The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #50, April 5, 1999

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #50, April 5, 1999
(“(speechless — see notes from the Mad Dog)”)
WHAT YOU MISSED: SHANE MCMAHON is in the ring with ROCKY MIAVIA, CHYNA and HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY. He announces that he’s retiring the WWF European title then turns the microphone over to Hunter. Hunter claims that he has copy written the music, name, crotch crop, etc. for DX and that he and Chyna carried DX. THE ROCK is holding STEVE AUSTIN’S custom WWF title belt. Shane orders a rematch between Austin and the Rock at the next WWF PPV. The special guest ref. will be Shane McMahon. McMahon says he has a special gift for PAUL WIGHT on RAW tomorrow night . . . JACKIE vs. TORRIE: match is thrown out when TERRI RUNNELS interferes. She lights a cigar after the match and IVORY comes to stop her but she’s attacked from behind by JACKIE. Terri then holds Ivory while Jackie goes to burn her with the cigar but the ref. makes the save and PMS storms off . . . comments from VAL VENIS. RYAN SHAMROCK interrupts and asks Venis to come home. He blows her off . . . VAL VENIS over STEVE BLACKMON. After the match Blackmon attacks Venis with a pair of kendo stick . . . OWEN HART, JEFF JARRETT & DEBRA come to the ring. Hart & Jarrett put out an open challenge to anyone. The lights go out and KANE’S music starts. Kane attacks them from behind and they run off . . . DROZ vs. THE BIG BOSSMAN: Bossman rips off Droz’s nose ring and there’s blood everywhere. Pretty easy win for Bossman after that . . . JERRY LAWLER interviews VINCE & STEPHANIE MCMAHON. Stephanie says she doesn’t remember much about being abducted by THE UNDERTAKER. Vince explains that this has been coming for some time with The Undertaker stalking her. McMahon says that “MARK” is living his gimmick and that he’s become his character. Stephanie says that she’s known Mark for a while but didn’t think he could do this . . . KANE vs. OWEN HART & JEFF JARRETT w/DEBRA — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Hart & Jarrett are DQ’d when Jarrett uses a guitar on Kane. Kane is double teamed but X-PAC makes the save. Kane goes to chokeslam X-PAC but lets him go . . .

ECW 4/3/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: comments from ROB VAN DAM, SABU & BILL ALPHONSO. Alphonso yells at Sabu and Sabu storms off. Van Dam says he’s now “MR. PPV” . . . JOEY STYLES welcomes us to the show and says that it’s been one year since Van Dam took the ECW World TV Title from BAM BAM BIGELOW. They show footage of his defeat of Bigelow . . . a look at CHRIS CHETTI & SUPER NOVA vs. ROADKILL & DANNY DOURING — a dark match from LIVING DANGEROUSLY. Chetti & Nova both pin Roadkill for the win . . . covered in blood and looking pretty demented, AXL ROTTON & BALLS MAHONEY diss the WWF’S “HARDCORE” title . . . PULP FICTION RETURNS: comments from SHANE DOUGLAS & FRANCINE. Shane says he doesn’t like TOMMY DREAMER but he believes in him … comments from SUPER CRAZY … comments from SIGN GUY DUDLEY & JOEL GERTNER. It turns into comments from BUH BUH RAY & DVON DUDLEY. Joel brings in STEVE CORINO. The Dudleys diss Corino. Joel says that Corino has $5,000. The Dudleys are suddenly happy to see him. Corino offers the Dudleys the $5,000 to take out BALLS MAHONEY & AXL ROTTON. They agree … comments from DANNY DOURING & ROAD KILL … more comments from SUPER CRAZY. DANNY DOURING interrupts. Crazy goes crazy and starts kicking things and does a backflip onto the carpet … JERRY LYNN says that he wants ROB VAN DAM … more with the Dudleys. Corino gives the Dudleys the money. The Dudleys jump Balls & Axl … Pulp Fiction ends with comments from JUSTN CREDIBLE & LANCE STORM. They say the Dudleys didn’t get the job done in taking out TOMMY DREAMER & SHANE DOUGLAS. Then they have comments from “BEULAH” … JOEY STYLES hypes the Cyberslam ’99 card . . . LANCE STORM w/”BEULAH” vs. TOMMY DREAMER w/FRANCINE: Storm gets the win with help from “Beulah.” JUSTIN CREDIBLE attacks Dreamer. SHANE DOUGLAS makes the save but gets double teamed and laid out . . . Joey Styles plugs the new ECW MAGAZINE . . . TRACEY SMOTHERS vs. JERRY LYNN: ROB VAN DAM & BILL ALPHONSO hit the ring. Van Dam attacks Smothers and SABU attacks TOMMY RICH. LITTLE GUIDO attacks Smothers with help from SAL GRAZIANO. Sabu puts Rich through a table and it ends with Lynn and Van Dam face to face . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a skit of TORRIE WILSON & DAVID FLAIR in front of a roaring fire . . . a look at BRETT HART saying he could beat BILL GOLDBERG in five minutes . . . KONNAN’S music video takes 3 more minutes out of this wasted hour . . . KONNAN is on the microphone when VINCENT comes out. Vincent claims that HOLLYWOOD HOGAN said to take him out. It turns into a horrible match. BOOKER T comes out towards the end, Vincent sees him and is distracted, Konnan attacks Vincent from behind and gets him to submit . . . HOLLYWOOD HOGAN comes out and does a “HULK HOGAN” style interview. He demands a title shot with RIC FLAIR tonight . . . a look at SCOTT STINER stalking KIMBERLY . . . a horrible DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE segment with MIKE TENEY. Both men over act so much that it’s embarrassing . . . WRATH over KENNY KAOS . . . a replay of the segment where KEVIN NASH chastises TORRIE WILSON for not getting the job done with MRS. ROBINSON . . . GENE OKERLUND with RIC FLAIR. Flair says that DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE has been bugging him all day so he has DDP come out and say what he has to say. DDP wants a match with SCOTT STEINER. DDP goes off on Canadians. Flair orders DDP into a match with HOLLYWOOD HOGAN. Hogan comes out and says that he’ll beat DDP. Flair says that he’ll be managing DDP tonight after Hogan storms off. STING appears up in the rafters . . . THE NITRO GIRLS . . . SCOTT NORTON fell to RICK STEINER . . . REY MISTERIO JR. approaches BILLY KIDMAN and says that DEAN MALENKO & CHRIS BENOIT have an open match. Kidman says as long as they remain friends he’ll tag with Misterio . . . CHRIS ADAMS fell to BOOKER T in a WCW WORLD TV TITLE match . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . JERRY FLYNN fell to CHRIS JERICHO . . . BRET HART comes out. He says that HOLLYWOOD HOGAN & RIC FLAIR are afraid of him. He says he came to WCW to earn a reputation — not to lose one — and that he can take out anyone. He says he wants BILL GOLDBERG. He demands Goldberg in a match tonight. Hart laughs at Goldberg’s $50,000 challenge to Steve Austin and says that every time he met Austin, he beat him. He said that it’s Hockey country and football doesn’t mean a thing here. Goldberg comes out. Goldberg spears Hart and both men are down. Hart gets up, rolls Goldberg over and counts a 3 count. Then lifts up his hockey jersey to reveal a steel chest plate strapped to his waist. DOUG DILLENGER comes out and helps Goldberg. Hart then gets on the Microphone and says that he quits. JJ DILLION gets in his face on the way out and Hart walks off . . . a look at the problems between SCOTT STEINER & BUFF BAGWELL . . . BUFF BAGWELL over NORMAN SMILEY . . . REY MISTERIO JR. & BILLY KIDMAN defeat CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO for the WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES with the help of RAVEN, who DDT’D Malenko when he had the Texas cloverleaf on Misterio while SATURN distracted the ref. . . . a look at WCW SPRING BREAKOUT . . . DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE w/RIC FLAIR vs. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN: the match goes all over the building. They pretty much destroy the Nitro set. Ref. bump. CHARLES ROBINSON comes in and lets RIC FLAIR interfere. Robinson gets bumped, REF. MICKEY JAY recovers and counts the pin of Hogan on DDP . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: STEVE AUSTIN comes to the ring with the WWF title belt. He says that it’s not worth fighting for. He calls out VINCE MCMAHON and gives Vince the belt back. He then gives Vince until the end of the show to produce his custom made “Skull” belt that McMahon has hanging over his fireplace. Vince says that Austin would be fired if he didn’t have justification for touching him. Austin plays the tape from Wrestlemania where McMahon attacked him, showing that he now has justification for attacking McMahon. McMahon attacks Austin with the title belt and runs off. Austin gets up, smiles, and tells McMahon that he has 2 hours to bring the custom belt back or his rear end belongs to Austin . . . THE MINISTRY OF DARKNESS arrive . . . McMahon w/THE STOOGES and STEPHANIE & SHANE MCMAHON in the dressing room. He has Stephanie call the house and get the belt brought to the arena . . . TORRIE & IVORY vs. JACKIE & SABLE: TERRI RUNNELS lights a cigar and goes towards Ivory. Ivory chases her off. Sable attacks Jackie from behind. Torrie pins Jackie with a backslide. Sable and Torrie face off. The lights go out. THE MINISTRY OF DARKNESS hit the ring. THE UNDERTAKER grabs Sable and tells Vince McMahon that he has McMahon’s precious meal ticker and that he’s going to snap her neck. He demands that McMahon comes out. McMahon comes out of the dressing room then yells out “Stephanie” and runs back to the locker room. In the back everyone has been laid out and Shane McMahon is walking back into the room and Stephanie is gone . . . after a commercial Vince stops Shane from calling the police and starts to break down . . . X-PAC comes to the ring and demands HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY in a match tonight . . . back in the dressing room the phone rings and THE UNDERTAKER’S voice comes over the phone gloats about having Stephanie . . . PAUL WIGHT destroys TEST . . . Vince asks KEN SHAMROCK to find Stephanie . . . Shamrock storms around the back of the building . . . STEVE WILLIAMS w/JIM ROSS vs. HARDCORE HOLLY — WWF HARDCORE TITLE: Jim Ross joins the Spanish announcing team. Williams systematically destroys Holly and Oklahoma stampedes Holly through a table but is taken out when AL SNOW runs in and hits him with a tin frying pan during a ref. bump. Williams is pinned by Holly . . . Shane asks what Vince wants to do with ROCKY MIAVIA set to go out next. Shane takes over . . . ROCKY MIAVIA vs. BILLY GUNN: Rock wins with a Rock Bottom . . . Vince asks Ken Shamrock to beat on Gangrel until Gangrel reveals where Stephanie is . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. GANGREL: After a couple of minutes the lights go red and Shamrock is given a blood bath. When the lights come back up Shamrock has his ankle lock on CHRISTIAN and forces Christian to say where Stephanie is. Christian says the basement . . . Shamrock storms to the basement . . . GOLDUST vs. JESSE JAMES — WWF IC TITLE: Goldust wins with the help of THE BLUE MEANIE . . . Shamrock finds Stephanie in the basement and carries her to Vince . . . Stephanie hugs Vince in the locker room . . . THE LEGION OF DOOM w/PAUL ELLERING vs. OWEN HART & JEFF JARRETT — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: HAWK hits Owen with the doomsday device but over shoots and falls out of the ring after landing the move. Jarrett comes in and smashes ANIMAL with a guitar. Owen pins Animal . . . a limo arrives and a man runs the custom belt into the building . . . Shane McMahon has Austin’s belt. Vince orders Shane just to give it to Austin. Vince takes Stephanie to a limo and says that he’s going home. After Vince leaves Shane approaches Shamrock and says to go get the Rock and that the night isn’t over . . . X-PAC vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: CHYNA interferes and Helmsly loses by DQ. The lights go out and KANE comes to the ring. Shane McMahon attacks Kane from behind. Kane clobbers him. Kane attacks Hunter. Chyna distracts Kane and Hunter hits him with a chair. The Corporation leaves as Kane sits up, grabs the chair and comes after them while Shane cowers
behind the broadcast team. Shane gets on the microphone and says that if Steve Austin wants the title, he’d have to take it off the waist of Rocky Miavia. STEVE AUSTIN comes out and gets into it with the Rock. Shane attacks him and gets stunnered. The Rock hits Austin with the title belt. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY, KEN SHAMROCK, TEST & CHYNA come out to help attack Austin. PAUL WIGHT heads to the ring and saves Austin . . .

WORLD WIDE WRESTLING ALLIANCE 03/27/99 – Bellefontaine, Ohio by Andrew Ebbeskotte (
WWWA Light Heavyweight Champion Jimi V defeated Guerrilla Assassin Oswald

Mr. Main Event defeated Suicidio

Too Delicious (“Delicious” Devon Daniels & “Hot Shot” T.Voeltz) defeated Albanian Justice (Truth Martini & Cisco)

KC Thunder defeated Shadox

Kwik Kik Lee defeated The Great Shinwa

“Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox defeated “Beautiful” Brian Fury

Lady Victoria won a battle royal

I scrapped this report in order to comment on a breaking story from this weekend. PWI Senior Editor Bill Apter has left his position at PWI to take a job at WOW Magazine.

Obviously this comes as a blow to the PWI family. Bill Apter — like it or not — is one of the best known names in the industry. Everyone’s heard of him, just about everyone has seen him shooting photos at ringside, and most of the big names in the industry know him. Long time wrestling fans remember him giving out the yearly PWI Year end awards on the AWA and NWA nationally syndicated shows, and in fact, most fans call the family of magazines he worked for as “the Apter mags” out of respect for the man (if not the mags themselves).

To me Bill Apter was the reason I started this newsletter back in 1986. It’s embarrassing but back then I wanted to be Bill Apter and my dream was to work for PWI and run a busy wrestling newspaper like you would a traditional news room. Our late 80’s format (all news), was inspired by the news area in the back of every PWI and was used as a way to prepare me for that one day job at PWI.

In the late 90’s one of my best friends works for PWI, I know my dreams were just that — dreams of a 16 year old — and that the PWI offices themselves aren’t quite the traditional news room. They’re crazier than anything I could dream of, and Bill Apter was in a large part the heart and soul of that operation. This is a big blow to them and it’s going to take a long time to fill the void created by Bill leaving.

To Bill himself, while I hate to see you leave PWI, I’m glad that you are still up to new challenges in the wrestling world. I wish you the best in your new job, and by god, I hope it means we’ll be seeing more of you at ringside. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

That wraps up another issue, take care all and . . .


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