The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #6, June 30, 1997

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #6, June 30, 1997
(“Headaches and more!”)
WHAT YOU MISSED: an interview with RIC FLAIR. RODDY PIPER’S music plays and two women bring out a dummy that is dressed like Roddy Piper. One of the women asks why they call Piper “Hot Rod” since he isn’t “hot.”  Flair says that Piper crossed the line last week in telling him how to wrestle a match.  He says that while Piper may be a Hollywood “ICON” he’s not a wrestling “ICON.” Flair has a moment of silence for Piper . . . it’s announced that CHRIS JERICHO won the WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE this weekend . . . CHRIS JERICHO defeated JUVENTUD GUERRERA in his first TV defense of the Cruiserwight title . . . GENE OKERLUND congradulated Jericho in the interview after the match. SYXX came down and they end up brawling after Syxx claims to still hold the Cruiserweight title . . . back in the ring and security is trying to pull Jericho and Syxx apart.  ALEX WRIGHT comes down and says it’s about time he got interview time.  He says that WCW held him down. He claims he hasn’t been able to get ahead in the WCW since he’s from Germany and they cut back to TONY
SCHIAVANE . . . DEAN MALENKO vs. EDDY GUERRERO: Guerrero attacks  Malenko from behind as he comes out from the dressing room.  CHAVO GUERRERO JR. comes to the ring apron, Malenko sees him and Eddy attacks Malenko from behind, knocking Malenko into Chavo Jr.  From there it’s a frog splash into a pinfall victory for Guerrero . . . an interview with REY MISTERIO JR.  He says he’s tired of being harassed by KEVIN NASH. He challenges Nash to a match tonight.  Nash comes out and says they’ll go at it tonight. Rey says he’s not afraid and he’ll agree to the match . . . ERIC BISCHOFF comes out on a motercycle. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN comes out.  They say there’s a special party going on tonight and he’s going to let the NWO have a lot of fun with LEX LUGER, THE GIANT & DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE . . . HECTOR GARZA vs. STEVEN REGAL — WCW WORLD TV TITLE MATCH: it was announced that Hogan, Savage & Scott Hall would meet DDP, Luger & the Giant later tonight. Regal wins this match via tap out to the Regal Stretch . . . a replay of the Hulk Hogan/DENNIS RODMAN music video . . . an interview with THE STEINER BROTHERS. They say they’re owed a title shot. SCOTT HALL & KEVIN NASH come out with the entire NWO. They come out with a contract.  They sign the contract without reading it and it turns out to be a match with MASA CHONO & THE GREAT MUTA before they can get a title shot with THE OUTSIDERS . . . SUPER CALO vs. PSYCHOSIS: SUNNY ONNO interferes to get his man the win. LA PARKA comes out and attacks Psychosis with a chair. JUVENTUD GUERRERA makes the save . . . they start the second hour and their pyrotechnics catch the red entrance carpet on fire . . . BUFF BAGWELL, MASA CHONO & SCOTT NORTON vs. RIC FLAIR, MONGO & CHRIS BENOIT: VINCENT comes in and gets his partners DQ’d. Mongo nails him with the briefcase and the NWO run off . . . a video for KEVIN SULLIVAN . . . WRATH & MORTIS vs. HIGH VOLTAGE. ERNEST MILLER & GLACIER interfere and the win goes to High Voltage . . . a white limo pulls up and the door closes before the camera man can look inside . . . back from commercial and RAVEN is seated at ringside.  MIKE TENEY says he doesn’t work for WCW . . . KONNAN vs. JEFF JARRETT — WCW U.S. TITLE: Ric Flair comes out and helps Jarrett make Konnan tap out to the figure four.  The rest of the Horsemen come out and Jarrett struts with Flair.  Jarrett says there’s no trouble in the Horsemen. He says he’s beat ARN ANDERSON, Chris Benoit & Mongo.  He says he and Flair have always seen eye to eye and he’s a Horseman because Flair says so. Flair says that Jarrett is a fine athelete but as of right now he’s no longer a Horseman. MRS. MONGO says she’s the queen and Jarrett isn’t welcome in the Horsemen. Jarrett says that Flair is professionally jelious of him.  He says that Flair can’t tell him what to do and he says that he will take Flair and put him out to pasture before walking off. Flair says don’t over stay your welcome and the Horsemen diss Jarrett . . . KEVIN NASH vs. REY MISTERIO JR.: Nash puts Misterio out with the Nashknife. He does it again then he attacks the ref. KONNAN comes out to watch. Another Nashknife.  Konnan stands over Misterio and Nash leaves.  Konnan picks up Misterio and puts on a leg hold and hurt Misterio before walking off . . . back from commercial and Misterio is wheeled out on a stretcher . . . Mike Teney interviews RAVEN: Raven refuses to answer questions and shoves Teney off . . . RANDY SAVAGE & THE OUTSIDERS vs. THE GIANT, DDP & LEX LUGER: Kevin Nash comes out wearing a toupe. Total brawl. The Giant goes after the Outsiders but they back body drop him over the top rope. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN comes out. DDP hit Savage with the Diamond Cutter.  He goes for it again when Nash gets him.  Hall & Hogan put out the Giant and Luger. MASA CHONO & SCOTT NORTON come out.  It’s 4 on the Giant & Luger.  DDP down in the ring and it’s Savage & the Outsiders attacking him.  STING arrives in the crowd.  But then STING arrives from the rafters.  Sting clears everyone out. CURT HENNIG comes out. RAVEN comes towards the ring and we fade out . .

RAW WHAT YOU MISSED: an abnormal amout of signs start out the show . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY: very slow match. Both guys don’t seem up to working tonight.  CHYNA gets involved and slams Shamrock into the ring steps.  MANKIND comes down to the ring. While Helmsley looks at Mankind, Shamrock belly to belly suplexes him from behind and gets the pin . . . a look at the DOA vs. the NOD followed by an interview with AHMED JOHNSON, he says that THE UNDERTAKER will be REALLY dead when he comes back from his injury . . . MICHAEL COLE interviews THE LEGION OF DOOM . . . SUNNY with a casket filled with $1 Million . . . THE NATION OF DOMINATION come out, it’s FAROOQ & DLO BROWN vs. THE LEGION OF DOOM: THE GODWINNS interfere behind the ref.’s back to get the win for the NOD . . . an interview with the NOD, SAVIO VEGA comes out and says he Quit the Nation. MIGEL PEREZ JR. & TWO other guys come out and beat up the NOD. The DOA come down on Harleys. Turns into a 3 way battle and a bunch of police officers come out and we go to commercial . . . an interview with SAVIO VEGA and his group “THE PEURTO RICIANS” . . . BRIAN LEE vs. SCOTT PUTSKI: JERRY LAWLER comes to ringside, Christopher attacks Putski from behind and gets the win.  It becomes a 2 on one on Putski. Lawler on the microphone, then Christopher on the microphone and they tell Polish jokes as Putski is taken out . . . THE UNDERTAKER says that PAUL BEARER will give a slanted version of the worst night of his life . . . BRIAN PILLMAN vs. MANKIND: Mankind comes out with a “Pick Me” sign and a present. The present is for JIM ROSS, it’s a mold of his hand. Brian Pillman attacks him before the bell. CHYNA & HHH come out to watch. Pllman attacks Mankind with a ring bell. The ref. stops Pillman from stabbing Mankind with a pencil. Mankind crotches Pillman on the ring post. Mankind goes for the finger of doom and HHH hits him.  Pillman gets Mankind outside and HHH goes for a chair shot and misses Pillman.  Mankind chases off HHH & Chyna and gets counted out . . .

WAR ZONE WHAT YOU MISSED: PAUL BEARER comes. Some lady fan attacked Paul Bearer’s leg and had to be escorted out.  VINCE MCMAHON says that THE UNDERTAKER is here tonight. Bearer says we’re going back 20 years to a funeral home run by a family with two little sons. Bearer says that the Undertaker’s father was his teacher and the father who owned this funeral home.  He said that the red headed little kid was the Devil’s seed and his little brother named KANE. He said that the little kids smoked ciggeretes behind the funeral home with embalming fluid.  Then one day the red head devil seed came out of the house and when Bearer returned from going to school he saw fire trucks, ambulances and everything at the house.  Someone had burned down the funeral home with the lovely family in it.  He looked in the bushes and he saw the red headed child who would be the Undertaker hiding there.  He says the Undertaker killed his family. The lights flash and we go to commercial . . . VADER with Paul Bearer in the dressing room . . . SABLE w/MARC MERRO by the coffin filled with money . . . THE HEADBANGERS vs. OWEN HART & DAVEY BOY SMITH — WWF WORLD TAG TITLE SHOT TOURNAMENT: Owen & Bulldog get the win . . . JIM CORNETTE on the microphone, he introduces two huge fat guys who come down and attack The Headbangers & Bulldog & Owen . . . THE UNDERTAKER back and he says that he and KANE were playing with matches, that his father caught them and he punished them.  His father sent him on his way to do his chores and when he left he saw Kane with the liquids in his hand and leaving the funeral parlor. The Undertaker didn’t do anything about it and he went about his chores.  When he returned to the home he heard the sirens and saw the smoke filling the sky and he knew what had happened and he ran to see what happened.  He ran to the house but the fire fighters grabbed him and wouldn’t let him go in to save his family. They died but he didn’t go to the funeral because two nights before the funeral Bearer drug him to the neighboring funeral home and showed him his family — and the  image  of his mother on the embalming table is stuck in his mind forever.  Undertaker says that he draws power from the spirits of his family and the spirits will help him strike Bearer down . . . ROCKABILLIE vs. VADER: Undertaker comes out and attacks Vader. Undertaker attacks Bearer and says that Bearer has to say the truth. Bearer says that KANE told him the story and that the Undertaker’s brother is still alive . . . JIM NIEDHART vs. STEVE AUSTIN: Niedhart attacks Austin before the bell. “Eh” match until they go to commercial as something is happening in the locker room. Back from commercial and we see BRET HART attacking Ken Shamrock in the locker room. Bret Hart attacks Austin, MANKIND makes the save . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at the NOD vs. the DOA from RAW . . . they announced AHMED JOHNSON had to have surgery on his knee and is OUT of the WWF IYH PPV, he will be replaced by VADER in the WWF WORLD TITLE match vs. THE UNDERTAKER . . . DOA vs. THE HEADBANGERS: it’s CRUSH & BRIAN LEE this time out. Lee & Crush win . . . a replay of THE GODWINNS vs. the LOD on RAW . . . a plug for a “secret meeting” between BRIAN PILLMAN & SUNNY . . . a replay of a recent MANKIND interview . . . a look at OWEN HART vs. GOLDDUST vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY from RAW . . . GOLDDUST vs. OWEN HART: Owen Hart gets the win . . . a replay of a BRET HART getting into it with THOMAS “HITMAN” HEARNS . . . a look at a recent UNDERTAKER & VADER vs. NOD match from RAW . . . a look at BRIAN PILLMAN attacking a fan on WWF SHOTGUN SATURDAY NIGHT and sticking a pencil in his face then hitting him with a chair. He then bit, slapped and choked the fan.  This was followed by an announcement that Pillman will be “delt with severely” . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: BOBBY EATON vs. STEVEN REGAL: not much of a match between these former tag team partners. JOEY MAGGS watches this match. Regal wins by sumbission . . . KONNAN over JIM CHEEKS . . . RENEGADE fell to MENG . . . THE ARMSTRONGS fell to MORTIS & WRAITH, GLACIER & ERNEST MILLER made the save . . . JEFF JARRETT over SCOTTIE RIGGS in a U.S. title match . . . an interview with JEFF JARRETT ended this one hour show . . .

ECW Orgy of Violence 6/28/97 by Brett Schwan
ECW returned to the ECW Arena on 6/28. Without Terry Funk on the card, how would this show possibly compare to their last one in this building?

The show opened with Lance Storm, returning to action, to face The FBI’s Tracy Smothers. Tracy was, as usual, accompanied by Little Guido and “The Big Don” Tommy Rich. Tracy took the early control, hitting Lance with the jawjacker for a two count. Lance then climbed to the top rope and nailed Tracy with a flying single leg dropkick. He returned to the top, only to fly out of the ring, onto Guido and Rich. The end came when Lance nailed Tracy with a springboard elbow for the three count.

The next match saw PG-13 take on Mikey Whipwreck and Spike Dudley. Prior to the match, Wolfie D did his rap followed by JC Ice telling the crowd that the south would rise again. This was a fast paced, high flying match with all 4 men doing some great spots. At one point, all four men were brawling on the floor. Spike and PG-13 got back in the ring but Mikey was pulled under the ring by somebody. PG-13 gets the pin on Spike. A bloody Mikey escapes form under the ring only to be followed by Jason Knight. Jason leaves with PG-13.

The next bout was for the Television Title as Kronos took on Taz. Both men shook hands. Taz took quick control with a double underarm suplex. Kronos then countered with a powerbomb. This was followed by some nice mat wrestling. Taz and Kronos then spilled to the floor where they threw each other into the guardrails. Kronos got back in the ring and whipped Taz into the turnbuckle. As Kronos went for his springboard elbow, Taz hooked him in the Tazmission for the victory in 7:32.

The next match saw Dr. Tom Pritchard face Chris Candido. Pritchard got in the ring first and grabbed the mic. He reviewed his career telling everyone how he made a name for himself as “Tom Pritchard”. Then he goes to the WWF as Tom Pritchard and gets nothing but as soon as they change his name to Zip, he gets the WWF tag team titles. Tom then goes on to berate Candido’s girlfriend, Sunny, knowing that she is in Anaheim, CA with the WWF card. Candido finally makes his way to the ring. Chris gets the mic and starts yelling at Pritchard who then slaps him in the face. Pritchard takes advantage with a fall away powerbomb. Chris and Tom went to the floor where Chris was tossed into the front row. Tom pulled him back over and went for a chair shot but Chris blocked it. Pritchard and Candido got back in the ring where Chris got powerbombed. Pritchard followed this with a moonsault for a 2 count. FrankenCandido off the top rope by Chris followed by a superplex from Tom. Tom returned to the top rope only to have Chris catch him and nail him with the superbomb for the pin. After the match, Chris said, “Tommy, Tommy, Hey Doc. Forget about Tammy, forget about Bruce. Six years ago you took me and taught me everything I know. Tonight, I gave it all back to you. But tonight everybody forgot about f’n Zip. Dr. Tom Pritchard is back with us.”

Joey Styles then entered the ring to open the tv show for the week. He introduced his broadcast partner, Ravishing Rick Rude. The two men exchanged comments on whether or not it was “Orgy of Violence” or “Orgy with Violins”. Rude then took some shots at Jerry Lawler before both men left the ring.

Next up was Bam Bam Bigelow against Pitbull 2. Pitbull bled after the first few shots thrown. Bigelow with a powerbomb. As soon as Pitbull regained control, Francine hopped up on the ring apron. Shane Douglas soon followed. He was followed by Pitbull 1. Pitbull 2 went for a powerslam on Bigelow but got tripped by Candido. Bigelow tuned it into a bulldog for the win in 8:45.

The next bout saw the Dudleys defend their Tag Team Titles against the Gangstas. The Dudleys were accompanied by Big Dick, Sigh Guy, and Joel Gertner. After a very lengthy introduction by Joel Gertner, the Gangstas ran in the front door with a crutch and a piece of metal fencing. The brawl soon left the ring and went all over the building. DVon and New Jack battled back to the stage where New Jack flew off the top stage, over the bottom one, nailing DVon with a chair. Back in the ring, Moustapha was giving Buh Buh a series of arm drags. The brawl continued and when New Jack and DVon returned to the ring, both men had crimson masks. DVon is laid out on a table but rolled off before New Jack hits him. Moustapha is thrown from the ring and The Dudleys nail New Jack with the Dudley Death Drop for the pinfall.

Balls Mahoney then faced Louie Spicoli. Spicoli, still dressing identical to Dreamer, attacked Balls from behind. Both men immediately went over the guard rail and out the side door. They returned via the front door and came back down the aisle toward the ring. They then went back over the guard rail and headed toward the stage in the back. Again, they returned to the ring, this time through the bleachers. Spicoli went for the Death Valley Driver, Balls reversed it going for his own. Louie reversed it again and missed. Balls with a chair shot for the pin. After the match, Louie removed his pants and shirt to cover his face.

The final match of the evening was a tag team match featuring Sandman and Tommy Dreamer (with Beulah) against Sabu and Rob Van Dam (with Bill Alfonso). Sandman and Dreamer both chugged their third beer upon entering the ring. They then spit the beer in the faces of their opponents. Then, as Sandman and Tommy held Alfonso, Beulah took some beer and spit it in Alfonso’s face. Sabu and Van Dam double teamed Dreamer and Sandman. Sandman and Dreamer then returned the favor doing the exact same moves back at Sabu and Rob. Dreamer and Van Dam fell into the crowd. In the ring, the ref was accidentally knocked down. As Sandman went for a pin, Tod Gordon ran out to make the count. Alfonso stopped Tod. Van Dam took out Tod with a chair. Sabu then legdropped Tod through the ringside table. All four men were brawling in the ring when the lights went out. When they came back on, Lawler was in the ring. Somewhere in the melee, someone was pinned and Sabu and Rob got the victory. The lights went out again and when they went back on, Jim Cornette was in the ring, swinging his tennis racket. The locker room emptied and wrestlers such as Blue Meanie, Lance Storm, Super Nova, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, Little Guido, and Mikey Whipwreck all attempted to get in the ring. All of these men were attacked by either Sabu, Rob, Jim, Jerry, or Bill. Finally, after several minutes of watching the ECW guys get attacked, Taz entered the ring. The “Raw” crew fled and Taz challenged them. No one answered Taz’s challenge. Taz then said how he didn’t like any of the guys in the ring but at least they were a part of “Team Extreme”. Taz then saw a fan in the audience wearing a Raw is War shirt. He told the fan (Jim Rittenhouse) to remove the shirt. He then said, “If you don’t I won’t make you, all of these people will”. Taz continued to verbally assault the man until he finally removed his shirt and threw it into the ring. Taz then laid the shirt on a chair and burned it in the center of the ring. Joey Styles ran down giving the fan an Team Taz T-shirt to replace the shirt he lost. Taz left the ring and shook the fan’s hand before leaving the ring.

Side comments: The card ran about three hours with no intermission. It was well paced and none of the fans seemed to “tire out” like they used to during the marathon 4 – 5 hour cards that were once held here. It looked like a near sell-out (if not actual sell-out) crowd. Buh Buh Ray continues to harass and threaten fans at ringside that dislike his character. At one point he even told a fan, “If you stand up I swear on my life I will smack you”. Is this the kind of behavior ECW tolerates from it’s workers? In my opinion, PG-13 are the most underrated tag team. Their match and stand up routine were a highlight. Considering there was no Terry Funk or Shane Douglas match, this was a great card. ECW returns to the Arena on July 19. Match of the evening (in my opinion) Chris Candido vs. Dr. Tom Prtitchard.

ECW 6/26/97 by MADDOGJMF
WHAT YOU MISSED: The show opened with THE DUDLEYS in the ring and THE ELIMINATORS coming out.  JOEY STYLES says that the belts will be defended by JOHN KRONUS since PERRY SATURN just had surgery.  JOEL GERTNER tries to make an announcement and Saturn clocks BIG DICK DUDLEY with a crutch . . . back in the ring after a commercial and officials and refs. are holding the Eliminators back.  Commissioner TOD GORDON is in the ring.  Tod reads over a document that Gertner has, it’s a restraining order that states that Saturn has been stalking the Dudleys and that he can’t come near them.  Tod asks Saturn to leave for Team Extreme since they’ll have to shut down the show if he doesn’t leave. Saturn agrees and leaves.  Match starts and it’s a 2 on one on Kronus.  2 on 1 goes outside the ring and becomes a 3 on 1 with Big Dick Dudley getting involved.  Kronus fights as best he can. A bloodied Kronus comes back to get the match back in the ring and delivers his range of high flying moves including the 450 splash on DVON DUDLEY.  The Dudleys back themselves in a corner and Kronus takes on Big Dick Dudley, he blocks a chokeslam and throws dick into the corner for the Hurricane Kronus but misses it. Dudleys double team him from there and get the quick victory after that to become the ECW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS . . . BAM BAM BIGELOW, SHANE DOUGLAS & CHRIS CANDIDO vs. BALLS MAHONEY & THE PITBULLS: pretty good match between these unusual team. RICK RUDE comes out and kisses FRANCINE. She passes out.  IN the end it turns into a 6 man brawl in and out of the ring. PITBULL #1 left in the ring with SHANE DOUGLAS. Candido breaks up a pin attempt but Mahoney gets rid of him.  In the ring Bam Bam comes in with a chair and lays out Pit #1.  Bam Bam goes for a moonsault but Pit #1 knocked him off the top rope and goes for a pin.  Douglas hits Pit #1 with a chain and the win goes to THE TRIPLE THREAT . . . words from JERRY LAWLER . . . a look back a Jerry Lawler invading the ECW, TOMMY DREAMER invading the USWA, and ECW appearing on Monday Night RAW . . . TOMMY DREAMER vs. LOUIE SPICOLLI — “I QUIT” — while we were watching the flashback SABU & ROB VAN DAM laid out Dreamer.  Spicolli attacks Dreamer then brutalizes him with everything he can find. Dreamer comes back, BEULAH throws him a pair of pliers and he uses the pliers to squeeze the manhood out of Spicolli — who promptly quits . . . Sat. Dish switches stations as JOEY STYLES & Rude are closing out . . .

WWF House Show on Long Island 6/21/97 by ECWfanatic
Results From The WWF’s June 21st House Show at The Nassau Colisseum

Aldo Montoya vs Scott Taylor:
Despite the fact that these two guys are not very well regarded WWF Wrestlers, they put on a pretty decent match.  The Highlight of the match had to be Aldo Montoya hitting a top rope Hurracanrana on Taylor.  In the end it was Scott Taylor rolling Aldo Montoya up off the ropes for the victory. Winner: Scott Taylor via Pinfall

Rockabilly vs Flash Funk:
This was a very entertaining match between two very good wrestlers, who are both the products of VERY BAD gimmicks.  The match went back and forth for quite a while until Rockabilly caught Flash Funk with a swinging DDT and got the 3 count.  At the end of the match you could have called Flash Funk “Out Cold Scorpio” instead of 2 Cold Scorpio, because it took him about a full minute to get up after he was pinned. Winner: Rockabilly via Pinfall

Jesse James vs Brian Pillman w/Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart:
Jesse James got a few shots in, but Pillman really dominated the whole match.  Pillman viciously beat Jesse James for a while, and then finished him off with a neckbreaker. Winner: Brian Pillman via Pinfall

Kama and Faarooq w/Ahmed Johnson vs The Head Bangers:
Before the match, Ahmed got on the microphone and said he didn’t have to explain anything to anybody, and that he didn’t sell anyone out, he just joined The Nation because he feels the WWF is treating him very unfairly.  The Headbangers then got on the microphone and asked Ahmed how he could turn his back on the fans who have always been there for him… Then Kama and Faarooq jumped The Headbangers and the match began.  (Note: Ahmed was still high fiving a lot of the crowd and at one point saw a sign that a fan had that he really liked.  He smiled and asked the fan if he could bring it to the ring to show Faarooq.  The fan agreed and as Faarooq stood in the corner, Ahmed handed him the sign.  Faarooq read the sign, then looked at Ahmed, and they both smiled)  This was an up and down match but Ahmed Johnson’s Inteference (He press slammed Thrasher onto the steel guard rail throat first and then tossed him back into the ring to Kama) led to Kama nailing Thrasher with a suplex-tigerbomb and a Nation Of Domination Victory. Winners: Faarooq and Kama via pinfall (Kama pinned Thrasher)

The Road Warriors (LOD) vs The Godwins:
Before the match Phinneas got on the microphone and told all the fans to shut their stinking mouths (I guess The Godwins are full fledged heels now).  The battle in this one went back and forth until Animal got Henry up on his shoulders for the Doomsday Device.  When that happened Phinneas ran in and clipped the knee of Animal saving Henry, but then Hawk came off the top and nailed Phinneas with a Top Rope Clothesline.  All four men were in the ring and the ref who believed this match to be out of control called for a double DQ.  Then The Hart Foundation came out to attack The LOD but were greeted by Two Chair swinging Road Warriors.  After the Hart Foundation retreated, the Godwins and Road Warriors battled in the aisle way and Hawk ended up tossing Henry over the guard rail and leaving him lyting there down as he walked out. Winners: Double Dis-Qualification

Goldust vs Vader:
Before the match Vader got on the microphone and said that Goldust was the worst wrestler he’d ever seen and that he was going to embarrass his sorry a$$ in front of the whole crowd (He also said “IT’S VADER TIME!).  Then in the middle of the match after Goldust felt up Vader’s a$$ and drop kicked him to the floor, Goldust got on the microphone and said that Vader had by far the Plumpest, Fattest a$$ he’d ever seen, and told him to get back in the ring so he could kick it some more.  Vader got back in the ring and the match went along smoothly until The Hart Foundation came out.  Goldust then stopped and got into a stare down with The Hart Foundation.  As he was staring them down, Vader rolled him up for a 3 count. Winner: Vader via Pinfall

Mankind vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/Chyna:
Before the match, Mankind got on the microphone and said that he grew up very close by and that Mommy’s Little Boy was finally home.  He then said that Hunter looked very handsome with that crown on his head, but that he and everyone else in the Arena could probably think of a better place to stick it.  This match was by far the match of the night.  Manking through Helmsley over the guard rail twice and  beat on him in the crowd and also ha a few chair battles with Helmsley on the floor.  Mankind had the Mandible claw on Helmsley but Chyna broke it up without the ref seeing it.  Helmsley shoved the ref a few times and then the ref shoved Helmsley to the floor and almost got into a fist fight with him (Funny Stuff).  Later Mankind got the Mandible Claw on Helmsley again and Chyna broke it up but this time the ref saw it and Disqualified Helmsley.  Then the highlight of the night came.  Chyna through the ref down to the floort and shoved Mankind a few times.  Then she swung at him, he ducked and put the Mandible Claw on Chyna. After about 30 seconds, Helmsley came to, swung at Mankind, Mankind ducked and then put The Mandible Claw on Helmsley again.  Mankind then walked out of the ring leaving Chyna sitting there spiiting out Mucous and Helmsley lying on the mat out cold.  Mankind then slapped a bunch of kids high five and then gave a big BANG BANG to the crowd and walked out  (Note: Manking got BY FAR the most cheers of the night) Winner: Mankind via Dis-Qualification

Bulldog & Owen Hart w/Pillman & Anvil vs Undertaker & Shamrock
w/Bearer: Before The Match The Undertaker threw his Ring Attire on Paul Bearer’s head (Funny Stuff). The Match went back and forth as Shamrock showed he has added some new and devistating Moves to his arsenal and Owen and Bulldog showed why they are one of the best tag teams in the business.  In the end it was The Undertaker reversing The Bulldog’s running powerslam into a tombstone and getting the pin on The Bulldog.  Winners:  Undertaker & Ken Shamrock via Pinfall (Undertaker pinned The Bulldog)

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