The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #46, Feb. 22, 1999

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #46, Feb. 22, 1999
(“It’s hard to be a minion of evil with your pants falling off.” —
WHAT YOU MISSED: VINCE MCMAHON comes out with KANE. McMahon says he’s read THE UNDERTAKER’S message from Monday night and that the Undertaker doesn’t want to go there. He says in response to the threat the Undertaker will have to face Kane in an inferno match on RAW . . . TERRY TAYLOR is doing color commentary . . . CHYNA makes SHANE MCMAHON run up and down stairs . . . MANKIND enters the building . . . TOO MUCH & DOA over THE ODDITIES . . . BILLY GUNN making out with RYAN SHAMROCK . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. THE GODFATHER: Ryan Shamrock comes out with Billy Gunn and Ken goes crazy. The match is thrown out . . . GILLBERG vs. SHANE MCMAHON — WWF EUROPEAN TITLE: McMahon hits Gillberg with the European title belt behind the ref.’s back to get a quick win. Gillberg spears CHYNA but bounces out. Chyna pedigrees Gillberg. X-PAC’S music starts up and he comes out. X-Pac challenges McMahon to a match at WRESTLEMANIA. Chyna says no and that X-Pac has to defeat her first to get the shot. The match is made for RAW . . . a look at SABLE on REGIS & KATHI LEE and her edition of PLAYBOY . . . AL SNOW vs. D’LO BROWN: DEBRA comes into the ring and distracts the ref. while OWEN HART & JEFF JARRETT destroy D’Lo outside the ring. Snow hits D’Lo with HEAD and gets the win . . . MANKIND comes out. He talks about his future plans. He says he thought of going to WCW but he’s “not quite old enough yet” to go there. He says that the main event of Wrestlemania needs 2 referees. He says he is asking COMMISSIONER MICHAELS to let him be the #2 guest referee and for the fans to sign his petition . . . THE UNDERTAKER arrives at the arena . . . VISCERA vs. THE BIG BOSSMAN: THE CORPORATION attacks Viscera. THE MINISTRY OF DARKNESS comes out and flames surround the ring. The Undertaker says that if he burns in hell, McMahon will go with him . . .

WWWA – SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20th, 1999 LIMA, OHIO TV TAPING by Andrew Ebbeskotte
In front of a crowd near 280, the WWWA’s 2nd TV taping was held at the Veteran’s Memorial Civic and Convention Center in downtown Lima, Ohio

Suicidio d. Truth Martini
–Suicidio had early momentum hitting a plancha from the top to the outside, Truth took control later, hitting a somersault topei to the outside, but the tide turned after he missed a 2nd rope slingshot moonsault. Suicido soon finished him off with a Sunset Flip Bomb from the top rope. Great match with too many spots to name.

Mr. Main Event w. The Producer d. “Big Gunn” Adam Briggs
–Newcomer Adam Briggs, after suffering an attack at the hands of HotSeat Productions at the Feb. 6th Huntington, IN show (Which was also shown on the _debut_ of the WWWA weekly TV show on Fox 67) was looking for some revenge. Adam Briggs lack of experience showed in the match as distractions from The Producer kept momentum on Main Event’s side. While referee Gary Coleman was distracted by The Producer, Mr. Main Event went to the knee pad and pulled out the infamous brass knuckles. As Briggs turned to continue his assault on Main Event, he was met with the knuckles. Main Event then locked on a crossarm bar and got the submission win on an unconscious Briggs

Too Delicious (“Too Hot” T-Voeltz and “Delicious” Devon Daniels) d. Guerrilla Assassins (Sirhan and Oswald)
–Throughout the match, T-Voeltz and Daniels were more concerned with who looked better rather than winning the match. The Assassins had momentum early as Oswald came off the top onto both members of TD. T-Voeltz recovered first and hit his own top rope plancha onto both Assassins and his own partner Devon Daniels. Oswald hit a 2nd rope huracanrana on T-Voeltz and Devon Daniels, trying to stop the pin hit his own partner as Oswald rolled off T-Voeltz at the last second. As the Assassins were going for the win, T-Voeltz, outside the ring, removed his boot and used it to knock Sirhan out and a dazed Devon Daniels, by chance, fell on him for the 3 count.

Alexis Machine w. The Producer d. “Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia w. The Postmaster
–Dexter seemed even more “Disgruntled” throughout the match. Hitting violent clotheslines a number of times. Dexter, however, was unable to follow up due to distractions from “The Bag”. Alexis’ offense consisted of a Head-and-Arm Suplex that dropped Dexter square on his head, he quickly followed that up with a double underhook suplex, Alexis then set the former Postman on the top and took him down with a belly to back suplex dropping Dexter on the back on his neck, later in the match The Producer was up to his usual antics, distracting Gary Coleman, allowing Alexis to take shortcuts through the match. Dexter regained momentum and hit “Special Delivery” (reverse facelock dropped ) but as the ref was distracted, “Beautiful” Brian Fury ran in and hit the “Beauty Mark” (reverse DDT). Allowing Alexis the easy 3 count. “The Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox was quick to make the save, saving Dexter from more punishment at the hands of HotSeat. Karl Kox would have revenge on his mind though, as he was slated to take on HotSeat’s “Beautiful” Brian Fury later in the night.

Dragon Yokira d. The Great Shinwa
–A short match, which mysteriously involved The Producer. Shinwa’s only offense was a few reverse knife edge chops. The Producer distracted Referee Bill Write, giving Yokira ample time to go into the knee pads and use the brass knuckles. Following that “Yokira” unmasked to reveal none other than Mr. Main Event. Earlier in the evening, the _real_ Dragon Yokira was viciously attacked by HotSeat Productions and stripped of his ring attire. An angered, and limping Main Event got the easy pin.

KC Thunder w. The Producer d. Scotty Hot Body
–Scotty Hot Body continues to bite off a little more than he can chew, the youngster was confident going into his match with Crusher Kline a few weeks back, but that proved to be a far bigger task then he first thought. Scotty didn’t have a chance from the bell as KC had his way with Scotty. Hitting many high impact maneuvers. KC’s new finisher, The Thunder Buster (Fisherman’s Buster) was all Scotty Hot Body could take as KC got the easy three count.

“The Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox w. The Postmaster d. “Beautiful” Brian Fury
–The big 300+ pounder put the only blemish on HotSeat’s record for the night, with a little help from Dexter Dementia. Fury had the early advantage, nearly decapitating the big man with a clothesline. The match swung in Fury’s favor temporarily allowing Brian Fury hit a picture perfect dropkick, the same dropkick and the same man that put Dexter Dementia’s teeth through his lip just 14 days ago. Fortunate for Karl Kox, his height advantage, kept Fury from getting as high as he did on Dexter. Karl Kox, still fuming from the attack earlier in the evening, took it to Fury most of the match. Hitting “The Verdict” (back drop into a side slam… _awesome_) But the crafty Brian Fury regained control, with the help, of course, of The Producer. The Producer and The Postmaster then got into a verbal confrontation outside the ring, as referee Bill Write was trying to break them up, Dexter Dementia stormed from the back, tossed, “The Bag” into the ring, caught Fury in the back of the head and was out of the ring before anyone knew better. The Bounty Hunter got the win shortly after. Alexis Machine wasn’t too far behind hitting the ring to save his stablemate. Fury and Machine attempted to whip both men into the ropes, but when it was reversed, the cagy HotSeat members were quick to hit the high ground and head up the ramp. Dexter could be heard telling “The Bag” that “We got ’em didn’t we” as they were leaving the ring.

Main Event
A “Mutual Respect” match for the
WWWA World Heavyweight Championship
Crusher Kline d. Kwik Kik Lee
In a match of fan favorites, Crusher Kline attempted many times early in the match to “bow” to Lee in respect but he refused. Kwik Kik Lee then told Crusher Kline to stand in the middle of the ring and let him shoulderblock him off the ropes, the near 100 pound weight difference paid off for Kline as both attempts at a shoulderblock we’re brushed off by the WWWA Champion. Kwik Kik, once again not thinking clearly, then told Kline that _he_ would stand in the middle of the ring and let Kline come off the ropes with a shoulderblock, Kline was quick to agree with this proposition coming off the ropes, but the quick (no pun intended) masked man countered with a leapfrog, thinking he was in the clear, Lee played to the crowd, as he turned he was _rudely_ met with a thunderous shoulderblock. Lee regained momentum in the match though, spitting a mysterious green mist in Kline’s face, Lee took the stunned Kline into the corner and showed that his name isn’t only catchy, its true. Kline was met with a barrage of kicks in the corner, which Lee followed up by climbing the ropes and catching Kline in the corner with a kick to the side of the head. Lee’s follow up was a _devastating_ DDT that very well could have given him the win, rather than go for the pin, he poured on more offense. The Producer, once again, made his way to ringside and Lee saluted him with the ceremonial bow, Obviously The Producer’s coercivne$$ had convinced Lee to take out Kline for HotSeat’s gain. Kline slowly regained his vision along with momentum, nearly putting Kwik Kik through the ring with a _devastating_ powerbomb. Producer made his presence known again, getting on the apron and distracting head official Gary Coleman. As Kline was distracted by the Producer, Lee slowly came too. The Producer attempted to toss Lee the cane, Kline, showing that his pro-football experiences hadn’t been forgotten, intercepted the cane. The referee’s back was still turned and Kline very well could have used the cane on former friend Lee. But Kline didn’t stoop to HotSeat’s level. He handed the cane to Coleman and subsequently hit “The Devastator” (gut wrench held on shoulder, dropped face first) for the win.

The WWWA returns to Lima April 3rd for another TV taping

WWWA action live next Saturday, Feb. 27th, at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio. Tickets available at the Fairgrounds Office and at the door.

Catch the WWWA on Fox 67 12:30 on Saturday afternoon.

The Long Island Wrestling Federation returned to the Elks Lodge in Queens, NY on February 20th, in front of 250 plus fans. Results were as follows: Skull Von Krush & Goldbald went to a time limit draw with Kid USA & Mr. Puerto Rico . . . Peligro def Vic Devine . . . Shark Attack Kid beat Damian Dragon . . . Thunderbolt & Man Slaughter (w/ Sure Thing John Shane) def Kuvatro & Magic . . . Homicide beat Lo Key . . . Chino Martinez & Monsta Mac beat Dynomite Kid & Ken Sweeney . . . Chris Michaels def JLover when JLover’s manager, John Shane, turned on Lover.
Lucifer & WarPath def Shaolin & Zombie . . . Chief Tango beat Cold Hard Cash . . . Laithon the Tower of Torture beat Spanish Angel by DQ . . . They return to the Elks Lodge on Saturday, June 12th . . .

ECW 2/20/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: TAZ arrives in Queens in a Limo. He states that New York has the belt back . . . a look at JEFF JONES bringing SID out to destroy STEVE CORINO and JOHN KRONUS . . . TAZ comes to the ring to talk with JOEY STYLES . . . news comes that THE PUBLIC ENEMY were run out of ECW by THE DUDLEY BOYS . . . CHRIS CHETTI over LITTLE GUIDO . . . THE DUDLEY BOYS & JOEL GERTNER in the ring. The reunited GANGSTAS come out and they brawl. MUSTAFFA attacks NEW JACK. JOHN KRONUS & SPIKE DUDLEY try to make the save but are destroyed. Mustaffa pays off the Dudleys . . . FRANCINE & SHANE DOUGLAS come out. Shane is holding his boots. He says that the type of injury he has put THE ULTIMO DRAGON out of wrestling. He says he’s retiring. JASON & JUSTIN CREDIBLE come to the ring. Credible claims to be the new Franchise. LANCE STORM comes to the ring. Storm claims to be the new Franchise. Douglas says that TOMMY DREAM is the new Franchise. Credible & Storm attack Douglas. Tommy Dreamer comes in and is destroyed. Credible kicks Francine in the head and both Credible and Storm take a boot . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: LASH LEROUX vs. BOBBY BLAZE: missed the ending to this one. Assuming Leroux got the win . . . SCOTT HUDSON announces that they’re going to announce a new match for SUPERBRAWL . . . HECTOR GARZA fell to THE BARBARIAN . . . EL DANDY fell to FIT FINLEY . . . MENG & THE BARBARIAN brawled in the dressing room area . . . HUGH MORRIS over DAVID TAYLOR . . . a look at the stupid skits involving SCOTT STEINER stalking KIMBERLY . . . CICLOPE fell to CHAVO GUERRERO JR. . . . LODI & AL GREEN fell to REY MISTERIO JR. & KONNAN . . . BARRY DARSOW fell to MIKE ENOS . . . HAK (THE SANDMAN) over BULL PAYNE . . . VILLANO V lost to PSYCHOSIS . . . a look at the NWO attacking RIC FLAIR on NITRO . . . CHRIS JERICHO vs. BOOKER T: Scott Hudson announces that SATURN vs. Jericho is on the PPV tomorrow night. Loser wears a dress again. ::Yawn.:: Pretty good match after 2 hours of sheer crap. Match ends with a DQ of Jericho when THE DISCO INFERNO attacks T. PERRY SATURN makes the save . . .

MCW Denton 2/18/99 by Jeff Amdur (
All reigning Maryland Championship Wrestling (and other) titleholders held on to their belts, “The Dancing Sensation” wound up regretting giving his erstwhile “Dancin'” tag-team partner a second chance, and the appearance of WWF stars highlighted the MCW card held at the Volunteer Fire Hall in Denton, MD, on February 18.

Attendance estimated at 375.  MCW commissioner: MR. JACK ADONIS.  MCW communications director: PETE McDEVITT.  Music provided by BIG DADDY PRODUCTIONS.  Ring announcer: STEVE VENTURELLA.  Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR.  Ring attendant: PERRY KURZ.  Referees for the evening: DAVE “THE WAVE”, BARRY ROBERTS, and D. EDWARDS.

PETE McDEVITT welcomed the crowd by announcing that MCW will be returning to Denton on a regular basis throughout the year.  He was then interrupted by CUEBALL CARMICHAEL, who complained that he has been screwed over by MCW when it comes to the quality of the competition. He’s been wrestling in the area for several years now and has yet to get a title shot.  So JACK ADONIS obliges Cueball, as, to the haunting drum/trumpet music and  led to the ring by security staff brandishing sparklers, out came the current WWF light-heavyweight champion, none other than GILLLLLLLBERRRRRRRG.

MATCH 1:  GILLLLLLLBERRRRRRRG pinned CUEBALL CARMICHAEL in 2:27.  As Cueball grabbed the light-heavy belt and brandished it high in the air while taunting the crowd, he turned around and was hit by a devastating Gilllllllberrrrrrrg spear and then pinned.

MATCH 2:  DINO DIVINE pinned MAD DOG O’MALLEY in 8:12.  Dog tried to follow up a chokeslam with a middle-rope splash.  Dino moved out of the way and was then able to roll up Dog for the pin.

JACK ADONIS came out again.  He called out STEVIE RICHARDS and said that normally the dethroned tag team champs would have first crack at regaining the title in a rematch, but because of the recent bad blood between Stevie and EARL THE PEARL, the rematch wouldn’t happen.  Stevie then called out Earl, and explained that he had cracked due to the pressure of all that had happened to him over the past year, and asks for forgiveness.  As a sign of his sincerity, he gave Earl a chair and asked him to give him a chairshot, although such a chairshot could kill him because of that neck injury.  Earl refused, and said that if Stevie wanted to prove his sincerity, he would be his partner once again in a rematch for the tag title.  Jack Adonis agreed to the match, and Earl and Stevie left the ring shaking hands.

MATCH 3:  In a tag-team contenders’ three-way dance, BACKSTREET (JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS & QUINN NASH, with PLATINUM NAT) beat THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (“WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO & JULIO “THE LATIN DRAGON” SANCHEZ) and two members of THE FAMILY OF FREAKS (BRUISER & “DOOMSDAY” DANNY ROSE) in 20:52.  Joey first pinned Julio after whacking him with Nat’s “good book”.  Cicero came into the ring and grabbed the “good book” and was prepared to plonk Joey in turn; but Joey moved, and Cicero zapped Bruiser instead.  Matthews then covered for the pin, and there were words between Cicero and Bruiser after the match.

A rant by heavyweight champ ROMEO VALENTINO complaining about no opposition was answered as JACK ADONIS says that Romeo would face CORPORAL PUNISHMENT later that night in a no-disqualification match. They were in turn interrupted by TOM BRANDI and manager ROYCE (t)C(w) PROFIT, complaining about a lack to title shots and a general lack of opposition.  Corporal then came out and said that MCW has indeed found an opponent for Brandi tonight: HEADBANGER MOSH.  Royce and Tom scattered, but eventually the match started.

MATCH 4:  HEADBANGER MOSH beat TOM BRANDI by disqualification in 15:57 in a wild match, as there wound up being too much interference from the “TCW” camp.  CORPORAL PUNISHMENT eventually came to the aid of Mosh.  The fans could see alliances forming among Brandi and his fellow Italian Romeo Valentino, and on the other side between Corporal and Mosh.

MATCH 5:  CHRISTIAN YORK retained his cruiserweight belt by pinning ADAM FLASH in 10:32.  Adam missed a top rope leap and was schoolboyed by Christian.  After the match, Adam, who thought he was given a fast three-count, tried to get his hands on referee D. EDWARDS, but the ref ran to safety.

MATCH 6:  2-DOPE & SIDESWIPE (with DONNIE B. & BOBCAT) pinned STEVIE RICHARDS & EARL THE PEARL in 13:06 to keep their tag-team belts.  The former champs looked like they were in control until suddenly, Earl was Steviekicked and rolled up for the pin. After the match, Stevie taunted Earl, slapping him in the face, calling him a “piece of crap”, and boasting to the crowd that he had to be “the best actor in Hollywood today” since Earl bought his “sincerity” act.  All three refs had to help the woozy Earl back to the lockers.

MATCH 7:  ROMEO VALENTINO (with DINO DEVINE) pinned CORPORAL PUNISHMENT in 7:16 to keep the MCW heavyweight title.  There was constant interference in the match from Divine as well as from the intruding TOM BRANDI and ROYCE C. PROFIT; but referee DAVE “THE WAVE” couldn’t do anything because of the no-dq stipulation.

After the match, the members of “TCW” (Profit’s disciples) pummeled Corporal until HEADBANGER MOSH made the save.  Corporal then asked Mosh to be his partner in a tag team match that he demanded be booked for the next MCW card in Denton.  Mosh, whose usual partner THRASHER is still recovering from an injury, agreed.

And speaking of that next card, MCW will be back at the Denton Fire Hall on Thursday, April 15.  Stay tuned to these boards for further news.

WHAT YOU MISSED: STEVIE RAY approaches BOOKER T in the locker room. Ray says that he leads the NWO BLACK & WHITE. T disses HOLLYWOOD HOGAN. THE DISCO INFERNO interrupts and says something stupid. T attacks him . . . that blonde back in a hotel. She takes the shock stick from their person behind the camera . . . a replay of the whole RAVEN & KANYON go shopping thing . . . THE DISCO INFERNO brings out SCOTT HALL, who is dressed in a kilt. They babble. I fast forward. The NWO angle really has played out horribly and Scott Hall in the ring babbling on a microphone for 10 minutes at a time doesn’t help . . . more of the adventures of Raven & Kanyon . . . LASH LEROUX over CHAVO GUERRERO JR. by DQ when Chavo goes crazy and refuses to stop attacking Leroux, who is upside down and hanging from the top ring rope by his knee. BILLY KIDMAN makes the save of Leroux . . . more of Raven & Kanyon’s big adventure . . . a look at the NWO attacking RIC FLAIR Monday night . . . more of Kanyon & Raven the new class . . . comments from HORACE HOGAN & BRYAN ADAMS . . . CHRIS JERICHO comes to the ring. He apologizes for making PERRY SATURN wear a dress. RALPHUS comes out in a dress. Believe it or not, it’s carried off better than the NWO filmed skits. Jericho faces and defeats JUVENTUD GUERRERA . . . BUFF BAGWELL in the ring. He tells everyone to sit down and shut up. He babbles that he’s ready to come back to a full time wrestling schedule. He introduces PIG FARMER STUNT, err SCOTT STEINER. He babbles about wanting DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE. I fast forward. Steiner defeats BOBBY BLAZE . . . KONNAN & REY MISTERIO JR. over HECTOR GARZA JR. & SILVER KING . . . comments from CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO . . . a look at RODDY PIPER defeating BRET HART for the WCW U.S. TITLE . . . BOOKER T falls to JERRY FLYNN when THE DISCO INFERNO attacks him behind the ref.’s back in order to set up the Flynn win . . . GENE OKERLUND interviews RIC FLAIR . . . the blonde again. Ordering food in the hotel room . . . CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO vs. BRYAN ADAMS & HORACE HOGAN — CAGE MATCH SEMI-FINALS OF THE WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT: ref. bump in the cage. VINCE throws a chair to the NWO guys and takes Chris Benoit out of the cage. It’s two on one. Horace counts a three with Bryan Adams pinning Malenko. Benoit climbs back into the cage. He crotches Horace Hogan on the top rope. Benoit does his flying head butt from the top of the cage onto Adams and Malenko pins Adams for the win . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED:a look at SCOTT STEINER stalking KIMBERLY . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . ARN ANDERSON chases THE DISCO INFERNO and attacks him. DOUG DILLENGER & security take Anderson off in handcuffs . . . cut to ERIC BISCHOFF as RIC FLAIR’s limo driver. Flair gets off an airplane with Turner officials. I’m cringing already . . . PERRY SATURN fell to JERRY FLYNN when CHRIS JERICHO & SCOTT DICKENSON interfered . . . Flair in a limo with the officials. Flair gets a phone call about Arn Anderson attacking Disco . . . back in the limo. Bischoff drives the car to a “detour” . . . HECTOR GARZA, SUPRE CALO & EL DANDY fall to BLITZCRIEG, PSYCHOSIS & JUVENTUD GUERRERA . . . Bischoff pulls the limo over. The NWO guys come out and attack Flair for an extended beating. Horrible acting. Dumb delivery. Pure stupidity . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO over FIT FLINLEY & DAVE TAYLOR in a WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT match . . . comments from THE NITRO GIRLS on their feelings of what SCOTT STEINER did to KIMBERLY . . . BRET HART over WILL SASSO from MAD TV. Why? Pure stupidity . . . the NWO arrives and they gloat about beating up Flair. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN sends them to the back and he gives RIC FLAIR a 10 count to come out to face him for the “NWO” belt. RODDY PIPER comes out instead. They wrestle and when Piper gets Hogan in a sleeper the NWO attacks him and puts him out . . . a trucker finds Ric Flair’s body. Hmm. There’s a camera man there. Couldn’t he have helped out? Oh, I forgot. He’s not really there. This is all a bad dream . . . a lawyer states that SCOTT STEINER is suing DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE for attacking him. This is the lamest thing yet . . . SCOTTIE RIGGS & MIKE ENOS fall to CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO in a WCW World Tag Team Tournament match . . . the truck driver stops at a gas station . . . the blonde woman from last week is back in a hotel room talking to the camera. Her “date” must have lasted a week . . . THE NWO come to the ring. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN gives Ric Flair a 20 count to come to the ring. The truck drives up and Flair makes it to the ring. Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit come out to help but they’re out-numbered. It ends with SCOTT HALL talking to the camera and giving someone the shock stick . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: footage from ST. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE . . . COMMISSIONER SHAWN MICHAELS comes out. He brings out MANKIND and STEVE AUSTIN. He says that they’ll face each other at WRESTLEMANIA. THE CORPORATION’S music starts up and VINCE MCMAHON comes out of the dressing room. McMahon says that he’s a humble and a broken man. He says he wants to have a fresh start with Austin. He wants Austin to say “I’m sorry.” Austin says he’s sorry that he didn’t beat McMahon worse than he did last night. McMahon tells Michaels to order a rematch between MANKIND & ROCKY MIAVIA tonight for the WWF TITLE. Mankind says he needs 7 days to recover. Rocky Miavia comes out. He says that Mankind should defend his belt tonight. He insults Michaels and demands the match. Mankind says he’ll make the match. McMahon demands that it’s a ladder match where there must be a winner. Michaels makes the match. McMahon says that the guest referee at the World Title match at WRESTLEMANIA will be PAUL “THE GIANT” WIGHT . . . JEFF JARRETT & DEBRA vs. IVORY & D’LO BROWN: the ref. throws the match out when Ivory and Debra go at it. Debra hits Ivory with a guitar. OWEN HART runs in and Jarrett and Hart double team D’Lo before taking Debra to the back . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & X-PAC come out. They want a rematch with CHYNA & KANE tonight. Kane, Chyna and SHANE MCMAHON come out. Shane says “no rematch.” He gives Chyna the night off. X-Pac wants McMahon to replace Chyna. Shane says that if X-PAC puts the European title on the line in a tag match then he’ll do it . . . MANKIND working out on a ladder . . . BILLY GUNN vs. VAL VENIS — WWF IC TITLE: RYAN SHAMROCK gets up on the ring apron. Gunn runs into her. Gunn is stunned. Venis rolls him up from behind for the win. Ryan is down on the ground in pain. She gets in the ring. She says “we did it.” Venis says that HE did it. He dumps her . . . Billy Gunn talks to Ryan Shamrock. He apologizes. KEN SHAMROCK comes out and attacks Gunn . . . THE UNDERTAKER & THE MINISTRY OF DARKNESS come out. PAUL BEARER gets on the microphone. He orders Vince McMahon to listen. The Undertaker says that one by one each person in the WWF will fall before him. He says they let THE BIG BOSSMAN go last night, but next time he won’t be so lucky. He says he has an army to destroy the Corporation. The Big Bossman comes out. He wants 3 of the Ministry members against in a six man match tonight . . . X-PAC & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY vs. SHANE MCMAHON & KANE: I have no interest in the match. Shane McMahon has no business being in the ring. Chyna interferes. Shane is the new WWF EUROPEAN champion. Rubbish match . . . STEVE BLACKMON vs. BOB HOLLY — WWF HARDCORE TITLE: proving that anyone can wrestle a “Hardcore” match. This one goes to the back. It’s the absolute pits. Recycling spot after spot from previous matches. The WWF is quickly killing these matches. Holly wins. Holly puts out an open challenge. BART GUNN comes out. They’re gonna have a match next week on RAW . . . KEN SHAMROCK, THE BIG BOSSMAN & TEST vs. MIDEON & THE ACOLYTES: Match is a total brawl. The lights go blue. The Undertaker comes out with Paul Bearer & VISCERA & THE BROOD, who drag out Shane McMahon. The Undertaker grabs SHANE MCMAHON. He has a document and orders McMahon to give it to his father . . . ROCKY MIAVIA vs. MANKIND — WWF WORLD TITLE LADDER MATCH: STEVE AUSTIN comes out to commentate. Miavia is almost all the way up the ladder when Mankind hits with Mr. Socko. PAUL WIGHT comes in the ring. He chokeslams Mankind off the ladder. Rocky climbs up the ladder and wins the match by grabbing the belt . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: A blonde flirts with the camera at a pool hall . . . MIKE ENOS & BOBBY DUNCUM JR. vs. MENG & THE BARBARIAN — WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT: BARBARIAN attacks MENG. Meng gets pinned. BARBARIAN leaves with a smiling JIMMY HART . . . KANYON goes to RAVEN’s house. RAVEN’S MOTHER greets him. She asks Kanyon to stay with Raven while she was at a board meeting. He goes in with Raven. Raven calls Kanyon a “mark” to the camera. Raven brags about money buying happiness and takes Kanyon off in a hot car . . . a look at SCOTT STEINER throwing KIMBERLY out of a speeding car on NITRO . . . a look at the events going on between LEX LUGER & KEVIN NASH vs. REY MISTERIO JR. & KONNAN . . . Raven & Kanyon go to a bank. Raven withdraws $20,000. Raven mugs for the camera. He says he’s going to take Kanyon shopping . . . LASH LEROUX over SUPER CALO . . . the blonde flirts with the camera in a limo . . . GLACIER in the dressing room with SONNY ONNO & ERNEST MILLER. Glacier disses his own “Karate Guy” promos and offers Miller his entrance music, lights & snow for “a great price.” Onno thinks it over . . . FIT FINLEY & DAVE TAYLOR over KIDMAN & CHAVO GUERRERO JR in a WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT match . . . Onno agrees to buy the entrance. Glacier offers his armor to Onno & Miller. Onno calls KAZ HAYOSHI over. Glacier says they can have the armor and everything else for a small amount of money. Onno says, in Japanese, a significantly higher price. Kaz agrees to buy it all . . . the blonde now in an elevator . . . Raven takes Kanyon shopping at Versace . . . THE DISCO INFERNO over CHRIS ADAMS . . . the blonde at a hotel room . . . comments from BILLY KIDMAN. CHAVO GUERRERO JR. comes in. Okerlund says that Kidman said that Guerrero was the one who caused them to lose the match. Guerrero attacks Kidman . . . Kanyon and Raven back at Raven’s house. Kanyon says it was the best day of his life. Raven’s mother comes home. Raven acts all depressed again then smarks to the camera that she’s not too bright . . . a look at RODDY PIPER defeating BRET HART for the U.S. Title on NITRO . . . a look at HOLLYWOOD HOGAN approaching every member of the NWO BLACK & WHITE and individually telling each guy that he is the leader of the NWO Black & White . . . a look at JASON HERVEY & DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE getting ready to appear on “LATER” . . . KAZ HAYOSHI & VAN HAMMER fell to CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO . . .

As you can see there are no Super Brawl results here. Sorry folks, but since I have to pay for these things myself and I’m currently on a budget, I’m eliminating WCW PPVs for a while. I just didn’t feel like their PPVs were worth $30 a month.

I was in a pattern of getting every PPV out there. After living in Franklintown for so long without PPV (and yes, that cable system still has no PPV access), moving to Williamsport two years ago and getting Primestar reopened my world up to PPV. WCW, ECW, WWF, all on my monthly cable bill. It was great. Every month I finally got to see all the big matches, all the surprises, all the big names . . .

Well that dream died fast didn’t it? You’ve read these words before as they reflect the most common complaint about PPV these days — they’re getting redundant. You get more action and more excitement on a Monday night show and, best yet, you don’t have to pay for them since they’re on “free tv.”

This is especially true with WCW. You’ve seen my dissatisfaction grow with them over the months. I guess I’m tired of paying for jobber matches featuring Mike Enos, The Cat, and Norman Smiley. I guess I’m also tired of tuning into’s post-game show to hear their paid shills tell me why the Cat match was the greatest thing since Swiss cheese “because it sets up . . .” I’m also tired of the non-endings. The disappointing matches. The horrible storylines and the growing sense that the Pay Per View doesn’t matter as nothing changes as a result of it.

The current PPV had a huge build up involving a series of skits involving a blonde woman (later revealed to be Torrie Wilson), seducing the camera. She’d talk and flirt and interact with someone behind the camera and the story went that she seduced the camera at least once. They then tied it into Scott Hall’s inane use of the shock stick as Hall gave the shock stick to the camera guy and the camera guy later brought the shock stick to Wilson at the hotel room.

These were supplemented with a horribly thought out skit involving Hollywood Hogan and Chuck Zito stalking David Flair, and an even worse one involving the NWO attacking Ric Flair on some country back road on Monday Nitro. Several gossip sites (they don’t like it when you call them “news sites” since “news” would mean they’re responsible for what they print), have stated that the man behind the camera is David Flair. Well . . . upon hearing that news, err, gossip I decided to continue my little boycott of WCW pay per view products.

WCW just doesn’t get the fact that the whole NWO angle has over stayed it’s welcome by about a year. David Flair joining the NWO isn’t much of a shock because we’ve seen the “XXX joins the NWO” angle a million times now and every time they have a huge build up to someone joining they overdo it and in the end no one cares. Much like we’ve seen the “XXX is attacked by the NWO” ending a million times. With either scenario, the ratings don’t go up. The fans don’t care, and frankly, the only thing either situation does is give more fodder for guys like me to pick apart in columns like this.

The WCW has also forgotten the fact that every angle must end. With that in mind I’d suggest to WCW to do a couple of things. First, immediately drop the whole “setting up the NWO Black & White” for a fall situation. The little skits with Vincent and Booker T and the rest all mugging for the camera are painful to watch. Have the NWO Red take out the Black and White and get on with it. Have the Black & White guys go back to WCW and fade into obscurity.

Put the company into “neutral hands.” The angle involving Ric Flair running the company doesn’t work because they’re killing it with the NWO guys running roughshot over Flair. The angle involving Eric Bischoff doesn’t work because it’s done so much better in the WWF. Both sides have played this thing out and we’re all bored of it. Put it in neutral hands and have both sides play by the rules.

Stop doing the “skits.” They don’t work. WCW wrestlers are not actors. If you do an angle, do it in the ring or around the ring like in WWF. That’s proven to work. Relying on Stevie Ray’s acting skills in a taped skit ::cough cough:: does not.

Build up a tight little group of WCW guys, including the Horsemen (sans Mongo), Goldberg, DDP, Bam Bam Bigelow and Sting to go up against the newer, slimmer, NWO. Since the current trouble with WCW is that most of the top name talent is in the NWO, there has to be a huge build up to these guys to put them on the same level. Play it up in a “Magnificent Seven” type storyline (we may not like each other but we’re a team).

Once the WCW guys are established, put the two teams against each other in an ultimate showdown for who will run the WCW over a series of PPVs and have the NWO lose. Along the way have the NWO fall apart due to back stabbings and the stress of competition and at the end have Kevin Nash and Scott Hall remain as the last NWO members. The Outsiders, as it should be.

After that the NWO becomes a thing of the past. The WCW, which really has forgotten what *WCW* is, focuses on good guys and bad guys again and this whole stupid and endless NWO angle comes to an end. It’s Sunday afternoon booking on my part, sure, but at least it’s something more compelling than “XXX joins the NWO” and “the NWO attacks XXX” each and every week.

With that little rant out of the way, somebody pray for the souls of those who actually ordered Super Brawl, and double the prayers for those who do the post game show (they need it). I’m outta here. Take care and . . .

Update: The previous “Notes from the Mad Dog” was written the night before the PPV. It’s now a couple of minutes after the PPV and I’m reading the initial reports on the PPV. Any hope I had for this PPV to prove me wrong or for the NWO to go away went out the window as the David Flair joins the NWO angle played out and the NWO got just about every win on the card, including the match where Rey Misterio Jr. was forced to unmask, and, of course, the Horsemen were trashed again. Thank you no WCW.

I know reading results isn’t the same as seeing it live. It could have been the greatest show on earth to those who watched it. If I had watched the results I read on it I would have felt cheated. The NWO angle turns my stomach. It should have ended 3 years ago, IMODO, and frankly, I’m finding it harder to watch WCW based on the results.

I dread watching Nitro tomorrow night. I take solace in the fact that I can tape the replay and I can watch it in fast forward so it won’t be so horrible. If this was their way to prove I should be paying my $30 a month, well, they blew it. I won’t be back for a long time and if you feel cheated by the PPV (for those of you who got it), I suggest following my lead and putting that money into something that’s worth it. Like the ECW PPV . . .


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