The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #12, Aug 26, 1997

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #12, Aug 26, 1997
(“Back with a vengeance!”)
WHAT YOU MISSED: a look back at STING’S appearance at the CLASH OF CHAMPIONS . . . GENE OKERLUND is in the ring and he goes over what JJ DILLION has offered STING. He brings out NWO Eric. He says HOLLYWOOD HOGAN will never defend his WCW WORLD TITLE to sting. STING comes out of the locker room. He holds up a Hollywood Hogan shirt. He puts it on NWO Eric. Eric is groveling on his knees. Sting takes the shirt and stuffs it in Eric’s mouth. Sting smiles and we go to commercial . . . more ravings from RAVEN . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . LA PARKA & PSYCHOSIS vs. GLACIER & ERNEST MILLER: Chair shot by La Parka takes out Glacier for a pin by Psychosis. ULTIMO DRAGON comes out, SILVER KING attacks him, he takes out Silver King then gets quadruple teamed by the trio & SONNY ONNO. Glacier & Ernest Miller make the save . . . SILVER KING vs. ULTIMO DRAGON: Ultimo can’t stand and they start the match. Ultimo comes back and gets the win with the Dragon Sleeper . . . RANDY SAVAGE & SCOTT HALL welcome DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE to the NWO. Page doesn’t come out. Savage says he’s calling out LEX LUGER and that he’ll punk him out . . . GENE OKERLUND brings out DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE. He says his attack on LEX LUGER at the Clash was an accident. He asks Luger to come out so they can settle things and shake hands . . . JEFF JARRETT vs. CHRIS BENOIT: Jarrett gets the upset win . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . MORTIS & WRATH vs. THE FACES OF FEAR: MENG made MORTIS submit and brawled with WRATH after the match . . . THE FOUR HORSEMEN come out and RIC FLAIR says he needs an answer from CURT HENNIG tonight. Hennig says¬† he’s not ready to commit tonight. Flair brings out ARN ANDERSON. Arn says he’s had set backs and will probably never wrestle again. He wants to turn the reigns over to Curt Hennig. Hennig says it would be an honor to do so and we have Four Horsemen again . . . MONGO vs. EDDY GUERRERO — WCW U.S. TITLE MATCH: Piledriver win for Mongo . . . REY MISTERIO JR. comes out for an interview. He says his knee is real bad. K-DOG comes out. He gets in Rey’s face and THE GIANT comes out. The Giant and Rey shake hands and the Giant helps him back to the dressing room . . . NWO ERIC comes out. He waves to BOBBY HEENAN. Heenan leaves, Mike Teney leaves, TONY SCHIAVANE is forced to stay. Eric says he has a contractual right to be there . . . YUJI NAGATA vs. CHRIS JERICHO — WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: submission win for Jericho . . . HARLEM HEAT comes out for an interview. THE STEINERS & TED DIBIASE come out. BUFF BAGWELL & SCOTT NORTON come out. The Steiners & Heat attack them and we go to commercial . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . ALEX WRIGHT vs. DEAN MALENKO — WCW WORLD TV TITLE: JEFF JARRETT & EDDY GUERRERO attack Malenko. Jarrett puts the figure four on Malenko and Eddy frog splashes him. Wright helps kick him . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . RANDY SAVAGE vs. LEX LUGER: SCOTT HALL provides “medical help” and gets hurt. But Luger is dazed and accidently puts DALLAS PAGE in the TORTURE WRACK . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at THE PATRIOT and VADER vs. THE PATRIOT from WWF MONDAY NIGHT RAW . . . a look at BRET HART dissing VADER from SHOTGUN SATURDAY NIGHT and Hart challenging Vader to a match on FRIDAY NIGHT MAIN EVENT . . . a look at the comments from the NOD for RAW . . . FLASH FUNK vs. ROCKY MIAVIA: Rocky gets another push at Funk’s expense = win for Rocky . . . a wonderful look back at BRIAN PILLMAN’S cross dressing experiment . . . a replay of the interview from RICK RUDE on RAW . . . a look at STEVE AUSTIN’S injury and more comments from Austin. TODD PETTINGILL says that Austin’s doctor says that Austin can’t wrestle and WWF Officials will be protecting Austin from himself . . . a look at SHAWN MICHAELS & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY vs. MANKIND & THE UNDERTAKER from RAW . . . STAR TRAKS took us out . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at the end of the Clash . . . ALEX WRIGHT over MARK STARR . . . an interview with EDDY GUERRERO . . . HUGH MORRIS over RICH FULLER . . . an interview with HARLEM HEAT . . . HIGH VOLTAGE cheated to beat PUBLIC ENEMY . . . an interview with BRAD ARMSTRONG. He says that he’s sick and tired of being sick and tired and that he’s not going to be nice any more . . . BRAD ARMSTRONG vs. PRINCE IUKEA: Armstrong wins . . . LA PARKA, DAMIAN 666 & PSYCHOSIS vs. JUVENTUD GUERRERA, EL CYCLOPE & SUPER CALO: SUNNY ONNO gets involved and Psychosis’ team wins . . . DEAN MALENKO vs. EDDY GUERRERO: Malenko gets the win but JEFF JARRETT comes out and gets Malenko in a figure four while Guerrero comes off the top rope with a frog splash . . . a look at LARRY ZYBSZKO & THE GIANT double teaming NWO ERIC on WCW NITRO . . . THE FACES OF FEAR vs. WRATH & MORTIS: Wrath pins THE BARBARIAN . . . a look at THE ULTIMO DRAGON . . . HECTOR GUERRERO fell to CHRIS BENOIT . . . RENEGADE vs. LENNY LANE: Umm. Okay. I missed the end of the match as I was sleeping . . . HARLEM HEAT vs. SYXX & K-DOG: Harlem Heat wins by DQ when VINCENT interferes . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: TOMMY DREAMER vs. ROB VAN DAM: SABU throws a trash can in the ring and Van Dam uses it to do a VAN DAMINATOR on Dreamer for the win. THE TRIPLE THREAT come out and beat up everyone in the ring. The locker room clears and it’s a battle royale in the ring. THE DUDLEYS come in and destroy everyone. BIG DICK DUDLEY puts out several guys with a chokeslam then puts out Dreamer with one. BALLS MAHONEY & AXL ROTTEN come out with a chair and a barbed wire baseball bat, respectively. But the Dudleys take them out. NEW JACK & KRONUS make the save but get double chokeslammed by BIG DICK. PERRY SATURN returns and puts the Dudleys out with diamond cutters. Then all 6 guys take turns beating up D-VON DUDLEY and JOEL GERTNER . . . an interview with TAZ . . . a look at the 3 WAY DANCE from the PPV and photos of how SHANE DOUGLAS became the new ECW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION . . . a video tribute to the ECW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE . . . photos from BAM BAM BIGELOW destroying SPIKE DUDLEY at the PPV . . . a look at TOMMY DREAMER vs. JERRY LAWLER in photos from the PPV . . . an interview with TOMMY DREAMER and a video look back at his feud with the WWF, ROB VAN DAM & SABU . . .

ECW returned to the Elks Lodge on August 21 in front of another sold out crowd of over 800. This was the first card after the PPV which was held on August 18th. This was also the first ECW Television taping done in this building.

In the opening bout The FBI, Little Guido and Tracy Smothers, accompanied by Tommy Rich faced Spike Dudley and Chris Chetti. Chetti and Spike took the early control but the FBI soon mounted a comeback. While Chetti and Guido battled outside the ring, Tommy Rich entered the ring with a chain. He threw the chain to Tracy. While Rich held Spike, Tracy prepared to hit Spike. Spike ducked and Tommy got knocked out and pinned.

The next match saw the ECW TV Champion, Taz battle Pablo Marquez. Pablo had some offense but was soon Tazplexed by the human suplex machine. Pablo was then put in the Tazmission and tapped out.

Paul E. then came out to address the vocal NY crowd. As the crowd chanted, “Florida sucks”, Paul E responded, “Does anyone have Florida’s phone number cause if she’s half as good as Jenna Jameson, I’d like to meet the bitch!” Paul continued to discuss the lousy PPV lighting, the supposedly non existent WWF/ECW angle, and the fact that tonight they would be taping 2 hours for television. Paul E then went on to introduce the man who would be getting married on Sunday, August 24… The voice of Extreme Championship Wrestling… Joey Styles!!!

Joey came out to open the television show and, as usual, Ric Rude’s music played. Joey told Rude he wanted nothing to do with it, and left. Rude then introduced the new ECW Heavyweight Champion, Shane Douglas and Francine. Rude then announced that he had a great challenger for Shane to face. Rude said, “From Lima, Ohio…Al Snow!”

Shane Douglas defended his title against Al Snow. This was a great match. Lots of spots by both men. They battled out of the ring and into the guard rail. Shane threw Al back into the ring. He attempted his belly to belly but Al blocked it and reversed it. Shane finally hit with the belly to belly but Al was able to kick out. Shane hit with it again and Al was pinned. After the bout, Al got on the mic and said, “Who won?” The crowd chanted Al !!

Tommy Dreamer then battled Rob Van Dam in another great match. Van Dam was accompanied by Bill Alfonso. Dreamer hit Rob with a dropkick to a chair to the face. He then hit with a frog splash. Alfonso entered the ring, only to be attacked by Beulah. As Tommy grabbed Bill for the DDT, Rob hit him with the Vandaminator. Van Dam went to the top rope for a split leg moonsault but Tommy kicked him in the groin and DDT’d him from the top rope for the pin. Sabu ran in, in a tuxedo. They unrolled a WWF banner and laid it over the prone Dreamer.

Then Aldo Montoya entered the ring. He started to bad mouth the WWF and the USWA. He told the crowd that he was ready to get extreme. He was then introduced as PG 187. PG 187 faced Chris Candido in a good match. Unfortunately, the crowd chanted boring every time a headlock was applied. Candido won with a double arm suplex off the top rope.

The next match saw the Dudleys face Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney. Joel Gertner did his usual monologue before introducing the members of the Dudley Clan. He also announced that “your referee for this match is severely malnourished.” The match actually seemed like a tag match with the usual run-ins while the ref was busy getting one man out of the ring. Eventually, New Jack and Kronos ran in and a brawl ensued. The Dudleys left and New Jack got the mic. He called for Tod Gordon to come out and sign a fight for tonight. Tod Gordon came out and said the NY State Athletic Commission would not allow a non sanctioned street fight but F@#* the NYS Athletic Commission. The match was scheduled for later in the evening.

In the next match, Sabu took on Bad Boy Cowboy Bobby Duncum Jr w/Jason Knight. The match didn’t last long when Dreamer ran in. Dreamer and Sabu then started an unscheduled match. Dreamer ended up splashing Sabu through a table. Rob Van Dam ran in to beat on Dreamer. Beulah tried to make the save but was clotheslined by Sabu. Then Sandman ran in but he was soon laid out as well. The WWF banner was laid over the 3 bodies. Taz walked to the ring. Sabu and RVD double teamed him but soon ran away. Taz remained standing in the ring. Lance Wright came out for a few words from Taz. Lance started talking about how rich and privileged he is. After Lance grabbed Taz’s ard for a 2nd time. Taz Tazplexed and Tazmissioned Lance.

Bam Bam Bigelow then came out and destroyed Spike Dudley. Bam Bam nailed Spike with a Samoan drop and a splash for the pin.

In the final match, a non title NY Streetfight, New Jack and Kronos faced Buh Buh and DVon Dudley. As usual, New Jack ran in with a garbage can. The can never made it into the ring as it spilled all over the floor. While Kronos and DVon battled in the ring, New Jack taped Buh Buh to the ropes, outside the ring. New Jack then climbed to the balcony and leaped off, with a chair, nailing Big Dick who was standing near Buh Buh. New Jack climbed back in the ring. Kronos hit DVon with the 450 splash followed by a New Jack chair dive for the pin. New Jack and Kronos win the non title match.

Notes: Another sell out crowd in the Elks Lodge. The matches should look great on TV. Paul E referred to this building as ECW’s version of MSG. ECW returns on October 16.

Have a great week!

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