The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #34, June 28, 1998

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #34, June 28, 1998
(“People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid.” – Soren Aabye Kierkegaard)
PRESHOW WHAT YOU MISSED: DOK HENDRIX welcomes us to the free for all . . . a look at how the final four guys advanced in the KING OF THE RING TOURNEY . . . a look at THE UNDERTAKER vs. MANKIND . . . an interview with MANKIND . . . a look at KANE vs. STEVE AUSTIN . . . an interview with EARL HEBNER & STEVE AUSTIN . . .

MAIN SHOW WHAT YOU MISSED: TAKA MICHINOKU & THE HEADBANGERS defeated KAIENTAI . . . SABLE comes out to introduce VINCE MCMAHON. McMahon, JERRY BRISCO & PAT PATTERSON come out. Sable slapped Pat Patterson for trying to pinch her. Brisco demands respect for the legends in the ring. McMahon rants about a bunch of stuff and no one cares.  . . . KING OF THE RING SEMIFINALS — JEFF JARRETT vs. KEN SHAMROCK: Double J taps out to the ankle lock in a slow match . . . KING OF THE RING SEMIFINALS — ROCKY MIAVIA vs. DAN SEVERN: DLO BROWN frog splashes Severn while MARK HENRY & KAMA distract the ref. leading Rocky to the win . . . SCOTT TAYLOR & BRIAN CHRISTOPHER vs. AL SNOW & HEAD — JERRY LAWLER is the Special Ref: Lawler throws Christopher something and Taylor & Christopher get the win when Christopher pins the head while Snow is pinning Christopher. It turns out to be a bottle of head & shoulders, which he sticks inside Head. Just plain confusing . . . X-POC vs. OWEN HART: MARK HENRY attacks X-Poc, CHYNA and Henry get face to face when VADER attacks Henry. Hart has X-Poc in a sharpshooter, with the ref. distracted Chyna DDT’s Owen. Easy pin (as usual) for X-Poc . . . PAUL BEARER comes out and rants and rants and rants and? Rants . . . THE NEW MIDNIGHT EXPRESS fell to THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS in a WWF TAG TITLE match . . . a interview with DUSTIN RUNNELS . . . KING OF THE RING FINALS: KEN SHAMROCK over ROCK MIAVIA by submission . . . MANKIND vs. THE UNDERTAKER — HELL IN THE CELL: after a monster spot where Mankind was thrown off the top of the hell in the cell cage through the Spanish Announcer’s table TERRY FUNK comes out to help the helpless Mankind. They raise the cage with The Undertaker on top of it. It comes down and 5 minutes later Mankind gets back up, he can barely stand but he climbs back up on the cage and they go at it. The cage collapses from Mankind’s weight as the Undertaker slams him on it and he falls through it to the mat 10 feet below. Funk tries to stop The Undertaker from going after Mankind and The Undertaker chokeslams him. Later Mankind gets a bunch of Thumbtacks and scatters them in the ring. He gets the Undertaker in the mandible claw. Undertaker slams then chokeslams him on the tacks. Undertaker tombstones Mankind for the pin. Mankind is helped back to the dressing room by Terry Funk . . . KANE vs. STEVE AUSTIN — WWF WORLD TITLE FIRST BLOOD MATCH: The hell in the cell cage lowers while they’re fighting outside the ring. The cage goes back up. Ref. bump later on. No ref. Mankind comes back with a chair. The cell lowers. Mankind gets stunnered then Austin stunners Kane. The Undertaker comes out with a chair and collides chairs with Austin. Undertaker gets the ref. and puts him in the ring as Austin has been busted open. The Undertaker pours gas all over the ref. Kane saves the ref. Undertaker is covered in gas. Austin attacks Kane then the ref. gets back up and stops the match as Austin was gushing blood . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: MIKE ENOS fell to JIM DUGGAN . . . HIGH VOLTAGE vs. PUBLIC ENEMY. I don’t care. I leave the room . . . a look at the press conference between HOLLYWOOD HOGAN & DENNIS RODMAN and KARL MALONE & DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE . . . a look at NWO HOLLYWOOD going after KEVIN GREENE and Greene recruiting BILL GOLDBERG to be his partner at BASH AT THE BEACH . . . JOHNNY SWINGER fell to ALEX WRIGHT . . . BARBARIAN & HUGH MORRUS vs. THE BRITISH BULLDOG & JIM NIEDHART: Davey Boy pins the Barbarian after a power slam in a very sloppy match . . .

ECW 6/27/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: TOMMY DREAMER comes to the ring and demands a DUDLEY BROTHER. D-VON DUDLEY heads out of the locker room and they brawl. The rest of the Dudleys & JACK VICTORY attack Dreamer and are run off by NEW JACK, BALLS MAHONEY, SPIKE DUDLEY & AXL ROTTEN . . . Highlights of various matches including FBI vs. THE BLUE MEANIE & SUPER NOVA, TAZ destroying DON E. ALLEN’S match, TAZ brawling with BAM BAM BIGELOW and more . . . comments from ROB VAN DAM . . . a look at SABU vs. ULF THERMON. Sabu gets the win . . . highlights of JOHN KRONUS vs. ROB VAN DAM for the ECW WORLD TV TITLE: Van Dam wins with the Van Daminator . . . highlights of LANCE STORM & CHRIS CANDIDO defeating MIKEY WHIPWRECK & CHRIS CHETTI . . . comments from Candido, Storm & FRANCINE . . . JUSTIN CREDIBLE falls to JERRY LYNN in an “I QUIT” match . . . hype for the Aug. 2 PPV . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: they hype DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE & KARL MALONE vs. DENNIS RODMAN & HOLLYWOOD HOGAN . . . THE GIANT, backed by VINCENT, comes out and rants about wanting STING tonight . . . RAVEN & SICK BOY vs. PUBLIC ENEMY: Raven wants KANYON to come out of hiding. Raven announces it’s Raven’s rules and it turns into a brawl. SATURN comes out and puts RAVEN through a table. Public Enemy double teams Sick Boy and gets the win . . . EDDY GUERRERO vs. HUGH MORRUS: JIMMY HART was going to attack Eddy with a chair from the top rope when CHAVO GUERRERO JR. comes out and attacks him. Eddy goes for the frog splash and Morrus catches him into a powerslam then puts Eddy out with a “No Laughing Matter.” Chavo apologizes to Eddy and Eddy gets out of the ring . . . STING & KONNAN come out. Sting accepts the Giant’s challenge and says that he’s going to put the WCW WORLD TITLES on the line with he and LEX LUGER vs. The Giant and the Giant’s partner . . . MIKE TENEY in the back interrupting ARN ANDERSON & CHRIS BENOIT. Benoit says he wants Anderson to come back to the Horsemen. Anderson says that Benoit doesn’t need him any more . . . SUMO FUJI fell to STEVIE RAY . . . THE ULTIMO DRAGON vs. CHRIS JERICHO: before the match Jericho says he’ll never face DEAN MALENKO for the WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE again. JJ DILLON comes out and says that the WCW EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE has changed the rules and says that Jericho has to defend his title at the BASH AT THE BEACH vs. Malenko by written order of the Executive Committee. Malenko interferes in this match and attacks both guys . . . ERIC BISCHOFF comes out. He brings out SCOTT STEINER. They babble . . . DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE over the phone and says that he wants HOLLYWOOD HOGAN & DENNIS RODMAN in Tampa on Monday . . . THE BARBARIAN vs. JIM DUGGAN: Duggan wins when HUGH MORRUS’S interference backfires . . . Chris Jericho talking to the Ultimo Dragon in the locker room. Jericho is trying to convince Dragon to go to the Executive Committee and demand the title shot. Malenko comes in and chases off Jericho . . . THE DISCO INFERNO & ALEX WRIGHT fall to STEVE MCMICHAEL & CHRIS BENOIT . . . THE GIANT & BRYAN ADAMS vs. LEX LUGER & STING — WCW WORLD TAG TITLES: Luger gets Adams to submit. NWO HOLLYWOOD take out Sting & Luger. Konnan tries to make the save but is put down . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: VINCE MCMAHON interviews KANE. Kane says he signed a contract that if he doesn’t win the WWF World title from STEVE AUSTIN that he’ll set himself on fire and McMahon adds “breath his last breath” . . . KING OF THE RING QUARTERFINAL — KEN SHAMROCK vs. MARK HENRY: VADER attacks Mark Henry outside of the ring behind the ref.’s back to set up for the Shamrock win . . . DUSTIN RUNNELS vs. XPOC: X-Poc gets the win with help from CHYNA . . . an interview with PAUL BEARER . . . JERRY LAWLER in the ring. He invites AL SNOW & HEAD to the ring. Head is wearing Lawler’s crown, which she stole last week. Lawler offers to trade a paper with an appointment with Vince McMahon on it for the crown. Snow takes the paper and Head gives Lawler the crown. Snow reads the paper, it’s a contract signed by Vince McMahon for a tag match at the King of the Ring between Snow & Head vs. SCOTT TAYLOR & BRIAN CHRISTOPHER. If Snow loses he leaves the WWF, if the wins the match he gets his meeting with McMahon. Snow falls to the mat and asks Lawler to pin him so he does the J.O.B. for Vince. Lawler calls out Christopher & Taylor, who come to the ring. Snow attacks both of them and runs off . . . KING OF THE RING QUARTERFINALS – MARC MERO vs. JEFF JARRETT: SABLE comes out to distract Mero and Mero is rolled up for the pin . . . KING OF THE RING QUARTERFINALS – KANE vs. ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES: Kane wins in a no-brainer . . . THE UNDERTAKER attacks PAUL BEARER in Bearer’s own home . . . EDGE vs. JOSE ESTRADA: Edge wins by countout with an over the top rope move that completely knocks Jose out . . . MANKIND trying to calm down KANE in the locker room . . . Jose Estrada is taken out on a stretcher . . . KING OF THE RING QUARTERFINALS – DAN SEVERN vs. OWEN HART: X-POC attacks Hart outside the ring with a chair while the ref. is trying to take a chair from Severn leading to the Severn win . . . KING OF THE RING QUARTERFINALS – ROCKY MIAVIA vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: The Rock gets the win but DX attacks the Rock and it becomes a brawl when the NATION OF DOMINATION comes out to save their boss . . . MANKIND in the ring for no reason talking about Gettysburg and 50 years after the battle with warriors from both sides coming together as friends on the battlefield. The Hell in the cell cage begins to lower. He talks of meeting THE UNDERTAKER and how they came together as friends and how his goal now was to destroy the Undertaker for attacking his “UNCLE PAUL”. The cage surrounds him now. He says he’s going to destroy the Undertaker and that he has a surprise for everyone because all is not lost . . . MANKIND vs. BILLY GUNN: Chyna interferes and is banned from ringside. Hard fought win for Mankind. Mankind goes back to the locker room and finds Kane has gone missing during the match . . . SABLE comes out and introduces STEVE AUSTIN. Austin comes out and shows Sable how to flip someone the bird and tells her to take it and show it to McMahon in that fashion. Austin says anyone who wants to come out and fight can get him now. He accepts the first blood match with Kane. Kane comes out, raises his hands then “BLOOD” falls from the sky on Austin and covers part of the ring. Kane says the blood on Austin this sunday will be for real . . .

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