The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #39, Sept. 22, 1998

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #39, Sept. 22, 1998
(Catch up issue)
After a 15 month absence, Sidekick Ron and myself (along with double K, Kevin Koledi) made our return to the hallowed halls of the lovely, air conditioned, ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

We got their early so we stopped at Tony Luke’s for the usual pre match meal. the man behind the counter continuously told me stories of how his friends were Animal  and Hawk. Great food as usual.

We went in and grabbed our seats at the top of the bleachers, on the left side of the  stage. Great seats, as we were eye level with most of the wrestlers, as they were in the ring.

Tommy Dreamer came to the ring with the mic. He asked the fans to hear him out. He told the crowd, “Five years ago yesterday, to the day, Paul Heyman took over as the booker of ECW.”  He praised the job that Paul’s predecessor, Eddie Gilbert did. The fans applauded and cheered. He put over Tod Gordon, who started the company, and the fans cheered. He said Paulie was sick of the politics and wanted to start his own thing, for the fans. He told the fans that the workers here all busted their asses for the fans. He put over Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow, Rob Van Dam and Sabu for all working through serious injuries and other problems. He said that was what ECW was all about.

He then began crying and said that he was out here to talk about his partner, the Sandman. He said that he wished Sandman all of the best in WCW and he hoped that he would cane the crap out of Hulk Hogan. The crowd popped huge and chanted “Sandman”. Tommy then drank a beer in Sandman’s honor. Jack Victory came to ringside and bad mouthed the Sandman and Dreamer. He said that when he was out of the business for eight years, no one said anything like that about him. Tommy said that was because he didn’t deserve it. Tommy told him if he wanted to make it into an angle that’s what he would do, and he nailed him with the mic. Rod Price came out and the two of them attacked Tommy. The lights went out and Enter Sandman played. When the lights came on, Justin Credible was in the ring, with a cane in hand. The heels held Tommy while Justin caned him, much like the infamous angle with the Sandman and Dreamer years ago. Tommy Rogers, Spanish Angel, Kodiak Bear, and numerous workers tried to make the save but were stopped. Finally, Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, Blue Meanie and Super Nova made the save.

The first bout saw Mikey Whipwreck face Jerry Lynn. The match went back and forth for several minutes. Both men gained the upper hand several times. Lynn went for a swinging DDT but Mikey turned it into a Whippersnapper for the pin in about 10 minutes. Afterwards, they shook hands.

Next up was an Italian Vendetta match. The rules were similar to War Games with a partner entering every minute. Tracy Smothers came out first, with flagbearer Big Sally Graziano. Tommy Rogers came in from the other side of the ring, attacking Tracy. The two men brawled until Guido came out, giving the FBI the upper hand. Chris Chetti came out and cleaned house on both heels while Rogers recovered. Tommy Rich was next and took the flag from Sally. He attacked Rogers and Chetti with the flagpole to the back. The third member of the face team came out, the returning JT SMITH!  Rogers hit the Tomikaze on Smothers. Chetti hit the triple jump moonsault on Guido, which also accidentally nailed JT in the process. Rogers hit the Tomikaze on Rich and he and JT pinned Rich. After the bout, JT took the mic, went into the crowd, and sang “Fly Me To The Moon” with his teammates,

Ulf Herrman and Danny Douring (w/ Lance Wright and Equalizer) faced Blue Meanie and Super Nova. The match was actually very good, with Nova and Meanie looking impressive. Meanie slammed Ulf. Nova hit a frog splash and Meanie hit the Meaniesault on Ulf.  Nova and Meanie got the pin on Doring when Meanie picked Doring up like an inverted flapjack and then Nova delivered a facecrusher.

Tammy Lynn Sytch and Chris Candido were next as they faced Tammy Lynn Bytch and Lance Storm. Storm said he was the best 235 pounds “this side of a negative piss test.” He then intro’d “No Silicon Needed” Tammy Bytch. He said that Candido was “4 foot two inches tall and a performance enhanced 241 pounds”. He said that Sytch was ECW’s newest “piece of ass” and said that she came through his, and everyone else’s, locker room.  Stych asked Storm if he was afraid that Chris was gonna kick his ass or that she was going to pin him one more time. Sytch continuously snuck in and nailed crotch shots to help Candido. The women came in after a few minutes and Sytch slammed Bytch. Storm worked over Candido, then tagged in Bytch. She chopped Chris in the corner and he blew it off and tagged Sytch, who nailed Bytch with a snapmare. Storm came in and Sunny Stunnered him, followed by a Stunner on Bytch. Chris did a tope onto Lance, who was on the floor. Sytch then climed to the second rope and did a plancha onto Chris and Lance. Back in the ring, Candido went to hit Storm with a chain but missed. As Storm went to powerbomb Chris, he threw the chain to Sytch, who then nailed Storm with it and pinned him again. Afterwards, she stripped Bytch down to her underwear again.

Masato Tanaka then defeated DVon Dudley in a match that saw Masato take 3 vicious chair shots to the head. After the bout, Bigelow came in and attacked Tanaka.

Joey Style cut the opening of the tv show and out came Alfonso, Sabu, and Rob Van Dam. Alfonso called out Taz and gave him a brand new FTW title if he would help form the new Triple Threat. Taz asked how much money Bill wanted for the belt and Bill told him he just wanted Taz to be the mystery partner. Taz said he wanted to shake Sabu’s hand. Sabu reached out to shake and Taz walked away.

Next up, Balls Mahoney (with Axl Rotten) took on Mike Awesome. Awesome’s injured foot was heavily taped. After a few minutes of exchanging blows, Balls took both men to the floor with a running spinkick. Awesome’s knee buckled and he felt the ACL in his good leg pop. Balls brought him in and pinned him with the Nutcracker Suite. The doctor came out and checked on Awesome. Mike stood up and said that he wanted to say something to ECW fans and said that his body was “F*ed up”. His said his ankle was broken and that he just blew out his ACL. He said he just made a decision right there in the ring that he had to get his body right and that he would see everyone in about a year when he healed up. Balls took the mic and said it would be and honor and privilege to have a match with him when he was healthy again.

Justin Credible (w/ Chastity, Nicole Bass, Jason, Jack Victory, Lance Wright, and Rod Price)  came to the ring. they mocked the Sandman with Bass smoking and Jason drinking a beer. Tommy came to the ring, still bloodied from the earlier attack and said let’s just have an old fashioned Philly Streetfight. Out came Kronos, New Jack and the garbage can. Brawling everywhere. Even the women got involved. new  Jack came off the top with the El Kabong to the head of Price for the pin. Dreamer paid tribute to Sandman by standing on chairs around the building and raising the cane.

Wild Bill Wiles was out to sweep the ring. The broom broke. The crowd chanted, “You f*ed up”. Bill snapped and started screaming at the fans.He said he paid his dues for 3 years and would beat anyone in the back. Out came 911, who chokeslammed Bill. Jeff Jones said that 911 was the only real giant in wrestling. He called anyone out from the back. Out came Spike Dudley. 911 went for a chokeslam and Spike raked his eyes and hit the Acid Drop in 35 seconds. Spike left and 911 completely no sold the move.

The main event saw Douglas, Candido, and Bam Bam Bigelow hit the ring with Francine. (Sunny was up on the stage watching the bout). RVD’s music played and he came out with Sabu and Fonzie. Fonzie went to the back and came out with Masato Tanaka. The match started out with Douglas and RVD. RVD went to do a tope but Candido pulled down the ropes and hit a splash on RVD. Sabu hit Douglas, who was in the first row, directly in front of us, with a huge Air Sabu. Tanaka nailed Bigelow with a Roaring Elbow when the Dudleys came out to help the Threat. The Dudleys laid out Tanaka with 3 D and he was stretchered out. Tommy Rogers, Nova, Meanie, Chetti, and even JT Smith tried to run in but got destroyed. Then the music played, and out came Taz. He took out Candido and Bigelow. Taz T-Boned Douglas.  RVD and Sabu came back in the ring. Taz shook hands with Fonzie. He shook with RVD. Last but not least, Taz and Sabu shook hands and hugged, and the crowd popped huge for it, chanting “ECW”. Sabu and RVD did Taz’s pose while he did theirs.

After the show I bought the two newest Tammy Tshirts. (The front of one is attatched in a jpg). I got to speak to Paul Heyman for a few minutes. He was extremely nice and thanked me for my help in trying to get them on WWOR TV. Unfortunately, I missed seeing Chris and Tammy but there will always be another time.

WCW NITRO 9/14/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: NITRO GIRLS . . . MIKE TENEY is gone, getting “inside info” on THE FOUR HORSEMEN. We cut to MIKE TENEY at the airport where he finds a limo and almost gets killed by a plane taking off as he tries to find out if RIC FLAIR was on the plane . . . footage of the change in attitude of ERNEST MILLER . . . VAN HAMMER — now sporting a retro 70’s “hippy” look vs. ALEX WRIGHT. On cue ERNEST MILLER comes out and destroys Hammer outside the ring. Wright walks off and lets Miller do a rant in the ring. Security comes in and takes him out. They take him off to a police car . . . GENE OKERLUND interviews BRET HART. Hart hobbles out. Hart goes off on “HOLLYWOOD” HOGAN. RODDY PIPER comes out. He says he’s proud if what Hart is saying is sincere . . . SATURN over KENDAL WINDHAM. HORACE, RIGGS, SICKBOY, LODI & KIDMAN wander to the ring. RAVEN appears with KANYON up in the stands. Raven orders them to join him. Saturn says they’re free. Saturn encourages them to stay away from Raven. Raven says to come back and it’s up to him. Riggs and Sick boy walk out. Kidman takes Lodi off . . . SCOTT PUTSKI jobbed to WRATH . . . HOLLYWOOD HOGAN comes to the ring with ERIC BISCHOFF, MISS ELIZABETH & THE DISCIPLE. Hogan says he’s going to beat the Warrior. The Warrior smoke appears again. When it clears out the Disciple is missing . . . KIDMAN vs. JUVENTUD GUERRERA — WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: pretty good match between the two. Kidman wins the title with the Shooting Star Press . . . GENE OKERLUND tries to get JJ DILLION in the dressing room. He wants to know if RIC FLAIR just went into the dressing room. Dillion says he can’t comment because he wants everyone to be surprised . . . comments from JACKIE CHAN. Now get CHAN in a wrestling match and I’ll pay $39.95 for it . . . in the dressing room EDDY GUERRERO arguing with ERIC BISCHOFF. Bischoff says he’s shipping off Guerrero to Japan . . . THE BARBARIAN fell to DAVEY BOY SMITH . . . GENE OKERLUND in the ring with JJ DILLION. Dillion says that BUFF BAGWELL & SCOTT STEINER embarrased themselves and he’s ordering Scott Steiner back in the ring to face RICK STEINER at Halloween Havoc. The lights flickered and dimmed as they were leaving the ring while minaical laughter plays . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . JIM NIEDHART vs. a member of the NWO HOLLYWOOD: the smoke goes off and THE WARRIOR appears in the ring. Niedhart runs off. Warrior has the Disciple at his knees. NWO HOLLYWOOD come out. Warrior makes a speech accepting a match with Hogan at Holloween Havoc. Smoke goes off again and he’s gone with The Disciple . . . NORMON SMILEY & SILVER KING fell to SCOTT STEINER . . . a look at ERIC BISCHOFF challenging ARN ANDERSON to an arm wrestling match for the fate of RIC FLAIR . . . THE GIANT over MENG . . . LEX LUGER vs. SCOTT HALL: Hall is “drunk” again. ERIC BISCHOFF comes out. KONNAN & SCOTT HALL come out. They all interveneand Hall spits up all over Bischoff and the camera . . . JJ DILLION comes to the ring. He calls ARN ANDERSON to the ring. Dillion apologizes to Anderson. Anderson says that he’s finished as a wrestler. He calls out STEVE MCMICHAEL, CHRIS BENOIT and newest Horseman DEAN MALENKO. Anderson says he’s not responsible for what happens next. Anderson calls out the fourth Horseman RIC FLAIR! The crowd goes insane. A teary eyed moment for this reporter. Flair says that the Horsemen are having a party tonight in Greenville, SC. Flair goes off on ERIC BISCHOFF. Flair apologizes for giving up and it won’t happen again. Bischoff comes out. Flair orders Bischoff to fire him since he’s already fired then we go to a commercial . . . DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE comes out to do commentary . . . STING vs. BILL GOLDBERG — WCW WORLD TITLE: HOLLYWOOD HOGAN attacks STING when the ref. isn’t looking. Goldberg spears Sting then jackhammers him for the win. Hogan then attacks Sting. BRET HART makes the save . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: it’s announced that DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE & BRET HART will start the WARGAMES tonight and then who comes in will be chosen at random. A pin/submission can happen at any time in this match . . . in the dressing room we look at ERNEST MILLER trying to get someone . . . CHRIS JERICHO comes out with GENE OKERLUND and challenges BILL GOLDBERG and that he’ll have a title vs. title match with Goldberg tonight . . . ALEX WRIGHT & THE DISCO INFERNO fell to DAVEY BOY SMITH & JIM NIEDHART . . . Gene Okerlund with SCOTT STEINER & BUFF BAGWELL. Steiner says he’s injured and has a doctor’s waiver and can’t wrestle tonight. JJ DILLION comes out and looks at the document, declares it bogus and orders Steiner to wrestle tonight or be barred from WCW for life . . . CHRIS JERICHO vs. BILL GOLDBERG — WCW TV TITLE vs. WCW WORLD TITLE: Jericho is escorted to the ring by his “crack security,” who promptly get him lost. Jericho finally makes it out of the dressing after 5 minutes and the pyrotechnics refuse to go off for him. Eventually he gets to the ring. A short guy who looks like Goldberg comes out wearing a toy “world heavyweight title”. “Goldberg” taps out to the lion-tamer . . . a look at ERNEST MILLER interrupting an interview with THE ARMSTRONG BROTHERS for WCW INTERNATIONAL TV. He attacks both guys and has to be wrestled off as NORMAN SMILEY makes the save . . . ERNEST MILLER over NORMAN SMILEY . . . RICK STEINER vs. SCOTT STEINER: match is stopped half way through as BUFF BAGWELL was injured. They bring out the EMTs. Rick Steiner helps out and as they’re loading Bagwell into the ambulance Scott Steiner attacksh im and Buff Bagwell helps in the attack . . . SILVER KING fell JUVENTUD GUERRERA in a WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE match . . . KONNAN is in the Internet booth. SCOTT HALL comes out and throws a cup of water in his face . . . SATURN vs. RAVEN: KIDMAN dropkicks RAVEN from the top rope and runs off. Saturn gets a 2 and a half count on Raven. Saturn gets the rings of Saturn on Raven but Lodi pulls him off. Raven whips Saturn into the ref. The ref. rolls next to KANYON, who is handcuffed to ringside. Kanyon gets the key and unlocks the handcuffs then flatlines Saturn. He then handcuffs himself again and rolls the ref. Raven is pinning Saturn and gets a 2 and a half count. Saturn gets up and death vally drivers LODI through a table. Raven ddts Saturn for a two and a half count. Saturn death valley drivers Raven and gets the pin . . . word comes that JIM DUGGAN came through his cancer surgery okay and had his kidney removed. They say the doctors feel they got all the cancer . . . DEAN MALENKO vs. CURT HENNIG: match is thrown out when RICK RUDE interferes. ARN ANDERSON makes the save but gets double teamed. They work on his arm since he’s having an arm wrestling match with ERIC BISCHOFF on THUNDER that if he wins RIC FLAIR can come back to wrestling in WCW . . . SCOTT HALL vs. KONNAN: Hall is “drunk” in the wrong ring. Hall taps out in the worst match in the history of the world . . . WARGAMES: BRET HART & DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE start the match for 5 minutes. STEVIE RAY is the next guy in. STING follows. RODDY PIPER is up next. LEX LUGER makes his way to the ring. KEVIN NASH completes NWO WOLFPAC’s entry. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN comes to ringside and forces his way into the cage. Hogan uses a slapjack (blackjack) on the WCW guys and the NWO HOLLYWOOD guys. The smoke starts up and the ring fills with smoke. THE WARRIOR appears and Hogan attacks him from behind. The smoke goes off again and the Warrior is gone. The Warrior then runs out of the dressing room. THE DISCIPLE pulls Hogan out of the cage then locks the cage. Warrior takes on STEVIE RAY. Bret Hart makes his way up to his feet. Warrior destroys the side of the cage to get to Hogan. He jumps out of the cage and destroys Hogan & the Disciple. Back in the cage DDP pins Stevie Ray for the title shot at Goldberg at HALLOWEEN HAVOCK . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: JEFF JARRETT vs. EDGE: SOUTHERN JUSTICE come to ringside and give Jarrett a guitar. Jarrett uses it on Edge and is DQ’d . . . BRADSHAW over PUKE . . . a look at the situation between THE UNDERTAKER & KANE vs. STEVE AUSTIN . . . MIGEL PEREZ JR. fell to MARC MERO . . . INSANE CLOWN POSSE with THE ODDITIES . . . THE ODDITIES vs. DOA: Oddities are DQ’d when Insane Clown Posse tries to save GOLGA by attacking DOA. They get destroyed . . . comments from THE ROCK . . . a replay of the LION’S DEN match from SUMMERSLAM . . . SOUTHERN JUSTICE over TOO MUCH . . . DUSTIN RUNNELLS fell to VADER when he was distracted by VAL VENIS . . . footage of SABLE in action . . . AL SNOW & HEAD come to the ring. PAT PATTERSON, JERRY BRISCO & COMMISH SLAUGHTER come out. Slaughter orders Snow out of the head. Snow ends up nailing Patterson below the belt Head, while appointing Head the WWF Commish, then storms out . . . THE HEADBANGERS vs. D’LO BROWN & MARK HENRY: CHYNA attacks Henry, causing the DQ of the Headbangers. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY pull her off Henry . . . DX over KE IN TAI . . .

ECW 9/12/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: we start with BILL ALPHONSO in the ring. He calls out TAZ, saying Taz owes him a favor. He asks Taz for help. Before they can shake hands SHANE DOUGLAS leads THE TRIPLE THREAT out. Douglas says that Taz couldn’t cut it in the Triple Threat. The Threat jumps Taz and Fonzie. Taz leaves the ring and SABU & ROB VAN DAM make the save . . . a look at TAMMY BITCH vs. TAMMY SYTCH . . . comments from TAMMY BITCH & LANCE STORM . . . JERRY LYNN over MIKEY WHIPWRECK . . . TOMMY DREAMER over DANNY DORING in match where Doring’s entorage interefered. BLUE MEANIE & SUPER NOVA make the save . . . MASATO TANAKA vs. BAM BAM BIGELOW: ROB VAN DAM & SABU attack Bigelow then put him through a table and they help Tanaka get the win . . .

WCW 9/7/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: NWO HOLLYWOOD with HOLLYWOOD HOGAN and COMPANY go crazy in the locker room as THE WARRIOR left a cryptic message on the wall of Hogan’s dressing room. A member of NWO HOLLYWOOD was taken out in an ambulance. Hogan & company storm the ring. They want Warrior to come out. Hogan says that BRET HART is off his team at WARGAMES and THE GIANT is on it. Hogan says that there’s no way Warrior can get through THE DISCIPLE and THE GIANT . . . Word comes that SCOTT NORTON & BRYAN ADAMS were taken to the hospital . . . KONNAN over BULL PAINE . . . a look at last week’s NITRO . . . JJ DILLION comes out and says that since Hogan signed a contract that BRET HART will be on his team, he’s legally bound to have Hart on his team . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . GENE OKERLUND with DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE. Page says he’s not going to join KEVIN NASH’S NWO. Nash comes out. Page says he can’t see how LEX LUGER or STING can trush Nash. They come out. Luger says that Page should be flattered to be a part of the NWO WOLFPAC. Sting & Luger challenge Page and a partner to a match. Page says he and RODDY PIPER will take them on . . . RODDY PIPER with GENE OKERLUND. Piper says he’s on his own team at WARGAMES . . . a NITRO GIRLS video . . . LENNY LANE fell to WRATH . . . we cut to the locker room with VINCENT showing Hogan & ERIC BISCHOFF taht THE DISCIPLE was hung by his boots from the ceiling of Hogan’s dressing room . . . BRET HART comes to the ring. VINCENT, STEVIE RAY & CURT HENNIG come out. STING comes out with a baseball bat and warns off NWO HOLLYWOOD. Sting gives the bat to Hart and turns his back. Hart throws down the bat. Sting walks off . . . comments from RICK STEINER . . . comments from SCOTT STEINER. He’s set to take on EVEN KOURAGOUS. He destroys Kouragous . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . HECTOR GARZA fell to JUVENTUD GUERRERA in a WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE match . . . RICK RUDE & CURT HENNIG come out and dis ARN ANDERSON to Gene Okerlund . . . CHAOS fell to ERNEST MILLER . . . CHRIS ADAMS fell to STEVIE RAY . . . another NITRO GIRLS video . . . RIGGS vs. KANYON: RAVEN orders LODI to order SATURN to face Riggs instead of Kanyon. Saturn gets the win. Raven orders Lodi to order Saturn to break Riggs’ fingers. Raven says if he won’t break Riggs’ fingers then he must let Raven break his fingers. Saturn says to break them. Kanyon attacks him from behind then they break Saturn’s fingers . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . CHRIS JERICHO over JIM NIEDHART . . . EDDY GUERRERO comes out and says he had a back injury in his match with BRYAN ADAMS last week. He says that in his contract WCW is responsible for his injury but can’t wrestle because he’s hurt he’s going to take the night off . . . CURT HENNIG vs. DEAN MALENKO — CAGE MATCH: Match is thrown out when RICK RUDE & NWO HOLLYWOOD interefere. ARN ANDERSON makes the save of Malenko when the NWO tries to slam Malenko’s head in the door . . . SCOTT PUTSKI fell to BILL GOLDBERG . . . DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE & RODDY PIPER over STING & LEX LUGER when SCOTT HALL came into the ring and destroyed Page . . . HOLLYWOOD HOGAN & THE GIANT come to the ring. Hogan says that if the Warrior can handle the Giant he can get in the ring with him. Hogan calls down the steel cage. Smoke goes off. When it clears out the Warrior is sitting on a chair in the ring with the Giant out cold. ERIC BISCHOFF comes down and locks the cage door after Hogan flees. The smoke goes off again and when it clears out the Warrior is gone . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: RICK FULLER fell to MARTY JANNETTY . . . a look at SATURN & LODI defeating HIGH VOLTAGE from WCW NITRO . . . LENNY LANE fell to KAZ HAYASHI . . . a look at THE GIANT & STEVIE RAY attacking DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE last week on THUNDER and KONNAN saving him . . . DISORDELRY CONDUCT fell to HIGH VOLTAGE . . . WRATH over BARRY HORROWITZ . . . a “one on one” look at SATURN . . . RAVEN vs. MENG: KANYON announces that it’s Raven’s rules and it’s a handicap match so SICK BOY & RIGGS will take on MENG. He then sends HORACE in. Meng wins then Raven orders Lodi to send SATURN, who is Lodi’s servant, to go get Meng. Saturn does great against Meng until Kanyon attacks him from behind and they leave Saturn to Meng . . . SATURN vs. KANYON: Saturn is still down from the attack by Meng. Lodi orders Saturn to take a flatliner from Kanyon. He does and he gets pinned . . . BRYAN ADAMS vs. DEAN MALENKO: CURT HENNIG & RICK RUDE attack Malenko before the match starts. The Trio destroy him and leave him down . . . SCOTTY RIGGS fell to NORMAN SMILEY . . . SCOTT & STEVE ARMSTRONG fell to ALEX WRIGHT & THE DISCO INFERNO . . . THE GIANT & STEVIE RAY vs. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE & KONNAN: NWO HOLLYWOOD jump Konnan & DDP. BILL GOLDBERG makes the save . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: VAL VENIS vs. D’LO BROWN — WWF EUROPEAN TITLE: Val is DQ’d the attacks the ref. . . . MICHAEL COLE with MANKIND. They’re out by the Hearse that Austin destroyed. Mankind says that it was his hearse and he was going to stuff Kane in it. He’s very angry now . . . INSANE CLOWN POSSE does a number and dance with LUNA & THE ODDITIES . . . THE ODDITIES over KEI EN TAI . . . DOK HENDRIX with SHAWN MIACHELS . . . X-POC vs. JEFF JARRETT — HAIR vs. HAIR: HOWARD FINKEL, who had his head shaved earlier, comes out with X-Poc. SOUTHERN JUSTICE come back to the ring (after COMMISSIONER SLAUGHTER had thrown them out earlier). DENNIS KNIGHT tries to use a guitar on X-POC, but X-Poc ducks and knocks out Knight then takes the guitar. He uses it on Jarrett and gets the win since the ref. didn’t see it. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS, PUKE & THE HEADBANGERS come out to hold Jarrett for his head shaving . . . DOK HENDRIX takes a tour of the LION’S DEN mini-octogon . . . comments from ROCKY MIAVIA . . . MARC MERO & JACKIE fell to SABLE & EDGE . . . Dok Hendrix with THE UNDERTAKER. The Undertaker says he stands alone tonight . . . comments from MANKIND in the dressing room area. He says he’s lost his car and that it looks like he lost his partner tonight so he’s probably going to forfeit the WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES. VINCE MCMAHON comes out and tells Mankind that if he were to defeat THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS by himself tonight he’d make history. Mankind is convinced and storms off wanting them . . . a look at the LION’S DEN match . . . OWEN HART vs. KEN SHAMROCK — LION’S DEN MATCH from the MSG THEATER: Hart taps out to the ankle lock . . . comments from STEVE AUSTIN . . . THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS vs. MANKIND — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES — FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: The Outlaws take the belts after a spike piledriver. They then throw Mankind into a dumpster and close it. KANE pops up from it and uses a sledgehammer on Mankind then rolls the dumpster to the dressing room . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY vs. ROCKY MIAVIA — WWF I.C. TITLE — LADDER MATCH: Hunter wins after Chyna low blows Rocky on the ladder and Hunter gets to the top to get the belt . . . THE UNDERTAKER vs. STEVE AUSTIN — WWF WORLD TITLE: Mid-way through the match KANE comes to ringside and the Undertaker sends him back to the dressing room. Austin wins with the stone cold stunner . . .

WWF HEAT 8/30/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: SHAWN MICHAELS came out to commentate and the crowd went nuts . . . LOD 2000 vs. BRIAN CHRISTOPHER & SCOTT TAYLOR: it was scheduled to be PUKE & ANIMAL vs. Taylor & Christopher but a drunken HAWK comes out in his LOD 2000 mask. Taylor pins Animal . . . SHAWN MICHAELS interviews SABLE. Sable says she’s not going to tell him who her mystery partner is going to be. She says it’s not going to be one of THE ODDITIES. She asks Shawn to dance. He dances. Remember Sable can’t dance, don’t ask her . . . DUSTIN RHODES vs. GANGREL: they announce that RAW will be on Saturday. Gangrel gets an easy win . . . a look at problems between MARIO LOPEZ of “PACIFIC BLUE” and VAL VENIS . . . comments from VINCE MCMAHON. He says that he’s not going to let STEVE AUSTIN spoil things for him . . . JEFF JARRETT & SOUTHERN JUSTICE cut HOWARD FINKEL’S hair . . . DOA over VADER & BRADSHAW when Bradshaw hit his own partner. Bradshaw and Vader brawled after the match . . . Vince McMahon & CRONIES confront STEVE AUSTIN, who is holding a sledgehammer. He says he’s not going to let Kane attack him from behind ever again . . . a replay of the HIGHWAY TO HELL video from Monday Night RAW . . . ROCKY MIAVIA comes out to confront SHAWN MICHAELS. Micahels got in the ring and joined DX in attacking Rocky & THE NOD . . . STEVE AUSTIN storms the building as a hearse drives up. Austin starts to destroy it with the sledgehammer. Then he attacks it with a forklift . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: Missed the first 10 minutes . . . SCOTT PUTSKI fell to WRATH . . . comments from STEVIE RAY . . . MIKE ENOS looked good and defeated PULL PAINE . . . THE DISCO INFERNO fell to ERNEST MILLER. After the match Miller says he’s not a wrestler, he’s a 3 time world karate champion. So no one can stop him. He’s the real deal. He’s the greatest. Can we go to commercial? We do . . . SILVERKING fell to KONNAN. NWO HOLLYWOOD comes out and says that they’ll send one guy in to beat Konnan up. Konnan says for them all to come in then sneaks out of the ring as they’re getting in . . . an interview with DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE . . . EVAN KOURAGEOUS fell to KAZ HAYOSHI. SONNY ONNO comes out and watches Hayoshi . . . LODI has a microphone and calls out SATURN. He says he’s gonna challenge Saturn to a match because Saturn broke his fingers. Saturn says that RAVEN broke Lodi’s fingers. Lodi says Saturn is scared of him and if Saturn loses he has to be Lodi’s personal servant until the pay per view. If Lodi loses he’ll leave the flock. Saturn attacks him. THE FLOCK interferes. Raven comes out to the ring entrance. Saturn gets Lodi pinned but Raven attacks him. KANYON attacks Saturn then shakes Raven’s hand. He puts Lodi on top of Saturn. Lodi gets the pin and Saturn is the slave until the pay per view . . . TONY SCHIVANE offers a tribute to JACK BRICKHOUSE, a legendary announcer who worked for WCW in the early 90’s, who passed away recently . . . SCOTT NORTON destroyed JIM NIEDHART . . . ALEX WRIGHT fell to CHRIS JERICHO in a WCW WORLD TV TITLE . . . VAN HAMMER fell to CURT HENNIG . . . STEVIE RAY vs. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE: VINCENT came in and Ray was DQ’d. THE GIANT came in. KONNAN made the save of Page . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE UNDERTAKER & KANE arrive at the building . . . Kane & the Undertaker come to the ring. VINCE MCMAHON follows. Vince says he told us all the truth about Kane & the Undertaker. McMahon asks if he’s friend or foe and that the Undertaker will have to answer that before the night is over. PAUL BEARER comes out. Bearer wants Kane to rejoin him then insults his mother. He asks Kane to destroy the Undertaker as one last thing for him. The Undertaker attacks Bearer and Kane turns his back. MANKIND comes out and The Undertaker and Kane double team him. STEVE AUSTIN comes out. He says he knows he doesn’t have much of a chance taking on both guys at Summerslam because he’s going to take one of the two out tonight . . . KEN SHAMROCK over DAN SEVERN when OWEN HART interfered. Shamrock went into a rage and belly to bellied STEVE BLACKMON, who made the save. Blackmon returned the favor . . . MANKIND comes to the ring. He says he’s going to fight KANE in a HELL IN A CELL match tonight . . . SABLE comes out and dances with THE ODDITIES. MARC MERO comes out to face KURRGAN. THE ODDITIES are sent to the back. BTW, Sable can’t dance, don’t ask her. Mero low blows Kurrgan while JACKIE attacks Sable. THE ODDITIES run out and make the save . . . X-POC urinates in JEFF JARRETT’S shoes . . . SOUTHERN JUSTICE vs. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS: a drunken HAWK does commentary. Jeff Jarrett comes down and wants X-Poc. The Outlaws lose then they and Jarrett shave the head of a cameraman . . . KANE vs. MANKIND — HELL IN THE CELL — STEVE AUSTIN, who was hiding under the ring, attacks KANE. THE UNDERTAKER makes the save . . . comments from THE UNDERTAKER. He says that Austin will face his destiny tonight . . . CHYNA vs. ROCKY MIAVIA: DX is locked in the dressing room because a forklift is blocking it. The NOD come to the ring and hold Chyna down to get a kiss from the Rock. But he won’t do it so he makes MARK HENRY do it but SHAWN MICHAELS makes the save of Chyna. Michaels gives Chyna a chair then leaves . . . VAL VENIS vs. TAKA MICHINOKU — HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY charges the ring and takes both guys out with chairs. He then rants about the Rocky Miavia . . . a “HIGHWAY TO HELL” video featuring Steve Austin & the Undertaker . . . GANGREL vs. X-POC: JEFF JARRETT came in and hit X-Poc over the head with a guitar to get Gangrel DQ’d. Hunter Hearst Helmsly & CHYNA made the save of X-Poc. After that was cleared up EDGE attacked Gangrel . . . JUSTIN HAWK BRADSHAW fell to BILLY GUNN in the BRAWL FOR ALL finals . . . comments from VINCE MCMAHON . . . DRUIDS bring out a casket. THE UNDERTAKER comes out and says he’ll take the WWF title at SUMMERSLAM. VINCE MCMAHON comes out and asks if he’s friend or foe. McMahon goes to shake his hand and the Undertaker chokeslams him. STEVE AUSTIN pops out of the casket, followed by KANE, Kane attacks Austin and Austin runs up the ring entrance ramp, which lights up with a line of fire stretching from the top of the ramp to the ring . . .


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