The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #40, Oct. 19, 1998

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #40, Oct. 19, 1998
(Another Catch up issue)
WHAT YOU MISSED: AL SNOW w/HEAD vs. MARC MERO: JEFF JARRETT comes to the ring. Jarrett distracts the ref. before the match and Mero attacks Snow. Snow gets the win with the snowplow . . . DOA & PAUL ELLERING vs. LOD 2000: That’s HAWK, ANIMAL & DROZ. Hawk is now an alternate for the LOD until he gets his problems taken care of and DROZ comes to the ring in face paint. The LOD 200O get the win . . . CHRISTIAN vs. TAKA MICHINOKU — WWF LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Christian wins in an upset . . . an interview with DROZ, he disses HAWK for not being “first string” . . . VAL VENIS vs. GOLDUST: Goldust wins with a kick to the groin err “the shattered dream” . . . X-POC vs. D’LO BROWN — WWF EUROPEAN TITLE: X-POC regains the European title . . . THE HEADBANGERS vs. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: The ref. blocks ROAD DOG from getting in the ring the whole match. Road Dog ends up using their boom box on them to make the save of BILLY GUNN. Headbangers get the win but not the titles . . . comments from MANKIND and MR. SOCKO . . . MANKIND vs. KEN SHAMROCK — WWF I.C. TITLE: Mankind applies the mandible claw to HIMSELF and submits . . . comments from THE BIG BOSSMAN. MICHAEL COLE tries to get to VINCE MCMAHON instead but the Bossman stops him . . . MARK HENRY vs. ROCKY MIAVIA: Henry recites a poem to CHYNA. Henry gets the win when D’LO BROWN holds Miavia’s feet down . . . THE UNDERTAKER vs. KANE — to fill the WWF TITLE: KANE chokeslams ref. STEVE AUSTIN then THE UNDERTAKER helps to attack him. The Undertaker then low blows Kane from behind. PAUL BEARER comes out with a chair. Bearer wants to hit THE UNDERTAKER with a chair. He then hits Kane with the chair. Kane attacks him but the Undertaker attacks Kane from behind then high fives Bearer for the pin. Austin refuses to count the three. He stone cold stunners The Undertaker then counts both the Undertaker and Kane down and announces that he’s the winner of the match and raises his own hand. He demands VINCE MCMAHON to come out. McMahon won’t come out so he goes to find McMahon. The cameras follow him back to the dressing room. He can’t find him so he goes back to the ring. McMahon appears in a Plexiglas area behind the TITONTRON. McMahon advises everyone to take a photo of Austin because that’s the last they’re going to see of him. McMahon fires Austin. Austin tells him to say it again. Austin says that it’s got to be a rib since McMahon didn’t have the guts to do it. He says that he might not be in the ring again but he hasn’t seen the last of Steve Austin. Austin drinks one last beer for the fans . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: STEVE BLACKMON over BRADSHAW. After the match THE BLUE BLAZER attacked Blackmon . . . THE ODDITIES over LOS BORIQUAS. After the match THE HEAD BANGERS attacked THE INSANE CLOWN POSSE. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS made the save . . . FAROOQ vs. THE GODFATHER: The Godfather offers Farooq a prostitute “for a small fee” instead of wrestling. Farooq chooses one then attacks Kama. D’LO BROWN & MARK HENRY come to ringside. Kama gets the win then D’lo and Henry attack him. ROCKY MIAVIA makes the save . . . THE JACKYAL approaches FAROOQ during the break and they walk to the dressing room together . . . VAL VENIS comes out to commentate . . . an interview with PAUL BEARER. He says he’s here for the food . . . JEFF JARRETT vs. SCORPIO: a messenger presents Venis with a gold athletic supporter during the match. Venis storms off. AL SNOW comes out and sticks HEAD in the ref.’s back pocket. Jarrett looks at head and is rolled up for the win . . . STEVE AUSTIN tries to enter the building. He is denied entry and is taken to a special “REFEREES ROOM.” It’s a slightly bigger broom closet . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY, X-POC & CHYNA come to the ring to present the Intercontinental Title to KEN SHAMROCK. COMMISSIONER SLAUGHTER orders Chyna & X-Poc to the dressing room. Slaughter introduces PAT PATTERSON. Helmsly hands the belt to Shamrock. He gets out of the ring and tells Shamrock to “suck it” . . . VINCE MCMAHON is wheeled into the building . . . KEN SHAMROCK attacks HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY in Helmsly’s car . . .  VINCE MCMAHON arrives on the ring entrance with THE BIG BOSSMAN and two security guards armed with k-9 units. McMahon claims the American way is to kiss up to your boss. He asks STEVE AUSTIN to do so and says that Austin will never get a chance to get a shot at the WWF title again. The crowd chants something repeatable. McMahon says it’ll be “Stone Cold screwing Stone Cold” if anything bad happened. He says no one has the guts to defy Vince McMahon . . .

ECW 10/17/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: CHRIS CANDIDO & TAMMY LYNN SYTCH come to the ring. MIKEY WHIPRECK comes to the ring and praises both along with JERRY LYNN, who is in the ring for a match with Candido. Whipwreck wants to wrestle Lynn. Whipwreck gets in the face of Lynn and then leaves. Candido says he wants a fair and square match and sends Tammy back to the dressing room. LANCE STORM & TAMMY LYNN BYTCH attack the ref. and double team Candido. TAMMY LYNN SYTCH makes the save but is taken out by a loaded purse. Mikey Whipwreck returns to the ring to take on Storm but gets taken out by a faceful of powder. He whippersnappers Tammy Lynn Bytch then Tammy Lynn Sytch. Jerry Lynn gets in the ring. Storm hits Lynn with a chair. Storm leaves the ring as Candido pins Jerry Lynn . . . a look at the end of last week’s show with THE NEW TRIPLE THREAT fighting THE TRIPLE THREAT . . . LANCE STORM vs. ROB VAN DAM — ECW WORLD TV TITLE: VAN DAM gets the hard fought win . . . comments from JOEL GERTNER & SIGN GUY DUDLEY & THE DUDLEYS . . . JUSTIN CREDIBLE’S TEAM vs. TOMMY DREAMER’S TEAM — EXTREME DEATH MATCH: ROD PRICE attacks dreamer. JOHN KRONUS makes the save. JACK VICTORY comes in and NEW JACK makes the save. It turns into a wild brawl all over the building . . . comments from FRANCINE . . . THE ONE MAN GANG comes out and interferes. SPIKE DUDLEY tries to make the save and puts the OMG through a table with the ACID DROP and gets a pin for the win . . .

ECWA Newport, DE, 10/17/98 by Jeff Amdur (
Several successful title defenses, as well as the first-ever ECWA scaffold match highlighted the East Coast Wrestling Association card that was held at the St. Matthew’s Parish Hall in Newport, DE, on October 17, 1998.  These are the quick results.  Stay tuned to these boards for more detailed results from other Net types.

Attendance estimated at 450-500.  Seen around the arena scouting talent for his MCW championship stable: PLATINUM NAT. Seen at the gimmick tables: DON MONTOYA. Seen behind the scenes gathering info for future PWI articles: BRANDI MANKIEWICZ.  At ringside taking pictures: BERNIE DIEHL and a couple of other folks whose names I didn’t know.

Ring announcers/play-by-play guys:  BILLY K and CHUCK RISTANO.  Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR (Hey, that’s me!).  Referees: BOB DENSMORE, PAUL TURNER, ROCK AUSTIN and LARRY PEACE.  Conspicuous by his absence, possibly still locked in a men’s room stall or a storage closet from last month: ECWA commissioner RICHARD NAEGELE.


In a match contested under lucha libre rules (and as one who has seen lucha in Mexico many times, this was a genuine lucha-style match), “LIGHTNING” MIKE QUACKENBUSH pinned JEFF PETERSON in 11:14.

Ring announcer CHUCK RISTANO announced that because of the danger of the match involved, scaffold match participants J.J. THE RING GUY and MONSIEUR OOH LA LA would have to come to the ring to sign a waiver absolving the ECWA, Renttek Productions, and the St. Matthew’s Parish Hall of any responsibility for any injuries incurred during this match.  As Ooh came to ringside, his manager BARRY CASINO announced “We will not sign”, and Ooh headed toward the back.  J.J. tried to charge Ooh; but his fellow ring crew members held him back.

A king-of-the ring rumble ended in a dead heat in 8:21as the last two wrestlers remaining, “THE CELEBRITY” CHRIS KRUEGER (with E.S. EASTON) and J.R. RYDER, wound up going over the top with their feet touching the arena floor at the exact same moment.  Others, in order of elimination with the times eliminated: MR. X (2:44), THE PERSIAN PRINCE (4:14), SCOTT FURY (5:17), COWBOY JOHNNY BLAZE (5:41), JEFF PETERSON (6:18), SWEET MISTER E (6:41), CARNAGE (6:53), TOMMY GOLDEN (7:02), TWIGGY RAMIREZ (7:24), THE COMMANDO (8:01).

Trying once again to get that contract waiver signed, CHUCK RISTANO again called MONSIEUR OOH LA LA and J.J. THE RING CREW GUY to the ring.  The purple-clad Ooh grabbed and tore up a “Barney” sign that the ring crew was holding up.  Once again, futility as Ooh got in a punch at J.J.  Once again Ooh ran out as the ring crew restrained J.J.

In a three-way dance, THE INFERNO KID retained his Mid-Atlantic title by scoring a pin over “THE CELEBRITY” CHRIS KRUEGER (with E.S. EASTON and THE COMMANDO) in 15:11 after Krueger had pinned J.R. RYDER in 11:30.  Commando had interfered, thinking he was tripping up Inferno; but managed to trip up Krueger instead.  Commando and Krueger had words after the match.

Trying once again to get that waiver signed, ring announcer Ristano now calls up ECWA honcho JIM KETTNER to the ring.  It was announced that MONSIEUR OOH LA LA (with BARRY CASINO) would have ten seconds to come to the ring, or he would be suspended for life from the ECWA.  Ooh and Barry came out this time wearing protective headgear, which they eventually took off.  Ooh once again got in a punch at J.J. THE RING CREW GUY; but this time the ring crew couldn’t hold J.J. back and J.J. went ballistic, throwing both his ring crew buddies and a couple of referees out of the ring.  Ooh and Barry once again ran for cover; but this time the ring crew folks blocked their entrance to the back and forced La La back to the ring.  Kettner signaled for me to ring the bell, and a brawl ensued that had Ooh and J.J. fighting through the crowd before getting to the scaffold, which was in the area near the stage, thus not even giving the scaffold a chance to be wheeled out to the ring area.  They both wound up mounting the scaffold and brawling for several minutes before they both fell off the scaffold to the stage area.  At that time Kettner announced that he would not have this match end in no contest, saying that the first wrestler to get back up to the top of the scaffold would be declared the winner.  J.J. managed to pull Ooh down off the ladder area, and it was J.J. who eventually made it to the top.  An impressive victory in his very first pro match for the ring crew guy.

As a result, J.J. will be allowed to wrestle in the ECWA, and Ooh will have to spend the next show (November 28) as a member of the ring crew.

After the intermission THE MASTER came to ringside and presented a special videotape message from KODIAK BEAR, who had been thrown out of the ECWA for his actions in crippling BOOGIE WOOGIE BROWN at the last show.  Kodiak said he’d like to apologize to all involved for his actions; but since wrestling is a contact sport, he will offer no apologies.  He acknowledged that Kodiak Bear has wrestled his last match in ECWA; but that the next show will include the debut of a new wrestler BOOGIE WOOGIE BEAR.  Master has found one of his famous loopholes, as the taped segment showed Bear dressed as Boogie Woogie and prancing around to BWBrown’s “Sweet Home Chicago” theme.  Master then called Boogie Woogie Bear out, but as the music played, instead came out Boogie Woogie Brown.  As BWB readied to zap on Master, he was attacked by SHAWN STASIAK and ANDREW MARTIN.  GLENN OSBOURNE eventually came to the ring to make the save.

RECKLESS YOUTH, still claiming to be both King of Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic titleholder since he himself was never pinned in last month’s 3-way dance, pinned MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER in 15:58, as referee PAUL TURNER didn’t see Reckless use the middle ropes for leverage during the pin.

CHRISTIAN CAGE defended his ECWA heavyweight belt with a 10:07 pin fall victory over fellow WWF developmental wrestler SHAWN STASIAK.  (Do we call him “Shawn the Mawn” or what?)

ECWA video maven “FLYIN'” RYAN O’BRIEN then came to ringside to present a video salute to the ECWA wrestlers who made the PWI 500.  Reckless Youth was the highest rated at number 50, which, incidentally, was three spots higher than HOLLYWOOD HOGAN.

GLENN OSBOURNE won by disqualification over ANDREW MARTIN (with THE MASTER) in 2:10.  The dq itself was for Master’s interference; but after the match, SHAWN STASIAK joined Martin and Master in stomping Osbourne.  CHRISTIAN CAGE came out, ostensibly to make the save; but he wound up joining in the pummeling of Osbourne before he himself turned on Martin and Stasiak.

In a main event that included chair shots, incredible staying power and three referees (the first two having been knocked out), “SUPERSTAR” LANCE DIAMOND used the aid of an ultimate chairshot to score the pin fall win over “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS (making his ECWA debut) IN 25:31.

After the match, Diamond gloated over Stevie, saying that Stevie represented everything he hated in wrestling: the mannerisms, the shorts, and “that group he wrestled with for three years”.  Offering Stevie the “unique” opportunity to shake his hand, Lance instead tried and missed with a clothesline.  Stevie, ducking the clothesline, finally landed the Stevie kick that Lance had been ducking during the entire match.  With Diamond out cold, Stevie took the mike and told him that he (Lance)may have won tonight, but that he (Stevie) has arrived into Lance’s world and he was “going to take over”, which got wild cheers from the crowd.

ECWA will run again at St. Matthew’s on Saturday, November 28 back at the usual 7 p.m. bell time.  Keep tuned to these boards for more information.

MCW Salisbury, 10/16/98 by Jeff Amdur (
The current Maryland Championship Wrestling titleholders retained their belts in matches with controversial finishes as MCW invaded the Blair Lee Crockett Armory in Salisbury, MD, for the first time on October 16, 1998.

Attendance estimated at 200.  Overseeing for the Maryland State Athletic Commission:  PAT PANNELLA.  MCW Commissioner at ringside: JACK ADONIS.  Ring announcer: STEVE VENTURELLA.  Timekeeper: JEFF AMDUR (Hey, that’s me!). Referees: DAVE “THE WAVE”, BARRY ROBERTS and JOHN RILEY.


CHRISTIAN YORK pinned CUEBALL CARMICHAEL (with MAD DOG O’MALLEY) in 7:00, as Cueball’s crashing into his second right before the end didn’t help matters any.  After the match, Cueball and Mad Dog argued, with the end result of Q’s being the victim of a Dog splash.


JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS pinned MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER in 9:11, as referee JOHN RILEY didn’t notice Joey’s using the middle ring ropes for leverage during the pinning combination.


AXL ROTTEN and THE HEADBANGERS came out to talk to the spectators.  Axl reiterated that Salisbury would now be a regular stop for MCW, and the Bangers reiterated that their next appearance here would be as WWF tag champs after their ppv match on Sunday with the New Age Outlaws.

ADAM FLASH pinned 2-DOPE (with SIDESWIPE & SUCKA PUNCH) in 6:58.

ROMEO VALENTINO retained his MCW heavyweight championship with a controversial pin fall victory over BRUISER in 10:27.  Ref. JOHN RILEY was temporarily ko’d during the match, and the MCW crowd-control staffer at ringside plonked Bruiser with a chair, enabling Romeo to pin him easily when the ref. came to. This is the same crowd control guy that had plonked CORPORAL PUNISHMENT with a chair five days before to enable Romeo to win the title in the first place. After the match, there was a heated argument between Bruiser and MCW head JACK ADONIS, which got Bruiser absolutely nowhere.

This was followed by the STUD LEE OSBORNE interview segment.  Following the usual Stud Lee critical appraisal of the spectators, PLATINUM NAT appeared to extol the cleanliness, purity, and natural beauty of the “virginal” (yeah, right) valette BOBCAT.

THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, a.k.a. MCW tag-team champions “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO & “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ (with PLATINUM NAT & BOBCAT), kept their belts with a disqualification victory over THE HEADBANGERS (MOSH & THRASHER) in 12:18.  Ref. DAVE “THE WAVE” got in the way of a charging wrestler and was down on the mat as the Bangers executed their patented off-the-top-rope finishing maneuver.  Another ref., JOHN RILEY, came to the ring to count for the pin.  As the Bangers were being announced as new champs, original ref. (and also MCW senior official) Dave came to and reversed the decision, disqualifying Mosh and Thrasher for pushing him in the way of the charging wrestler.  This did not set well with the Headbangers who beat up on Dave and zapped him with a pile driver, leaving him in the middle of the ring to be helped out by Jack Adonis and yours truly.

MCW returns to the Blair Lee Crockett Armory on Friday, November 6, with an 8 p.m. bell time, in a card featuring KING KONG BUNDY and a title defense by JIMMY CICERO & JULIO SANCHEZ.  More details will be given as they become available on these boards and also by calling the MCW Eastern Shore hotline at 410-270-0397.

From Jeff the MCW timekeeper.

WCW THUNDER 10/14/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: SICK BOY vs. VAN HAMMER: who cares? Hammer gets the win . . . a look at recent events between ERIC BISCHOFF & THE FOUR HORSEMEN . . . KONNAN over LA PARKA . . . FIT FINLEY over RIGGS . . . KAZ HAYASHI fell to KIDMAN . . . a look at the problems between SCOTT STEINER & MARCUS ALEXANDER BAGWELL followed by CHUCKIE (yes the lame doll from the movies), threatening RICK STEINER . . . a look at HOLLYWOOD HOGAN vs. THE WARRIOR . . . ERNEST MILLER bad mouths everyone . . . PRINCE IUKEA fell to CHAVO GUERRERO JR. . . . an interview with DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE . . . STEVIE RAY fell to DEAN MALENKO by DQ when SCOTT NORTON & VINCENT attacked Malenko. THE HORSEMEN mad the save . . .

WWF RAW 10/12/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: footage of VINCE MCMAHON arriving at the arena in his Corvette then being wheeled into the arena by SLAUGHTER, PATTERSON & BRISCO — THE STOOGES. MCMAHON and the Stooges then go an monitor who is entering the building on closed circuit TV . . . LOD 2000 w/HAWK vs. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Before the match BILLY GUNN says he’s not leaving DX. DROZ & ANIMAL are now the main tag team. Hawk says that he’s sober and that he was hooked on pain pills but is fine now and that he’s an alternate. DOA & PAUL ELLERING attack the LOD 2000 outside the ring while inside the ring THE HEADBANGERS attack THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS. Match is thrown out . . . KANE comes to the arena alone . . . STEVE BLACKMON vs. KEN SHAMROCK — WWF I-C TITLE TOURNY ROUND 1: Shamrock destroys Blackmon. THE BLUE BLAZER attacked Blackmon after the match . . . THE UNDERTAKER arrives alone . . . a look at GOLDUST . . . VAL VENIS over MARC MERO. After the match MZ. JACKIE attacked TERRI RUNNELS . . . PAUL BEARER arrives at the arena by himself . . . an interview with SABLE. After the interview she storms Jackie’s dressing room and  . . . STEVE AUSTIN arrives in a cement mixing truck . . . MANKIND over MARK HENRY in round 1 of the I-C title tourney . . . JEFF JARRETT vs. X-POC — WWF I-C TOURNY ROUND 1: AL SNOW & HEAD interferes behind the ref.’s back and X-Poc gets the win . . . STEVE AUSTIN fills VINCE MCMAHON’S corvette with cement . . . STEVE AUSTIN comes to the ring. VINCE MCMAHON is wheeled out accompanied by  2 k-9 units and THE BIG BOSSMAN. McMahon says that Austin will be tag teaming with ROCKY MIAVIA tonight against KANE & THE UNDERTAKER. He says that Austin will have to raise the hand of the new WWF Champion Sunday night or else he’ll fire him . . . KEN SHAMROCK over VAL VENIS in the SEMIFINALS of the I-C title tourney. After the match GOLDUST comes out and attacks Venis . . . MANKIND tries to retrieve VINCE MCMAHON’S briefcase and keys from the wet cement . . . comments from ROCKY MIAVIA. D’LO BROWN & MARK HENRY come out and get in his face . . . MANKIND vs. X-POC — WWF I-C title tourney SEMIFINALS: KEN SHAMROCK attacks Mankind behind the ref’s back and X-Poc advances. After the match Shamrock destroys X-Poc . . . X-Poc vs. Ken Shamrock becomes a match and Shamrock wins and gets the WWF I-C Title . . . KANE & THE UNDERTAKER vs. ROCKY MIAVIA & STEVE AUSTIN: PAUL BEARER comes to ring side. Soon after D’LO BROWN & MARK HENRY make their way out. D’LO & Henry attack Rocky outside the ring. THE BIG BOSSMAN comes out and attacks Austin and the match is thrown out . . .

MCW Pasadena, MD, 10/12/98 from Platinum Nat brought to ya by Jeff Amdur (
Courtesy of Platinum Nat, manager of champions, here are the results of the Maryland Championship Wrestling card held at Daytona’s night club in Pasadena, MD, on October 12, 1998.

In attendance, MCW commissioner JACK ADONIS.  State Athletic Commission reps: LOU LEAVEY and TOM KANARAS.  Referees for the evening were JOHN RILEY and DAVE THE WAVE.  Don’t know who did the ring announcing (I assume it was STEVE VENTURELLA), and the timekeeper was someone other than me.  I was home doing lesson plans and typing French and Spanish worksheets :-p

1) Mad Dog O’Malley pinned J.L. Ludcado after a splash.  J.L. is the security guard who snapped during Sunday night’s heavyweight championship finals.  This was his premiere in MCW.

2) Earl the Pearl pinned Jimmy Cicero (w/ Platinum Nat). After the match, Earl hit Platinum Nat over the head with the “Book of Platinum Nat ™”

3) Mark “The Shark” Shrader pinned “The Future” Joey Matthews.

4) “Ghetto Superstar” A. J. Fritzoid was supposed to wrestle 2 Dope, but unfortunately 2 Dope had been drinking 40 oz. bottles of malt liquor all day and was in no shape to wrestle.  Sucka Punch took 2 Dope’s place in the match and was pinned with a German Suplex.

5) Adam Flash pinned Christian York.

6) Romeo Valentino pinned challenger The Bruiser to retain the MCW heavyweight title.  Romeo was accompanied to the ring by manager Royce Profit since Dominic Cooliano was out of town trying to find suitable opponents for the champ.  Royce Profit was accompanied to the ring by a hockey stick which contributed greatly to Romeo retaining the title.

After the show, the wrestlers mingled with fans at the bar while everyone watch Raw and Nitro on the many TVs in the building.  The first ever MCW dance contest was held with head judge “The Dancing Sensation” Earl the Pearl.  The winner was a particularly mental individual who seemed more spastic than funky.  He was awarded an MCW T-shirt and was cheered loudly by all who were present.

MCW returns to Daytona’s (8501 Fort Smallwood Rd. in Pasadena) next week–Monday, October 19 for another fun-filled Monday Mayhem show.

MCW Baltimore 10/11/98 by Jeff Amdur (
A controversial ending to the match that crowned the first MCW heavyweight champion and a daredevil performance by wrestling’s favorite homicidal, suicidal, genocidal performer highlighted the Maryland Championship Wrestling card that was held on October 11, 1998 at the Patapsco Arena in Baltimore.

Attendance estimated at 800.  Watching the proceedings but not participating: the ECWA’s JIM KETTNER and NWA’s DONNIE B.  Taking pictures at ringside: TIM WALKER and BERNIE DIEHL.  Covering this one in person for the Lariat: JESS McGRATH. Kibitzing with the fans: “Wrestletalk America”‘s DEVIOUS DOC.  Fan-camming the event for posterity: DOUG GENTRY from RF Video, with ROB FEINSTEIN himself selling tapes at the gimmick tables.

MCW commissioner: JACK ADONIS.  Ring announcer: STEVE (don’t start that a-hole chant) VENTURELLA.  Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR (Hey, that’s me!). Referees: DAVE “THE WAVE”, BARRY ROBERTS, JOHN RILEY, JOHN “PEE WEE” MOORE, and, for part of one match, JEFF JONES.

The opening two matches of the evening were the heavyweight championship elimination matches, with the winners of these meeting later in the evening for the newly-minted MCW heavyweight belt.

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT pinned STEVIE RICHARDS in 15:17.  Stevie’s neck was hurting during the match to the point that Corp, who is a friend of Stevie’s, said “I’m sorry, Stevie” before choke-slamming Stevie and covering for the pin.  Both Corporal and EARL THE PEARL helped Stevie to his feet, and Earl helped Stevie back to the locker room.

ROMEO VALENTINO (with DOMINIC COOLIANO) pinned BRUISER in 8:27 to win the right to meet Corporal later in the card.  Cooliano distracted the ref. long enough for MAD DOG O’MALLEY to come to ringside and trip and slug Bruiser, enabling Romeo to score the easy pin.

After the match, Bruiser challenged Mad Dog to an impromptu match, and commissioner JACK ADONIS sanctioned it.

BRUISER forced MAD DOG O’MALLEY to submit to an armbar-headlock combination in 1:54.

“GHETTO SUPERSTAR” A.J. FRITZOID & SPIKE DUDLEY pinned SIDESWIPE & SUCKA PUNCH (with 2-DOPE) in 2:38.  Fritzoid initially came to the ring alone, and told commissioner Adonis that he would use a chair as his tag-team partner.  Adonis refused to let Fritzoid wrestle unless someone came from the back to be his partner.  Spike, making his Maryland debut, answered the call.  The good guys prevailed in spite of the fact that the match was in fact two against three for the most part.  After the match, all three bad guys attacked Fritzoid until BRUISER came to the ring to make the save.

“THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ & “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO (with PLATINUM NAT) retained the MCW tag-team title by pinning BLUE MEANIE & SUPER NOVA in 13:49.  Nat, who had drawn “jiffy pop” chants in his previous appearances, drew “Hershey kiss” chants tonight.  During the match, ref. JOHN RILEY was ko’d and JEFF JONES, in his ECW referee garb, came to ringside to officiate, with CHASTITY looking on.  Meanie and Nova both hit top-rope splashes on Cicero, and Jones started to count for the pin; but his hand conveniently started to hurt before he could complete the three count.  Sanchez then somehow (yeah, right) got hold of one of Jeff’s boots and clocked Nova with it.  He covered for the pin and this time Jones counted a lot faster, I guess it was to ensure he got to the three count before his hand started to hurt again ;).  After the match, Meanie and Nova beat up Jones, and Meanie cornered Chastity in a corner of the ring and gave her a big slobbery kiss, which she didn’t seem to appreciate all that much.

Then came the interview with STUD LEE OSBORNE, who introduced TOM BRANDI with his long-time manager ROYCE C. PROFIT.  Penguin looked a bit different this month, as his hair was dyed sort of red (I called it the “Peg Bundy” look) and he was carrying a hockey stick rather than the familiar golf club.  Brandi and Profit said they were waiting for their next victim. They also ragged on Maryland State Athletic Commissioners TOM KANARAS and LOU LEAVEY for chastising them at the last show.  And out came a well-known east coast performer to make his Maryland debut.

TOM BRANDI (with ROYCE C. PROFIT & BOBCAT) pinned “SUPERSTAR” LANCE DIAMOND (with DAWN MARIE) in 3:11.  This might very well have been the first meeting ever between these two stars.  Lance was constantly distracted by the nefarious Penguin, and this led to the rather early pinfall after some intense fighting.  After the match, Dawn Marie managed to crotch both Penguin and Bobcat.

The next match was a five-way dance to determine who would wrestle on the next Baltimore-area major show (Wednesday, November 4 at Michael’s Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie) for the new MCW cruiserweight belt.  EARL THE PEARL and ADAM FLASH were the two remaining combatants who will meet for the title next time after eliminating CHRISTIAN YORK (pinned by Nash in 4:59), JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS (pinned by Earl in 8:36) and “MIGHTY” QUINN NASH (pinned by Flash in 9:05).

ROMEO VALENTINO (with DOMINIC COOLIANO) became the first MCW heavyweight champion by pinning CORPORAL PUNISHMENT in 10:53.  When Cooliano started to grab a chair or two, a couple of MCW security personnel came to ringside.  At one point in the match, Corporal was arguing with Cooliano when one of the security personnel whacked Corp over the head with a chair, rendering him almost unconscious, to be easily pinned by Romeo.

The main event, scheduled to be CHRIS CANDIDO against a mystery opponent, started with Candido coming to ringside alone.  Commissioner JACK ADONIS reminded Candido that he would not be allowed to wrestle unless he kept his two-month-old promise to bring his main squeeze TAMARA LYNN SYTCH (the artist formerly known as SUNNY) with him.  The crowd went predictably wild when Tammy came to ringside to join Chris.  The crowd went just as wild, and Chris and Tammy went [simian excrement] when Adonis produced the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal mystery opponent.

In the main event, SABU (with BILL ALFONSO) pinned CHRIS CANDIDO (with TAMARA LYNN SYTCH) in 12:02, as during the match Sabu did put Candido through a table as well as both wrestlers performing high-risk and high-impact moves.

MCW will be back in the Baltimore area on Wednesday, November 4, at Michael’s Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie (on Eighth Avenue, where else?) with a 7:30 bell time.  It will feature the MCW debut of the hardcore legend TERRY FUNK, as well as the cruiserweight title match.  More details will be posted as they are known.

Starting Monday, October 12, MCW will be running shows at Daytona’s in Pasadena, MD.  The bar will be open at 5 p.m., and wrestling will start at 7, with the ring being flanked by big-screen televisions showing Nitro and Raw. You must be 21 years of age to attend the Daytona’s events.

MCW also has these venues booked:
Friday, October 16:  Blair Lee Armory on route 50 in Salisbury, MD
Wednesday, November 4:  the aforementioned Michael’s Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie, MD
Thursday, November 5:  a card in Denton, MD
Friday, November 6:  back at the Blair Lee Armory in Salisbury, MD
Saturday, November 7:  Sparrows Point Junior High School in Dundalk, MD
Sunday, November 8: location to be announced.

You can call the MCW hotline at 410-234-9769 for more information as the dates get nearer.

Results from the October 10th, LIWF JunkYard Dog Memorial Card:

The show opened with all the wrestlers in the ring for a 10 bell salute in tribute to the JYD.

Match 1: The US International Champion, Kid USA def. Nicolai Volkoff by DQ. Nicolai Volkoff must leave town due to the stipulations of the match.

Match 2: Gold Bald/Mongol Luv defeated Chris Michaels/J Lover, Mark DLicious/Shaolin, and Magic/Strangler Maddox in a number one contenders match.

Match 3: Ken Sweeney, Low Key, and Chief Tango wrestled to a 20 minute draw

Match 4: Lucifer def.. Skull Von Kruss in a casket match when Mongol Luv was put in the casket.

Match 5: Tito Santana defeated Demolition Ax by DQ when Ax pulled referee Fred Richards into Tito’s flying forearm.

Match 6: Jimmy Superfly Snuka def. Spanish Angel with the Superfly splash.

Match 7: Laithon The Tower of Torture lost to King Kong Bundy by DQ when Spanish Angel ran in. Laithon retains the title due to the DQ ending.

Match 8: Kodiak Bear/Cousin Luke beat Mr. Italy Gino Caruso/Mr. Puerto Rico

Match 9: George the Animal Steele beat Luscious Johnny Valiant (w/ Sure Thing John Shane)

Match 10: The New Dynamite Kid defended his LightHeavyweight Title against Homicide.

ECW 10/10/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: Highlights of LANCE STORM vs. CHRIS CHETTI. Storm gets the win . . . a commercial for the new ECW EXTREME music CD . . . JUSTIN CREDIBLE vs. BALLS MAHONEY: match is apparently thrown out when Credible goes nuts with the Singapore cane. TOMMY DREAMER makes the save but JACK VICTORY & ROD PRICE jump him . . . highlights of the September 19, 1998 ECW ARENA show . . . BUH BUH RAY DUDLEY vs. MASATO TANAKA: THE TRIPLE THREAT come down to the ring and are attacked by SABU & ROB VAN DAM. Tanaka pins Buh Buh in the chaos and it’s a brawl in the ring with TAZ making the save as we fade out . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: D’LO BROWN vs. X-POC — WWF EUROPEAN TITLE: CHYNA is served with more papers during the match. MARK HENRY catches X-Poc as he dries a plancha over the ropes then runs him into the ringpost. D’Lo then does the frog splash to get the win and the title . . . THE HEADBANGERS come out. The shove a ref. down and shove the ring announcer. They want INSANE CLOWN POSSE to come out. THE ODDITIES come out. The Headbangers demand the ISP. ISP come out. The Headbangers demand that the Oddities leave. The ISP are destroyed by the Headbangers. The Oddities make the save . . . a look at VINCE MCMAHON in the hospital . . . a look at THE UNDERTAKER & KANE breaking VINCE MCMAHON’S leg . . . MANKIND brings a clown to visit Vince McMahon in the hospital. He brings out a sock puppet — MR. SOCKO to cheer McMahon up . . . SABLE comes out to commentate for VADER vs. MARC MERO: Mero gets the win. JACKIE challenges Sable. Sable gets into the ring. Sable slaps Mero and Jackie attacks her from behind and cuts her hair . . . EDGE vs. OWEN HART: they announce that the young man with GANGREL is EDGE’S younger brother CHRISTIAN. Hart is not dressed to wrestle. He comes out and says he’s not going to wrestle and leaves . . . KANE vs. KEN SHAMROCK: THE UNDERTAKER shakes the ropes when Kane is walking them and Kane falls, resulting in a Shamrock win . . . VAL VENIS vs. GANGREL: EDGE attacks Gangrel outside the ring. CHRISTIAN makes the save of Gangrel and they leave Edge down but Gangrel loses by countout. Venis gets something handed to him in the ring on gold stationary. The lights go gold and GOLDUST’S voice says he’ll be returning next week . . . more of VINCE MCMAHON in the hospital. He demands a new nurse . . . AL SNOW w/HEAD vs. JEFF JARRETT: COMMISSIONER SLAUGHTER comes out to ringside. Slaughter interferes by shaking the ropes in front of the ref., causing Snow to fall, and the ref. DQ’s Jarrett . . . ROAD DOG & X-POC come out with a blow up dummy representing BILLY GUNN for his match with MARK HENRY. JERRY LAWLER announces that Mark Henry is suing Chyna for sexual harassment. CHYNA distracts the ref. long enough for X-POC to attack Henry and set up the ROAD DOG win . . . . VINCE MCMAHON with a nurse. A doctor comes in. The Doctor is STEVE AUSTIN. He attacks McMahon and the feed cuts out as he’s preparing to jam an IV tube into McMahon’s rear end . . . ROCKY MIAVIA vs. THE UNDERTAKER: KANE comes to ringside. Kane eventually attacks THE UNDERTAKER with a chair. The ref. was knocked out. The Undertaker recovers and tombstones Rocky on the chair for the three count . . .

IPW Steelton PA 10/3/98 by Jeff Amdur (
International Pro Wrestling put on its latest show in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the I.W. Abel Steelworkers Hall in Steelton, PA, on October 3.

Before the show, I am engaged in sort of a one-way conversation  by a local who reminds me of a nineties version of the “Doberman” character on the old Sergeant Bilko show.  One really unique individual, that guy, who responds to my question about when the concession stand opens with an endless dissertation on the quality of chicken wings at various local eating establishments.  The guy’s harmless; but I’m sorry to say that he’s the human equivalent of fingernails scraping across a blackboard.

FWIW, in the crowd I see a lot more WWF t-shirts than I see WCW t-shirts, including that “Goldberg sucks/Austin rules” one—is that really put out by the WWF or is it being circulated by some independent entrepreneur?  Also observed among the signs: a prepubescent proudly parading one that says “If you can’t beat it, suck it”.

Also, at the concession stand, the hot dogs and sodas were passable, but the pizzas they sold were worse than any pizza I have tasted in my four-plus decades (as student and then teacher) of lunches in public school cafeterias.  My advice to Ed Zohn: send out for the pizzas to be sold, just like you do at the Lebanon IPW shows.  Near the concession stand, Doberman gives me another dissertation on the quality of pizzas at various local eating establishments.

Crowd estimated at 275-300, a *big* increase over the under 100 that they drew to the same building in August.  Ring announcer: DAN MORELAND.  Timekeeper at the bell: JAMES TITUS (the match times in the report are my own, as they were not announced from the table).  Helping coordinate at the ringside table: CARRIE MESSANTONIO.  Referees: JEFF CAPO and MIKE DIMUZIO (Yes, *that* Mike DiMuzio).  Taking pictures for the magazines: TIM WALKER.  Also observing the proceedings but not on the card: BARRY CASINO, manager of champions.  Absent from the card were many of the IPW regulars, including current champ TOM BRANDI, who had a prior booking to work for Steel City in the western part of the state.  In spite of the absences, promoter ED ZOHN was able to put on a show that pleased the crowd and advanced important angles.

MATCH 1:  MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER vs. TOMMY IDOL.  I sit there wondering what percentage of Shark’s career matches I have seen in person at various east coast indie cards, and I figure at least 80 percent 🙂  Shark takes the mike and arouses the ire of the crowd by recounting a horror story about his driving up to Steelton.  He said that the local drivers drive so slow that even the Amish give them the finger as they pass them by.  Both wrestlers try to get the crowd behind them by leading some staccato clapping, but only Tommy succeeds.  The match begins with some exchanges of arm bars and wristlocks, followed by some solid mat work leading to Idol getting a 2-count.  Tommy’s arm wringer is broken up by some kicks, punches and forearms from Shark. Shrader backs Idol into a corner with some kicks, then does a back drop and gets a 2-count of his own.  More Shark attack, with body slams, punches, stomps, a sit in, a leg drop and another 2-count.  Idol counters with a flying head scissors, some drop kicks, and a couple of 2-counts.  An Idol leg drop off the rope fells Shrader.  Tommy then attempts a huracanrana; but Shark catches him as he goes up, thrusts Idol to the floor and covers for the pin.  SHRADER by pin fall in 7:06.

As MIKE DiMUZIO comes out to ref. the second match, I offer him my glasses, which he grabs and attempts to stomp on.  I rescue the glasses in time.

MATCH 2:  “THE INSTIGATOR” TROY MEST vs. PAUL MITCHELL.  The initial advantage goes to the Steve Blackman-trained Mitchell, with several 2-counts after drop kicks and a snap suplex.  Troy counters with a vicious body slam and some old-fashioned stomping.  Mitchell counters with a clothesline and body slam, and even gets a 2-count despite missing with an elbow drop.  A Mest body slam, a Mitchell sunset flip but no count as Mest grabs the rope.  After more body slam exchanges, Paul hits with a flying head butt off the top turnbuckle and is able to cover Troy for the pin.  MITCHELL by pin fall in 4:45.

Doberman, seated a few seats away from where Barry Casino and I were watching, goes into a shorter dissertation on the quality of steaks at various local eating establishments.

MATCH 3:  MAXX CRIMSON vs. THE CREMATOR.  Maxx, getting instant heat as he is billed as from “anywhere but Steelton PA”, is on the attack early, looking quite cocky as he hits with various punches and body blocks.  Cremator finally catches one of the body block attempts and slams Maxx.  Maxx takes a break outside the ring.  Maxx re-enters and winds up chocking Crem on the middle rope.  A Crimson arm whip, slap, and knee to the stomach is countered by a Cremator haymaker, followed by a 2-count.  More Cremator offense includes a clothesline and punches in the corner.  Eventually each wrestler simultaneously clotheslines the other, and they’re both out on the mat.  At this point, TROY MEST runs in and helps Crimson destroy Cremator until PAUL MITCHELL makes the save.  CREMATOR wins by disqualification in 5:37.

Mitchell then takes the mike and on behalf of himself and Cremator challenges Crimson and Mest to a grudge tag-team match on the next Steelton card (November 27).  Promoter ED ZOHN arrives at ringside and agrees to make the match.

ROB NOXIOUS arrives at ringside and wants Ed Zohn to explain where his scheduled opponent JOHNNY GRAHAM is.  As Zohn arrives, Noxious squirts him with his water bottle as he introduces Ed his “friend D, namely D Nuts, you [female reproductive organ]!”  Ed counters with a remark that that water smelled like [water emanating from the female reproductive organ] before moving to a higher intellectual plane where he explains that Graham is in the Marine Corps reserve and had duty this weekend, but he would be there on the next card for the match against Noxious.  Rob stays around for his match.

MATCH 4:  ROB NOXIOUS vs. GEORGE ANTHONY.  Rob gets some scattered cheers amidst the heavy boos at first, as he is announced as “formerly from Steelton, now from the dog pound”; but those dissipate quickly as the crowd starts to chant “[noun that can refer to cats or to female reproductive organs] pound!” Anthony reminds the crowd that his opponent doesn’t like to be called “Bobby”, so naturally the “Bobby” chant starts.  Rob threatens to leave the ring; but the match eventually starts.  Rob gets in some early body blocks but decides to taunt the crowd rather than follow up, and gets hit with a George drop kick from the back.  Some Noxious back flips, but again no follow up due to Rob’s taunting the crowd.  Rob hits with a clothesline, throws George out of the ring, and then vaults over the top rope onto George on the floor.  The match then goes all over Steelworkers Hall.  Way in back, Rob vaults over various chairs onto to George.  George retaliates, crashing Rob’s head against the wall and then against a table.  George eventually drags Rob back into the ring but is met by a suplex, with Rob getting a 2-count.  Rob again hits with a back flip but decides again to taunt the crowd rather than follow up.  Rob clothesline George, with the momentum throwing both men over the ropes and onto the floor.  Once again, rather than follow up, Rob decides to run some sort of lap around the other side of the Hall before taking a chair to a place near the ring.  Rob then hits a top-rope clothesline but misses an elbow drop.  George tries for a body slam but can’t hold it and Rob falls on him, getting a 2-count.  A Rob drop kick and power slam gets another 2-count.  George ducks a Rob charge into the corner and gets a 2-count of his own after a back drop.  George hits a body slam but misses a moonsault.  Rob goes out of the ring, literally shoves a spectator out of his seat and brings the chair into the ring.  He misses a running leap off the chair.  George, however, tries a similar leap off the chair and hits his target as he drop kicks Rob in the corner.  George then hits a tope (or is it a plancha? WTF) over the middle rope onto Noxious on the floor.  Back into the ring, Rob hits an ax handle and reverse body slam (face first) and a 2-count.  George hits a charging Rob with a haymaker and gets his own 2-count.  Rob punches and clotheslines George, and then picks up George for what I thought would be an airplane spin but instead from that position hits a modified diamond cutter (or is it a modified Stone Cold stunner? WTF), covering for a 2-count.  Rob misses an elbow drop but hits a frankensteiner, which sends George outside the ropes where Rob does the sunset flip onto George on the floor.  No count, since they’re on the floor.  Back in the ring, George hits a DDT as both wrestlers seem pretty spent at this point.  George hits with a leap off the top rope and gets a 2-count.  Rob then hits a pile driver and gets the 3-count.  NOXIOUS by pin fall in 17:31 in what was the match of the evening.

Before intermission, ring announcer DAN MORELAND announces that the next card at Steelton will be on November 27, a Friday, and will include TOM BRANDI defending his title against KING KONG BUNDY, YET ANOTHER WRESTLING CLOWN (I don’t want to say the “D” word and risk the ire of the WWF), THE BROOKLYN BRAWLER, and HARVEY WIPPLEMAN.  Also on the card, a special 2-out-of-three-falls grudge match between ROB NOXIOUS and JOHNNY GRAHAM. First fall will be normal rules, second fall will be no disqualification, and third fall (if needed) will be falls count anywhere.  If Graham wins the match, he’ll get five minutes in the ring with Noxious’s manager Wippleman. If he loses the match, he’ll be suspended from IPW for two years.

Doberman suggests that maybe a whole group of us can meet for dinner beforehand at one of those various local eating establishments he’s been talking about.  Yeah.  Right. [sigh].

As intermission comes to an end, MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER announces from his gimmick table that the second half of the show cannot start until he sells one more $3 photo of himself.  The second half starts anyway and Shark returns to the lockers with that one photo.

MATCH 5:  DON ROTT vs. “STEELWORKER” DANA HINKLE.  Needless to say, Steelworker Hinkle from Steelton gets the big pop of the evening for this special grudge match.  As the match starts, Dana returns Don’s “Barney Rubble” insult with a hammerlock and Rott, who appears to be at least a head taller than Hinkle, heads for the ropes.  A large “Dana!” cheer erupts from the hometown fans.  Rott gets some offense with punches, stomps, a body slam and elbow drop.  Rott has Dana in the corner where he delivers some headbutts to the stomach.  Hinkle retaliates with clotheslines and stomps.  he backs Hinkle into a corner and delivers some knees to the midsection.  He charges and is met by Rott’s foot.  Rott delivers some knees to the throat and then taunts the crowd that is still into the “Dana!” chant.  Rott sits on Hinkle’s head that is straddled across the middle rope, then walks around the ring to taunt individual spectators.  A Rott slam and a leg drop is countered by a Hinkle flying body press and a 2-count.  Don delivers a kick to Dana’s throat, and then does some headbutts including one to the Lewinsky-Clinton area.  Dana tries another flying body press but is slammed for his troubles.  Rott picks up Hinkle after getting a 2-count.  He taunts the crowd some more and hits some body slams, stomps and a flying elbow off the top turnbuckle before pinning Dana.  ROTT by pin fall in 11:26.

JAKE DANIELS comes to ringside and demands a title match with Tom Brandi if he is able to defeat his opponent for the evening, KING KONG BUNDY.

MATCH 6:  JAKE DANIELS vs. KING K0NG BUNDY.  Daniels is only slightly smaller than Bundy.  The two big guys do some lock ups and throw backs, with Bundy eventually throwing Daniels out of the ring.  Daniels feels frustrated at not being able to budge King Kong, and he paces outside the ring in frustration. Daniels with a headlock, Bundy pushes him into the corner and then misses a charge.  This finally gives Daniels his opening, and Daniels finally puts Bundy to the mat although it took three clotheslines to do it.  Daniels gets a 2-count.  More exchanges of head butts and punches.  Bundy misses his first attempt at a splash before hitting the target on the second attempt.  He covers for the pin, which is a three count despite the pleas of many in the crowd for the old Bundy 5-count.  Bundy meets Brandi on the post-Thanksgiving day card.  BUNDY b y pin fall in 4:04.

Promoter ED ZOHN announces that the winner of this month’s battle royal will face the winner of next month’s battle royal for the newly-created IPW Eastern States Championship.  That bout will also take place on next month’s card.

DON ROTT, in a controversial ending, won the battle royal in 10:56. The rules of this battle royal stipulated that one could be eliminated either by being thrown off the top rope or by pinfall.  The order of elimination, from last to first, was the following:  LARRY BROWN, GEORGE ANTHONY, MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER, TOMMY IDOL, ROB NOXIOUS, PAUL MITCHELL, “THE INSTIGATOR” TROY MEST, CREMATOR, MAXX CRIMSON, “STEELWORKER” DANA HINKLE, and DON ROTT winning.  The ending occurred as Rott distracted both referees in a huddle.  Neither ref. saw Rob Noxious return to ringside to pummel Hinkle.  By the time the refs. turned around, Hinkle was laid out and Rott easily covered him for the pin.

As the evening ended, Hinkle took the mike and told the crowd and the two bad guys that the results of next month’s battle royal would be different.

Doberman reminds me about that steak dinner at one of the various local eating establishments.  Yeah.  Right.

IPW returns on Friday, November 27 to Steelton (as earlier noted) and also will run Saturday, November 28 at Lebanon, PA.

WHAT YOU MISSED: VINCE MCMAHON comes to the ring with the WWF title. He’s surrounded by his cronies and police officers. He gloats and says tonight is “STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN NIGHT” in tribute to Austin. He says he has a welcoming committee to make sure that Austin is properly greeted — cut to Detroit Police surrounding the building. McMahon says he’ll crown a new WWF champion tonight. He has COMMISSIONER SLAUGHTER help him place Austin’s “skull” WWF Championship belt around his waist and McMahon climbs the ringposts to taunt Austin . . . THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS come to the ring to show that THE ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES got his voice back . . . JERRY LAWLER says he’s not going to go off on JIM CARREY until Carrey shows up . . . SOUTHERN JUSTICE vs. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Southern Justice wins by DQ when Road Dog uses the guitar. After the match BILLY GUNN & Road Dog argue. X-POC comes to the ring and Billy Gunn inadvertently hits X-Poc then storms off. CHYNA wheels HUNER HEARST HELMSLY out and Gunn storms off . . . DAN SEVERN vs. OWEN HART: Hart uses a piledriver on Severn and Severn has to be stretchered out of the ring . . . VADER vs. AL SNOW: Vader comes out with COMMISSIONER SLAUGHTER. Snow uses HEAD’S help to win . . . shots of BILLY GUNN walking out of the arena . . . MARC MERO vs. GANGREL vs. EDGE vs. D’LO BROWN vs. DROZ vs. JEFF JARRETT — 6-man, 4 corner, eliminations match for the #1 contender to the WWF EUROPEAN TITLE: D’lo Brown pins Edge to win the match when Gangrel returns to bring the same guy who distracted Edge at the PPV out to distract Edge again . . . VINCE MCMAHON & CRONIES come out again to award the WWF Title to the new WWF CHAMPION. He brings out THE UNDERTAKER & KANE. STEVE AUSTIN shows up and drives a Zamboni into the arena and hits the ring with it. He then hits McMahon with a flying clothesline off the top of the zamboni. The police haul off Austin to an awaiting police car . . . back in the ring VINCE MCMAHON announces that THE UNDERTAKER must face KANE to fill the WWF title with STEVE AUSTIN as the guest ref. because neither lived up to their deal to protect him from Steve Austin. He orders The Undertaker & Kane to face ROCKY MIAVIA, MANKIND & KEN SHAMROCK. He tries to double flip off them behind their backs, The Undertaker sees it and he and Kane destroy McMahon. They take him outside of the ring and they slam the ring stairs on his leg, apparently breaking it . . . after the break the ambulance hasn’t returned from taking Dan Severn from the hospital so McMahon is lying in the back of the building in pain . . . FAROOQ vs. MARK HENRY — CHYNA is the special referee: Chyna low blows Henry and Farooq gets the pin. After the match someone hand delivers some sort of mail to Chyna in the ring. She reads in and throws it away then storms off . . . back in the dressing room the ambulance is back and they’re trying to put McMahon in the ambulance . . . THE ODDITIES squashed THE HEADBANGERS . . . VAL VENIS vs. X-POC — WWF EUROPEAN TITLE: CHYNA comes out and shoves TERRI RUNNELS. She then shoves Venis. The ref. throws the match out. Chyna & X-Poc leave. Terri and Val are in the ring together when GOLDDUST’S music plays and a video appears on the TITONTRON. His gold dust begins to fall and his voice says “Hey Val, I told you he was coming back . . .” . . . comments from MANKIND . . . KANE & THE UNDERTAKER vs. MANKIND, ROCKY MIAVIA & KEN SHAMROCK: Mankind & Ken Shamrock attack each other before the match starts. Shamrock & Rocky go at it when Rocky hits the ring. With all 3 fighting, Kane & the Undertaker hit the ring. Rocky ends up pinning The Undertaker . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: NITRO GIRLS . . . ERIC BISCHOFF comes out with HOLLYWOOD HOGAN & NWO HOLLYWOOD. They ramble. I fastforward . . . LA PARKA over SUPER CALO. Calo attacks La Parka with his steel chair after the match . . . an interview with BRET HART. He says that he and STING agreed that he’ll have the first shot at HOLLYWOOD HOGAN and that STING will watch his back . . . THE DISCIPLE comes out using NWO HOLLYWOOD music. He’s wearing an OWN vest and he destroys SICK BOY . . . a look at the total crap RICK STEINER vs. SCOTT STEINER feud . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . SCOTT STEINER over LENNY LANE & NICK DINSMORE. He “hurts his back” after the match . . . THE WARRIOR comes out and makes a speech. Someone please get him some acting lessons . . . an interview with BUFF BAGWELL. The Laughing over the speakers happens again. Bagwell says that Scott Steiner is on the way to the hospital . . . PSYCHOSIS vs. ERNEST MILLER: Miller gets the Karate man win . . . GENE OKERLUND with ALEX WRIGHT. Wright disses DAVEY BOY SMITH . . . CHAVO GUERRERO JR. vs. THE DISCO INFERNO — WCW CRUISERWEIGHT CONTENDER’S MATCH: Disco wins again. JUVENTUD GUERRERA attacks Disco. Disco runs off but comes back to piledrive Juventud . . . a FOUR HORSEMEN video . . . an interview with THE FOUR HORSEMEN. STEVIE RAY & ERIC BISCHOFF come out and have the Horsemen & DOUG DILLENGER arrested for assaulting Stevie Ray on THUNDER . . . CHRIS JERICHO comes out to face his midget GOLDBERG. He gets to the ring and the real BILL GOLDBERG comes out carrying the midget Goldberg over his shoulder and Jericho runs off . . . an interview with DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE . . . SCOTT HALL over KIDMAN . . . ALEX WRIGHT vs. DAVEY BOY SMITH: Ref. bump. Second ref. comes out. Wright pins Smith as both refs. count. Both guys had their arms up during the pin. How does it end? how do I know? NITRO never makes sense . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . KEVIN NASH vs. BRYAN ADAMS: STEVIE RAY assaults Nash with a blackjack. match is thrown out. SCOTT HALL comes out. He dumps out his beer and attacks Hall. LEX LUGER & KONNAN make the save . . . LEX LUGER & KONNAN destroy BARRY DARSAW & HUGH MORRUS . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . BRET HART vs. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN: Hart’s leg is injured. STING comes out and takes over for him. Hart is taken back to the dressing room on a stretcher by Lex Luger & Konnan. BUFF BAGWELL & SCOTT STEINER attack Luger & Konnan. Of course, Hart returns to the ring and jumps Sting . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: OWEN HART vs. EDGE: A guy who looks like Edge comes out of the crowd and distracts Edge, who is promptly pinned by Hart . . . AL SNOW w/HEAD & SCORPIO over TOO MUCH . . . DROZ vs. MARC MERO: JACKIE hits Droz with a shoe to set up the win . . . VADER fell to JUSTIN HAWK BRADSHAW . . . D’LO BROWN over GANGREL with help from MARK HENRY . . . MANKIND vs. ROCKY MIAVIA vs. KEN SHAMROCK — 3 WAY CAGE MATCH FOR #1 Contender to WWF TITLE: Mankind misses the Superfly dive from the top of the cage. Later Rocky pins Shamrock for the win . . . DUSTIN RUNNELS vs. VAL VENIS: Venis brings out TERRI RUNNELS to be with him at ringside. Venis gets a win in the worst match of the night . . . X-POC & THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS over SOUTHERN JUSTICE & JEFF JARRETT . . . THE UNDERTAKER & KANE vs. STEVE AUSTIN — WWF TITLE: JERRY BRISCO & COMMISSIONER SLAUGHTER help attack Austin at one point in the match. Kane & The Undertaker attack each other. The Undertaker & Kane both pin Austin after a double chokeslam. VINCE MCMAHON comes out and demands the belt. He takes the belt away. Austin gets up and attacks JERRY BRISCO & Cronies as McMahon gets in a limo. Austin confronts McMahon. McMahon says “you don’t have it anymore, it’s mine!” Then flips off Austin and drives off in the limo . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: VINCE MCMAHON & CRONIES come out. Vince apologizes to KEN SHAMROCK, ROCKY MIAVIA & MANKIND. He says that in their triple threat match there was no winner because of the interference of Kane & the Undertaker so none of them are named the #1 contender for the WWF title. He says that they will have a rematch tonight on the PPV in a steel cage. He says that if anyone interferes in the title match tonight the match will be stopped and STEVE AUSTIN will be stripped of the WWF title . . . GOLGA over MOSH . . . someone has attacked HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY in the locker room after the commercial . . . MARK HENRY comes out. He says that Hunter Hearts Helmsly is injured and can’t wrestle tonight. He says he’s here to impress “his girlfriend” CHYNA. He says that HHH is a coward for robbing him of the chance at the WWF I-C title. VINCE MCMAHON comes out. He says that Henry can get a non-title match with another champion in a steel cage to “test” the reinforcement of the steel cage. He says that if he beats STEVE AUSTIN he’ll be sky rocketed to the top of the ladder in the WWF. Henry accepts . . . FUNAKI & TEIOH did the job for JEFF & MATT HARDY . . . BILLY GUNN vs. DOA: Gunn is being punished for helping Steve Austin on RAW. He loses and is attacked. ROAD DOG & X-POC make the save. JEFF JARRETT & SOUTHERN JUSTICE attack them. DX are left down in the ring . . . the cage lowers and THE UNDERTAKER’S music plays. VINCE MCMAHON leads the Undertaker and KANE to ringside. CHYNA attacks Henry in the back of the building before the match. She takes Henry out with a lead pipe. STEVE AUSTIN, dressed as a crew member attacks VINCE MCMAHON in the cage then climbs out before Kane & The Undertaker can save McMahon . . .

ECW 9/26/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: TOMMY DREAMER in the ring. He announces that THE SANDMAN has left the ECW. JOEY STYLES confirms it. Dreamer offers a tribute to the Sandman. He has a beer for the Sandman. JACK VICTORY comes out and interrupts. They end up brawling. ROD PRICE attacks Dreamer. The lights go out, the Sandman’s music plays, and JUSTIN CREDIBLE appears in the ring. He canes Dreamer. Wrestlers come out to make the save but not before Dreamer was caned into a bloody pulp . . . PAUL HEYMAN in the ring. He says he promised everyone in New York that they would not miss an episode of ECW TV. He says that at no expense to anyone the ECW will be giving out free tapes of the TV show at the end of the night . . . a look at the history of JUSTIN CREDIBLE . . . a tribute to The Sandman. It’s a really well done video of clips to a heavy metal version of Sinatra’s “My way” . . . a look at last week’s attack by THE ONE MAN GANG on TOMMY DREAMER, followed by SPIKE DUDLEY defeating the OMG in a match . . . THE DUDLEYS are in the ring. They diss Philly women. It turns into MATSATO TANAKA vs. D-VON DUDLEY. Tanaka wins then BAM BAM BIGELO attacks Tanaka. SHANE DOUGLAS & CHRIS CANDIDO join him. Douglas says that TAZ will not team with ROB VAN DAM & SABU . . . a ROB ZOMBIE video . . . comments from JUSTIN CREDIBLE. He says he’s the innovator of violence . . .

WCW Baltimore 9/25/98 by Jeff Amdur (
World Championship Wrestling made one if its periodic stops at the Baltimore Arena on September 25.  As usual, I got there by 6 o’clock in order to find a free parking space on Baltimore Street about three blocks from the Arena. With me was fellow net mutant David Hagan.

Our view was from the cheap seats in section 308, row B, seats 1 and 2.  It wasn’t so much that we were too cheap to pay more $$$ but rather that was the best pair of seats I could get at Hecht’s Ticket Master the third day the stuff was on sale.  Looking ten rows up from where we were up in section 306 row J or K, I found Phil Schneider and his entourage, who had made the trip up the parkway from Washington.  I’m sure eventually Phil will have his own take on the card on these boards.

Crowd estimate:  a near-sellout at 10500.  Timekeeper at the bell/ring announcer: DAVID PINZER (or is it PENZER?).  Referees:  MICKEY JAY and BILLY SILVERMAN.  World’s oldest ring boy (yes, he’s a few years older than even I am): PAT BUCKLEY.

As I start, I would like to thank Dave Hagan for both telling me what many of the wrestling holds were technically called, as well as backing me up with times since his watch, unlike mine, had a night light.

MATCH 1:  SILVER KING vs. JUVENTUD GUERRERA.  I’m an old-line lucha mark, so any time I see the Mexicans in action it’s fine by me.  As he prances around the ring before the match, Silver King is the first of many wrestlers to do the dX thing by doing a couple of crotch chops.  The match starts with some pushing and shoving involving both wrestlers and referee Mickey Jay.  The crowd razzes the heel wrestler with a “Silver Queen” chant.  Juvi gains an advantage with a surfboard and a vicious dropkick.  Silver counters with some savate kicks (or super kicks or Stevie kicks or whatever–thanks, Dave) then comes off the ropes to deliver some spin kicks before covering Juvi for a 2-count.  The Silver offensive continues with a spinning back breaker and a sleeper hold.  Juvi finally counters with a huracanrana and a roll-up for his own 2-count.  Silver then puts on a spinning toe hold that is turned into a modified Indian death lock; but Juvi then delivers a back drop that puts Silver on the floor.  After putting a front facelock on Juvi, Silver tries for a moonsault from the top rope (not from the top turnbuckle) and misses. Juvi’s drop kick off the top turnbuckle lands, and he covers for another 2-count.  Silver counters with a hair haul, pin kick, flying head scissors off the top turnbuckle, and another 2-count.  After slamming Juvi’s face to the mat, Silver puts on the la magistral cradle (thanks, Dave) and gets a 2-count.  Silver then tries for a splash into the corner and misses.  Juvi then hits his juvirana off the top rope and puts on a Michinoku driver for the pin.  GUERRERA by pin fall in 11:37 in the match that  had unquestionably the best workrate of the evening.

MATCH 2:  “PLAYBOY” BOBBY STARR vs. VAN HAMMER.  To the ring first comes Starr, long a mainstay in the regional indie federations and occasional WCW worker.  He is booed; but the usual “Chucky” chants are missing (or at least I can’t hear them from my vantage point in the rafters).  Hammer comes out to a decent reception which is intensified when Pinzer (or is it Penzer?) introduces him as coming from Baltimore, which, although not widely known, is legit.  The match starts out with some trading of holds and chops.  Bob gains the advantage punching away at Hammer; but when he tries a back suplex, Hammer resists and slams Starr, getting a 2-count.  Starr counters with an eye gouge, Hammer with a leg sweep, jawbreaker and body slam.  Bob maneuvers Van into a corner for some stomping; but Hammer reverses this, delivering some Flair chops, a hair haul, a whip into the corner, backdrop, body slam and a pin.  HAMMER by pin fall in 5:44.

Dave Pinzer (Penzer? whatever?) reminds us all to get those t-shirts at the WCW/NWO souvenir stand located in the outer lobby.

Since my vision is only corrected to 20-40 with glasses, I have to rely on the considerably younger and more visually gifted Dave Hagan to assure me that the Villanos *are* wearing singlets with the numbers “IV” on one guy and “V” on the other.  That being said, we are not sure whether the Villano IV in the ring is the same Villano IV we have been seeing, especially since it was intimated on Thunder the day before that it would be another week or so before IV could wrestle again.  Dave then declares IV a “faux Villano” and congratulates himself for being able to use French and Spanish in the same expression.  Yours truly, being a cunning linguist, is duly impressed :).  A Villano and Psychosis lock up in the beginning, with Psi putting on a spin kick and a quick 2-count.  A few shoves later, and Villano and Psychosis wind up trading clotheslines.  Finally, a tag to Calo, who hits a mean-looking drop kick off the top turnbuckle, then getting a 2-count.  Another tag to Psychosis, and he winds up in the wrong corner, being double teamed by the Villanos as Calo argues with the ref., who probably doesn’t understand Spanish in the first place.  I conjecture that Calo might be telling the ref. to do something to his mother [shrug].  One of the Villanos (I can’t tell by this point due to my myopia and my location in the nosebleed section) arm drags Psychosis and then puts him in an inverted surfboard.  This is turned into a pinning combination but only gets a 2-count.  Vil and Psi trade several more 2-counts.  The double-teaming starts again, with Calo tagging in a couple times only to be chased back to the ref. who didn’t see the tag.  Psi finally makes a legit tag after a spin kick.  Calo comes in and cleans house with a series of punches, ax handles, clotheslines and flying body blocks.  All four wind up in the ring, with Psi and Calo getting the worst of it as they collide in mid-ring. The Vils double-team Calo after Psi is thrown from the ring.  Psychosis then delivers a drop kick off the top turnbuckle, and this is followed by a flying sit-in off the turnbuckle.  Psi then delivers a guillotine legdrop (Thanks again,  Dave. Who invents these names anyway?  Who *was* la Magistral? Was there ever an “el Magistral”? If so, was he la’s husband or brother? Why do they sell those awful-looking pork skins at the lucha shows in Guadalajara?) and then gets the pin.  PSICOSIS & CALO by fall in 11:45 in a match that had unquestionably the second-best workrate of the evening.

After three matches, and 53 minutes after the first match came to the ring, there’s an intermission (WTF?).  Dave and I go up to see Phil, and we take an informal poll on how long the Goldberg-Giant match will last once first contact is made.  I guess about three minutes, Phil guesses about 5, the “other” Phil guesses about 7 but realizes he might be stretching it a bit (“But it’s a main event”, he rationalizes), and the friend I don’t know guesses about 3.

MATCH 4:  SCOTT HALL (with ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE) vs. STING.  Imagine what would have happened if W.C. Fields had bulked up but was still boozing it up, and that’s the current Scott Hall persona.  Hall starts his survey, and Dave muses as to whether “tastes great” or “less filling” will win tonight.  Scott then explains to the crowd that it was originally to be Bret Hart vs. Sting, but that NWO Hollywood had kicked Bret out, so Hall was chosen as a replacement. Sting finally arrives, and takes the mike to tell Hall that the survey really says that “Baltimore is running with the pack”, which elicits a great crowd response.  The bell rings, and Hall throws his beverage in Sting’s face, then stomps and punches Sting.  Hall joins the ersatz dX brigade as he does his own crotch chop.  Sting counters with a clothesline and atomic drop that has Hall eventually hitting the floor.  Sting leaves the ring to accept a fan’s offer of beer, and greets Hall with a beer in the face as Scott returns to the ring.  Sting stomps and punches and gets a 2-count.  Hall with an eye gouge, back drop and 2-count.  Hall has Sting in the abdominal stretch for a while until Sting flips him over.  Sting misses with an elbow drop but then delivers five Stinger splashes in three different corners of the ring.  He gets a 2-count.  As Sting is in the process of putting on the scorpion death lock, Hall prevents it with an eye-gouge.  Hall then sets up Sting for the outsider’s edge (Hey, Dave, I didn’t need you to tell me that one.  Nyah, nyah!).  Sting foils the attempt as he leaps out of the backbreaker part of it, delivers the scorpion death drop and pins Hall.  STING by a fall in 6:50.

After the match, Hall lies motionless on the mat for over a minute before finally staggering up.  He takes the mike again to announce to the crowd, “There’s a party after the show at the Airport Marriott Hotel.  All you pretty girls, ask for Scott Hall.  All you fags, ask for Kevin Nash.”

Penzer (or is it Pinzer?) shills the two-consecutive-days festivities as Starrcade hits the D.C. Chinatown Sports Palace (sorry, I don’t give free publicity to communications cartels) in Washington on December 27 and Nitro returns to Baltimore on December 28.

MATCH 5: SCOTTY RIGGS vs. KONNAN.  Riggs once again arrives in the ring without his first name [shrug].  Konnan, speaking to the singularly non-Hispanic Baltimore audience, does his usual routine, but at the end adds to the dX theme of the evening by stating “We got two words for you: suck it!”  That’s the cue for Riggs to attack Konnan and pummel him in the corner. Konnan chases Riggs out of the ring where he bangs Scotty’s head against the metal ring steps.  I see in my notes that I wrote “Riggs with a hair haul between the ropes” and realize that is a physical impossibility.  I *am* pretty sure of my next notation, as Riggs returns Konnan’s favor and bangs K-dog’s head against the other set of metal ring steps.  He then impales Konnan on the metal ring barrier and rolls him up in a small package, getting a 2-count.  Riggs then hits a surfboard, spinning neck breaker and a 2-count. Konnan then surprises Riggs with a splash in the corner, a running bulldog and a 2-count.  K-dog then delivers a DDT-like maneuver (Dave thought it was a DDT, I thought it was a DDT-like neck breaker, and since I’m the one writing the report, nyah, nyah again)  and gets a 2-count.  Riggs gets in some kicks and a 2-count of his own.  Konnan then delivers a back kick, rams Riggs face first onto the mat and puts on the Tequila sunrise y eso es el fin de la lucha.  KONNAN wins by submission in 13:21.

Pinzer (Penzer?  Anybody remember Zan Panzer, for that matter?) takes shilling to a new level by reminding us that we Baltimore folks can go see Halloween Havoc live in Las Vegas.

MATCH 6:  VINCENT & STEVIE RAY vs. KEVIN NASH & LEX LUGER.  The bad guys arrive first.  Vincent takes the mike and harangues the crowd before introducing Stevie as the “man who won seven tag team titles all by himself”. Stevie then takes the mike and starts yelling at what appear to be hecklers of the Caucasian persuasion, calling them “Uncle Toms”.  Bell rings.  Dave notes that first contact is made, however briefly, at the 1:52 mark.  Nash is the latest pseudX member, as he delivers a crotch chop right before the time of second contact at 3:09.  They finally get down to business as Stevie delivers punches to Nash who has been backed into a corner.  And now it’s Stevie Ray doing his own crotch chop.  Nash has had enough of this crap, and he backs Stevie into a corner by punching him.  Tags are made, and now it’s Vincent punching around Luger.  Lex gains the upper hand with an atomic drop and several forearms (Refresh my memory–is that metal plate still in Luger’s forearm?)  As Lex pummels Vincent, Stevie Ray districts him long enough for Vince to deliver a rompecojones.  Stevie follows with a clothesline, and the heels double team Luger.  Stevie tries a sleeper hold, but Lex powers out of it.  After being choked a bit, Lex recovers to hit a double clothesline on his opposition.  Kevin cleans house, delivering the big boot to Vincent and putting one foot on his chest for the pin.  Stevie tried to break up the offensive but Lex rendered him harmless with a simple torture rack.  LUGER & NASH by pin in 12:09.  And yes, as he heads down the aisle back to the dressing rooms, Luger does a crotch chop.

MATCH 7:  THE GIANT vs. BILL GOLDBERG.  Giant again comes to the ring smoking that cigarette as Dave wonders out loud what gimmick Sandman will have in WCW with Giant already doing the smoking and Hall the drinking.  Goldberg arrives in the ring to an [simian-excrement] pop from the crowd and a missing first name in the tradition of Riggs, Saturn, Cher and Liberace before him.  I time the match as Dave times from the point of first contact.  Some clinches and pushes before Giant bells Goldberg with some knees and kicks to the head and shoulders (no, I’m not shilling dandruff treatments).  Giant with some Flair chops and some more kicks, then delivers a modified snap suplex.  Goldberg gets up immediately from the suplex, which surprises Giant.  Giant offensive continues with some choking.  As referee Billy Silverman orders Giant to break the choke hold, Giant picks up the ref. and readies him for the chokeslam.  Goldberg hits the spear on Giant, which causes Giant to throw-release the ref.  The ref. appears to be k.o’d on the mat.  Bill hits the jackhammer, which *is* rather impressive-looking, and covers for the pin.  Goldberg then shakes the ref., who wakes up long enough to count for the pin.  GOLDBERG retains his WCW championship with a pin in 3:42.  it was determined that the pin occurred about 3:20 after the first contact in the match.

WCW returns to the Baltimore Arena on Monday, December 28 for a Nitro taping.

ECWA Newport, DE, 9/26/98 by Jeff Amdur (
Jim Kettner’s East Coast Wrestling Association opened its thirty-second season of wrestling action with a card at the St. Matthews Parish Center in Newport, DE, on September 26.  Here are the results.  Some more-analytical pieces from Jeremy Billones and Bernie Diehl should be up in cyberspace in the next couple of days.

There were a lot of Net folks in attendance last night, including the aforementioned Jeremy Billones and Bernie Diehl, Lee “Dark Cheetah” Morey, Bob and Sarge Magee, Brett Schwan, Jim Brambilla and Tim Noel.  Sorry if I missed anybody.

Attendance was standing-room, estimated at 600.  ECWA Commissioner: RICHARD NAEGELE.  Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR (Jeez, I’m everywhere lately!).  Referees:  LARRY PEASE, PAUL TURNER and BROCK AUSTIN.  Ring/play-by-play announcers: BILLY KAYE and newest teen-age phenom CHUCK RISTANO.


After the match, two of the WWF’S developmental-contract players, ANDREW MARTIN and SHAWN STASIAK, are introduced to the crowd.  Shawn, the son of the late WWF champion STAN “THE MAN” STASIAK, *definitely* has his father’s face.

ECWA heavyweight champion CHRISTIAN CAGE successfully defends his title by pinning ACE DARLING in 11:32.

After the match, ANDREW MARTIN and SHAWN STASIAK return to the ring to help their fellow WWF developmental guy Cage celebrate the victory; but they turn on the champ with punches and stomps.  Stasiak takes the mike and challenges Cage to a title match on the next ECWA card, which will be held on Saturday, October 17 right back here at St. Matthews with the usual 7 p.m. bell time.

Ring announcer BILLY KAYE then does his usual round of birthday wishes to the crowd, but then asks the crowd to “put them together” for special 40th-birthday wishes to ECWA mainstay BOOGIE WOOGIE BROWN.  Boogie comes out to the usual strains of “Sweet Home Chicago” and thanks the crowd.  This celebration is interrupted by the appearance of the nefarious MASTER, who is still seeking revenge for his having lost control of the promotion last year. He promises to run roughshod over the entire ECWA, with exhibit A being that he has already taken the injured CHEETAH MASTER out of the picture.  As Master tells Boogie that he has his own birthday present for him, KODIAK BEAR pearl harbors Boogie from behind with some chairshots and then some leg drops that leave Boogie seriously injured.  It takes the combined efforts of MARK SHRADER, MIKE QUACKENBUSH and the entire ring crew to subdue Kodiak.

THE SOUL BROTHERS (JACK AND ELVIN) make their debut a successful one as they pin THE PERSIAN PRINCE & SWEET MISTER E (with BARRY CASI… er, um, let’s make that SHEIK AK-BARI AL-KASSINO [g]) in 9:50.  In retrospect it’s rather amazing that it took over two decades since Belushi and Aykroyd created the “Blues Brothers” for a wrestling tag team to adopt the shtick.  I’d never seen nor even heard of these guys before, but I hope to see them again.  Their shtick clicks with the crowd big-time.

TWIGGY RAMIREZ and his manager THE MASTER come to the ring.  Master claims a forfeit victory for Twiggy tonight, since the scheduled opponent, BOOGIE WOOGIE BROWN, had been incapacitated earlier in the evening.  He calls Twiggy “the future of the ECWA”.  Then promoter JIM KETTNER comes to ringside and hands ring announcer CHUCK RISTANO a card that indicates they have come up with a replacement for the injured Brown, much to Master’s and Twiggy’s chagrin.  So, we have…

TWIGGY RAMIREZ (with THE MASTER) pins BLUE THUNDER in 4:46.  Thunder had the match well under control until the Master distracted the ref.  This allowed KODIAK BEAR to sneak in and deliver a chair shot to Thunder and place a semiconscious Twiggy on top.

In an action-packed three-way elimination affair, “DANGEROUS” DEVON STORM was victorious over “LIGHTINING” MIKE QUACKENBUSH and MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER in 18:19.  Quack had pinned Shark in 14:04 before Devon scored the final pinfall over Quack.

As MONSIEUR OOH LA LA comes to ringside with his manager BARRY CASINO (and as I stand at attention singing the strains of “La Marseillaise” along with the recording), he stops to argue with members of the ring crew, with whom he had been having big problems toward the end of the previous ECWA season.  It even gets to the point where he slaps one of the crew guys.  Then, the match…

ECWA’s second-newest teenage phenom, 16-year-old JEFF “THE ALL-AMERICAN” PETERSON, pinned MR. OOH LA LA (with BARRY CASINO) in 8:09, as the ring crew member Ooh had slapped before the match tripped up Ooh coming off the ropes.

After the match, an irate Casino and Ooh challenge the entire ring crew to get flattened one-by-one by the Frenchman.  Ooh picks his first victim, the youngest member of the crew, who must be all of 9 or 10 years old.  But when Ooh turns his back to talk to Barry, the kid is replaced by the same ring crew member that had tripped him up during the match.  The crew guy takes off his “event staff” shirt to reveal a body that makes Ooh’s body look more like Casino’s than Schwarzenegger’s.  There’s a staredown and some pushing and shoving, as both Casino and the rest of the ring crew hold their charges back.  To be continued, I’m sure.


After the match, SHAWN STASIAK and ANDREW MARTIN again rush the ring and attack Osbourne.  Martin challenges Glenn to a match on the next ECWA card, and then both of the WWF guys start to pummel Osbourne again until, also out of the WWF, GANGREL comes to ringside to make the save.

In the much-awaited highlight of the evening, LUNA VACHON beat JACQUELINE in an arm-wrestling match, after which Jackie attacked Luna.  Luna vowed that she would get that WWF women’s title from Jackie before too long.  Standing ovation and mega-pop from the crowd both before and after the match.

In the main event, a three-way ladder match for the ECWA light-heavyweight title, INFERNO KID grabbed the belt and title, defeating current champ RECKLESS YOUTH and “SUPERSTAR” LANCE DIAMOND in 25:25.

The ECWA returns to St. Matthews on Saturday, October 17, with the usual 7 p.m. bell time.

From Jeff, now the ECWA timekeeper

ECWA returned to St. Matthews Parish Center in Wilmington, DE on September 26th with what many feel was the best booked independent card in a long time.

The Celebrity Chris Krueger (w/ E S Eaton) defeated J.R. Ryder in the opening contest.

Due to the WWF needing Christian Cage for the live Heat show, his title match was pushed up to the second bout of the evening. Christian Cage successfully defended the ECWA Heavyweight title against Ace Darling. After the bout, Andrew Martin and Sean Stasiak, from the WWF Funkn’ Dojo, ran in and attacked Cage.

The ring announcer did the usual birthday announcements. He announced Boogie Woogie Brown’s 40th birthday. Boogie entered the ring, only to be confronted by the Master. Kodiak Bear ran in from behind and hit Brown with a chair. Brown had to be helped out of the ring.

The Soul Brothers defeated Sweet Mister E and Persian Prince (w/ Barry Casino)

Devon Storm won a Three Way Match over Mark Shrader and Mike Quackenbush. Shrader was eliminated first then Storm got the pin on Mike. Awesome match as all 3 men worked extremely hard.

Twiggy Ramirez w/The Master defeated Thunder (who was subbing for the injured Brown). While the Master was distracting the ref., Kodiak Bear ran in and hit Thunder with a chair, allowing Twiggy to fall on him for the pinfall.

All American Jeff Peterson was victorious over Mr. Ooh La La. Peterson hit a plancha from the top rope to the floor (he must have gotten 15 feet of the ground.) He also hit a beautiful missle dropkick. The end saw one of the members of the lighting crew push Ooh La La backwards, into a Peterson roll up. After the bout, Ooh La La called out the entire Event Staff. He chose the smallest kid on the staff to wrestle him. While Ooh La La wasn’t looking, one of the larger, better built, staffers got in the ring. Ooh La La slapped him and ran. The rest of the staff ran in to hold their cohort back. Huge pop for the staffer.

Glen Osbourne def. Flash Flannigan in a very good bout. Following the bout Andrew Martin and Sean Stasiak ran in and double teamed Osbourne. Then, from the locker room, Gangrel ran in and saved Osbourne. Gangrel and Glen shook hands and left the ring together.

Luna Vachon def. Jacqueline in an arm wrestling competition. The usual pre match stalling by Jackie. After her loss, Jackie attacked Luna.

In the main event, for the ECWA Mid Atlantic Title, Reckless Youth defended against Lance Diamond and The Inferno Kid in a ladder match. Purely awesome. Reckless went for a suicide dive on Lance and Kid, only to have them hold up the ladder for him to fly into, head first. Non stop action and high spots too numerous to mention. After 25 minutes of action, Lance and Reckless climbed to the top of the ladder to get the belt. Inferno, who was wobbly from a double teaming, fell backwards into the ladder. Reckless was catapulted onto the top rope and onto the floor. Lance got his leg caught up in the ropes. Inferno climbed the ladder and got the belt to become the new champ.

Next card on October 17th.

WHAT YOU MISSED: RICK STEINER over HUGH MORRUS . . . NICK DINSMORE fell to ERNEST MILLER . . . SATURN over PSYCHOSIS . . . an interview with ALEX WRIGHT . . . THE BARBARIAN vs. FIT FINELY: SCOTT HALL staggers to the broadcast booth and rambles during the match. Finley wins with the tombstone . . . an interview with DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE . . . an update on VILLANO IV — who was injured on WCW MONDAY NITRO. They say he’ll be back wrestling soon . .  VILLANO V fell to RAVEN . . . THE DISCO INFERNO over CHAVO GUERRERO in a Cruiserweight match. JUVENTUD GUERRERA comes out and demands Disco be weighed. Disco weighs over the limit so the match is thrown out . . . NORMON SMILEY fell to ALEX WRIGHT . . . STEVIE RAY comes out and says that ERIC BISCHOFF said that he was to make sure THE FOUR HORSEMEN don’t show up. They come out and run him off. ARN ANDERSON ends up decking him with a steel bar. They do a decent interview after that . . . KANYON fell to GOLDBERG in a WCW WORLD TITLE match . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: SCOTT HALL staggered into the building. He told DOUG DILLENGER to go check on his car for him since someone wrecked it . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . the ring fills with smoke and THE DISCIPLE appears unconscious in the ring. NWO HOLLYWOOD comes out. The smoke goes off again and the Disciple is gone. THE WARRIOR appears on the scaffold with The Disciple . . . BARRY DARSAW fell to FIT FINLEY . . . NICK DINSMORE fell to WRATH . . . RICK FULLER jobbed to RICK STEINER . . . ERIC BISCHOFF, STEVIE RAY & HOLLYWOOD HOGAN come to the ring. Hogan calls out the Warrior. The lights dim and THE WARRIOR appears at the entrance ramp. He dares Hogan & Company to follow him. The go back to the dressing rooms and find a burning Warrior symbol in Hogan’s dressing room. The Disciple is lying on the floor of the bathroom. Steam fills the room and he vanishes . . . THE VILLANOS fell to RAVEN & KANYON . . . a look at THE DISCO INFERNO weighing in to be a cruiserweight . . . ALEX WRIGHT comes out and that he’s sick of America and that he’s sick of DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE. He wants DDP and the U.S. Title. DDP comes out and squashes him . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . LENNY LANE was in the process of falling to ERNEST MILLER when SCOTT HALL staggered out. How come security stops the Horsemen last week but does nothing about this guy? DUSTY RHODES comes out and reads Hall the riot act and takes him back to the dressing room. Miller wins . . . More of Disco working out. He’s made the weight class . . . JERRY FLYNN fell to SATURN . . . SCOTT STEINER & BUFF BAGWELL come out and diss everyone. They get to BRET HART and say they want to know what side he is on. Hart limps out and they attack him. STING makes the save. RICK STEINER comes out and attacks Scott Steiner as he’s retreating then Scott & Bagwell run off . . . THE DISCO INFERNO vs. KIDMAN — WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: LODI comes out and wants Kidman to rejoin RAVEN. Kidman wins with the shooting star press . . . NITRO GIRL TYGRESS does a solo dance . . . KONNAN over EDDY GUERRERO JR. . . . a look at ERIC BISCHOFF sending EDDY GUERRERO off to Japan . . . ERIC BISCHOFF & ELIZABETH come out and Eric gloats over building an “empire.” RIC FLAIR and THE FOUR HORSEMEN come out and Flair gets in Bischoff’s face . . . LEX LUGER & KEVIN NASH vs. BOOKER T & THE GIANT: Scott Hall staggers to the ring and joins the match. Match is thrown out when Hall attacks NICK PATRICK. The Giant & T attack Luger and Nash when they try to help Scott Hall up. Luger clears the ring with a steel chair . . . at the end Hogan calls out THE WARRIOR again. This time the Warrior is backed by THE DISCIPLE, who is wearing an “OWN” jacket . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: VINCE MCMAHON calls out MANKIND, KEN SHAMROCK & ROCKY MIAVIA. KANE & THE UNDERTAKER come to the top of the ring ramp to watch these events. He orders the three of them not to be STEVE AUSTIN’S partner vs. Kane & The Undertaker tonight. He puts them into a triangle match for a shot for the WWF World Title . . . BILLY GUNN over JEFF JARRETT . . . comments from STEVE AUSTIN . . . THE HEADBANGERS attack THE ODDITIES and destroy GOLGA’S “CARTMAN” doll . . . comments from THE UNDERTAKER . . . JACKIE over SABLE to fill the WWF WOMEN’S TITLE . . . STEVE AUSTIN & BILLY GUNN fell to THE UNDERTAKER & KANE . . . SOUTHERN JUSTICE vs. DOA: JEFF JARRETT takes out PAUL ELLERING with a guitar. Match is apparently thrown out at that point as they stop fighting and everyone sort of stumbles around . . . comments from VINCE MCMAHON. He says he’s not responsible for the Undertaker or Kane and what they may do tonight since they’re rampaging over someone teaming with Steve Austin . . . a promo for STEVEN REGAL a real “MAN’S MAN” . . . AL SNOW & HEAD vs. SGT. SLAUGHTER — BOOT CAMP MATCH: Snow wins but JERRY BRISCO & PAT PATTERSON attack him after the match. SCORPIO makes the save . . . comments from ROCKY MIAVIA . . . VAL VENIS vs. OWEN HART: match is thrown out when DUSTIN RUNNELS jumps Venis. He miscalculates and gets tied up in the ring ropes. Venis shows another video . . . X-POC wins the WWF EUROPEAN TITLE from D’LO BROWN . . . comments from MANKIND . . . MANKIND vs. KEN SHAMROCK vs. ROCKY MIAVIA — TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for a shot at the WWF TITLE: KANE & THE UNDERTAKER attack all three guys so it’s thrown out while Steve Austin attacks VINCE MCMAHON . . .

MCW Baltimore 9/20/98 by JEFF AMDUR(
Pardon me for the delay in reporting, and this may not be the first report out there, but I’ve been at Rosh Hashanah services most of the day–so, however late, here are the results of the Maryland Championship Wrestling card that was held at the Patapsco Arena in Baltimore, MD, on Sunday, September 20, 1998.

In the crowd estimated at 900-1000 were a few more netters than usual:  Lee “Dark Cheetah” Morey, Jeremy Billones, Dave Hagan, Bill Woodcock, Steve Marsh, “Lurkers Locos” Ray Duffy and Steve Pillmeyer, and making a rare MD appearance, Phil Schneider, Dean Rasmussen, and “The Other Phil” Flippa.  I’m sure some of them will eventually have their own report up on these boards.

From the MD State Athletic Commission:  TOM KANARAS and LOU LEAVEY.  MCW Commissioner:  JACK ADONIS.  Substituting for Steve Venturella as ring announcers:  “Wrestletalk America’s” AL ALBERT and the ECWA’s CHUCK RISTANO.  Also in attendance: ECWA promoter JIM KETTNER.  Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR (Hey, that’s me!).  Referees:  BOB ADCOCK, JOHN “PEE WEE” MOORE, DAVE “THE WAVE”, and JOHN RILEY.

The evening began with a special tribute to the late BRIAN “SHANE SHAMROCK” HOWSER, who was tragically killed one day after the last MCW show.  A tribute tape was played, and Shane’s MCW light-heavyweight belt was permanently retired and given in a wooden display case to Shane’s parents and three children.  A special blow-up of the cover of the evening’s program, which featured Shane, was also presented to the Howsers.  A ten-bell salute was sounded as the evening’s workers (as well as some people who had worked with Shane in the competing MEWF) stood in and around the ring.

To begin the actual card, AXL ROTTEN came out in street clothes and explains that Sabu, originally scheduled, could not be there tonight (this had been explained on the MCW hotline as well as on a poster outside the Arena), and also that he himself would be unable to wrestle.  Out came JACK VICTORY, LANCE WRIGHT, JEFF JONES and CHASTITY, who tried to goad Axl into a match, while from the outside athletic commissioner TOM KANARAS pleaded with Axl not to do battle.  Axl explained that he cannot wrestle due to his physical condition, so he has brought someone who would do battle for him and for Sabu.  Enter, for the first time in Maryland in almost five years, TOMMY DREAMER.


CUEBALL CARMICHAEL (with MAD DOG O’MALLEY) pinned BRUISER in 7:18, as Mad Dog splashed Bruiser with Cueball distracting the ref.

MIKEY WHIPWRECK pinned 2-DOPE (with SUCKAPUNCH & SIDESWIPE) in 6:41 with a series of stunner-like moves.

“MIGHTY SEXY” QUINN NASH & JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS pinned EARL THE PEARL & “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS in 12:10, as ref. DAVE “THE WAVE”‘s arguing with Stevie hampered tag-team efforts.

In a stiff battle of international competitors, MASATO TANAKA pinned ULF HERRMANN in 8:49.

ROMEO VALENTINO (with a lot of help from DOMINIC COOLIANO) pinned MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER in 10:07.

“THE GHETTO SUPERSTAR” A.J. FRITZOID (with DAWN MARIE) pinned CHRISTIAN YORK (with BOBCAT) in 9:12.  In a raucous post-match battle, 2-DOPE, SIDESWIPE and SUCKAPUNCH came to the ring and attacked Fritzoid and Dawn Marie.  They smashed a large watermelon over Fritzoid’s head and then proceeded to spank and stomp on Dawn Marie.

Making their MCW debuts in an interview segment to start the second half of the card were people long associated with wrestling in Maryland.  The interviewer:  STUD LEE OSBORNE.  The interviewees:  TOM BRANDI and his long-time manager, ROYCE C. PROPHET.  Brandi and Royce complained that Tom should be declared heavyweight champion since he had been the champion of the “other” promotion and never officially lost the title. He said he should at least be declared number-one contender.  Then Prophet took the mike and talked for it seems forever.  Out came AXL ROTTEN, JIM CORNETTE and THE HEADBANGERS to distract Prophet.  The Bangers eventually pantsed Royce, but the manager quickly pulled the pants back up, thus sparing the crowd of a really unwanted sight.  Eventually MCW commish JACK ADONIS came out and said that if Brandi wants to be a contender, he would have to get by ADAM FLASH.

TOM BRANDI (with ROYCE C. PROPHET) pinned ADAM FLASH in 6:18 in what was largely a handicap match, as Brandi and his manager double-teamed Adam most of the way, with the ref. helplessly looking on.

In the main event, “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO & “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ (with PLATINUM NAT) won the MCW tag titles from THE HEADBANGERS (MOSH & THRASHER, with JAMES E. CORNETTE and CHUCK RISTANO) as Cornette turned on his team and whacked a Banger with his tennis racket.  Cornette and Nat embraced at the end before hauling ass out of the Arena.

MCW will return to the Patapsco Arena on Sunday, October 11, with a 7 p.m. bell time.  Scheduled to be on the card:  CHRIS CANDIDO, TAMARA LYNN SYTCH (the artist formerly known as SUNNY), AXL ROTTEN, BLUE MEANIE & SUPER NOVA, and others to be announced later.  There will also be a show in Salisbury, MD, on Friday, October 16 at the Blair Lee Armory.  Stay tuned to these boards for more information.

From Jeff the MCW timekeeper

WHAT YOU MISSED: MANKIND over DUSTIN RUNNELS . . . VAL VENIS comes out after that match. Dustin wants him in the ring. Venis shows another video of Terri Runnels . . . comments from KANE & THE UNDERTAKER. The Undertaker says he has no love for VINCE MCMAHON. MANKIND, ROCKY MIAVIA & KEN SHAMROCK attack them. VINCE MCMAHON tries to break it up along with JERRY BRISCO, PATT PATTERSON & COMMISH SLAUGHTER . . . McMahon screams at Mankind. He says the only way out of this for Mankind is to go now . . . JACKIE vs. LUNA: figure four win for Luna. Jackie challenges SABLE to a match on RAW . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY, BILLY GUNN & X-POC vs. D’LO BROWN, JEFF JARRETT & OWEN HART: D’LO BROWN pins X-Poc after SOUTHERN JUSTICE interfere . . . AL SNOW is in the control room . . . EDGE over TAKA MICHINOKU. KIENTAI attack EDGE after the match and GANGREL makes the save . . . COMMISSIONER SLAUGHTER calls out AL SNOW & HEAD. He handcuffs Snow and attacks him . . . KANE & THE UNDERTAKER over DOA . . .

ECW 9/19/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at MASATO TANAKA defeating BALLS MAHONEY . . . MASATO TANAKA over BALLS MAHONEY in the rematch . . . a look at THE TRIPLE THREAT attacking TAZ & BILL ALPHONSO . . . comments from FRANCINE . . . comments from JUSTIN CREDIBLE about beating THE SANDMAN. JACK VICTORY comes in, demands money and says he’ll take care of The Sandman . . . comments from FRANCINE & SHANE DOUGLAS . . . ROD PRICE vs. THE SANDMAN: Justin Credible introduces ROD PRICE as his new guy. Match has a non-ending as Justin Credible and Jack Victory attack The Sandman with his cane. TOMMY DREAMER makes the save. THE ONE MAN GANG comes in and attacks Dreamer. SPIKE DUDLEY, MIKEY WHIPWRECK, AXEL ROTTEN & others make the save. Spike Squares off with OMG. Spike ends up pinning the OMG with the Acid Drop . . . comments from SHANE DOUGLAS & FRANCINE . . .

WWF RAW 9/14/98
WHAT YOU MISSED: VINCE MCMAHON, KANE & THE UNDERTAKER are in the ring as STEVE AUSTIN comes out. McMahon rants about a master plan. He says that he’s made a deal with Kane & the Undertaker to protect him from Austin. He says in this triple threat match Kane & the Undertaker can not defeat each other. Therefore the only way they can win is to pin or make Austin submit in the triple threat match. He says “Stone Cold screwed Stone Cold” and Austin attacks him. Undertaker & Kane make the save. After it’s over McMahon gets on the microphone and announces that Austin has to defend the WWF Title tonight to KEN SHAMROCK . . . a look at Steve Austin stalking the dressing room . . . JEFF JARRETT vs. ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES: Jarrett jams Jesse James in the throat with a guitar behind the ref.’s back in order to get the pin . . . after the commercial they take Jesse James to an awaiting ambulance . . . KANE vs. ROCKY MIAVIA: ref. bump and THE UNDERTAKER goes to work on Rocky outside of the ring. MANKIND sneaks in and hits Kane over the head with a sledgehammer. Rocky pins Kane. After the match the Undertaker demands a match with Mankind tonight . . . comments from Mankind . . . DUSTIN RUNNELS comes out and gives a sermon on how the WWF is “stained.” VAL VENIS appears on the ring ramp. Venis shows a video on the TITONTRON. The video shows him in Bed with TERRI RUNNELS a.k.a. MARLENA . . . a video of STEVEN REGAL out in the woods chopping wood as he’s now “MAN’S MAN” STEVEN REGAL . . . OWEN HART fell to HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY in a WWF IC TITLE MATCH due to X-PAC & CHYNA’S interference. MARK HENRY challenges X-Pac & Chyna to a handicap match after it’s over . . . MANKIND vs. THE UNDERTAKER: ROCKY MIAVIA pops out of Mankind’s dumpster and stops The Undertaker from attacking Mankind with a sledgehammer. He then throws Mankind into the crowd so Mankind can get away. Undertaker and Kane follow Rocky back to the dressing room . . . EDGE vs. GANGREL: goes to double count out . . . MARK HENRY vs. CHYNA & X-PAC: Henry wins with the help of D’LO BROWN . . . SABLE over JACKIE in an evening gown match . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. STEVE AUSTIN — WWF WORLD TITLE: Shamrock gets Austin in a Boston crab and Austin breaks it by going to the ropes. KANE & THE UNDERTAKER come in to the ring and attack both guys. Rocky Miavia & Mankind make the save . . .


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