The Ring Report TV Update 7/31/96 Vol. 3, No. 2

The Ring Report TV Update 7/31/96 Vol. 3, No. 2
(“Two Two Two, it’s Vol. 3, Issue 2!”)
3 more Interviews!! by Kathryn D. Lizenby
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Here are three more interviews that I conducted with Bill Dundee, Miss Samantha, and Tony Falk.


INTERVIEWER: How long have you been wrestling?
BILL DUNDEE: I have been wrestling for 25 years.

INTERVIEWER: Where were you trained and how did you get interested in wrestling?
BILL DUNDEE: I was trained in Australia and lived next door to a wrestler, that’s how I got interested, then I worked as a G-man in the carnival. People would pay to wrestle, and I would be in the crowd to take the challenge.

INTERVIEWER: Who is the toughest wrestler you’ve ever faced?
BILL DUNDEE: Jerry Lawler because he’s one tough SOB. We both wanted to be King of Memphis, but he was the one crowned.

INTERVIEWER: What advice would you give someone getting into the business? BILL DUNDEE: Don’t. . . unless you’re 6’4″ and 240 pounds. There is just no future in the business if you are small. Plus the paycheck isn’t as much. Also anyone who really wants to get into this business can find a way.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have a favorite wrestler to wrestle, someone whose style matches your own?
BILL DUNDEE: Yes, Jerry Lawler and Wolfie D. I like to wrestle Wolfie because I can whoop him like I own him.

INTERVIEWER: Did you ever face a wrestler where you were physically exhausted at the end?
BILL DUNDEE: I never have been physically exhausted, but there are always aches and pains after the match. . . knees, elbows, and shoulder.

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever had any injuries?
BILL DUNDEE: No serious injuries because pound for pound, I’m the toughest son-of-a-bitch in wrestling.

INTERVIEWER: what is the worst part of your job?
BILL DUNDEE: The traveling is the worst part, but it’s what I do for a living and you get use to it.

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever thought about walking away and giving it all up? BILL DUNDEE: ::Laughs:: Every day, but it’s just a fleeting moment because this is what we do. Everyone in every job feels that way at times.

INTERVIEWER: How do you stay in shape?
BILL DUNDEE: I go to the gym and get my workouts in the ring.

INTERVIEWER: Do you ever watch wrestling on TV?
BILL DUNDEE: Never, I don’t even watch my own stuff.

INTERVIEWER: What other sports do you like?
BILL DUNDEE: I like American football, soccer, and car racing.

INTERVIEWER: You worked for WCW for a while, why did you leave?
BILL DUNDEE: It was just time to move on.

INTERVIEWER: Is there any young wrestler or tag team you like?
BILL DUNDEE: Yes, I think Bobby Eaton and Lord Steven Regal are the 2 best guys in the business right now.

INTERVIEWER: Is there anything you would like to tell the fans?
BILL DUNDEE: Without fans there is no paycheck, and I really appreciate them.

I would like to thank Bill Dundee for his time and willingness to be interviewed. Thanks Bill for the great interview.

Bill also runs a pro-wrestling school in Lexington, TN. For more information call 1-901-382-5758.


INTERVIEWER: How did you get into wrestling?
MISS SAMANTHA: I have known Bill Dundee since I was 9 years old.

INTERVIEWER: Who trained you?
MISS SAMANTHA: I was trained by Buddy Wayne in Memphis.

INTERVIEWER: Do you actually wrestle now?
MISS SAMANTHA: Yes, I am the USWA Ladies Champion. I am mainly Bill’s valet, but I do wrestle.

INTERVIEWER: What is your favorite part of the sport?
MISS SAMANTHA: I love being in the ring and wrestling.

INTERVIEWER: What is your least favorite part of the sport?
MISS SAMANTHA: The traveling, it wears you down.

INTERVIEWER: Who is your toughest opponent?

INTERVIEWER: Who is the one person you like to wrestle because you think your styles match?

INTERVIEWER: Do you ever watch wrestling?
MISS SAMANTHA: I watch it occasionally when I’m home if it’s on.

INTERVIEWER: Where would you like to be in five years?
MISS SAMANTHA: ::Laughs:: Laying on a beach in a grass skirt doing nothing.

INTERVIEWER: Where do you want your wrestling career to go?
MISS SAMANTHA: I want to go to New York and see Vince and work for him.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have a favorite wrestler?
MISS SAMANTHA: Of course, Bill Dundee is my favorite.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have a favorite tag team?
MISS SAMANTHA: I like the Outsiders, Hall and Nash.

INTERVIEWER: How do you find time to practice?
MISS SAMANTHA: I go to the gym every day and wrestle every night.

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever thought about giving it all up?
MISS SAMANTHA: I think about it, but I would never do it.

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever had any injuries?
MISS SAMANTHA: I had my nose broken by Tony Anthony.

INTERVIEWER: Why are there not many young females in wrestling today? MISS SAMANTHA: I really don’t know. Maybe there are just no tough girls left. This is a man’s business run by men, maybe that is part of the reason.

INTERVIEWER: Is there anything you would like to tell the fans?
MISS SAMANTHA: Yes, get off your butt, go buy a ticket and come see us live. You just don’t know what your missing!

I would like to second that thought of Miss Samantha’s and thank her for participating in this interview. Great interview Sam.


INTERVIEWER: How long have you been in the business?
TONY FALK: I’ve been doing this for 9 years.

INTERVIEWER: Who trained you?
TONY FALK: I was trained in Dallas, Texas by Killer Tim Brooks.

INTERVIEWER: Where else have you wrestled?
TONY FALK: Oh, let’s see, I have wrestled in Tampa, Florida, Oklahoma, for Bill Watts in the Mid South, Joe Blanchard in Southwest Championship Wrestling, and the Von Erichs in World Class.

INTERVIEWER: Do you have a favorite person to wrestle?
TONY FALK: I always enjoyed wrestling Bobby Fulton.

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever had any major injuries?
TONY FALK: No, no major injuries, but I’ve had my teeth knocked through my bottom lip one time. They had to put stitches on the inside and outside of my lip.

INTERVIEWER: What do you like the most about wrestling?
TONY FALK: The money. . . it’s not as fun as it use to be. And I’m still around because 10 years ago this year, I had a match with a young skinny man. It was his first match in Memphis, Tennessee, now today, I’m working for that man who is a Superstar in the WWF . . . Double J.

INTERVIEWER: What do you dislike most about wrestling?
TONY FALK: It has to be the traveling.

INTERVIEWER: How do you deal with some of the attitudes in the business? TONY FALK: Sometimes, I just let it go, because if the guys have a certain attitude, they usually don’t last. I remember the Freedom Fighters, Hellwig and Borden down here in 1986, now the Warrior is gone again.

INTERVIEWER: Where would you like to be in 5 years?
TONY FALK: I would like to be in Texas involved in the wrestling business somehow. . . maybe a promoter.

INTERVIEWER: Do you watch wrestling?
TONY FALK: Yes, every chance I can get. I have a son to loves to watch it, so we watch it together.

INTERVIEWER: Speaking of your son, do you think that there are gimmicks that go too far?
TONY FALK: Yes, GoldDust is too much and way too far. I don’t really think that’s good for our business. I’ve had to turn that off sometimes and not let my son watch parts of it, because it just goes too far.

INTERVIEWER: Did you ever get a tryout with WWF?
TONY FALK: No, I never did get a tryout with the WWF, but I do train some of the guys they send down here. But some just don’t take it serious or have the right attitudes. The WWF send a guy, big guy 6’4″, 250 pounds down here, and I worked with him. He was really handsome and he knew it too, he just didn’t work out because he wouldn’t take it seriously. He’s doing motivational speaking or something like that now.

I would really like to thank Tony for his time and his willingness in being interviewed. Great job Tony!


WHAT YOU MISSED: SID vs. JOHN HAWK BRADSHAW. Like I’m watching this match. Sid beats Bradshaw then gets clobbered with the cowbell . . . this is pre-taped and there’s NOTHING Vince can do to keep my attention. I apologize to you all for this but what’s going on on the other channel is a little more mind blowing than this pre-taped garbage can get . . . SUNNY w/FAROOQ ASAAD . . . apologies to MARC MERO. I usually give an extended critique to his matches for him but I’m not up to it tonight. He’s vs. Vader sounds like the crowd is going crazy. Came back and he had lost. Very typical of recent WWF — they don’t know how to use the talent they should be putting over — Mero beating the Goon one week, losing the Vader the next is not how to put someone over (though I did pick up that they took the advice and pumped up the crowd noise) . . . JIM CORNETTE “debates” JOSE LOTHARIO. Uh huh. SHAWN MICHAELS makes the save but MANKIND comes out and puts him in the claw . . . footage of ALDO MONTOYA defeating JERRY LAWLER on SUPERSTARS . . . DAVEY BOY SMITH vs. HENRY O. GODWINN. Report that Shawn Michaels is all right. Extended Lawler vs. Montoya mouth off. Is there a match going on? Oh yah. Bulldog gets the win . . . a look at MARK HENRY setting a power lifting event . . . a strange promo with GOLDDUST cradling MANKIND . . . STEVE AUSTIN vs. THE UNDERTAKER. Crowd really into it. Mankind comes out and brawls with Undie. Count out win for Austin . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Outside again live from Disney MGM Studios in Florida. Tony & Larry highlight WCW MOTOR SPORTS’ victory at Talidega in the Busch Grand National series. The car was driven by GREG SACKS (SP?). They then started busting on the NEW WORLD ORDER with footage of them attacking STING in the parking lot in CINCINNATI . . . up first is well, MIKE ENOS — without ROB PARKER — came out to take on JIM DUGGAN. I immediately started switching to the HOWARD STERN biography on another channel. Worried about myself because I actually taped this no-way match. Flipped back in time to hear that there were 3 or 4 empty seats (looked like 3 and a half with a *big* guy sitting in his seat and half of another), in the front row. Flipped back to Stern. Stopped the tape. This match really bit. Duggan got the win with the taped fist . . . even worse, an interview with Jimbo followed in which he started to diss Hogan. He says that he’s been with Hulk for 20 years (umm . . . wasn’t it 10 years ago that he went to the WWF, promptly got caught with the Iron Sheik in a car . . . that explains everything) . . . 20 minutes into it and 0 minutes taped . . . a bad omen . . . 6 man tag — STING, LEX LUGER & RANDY SAVAGE vs. RIC FLAIR, MONGO & CHRIS BENOIT. Total ECW type brawl. Sting eventually go to the ring with Flair but everyone else was outside. As if someone said “let there be a tempo change” and . . . a commercial spoils it. Another Glacier promo. Gee. He’s going to bomb just like COBRA — just watch him . . . 30 minutes into it 3 minutes taped (average 25). Everyone in the ring after the commercial. Savage vs. Flair go wild. Though I’m still flipping to the Stern Bio. Better match than what we’d normally see on RAW but this is NITRO and the standards are waaay higher. 40 minutes into it taped 12. JIMMY HART came out and said he needed help in the back and grabbed the camera man saying that the Outsiders are in the dressing room. Hart is on the apron of the ring. He’s stopping the match. Footage in the back of the Outsiders trashing ARN ANDERSON, THE AMERICAN MALES & REY MISTERIO JR. (all featured later on). Savage gets to the Limo first and Savage is on the top of the Limo as it drives off. Match ends with all the WCW guys coming out to help their friends. My god this is good TV! From a horrible start to great TV . . . back from commercial with a firetruck coming to the aid of the fallen wrestlers and Rey Misterio Jr. on the ground screaming that there were four guys. WOMAN cradling Anderson. Elizabeth looking stunned. This is great! Misterio going on that there’s four, screaming for EDDY GUERRERO. Brilliant TV. Another commercial back with Eric joining Larry & Tony. Heenan, scared out of his mind, ran off. Still no sign of Savage and I’m not changing a channel. They’re trying to put together matches while the crowd is chanting “Boring . . .” Understandable but hey, this just is great TV. Flair & Sting in the same ambulance as Marc Bagwell and Arn Anderson are taken off in the same ambulance . . . HIGH VOLTAGE (replacing THE AMERICAN MALES) vs. THE STEINERS. Steiners preoccupied with something else but get the win . . . stand by with BIG BUBBA (replacing Rey Misterio Jr.) vs. EDDY GUERRERO. Guerrero seems pissed that his buddy had to go to the hospital. He takes a pounding. He even gets the win when Bubba drops the megaphone and Guerrero rolls Bubba up for the win . . . a promo for the NWO . . . back from commercial and Bischoff has headed to the hospital . . . a recap of the events tonight . . . GREG VALENTINE (replacing ARN ANDERSON) came out to take on THE GIANT. Giant either stunned or a big Greg Valentine fan as he sold more moves than I’ve seen in a while. Chokeslam off the top rope then a standing one. Everyone on their feet. Interview with The Giant . . .

USWA Report 7/28/96 by MRS. KATHRYN D. LIZENBY

We have new tag team champs. Brickhouse Brown and Reggie B. Fine are the new champs.

INTERVIEW: Bill Dundee came out and said that today would be the demise of Wolfie D, because he is taking on Lawler for the TV Title. He said that Lawler can beat that punk in his sleep. Bill also said that everything that Wolfie loves is going to be gone today. Scott Bowden comes out with Lawler and says that everything is going Scott’s way. He and Lawler cut Tony Williams’ hair, and now he is going guide Lawler to the TV title today. Bill Dundee comes back out peeling off $100 dollar bills and handing them to Scott, because he wanted to manage Lawler today.

MATCH 1: This is for the TV Title. Wolfie D. vs. Jerry Lawler with Bill Dundee. Downtown Bruno is referring. Lawler dominates the first part of the match, and keeps kicking Wolfie’s hubcap off of the ring apron. This was a really good match, but in the end Bowden came out and helped Bill Dundee hold Wolfie down while Lawler pinned him. Apparently the ref. didn’t see any of this. Tony Williams comes out and starts to complain to Bruno, and he reversed the decision. Wolfie is still champ.

INTERVIEW: Next is an interview with Tommy Rich setting up his upcoming match with Brian Christopher.

INTERVIEW: Bill Dundee comes out and is telling Dave Brown that Wolfie just uses everyone, he uses Randy Hales, he just uses everyone. He has Randy Hales thinking his way. He said that today he has brought in several people that Wolfie has used. He said that this was the 3rd man of PG-13 and when Wolfie was done with him he just disregarded him. Midget D (Danny) comes out and said that Wolfie treated him bad. Bill said, yeah, that’s right, he just cast you out, and there is another guy. . . come on out here. . . JC Ice comes out and he and Bill hug. Jamie was really angry and said that the whole time he was away the only person who ever called him was his daddy, Bill Dundee. Wolfie never made any attempt to call him. Wolfie tried to tell him that he was in Puerto Rico, and had no idea where he was staying, and that he could have called him, since his phone number hadn’t changed. Wolfie also says that he didn’t mistreat Midget D (Danny) either, he even gave him his name. When PG-13 formed, Wolfie was already wearing the shorts, them Jamie came along and they decided to form a tag team, then Jamie said that he wanted Danny along, and you all even named him after me. I didn’t even know this guy. Wolfie also said that Bill was just wanting to cause a fight, and that Jamie was being brain washed by Dundee. Wolfie said, “Jamie, you use to tell me that he had never been a good dad to you, because he was never home.” Jamie started screaming “I made us, I made PG-13, I went knocking on the USWA door and got us in here, I made this team.” Wolfie and Jamie continue screaming when Bill nails Wolfie, Jamie and Midget D get their licks in there too. Bill nails Wolfie with the Hubcap several times. Brian Christopher and Miss Texas come out and help.

The interview continues this time with Bill Dundee, Jamie Dundee, and Midget D, Brian Christopher and Miss Texas come out to listen, when Midget D attacks Miss Texas!! (Bet he doesn’t try that again!!)

HIGHLIGHTS: These were highlights from the Sid vs. Jeff Jarrett match in Memphis. This looked like it was a really good match. Frank Morrell and Tony Falk and Miss Patricia all try to get in on the action when Johnny Rotten comes out and nails Jarrett with a chair. Jarrett retains the title though.

MATCH 2: Tony Meyers and Ripley Prim vs. Johnny Rotten in a handicap match. Rotten power bombs each of the, covers them and gets the pin.

INTERVIEW: Tony Falk and Frank Morrell were talking about the upcoming handicap match they were having with Johnny Rotten. They said that he came back stage acting like their friend and listening to their strategies. Then he came out and used it against them in Jeff’s match with Sid.

HIGHLIGHTS: Jeff Jarrett vs. Brian Christopher in a Unified Heavyweight Title match. I really enjoyed watching this match, because these guys have worked together so often in the past that they know each other well, and it makes the match more interesting. Jeff gets Brian in a sleeper hold, but Brian recovers and finally makes his way up. Jeff slams him. Jeff gets mad and lowers his straps, but Brian punches and kicks him to the head. Brian super kicks Jeff and pins him, but at the count of 2 Jeff put his foot on the ropes. Brian flies at Jarrett, but knocks the ref. down by mistake. Frank Morrell is waiting in the corner with a chair, but Jarrett gets smashed into it by mistake. Brian pins him, but the ref. is being distracted by Frank and Miss Patricia. Brian is about to hit Frank, when he throws the ref. in front of him, and Brian nails the ref. again. Tommy Rich comes out and hits Brian with a chair and throws Jarrett on top of Brian. Jeff retains the title.

INTERVIEW: This was an interview with Wolfie D and Brian Christopher setting up their upcoming match with Bill Dundee and Jamie Dundee. Wolfie said that he loves this business, and has loved it from the very beginning. He also said that he never thought that Jamie would turn on him, but that he has learned something about true friendship. Brian Christopher and Miss Texas came out to save him. But as far as Wolfie was concerned JC ICE was dead, and how he could be called Jamie Dundee. He also said to call that Midget something else, and not his name!!

Brian Christopher said that friends are hard to come by because everyone is looking to get on top. He has had lots of partners, but he has NEVER turned his back on his partner. He said that he couldn’t stand watching Jamie coming out here and stomping his one time friend. Jamie was stabbing him in the back. He also said that Bill Dundee, who is old as dirt, was just jealous of any new wrestlers, and tried to do what he could to run them off.

MATCH 3: This was a quickie!! Brickhouse Brown and Reggie B. Fine vs. Flex Kavana and Bart Sawyer – we picked this one up toward the end, and was a non-title tag team bout. The Moondogs are back and came out and interfered hitting Brown and Fine with chairs.

Make sure you check out my uswa home page: http://pages.prodigy.

Another great show, and thanks for reading.

CWUSA 7-28-96 TV Show Summary by Mark Carlton

From the Bagley Center in Vancouver, Washington, this is Championship Wrestling USA!

Announcer: Dutch Savage (17 time PNW Champion)
Recap from last week since I forgot to set the VCR. Oops. The show is rebroadcast on a local cable channel on Friday nights fortunately.

Tim Kinder vs. Coco Samoa:
Samoa pins Kinder after a headbutt.

Randy Tyler & Mike Roselli (Justice Inc.) vs. Col. DeBeers and Buddy Wayne: Tyler and Roselli are DQ’ed after Roselli is caught with Wayne’s chain before he was going to use it on DeBeers.

Shawn Stasiak & Bruiser Brian vs. Richie Magnet and Tim Kinder: Bruiser pins Kinder after a sloppy “Rocket Launcher” where Stasiak picks Bruiser off the top rope and drops him on Kinder, not exactly the same way as the Midnight Express.

Matt Borne & The Original Wrestling Clown vs. Dane Rush & Lou Andrews: I thought this was supposed to be Borne & Snuka, but it appears that Snuka no-showed again. Anyway on to the match. The Clown is ambushed by Andrews on his way to the ring and piledriven on the floor. Borne arrives but The Clown is injured and is stretchered out. Borne takes on Rush and Andrews himself. The ending has Andrews getting ready to piledrive Borne outside the ring but Stasiak and Bruiser Brian run in and attack the heels.

7-28-96 Show:
Tim Kinder vs. Bruce E. Anderson:
Anderson is a newcomer with a body of a mature Buddy Rose. Kinder applies the dreaded full nelson and Anderson submits.

Interview with Coco Samoa:
I’m here to talk about my nephew and me. What happened last week? Colonel, you’ve been running around with Buddy Wayne, you’re good fighters. I want to tell you something brudda, next week I want a Samoan Survival Match. Be ready brudda, because I coming after you!

– From what I can remember, there was supposed to be a cage match between Sumito & Coco vs. DeBeers & Wayne. From what I can gather, the match took place and Sumito was *injured* as part of the angle but I don’t know for sure.

Michelle Starr vs. The Original Wrestling Clown:
Starr is again using the Adrian Adonis homosexual gimmick, used to be one of the Serbian Terrorist’s but that team ran it’s coarse. Anyway, what can I say about this match, a flaming faggot vs. a clown. Talk about a freak show! Being a traditional wrestling fan, I hit the FF button. The Clown wins with the “Atomic Bomb” off the top turnbuckle before covering Starr.

Interview with Michelle Starr:
“You’re looking at the gorgeous, Michelle Starr. I told you I’d be back. The next time I will beat The Original Clown then I’m gonna give him a nice kiss”. He then tries to kiss Dutch who moves away.

Oly Olsen vs. Jesse Barr:
Barr really gives Olsen a beating with a series of power moves including a tombstone piledriver but Olsen kicks out at 2. Olsen then has his head run into the ringpost outside the ring followed by a suplex to the concrete floor. The Original Clown appears and revives Olsen who gets back in the ring. Another piledriver as Olsen is ready to be pinned but Barr gloats at The Clown who throws water in his face. Meanwhile, Olsen recovers and schoolboys Barr for the win.

Interview with The Original Wrestling Clown and Oly Olsen:
Olsen: Tonight, I had somebody watching my back. With The Clown here, even though I took a beating, I still came away with the win.

Clown: I wasn’t the only one watching Oly Olsen’s back. The King Sisters were watching his back also. They want to rub down his back. Oly, watch out! Oly beat Bulldog Jesse Barr and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Lou Andrews & Dane Rush vs. Shawn Stasiak & Bruiser Brian: Stasiak shows a little more ability with a nice monkey flip on Rush followed by a drop-kick. The Pack pounds on Stasiak with a clothesline by Andrews. Hot tag brings in Bruiser who clothesline Rush. Rush sells the move with a “The Dustin Rhodes” spin flip. Andrews hits a sidewalk slam on the Bruiser then chokes him on the ring rope. A Bruiser DDT turns the tide and is followed by a hot tag to Stasiak. Jesse Barr then enters and pounds on Stasiak with a chair repeatedly then hits the referee. Meanwhile, Bruiser is taped to the ring rope by Andrews. The Pack continues to destroy Stasiak but The Original Clown enters the ring with a chair and the heels flee.

Interview with The Clown, Bruiser & Stasiak:
Clown: These 2 men are the 2 men who are the future of profession wrestling. With their backs against the wall, they have the fire in their eyes and they are ready to kick some royal <bleep>!

Bruiser: There’s more steam coming out my ears, than I can handle. Jesse Barr, you’re the lowest form of scum on the face of the earth. Get in the ring with The Clown, me and Stasiak next week.

Stasiak: I just have one word to say, REDEMPTION!

Interview with Rush, Andrews & Barr:
Rush: You have a lot of goads. You have the balls to challenge us?

Andrews: You saw it happen again, Dutch. Mr. Potatohead #1, Mr. Potatohead #2, and now Mr. Clown. What are you doing in our match?

– The faces appear with chairs in their hands.

Barr: (Pointing at The Clown). Everybody knows who you are, Matt Borne. I kicked your but as Matt Borne, I kicked your butt as Doink the Clown and next week, I gonna kick your butt for good cause with the beating you’ll take, you’ll go away forever!

– The Clown throws his chair at Barr.

Barr: Get in the ring buddy boy, get in the ring (as the show concludes).


WHAT YOU MISSED: speculation as to where RIC FLAIR was on Monday night . . . DEAN MALENKO vs. DAVE TAYLOR: Decent match, typical of recent stuff from Malenko. Dean gets the win with a Texas Cloverleaf. After the match Dean says that he hasn’t joined the DuD but has reached an agreement to scratch each other’s backs . . . THE FOUR HORSEMEN defeated THE AMERICAN MALES, CHAVO GUERRERO JR. & JIM POWERS. After the match CHRIS BENOIT & WOMAN had words . . . a promo “sponsored by the NWO” . . . STING & RANDY SAVAGE had an easy time with THE NASTY BOYS. As Savage went for the pin STEVE MCMICHAEL came out and took his briefcase (which Savage stole on RAW) back . . . ROUGH and READY (MIKE ENOS & DICK SLATER) fell to THE STEINERS when SISTER SHERRI came out and kissed Slater to distract him for the pinfall . . . a promo for the NWO in which NASH and HALL attacked STING in the parking lot . . . THE GIANT totally destroyed THE BOOTIE MAN . . .

WWF CANADIAN MANIA 7/27/96 by Joel Geraghty (
WHAT YOU MISSED: From last week’s MONDAY NIGHT RAW, WILDMAN MARC MERO pinned THE GOON while STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN did an excellent job at commentary . . . Still photos from the battle between GOLDUST and THE UNDERTAKER at WWF IN YOUR HOUSE: INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT, followed by the news that MANKIND will meet UT at SUMMERSLAM ’96 on August 18 in a “Boiler Room Brawl” . . . From RAW, FREDDIE JOE FLOYD was mauled by MANKIND . . . SLAM JAM with DOK HENDRIX about August 24’s WWF EX-PERIENCE in Toronto . . . Footage from the IYH Pep Rally, which took place in Vancouver the day before IYH. Looked like fun . . . A replay of the face-to-face debate between JOSE LOTHARIO and JIM CORNETTE from the FREE FOR ALL . . . Stills from the six-man tag team match at IYH, and the news that SHAWN MICHAELS will defend the WWF Title against VADER at SUMMERSLAM . . . The Olympic SUMMERSLAM promo . . . From RAW, GOLDUST destroyed BARRY HOROWITZ as BRIAN F’N PILLMAN did commentary . . . Footage of DUKE “THE DUMPSTER” DROESE in the Bahamas during the WRESTLE VESSEL cruise. Seems like a really nice, and funny, guy . . . SLAM JAM with DOK about the WWF EX-PERIENCE. Another match – HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY vs. BOB “SPARK PLUGG” HOLLY . . . From RAW, SUNNY was the victim of “a drive-by caking” courtesy of AHMED JOHNSON . . . Exclusive footage of SUNNY going into a tantrum while trying to clean the cake off of her . . . The actual tag team title match from RAW was shown, with THE SMOKING GUNNS losing via DQ to SHAWN MICHAELS & AHMED JOHNSON when a “Mystery Man” (RON SIMMONS wearing a really ridiculous outfit) ran out and battered the Intercontinental Champion . . . TODD PETTENGILL gave us the “big news” about Mystery Man he had been promising the whole show. Ready for the big news? Okay, here it is: SUNNY is controlling him. Thanks TODD, I think we figured that out already . . . !!!

WWF CANADIAN CHALLENGE 7/27/96 by Joel Geraghty (
WHAT YOU MISSED: MR. PERFECT was “on the road”, so DOK HENDRIX was alone and irritated us with his constant pushing of August 24’s WWF EX-PERIENCE at Toronto’s CNE . . . From this week’s WWF SUPERSTARS, PSYCHO SID demolished THE BROOKLYN BRAWLER with a powerbomb. During a split-screen interview, DAVEY BOY SMITH called him “Sid Vicious” . . . Comments from SID about his match coming up at SUMMERSLAM ’96 against THE BRITISH BULLDOG . . . Stills from the GOLDUST/UNDERTAKER/MANKIND fiasco at WWF IN YOUR HOUSE: INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT . . . From last week’s MONDAY NIGHT RAW, FREDDIE JOE FLOYD was mauled by MANKIND with the Mandible Claw . . . From SUPERSTARS, KEVIN KELLEY interviewed ZEBEKIAH & JUSTIN “HAWK” BRADSHAW. ZEB challenged FREDDIE JOE FLOYD, who later accepted and the ZEB/FLOYD match will happen next week . . . The short clip from RAW of CLARENCE MASON meeting with GORILLA MONSOON to bring in a new wrestler . . . From RAW, VINCE MCMAHON interviewed JIM CORNETTE while VADER scared the camera . . . Comments from SHAWN MICHAELS, who will defend the WWF Title against VADER at SUMMERSLAM . . . From SUPERSTARS, ALDO MONTOYA upset JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER using a DDT. ALDO had dedicated the match to JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS . . . From RAW, BARRY HOROWITZ was thrashed by GOLDUST while BRIAN PILLMAN did commentary . . . From RAW, SHAWN MICHAELS & AHMED JOHNSON put a cake in SUNNY’S face. SHAWN & AHMED later defeated THE SMOKING GUNNS via disqualification when a “Mystery Man” (RON SIMMONS in a gladiator outfit) attacked the Intercontinental Champion . . . From SUPERSTARS, comments from SUNNY and the “Mystery Man”, whose name is FAROOQ ASAAD. He said that he doesn’t want to be called RON SIMMONS because he is a descendant from a long line of gladiators . . . ASAAD will challenge AHMED JOHNSON at SUMMERSLAM . . . The show ended with muffled comments from AHMED JOHNSON . . . !!!


We open with an interview with BLACK WARRIOR

The first fall must have made JIM DUGGAN happy, as Muerte punched Super Astro for the pin (sans taped fist). Negra also had a splash on Magica. The 2nd fall went to Magica, as he hit a FrankenMagica on De la Muerte. Bronco got the final fall for his team, German suplexing Black Warrior.

The first fall was a double pin, as Silver King powerbombed Felino and El Dandy hit a pinning combination on Negro Casas. For the second fall, Casas made El Dandy submit to a scorpion death lock. (I am enjoying watching Casas wrestle more and more after every one of his matches) The final fall had great action. Silver King hit a nice moonsault to the outside on Felino, and Dandy hit a tope on Casas. Dandy hit the floor hard on this one, headfirst. OUCH! But, the highspots were all for naught for the tecnicos, as Satanico powerbombed Lizmark, and then held onto the legs for the pin.

Match 3 – (AAA) LOS PAYASOS & SUPER MUNECO vs. TINIEBLAS JR., BLUE DEMON JR. MASCARA SAGRADA JR. & ALCAN TORADO Jr. (not sure on this last name) Super Muneco is great at playing the heel, as he gives out candy to the rudo supporters at ringside. Los Payasos come out handing out balloons to the fans, and then popping them. (Evil DOINK flashbacks, anyone?). On to the match. The first fall came when Los Payasos ganged up on Tinieblas Jr., with all of them holding him down for the first fall. Second fall went to the faces when Muneco gave a tombstone piledriver to Sagrada Jr., leading to a DQ. Sagrada Jr. did a stretcher job at this point. A Muneco DQ leads to the third fall as well, as he kicked Demon Jr. in the crotch. Muneco then has a devil-may-care attitude to it all, and soaks up the hatred from the crowd. I may actually enjoy watching a Muneco match now.

This was confusing. It was scheduled for three falls, but it appeared that the second fall was cut from the broadcast. Makes no sense to me. First fall went to Sagrada, as he turned a La Parka plancha into a back drop for the pinfall. There is no announcement of the next fall (s) starting, and Parka remained around, hitting a nice plancha on Jerry Sagrada. Konnan pinned Heavy Metal after the Splash Mountain. (not sure if this started the third fall). 3rd fall went to the technicos, as Mascara Sagrada hit a Perfect-Plex on Pierroth Jr. There were some nice chairshots in this match, including Pierroth hanging on to a chair as Sagrada catapulted him into the turnbuckle.

NWA Yardville, NJ July 20, 1996 by BRETT SCHWAN

Let’s get right into the matches:

Of course our foursome of Jim, Pat, Ron, and I cheeed for Gino. Crazy Ivan kept yelling shut your mouth, problem was everyone’s mouths were shut. Gino wins.

JACK “THE RIPPER” RIDER w/ Q. T. RIDER vs. PSYCHO TRON w/ MARY KATE (the blow up doll).
The only bright spot in this match was Q. T. in her short shorts and bikini top. Psycho pinned Rider.

An excellent match. Donnie B is hysterical. The crowd barricades in Imaginations are just ropes tied to chairs. The ropes in front of us were lying on the ground and Donnie B acted as if it were electrified. He also did a great “mime in the box” routine. Inferno Kid connected with an off the top rope splash for the pinfall.

THE match of the day. Reckless came out to our standing ovation so he climbed out of the ring to give us a group hug. Tracy came out to see Jim and I doing our square dance routine. Tracy played the ultimate heel and drew heat (thanks to us). Reckless Youth kicked out of several two counts to roll up Smothers with a 3/4 nelson pin.

Lester is huge!! He powerbombed Mantell for the pin.

BAD ATTITUDE vs. TWIGGY RAMIREZ/ADRIAN HALL w/SIR STYLE & MADONNA WAYNE GACY Bad Attitude are two huge bundyesque type guys who I feel shouldn’t have the belts. One of the Attitudes used a chain to hit Twiggy, therefore causing them to be disqualified. They were not happy so they powerbombed and elbowed MIKE THE REF.

TOMMY CAIRO/DERRICK DOMINOE w/ ANGEL vs. IAN ROTTEN/ MAD MAN PONDO Pondo was the “mystery partner” of Ian’s. The whole idea behind this match is that each team is comprised of two arch enemies. Cairo and Dominoe hate each other as do Rotten and Pondo. Unfortunately, for anyone who did not know this, it wasn’t clearly presented. When Ian and Pondo came out, we gave Ian a standing ovation. Pondo started screaming at us which angered Ian. Both teams exchanged blows for several minutes. Finally, Dominoe pinned Pondo as Ian and Tommy brawled outside the ring. Pondo and Ian held Dominoe for Cairo to hit, instead he nailed his two opponents. Cairo called for a four way match, Texas tornado rules, next month. Not a great match but certainly not the worst.

Ratchet now calls himself “the legend killer”. As the Sheik entered the ring, we started “singing” the Iranian National Anthem (in actuality, we were just babbling nonsense but he fell for it) The Iron Sheik walked over and shook all of our hands. Donnie B was once again in rare form as during the match he whispers to us, “I gotta go do a spot, I’ll be back.” He then got on the ring apron and was smashing the Sheik’s arm over his shoulder. He did this several times until the Sheik handed Donnie Rik’s arm. The end came when Donnie B came off the top rope with a watermelon. The Sheik ducked, Donnie nailed Rik, and the Sheik slapped on the Camel Clutch. Great stuff!!

Overall, it was a very enjoyable show. While most of the crowd was dead, we tried to liven things up a bit. We even got a few laughs from such greats as NEW JACK, GINO MOORE, and I think I even saw DENNIS CORALLUZZO crack a smile at our singing the Iranian anthem.

After the card we had the pleasure of speaking with Reckless Youth. Youth is a great guy who deserves to make it big some day. He really appreciates the fan support and he deserves it. We also spoke to Ian Rotten who told us it was a bad match that he just had. While it wasn’t horrible, it did have great potential.


Like Don King building up Peter McNeeley, you guys have gone way overboard in your praise of WCW. WCW is still the minor leagues.

Forget about how “shocking” the ending was for Bash at the Beach- it was a flop! It’s buy rate in the “most important PPV in wrestling history” was no better than Uncensored. You people will never be genuine reporters not even in a fixed sport because you buy into the hype of the moment.

WCW has no depth. Only on a WCW card would WWF castaways like John Tenta and Hacksaw be given prominence on a PPV. AT least if WWF puts a questionable person on a PPV, it’s usually someone young like Bob Holly or the Dumpster. It has a bunch of cruiserweights which may be fun to watch, but they generate no heat. WCW has a number of worthless, untalented wrestlers who appear regular in PPVS. They generate no heat:

1) The Taskmaster
2) Konnan
3) Lex Luger
4) John Tenta
5) Hacksaw
6) Steve McMichael

The list goes on. Watching a WCW PPV is like watching a boxing card. Of the ten matches or so, only one or two is worth watching.

This “hostile takeover” only illustrates how desperate this money-losing organization that would be bankrupt without for Turner’s unlimited bank account is. They have to resort to trashing their own federation for ratings.

It’s no wonder that when WCW went to NYC- the capital of the world, they couldn’t fill out a 2000 seat theater while WWF SOLD OUT MSG which seats 20,000 fans.

THE SUPER BOMB by Tom Robson (E-mail:
Hey folks, The Super Bomb is back! I’m sure you’re all ecstatic . . . 😉 Anyway, here is Part II of my three part analysis of which federation is the second-best in American wrestling today (with ECW being constantly number one, no matter how many God-awful Gangstas/Samoan Gangsta Party matches I have to sit through) As you may remember, WCW currently holds a 2 to 1 lead over the WWF.

Tag Teams: Do I even need to go into this? The WWF has The Smoking Gunns, The Bodydonnas, The New Rockers, The Godwinns and The Bushwhackers. WCW has Harlem Heat, The Steiners, Public Enemy, The Nasty Boys, the amazingly improved Faces of Fear, any combination of The Four Horsemen that doesn’t include Bongo and many more teams. The Gunns, Bodydonnas and Rockers are good teams, and could take any of WCW’S lower-echelon teams, but they’d get slaughtered against TPE, The Steiners and the greatest tag team in wrestling today, Booker T . . . I mean Harlem Heat. (Does Stevie Ray actually have a purpose?) Overwhelming advantage: WCW.

Pay-Per-Views: Although I really don’t like the whole concept of PPV, it has become the driving force behind wrestling today. A few weeks ago, when I first came up with the idea for the analysis, I was prepared to give the WWF the edge, and I still may, as I still am not sure as I write this. The WWF has better concepts for the major events, such as The Royal Rumble, King of the Ring and Survivor Series. However, recently they have been coming up short in every thing. The last three WWF ppvs. have been garbage. In that time, WCW has given us one that was worse than garbage and two good ones. When it comes to the year, the WWF is 3 and 4, with the good shows being The Rumble, WrestleMania and IYH 7: GFBE. WCW, conversely, is 3 and 3 (counting the Clash), with the Clash, Great American Bash and Bash at the Beach being watchable. In this case, I think I have to go with momentum, and give a very slight advantage to WCW.

So for all you mathematicians out there, that means WCW has it in the bag, currently possessing a four to one lead. But, next I’ll have the final two categories, anyway: Contenders and Front Office Decisions/Booking.

{Note: It was supposed to be my half-year awards this week, but I feel that there are other much more important issues to deal with.}

Just when you thought the WWF’S gimmicks couldn’t get any worse, they bring in . . . a PLUMBER!?! TL HOPPER, the new name given to TONY ANTHONY, has got to be one of the worst gimmicks I have ever seen besides people like REPO MAN, MVP and SKINNER.

He comes in, he wins a match and what does he do? He sticks a plunger over his opponent’s face and attempts to pull it off! In my opinion, that is just as disgusting as the mandible claw!

And who has he beaten so far? DUKE DROESE. Wow. Impressive. NOT! Hopper, if you’re as great as you think you are, you’ll have to beat a few more big names in order to prove it. Names like SHAWN MICHAELS, THE UNDERTAKER and JAKE ROBERTS spring to mind.

PRO WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED, in the 1995 PWI 500, wrote these things about Tony Anthony: ‘Still a fan favorite’ and ‘Has held Smoky Mountain heavyweight belt three times’. For a start, Hopper is a HEEL in the WWF and is hardly building up a reputation as a favorable one. And he’s not exactly proving himself as a future champion either, having lost to MARC MERO. But then again, time will tell, as they say.

FREDDY JOE FLOYD, AKA TRACY SMOTHERS, doesn’t bother me as much. Everyone likes an underdog. And to get a victory over JUSTIN BRADSHAW in his first match as impressive. But I will say this, however – in the ’95 PWI 500 it was written: ‘Arguably Smoky Mountain’s best all-around wrestler’; ‘In the prime of his career’; ‘Excellent power-driven flying elbowsmash’. I’d agree with the last statement, but not for the first two. Floyd hasn’t proved himself as a great all-around athlete so far in the WWF and he certainly doesn’t seem in the prime of his career. But it’s early days yet, and we shall see what becomes of Floyd in the future.

Don’t even ask me about ALEX ‘PUG (WASH)’ PORTEAU. He wrestles amateur style. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of amateur wrestling, but it just gets boring if EVERY move in a match is based on moves you learned in your college days. And a win over BARRY HOROWITZ is hardly going to take him to the top of the rankings.

Does anyone else see this happening? RIC FLAIR (WOOOO . . . ZZZZ . . . ) beats KONNAN at BASH AT THE BEACH to become the new US Champion. This makes him the no. 1 contender to THE GIANT’S belt, right? And what’s gonna happen? Flair wrestles Giant, beats Giant and becomes WCW Champion for the MILLIONTH time. Yawn . . .

YES! HULK HOGAN IS A HEEL! SULKAMANIACS – CRY TO YER MUTHAS! This is great – the best thing to have happened in pro wrestling in a long time. Hogan, I never thought I’d say it but I finally respect you. Nice one, mate!

The rest of my column this week will be spent in silence for a few moments to think of those who died or were injured when the bomb went off in the Centennial Park.


I want to rip the creative staffs for the WWF and WCW respectively for their GOON and LEPRECHAUN gimmicks. Both are awful gimmicks that have no chance of success. I wish that THE GIANT would have Chokeslammed the LEPRECHAUN right out of WCW. As for GOON, he will never be anything more than just a jobber in the WWF.

I guess that the vast majority of wrestling fans tuned in on NITRO for the end of the show to see if there would be any more fireworks involving the NWO and the “hostile takeover” of WCW. WCW threw out a red-herring ending this time as nothing happened. However, viewers still tuned away from RAW to see if anything would happen so WCW still got what it wanted without having to give the fans anything.

Simply put, THE GIANT is awesome!!! He is the future superstar of wrestling if there is one. He is so agile and powerful for a man of his size. He is clearly the bright spot in the future of WCW and he will be a major player in the wrestling business for many years to come. His title reign has been very dominant and I am 50/50 right now as to whether I think HOGAN is actually going to win the WCW TITLE away from THE GIANT at the HOG WILD PPV on August 10th.

I want to go on record right now and say that I think that GLACIER will be a flop. The guy in the gimmick looks like some jobber stiff and the character looks destined for failure. I look for GLACIER to win a few matches early on and then fade into the background of WCW. I do not know for sure if WCW was trying to get a major wrestling talent to be GLACIER, but the final choice looks like a total and complete stiff and the character looks like it will fall into the ranks of the YETI and LOCH NESS.

If THE UNDERTAKER were to leave the WWF, it would be a major blow to the WWF in light of the departures of SCOTT HALL and KEVIN NASH. The WWF cannot just keep on losing major superstars and expect to survive the onslaught of WCW. I do not know how strong the rumor is that he may be leaving the WWF, but MCMAHON had better do what it takes to appease THE UNDERTAKER, otherwise MARK CALLOUS may return on NITRO after SUMMERSLAM.

RON SIMMONS is back in the WWF and is a good acquisition. He needs to get some ringwork in and get back into better ring shape. Doing some arena shows for a month will whip SIMMONS back into better shape. You can count on a SIMMONS-JOHNSON feud for the IC TITLE after SUMMERSLAM. I wonder who will be the next singles wrestler to enter SUNNY’S stable???

CRUSH is also back in the WWF and it will be interesting to see what kind of role he will have in CAMP CORNETTE. You could see CRUSH take the BRITISH BULLDOG’S place in CAMP CORNETTE and you could see DAVEY BOY turn face once again and feud against CAMP CORNETTE. You may also see CRUSH and either DAVEY BOY or OWEN HART form a team and challenge for the Tag Titles. It will also be interesting to see what kind of manager CLARENCE MASON will be for CRUSH.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that BRIAN PILLMAN will have very little impact in the WWF. What makes PILLMAN great is his loose cannon image and I feel that MCMAHON is going to try to tone down PILLMAN’S loose cannon gimmick and PILLMAN will not be the same as he was in WCW and ECW. PILLMAN’S popularity does not stem from his accomplishments in the ring and I do not see where PILLMAN is going to get a push in the WWF anywhere with wrestlers like STEVE AUSTIN and MARC MERO awaiting their pushes.

What is going to be PILLMAN’S role in the WWF??? I have heard rumors that he is going to do an interview segment, but I hope that the WWF plans on using PILLMAN more than just doing an interview spot on RAW or SUPERSTARS. PILLMAN joins an already-overcrowded list of WWF wrestlers that need to get more of a push.

Switching to ECW, I wonder if there has ever been a wrestling valet that has taken as much physical punishment as FRANCINE??? She has suffered Total Elimination from THE ELIMINATORS on several occasions, suffered numerous Superkicks from STEVIE RICHARDS, taken some vicious Clotheslines from her own former wrestlers – THE PIT BULLS, and took a vicious Superbomb from PIT BULL 2 after she turned on him at the last ECW Show and went with the new ECW TV CHAMPION SHANE DOUGLAS.

Please feel free to send me any comments at my Prodigy address at UFLL26A@PRODIGY.COM

E-Mail: Onyx124@AOL.COM

Hi folks. It’s Friday as I write this, and I’m soooooo glad. Getting up early in the mornings to go to a job just for experience sake can get tiresome.

I’ve got to do a bit of venting this week. I’m getting really annoyed with Jerry Lawler. Yeah, I know no one should take wrestling too seriously, but his constant tirades on Jake Roberts are starting to grate on my nerves.

I had the privilege of hearing Jake’s testimony a couple of years ago at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting. It was touching. I’ve had a great deal of respect for him as a person since then since I am also a Christian. Yes, I’ve belittled his return in the past because he’s not in the greatest of shape. But, I’ve always admired his courage, and I’ve grown to admire it more since he’s shared the same story on TV that I’d already heard. I don’t care what your religion is, it takes a lot of courage to pour your guts out on TV.

Enter Jerry Lawler. He’s constantly made smart remark after smart remark about his past. He’s made sure Jake didn’t forget he used to be an alcoholic. Yes, I know Lawler’s gimmick is to be obnoxious and annoying. But, his CONSTANT berating of Jake along with his less than sparkling past makes him an utter hypocrite.

Jerry Lawler has had his own share of alcohol problems. He’s probably been to the same depths Jake once was. Also, need we forget Mr. Lawler’s past problems with 13-yr. old girls? It may’ve been unproved, but there was still the allegation.

Basically, what I am saying is that while Jake had problems in his past, so did Jerry. Jake has been man enough to admit his, and has tried to keep others from making those mistakes. Jerry Lawler doesn’t have that kind of courage. Lawler should remember that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Casual Reminder that ALL e-mail about the Ring Report goes to I will not find it at any of my MADDOGJMF accounts. Want to subscribe/unsubscribe/change — whatever — do it at

For the past few weeks WCW has turned around the big mo and tonight they did something that I just take my hat off to. Tonight’s attack by “the Outsiders” did something to me that no wrestling federation could do since the big ECW 3 way kiss — it made my jaw drop.

Watching it live my hat goes off to them. Everything — from Jimmy Hart coming to the ring screaming for help to Ric Flair and Sting leaving in the same ambulance — was the most shocking minutes of TV I’ve seen in quite a long time.

Woman and Chris Benoit in tears as Anderson lies on the ground in need of medical attention. Face and Heel together in the wake of this attack wondering with all of us what the heck just went on. Brilliant.

Folks, the stakes were raised about ten notches on Monday night.

When the competition threw up pre-taped matches and consistently decided that it was not worth the money to go live each week they opened up themselves to this sort of major incident. A pre-taped cookie cutter event is NOT going to get ratings when the other guys go live and put on something like this.

I see the WWF much like the “WCW Wrestlers” lately. They’re getting clobbered and pounded by “outsiders” to such high ratings. Attacks on the ratings happen and they stand around putting out the same old product like nothing had happened. Without an answer they’re going to get trounced. The war will be over and they will have basically blown themselves up instead of firing even a single shot back.

Results in the Ring Report area . . .


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