The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #15, Oct. 14, 1997

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #15, Oct. 14, 1997
(“This issue is dedicated to the memory of Brian Pillman, Rest in peace Brian.”)
REMEMBERING BRIAN PILLMAN by CACTUSB (used with permission from

– Born May 22, 1961 in Ohio

– Attended Miami of Ohio University where he played football.

– Was born with throat cancer and needed 36 surgical procedures to cure him. This is why he has his signature raspy voice.

– Walked onto the Cincinnati Bengals. After Cincinnati, he played for Buffalo for one year, and then finished his career in the Canadian Football League with the Calgary Stampeders. This is where he became acquainted with Stu Hart.

– Learned to wrestle in Stu Hart’s “Dungeon”

-Teamed with Bruce Hart in Calgary Stampede Wrestling as Bad Company.

-February 12, 1990 won NWA US Tag Title with Tom Zenk.

-Flyin’ Brian was a top light heavyweight in WCW where he had great matches with Jushin Liger and Johnny B. Badd.

-Won WCW Lightweight title on November 27, 1991

-Lost a loser leave town match in 1991. Returned, under a mask, as the Yellow Dog.

-Combined forces with Steve Austin to form the Hollywood Blondes. Together they defeated Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas to win the tag titles. Held the titles for a long period of time.

-In 1993, defeated Col. Rob Parker. This forced parker to dress in a chicken suit.

-From 1995 to 1996, he was a member of the elite “Four Horsemen”.

-Had a respect match with Kevin Sullivan. Match ended when Pillman grabbed the mic, 2 seconds into the match and said, “I respect you, Bookerman.”

-Had a near fatal car accident. Eric Bischoff then decided not to renew his contract.

-Joined ECW for several months. He continued as the “Loose Cannon” gimmick by unexpectedly showing up to challenge Shane Douglas on several occasions.

-Entered WWF as the ticking time bomb.

-Returned from his accident (and rehabilitation for his injuries) to join the Hart Foundation.

-Began a feud with Golddust. The feud should have come to it’s climax at  Badd Blood and the following night’s Raw.

-October 5, 1997… Brian Pillman, professional wrestler and former linebacker with the Cincinnati Bengals, was found dead at 1:09 PM, at the Budgetel Inn in Bloomington, Minnesota.

A statement from Titan Sports:

Titan Sports, Inc., d/b/a World Wrestling Federation

Monday, October 6, 1997


The WWF is deeply saddened by the death this weekend of Brian Pillman. According to information furnished by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, Brian was found dead Sunday afternoon at approximately 1:09 PM in his room at the Budgetel Inn in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The Medical Examiner’s Office is conducting an autopsy and at this time the manner and cause of death are undetermined. At this particular time, we have no information as to funeral details or any special requests of the family. The WWF sends its deepest condolences to Brian’s widow, Melanie, and her family.

WHAT YOU MISSED: The show opened with a video of the career of the LEGION OF DOOM . . .VINCE MCMAHON entered the ring and the HART FOUNDATION came down for an interview. SHAWN MICHAELS, HHH, CHYNA, and RICK RUDE soon appeared on the Titantron, interrupting BRET HART’S interview. Clips were shown from last week’s Hart vs HHH match . . . The NATION OF DOMINATION entered the ring to prepare for the KAMA vs OWEN HART match. DEGENERATION X (the new name for the Michael’s Kliq) came to ringside to steal the headphones from McMahon, JIM ROSS, and JERRY LAWLER. The match ended when the NOD jumped the Hart Foundation, at ringside . . . In the second bout, MAX MINI & NOVA defeated TARANTULA & MOSAIC when Mini pinned Mosaic . . . The next bout was scheduled to have FLASH FUNK face Shawn Michaels. Instead, CANE came to the ring and destroyed Funk. Cain and PAUL BEARER left, as Funk lie in the ring. Shawn ran to the ring and pinned Funk as HHH counted 3, Chyna rang the bell, and Rude announced the winner of the bout . . . Next up, SKULL & 8 BALL (of the DOA) beat SNIPER & RECON by DQ when the INTERROGATOR got his team disqualified . . . The WARZONE began with Vince back in the ring with STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN. Austin agreed to sign the waiver and in return, Vince signed a match between Austin and Owen at Survivor Series. Austin shook Vince’s hand and pretended to go for the stunner. The NOD then came out to threaten Austin and they sen ROCKY MAIVIA to the ring. Austin nailed Miavia with the stunner and left the arena, through the crowd . . . BRIAN CHRISTOPHER defeated TAJIRI in a lightweight match . . . JIM CORNETTE then did another “shoot” interview. The subject of this tirade was Phil Mushnick, writer for the Daily News, and TV Guide. Cornette spoke of the various derogatory things Mushnick has had to say about wrestling fans, wrestling, and even Ted Turner and Brian Pillman . . . GOLDDUST, with MARLENA, defeated SAVIO VEGA when Golddust hit Savio with the loaded purse . . . The next match was scheduled to be HHH vs the PATRIOT. As the Patriot made his entrance, Rude threw coffee in his face and hit him with the briefcase. SGT SLAUGHTER came out and told HHH he would face AHMED JOHNSON. Ahmed came to the ring, only to be jumped by the NOD. The LOD and KEN SHAMROCK made the save . . . The final match was titles vs careers as the LOD faced THE GODWINS. LOD dominated the beginning of the bout but Animal soon got injured when he was thrown into the steel steps. The Godwins gained control. HOG held ANIMAL as UNCLE CLEATUS prepared to hit him with the horseshoe. Animal ducked and HOG got hit. HAWK then came off the top rope with a clothesline to pin PIG. THE LOD won the tag titles and the Godwins beat up their Uncle, giving him a bloody nose.

WHAT YOU MISSED: NWO ERIC comes out with HOLLYWOOD HOGAN & RANDY SAVAGE. Savage is in a neck brace. Bischoff asks us not to sneak the “Assault on Devil’s Island” signs into the WWF’S live event next week. He goes off on RODDY PIPER and basically whines for 2 minutes about nothing in particular . . . PSYCHOSIS vs. EDDY GUERRERO — WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: they say that MZ. JACKIE vs. DISCO INFERNO at HALLOWEEN HAVOCK won’t be a title match. Frog splash win for Guerrero . . . a segment on LUCHA LIBRE masks . . . RODDY PIPER comes out with GENE OKERLUND. He says he’s the boss and he has to be fair. He says that he was right and that THE OUTSIDERS will defend their titles tonight or else he will strip them of the belts . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . STEVEN REGAL vs. MONGO: tombstone win for Mongo . . . GENE OKERLUND with MRS. MONGO. MRS. MONGO says that JEFF JARRETT is no longer with WCW. Mongo comes out and says that Jarrett is a snake and a quitter. He says she should come home and come back to him and back to the kitchen. She says not to underestimate her and that she’s got a man at Halloween Havock and that she always gets her way . . . YUGI NAGATA vs. CHRIS JERICHO: Nagata gets a submission win . . . a look at RAVEN . . . BILL GOLDBERG over SCOTTY RIGGS . . . SYXX & SCOTT HALL vs. THE STEINERS — WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Scott Hall pulls out the ref. when the Steiners have the win in their hands. LARRY ZYBSZKO comes out and distracts hall. Bulldog from the top rope by Rick for a Zybszko counted pin . . . REY MISTERIO JR. vs. DEAN MALENKO: EDDY GUERRERO comes in and steals Misterio’s mask allowing the win to Malenko . . . words from DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE . . . RODDY PIPER comes back out. He says that Larry Zybszko is a ref. for WCW. THE NWO come out to get in Piper’s face. STING stands beside Piper. Sting attacks Piper. Sting takes off his mask and it’s HOLLYWOOD HOGAN. He leads the NWO in attacking Piper before we go to commercial . . . a look at RIC FLAIR vs. CURT HENNIG . . . SCOTT NORTON vs. RAY TRAYLOR: Norton uses a can of spray paint to clobber Traylor. After the match Norton, BUFF BAGWELL & VINCENT spray paint him . . . ALEX WRIGHT vs. THE DISCO INFERNO — WCW WORLD TV TITLE: MZ. JACKIE comes out and Disco gets a roll up for the win . . . DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE vs. CURT HENNIG — WCW U.S. TITLE: DDP pins Hennig but the ref. doesn’t count it because RIC FLAIR came in . . . after commercial RODDY PIPER comes out with the ref. and DDP. He raises Page’s hand in victory. THE ENTIRE NWO jumps Page & Piper. STING appears up in the crowd. Sting comes down. Another Sting comes down. Another Sting comes down. Another Sting comes down. Another Sting comes down. The Stings are beat up one by one. 3 Stings come in and go down. A last Sting comes down. He doesn’t go down to the blows and stands tall with Roddy Piper and DDP in chasing off the NWO . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: missed the first 5 minutes due to family commitments . . . DISCO INFERNO defeated HARDBOY HARRISON. He’ll be defending his WCW WORLD TV TITLE to MZ. JACKIE at HALLOWEEN HAVOCK . . . RAY TRAYLOR over RICK FULLER . . . BOOKER T vs. JEFF JARRETT from NITRO. A look at the verbal battle between JARRETT & MONGO in the locker room. Then they say there’s a major announcement concerning Jarrett on NITRO . . . GENE OKERLUND plugs the hotline . . . WRATH vs. MENG: JIMMY HART & JAMES VANDENBURG brawl, MORTIS & THE BARBARIAN get involved, Meng wins with the Tongan death grip for a pin . . . DENNY BROWN fell to CHRIS JERICHO . . . RAVEN stands and watches BILLY KIDMAN defeat a jobber, getting involved and back handing Kidman when Kidman was having problems with the Jobber. That started a fire under Kidman’s butt and he destroyed the jobber . . . ROADBLOCK fell to BILL GOLDBERG . . . YUGI NAGATA vs. STEVE ARMSTRONG: Nagata gets the pin . . . FIN FINLEY vs. DAVID TAYLOR: FINLEY wins with a tombstone piledriver . . . SCOTT NORTON vs. LEX LUGER: KONNAN comes out when Luger is going for the wrack. Luger throws Norton into Konnan then hits the stunned Norton from behind with his loaded forearm for the pin . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: JOEY STYLES opens up the show from the ECW ARENA. He brings out JASON, the self proclaimed “the Sexiest man on Earth.” Jason brings out PJ WALKER, a.k.a. ALDO MONTOYA THE MAN OF WAR. Jason says that this man is now JUSTIN CREDIBLE. Justin says that not only is it his name, he’s just incredible every time he steps into the ring . . . In the ring JUSTIN CREDIBLE vs. JERRY LYNN: Good high flying match between the two youngsters. In the end Credible reverses a Lynn piledriver attempt into a corkscrew tombstone. He follows it up with a DDT and gets the win . . . a video look at JENNA JAMESON . . .  a review of the Philly show so far from the last 2 weeks of tv . . . CHRIS CANDIDO vs. LANCE STORM: in a tough match for both men Candido gets the win with the blonde bombshell . . . ROB VAN DAM & BILL ALPHONSO vs. TOMMY DREAMER & BEULAH: match starts quickly with Dreamer in total control. He takes Van Dam outside the ring, crotching him on the guard rail then comes off the top rope with a chair to Van Dam’s head. He hurts his knee on the way down but he gets it back in the ring, he puts a chair in front of Van Dam, one in back of him, then does a neck snap so Van Dam’s head hits the chair in front of him first then snaps onto the other one. Ref. JEFF JONES takes a chair from Dreamer but gets knocked out with a Vandaminator. Van Dam down on the mat and Dreamer comes off the top rope with a frog splash. SABU hits the ring and attacks Dreamer with the chair. Alphonso and Sabu bring a table into the ring. They put him on the table then Sabu and Van Dam go to opposite top turnbuckles. Van Dam goes through the table with a frog splash while Sabu hits with a leg drop through the table. Van Dam gets on the microphone and says he has better things to do. He tells Bill Alphonso to get Beulah now and he and Sabu will meet him in the dressing room. He and Sabu leave. The locker room empties and a group of wrestlers and emergency workers try to help Dreamer but he refuses to leave the ringside area. Beulah dares Fonzie to make a move on her, as he turns his back to turn around and punch her she takes out a pan from under her shirt and he hits his fist on her pan. Alphonso is busted open by the pan shot. Beulah then takes him outside and into the crowd. Back into the ring and another frying pan shot. Fonzie gives Beulah a low blow then a leg drop. He pulls her hair and tries to choke her with his whistle strap. He slams Beulah then she blocks his suplex attempt and turns it into a DDT for a 2 count. Fonzie misses a clothesline and Beulah goes to work on him. They exchange Flair chops. Fonzie goes up to the top rope to go for a moonsault but Beulah trips him and he’s crotched on the top turnbuckle. She flips him into the tree of woe then slide kicks a chair into his face. Beulah goes to the top rope for a moonsault and Fonzie catches her before she can start. He tries to go for a power bomb but she reverses it into a Hurricanrana for the pin . . .

RAW WHAT YOU MISSED: RAW opens with VINCE MCMAHON in the ring. He announces the unfortunate death of BRIAN PILLMAN. All the WWF wrestlers appear on the stage area as they ring the ring bell 10 times out of respect to this fallen superstar . . . SHAWN MICHAELS, HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & CHYNA come out. Michaels says that he’s an ICON who still has some wrestling ability. Hunter puts over Michaels. They show the power of THE CLIQUE from Bad Blood, but instead show THE CLIQUE breaking character from MSG and saying goodbye to SCOTT HALL & KEVIN NASH . . . Hunter & Shawn are still mugging it up at ringside when THE HEART FOUNDATION come out of the dressing room. BRET HART calls The Clique “homos” and laughs at Michaels for not having the WWF Title. Hart challenges Hunter to a match tonight. Michaels says the Clique owns the WWF and wrestling and that Hunter will own Hart tonight . . . THE HEADBANGERS vs. THE GODWINNS — LUMBERJACK MATCH: Turns into an all out brawl and the Headbangers get the win . . . comments from LOS BORICUAS . . . MIGEL PEREZ vs. MARC MERO: Marc has a new look with a shaved head and boxing trunks. He uses a variation of the Diamond Cutter for the win . . . JIM CORNETTE goes off on WCW. He says that the WCW disrespects RIC FLAIR & ARN ANDERSON. He disses ERIC BISCHOFF as a mark for his own face and voice. He says that the WCW is putting on a sham with the NWO. He disses the NWO as childish and obnoxious. He ranks on KEVIN NASH as a “no talent” who manipulates people to get what he wants. He says that SCOTT HALL is a decent wrestler. He says SEAN WALTMAN is only employed by WCW because the NWO thinks that he’s funny when he gets drunk and barfs on himself. He says that you should respect wrestlers for actually WRESTLING and not sucking up to the boss . . . THE BRITISH BULLDOG vs. ROCK MIAVIA: Bulldog gets a text book win for the Hart Foundation. FAROOQ attacks everyone with a leather strap, turns into a 4 on 4 brawl . . .

WAR ZONE WHAT YOU MISSED: photos from THE UNDERTAKER vs. SHAWN MICHAELS from BADD BLOOD . . . STEVE AUSTIN with VINCE MCMAHON. McMahon has a waiver for Austin to sign to get back into the ring — it would clear the WWF of responsibility for him wrestling with is injury. Austin says he’ll sign that if McMahon gives him the first shot at OWEN HART’S IC TITLE. FAROOQ appears on the Titantron and disses Austin for not being “tough”. Austin tells him off then drop kicks JERRY LAWLER’S crown . . . OWEN HART says that he wants STEVE AUSTIN reinstated just so he can kick his butt. It turns into OWEN HART vs. HAWK — WWF IC TITLE: HENRY GODWINN hits HAWK over the head with a horseshoe to get the win for Owen Hart . . . VINCE MCMAHON interviews MELANIE PILLMAN. She says it was an apparent heart attack in Brian’s sleep that caused the heart attack. She says that she hopes it’s a wake up call to everyone who may have problems with prescription pills. They then play a video tribute to Brian Pillman . . . JERRY LAWLER & JIM ROSS share some thoughts on Brian Pillman when the lights go out and KANE & PAUL BEARER come out. Kane destroys JEFF HARDY. PAUL BEARER announces that Kane will be his revenge on everyone . . . BRET HART vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY — WWF WORLD TITLE: Shawn Michaels and Chyna attack Hart outside the ring, allowing Hunter to get the count out win . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: The show opens with condolences to the family of BRIAN PILLMAN . . . NITRO GIRLS in the ring . . . HOLLYWOOD HOGAN & NWO ERIC come out. They say that STING is too scared to face Hogan. NWO Eric says they’re going to take over movies on the Turner Network and show a clip from Assault on Devil’s Island, Hogan’s new movie. NWO Eric promises that it will soon be the Hogan News Network and they’ll be taking over. Hogan disses RODDY PIPER and says that he and Bischoff will read Piper a riot act . . . JEFF JARRETT vs. BOOKER T: MONGO comes out and gets in the face of MRS. MONGO, she slaps him and he hits Jarrett. A dazed Jarrett then gets rolled up for the pin . . . ALEX WRIGHT used a German Suplex to get the win over BILLY KIDMAN. During this match we went to the dressing room and saw MONGO & MRS. MONGO screaming at each other . . . MORTIS fell to ERNEST MILLER . . . SCOTT HALL over HECTOR GARZA via torture wrack submission with tons of help from SYXX . . . footage of BILL GOLDBERG . . . DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE vs. THE DISCO INFERNO — WCW WORLD TV TITLE: RANDY SAVAGE comes in to attack DDP. RODDY PIPER comes out and stops Savage from Piledriving DDP on the concrete. DDP catches Savage with the Diamond cutter from behind on the concrete then Piper & DDP leave through the crowd. Savage needed a stretcher to take him to the dressing room . . . a look at LUCHA LIBRE . . . EDDY GUERRERO wins over THE ULTIMO DRAGON with a frog splash . . . CHRIS BENOIT fell to CURT HENNIG in a U.S. Title match. RIC FLAIR saved Benoit from the NWO after the match and chased Hennig out to the parking lot . . .

PRE-SHOW WHAT YOU MISSED: SUNNY Introduced us to the STEEL CELL for the HELL IN THE CELL MATCH . . . MICHAEL COLE outside of SHAWN MICHAELS’ locker room. He says he’ll be interviewing people . . . a look at a recent HEART FOUNDATION attack on VADER & THE PATRIOT . . . VINCE MCMAHON announces the death of BRIAN PILLMAN. He was found dead in his hotel room in Minnesota this afternoon and that the WWF wanted to offer their condolences to the Pillman family . . . a segment on SHAWN MICHAELS . . . MICHAEL COLE was roughed up by CHYNA, HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY & RICK RUDE when he tried to interview Shawn Michaels. Michaels had just come out of the shower so he threw Cole in the shower and hosed him down with cold water before taking over the microphone . . . an interview with the HEART FOUNDATION. STEVE AUSTIN appears on the TITANTRON . . . words from THE UNDERTAKER . . .

MAIN SHOW WHAT YOU MISSED: ROCKY MIAVIA, DLO BROWN & KAMA vs. THE LEGION OF DOOM: KEN SHAMROCK was injured and couldn’t come out. FAROOQ distracts ANIMAL allowing the NOD to come back and ROCKY pins HAWK . . . VINCE MCMAHON repeats his announcement of BRIAN PILLMAN’S death and condolences to his family . . . TARANTULA & MOSAIC vs. MAX MINI & NOVA: Max pins Tarantula . . . THE GODWINNS vs. THE HEADBANGERS — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: the Godwinns win to become the new WWF WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS . . . a “STONE COLD” STEVE AUSTIN segment . . . presentations to legendary wrestling stars GENE KINISKI, JACK BRISCO, DORY FUNK JR., HARLEY RACE, TERRY FUNK, SAM MUCHNICK & LOU THESZ . . . comments from FAROOQ . . . VINCE MCMAHON updated us with news that BRIAN PILLMAN’S death may have been a recreational or prescription drug overdose . . . OWEN HART vs. FAROOQ — WWF IC TITLE TOURNEY FINAL: STEVE AUSTIN comes out to give up his WWF IC TITLE BELT. At the end of the match Austin attacked Farooq with the title belt in order to get Hart the pin . . . a look at the HEART FOUNDATION’S attack on VADER from RAW . . . LOS BORICUAS vs. DOA: DOA get the win in this 8 man match . . . DAVEY BOY SMITH & BRET HART vs. VADER & THE PATRIOT — FLAG MATCH: HART pins VADER to win the match . . . THE UNDERTAKER vs. SHAWN MICHAELS — CAGE MATCH: With Michaels down, KANE rips the door off the cage and gets in the face of the Undertaker. He raises his arms and the pyrotechnics go off, distracting the Undertaker. He attacks the Undertaker, tombstones him, then leaves. Michaels crawls over to the Undertaker and pins him . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: FRANCINE leads SHANE DOUGLAS to the ring. Douglas says that he should be thanked for putting TERRY FUNK out to pasture. He says that RICK RUDE is in London with the WWF this week and he’d rather be in London or Pittsburgh than in Philly. He berates the fans for being suck ups. He calls out the guy who reportedly worked 3 months with Rude for this match with Douglas. PHIL LAFON comes out with DOUG FURNAS. It turns into PHIL LAFON vs. SHANE DOUGLAS — ECW WORLD TITLE: CHRIS CANDIDO & DOUG FURNAS both get involved in the match. While Furnas and Candido fight BAM BAM BIGELOW gets involved and Douglas clips Lafon’s knee, it results in a pin for Douglas . . . a look back at last week’s show . . . a look at THE SANDMAN vs. SABU . . . THE PITBULLS wheel LANCE WRIGHT out in a wheelchair. The Pitbulls say that VINCE MCMAHON called them and they’re here to prove that the ECW is filled with “paper champions” and that includes TAZ. PITBULL #1 says that TAZ should come out to face PITBULL #2 to prove himself. Taz’s music starts up and TAZ comes out he puts out Pit #2 in under a minute then goes after LANCE WRIGHT. He attacks Wright again and puts him through a table then Taz goes after a fan and ECW Security goes after him. It’s a total brawl and the locker room empties to separate them all. Afterwards SABU takes out SUPER NOVA then goes afer THE BLUE MEANIE, he wants THE SANDMAN as we go to commercial . . . THE SANDMAN vs. SABU: Sandman brings out a ladder midway though this match. Ladder becomes a major factor as the Sandman suplexes Sabu on it. Sabu gains revenge by throwing a fireball in Sandman’s face as we fade out for the week . . .

Sometimes writing this column can be a difficult thing to do. I don’t write it that often and when I do I’m usually fired up about something that has touched my life or that really ticks me off.

This week I have to say goodbye to a friend of mine, Brian Pillman. Brian and I met a couple of years back when I was running the Grandstand Wrestling Area on AOL. At that time we were in the process of introducing a series of folders for wrestlers to take part in the area by answering the questions of the fans.

Brain, ever the controversial figure, decided to take a bad guy approach to his folder even though at the time he was very much a face. I guess it was more natural for Brian to be a heel and with a series of over the top messages directed at “the establishment” Brian made himself known to the on-line world as the spokesperson for the Truth and for the rights of every man.

I still have the e-mail from my bosses wondering what the heck I was doing letting him have free reign over a folder. He was so good at stirring up controversy that my own bosses thought he had lost his mind and came “this close” to permanently banning him from AOL before I stepped in.

During this time you could see that Brian was having the time of his life putting another number over on the establishment. He was great at it and he used to call me to ask how far he could take it and what could be done to take the posts to the next level.  That was the type of guy Brian was — always there to try to take the controversy up another level without really hurting anyone.

While we lost touch when he went to the WWF (and had to jump his folder over to their area on AOL), but the time Brian spent in the Grandstand will always be remembered as one of the best times in my life. Goodbye Brian, you will forever live on in our memories.

Brian’s passing from an apparent heart defect hit home this weekend as my own father had a small heart attacks Friday night and another on Sunday caused by an undiagnosed blockage of his arteries. He’s in the hospital right now and the main artery to his heart is nearly 100% blocked. He’ll be having surgery tomorrow to get rid of the blockage and hopefully this will end any future heart attacks from that condition.

It’s been a difficult time lately and once I get some time to take it all in the Ring Report will return to a weekly schedule. Special thanks to Brett Schwan for stepping in with the RAW Report and his notes on Brian. At this rate we’re going to try for one on Oct the 20th as I have some very special words to be directed to Eric Bischoff and the on-line community.

Until next take care of yourself and Have a great week.
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