as world champ. It also gives him more injuries to overcome, making his eventual triumph all the more sweeter [Take a poll: Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania? WM would mean the first quarter ’96 of Titan’s earnings would hinge on a transitional champion.]

Then again, we’ve been fooled before. All this talk about Shawn getting lots of rest before a long, hardworking title reign sounds suspiciously like the pre-reign rest he was getting after being power-bombed by Sid three times. Maybe Shawn has reached the HH part of his career, where he’s going to make lots of money and barely wrestle at all. Nice work if you can get it.

I just have one last thing to say about the ECW and Jim Cornette’s comments in the Observer that I totally agreed with last week. What make the ECW thing worse than Cornette’s “Race Riot”, is that the ECW is probably going to sell the whole incident on video just like they do with there other shows. For the profit of themselves. And If they do, it is sick.

Never before, at least as long as I can remember has RSPW been taken by storm, like it did with Michaels and RAW. Quite simply the best angle on live TV. Everyone who took part in the angle deserves an Oscar, or I guess a Cable Ace Award. Now that I’ve seen this weekends WWF programming, the angle becomes twice as good. They did a great recap of what has happened to Michaels over the past month, including all the head shots he took at SS and RAW. Thus making it look real. It was awesome review and explanation. From what I’ve been told Michaels is taking time off to recover, and the WWF is building Michaels as a huge underdog for his match with Bret Hart at WrestleMania.

Many people are upset with McMahon, and saying it was a sick angle. People shut up. You, everyone watching, including myself, were tricked. We all thought it was real. But we don’t like being tricked so now were mad. Folks, it was great, admit and stop b!thing. And the arguments of McMahon capitalizing on a real beating suffered by Michaels, he played to the emotions to little kids is wrong. That is his job as script writer to play to our emotions. What would it be like if we weren’t emotional watching wrestling.

The fact that McMahon used a real life injury to trick people is not a good reason to b!tch either, what about the ECW and SANDMAN. Yes folks. Remember when we thought Sandman was blinded by a (Cigarette was it), and then at the next show they retired him, and later in the show he turn on Tommy Dreamer, going with Woman, and thus showing it was a lie. Boy you all thought that was angle of the year. Were was “They were playing with our emotions”, or “That is sick, using a real life injury to trick us”. You didn’t b!tch then, so shut up now.

WCW needs to be given credit. During the Hogan-Sting match there were no commercials, thus no channel surfing. This is why WCW one the Rating that night. Viewers were never given a chance to change channels. I don’t believe McMahon used the Michaels incident to stop people from flipping, because most people were already watching the Hogan match, and never even saw Michaels fall. I believe it was just an angle that will build Michaels as the underdog come WrestleMania. — I Wouldn’t be surprised if WCW reveals to use on Nitro that the WWF and the Michaels angle was fake. More likely though is they will use it to get people to call the hotline.

Well, I missed the freakin’ Survivor Series. But don’t worry about me; the video will be out soon.

Let’s get right down to the answers of the Survivor Series trivia thing from last week. I got a LOT of responses.

1. Who competed in the only SS match in 1992?

That was the Natural Disasters and the Nasty Boys vs. Money Inc. (then tag champs), and the Beverly Brothers. The Nasties had just refused a payoff from Money Inc. and turned face.

2. Who has never appeared in a Survivor Series match?
a) Tully Blanchard b) Zeus c) Sid d) Bobby Heenan

Either way I worded this would have given the answer away. I wrote it on the Sunday before the SS. At THAT TIME Sid had never wrestled an SS match. I wanted to say “who has never appeared TO DATE?” The correct answer, now, is that all of them have. Congrats to for figuring out what I was thinking. 🙂

Tully teamed with Arn Anderson in the 10-team SS match in 1988. Zeus teamed with Ted DiBiase and the Powers of Pain vs. Terry Bollea, Jake the Snake, and Demolition in 1989 (he got DQ’ed for shoving the ref.). And Bobby Heenan did indeed wrestle in the SS. His teammates were Andre the Giant, Haku, and Arn Anderson. He “replaced” Tully. They were beaten by Ultimate Warrior, Jim Neidhart, and the Rockers in 1989. Bobby PINNED MARTY JANNETTY. No lie.

3. Which bizarre pairing never happened in the SS?
a) Bret Hart & Hillbilly Jim were never on the same team. Most everybody got this one.
b) Sgt. Slaughter and Boris Zuchov were on the same team in ’90. They teamed with the Orient Express, and lost to Tito Santana, Nikolai Volkoff, and the Bushwackers. This was the year where all the winners had a match of survival at the end. This was during Desert Shield, and Slaughter had just come in as a major heel.
c) Ric Flair and the Mountie were on the same side with Ted DiBiase and Warlord vs. Roddy Piper, Virgil, Bret Hart, and Davey Boy in 1991.
d) Undertaker was Honky Tonk Man’s partner, along with Greg Valentine and Ted DiBiase in 1990. They beat Dusty Rhodes, Koko B. Ware, and the Hart Foundation when DiBiase pinned Hart to be the sole survivor. One of Bret’s brothers died the day before this match.

4. And my final question: What was interesting about the 1990 team of the Warriors: Ultimate Warrior, Kerry Von Erich, and the Legion of Doom?

I got a lot of interesting answers. 🙂 The one I was looking for is that all 4 of those men have been called “Warrior”: Ultimate, Kerry “Modern Day Warrior” Von Erich, and the LOD, the Road Warriors. Two of you gave me the answer I wanted: and Your year’s supply of Turtle Wax is on it’s way.

Thanks a lot for playing, everybody. I had a lot of fun with that. I think I’ll do it again soon. I hope you guys got a kick out of it, too. I’ll leave you with this thought: “SURVIVE! SURVIVE! SURVIVE!”

HITTIN’ ‘EM HARD by Ez Hsiang
STING AND PAUL ORNDORFF. Everyone by now knows that Sting and Hulk will lock it up on the 11/20/95 edition of Nitro. Hulk claims that Sting is untrustworthy and that he doesn’t know where Sting is coming from. Sting said that he doesn’t know where Hulk is coming from. I don’t like either guy, but I hope Hulk wins and shows Sting for the fraud he is. It was Sting who abandoned Flair against Arn and Pillman several weeks ago on Nitro, and it was Sting who walked out of the ring with rulebreaker Lex Luger on Nitro about two weeks ago. When asked about his relationship with Lex, Sting wouldn’t say. We should wonder where Hulk is coming from, Sting? I’d say it’s the reverse. Sting also said he’s the big dog of WCW. Hey Sting, when was the last time you held the WCW World Title? I believe it was 1993, and that reign lasted only a few more hours than Bob Backlund’s second WWF World Title reign. Since then, WCW has been dominated by Vader, Flair, and Hulk. Sting, you, like Backlund, are through! Your days as a contender are over! A loss to Kensuke Sasaki proves it!

Paul Orndorff, my man, what has happened to you? Whatever happened to the man who whose only concern was whose @ss you were gonna kick next? I remember when, back in 1986, you came d@mn close to dethroning the Huckster. Remember that, Paul? And guess what? You weren’t concerned with mirrors and superstitions back then. Now look at you. Everyone suffers a bad losing streak every once in awhile (just ask Sting), but not everyone resorts to mirrors and superstitions to get themselves back on track. You listening to me, Paul? Remember how you used to get the job done, and do it again. That’s all I have to say.


Here I was, sitting in my easy chair on a fine Saturday morning (it was the Saturday after T-Day, and my digestive system was still at work), watching my favorite Saturday morning wrestling show, WCW Pro. Everything was cool. During the second half of the show, I watched with glee as Masahiro Chono and Kensuke Sasaki kicked prelim @ss.

That’s when the heart-attacker came. Kensuke just got through with Cobra when Chris Cruise announced that WCW has banned New Japan from their morning show. WHAT!?!

Yo, who’s the idiot who decided to can the best Saturday morning wrestling we’ve seen in a long time? Liger, Hase, et al are certainly better to watch than guys like Barry Houston and Dave Sullivan! Because of the rash actions of the WCW bureaucrats, WCW Pro has lost that special something that made the show worth watching.

Thumbs down to Nick Bullwinkle and whoever else was behind the decision to can the New Japan half of WCW Pro, and also a thumbs down to the fans. Like I said one or two issues ago, them Pro fans are dumb and ignorant for not recognizing the true talent put before them.

BRING BACK NEW JAPAN!!!! (But keep that Sonny Ono @sshole outta here!)

Care to comment on my words of wisdom? Send comments to

Well the current buzz in the wrestling world is about the new attitude of the WWF and how they may begin to take a more hard-core approach in their promotion. Certainly if Survivor Series is any indication this may very well be possible considering the chair and table shots in the main event that are rarely seen in any recent WWF TV or PPVs.. Then the following night they booked an incredible angle which generated a massive amount of attention and had everyone who saw it debating on whether it was real and the ethical points of the angle. Regardless of what people were saying about the angle the WWF succeeded in making the entire wrestling world talk about them and virtually ignore the slow, predictable screw-jobbed match between Hogan and Sting.

Well I personally would find this new attitude easier to believe if the card for IYH 5 wasn’t about as hard-core as Steve McMichael’s unacceptably small dog. Survivor Series looked to be the greatest PPV of the year on paper and it fell short in many parts even though in the end it did still turn out to be a great show. IYH 5 looks like one of the weakest cards on paper and if they fall short on this as they did on Survivor it will be a complete disaster from a casual fan to a hard-core point of view. Bulldog vs. Hart is the main event and I have no confidence in Smith to work a match that even comes vaguely close to their last meeting in quality. Plus IYH 4 had a terrible buyrate not just due to Diesel’s plummeting appeal but also the fact that Bulldog was not a legitimate threat to the title and the WWF made no attempt or did a very bad job of making the Bulldog look like a legitimate threat to Diesel. Sure Bulldog beat Bret 3 years ago but since then the Bulldog has been jobbing away at mid-card status and I would be surprised to see the WWF turn him into even a slight legit threat to Bret. The rest of the weak card is “highlighted” by the HOG-HHH hog pen match which promises one man will get slopped. If there was ever an angle specifically designed to make hard-core fans not buy a PPV it would look something like this except HHH would be replaced by Dink and the winner would be World Heavyweight Champion.

Allow me to clear up what I mean by the phrase, “hard-core fan”. I do not use it as a way to refer to just the smart sheet reading, net surfing fans but also any fan who doesn’t like the clowns and Yetis in wrestling but instead wants actual *wrestling*!!!

So is the WWF looking more hard-core? Well yes in some ways it is but then again in others it seems to be getting worse. The tweener Diesel is great but the constant pushing of no talent guys (like Mabel who gets the wrong kind of heat and goes around legit injuring people because of his pathetic and sloppy ringwork) is holding the WWF back.

The WWF is mistaken if it thinks the only way to stop the hard-cores from totally switching them off is to simply throw in a chairshot. Sure there is nothing like a chair, table bump or blade job to liven things up and they do no doubt appeal to the hard-core fan but there is something else they can do which not only really appeals to hard-cores but wouldn’t affect their family image. That is promote *good* wrestling. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Seems logical that during a match between the 123 Kid and Hakushi on Monday Night Raw you would see a three or even four star match? Seems logical that if a wrestler is good he will be allowed to show his talents and encouraged to enhance and exceed his current abilities? To be hard-core the WWF can and should use some weapons but also when running a PPV there is no excuse to not have a four or five star match. They have so much talent I wonder who they think it will show up?? I mean sure WCw may want to tone down Sabu and Benoit so they don’t show up Hogan and his band of crippled, aged and decomposing weasels but the WWF has mostly talented wrestlers in the top positions and having Snow wrestle Hakushi to a twenty minute long, five star match isn’t going to make any fans turn around and say, “Man do Michaels and Hart suck!” I’m not suggesting five star matches on House Shows but if two of the greatest wrestlers in the world can’t wrestle a four or five star match on a PPV then why bother wrestling at all?

If I have to choose (because a promotion with an occasional chairshot *and* a good match is impossible isn’t it?) I’d pick a 5 star match every major PPV instead of a couple of chairshots. Do they have the talent and ability to book five star matches on each of the big five PPVs.? Without a doubt! Would it threaten the status of any other wrestlers? Not as long as the other wrestlers had an occasional great match. Can a high spot packed, well booked match between Snow and Hakushi generate as much heat as a table bump? No . . . it would generate more! Just as long as wrestlers like Snow are given the same push as HOG gets then I have no doubt in my mind they would get over. I mean it’s impossible not to be more over with the fans than HOG after all the crowd is dead during his entrance and he gets one weak pop if he slops someone.

When are they going to give Hakushi some new music? It was perfect for him as a heel but the crowd can’t pop to it and it doesn’t sounds right for a face.

Just something to consider when reviewing the All Japan Women at Survivor is that they flew in that day and had no time to recover from the long flight and hard match they worked in Japan the night before. Having said that and allowing for nerves and the fact they had little time to work things out with Blaze and Faye I still think this match was disappointing and they also should have been given more time (5 minutes wouldn’t have hurt. We could have taken out Yoko’s or Bam Bam’s restholds) for the match to allow them to showcase more of their skills.

Finally I was very happy to hear on Superstars the crowd chant, “Dustin” and “Dustin Rhodes” during a GoldDust match. I was happy because the WWF could have easily faked the crowd noise (they had three or four days to do it) and blocked this out but they didn’t and I am glad they decided to allow us to hear the real crowd. Amazing that being permitted to that hear the real crowd on a wrestling show would actually sound like a new concept isn’t it? 🙂

FROM THE MIND OF THE MANIAC by “Maniac” Mike Blade
Just a few random thoughts . . .

– Isn’t using Jim Ross as a utility, third anchor a complete waste of talent? Except for matches with the AJW women, where he has to be the main anchor since VinnieMac and Hennig are completely lost.

– Is it just me, or does adding members to the Dungeon of Doom basically equate with rubbing salt in an open wound? Maybe Bischoff needs to hire a booker that doesn’t wrestle.

– Did anyone else read between the lines of Diesel’s diatribe last Monday night . . . “I’m not saying I won’t smack hands, but it’d better have a black glove on it (available at the merchandise table for just $19.95).”

– Three broadcast teams for “World War 3” and Mongo isn’t on any of them. Maybe Bischoff isn’t that stupid after all.

– Did we really need the return of Brother Love? Although, if this is leading up to another rumored return, I can put up with it for a few weeks.

– Guerrero/Benoit was a great match, the first 27 times.

– Who would have thought that Pettingill would be the tolerable one hosting “The Action Zone”?

– Let’s see hands of everyone who didn’t think the Bollea/Sting
match was going to end with a screwjob DoD run-in.

– Mr. Perfect comes back so that Jerry Lawler can go after the
title? What is Bischoff feeding ideas to Vince now?

– Is it absolutely necessary for Gene “The Shill” Okerlund to make money with the WCW Hotline by plugging WWF angles?

– Mo turns on Mabel. Wow, this is roughly the equivalent of Barry Hardy turns on Mabel.

– The Disco Inferno’s gimmick is ingenuous. In a world where mid-carders get jobbed out. His gimmick is to get jobbed in.

– The hottest commodity in wrestling is Public Enemy?

– Did anyone else expect Bischoff to say, “Don’t bother changing the channel, they’re in commercial . . . and Nitro never goes to commercial. In fact, we’re on PBS, so we’re educational too.”

Well, it’s been about a week since the now infamous thing happened last week. It was so horrible and it had people screaming from one end of the country to another. So horrible that people actually stopped flipping channels and stayed on one channel — HORRIFIED at what they were seeing.

The event? The ECW Web page ad. Featuring *my* name.

I thought it was sort of neat last Friday when Tod Gordon told me that it ran on the ECW that week. Right now I have no way of seeing ECW on local TV (yes folks if you live near Allentown and you can get ECW please e-mail me immediately so I know *before* we move out that way), and the event that apparently rocked some people’s world went quietly unnoticed at my house here in Franklintown.

I’m sorry that it caused some people some grief, but I thought it was kind of neat and nice of them to do and I’m sure that I’ll get a kick out of it ONCE I SEE IT. Special thanks to the ECW for that and while I’ll be wearing a bullet proof vest at the ECW arena on the 9th, I’m sure that everyone will hopefully be over it by then. By the way, while my name was on the screen it does not mean I’m an ECW Employee and I can’t help out when it comes to tracking down merchandise orders. If you have a problem with an order please call the ECW Office week days between 10 PM and 4 PM Eastern Time at 1-215-928-9772.

Now onto the other event that rocked everyone’s world last week. Shawn Michaels collapses on RAW. Was it a work? Was it real? Frankly, I don’t really care. It was good TV. It was the best thing the WWF could do in order to keep you from turning to the Great HH Guy vs. Sting showdown on NITRO.

On Monday nights right now I tape NITRO out on our kitchen VCR because Nitro, IMODO, is the better show. It relates to what I want to see better, and I’d rather have it on tape and be able to dub it onto another tape and be able to see it live.

RAW, again IMODO, has been pretty bad lately. I watch RAW and tape it in my bedroom. I have my TV set up so I can still tape the highlights of RAW while flipping back and forth between Raw and Nitro. Unfortunately for the WWF people, half the time I’m not watching RAW while I’m taping the “main events.” I normally have my TV right there on Nitro watching the stars that *I* want to see.

This week my set never flipped back to Nitro. Beginning with the Hakushi vs. 123 Kid, going on to Diesel “hardcore” interview, and on to the main event I didn’t flip channels. I was right there, entranced at something weird — A GOOD edition of RAW. A RAW where I didn’t know the results in advance, a RAW that meant something after a (from the reviews), great PPV for the WWF with changes galore in their attitude towards the wrestling world.

At the precise moment when there was a lull in the match between Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels when I was half tempted to change the channel to Nitro, Shawn Michaels falls down in the ring. He’s not hit, he just sort of falls. Vince McMahon runs to the ring, Jerry Lawler and Owen Hart break character and the whole last 7 minutes of RAW — just when HH vs. Sting is supposed to be getting good — was silence. And my TV stayed on RAW.

Through the lame commercials and the Karate Fighters crap, I’m there — wondering for a moment what the heck is happening and if this is for real. I’m sure there were hundreds of people doing the same thing that night and no matter what your opinion of it Vince McMahon was laughing all the way to the bank.

As soon as RAW was over I put in Nitro. It wasn’t the same. They had lame matches that could not compete with what I just saw on RAW. Even the much vaunted HH vs. Sting match made me yawn. It just didn’t have the *intensity* that was needed to follow up RAW and there’s nothing the WCW could have done to keep my attention after what I just saw in the ring.

Kudos to Vince. RAW did what it was *suppossed* to do and WCW dropped the ball with their biggest stars in the ring. Again, kudos to Vince.

So where do we go from here? Well, we have to see what Vince does to follow up RAW. I actually stuck around and watched WWF Superstars this week. The Michaels story wasn’t the lead off and it was barely mentioned when compared to the amount of coverage they gave the turning 123 Kid. This was a major letdown. All of the intensity of last week’s RAW was gone and I flipped channels like crazy during this show because it was not really worth watching. Hopefully Vince will pick the ball back up and *run* with it tomorrow night because I have this feeling that it will be the most watched RAW in it’s history (especially with a lame line up for Nitro), and in order to keep all of his viewers happy (and away from flipping channels), he’s going to have to score a touchdown.

Off of that subject, a couple of notes here. First, a TEXTPAD update: It does look like it will do away with SLEEK 4.3. I’m currently taking out the line breaks and resizing and scaling this window (along with the text), at will. It’s a great program and if it had a spell checker I’d throw Microsoft Word out the window . . .

Best wishes go out to TED HOBGOOD of New Frontier Wrestling who has been having a horrible time recently health-wise, also best wishes to JEFF AMDUR of both the Ring Report and of the MEWF who has also been having a bad time health-wise in recent weeks. Guys, you’ve been very good to me in the past and I hope you’re both recovering well!

With that, I’m out of here . . .


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