The Ring Report TV Update 2/25/96 Vol. 1, No. 157

The Ring Report TV Update 2/25/96 Vol. 1, No. 157
(“Will 28.8 change my life? “)
Well I got off work and dropped my boss off at home and went to the show. I went in an bought a front row ticket since they were offering them for the first time and I wasn’t meeting anyone there this time. the first thing I noticed was they finally had tighter security. They wouldn’t let me in with my drink so I had to take it out to my car and come back. They had the garage doors shut so you couldn’t sneak in this time and had a puny security guard verifying tickets at the door. I went in and talked with the floor director and the video man whom I’ve recently met. The show started late again for some reason. They used Devlons steel ring again at this show so I guess the guys like it better. To open the show the Ledge asked everyone to yell to win a bumper sticker and there were 2 girls behind me screaming in my ear so loud I couldn’t hear anything . . . IAN ST. JAMES and TIM ZANE interview — Zane was upset with Devlon for costing him matches and his past history with him . . . RED EAGLE vs. GREAT BOLO — This was a battle between former tag partners from another group. Bolo jumped Eagle while he was undressing. It was very choreographed looking. Anyway Bolo kept the upper hand throughout the match and at one point used a gimmick and dropped it, I think by accident, and the referee acted like he didn’t see it and then finally called for the bell. He used it on eagle until Krazy Karl tried to save him with a chair. Bolo got the chair away from him and used it on Karl . . . RENEGADE, BERNARD FUNK and FLAMIN RAYMOND interview — Not willing to give Michael Johnson his title shot he won for winning the knock down drag out at the last taping . . . BERNARD FUNK vs. IAN ST. JAMES — Both men no sold a move early in the match and it looked like both started to shoot on each other. Devlon Blanchard got into a shoving match with Ian’s partner Tim Zane and finally jumped him and all 4 got in the ring and fought . . . DEVLIN BLANCHARD, STEVE HARTLEY and SHANE CORTEZ interview — Devlon wont team with Cortez and wont backstab him. Devlon signed a match to face Tim Zane next week . . . RENEGADE vs. RAGIN CAJUN — Looks like they are trying to push Cajun. Mostly Raymond interfered and they ended up fighting on the floor . . . BAD BOYS vs. TEXAS OUTLAWS vs. MASTERS OF DESTRUCTION vs. HOT PROPERTY — Hot Property no showed due to Eric having to work and Dan being injured. They had no one to replace them so they counted them out. Best was when tag partners faced each other as their real talents came out. Bad Boys and the Outlaws got counted out brawling on the floor and the MOD won the tag belts. The referee tried to talk but the mic was off due to the audio guy being in the bathroom at the time . . . Intermission between the 2 shows . . . ANNIHILATOR interview — Ledge makes fun of his diet . . . RED EAGLE vs. LEOPARD MAN — I was asked not to reveal his identity so if you want to know it ask me via email. Bolo interfered and he and Leopard man try to double team Eagle with a shower curtain rod . . . TIM ZANE vs. DEVLON BLANCHARD — Bernard Funk jumps Ian St. James and the 4 fight. Faces get the upper hand and the heels go outside and argue with one another and finally make up . . . KRULL DANZIG vs. SHANE CORTEZ — Great match as both are very skilled wrestlers. At one point Krull goes to the top and Shane drop-kicks his feet causing him to crotch himself and then Shane did an implant which was very impressive. Ends up with Bret Knight and Annihilator interfering but Cortez gets the upper hand . . . BRET KNIGHT vs. MICHAEL JOHNSON — TV title is incredibly small looking . . .  Devlon picked up the belt right before Showtime and didn’t have time to fix the problem. Johnson wins the TV title with a pathetic moonsault 2 feet from the corner when he just lay down for the pin . . .  ANNIHILATOR vs. SCOTT SUMMERS — Untelivised lumberjack match. Annihilator bled hardway during the match. After the match Shane Cortez rode Krazy Karl around like the Steiners used to do. A fan got into it with Raymond and some heals on way to dressing room and security had to break it up before it got out of hand . . . After the show the closing announcements were made and they announced they are going to be on Bartlesville cable channel 66 Saturday at 3 PM. They will be on cable in Grove, Ponca City, Enid, South Kansas and are working on going into OKC, Arkansas, Texas and Missouri. I talked with Raymond the next day and they are talking with a promoter about bringing in one of or all of TERRY BAM BAM GORDY, JEFF GAYLORD, RICKY MORTON and maybe some midgets. In Bartlesville they took over the ECW Time slot. I don’t understand but this is bible thumper country so maybe that had something to do with it. They are hiring a Larry Schaefer who runs Little Wings Promotions to help them get more popular and book arena shows. I had hoped to get a rundown of a commercial tape they put of their bloody matches and dark matches but Raymond never called me back with it so no plug. I am interested in getting independent groups TV shows and get several hard to find ones now so if you get any and want to work out a trade please email me.

WHAT YOU MISSED: From Queens, NY, REFEREE BILL ALFONZO & TAZ were once again in the ring calling out 911, when REY MISTERIO JR. came out to take on Taz. Misterio was overwhelmed by the strength of Taz and was defeated with the Tazplex. Damage Control came out to assist Misterio Jr. . . . after Misterio left the ring, WOMAN came out and announced she was not leaving ECW because no one can get rid of her. SANDMAN came out confront her, and again she offered to bring Sandman “with her”. Sandman told her she’s been a b*tch her whole life. Woman then challenged any wrestler to come out to try to physically remove her. 2 COLD SCORPIO came out to tell Sandman “this b*tch is outta here”. 2 Cold removed her from the building and threw her in her limo . . . STEVIE RICHARDS & THE BLUE MEANIE came out to offer The Sandman a chance to back out of his match with RAVEN. The Sandman then caned Meanie, and called Richards a b*tch. This worried Stevie, who was afraid to disappoint Raven. Raven came out and slapped Richards around until he took the mic, put on his reading glasses, and announced he was filing a lawsuit against MISSY HYATT for sexual harassment. Missy came out to confront Richards, and Raven offered her a chance to be with him. She turned him down, and was almost attacked until The Sandman came out to make the save. Missy then shared a beer & cigarette with Sandman and will now be managing him . . . JOEY STYLES announced that the Big Apple Blizzard Bash is now available for immediate delivery from ECW Home Video, and highlights from the tape were shown including THE HEADHUNTERS, SABU vs. MR. HUGHES, and THE GANGSTAS vs. Sandman & 2 Cold . . . highlights were shown from TOMMY DREAMER & SHANE DOUGLAS vs. Raven & Steve Richards. A great match as Dreamer pins Richards after kicking him with a frying pan tapes to his boot . . . Taz made quick work of the SHARK ATTACK KID. After the match, Taz again challenged 911 to come out. COMMISSIONER TOD GORDON came out and informed everyone that 911 did not want to wrestle Taz, and has left the building. This angered Alfonzo, who challenged Gordon to fight him. Gordon and Alfonzo went at it. Taz attacked Gordon until BAM BAM BIGELOW came out to make the save. Taz and Alfonzo fled as Bigelow challenged Taz to try and Tazplex him . . .


WHAT YOU MISSED: MMWA’S MAGIC MAN paid off DR. X and took control of the show for this week . . . THE SPELLBINDER beat DOUG GILBERT (with SCOTT BOWDEN), by DQ from USWA . . . THE SAMOAN HIT SQUAD won the last fall of the AIWA tag match . . . BRIAN CHRISTOPHER beat THE STAR in a USWA match . . . Some footage of Scott Bowden arguing with DOWNTOWN BRUNO . . . CACTUS JACK lost the Steel City title to T. RANTULA (with BLACK WIDOW), . . .

After attending In Your House last evening, I found out that Jeff Jarrett was injured. From all your Louisville fans, GET WELL SOON!! We love you and will miss your performances in the ring.

Now that that is out of the way, here is sort of the hurry up version of USWA TV that I watched on Sunday.

Match 1: Tasha, Reggie B. Fine, Motley Crew vs. PG-13 and Miss Texas. This was a really good match with PG-13 and Miss Texas winning. JC pins Motley Crew. Wolfie also had these comments for Jesse James Armstrong and Tracy Smothers, and I quote, “We are gonna take you fools to school cause we’re cool like water in a swimming pool.” Keep going . . .

Match 2: Shadow vs. Jesse James Armstrong with Scott Bowden. Jesse James Armstrong won this. JC Ice came out while they were interviewing JJA and said that they had just about put his eye out, and it was all swollen and black, then Tracy Smothers came out with his trusty flag and started jamming the flag pole into JC’S eye!! OUCH!!

Match 3: Tracy Smothers with Flag vs. Tex Slazenger. Tracy won this

Next was a hysterical interview with Scott Bowden who is claiming to have gotten candy from Karen. Bruno said his wife wouldn’t do it and called Karen out. Karen said, “I sent no letters, I sent no candy.” Bowden then insisted that she did. Karen walks off without confirming or denying.

Match 4: Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher vs. Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich. In the first fall, Rich and Gilbert take it after hitting Brian with a board. In the second fall, it was a DQ because gas cans were started being used by Christopher.

Next were details about the upcoming match-up between Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lawler vs. Bret Hart and the Undertaker. They showed highlights from the WWF King of the Ring where Bret Hart was named King of the Ring, and where Jerry Lawler comes out and attacks him. You know, it is really strange, but it does look different when it is shown from the viewpoint of the USWA!! I think Lawler was justified!! Next is probably one of the best “Hitman” interviews that I have ever seen him do, it is a shame that the WWF doesn’t let him go more often. Here is what Bret Hart said.

“It makes me sick that all you people can crowd around Jerry Lawler, and believe in a guy like this. Cause this guy, this guy is no King, this guy is a nobody. He has always been a nobody, and when I get to Memphis, all you Southern Hick people are gonna find out that the “Hitman” means business.”

You know, he is awesome, especially when he is used correctly!!! Next are highlights from Memphis where Lawler is kicking Hart’s Butt, and PG-13 come out and interfere, apparently they had a different attitude back then because they were holding Lawler while Hart beat on him!! Here is more of what Bret had to say.

“All you people in Memphis can crowd around Jerry Lawler and pretend that he is the King, but he is not, you people in Memphis, what we have here, “What we have here is a failure to communicate! (Ever see Cool Hand Luke), Cause the communication problem is between you and me, I’m the best one in the world, I’m the King, and I’ve proved it time in and time out. Bret needs some work on that southern accent. Again more highlights of this time Hart plummeting Lawler, and then the interview starts again, “When I get to Memphis, you can watch the Best there Is, The Best there Was, and The Best there Ever Will Be, and you can watch Jerry Lawler go down, cause he is not anything compared to, The Best one there Was, The Best one there is, The Hitman.”  I bet he loves getting to play the villain again!! Then to my surprise, a totally great Undertaker interview. Of course Jarrett and Lawler always give a great interview.

IAN ST. JAMES and TIM ZANE interview — Zane was upset with Devlon for costing him matches and his past history with him. Someone f*cked up the audio somehow and the headsets came over the audio for a second . . . RED EAGLE vs. GREAT BOLO — This was a battle between former tag partners from  another group. Bolo jumped Eagle while he was undressing. It was very choreographed looking. Anyway Bolo kept the upper hand throughout the match and at one point used a gimmick and dropped it, I think by accident, and the referee acted like he didn’t see it and then finally called for the bell. It must have been accidental as the Ledge never even mentions it. He used it on eagle until Krazy Karl tried to save him with a chair. Bolo got the chair away from him and used it on Karl . . . End of the Knock Down Drag Out from last week: RENEGADE, BERNARD FUNK and FLAMIN RAYMOND — Raymond tries to imitate Ackbar by smoking a cigar and blowing smoke in Ledges face. Not willing to give Michael Johnson his title shot he won for winning the knock down drag out at the last taping . . . BERNARD FUNK vs. IAN ST. JAMES — Both men no sold a move early in the match and it looked like both started to shoot on each other. Devlon Blanchard got into a shoving match with Ian’s partner Tim Zane and finally jumped him and all 4 got in the ring and fought . . . DEVLIN BLANCHARD, STEVE HARTLEY and SHANE CORTEZ interview — Hartley says Devlon is still a snake. Devlon wont team with Cortez  and wont backstab him. Devlon signed a match to face Tim Zane next week . . . RENEGADE vs. RAGIN CAJUN — Looks like they are trying to push Cajun. Mostly Raymond interfered and they ended up fighting on the floor . . . After the break the Ledge says there is a problem in dressing room . . .  BAD BOYS vs. TEXAS OUTLAWS vs. MASTERS OF DESTRUCTION vs. HOT PROPERTY — Hot  Property no showed due to Eric having to work and Dan being injured. They had no one to replace them so they counted them out. Best was when tag partners faced each other as their real talents came out. Bad Boys and the Outlaws got counted out brawling on the floor and the MOD won the tag belts. The referee tried to talk but the mic was off due to the audio guy being in the bathroom at the time. The audio guy sure did a great job f*cking up this week . . . They show the problem from a minute ago . . . Annihilator jumps Scott Summers outside the dressing rooms, throws him into brick wall and punches him while he blades to get color . . .

Announcer Dutch Savage(17 Time PNW Champion)

Dane Rush vs. Bart Sawyer: Sawyer scores with a sunset flip off the top rope and has Rush pinned but Col. DeBeers distracts the referee. Sawyer, wondering what happened, released the hold and turns around then gets blind-sided by a Rush reverse crescent kick.

Interview with Rush: Huffing and puffing, Rush claims he didn’t get tired. “Another clean win for the Pack!.”

Richie Magnet vs. Lou “The Bull” Andrews: Magnet is pinned after he attempts a second Stinger splash on Andrews who raises his knee and (Roger Kent Mode)poleaxes Magnet. Andrews then gets the 1-2-3 with his knees on the ropes.
Interview with Lou Andrews: “The Pack is back! We have an annual beating quota and right now, we’re a little behind. They are all running from us. Everyone is scared!”

Bruiser Brian vs. Jesse “Bulldog” Barr: Barr’s knee is a little sore according to Dutch. The match for about 15 minutes, is primarily mat wrestling with some brawling outside the ring. Barr runs Bruiser into the ringpost and later bodyslams him on the floor. Splat! Barr then scores with a piledriver. Bruiser is hurt. He can hardly kick out. Bruiser gets tossed out of the ring and takes a couple of stiff chairshots. Barr tries pinning Bruiser but can only get a 2 count which really pisses him off. Bruiser makes a comeback with a clothesline, back body drop, and powerslam. Barr is then tossed out of the ring and gets thrown into the ringpost. Ouch! Bruiser then lands 2 stiff chairshots. Roger Kent mode: What goes around, comes around!. The match ends when Dane Rush hands Barr a pipe, who hits Bruiser in the gut. Bruiser then grabs the pipe and is caught by the referee who DQ’s him.

Interview with Bruiser Brian: “Jesse Barr, you wanted a battle but now you’ve got a war. Next week, I want a No DQ match. You won’t be able to walk out of the building when I’m through with you!”

Interview with Jesse Barr:
Dutch: What I would like to know is how did the pipe get in the ring?
Barr: Bruiser Brian planted it in the corner. Dane Rush spotted it and came down to tell the referee. For once in 3 years, Bruiser Brian got caught. Bruiser Brian is a cheater. Dutch: That’s a bunch of malarkey.
Barr: Brian, you couldn’t beat me in a match with rules, a shootfight or even an Idaho Barb Wire match. You just come to the ring and I’ll whip your but again. I’m the greatest wrestler that’s ever lived!

Interview with Sandy Barr: “The match is signed. There is a stipulation that Jesse just found out about. If The Pack interferes, they will each be fined $2500.”

Next Week: Bruiser Brian vs. Jesse Barr in a No DQ Match

WHAT YOU MISSED: SuperBrawl Highlights . . . THE PUBLIC ENEMY beat THE ARMSTRONGS with the drive-by . . . JOHNNY B. BADD beat DAVID TAYLOR with a roll-up . . . ROAD WARRIORS beat THE GAMBLER and the AVENGER with the clothesline from the top rope . . . RIC FLAIR and ARN ANDERSON beat THE NASTY BOYS by an AA DDT . . . BRAD ARMSTRONG lost to KONNAN with some kind of roll-up . . . Show ends on a low note with an HH interview . . . !

WHAT YOU MISSED: SUNNY opened the show wearing a bikini and telling us all that adult material was inside . . . We had a look at the wonderful IN YOUR HOUSE pay per view . . . RAZOR RAMON defeated GOLDDUST in a IC TITLE match by countout with the Gold one walked out on the match. Ramon followed it up by demanding that RODDY PIPER set up a “date” with GoldDust  . . . DOK HENDRIX did another embarrassing SLAM JAM. “Hendrix” does not go over well in the live format, he stumbles over his words and well, isn’t as professional as they might think . . . ALDO MONTOYA & BARRY HORROWITZ were scheduled to take on THE BODYDONNAS but VADER came down to the ring and destroyed them before SKIP & FLIP could even come out. While he looked good in destroying these guys I predict that he’s going to look horrible in his WRESTLEMANIA match with YOKOZUNA . . . a video of THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR (Vince is blaming this on RODDY PIPER), . . . a WRESTLEMANIA promo followed . . . SUNNY, wearing a red dress, sang “happy birthday” to “Mr. President” . . . BOB BACKLUND campaigned in the crowd . . . MARTY JANNETTY came to the ring and Vince announced that he was reforming THE ROCKERS with Jannetty and a new partner. What? The Million Dollar title comes back, Warrior returns, Jake the Snake — what is this? I thought this was the NEW generation! It’s more like the “whatever works” generation . . . Jannetty came to the ring and lost to THE RINGMASTER via Million Dollar Dream submission . . . a “MANKIND” promo with CACTUS JACK, err, “MAN” holding a rat in a dark room an claiming that his face does not exist . . . a SLAMMY Award promo . . . a promo for YOKOZUNA vs. THE BRITISH BULLDOG & OWEN HART next week on RAW, also announced: JAKE ROBERTS vs. ISSAC YANKEM . . . THE UNDERTAKER vs. TATANKA was a decent match and saw DIESEL in the dressing room with an axe. The former WWF champion went on to destroy the Undertaker’s casket in a *very* strange segment during the match. The Undertaker won with a tombstone then saw the replay of the casket destruction on the video wall . . . LARRY FLING LIVE followed . . . and things ended with The Undertaker and PAUL BEARER finding the destroyed casket in the dressing room . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: I noticed the ECW fan dubbed as “DELIVERANCE BOY” in the Salsbury, Maryland crowd before the first match that pitted THAT HH GUY vs. ARN ANDERSON. Once upon a midnight dreary someone came up with the reason to show the WCW car winning the Goodies 300 and STEVE GRISSOM again . . . For some reason WOMAN is now ARN ANDERSON’S woman. As I noticed that, ERIC BISCHOFF announced that he could hear some “incessant whining” coming from the northeast. Not much to whine about when the HH vs. AA match was this bad. HH put AA in a figure four, KEVIN SULLIVAN came in the ring but RANDY SAVAGE caught him, made Sullivan fall out of the ring and the ref. DQ’ed HH for Savage being in the ring . . . STEVE GRISSOM appeared with MEAN GENE . . . THE LOCH NESS MONSTER walked around the ring but somehow managed to defeat ALEX WRIGHT . . . THE BELFAST BRUISER vs. BRAD ARMSTRONG started with the announcement that THE CRUISER WEIGHT TOURNIE will be “held on two continents” (Loch Ness and OMG’S stomachs? <G>). It ended with the Bruiser getting the win . . . RANDY SAVAGE vs. RIC FLAIR. ::sigh:: How many times doe we have to see this? Sure, it’s the first time Randy vs. Ric with ELIZABETH at ringside for Ric but how much is THAT worth when in the ring it’s the same old same old? Four stars on the snore-o-meter before it even begins. Savage uses a figure four. Oh boy. It ends with ARN ANDERSON DDT’ing Savage while HH distracts the ref. Ref. turned around and Flair pinned Savage. Afterwards — THE BRUTI MAN appeared — yes, BRUTIS BEEFCAKE acting like THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR — cleared house and people yawned. As usual, Flair and Anderson stormed the commentator’s desk, followed by HH & Savage and a MEAN GENE interview at the desk. ::sigh:: . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE BAD CREW & JUDGE DREDD opened the show with a squash over DON E. ALLEN, DINO SENDOFF, & THE DIRT BIKE KID. THE SANDMAN assumed the role of 911, and caned everyone after the match because it was so bad . . . JOEY STYLES was in the ring welcoming everyone who came to the ECW Internet Convention, when the lights in the arena went out. When they came back on, BRIAN PILLMAN was in the ring. Pillman went on to give perhaps the most insane interview in wrestling history as he verbally attacked the WCW, Eric Bishoff, marks (wrestling fans), and even smart marks (smart wrestling fans). After about 5 minutes of ranting, he announced he was going to “whip out his Johnson”, and urinate in the ring. TOD GORDON, PAUL E., and SHANE DOUGLAS came out along with security, to get him out of the ring. Douglas was overheard telling Paul E., “He’s shooting, he’s shooting”. As security got Pillman out of the ring, he grabbed a fan from the front row and dumped him on his head. Pillman threw the fan in the ring and attacked him with a fork until Douglas broke it up. Pillman ran to the locker room until security escorted him out of the arena . . . Joey Styles talked about TAZ, and all the wrestlers he has hurt in the past couple of weeks. Taz and REFEREE BILL ALFONZO also made comments . . . MUSTAFA SAED was forced to wrestle THE HEADHUNTERS by himself since NEW JACK was in jail. The HeadHunters destroyed Saed, and HeadHunters manager, DAMIAN KANE called out any other team to come out and take them on; out came THE BRUISE BROTHERS. Ron and Don Harris brawled all over the arena with the HeadHunters. The match ended when there was a double pin in the ring, and the ref. ruled the Bruise Brothers the winners . . . highlights of THE PIT BULLS & FRANCINE taking on THE ELIMINATORS & STEVIE RICHARDS in a Triple Dog Collar Match. SATURN hit an amazing moonsault off the stage during this brawl, and Francine got hit with a StevieKick, but she got the pin on Richards when Richards couldn’t get up after getting hit with a neckbreaker off the top rope. After the match, Francine got hit with Total Elimination from the Eliminators . . . MR. HUGHES came out to wrestle BUH BUH RAY DUDLEY, and Hughes attacked CHUBBY DUDLEY and SIGN GUY DUDLEY. Buh Buh was then getting a beating, until BIG DICK DUDLEY came in and hit Hughes with his crutch. Buh Buh got the pin . . . TOMMY DREAMER & BEULAH were in the ring being interviewed by Joey Styles. Dreamer had a separated shoulder due to a previous match with RAVEN. Raven came out with Steve Richards and the BLUE MEANIE, and was going to attack Dreamer, until Shane Douglas & The Bruise Brothers came out to back him up. Dreamer had Douglas escort Beulah back to the locker room, and when he left, the Bruise Brothers attacked Dreamer, and groined him several times into the ring post as Raven watched . . .

I dropped a class. I thought that I’d be less stressed, not more!

I watched SuperBrawl this past Sunday. While it wasn’t the worst WCW PPV, it was nothing to write home about.

Starting from the top, that HH dummy had to remind people of his “immortality” by single-handedly fighting off ALL the DoD by himself. Yes, it’s happened before, but I equate it to hearing Gene Okerlund lie: It’s getting old.

Did anyone else notice that after Flair decked the ref. in his match with Savage, nothing else happened? A very pointless ref. bump.

The Sting-Luger v. Road Warriors match ended up being completely pointless. I suppose there wanting to extend the feud to UNCENSORED. Considering how bad that PPV was last year, I see no reason to put a decent feud on such a flawed card.

I enjoyed the DDP-Johnny B. Badd match. Both men worked hard, and as always Badd does some cool aerial spots. Having said that, WCW does NOT need to have another match between these two. They’ve milked this feud as far as it can go.

I’m going to assume Brian Pillman walking out of the “respect” match with Sullivan is either part of the reason for, or in response to being fired. I’m going to also assume that Arn Anderson was sent out there to kill time against Sullivan after Pillman left.

I was not impressed with TPE-Nasty Boys. I wasn’t impressed with the TPE’S performance. Perhaps they had to job to Slobbs and Trash Baggs since they were going to be suspended. TPE have not looked good in WCW at all. I guess the fans at the ECW arena would say, “YOU F__KED UP!” By going to WCW, I certainly think they did.

My head feels like it was used in the slam dunk competition. However, I’m happy because I was able to access the e-mail program I prefer to use.

Before I get into my thoughts on IYH, I wish to express my disgust at American Independent Network for dropping ECW in favor of WCW pro wrestling. WCW gets enough syndication on the Prime Networks. Next week, I’ll have a mailing address if anyone wishes to write and express their opinion.

Now on to IYH. Let me first say I thought the Jake Roberts-Tatanka match was awful. Neither man looked very inspired to work at all. Jake was slow and you can tell he’s woefully out of shape. He should have stayed retired.

The Razor-123 Kid match was O.K. I was glad to see Ramon to come out on top considering how he’d been getting screwed in most of his matches.

I really didn’t care about the HHH-Droese match. I knew that if the rumor was true about a Helmsly-Michaels feud, HHH wouldn’t be loosing to Droese.

I thought Yokozunna-British Bulldog was boring. I do give the WWF credit to setting up the Vader-Yokozunna match at WRESTLEMANIA. O.K., so it wasn’t the most original angle in the world, but it did make sense.

Shawn Michaels v. Owen Hart was good. Good spots pulled by both men. Shawn also did a good job of selling the back-of-the-head kick. But, anyone with common sense knew that Michaels was going to win.

I enjoyed the Diesel-Hart match. Exciting, worked hard by both men. I also thought it was exciting the way the Undertaker came up from under the ring to stop Diesel. Unexpected angle which I thought was done well.

Overall, a weak undercard, but two good main matches. The WWF once again proved that they know how to do PPVs.

ROB’S RANT by K.R. Maury
Today I’m want to talk about wrestlers salaries vs. salaries of other professional sports players. I read that Diesel was offered $750,000 a year to board the WCW ship and that Hogan made $2,000,000 last year. Now I’m not validating these salaries but compared to other sports I feel this is chump change. I may not like Hogan but he did put the WWF on the map and has made WCW a major rival for the WWF. Diesel was a leader of WWF’s New Generation. Both of these men make at least (I’m guessing), 200 appearances a year. Both men are in about, if not all, the PPVS within a year. Both men are major draws for any card, in any arena. In wrestling there is no such thing as an off-season, no all-star break, and naturally no pre-season or post-season. Wrestling is also the most watched sport in America. Now in other sports like football there’s an off-season, a pre-season and a post-season. A football player will play in one game a week but they make millions a year. Wrestling has “Super Bowls” just about monthly and football has one a year. Now I know that football has major companies sponsoring them and their players and better merchandising. I also have read that WCW did not or just barely made a profit last year but with the entertainment mogul Ted Turner at the reins, making a profit for WCW should be no problem. The WWF has been making a profit for years and actually has stepped into the 90’s by making young stars the major players and realizing that there is a new audience these via the Internet. So WCW’S offer to Diesel should be a lot higher than $750,000. To me that speaks volumes of what the WWF offers in way of salaries. I’ve harped on the WCW and WWF not giving what the fans want but only trying to put the other out of business before. Now I’m thinking that that will never happen until they fix their organizations from within. Focus on compensating the wrestlers for their hard work. Get into better markets (WWF was once on NBC). Get better sponsors. What kid cares about Pep Boys and what adult cares about Stridex. Make the wrestlers happy where they are and maybe all fans will stand up a cheer for their beloved sport.

Okay now I’ll touch briefly on the organizations themselves:

WWF – Who in the USA cares if they go to India (no slam on India intended). How about bringing back a Thai Boxer or a Yoga Master, then maybe I’ll care. GoldDust could beat Razor an a bad day, so what’s up with running away from the match? Even though I like GoldDust he really doesn’t need a gimmick to draw an audience. Larry Fling Live was actually funny. No, not the Ultimate Warrior!!!

WCW – Thank you for bringing Brad Armstrong back into the spotlight and without trying to use a gimmick. The man IMO belongs in the same group as Malenko, Guerrero and Benoit. So stop sweeping the four men (four men? just a thought), under the carpet. Wait a minute, don’t I have something bad to say about the WCW this week?

As most of you know, Bret Hart will be wrestling Shawn Michaels in a marathon match at Wrestlemania. This will probably end up being match of the year hands down. The match Bret Hart had against Diesel at IYH had one of the most creative yet ridiculous endings I’ve ever seen. But nothing can be more ridiculous than . . .

The Booty Man. What the h3ll is this??? First of all, Leslie got absolutely NO reaction from the crowd. Once again WCW is trying to make a cheap copy of the Ultimate Warrior, and this would definitely make a great Billionaire Ted skit. How many more gimmicks will they give Leslie before they realize that he doesn’t sell with the crowd?

As for WWF, they’re teasing the return of the Ultimate Warrior, which prompted little Eric to come up with that horrific gimmick. I think bringing back the Warrior is a big mistake. He’s unreliable. He’s going to do the same thing to the WWF as he did before: taking off when things don’t go his way. Besides, he’s not that good of a wrestler. I don’t see what the big deal about him is.

Hulk Hogan looks so stupid when he attempts a figure-four leglock. He was trying to do the Dusty Rhodes figure-four, but he looked like he was on crack or something. He sold none of Arn’s holds on Nitro. Does WCW expect anybody to order Uncensored when Hogan will be in the main event with Loch Ness? As for Loch Ness, he sucks, plain and simple. I thought Bischoff fired him after SuperBrawl, but I guess I was wrong. I felt sorry for Alex Wright on Nitro. It’s really sad when a young wrestler has to carry a talentless waste who is supposed to be main event material. God help us all.

On a side note, does anybody care about that Steve Grizzle guy? Get off the television you freak!

Finally, it’s great to see Brian Pillman in ECW where his gimmick will be really appreciated. Good luck Brian!

Since WCW world champ Ric Flair is hiding behind TWO women these days instead of just one, would it not be appropriate to change the name of his stable to the Four Whoresmen?

* * *

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest member of the Megapowers stable, the Bootyman! Yes, Al Bundy has finally realized his ultimate dream that doesn’t involve the nudie bar.

Well, that’s who it OUGHT to be.

* * *

Actually, it’s none other than Ed Leslie (Brutus Beefcake), who has acquired more faces than Eve and Sybil put together. Strangely enough, though, his tights have remain immutably tacky through it all. His debut on Nitro made it look like he just got through with a ten-mile aerobicize through downtown Salisbury, Maryland. In reality, he was so relieved not to have to dippity-doo his hair into one giant cowlick and carry on like an idiot anymore than he simply couldn’t contain himself.

He’s been a dancer, a barber, a butcher, and now a fitness guru. Once he goes through his baker and candlestick maker phases, his wrestling career will be complete.

* * *

Still, it is nice to see Hogan and Savage get some additional bodies on their side. The latest Nitro showed how even the best preparation can be thwarted by sheer numbers. The Macho Man intercepted Liz’s omnipotent spike heel and KO’D Flair, only to fall prey to an Arn Anderson DDT, after which Double-A rolled the unconscious Denture Boy on top for the 1-2-3.

I know heels are supposed to cheat, but can’t Flair win fair & square even ONCE?

* * *

Perhaps the most enigmatic personality in WCW right now is The Lovely Miss Elizabeth, who, thanks to Gene Okerlund, has more names than Princess Di. I can understand why she wouldn’t want to stay with Savage, but it certainly took her long enough to figure out that the volatile Mr. Poffo was a scumbucket. In the WWF version of their relationship she came back to him after he had abandoned her a year earlier (ironically enough, for Flair’s ex-manager, Sherri Martel).

Yes, maybe she just had dollar signs in her eyes at the time, but if she’s really a class- one barracuda, why would she join the Flairem? With the Macho Man she was able to grab halvsies; with Flair, it’d be a class-action lawsuit.

* * *

Believe it or not, Dustin Rhodes may well be uplifting the Rhodes family reputation — or at least his father’s. As much of a fool as Dusty may ever have made of himself in the WWF and with his Jell-O physique, nothing he ever did, not even tagging with a gorilla against the Koloffs back in 1985, can possibly approach his son’s self-abuse.

Still, no amount of pancake makeup, lipstick, rouge, or Diane Cannon wigs seems to come close to concealing the Rhodes family resemblance. We know it’s you under all that drag queen garb, Dustin; for God’s sake, PLEASE come out of there before you lose yourself in the part.

* * *

Come to think of it, Ric Flair would have been an outstanding candidate to be Wcw’s version of GoldDust. It should have been Eric Bischoff’s ironclad condition for Old Man Ric’s reinstatement.

* * *

Brutus Beefcake’s latest turn is the first time in nearly a year and a half that Hulk Hogan has had anybody join his cause instead of betraying him. Hopefully, this is but the first.

I’ve been expecting Scott Norton, who is reliably anti-Dungeon, to join the Megapowers for months. Paul Orndorff would be another good choice, since his anti-Horsemen animus can be taken for granted. Then you’d have a four-on-four for War Games at Fall Brawl next September: Mega Powers versus Four Horsemen. It could be the best War Games since the inaugural contest back in 1987.

Are you listening, Mr. Bischoff?

* * *

A personal appeal to Loch Ness (and his boss, the aforementioned Eric Bischoff): Please exorcise the demon animating the corpse of Sebastian Cabot and let poor, old Mr. French rest in peace. Hulk Hogan has better things to do.

BIG DADDY HAS LOST HIS COOL . . .  What’s the matter with DIESEL these days? This guy has a BAD attitude. And he’s currently getting himself deeper and deeper into a feud with the man from the dark side, THE UNDERTAKER.

It all started back at IN YOUR HOUSE V. Mark Callaway had just defeated KING MABEL in a Casket Match and was being informed that he had just become the number one contender for BRET HART’S championship. DIESEL, unhappy with this decision, arrived on the scene and expressed his disgust at the ‘Taker being named the next challenger for the title. This resulted in a heavy staredown.

The next encounter between these two giants occurred on January 21st at the ROYAL RUMBLE. DIESEL had just been superkicked out of the 30 man battle royal by his best buddy SHAWN MICHAELS (YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!), and was making his way back down the aisle, when out comes THE UNDERTAKER, preparing for his world title shot. The two brawl outside the ring.

Later on in the same match, the ‘Taker is just about to put the finishing touches on Bret when BDC returns, pulls the referee out of the ring, hence interrupting the count and then sticks his finger up at THE UNDERTAKER, before proclaiming that he isn’t ‘afraid of the dark’.

Somewhere along the line, these two are going to cross paths. It’ll probably be at WRESTLEMANIA.

Personally, I am in favor of this angle. BRET/SHAWN makes for a terrific main event, and with DIESEL/UNDIE’ and YOKO’/VADER on the undercard, should things go according to plan, should make this the most exciting WRESTLEMANIA yet. I look forward to the March 31st PPV with great anticipation.

BILLIONAIRE TED’S WRASSLIN’ WARROOM: At first, I thought this was hilarious. Now I simply think they’ve gone TOO far. The WCW-WWF war has been going for too long now. VINCE, GIVE IT UP! YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME WITH THE WARROOM!

YOKO’S FACE TURN: This pleases me. I always hoped that someone would get some sense knocked into them and leave JIM CORNETTE. Three cheers for YOKOZUNA. I want to see him squash the cr@p out of BRITISH BULLDOG and OWEN HART.

TATANKA’S RETURN TO THE WWF: WHY GODS, WHY? I almost cracked open a bottle of bubbly and invited my friends over for a party when the WWF got rid of this naff worker! Chris Chavis (TATANKA), is completely devoid of talent! He has never won any belts in the WWF and all he can do are chops and clotheslines! Vince, get rid of him as soon as possible or you’ll live to regret it!

JEFF JARRETT’S RETURN TO WWF: Ah, this is more like it. JEFF JARRETT, one of, if not the best, heel(s), in the WWF, has returned. But why is he wasting his time feuding with mAoHaMdEiDb JOHNSON? Jeff, three words for you: World Championship Belt. Go after Bret right now and win that world title! I think this blonde bombshell would make a great WWF champion.

CRUSH: During his stay as a fan favorite in the WWF (1992-mid 1993), CRUSH was one of my favorite wrestlers. So you can imagine how shocked I was to read in the February issue of INSIDE WRESTLING that Brian Adams is to go on trial for 11 counts of drug and weapon charges. It’s such a waste when a man with so much strength and ability has to undergo ‘random drug testing and perform 200 hours of community service. WHY CRUSH, WHY?

THE RETURN OF THE ROAD WARRIORS: Now that the ‘Warriors are back in WCW, Bischoff’s tag team scene has reached an all time high. The standard of tag team wrestling in WCW is improving dramatically and the return of THE ROAD WARRIORS can only serve to enhance that. HAWK and ANIMAL make a tremendous team with amazing credentials, and it is good to see them back together again.

STING: This man is the most underrated wrestler in the world. He doesn’t receive enough title shots and he is constantly being taken for a ride by WCW promoters. There have been many rumors floating around which suggest that STING is strongly considering a move to the WWF, and in my opinion, that would be the best option for him at this stage. McMahon may be the one to give the Stinger the respect he deserves.

WCW seems to be turning into something of a retirement federation for ex WWF grapplers. Let me give a few examples of who I am referring to:

THAT HH GUY: This granddad should have been out of wrestling all together a long time ago. He simply doesn’t have the same fan appeal that he once had. I used to have a lot of respect for the Hulkster, but not any more. Hogan, do the right thing and retire – NOW!

EARTHQUAKE A.K.A. AVALANCHE/SHARK/FAT MAN WHO NO-ONE CARES ABOUT: This 500  pounder is the biggest joke in wrestling today besides KING MABEL. Anyone that hangs around with Beefcake has got to be a no-hoper. SHARK’S days in the WWF as EARTHQUAKE were the best of his career. Look at him now without cracking up. Exactly.
HAKU A.K.A. MENG: MENG is actually not a bad performer, but why is WCW consistently pitting him against geriatric no-hopers like Hogan and Duggan? It makes no sense to me. MENG has more talent than Duggan and Hogan combined.

CONCLUSION: WCW should get rid of it’s ex WWF talent roster and concentrate on the newer, more high-flying greats like Guerrero and Benoit. The federation will be much better when they do and will certainly gain a lot more respect from me.

I am fed up of people slagging off IN YOUR HOUSE and going on about how bad these PPVs. have been for WWF business. I happen to enjoy the IYH PPVs. and have bought all of the ones that have come out so far on video. Besides, some of the best bouts of ’95 took place during these cards, such as BRET HART VS. HAKUSHI (IYH I), SHAWN MICHAELS VS. JEFF JARRETT (IYH II), and BRET VS. BULLDOG (IYH V). So sucks to all the PPV critics out there, IN YOUR HOUSE is most definitely IN!

I hope this rumor isn’t true. SKIP without SUNNY and vice versa is like life without oxygen. DON’T DO IT TAMMY! SKIP NEEDS YOU! YOU COULD TURN SKIP AND ZIP INTO TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

I recently posed the question ‘Who is GOLDUST’S new valet?’. I was able to answer that question myself. It is DUSTIN RHODES’ wife in real life, who went under the name of MISS ALEXANDRA YORK in WCW, having managed MICHAEL WALLSTREET (IRS), and later TERRY TAYLOR, forming the YORK FOUNDATION. GOLDUST is married. What a relief.

I have a number of WWF, plus a couple of WCW, videos for sale at very reasonable prices. I am also selling my toy ring along with about 20 figures (without their packets, I’m afraid), which is soon to become a redundant piece of dust in the attic unless I can get rid of it. Any readers in the UK who are interested in any of the fore-mentioned items, or who know of anyone else who might be, should get in contact with me for a full catalogue and price list.  I can be reached either by E-MAIL, telephone or via the postman:

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I’m exhausted from my lovely work schedule, so this time I’m going to empty out my junk drawer. Here’s a few items that I don’t have enough to slap out a full column about. There are a few things that I don’t think many people have noticed.

Arn Anderson is the only wrestler to ever pin both Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Wow. Did I just type that? Did that really happen? Wrestling is pretty cool here lately.

Sensational Sherri has managed two wrestlers into retirement. She was Macho Man’s manager when he lost to the Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 7. And she was Flair’s manager when at Halloween Havoc.

Does anybody remember “Learning the Ropes?” The late Lyle Alzado played a teacher who moonlighted as a pro wrestler. Real NWA wrestlers played themselves in sitcom scenes, and wrestled Lyle on the show. He was under a mask and was called “the Masked Maniac.”

Consider this an addendum to last week’s On the Ropes about the Road Warriors. The LOD are just BAD. They were the only team during the superteam era of the 80s to have that image. The Rock ‘n Roll Express were tough, but nice. The Midnight Express were cheaters. The Freebirds were beer-sucking illiterates. The Horsemen were bullies. And the Road Warriors were BAD. On 20/20 last week they did a story on Ultimate Fighting. At the end of the story Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters shook their heads and said something like “what is the world coming to?” Maybe some people dig it. But the closest I want to come to shoot fighting is American Gladiators. Zap rules.

I was surprised to see the lovely Elizabeth come back and do the heel turn. Very nice. Helloooooo, nurse! She’s not looking bad. On the other hand (Ric Flair’s other hand, literally), you have Woman. What the heck happened to her? She looks like she was hit with the ugly cane.

Jake the Snake is back! I don’t care how old or out of shape he is. The WWF is handling that quite well. People get old. But I want to see the DDT, baby! If Jake, or anybody else for that matter, wants to come back occasionally to make guest-star appearances, why not? I love seeing some of my old favorites back in the spotlight. They deserve it.

The Editor’s choice award in Pro Wrestling Illustrated is chosen (ostensibly, at least), as some guy who contributed something meaningful to wrestling throughout his career, not just in the previous year. In general, (Adrian Adonis/Bruiser Brody, Andre the Giant), it’s given posthumously. Sometimes PWI gives it to living people who have retired or hit a point in their retirement where their careers deserve recognition, like Lou Albano or Gordon Solie.

And Ricky Steamboat got it because of his back injury and his retirement from wrestling. He was a face throughout his entire career, and I liked faces because I thought they should be like him. He was a fantastic ring worker, and was one of the most underrated wrestlers, in my opinion, in history. He would put anybody over, because that was his job. He even carried kerosene in his mouth to the ring, and spewed fire before matches because that was his job. He truly seemed to care about his business. He might have even been a nice guy in real life.

A very cool story in Steamboat’s “Editor’s Award” page in the year- end PWI. He said that his son, Rick Jr. was already doing amateur wrestling. But that’s not the best part — his son wrestled Ric Flair’s son Reed!

Back when George Bush ran for President, Ric Flair campaigned for him in his home state.

I think those clips WCW shows featuring WWF stars when they jobbed in WCW is the best way to go. WWF should do that, too. It’s never spelled out by the announcers. It puts the rivalry where it should be –in the ring.

Somehow, someway, the WWF should get Chris Farley as a celebrity guest for WrestleMania.

There! All clean. Thanks for reading me.

FROM THE MIND OF THE MANIAC by “Maniac” Mike Blade

The match is set. Shawn Michaels will challenge Bret Hart for the WWF World Championship belt at WrestleMania XII. But the question remains, will Michaels’ expected win finally make him a true champion?

Over the course of his career in the WWF, Shawn Michaels has held the tag titles on three occasions and the Intercontinental title on three occasions. Curiously, there are those who still don’t consider him a true champ. Looking at those title reigns gives a good indication as to why.

The Rockers, at a house show, beat the Hart Foundation for the tag straps. A week later, they were stripped of the belts, which were returned to the Hart Foundation, and the reign was disavowed. For all intent and purpose, Michaels’ first WWF title does not exist.

Several years later, Michaels beat Davey Boy Smith to take the Intercontinental title. Through most of his reign, he was involved in screwjob endings to hang on to the belt. His former tag partner, Marty Jannetty, relieved him of the belt for a couple of weeks, only to have Michaels regain it with interference from Diesel. Several weeks later, he was stripped of the title due to lack of title defenses (contractual problems). When he returned, he was carrying an IC strap even though Razor Ramon was the recognized champion.

The next belt to go around the waist of the Heartbreak Kid was the tag title. He and Diesel were tag champs until their split, at which time Michaels surrendered the belt. Again, their reign was smeared by screwjob endings. It also seemed to be a way of squelching the increasing ego of the Federation’s most over heel.

It would be several months before Michaels would get near the title again, this time as a face against Jeff Jarrett. During the course of this reign, he and Diesel recaptured the tag titles, only to have them returned the next day to Yokozuna and Owen Hart. (If we’re looking at continuity, this would disavow that title as was the case with the Rockers’ incident.), He was finally starting to prove himself as championship material when the Syracuse incident threw on the brakes. He was, for the fourth time in six championship runs, stripped of the title as it was handed over to Shane “Dean” Douglas.

There are those who would argue that Michaels’ has had a run of bad luck. There are those that would say he’s had six title reigns and only been beaten once, and that was a last minute match that he didn’t prepare for against Jannetty. But, since we deal in reality in this column and not in markish statements. The truth of the matter is that no matter how flamboyant, no matter how good a worker, no matter how much he can work a crowd . . . . Shawn Michaels is unproven as a champion. What happens from here only time and Vince McMahon know for sure.

My .02 worth . . . I’d like to see a series of matches, house shows and all, that has the title jump back and forth between Michaels and Hart several times. That could add excitement to the next couple of tours and give the impression that anything really can happen in the WWF. A well-matched Michaels/Hart program would be just the thing to drive the summer months.


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