The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #51, May 5, 1999

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #51, May 5, 1999
(“Rest in Peace, Rick Rude and Jos LeDuc. You both are already missed.”)
MCW Baltimore 5/2/99 by Jeff Amdur (
A memorable aftermath to the main event and the crowning of new Maryland Championship Wrestling tag team champions were among the highlights of the MCW card that was held at Teamsters Hall in Baltimore on May 2, 1999.

Attendance estimated at 300-325.  MCW commissioner: MR. JACK ADONIS. MCW communications director: PETE McDEVITT.  For the Maryland State Athletic Commission: LOU LEAVEY and TOM KANARAS.  Music by BIG DADDY PRODUCTIONS.  Ring announcer: STEVE VENTURELLA.  Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR.  Also helping at ringside: ANDY VINEBERG and ALEXANDER LeGRAND.  Referees for the evening: DAVE “THE WAVE”, D. EDWARDS and JOHN RILEY.

Taking pictures for the magazines:  TIM WALKER.  Taking pictures for a website that may or may not be updated: BERNIE DIEHL.

Opening remarks by JACK ADONIS were interrupted by the mike-stealing STUD LEE, who called out the “First Family”, consisting of TOM BRANDI, LANCE DIAMOND, JIMMY CICERO and MAX MUSCLE, to discuss their continuing problems with THE FAMILY OF FREAKS.  Brandi reminded the crowd that the First Family is the reason that the fans had come out tonight, and that they were adding a new member to the stable: former MCW champion ROMEO VALENTINO.  Brandi told Romeo that they will help him get his belt back.  Romeo told the crowd that he had fired his former bodyguard DINO DIVINE for “costing him the title–twice”.  Romeo said that Lance has his permission to “take out Mosh” in the championship bout later in the evening.  Brandi ended the segment with an incredibly tasteless remark that I cannot fully repeat here, other than say that he wished that “Denver” would have been “Baltimore”.  The audience was properly disgusted.

MATCH 1:  CHRISTIAN YORK (with ANGELICA, sort of) pinned JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS (with PLATINUM NAT, sort of) to retain the cruiserweight title in 12:24.  When Christian brought Angelica out to be his second, commissioner Adonis disallowed it since he said that Angelica didn’t have a valid manager’s license; but to even the odds, Adonis also ordered Platinum Nat to the back.  As the referee was temporarily incapacitated, Nat came out from the back; but before he could put his “good book” to York, Angelica came out, grabbed the book and chased Nat around the ring area.  While this was happening, Christian schoolboyed Matthews as the recovered referee counted for the pin.  Commissioner Adonis ordered a mixed tag match for the next Teamsters Hall card with York and Angelica opposing Matthews and Nat.

MATCH 2:  GREGORY MARTIN (with MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER) won by disqualification over CUEBALL CARMICHAEL in 7:54 after Cueball applied the Q-digree to referee D. EDWARDS.  Q then did the Q-digree twice to Marty.  A Bonebreakers trainee working security, later identified as KEENAN, made the save for Marty as Shark revived the ref who then called for the bell and the disqualification.

MATCH 3:  TOM BRANDI & “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO (with MAX MUSCLE) pinned ADAM FLASH & “GHETTO SUPERSTAR” A.J. FRITZOID in 7:45.  Before the match, Brandi uttered yet another incredibly tasteless remark involving the late SHANE SHAMROCK, which once again, for the sake of good taste, I will not mention here.  The end came as the referee was distracted by Cicero and Flash fighting on the perimeter of the ring, Max chokeslammed Fritzoid, who was then pinned by Cicero as the referee turned around and made the count.

MATCH 4:  “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ (with DONNIE B) pinned RAMBLIN’ RICH MYERS in 6:48.  Before the match, Donnie had some harsh words for the current MCW tag team champs, who had fired him as their manager during the last show.  Donnie referred to them as “2-Stupid & Asswipe”, and said he would make sure they would return to the gutter where he had found them in the first place.  Julio got the pin after delivering a move similar to the Samoan drop.  Note: during the match, Rich stood on the ringside table to climb back into the ring, and the table broke in the middle as a result.  Steve and I were able to push the table back up to make it functional as long as we didn’t lean on it.

After the intermission, there was another STUD LEE interview segment, with an increasingly frustrated CUEBALL CARMICHAEL. He says he is frustrated by the lack of respect that he has been shown in his matches with the “green rookie” Gregory Martin.  Cueball announces that he has engaged the services of MCW’s “gun-for-hire” DINO DIVINE to be his personal bodyguard.  He then calls out GREGORY MARTIN and KEENAN (with MARK SHRADER) to challenge them to a tag-team match.  Marty accepts, saying he would be glad for him and Keenan to fight Cueball and Dino next month.  Cueball says that Marty is mistaken, because his tag-team partner will not be Dino but rather Mark Shrader, who then blindsides Marty.  Shark joins Cueball and Dino in stomping the two rookies.  Shark slaps the two wrestlers, saying they indeed need to learn “respect”.

MATCH 5:  “DOOMSDAY” DANNY ROSE & BRUISER (from THE FAMILY OF FREAKS) won the tag team title from 2-DOPE & SYDESWYPE in 6:55.  With the ref down from a bump, 2-Dope grabbed his tag belt and went to clobber Bruiser.  Before 2-Dope could deliver the blow, AXL ROTTEN came out and hit an inverted brainbuster on 2-Dope.  Bruiser then covered for the pin as the referee recovered.

MATCH 6:  EARL “THE PEARL” beat “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS on a count-out in 2:35.  The brawl went outside the ring and back to the entrance area.  Earl came back, Stevie didn’t.  After some confusion, JACK ADONIS came out and announced that Stevie had simply jumped in his car and left rather than return to the ring.  As a result, Jack will give Earl his choice of what type of rematch he will have with Stevie on the next Teamsters Hall card.  Earl said that he wanted a leather strap match.

MATCH 7:  CORPORAL PUNISHMENT pinned ROMEO VALENTINO in 7:08 after delivering the Corporal Bomb.  The match went all around the ring area, largely outside it.  At one point, Corp slammed Romeo into the already-damaged table, resulting in the table being damaged beyond repair.  After the match, Corporal held one half of the former table high in the air.

MATCH 8:  HEADBANGER MOSH retained the MCW title with a pinfall victory over “SUPERSTAR” LANCE DIAMOND (with MAX MUSCLE) in 8:18 after a sit-in off the top turnbuckle.

And then, to use the cliché, all hell broke loose as the fans were held absolutely spellbound by the events that were to transpire.  To use another cliché, you would have needed a chainsaw to cut the mounting tension.

The FIRST FAMILY (TOM BRANDI, JIMMY CICERO, MAX MUSCLE and LANCE DIAMOND) attacked Mosh almost immediately after the results were announced.  The FAMILY OF FREAKS, led by AXL ROTTEN and CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, came out to help Mosh.  As Axl battled Cicero outside the ring, Corporal was battling Brandi inside the ring.  Brandi eventually retreated, grabbing the championship belt, as JACK ADONIS and PETE McDEVITT tried to restore order.  By this time, Axl and Corp were livid at how Adonis and McDevitt had let things slide this show.

Corporal (real name DAN McDEVITT) took the mike and said that he was speaking out of character for Dan (himself), Brian (Axl), Chaz (Mosh) and R.J. (Bruiser). He proceeded to tell not only Adonis but also his own brother Pete what he thought about the way they were running things.  He expressed extreme anger at Tom Brandi for not only the needless run-in after the main event but also for the utterly disgusting comments he had made earlier in the show.

Axl challenged Brandi and company to continue the fight out in the parking lot where the Athletic Commission would have no jurisdiction. Pete McDevitt put a stop to it by declaring the evening “over”, and saying that he was not sorry at all to be a [rectal opening].   At that point, the Family of Freaks had had enough, and they attacked Pete. Mosh stomped on Pete repeatedly, and Corporal displayed no brotherly love at all in joining the stomping.

Axl then took the mike and announced to the crowd that he was tired of Brandi’s repeated [fecal matter], and that they weren’t going to take it anymore.  They put the First Family on notice that further violence would be met with equal violence because unlike the FF, they cared about and respected the fans.

As the fans filed out, security personnel came to ringside to carry the quasi-conscious Pete McDevitt to the back.

MCW returns to Teamsters Hall on Thursday, June 17, with a 7:30 p.m. bell time.

Also, these following dates in May and June.
Sunday, May 16: Owings Mills High School, Owings Mills
Friday, May 21:  Wheaton High School, Wheaton
Saturday, May 22: North Harford High School, Pylesville
Saturday, June 26:  Volunteer Fire Hall, Denton

From Jeff the MCW timekeeper

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS vs. MARK HENRY & D’LO BROWN: DROZ and PRINCE ALBERT attack D’Lo and Mark. D’Lo and Mark go out and attack them. They lose by countout. BILLY GUNN calls out X-PAC and says he’s going to apologize. He does so then he attacks X-Pac. ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES tries to stop him and KANE’S music starts up. Kane attacks Road Dog then pulls X-Pac out of the ring . . . two limos arrive. SHANE MCMAHON and THE CORPORATE MINISTRY arrive . . . a look at the problems between the MCMAHON FAMILY MEMBERS and the formation of THE CORPORATE MINISTRY and VINCE MCMAHON saving STEVE AUSTIN from THE UNDERTAKER . . . KEN SHAMROCK & TEST vs. THE ACOLYTES: FAROOQ submits to the ankle look. The entire Corporate Ministry attacks Shamrock & Test . . . THE BIG BOSSMAN vs. MANKIND – BOILER ROOM MATCH: The entire corporate ministry attacks Mankind. PAUL WIGHT makes the save . . . Paul Wight comes to the ring and calls out THE UNDERTAKER. The Ministry attacks Wight . . . Wight in the back. He’s going for SHANE MCMAHON. McMahon calls the police . . . HARDCORE HOLLY comes out with HEAD. He says he found out that his match with AL SNOW tonight is non-title. Snow appears on the TITONTRON and says that Head is the champion. He says that Head leaving him has ruined his life and he’s resorted to carrying a deer head around. Snow comes out to Holly’s old SPARKY PLUGG music and riding a child’s Indy 500 car. Holly attack Snow and the match starts but Holly lays Snow out cold in the ring and won’t pin him unless it’s a title match. So he leaves . . . Paul Wight attacks THE CORPORATE LIMO with a 2×4. The Police arrive and arrest Wight . . . The Corporate Ministry comes to the ring. Shane McMahon says that they’ve taken out 4 men tonight and that at the next PPV they will take out ROCKY MIAVIA & STEVE AUSTIN. He then challenges his dad to show up at RAW to fight him in a match . . . .

WWWA Results 5/1/99 by Andrew Ebbeskotte (
The World Wide Wrestling Alliance returned to action on May 1, in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Truth Martini defeated Suicidio with a powerbomb off the top turnbuckle in a fast paced opener.

Mr. Main Event got back on a winning track by defeated the returning Tinymite Mullins with a figure four after hitting him with a pair of brass knux.

In tag team action, Too Delicious defeated the Guerrilla Assassins after T.Voeltz superplexed one of the Assassins and Devon Daniels frog-splashed him.

“Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox defeated Shadox with “The Verdict”

“Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia defeated “Prime Time” Damon Starr with the “Special Delivery”

“Natural Wonder” KC Thunder defeated Dragon Yokira (not the original) with the “KC Masterpiece”

In a battle of Hotseat Production’s members, “Beautiful” Brian Fury defeated Alexis Machine via DQ after hitting him with a chair. After the match, Fury and Machine continued to go at it until the other members of Hotseat tried to break it up. After the match, Machine even attacked the WWWA sound guy Craig.

WHAT YOU MISSED: it starts with a bell salute to RICK RUDE . . . we recap the disgusting angle of RIC FLAIR going to a mental institution . . . we start at that institution. Flair apparently will not leave. A nurse says that the patients can not watch Nitro. Flair comes out. I fastforward . . . JJ DILLION and CHARLE ROBINSON meet. Robinson is the Vice President of WCW therefore he’s in charge . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . RODDY PIPER comes out and belittles RIC FLAIR. He claims to be in control of the WCW. He reinstates RANDY SAVAGE and orders a Savage vs. SCOTT STEINER match. He calls out DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE and asks Page to defend against STING. Page agrees . . . DJ FLY FISHING takes us back to the 80’s . . . BRIAN ADAMS fell to KONNAN when the entire NWO BLACK AND WHITE attacked Konnan . . . news that BILLY KIDMAN & SATURN went to the hospital after attacks by THE HORSEMEN . . . THE ARMSTRONGS defeated RAVEN . . . Charles Robinson on the phone to Ric Flair. Flair orders Robinson to have Piper arrested and put in jail . . . DJ FLASH CUBE MO D with the NITRO GIRLS . . . a review of DDP vs. BILL GOLDBERG from last week . . . Charles Robinson with Gene Okerlund. Robinson says that Sting vs. DDP will happen tonight. Roddy Piper comes out. Robinson demands security and Piper manhandles him. Security comes out and hauls off Piper . . . STING vs. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE — WCW WORLD TITLE: Sting wins the title in a decent match . . . Robinson and Flair on the phone again. Flair wants Sting vs. BILL GOLDBERG at Slamboree . . . REY MISTERIO JR. defeated PSYCHOSIS for the WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE. After the match CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN BALENKO destroyed Misterio . . . KEVIN NASH comes out. He says that he has the title shot at Slamboree so Sting vs. Goldberg can’t happen. He wants a 4 way for the title with Sting, DDP and Goldberg tonight . . . Flair is happy that the four way is going on . . . DJ INAPPROPRIATE FOR A WRESTLING SHOW gets funky fresh on TV . . . ERIK WATTS fell to BAM BAM BIGELOW . . . STING accepts the challenge for the 4 way . . . DJ MO FO FI FEE introduces THE NITRO GIRLS . . . MENG vs. BOOKER T — WCW WORLD TV TITLE: Ref. bump. Meng hits with the death grip. STEVIE RAY attacks Meng with the slap jack. T pins Meng. RICK STEINER comes out and gets into it with Ray then argues with T . . . DR. JAMES R. ANDREWS explains that HOLLYWOOD HOGAN has cartilidge damage so he can’t wrestle and needs surgery. Hogan gets out of a limo with ERIC BISCHOFF. Hogan wants to take out Page. Bischoff says that KEVIN NASH will take care of Page . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . Ric Flair wants a Booker T vs. Rick Steiner match at Slamboree. He also wants the 4 way match tonight to be no DQ and there must be a winner. Flair dances with the inmates then SCOTT HALL, dressed in a hospital gown comes out and throws a toothpick in his face . . . BRIAN KNOBBS vs. MIKEY WHIPWRECK vs. HAK vs. HORACE — anything goes “HARDCORE” match: Knobbs wins. No one cares . . . RANDY SAVAGE vs. SCOTT STEINER — WCW US TITLE: Charles Robinson makes himself the ref. for the match. He dq’s Savage early on for running into him after being shoved by Steiner. Savage has GORGEOUS GEORGE &  another blonde with him. MEDUSA attacks Robinson then all 4 strip Robinson down to his boxers . . . a look at the training of Gorgeous George . . . KEVIN NASH vs. DDP vs. BILL GOLDBERG vs. STING — WCW WORLD TITLE NO DQ: Goldberg has Sting covered for the pin towards the end when RANDY SAVAGE attacks him. Savage gets out of the ring and gives DDP an object to use. DDP covers Sting and regains the WCW title . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: the show opened with a moment of silence for all of those who lost their lives in last week’s high school shootings in Colorado . . . JIM ROSS and JIM CORNETTE (THANK YOU GOD!) are back in the broadcast positions . . . VINCE MCMAHON arrives with THE STOOGES in silence . . . ROCKY MIAVIA comes to the ring. The Rock gloats about hurting STEVE AUSTIN last night. He goes off on SHANE MCMAHON. He blames Shane McMahon for the loss. Shane McMahon leads THE CORPORATION to the ring and Shane gets in the Rock’s face. The Rock attacks HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY. CHYNA goes after the Rock but he hits her. THE BIG BOSSMAN attacks him from behind. Shane calls everyone off of him and attacks the Rock then fires him. The Rock gets back up and demands a match with Shane tonight. Shane agrees . . . Vince in the back with the Stooges. He wont call the cops. He has everything THE UNDERTAKER wants . . . back in the dressing room Shane poses for the Corporation . . . THE BROOD vs. X-PAC and KANE: The Brood loses then the lights go red and then go out. Kane had a bloodbath during the break the attacks X-PAC and chokeslams him to the floor . . . Vince McMahon gets a phone call in the back . . . during the break The Undertaker calls Vince McMahon. McMahon says he has controlling interest signed and sealed and he wants STEPHANIE back now. The Undertaker says that he’s Stephanie’s soul mate. He demands that STEVE AUSTIN deliver the goods to the Undertaker . . . Steve Austin comes to the ring. Vince McMahon comes out. He asks Austin for help. Austin is stunned. Austin says he doesn’t care. Vince explains that the Undertaker wants Austin to deliver the documentation. Austin is again stunned but he tells Vince to kiss his rear end . . . back in the dressing room Vince says he’s going to deliver it himself . . . VAL VENIS vs. D’LO BROWN: D’Lo defeats Val. NICOLLE BASS comes to the ring. IVORY attacks Nicolle. Nicolle gets rid of her. Val runs off. Nicolle follows . . . Steve Austin in the back he sees PAUL WIGHT. Wight says “it’s the guy’s daughter . . .” and Austin says he doesn’t care . . . comments from THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS . . . BILLY GUNN vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY — Gunn has his own personal new music. ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES comes out and CHYNA gets in his face. Hunter wins with a pedigree . . . X-PAC in the back looking for Kane . . . TEST & THE BIG BOSSMAN vs. MANKIND & PAUL WIGHT: Bossman throws Test into Wight. Wight throws Test to Mankind. Mankind gets a DDT on Test then uses MR. SOCKO on him. After the match Bossman gets in the face of the Test then attacks him . . . Vince McMahon waits alone . . . Austin watches McMahon on the monitor in the back . . . AL SNOW & BOB HOLLY battle in the back. Holly steals Head . . . JEFF JARRETT vs. THE GODFATHER — WWF IC TITLE: VAL VENIS comes out to talk to DEBRA. Jarrett goes to yell at Val. NICOLLE BASS comes out and Val runs off. Godfather pins Jarrett. As to pre-match stipulations, Debra has to be one of the Godfather’s women. OWEN HART takes her away . . . Vince McMahon waits for the Undertaker . . . PMS in the back with their new man. His name is apparently MEAT . . . BRADSHAW vs. KEN SHAMROCK: FAROOQ attacks Shamrock from behind before the match happens. TEST runs in and THE ACOLYTES attack him. Shamrock goes after the Acolytes with a baseball bat then gets back in the ring with Test . . . SHANE MCMAHON vs. ROCKY MIAVIA: what’s left of THE CORPORATION attacks the Rock . . . THE MINISTRY OF DARKNESS has STEPHANIE MCMAHON . . . X-PAC comes to the ring. He says he’s been looking for Kane and demands that Kane comes out. OWEN HART & JEFF JARRETT attack X-Pac. Kane comes out and destroys Jarrett & Hart. X-Pac gets up. X-Pac shoves Kane. Kane chokeslams X-Pac. Kane rolls X-Pac out of the ring and takes him to the floor. Kane picks him up and carries him to the back . . . THE MINISTRY OF DARKNESS come out with STEPHANIE MCMAHON tied to THE UNDERTAKER’S symbol. They start a wedding ceremony. KEN SHAMROCK
charges the ring but is taken out by the Acolytes and VISCERA. SHANE MCMAHON stops THE CORPATION from coming out. PAUL WIGHT comes to make the save but the Undertaker takes him out with a baseball bat. PAUL BEARER pronnounce them man and wife. The Undertaker goes to kiss Stephanie when STEVE AUSTIN charges the ring. MIDEON attacks him while the Undertaker goes out of the ring. Austin takes the Ministry out with a chair. He gets Stephanie off of the Symbol. She gets off an won’t let go of Austin. VINCE MCMAHON runs into the ring and hugs his daughter. Vince thanks Austin . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE BROOD vs. THE DISCIPLES & MIDEON: VISCERA attacks CHRISTIAN outside the ring and rolls him into the ring for the pin by BRADSHAW . . . AL SNOW vs. BOB HOLLY — WWF HARDCORE TITLE: AL SNOW wins the title by pinning Holly with Head after a hard fought match . . . GOLDUST vs. THE GODFATHER: Goldust comes to the ring with the returning meanie. Meanie does a SABLE impersonation and does the grind. Godfather comes out with 5 women. Godfather destroys both the Meanie and the Gold one to get the win . . . an interview with AL SNOW in the Men’s room. A bloodied Snow gets in an arguement with HEAD while sitting in front of a urinal . . . THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS vs. OWEN HART & JEFF JARRETT — #1 CONTENDERS TO THE WWF TAG TEAM TITLES ON THE LINE: DEBRA teases taking her top off but Jarrett stops her. BILLY GUNN goes to moon them when Hart and Jarrett attack he and ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES. Billy Gunn pins Jeff Jarret for the win. Debra and Jarrett argue on the way to the locker room. After the match Billy Gunn moons everyone . . . SHANE MCMAHON in the locker room. He says that if Austin attacks him, he’ll be DQ’d. Shane disavows VINCE MCMAHON . . . comments from Vince & Stephanie . . . PAUL WIGHT vs. MANKIND — BOILER ROOM BRAWL: Mankind wins in the best match of Wight’s career. He gets out the boiler room door and is attacked by TEST & THE BIG BOSSMAN. Test & the Bossman go after Wight. Wight destroys test then runs after the Bossman. Mankind puts on SOCKO and puts out Test with it . . . comments from CHYNA & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY . . . X–PAC vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: Ref. bump. Chyna interferes and puts Hunter on top of X–Pac. The lights go out and KANE comes to the ring. Chyna is stinned in the ring. Chyna goes after Kane. Hunter attacks Kane from behind. Kane chokeslams Hunter. Chyna goes after Kane and gets Chokeslammed. Kane puts Chyna in the corner. He puts Hunter in the other corner then flips out of the ring. Kane leaves. X–Pac gets up and looks around, smiles, and Broco Busters both Chyna and Hunter. Hunter attacks him from behind and gets the win with a pedigree . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. THE UNDERTAKER: Shamrock gets the Undertaker in various submission manuvers but the Undertaker manages to get out of most of them. Long and hard match, Undertaker wins with a tombstone after help from BRADSHAW & PAUL BEARER. AFter the match Bradshaw attacks Shamrock with a baseball bat. He puts Shamrock in a sleeper with the baseball bat then leaves the baseball bat in the ring . . . ROCKY MIAVIA vs. STEVE AUSTIN — WWF WORLD TITLE — NO HOLDS BARRED: before the match VINCE MCMAHON puts STEPHANIE MCMAHON in a limo and tells her not to move. Someone takes the Smoking Skull belt to the back. Towards the end Shane grabs a title belt and goes to hit Austin with it. He hits Miavia with it accidently. Austin goes for the pin. McMahon counts 2 then gets out of the ring. Vince McMahon comes out with Austin’s smoking skull belt. Shane gets in his face and he clobbers Shane. Austin wins with a stone cold stunner and with EARL HEBNER doing the counting. Vince puts Austin’s smoking skull belt in the ring. Vince leaves . . . Stephanie is talking to security from the limo. Security tells the limo to drive off. From inside we see the Undertaker is driving the limo. Back to the ring Vince is watching Austin and has no clue what’s going on as we fade out . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a tribute to RICK RUDE . . . a look back on the events at RAW . . . D’LO BROWN and IVORY come to the ring. They were supposed to have a mixed tag team match against Sable and Val. D’Lo challenges Val to find someone to replace her in the match. Val agrees to go against D’Lo and Ivory alone. NICOLLE BASS runs in and attacks Ivory. She chokeslams Ivory then puts one foot on her to pin her. After the match Bass gets on the microphone and says that Venis owes her and says that she wants Venis. Venis runs off . . . THE UNDERTAKER arrives with THE MINISTRY . . . a look at DX . . . an interview with X–PAC . . . an interview with HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & CHYNA . . . a look at VINCE MCMAHON attacking MIDEON last week on RAW . . . Nicolle Bass in the back looking for Val . . . DROZ & PRINCE ALBERT over TOO MUCH. After the match Prince Albert gets out a piercing kit and tries to pierce BRIAN CHRISTOPHER. The lights go out and THE MINISTRY OF DARKNESS surround Too Much and destroy them. The Undertaker says that this is a harbinger of things to come . . . Chyna continues to look for Val by storming the bathroom. Venis runs out of the building while she’s in the bathroom . . . THE BIG BOSSMAN w/TEST vs. KANE w/X–PAC: Bossman runs into Test, who was up on the apron, and gets pinned . . . in the dressing room SHANE MCMAHON freaks out . . . Test and the Bossman argue in the ring. VISCERA heads into the ring. Viscera attacks Test. It turns into a match. The Bossman gets up on the apron and hits Test in the head with a night stick to get Viscera the win . . . Test and Bossman argue in the dressing room. Shane McMahon sends Test away . . . SHANE MCMAHON comes out. He announces that the main event of the PPV will be “anything goes” between STEVE AUSTIN and ROCKY MIAVIA. He says that if Austin touches him, he’ll DQ Austin and award the belt to Rocky Miavia. Someone arrives in a limo. It’s VINCE and STEPHANIE MCMAHON . . .

World Wide Wrestling Alliance Results 4/24/99 by Andrew Ebbeskotte (
The World Wide Wrestling Alliance returned to action on April 24, in Sandusky, Ohio in front of 100 fans.

WWWA Light Heavyweight Champion Jimi V successfully defended his title against Albanian Justice’s Cisco with a small package after Cisco missed a splash in the corner.

Hotseat Productions members Alexis Machine, “Beautiful” Brian Fury, “Natural Wonder” KC Thunder, Kwik Kik Lee and Mr. Main Event came out for an interview. Alexis let the fans know about his injured rib, and that he was unable to wrestle Crusher Kline for the title tonight. He did say that since no one else in the promotion had a chance of beating Kline (which angered the other Hotseat memebers), that he would keep his match and wrestle Kline at the next Sandusky show.

The Great Shinwa defeated Mr. Main Event by DQ after referee Gary Coleman caught Mr. Main Event punching Shinwa with a pair of brass knux.

“Beautiful” Brian Fury defeated “Prime Time” Damon Starr with the “Beautymark”.

“Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox defeated “Hot Shot” T.Voeltz with the “Verdict” while Voeltz was going for a bulldog.

Suicidio defeated Breyer Wellington with a victory roll.

Kwik Kik Lee defeated Shadox after spraying the mist in Shadox’s face.

“Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia defeated “Natural Wonder” KC Thunder by DQ when “Beautiful” Brian Fury ran in.

After the match, “Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox challenged Hotseat Productions to a tag team match, which was accepted. “Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia & “Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox defeated “Natural Wonder” KC Thunder & “Beautiful” Brian Fury when Dexter pinned KC.

The next WWWA show is May 1 in Bellefontaine, Ohio at the National Guard Armory.

ECW 4/24/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: BALLS MAHONEY & AXEL ROTTON over LITTLE GUIDO & SAL GRASIANO . . . a look at TAZ coming out to get in the face of STEVE CORINO. Corino claims to be injured so CHRIS CANDIDO w/TAMMY LYNN SYTCH comes out to face Taz instead. Taz ends up destroying Candido and atacking Candido while he’s being stretchered out . . . PAPA CHULO fell to TAKA MICHINOKO . . . JOEY STYLES takes us through photos of TOMMY DREAMER and FRANCINE coming to the ring to announce that SHANE DOUGLAS wasn’t going to wrestle because he got jumped in the back. LANCE STORM, “BEULAH” and JUSTIN CREDIBLE attack them and “Beulah” canes Francine. The entire locker room clears and Credible and Storm end up attacking JERRY LYNN. Lynn is saved by SUPER CRAZY and it turns into a tag team match between the 4. Crazy & Lynn win and are jumped by THE DUDLEYS. The Dudleys then tell Storm and Credible that they’re even. Somehow it turns into the Dudleys challenging ROB VAN DAM & SABU for the ECW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES. But SABU has allegedly had his license revoked and can’t wrestle . . . a short tribute to RICK RUDE . . . THE DUDLEYS vs. ROB VAN DAM — ECW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: every time Van Dam gets DVON DUDLEY in a bad way, BUH BUH RAY DUDLEY takes out a ref. The Dudleys win the titles. Apparently the deal was to turn the belts over to Lance Storm & Justin Credible. Storm comes to the ring and attacks Van Dam. SABU runs in and attacks everyone but is taken out by Justin Credible. Credible and Storm want the belts but the Dudleys leave instead of handing over the belts . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: the painful team of MIKE TENAY and LARRY ZYBSZKO start the show off by talking about BILL GOLDBERG . . . HUGH MORRIS vs. HAK: why is CHASTITY so dang happy when Hak loses nearly every match? Hak gets a rare win . . . a look at DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE vs. KEVIN NASH for the next PPV . . . a look at the NWO BLACK AND WHITE confronting KONNAN. They say they have a message from Kevin Nash then attack Konnan . . . KONNAN over SCOTT RIGGS. Riggs has shaved, dropped the eye patch, and is now carring around a mirror and loves looking at himself . . . a look at PSYCHOSIS taking the WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE . . . AL GREENE fell to EL VAMPIRO . . . BOBBY DUNCUM JR. fell to BOOKER T. Before the matcy Zybszko & Tenay paid tribute to RICK RUDE . . . FIT FINLAY fell to BUFF BAGWELL . . . a look at RODDY PIPER having RIC FLAIR committed . . . THE DISCO INFERNO vs. RICK STEINER: Steiner gets the win . . . ERNEST MILLER fell to BILL GOLDBERG . . . DEAN MALENKO, CHRIS BENOIT & BILLY KIDMAN vs. REY MISTERIO JR., SATURN & RAVEN: Kidman pinned Misterio after Anderson attacked Misterio . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: BILL GOLDBERG arrives at the arena and says he’s facing DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE tonight . . . umm. not only is Rickie the Dweeb (no caps on purpose) introducing the show, they now have a DJ to introduce the Nitro Girls. How IN LIVING COLOR can ya get? And what the heck does this have to do with wrestling? We’re not in 1989 any more . . . SCOTT & STEVE ARMSTRONG fell to CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO . . . RODDY PIPER is in the back, pleased that RIC FLAIR signed the papers from THUNDER . . . DOUG DILLENGER gives RANDY SAVAGE & GORGEOUS GEORGE a hard time as they’re coming in. Piper okays it . . . GENE OKERLUND with DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE. DDP says that he’s not going to put the WCW WORLD TITLE on the line tonight. Goldberg come to the ring. Page changes his mind . . . Roddy Piper talks with DAVID FLAIR in the back. Apparently he’s having Flair committed to a mental institution for 72 hours. Oh boy. This is a disgusting angle already . . . comments from DDP, he says the title is on the line . . . BLITZKRIEG vs. PSYCHOSIS vs. JUVENTUD GUERRERA vs. REY MISTERIO JR. — WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Psychosis pins Blitzkrieg . . . GENE OKERLUND brings out RIC FLAIR and ARN ANDERSON. Roddy Piper crashes things, of course. Roddy wants to do an intervention because he feels that Flair is sick. Piper tries to get Anderson to talk sense into Flair. Piper says that Flair doesn’t act presidential. Piper goes through all the stuff that Flair did to become president (from the idiotic handcuff/underwear thing to other bad memories). Flair ends up disrobing. Piper pulls out papers. Flair claims to be the president of the United States. Piper has Okerlund read the paper. It’s a document stating that Flair is incompetent (and the crowd boos at the lameness of this sketch), and it strips Flair of his power in WCW. Flair fires Piper. There’s a second paper. It’s a contract putting Flair vs. KEVIN NASH tonight. Flair fires Piper again the says that if Piper beats him at Slamboree he can have the company. Piper hits Flair at the end . . . HAK does the job to BRIAN KNOBBS in a HARDCORE match . . . DJ Crapola introduces the Nitro Girls . . . comments from RANDY SAVAGE in a taped skit. Savage brings out MADUSA and says that she’s going to train GEORGOUS GEORGE for her match with CHARLES ROBINSON at SLAMBOREE . . . KEVIN NASH wants to know what’s up with the NWO BLACK & WHITE. SCOTT STEINER interrupts and says the title shot should be his. The Black and White blow off Nash . . . BUFF BAGWELL comes out and babbles on the microphone and disses SCOTT STIENER. He goes on to beat THE DISCO INFERNO . . . SCOTT STEINER comes out with women and disses BUFF BAGWELL . . . Rap Master B with the flyin Nitro Girls . . . KIDMAN vs. RAVEN w/SATURN: THE HORSEMEN attack everyone. REY MISTERIO JR. makes the save to chase off the Horsemen. Saturn attacks Rey. Kidman saves Rey. Raven takes out Kidman. The Horsemen return to attack everyone . . . SCOTT STEINER over SCOTT NORTON in a WCW U.S. TITLE defense . . . spin doctor dead and the Nitro Girls again . . . KEVIN NASH vs. RIC FLAIR: CHARLES ROBINSON is the ref. Flair orders him around whenever he wants to cheat. Nash has Flair beat but Robinson jumps out of the ring to check on ARN ANDERSON. GORGEOUS GEORGE attacks him and puts on Robinson’s ref. shirt. She gets in the ring and counts the Nash pinfall of Flair. Men in white jackets come out to take Flair off. Oh how wonderful. Tasteless. Bischoff has sunk to a new low on this one. They stretcher Flair out. Anderson finally figures out that they’re not taking Flair away to a hospital, they’re taking him to a mental institution . . . BILL GOLDBERG vs. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE — WCW WORLD TITLE: towards the end there’s a ref. bump. Goldberg gets the spear on DDP but there’s no ref. Page attacks the referee. Page puts Goldberg’s legs around the iron ring post. KEVIN NASH runs out and makes the save of Goldberg. Page attacks Nash with the World Title belt . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: ROCKY MIAVIA drives a hearse to the ring. He gloats about throwing STEVE AUSTIN off a bridge last week. There’s a grave dug and Miavia claims he’s going to bury Austin tonight . . . ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES vs. OWEN HART — #1 contender to the WWF TAG TITLES vs. DEBRA BEING NAKED: Road Dog gets the win, Debra goes to strip, but JEFF JARRETT stops her and takes her from the ring . . . THE UNDERTAKER orders THE ACOLYTES to take out THE BROOD and not to fail him . . . THE BROOD vs. THE ACOLYTES: KEN SHAMROCK runs in with a baseball bat and destroys everyone . . . THE UNDERTAKER destroys THE BROOD with help from VISCERA during the break . . . HARDCORE HOLLY vs. THE GODFATHER — WWF IC TITLE: GOLDUST attacks the Godfather outside of the ring, AL SNOW attacks Holly inside the ring. Godfather pins Holly. After the match The Godfather and Goldust go at it while Holly chases Snow to the back . . . THE UNDERTAKER is on the phone . . . a blonde shines THE ROCK’S shoes . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. THE BIG BOSSMAN: Shamrock gets the win. The lights go out and THE UNDERTAKER appears on the TITONTRON. The Undertaker says that he knows where Shamrock’s sister is and Shamrock freaks and runs to the back . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY vs. MANKIND: THE MEAN STREETS POSSE & THE BIG BOSSMAN attack Mankind. The match is thrown out. PAUL WIGHT comes out. Wight chokeslams Helmsly and clears the ring. Mankind thanks Wight for helping him but not to forget the boiler match at the PPV . . . the Rock is on the phone outside the building . . . JEFF JARRETT vs. BILLY GUNN: OWEN HART attacks Gunn outside the ring. JESSE JAMES comes out to fend off Jarrett. Debra shows Gunn her bra, he moons her, he clocks Jarrett for a pin attempt. Hart and Gunn run in and the match is thrown out. While Jarrett and Hart are stomping Road Dog, Debra starts to undress. Jarrett grabs his guitar and covers her up with it . . . VISCERA vs. PAUL WIGHT: THE UNDERTAKER comes out and helps Viscera. MANKIND makes the save. THE UNDERTAKER walks off without Viscera . . . an interviw with VINCE & STEPHANIE MCMAHON. Someone interrupts the interview and says that they spotted someone. Vince runs off and outside the building. He attacks MIDEON and tries to run him over with a car. MIDEON drives off . . . VAL VENIS comes out for a match. SABLE comes out and tells him that he’ll have to wait. She says that in 2 weeks that she’ll be shooting another segment for Playboy. IVORY & D’LO BROWN come out. Ivory attacks Sable then D’lo attacks Val. NICOLLE BASS saves Sable. D’lo carries Ivory out. After the attack, Val sizes up Sable . . . The Rock comes out again. He has Austin’s smoking skull belt. Austin drives to the parking lot in a monster truck. Austin looks for The Rock’s car. He moves it out in the open and then he drives over it in the monster truck the drives into the arena. He drives over the Hearse. He gets out of the truck and atacks the Rock. The Rock ends up in the grave. Austin takes his belt back and celibrates but SHANE MCMAHON smashes a shovel over his head and takes the belt back . . .

MCW Chokeslam for Charity 4/18/99 by Mark Coale (
Wrestlers Take it to the Hardwood for Charity

By Alexander LeGrand
MCW Program Editor

BALTIMORE – In an exhibition that almost no one would confuse with the NBA, the stars of Maryland Championship Wrestling played “Chokeslam for Charity,” an exhibition basketball game at Cardinal Gibbons High School for the school’s athletic department and Boy Scout Troop 118. The MCW Heels could not hold a double–digit halftime lead and came up short versus their Babyface opponents, with the good guys coming out ahead by a score of 112–93.

Despite a fever of 120 degrees (or so he said), MCW heavyweight champion was the leading scorer with an amazing 61 points, 54 percent of his team’s offense. Most of his points came in the final quarter, during the big babyface comeback, which started with Corporal Punishment giving a double Stunner to Romeo Valentino and “Wise Guy” Jimmy Cicero and Gillberg spearing the three remaining players on the heel side. Leading the scoring for the heel side was MCW production manage (and new dad) Pete McDevitt, who was ordered to play for the bad guys by Commissioner Jack Adonis.

The heels went into the locker room with what some thought was a commanding 47–31 lead. Of course, many in attendance thought that was also due to the questionable calls made by referee D. Edwards. In fact, Edwards had his referee shirt ripped off his back at halftime and given to a fan, who went on to ref the first few minutes of the third quarter, before Edwards was given his shirt and whistle back.

Some of the on–court highlights from the faces included Mosh dunking from the free throw line (thanks to a kneeling Bruiser in the lane giving him a boost), Mark Schrader scoring a basket while on the shoulders of opponent Cicero and Bruiser and Axl Rotten becoming somewhat movable obstacles at the center court line.

Meanwhile, the heels countered with some nefarious tactics. Some of these included an amazingly liberal substitution pattern (causing them to have seven or eight men on the court at one time), as well as a few actions straight from the rulebreakers’ handbook (eye gouges, trips and so on).

All in all, a good time was had by all, even the heel coach, a cardboard cut out of the unfortunately absent Tom Brandi. Money was raised for charity and some of Maryland’s top professional wrestlers learned that their skills inside the square circle are not necessarily compatible with hoops.





Pete McDevitt

Romeo Valentino
Stud Lee

Jimmy Cicero

Joey Matthews



Headbanger Mosh 61
Adam Flash

Corporal Punishment
Jack Adonis

Mark Shrader

Christian York

The Bruiser



WHAT YOU MISSED: SHANE MCMAHON comes to the ring and gloats about hitting his father . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. TEST & THE BIG BOSSMAN: Test submits to the ankle lock. The Bossman leaves without him . . . comments from X–PAC . . . THE CORPORATION argue in the back. SHANE MCMAHON tells Test to shape up or get out . . . TIGER ALI SINGH comes to the ring and I fast forward. PMS come to the ring and accept his deal to rub his feet for $500. He only wanted to pay each one $250 so they atack him and a large man comes out and destroys Singh . . . JIM ROSS interviews ROCKY MIAVIA . . . THE BROOD vs. MIDEON & VISCERA: THE ACOLYTES destroy THE BROOD . . . SABLE comes to the ring. She brings out NICOLE BASS. She says that Bass is her new bodyguard . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & ROCKY MIAVIA vs. X–PAC & KANE — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: JEFF JARRETT & OWEN HART attack X–Pac & Kane. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS make the save . . .

World Wide Wrestling Alliance Results 4/17/99 by Andrew Ebbeskotte (
The World Wide Wrestling Alliance returned to action on April 17, in Huntington, Indiana in front of 375 fans.

WWWA Light Heavyweight Champion Jimi V successfully defended his title against Mr. Main Event with the 450 splash.

The Great Shinwa defeated Truth Martini with a senton off the top turnbuckle.

“Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox defeated Shadox with “The Verdict”.

“Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia defeated “Prime Time” Damon Starr with “The Special Delivery”.

Cisco defeated “Delicious” Devon Daniels after Daniels was rolled up during an overly cocky pinning attempt.

WWWA Heavyweight Champion Crusher Kline defeated Kwik Kik Lee with “The Devastator” to retain his title.

“Natural Wonder” KC Thunder defeated “Beautiful” Brian Fury after Alexis Machine accidently hit Fury with a chair.

ECWA Newport, DE, 4/17/99 Jeff Amdur (
A bloody cage match, a possible major setback for a popular wrestler’s road to recovery, the return of a former ECWA champion, and the appearance of the amazing Gilllllllberrrrrrrg!!! highlighted the East Coast Wrestling Association card that was held at St. Matthew’s Parish Hall in Newport, DE, on April 17.

Attendance was a turn–away crowd of over 700, the largest I have ever seen at St. Matthew’s.   Ring announcer: BILLY K.  Manning the ECWAtron video machine: FLYIN’ RYAN O’BRIEN & CHUCK RISTANO. Getting–ever–more–evil–by–the–month ECWA commissioner: RICHARD NAEGELE. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR.  Referees for the evening:  LARRY PEACE, PAUL TURNER, BOB DENSMORE & ROCK AUSTIN.  Covering for the mags, sheets and YAWNs: BRANDI MANKIEWICZ of PWI, PETE THEOPHALL of the Chatterbox, and BERNIE DIEHL of the now–you–update–it, now–you–don’t website.  Also seen at the proceedings: regional wrestling star JIMMY JANNETTY.

The evening starts as the valet PLEASURE, who had debuted the previous month, came out to present an ECWAtron video showing BRUTE FORCE (VIPER, CARNAGE, & STUD) performing sneak attacks on their opponents for the night, GLENN OSBOURNE, J.R. RYDER & J.J. THE RING CREW GUY, at various venues (parking lot, in front of a store, and in a gym).  Viper said that the had to do these “pre–emptive strikes” to soften up the opposition.

MATCH 1: “THE FALLEN ANGEL” CHRISTOPHER DANIELS pinned “THE ALL–AMERICAN” JEFF PETERSON in 9:05 after delivering his “last rites”. Before the match, Daniels accused the absent, injured RECKLESS YOUTH of being too cowardly to face him.  (Quote: “Being ‘King of Delaware’ is equivalent to being the cleanest pig in the pen”)  The match was also highlighted by a crazy move where, with Daniels standing on the floor, Peterson jumped off the top turnbuckle and in the same move delivered a huracanrana to Daniels.  Still only 17 years old, Jeff is rapidly making a name for himself on the circuits both in the northeast and in Florida.  And Daniels, of course, is always amazing.  An incredible match.

MATCH 2:  The results were convoluted for this three–way dance for the tag–team title between champions ACE DARLING & DEVON STORM, CHRISTIAN YORK & JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS (with BARRY CASINO), and MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER & THUNDER.  At one point, with Matthews and Thunder  brawling outside the ring, both Darling and Storm took out some powder to throw in the faces of Shrader and York.  Mark and Christian ducked, and it was the champs who were temporarily blinded.  At this point, Shark covered Ace and Christian covered Devon for simultaneous pins, which the ref counted.  The ref’s decision was that the new tag–team champions were the guys who got the pins: MARK SHRADER & CHRISTIAN YORK. This didn’t set well with anybody.  Commissioner RICHARD NAEGELE came out and decided that at the next ECWA card, this tag–team mess would be settled by having Shrader/Thunder and York/Matthews face off for the undisputed tag championship.  Meanwhile, each team has half a championship.

COMMISSIONER NAEGELE stayed in the ring to rant at CHEETAH MASTER, who had plonked him with a chair at the previous show.  He called out Cheetah’s manager, CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO, to express his dissatisfaction at CM’s behavior.  He then called Cheetah out, and after the customary lengthy, crowd–in–a–frenzy entrance, told Cheetah that the only reason Cheetah is still around is that he is being protected by promoter JIM KETTNER.  He warned CM that, in spite of Kettner, “you lay one hand on me or my referees, your [gluteus maximus] is gone”.

MATCH 3: THE INFERNO KID & “RAMBLIN” RICH MYERS pinned FLASH FLANAGAN & SWEET MISTER E” (with E.S. EASTON) in 11:54.  Inferno delivered a top–rope bulldog onto Mister E before covering for the pin.  This match marked the return of former ECWA champion Ramblin’ Rich after an absence of more than six years.

LANCE DIAMOND then came out to accuse CHEETAH MASTER of having faked his entire injury status, and accused the ECWA (read: JIM KETTNER) of not wanting to put Cheetah in the ring to face him.,  He noted that he has been booked for this month against a newcomer “trying to make a name for himself in the ECWA by wrestling the ‘measuring stick’ of the ECWA”.

MATCH 4:  “SUPERSTAR” LANCE DIAMOND pinned VINCENT GOODNITE in 5:11 after delivering an array of suplexes.  After the match, Lance said that at least Goodnite (who somewhat resembles Cheetah) had the courage to face him in the ring, unlike Cheetah Master.  At that point, Cheetah ran to ringside and started to pummel Diamond.  When all four referees came out to try to break up the fracas, Cheetah proceeded to beat them all up, eventually delivering a top–rope dive onto all four referees on the floor in front of the ringside table.  Cheetah then took Lance back into the ring for further punishment.  This continued until EVIL COMMISSIONER RICHARD NAEGELE arrived and crotched Cheetah with a chair.  Naegele and Diamond followed this up with several other chair shots, principally to the knee that Cheetah had injured so badly last year and had caused him to temporarily retire from wrestling.  Cheetah exited the ring, limping badly, his comeback hopes sidetracked.

MATCH 5:  THE SOUL BROTHERS (JACK & ELVIN) & BOOGIE WOOGIE BROWN (with CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO) pinned THE PERSIAN PRINCE & COMMANDO & PHIL LYNN (with BARRY CASINO & E.S. EASTON) in an incredibly quick 39 seconds. Boogie elbow–dropped the masked Lynn and squashed him for the pin.

MATCH 6:  GILLLLLLLBERRRRRRRG!!! pinned MR. OOH LA LA (with BARRY CASINO) to retain his WWF light–heavyweight championship in 3:08. Before the match, Ooh announced that his own title would not be at stake since he “hand–picks all his title opponents”.  The end came as Ooh aimed a chair at Duane, Duane ducked, Ooh hit Barry, Duane speared Ooh, then jackhammered and pinned him.

INTERMISSION:  Polaroids–hundreds of them–with Gillberg on the stage at the back of the Hallo.

MATCH 7:  In the main event, “THE MAD MAN FROM THE BADLANDS” GLENN OSBOURNE, J.R. RYDER & J.J. THE RING CREW GUY pinned BRUTE FORCE (VIPER & CARNAGE & STUD) in 18:40.  This was a cage match under war games rules.  Each combatant was handcuffed to the cage outside, and could enter at intervals as the refs were instructed to unlock the cuffs. This was obviously a set up engineered by EVIL COMMISSIONER NAEGELE, who allowed all three bad guys to enter and gang up on J.J. while he wouldn’t open the cage to let the good guys in.  Finally, promoter JIM KETTNER wrested the key to the cage and cuffs from Naegele and allowed the good guys to even the score.  At one point, J.R., after battled one of Brute Force (I believe it was Carnage) back to the dressing room area, which was followed by the ECWAtron cameras.  They came back to ringside, and as J.R. was climbing over the cage to re–enter, he was pushed off and went flying into the ringside table.  He took a nasty bounce off the table and was a bloody mess.  The end came when J.J., climbed to the top of the cage and executed a flying body press onto Viper for the pin.

The ECWA will return to St. Matthew’s sometime in July.  Stay tuned to these boards, or call the ECWA at 302–325–1592 for further information.

ATCW Martinsburg 4/16/99 by Jeff Amdur (
The score between the two members of Camp Casino was definitely not settled as a third, outside player entered the game at the monthly card of Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling that was held at the Berkeley County Multipurpose Center in Martinsburg, WV, on April 16.  The card’s main event featured a wrestling legend in a rare mid–Atlantic ring appearance.

Attendance estimated at 100–125.  Ring announcer: MIKE DiMUZIO. Play–by–play guys at ringside: BERNIE DIEHL, RICH DANIELS, and the injured L.A. ROYALE.  Music man: JOHN RIPPLE.  Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR.  Referees for the evening:  “LOVER BOY” DENNIS WIPPRECHT and “THE GODFATHER” VINNIE GAMBINI.  Also taking in the action were regional wrestlers SHORTY SMALLS and D.O.A.

Before the opening match, MIKE DiMUZIO called manager BARRY CASINO out to ringside, as the championship match tonight was to feature two wrestlers that Barry manages, champion PATCH and challenger DON ROTT. When asked which wrestler he would manage, Casino replied that he would be neutral, that “the best man would win”, and that in any case, he would still be the manager of the champion at the end of the night. Then, both Rott and Patch came out the plead their own individual cases before their manager, as they continued sniping at each other.  Casino continued to play the diplomat.

MATCH 1:  MINISTER SINISTER pinned STEVE LIGHTNING (with SEAN NICE) in 6:40.  Toward the end of the match, the lights in the building flickered, and this seemed to give Minister renewed strength, enabling him to spear Steve and put him in his “crucifiction” hold before pinning him.  During the match, there was some appearent heat developing between Sean Nice and ringside play–by–play guy RICH DANIELS.

MATCH 2:  NICKY “DA BULL” FURY & HELL BILLY OTIS (“THE WEST VIRGINIA WRECKING CREW) pinned CHAD AUSTIN & “NATION’S BADDEST CREATION” SEAN NICE in 10:29.  Hell Billy delivered a power bomb on Chad and then followed up with the pin.

MATCH 3:  CHRISTIAN YORK pined C.J. BROCK in 12:02 after delivering what Bernie Diehl described as a “southern cross power bomb”.  I’ll take his word for that name.

MATCH 4:  TY STREET, in another impressive performance, pinned JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS (with BARRY CASINO) in 11:17.  Casino held Ty up for Joey to plonk him, Ty ducked, Joey collided with Barry and was immediately on the receiving end of a Ty tomikaze before getting pinned. Bernie Diehl’s descriptive use of the term “futuresteiner” also highlighted this match.

MATCH 5:  CHEF D.Z. GILLESPIE beat MORGUS THE MANIAC (with NURSE GRACE & MEDIC MAURICE) by disqualification in 5:59.  Morgus, after earlier surviving Chef’s devastating rolling pin maneuver, pulled a sock out of his crotch.  He christened it “Mr. Sicko” and delivered a mandible claw to Chef.  At this point, MINISTER SINISTER, still ticked off at his loss to Chef last month, came out and plonked Chef with his own cookie sheet.  The referee had no recourse but to disqualify Morgus, which did not sit too well with Morgus.  Morgus then took the mike, and in the most extensive mike work I have ever heard from Morgus in the ten–plus years I’ve been watching him, ranted semi–coherently about how all he really wants to do is wrestle patch for the ATCW title.  He had to be forcibly escorted from the ring by Nurse Grace and Medic Maurice.

MATCH 6:  THE SOUL BROTHERS (JACK & ELVIN) pinned PINKY THE FLAMINGO KID & KID EXTREME (with TINY) in 10:32, following a Soul Brother slam drop. After the match, both Pinky and Tiny attacked erstwhile partner Kid Extreme, with repeated top–rope leg drops from Pinky and splashes from the 450–pound plus Tiny.

MATCH 7:  PATCH (with BARRY CASINO) retained his ATCW title as he wrestled DON ROTT (also with BARRY CASINO) to a no–contest in 19:58. The match was stopped after MORGUS THE MANIAC interfered and started to stomp on Rott, saying that *he* was the one who deserved to win the title from Patch.  Absolutely nothing was settled, as Rott was of course ticked that his chance had been stopped by Morgus.  Barry Casino offered a solution for the next card: a three–way title dance between Patch, Rott and Morgus.

MATCH 8:  “MR. USA” TONY ATLAS pinned ARMAGEDDON (with “THE WALKIN’ RIOT” MISSY HYATT) in 6:22.  As Armageddon held Atlas, Missy aimed a punch.  Tony ducked, Missy plonked Armageddon, and Atlas then covered for the pin.

ATCW returns to Martinsburg on Friday night, May 14, featuring MARTY JANNETTY, among others.  Stay tuned to these boards for further information.

WHAT YOU MISSED: EL VAMPIRO fell to BUFF BAGWELL . . . JERRY FLYNN vs. WRATH went to a double count out . . . HORACE HOGAN fell to MENG . . . ARN ANDERSON & RIC FLAIR talk in the back while CHARLES ROBINSON pours them water and dials the phone for Flair. Flair signs some papers. Arn looks at the papers and is upset. Flair didn’t read the papers . . . MIKEY WHIPRECK fell to THE DISCO INFERNO . . . THE NWO BLACK & WHITE come out to talk with GENE OKERLUND. STEVIE RAY says that they’re gonna police wrestling. STEVIE RAY disses KEVIN NASH & HOLLYWOOD HOGAN. Ray goes off on SCOTT STEINER. When asked about SCOTT NORTON they say he’s Japan beating up guys for the IWGP title. Ray say he wants the WCW title and DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE tonight . . . DISORDERLY CONDUCT fell to RAVEN & SATURN . . . a look at the alleged problems between REY MISTERIO JR. & BILLY KIDMAN . . . JUVENTUD GUERRERA vs. REY MISTERIO JR. — WCW CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Rey gets the win in a good match . . . RIC FLAIR in the back with CHARLES ROBINSON. ARN ANDERSON storms in. He can’t find the secratary with the paperwork. Anderson is concerned for Flair . . . STEVIE RAY vs. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE — WCW WORLD TITLE: Page gets the win . . .

MCW Denton 4/15/99 by Jeff Amdur (
First of all, I must inform you that the Maryland Championship Wrestling card originally scheduled for Friday, April 23 in Upper Marlboro has been canceled.

And now, on to the results;

Two of the promotion’s most popular wrestlers exacted a bit of revenge against their recent tormentors at the Maryland Championship Wrestling card that was held at the Denton Volunteer Fire Hall in Denton, MD, on April 15.

Attendance estimated at 300.  MCW Commissioner: MR. JACK ADONIS.  For the Maryland State Athletic Commission: LOU LEAVEY.  Ring announcer: STEVE VENTURELLA.  Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR.  Music provided by BIG DADDY PRODUCTIONS. Referees for the evening: DAVE “THE WAVE” and D. EDWARDS.  Ring attendant and moves interpreter: ALEXANDER LeGRAND. Taking ringside pictures, as always: BERNIE DIEHL.

Commissioner JACK ADONIS welcomed the crowd and announced that all future shows in Denton would be held on Saturdays, in answer to requests from parents who didn’t want their kids up too late on a school night. He also announced to the Eastern Shore fans that Headbanger Mosh was the new MCW champion, having won the title on April 8 in Baltimore.

MATCH 1:  RAMBLIN’ RICH MYERS pinned DINO DIVINE in 4:16, delivering a back suplex for the pinning combination.

MATCH 2:  GREGORY MARTIN, in his second pro match, once again was the pin fall victor over CUEBALL CARMICHAEL in 9:37 after rolling Q up in a small package.  Was it “beginner’s luck” once again, Q?

MATCH 3:  2–DOPE & SYDESWYPE retained the tag team belts by pinning BRUISER & “DOOMSDAY” DANNY ROSE (from THE FAMILY OF FREAKS) in 11:18. As the referee was distracted, 2–Dope took one of the championship belts and clobbered Danny, then DDT’d him onto the belt.  Syde then covered for the pin as the ref turned around.

MATCH 4:  “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO (with LANCE DIAMOND) pinned “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ (with “BIG 80’s” DONNIE B) in 11:14.  The pin followed a combination that looked sort of like an airplane spin turned into a power bomb.

MATCH 5:  ADAM FLASH (with BOBCAT) pinned “SUPERSTAR” LANCE DIAMOND (with JIMMY CICERO) in 6:16.  Bobcat distracted the ref, allowing Julio Sanchez to run in and superkick Lance.  Flash followed with a modified pedigree for the pin.

MATCH 6:  CHRISTIAN YORK (with ANGELICA) pinned JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS (with PLATINUM NAT) in 16:48 in a successful defense of his cruiserweight belt.  Angelica, by the way, is the same woman who came out of the crowd last week in Baltimore to attack Matthews.  The convoluted finish saw York misfire a top–turnbuckle dropkick onto referee D. Edwards.  At that point Nat dragged Angelica into the ring, holding her for Joey to slap her.  Instead, Angelica swung her foot and delivered a rompecojones to both Joey and Nat.  She then face–busted Nat as York delivered a spinning Michinoku driver (thanks, Alexander LeGrand, for that name) for the pin.

MATCH 7:  STEVIE RICHARDS pinned EARL THE PEARL in 8:13 with some help from Tom Brandi, who ran in and put Earl in a backbreaker after Stevie had blindsided ref Dave the Wave with a Steviekick.  Brandi and Stevie stomped on Earl after the match until Corporal Punishment made the save.  At that point Romeo Valentino joined to help Brandi and Stevie, and Headbanger Mosh joined the Corporal and Earl.  Thus we segue to …

MATCH 8:  CORPORAL PUNISHMENT & HEADBANGER MOSH pinned TOM BRANDI & ROMEO VALENTINO in 13:38, in a match where Mosh said he would relinquish his heavyweight title to either of his opponents if they pinned him. With the ref distracted, Mosh rolled up Romeo for the pin, but Brandi interfered and reversed the combination.  This brought out Corporal, who reversed it back in time for the ref to count the pin.

Although the next Denton date–a Saturday–has not been finalized, and although the April 23 card in Upper Marlboro has been canceled, there are many opportunities to see MCW during the next month.

Sun Apr 18:  MCW wrestlers play basketball at “CHOKESLAM FOR CHARITY” at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Baltimore, 5pm
Sun May 2: Teamsters Hall, Baltimore
Sun May 16:  Owings Mills High School
Fri May 21: Wheaton High School
Sat May 22: North Harford High School
Fri May 28: St. Michaels High School

Keep up to date by reading these boards, by calling the MCW hotline at
410–234–9769, and accessing the official MCW Website at www.

WHAT YOU MISSED: VINCE & STEPHANIE MCMAHON in the dressing room with security. Vince assures Stephanie that she’s safe . . . SHANE MCMAHON leads THE CORPORATION w/THE MEAN STREETS POSSE out. KEN SHAMROCK grabs the microphone and demands to know why the Corporation didn’t save his sister last week. Shane babbles an answer. He calls out Stephanie and Vince. Vince comes out and grabs the microphone and asks what is in Shane’s head. Shane wants to know where Vince’s Priorities are. Shane fires PAT PATTERSON & JERRY BRISCO. Shane and Vince get in each others faces. Shane slaps Vince. Stephanie takes Vince out of the ring. Shane disowns Vince. Ken Shamrock walks out with Vince . . . Vince heads to the back with Pat, Ken & Jerry. Vince thanks Shamrock for his loyalty. Vince leaves with Stephanie & the Stooges. Ken returns to the arena . . . Shane is in the locker room with the Corporation . . . SABLE vs. JACKIE vs. TORY vs. IVORY: NICOLE BASS destroys Jackie, Tory & Ivory. The lights go out. THE UNDERTAKER appears on the TITONTRON and says that Stephanie will be his. He says someone else will be sacrificed tonight . . . STEVE AUSTIN arrives . . . Austin heads to the ring with the WWF Title belt. He says he doesn’t care how Shane McMahon handles Vince but if he screws up as a ref. at BACKLASH, he’s dead. He wants ROCKY MIAVIA tonight. THE ROCK appears on the Titontron and says that Austin can find him on some bridge to get his belt back . . . MANKIND arrives to lock himself in a boiler room . . . PAUL WIGHT vs. CHRISTIAN: THE UNDERTAKER’S voice comes over the PA system and demands that EDGE and GANGREL leave the ring and let Christian face Wight alone. Wight destroys Christian . . . comments from MANKIND . . . Shane orders the Mean Streets Posse to take out Mankind . . . the Rock waits for Steve Austin on a bridge . . . The Posse goes to the boiler room . . . BILL GUNN vs. VAL VENIS: JEFF JARRETT & OWEN HART atack Gunn. Venis and JESSE JAMES save Gunn. DEBRA gets in the ring and wants Val. Jarrett pulls her out of the ring . . . Mankind destroys the Mean Streets Posse. After beating them he hears someone crying . . . OWEN HART & JEFF JARRETT w/DEBRA vs. THE ACOLYTES: THE MINISTRY OF DARKNESS hit the ring and the lights go out. THE UNDERTAKER heads out. Ken Shamrock hits the ring with a baseball bat. The Undertaker says that if Shamrock hits him he’ll never see her again. He then says that Ryan is in the boiler room. Shamrock takes out the Ministry with the baseball bat and runs to find Ryan . . . THE BIG BOSSMAN vs. GOLDUST — WWF IC TITLE: THE GODFATHER comes out and offers The Bossman one of his women. The Bossman wants all of his women for the match. The Bossman leaves with the women. Godfather wins and the women come out to help him celibrate . . . Shamrock gets to the boiler room with Mankind . . . THE MINISTRY OF DARKNESS attack Mankind and Shamrock in the Boiler Room . . . D’LO BROWN vs. BOB HOLLY — WWF HARDCORE TITLE: AL SNOW interferes to help Holly win . . . The Ministry prepares to sacrifice KEN SHAMROCK . . . The Rock finds a fishing pole . . . the Ministry straps Shamrock to The Undertaker’s symbol. The Undertaker attacks Christian. He orders the Brood to put Christian on a symbol. Shamrock gets one of his straps free while the Brood attacks the Ministry. Mankind attacks the Ministry. Shamrock runs off . . . TEST & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY vs. KANE & X–PAC — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Test gets pinned. Helmsly & CHYNA walk off without him . . . The Rock is on the bridge and gets paged by 3:16 . . . Ken Shamrock heads to the ring. He wants the Undertaker. The lights go out and the Undertaker attacks Shamrock. The Ministry head to the ring. Shamrock rolls out of the ring. The Corporation comes out. They attack Shamrock . . . the Rock on the bridge. STEVE AUSTIN drives up. They battle. Steve Austin gets thrown off the bridge. The Rock throws the belt off the bridge . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at the troubles between HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & CHYNA vs. DX and KANE . . . X–PAC & KANE come out. They want to prove their win wasn’t a fluke and call out JEFF JARRETT & OWEN HART. Hart, Jarrett & DEBRA come out and say they’ll take the match. THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS come out. They want a shot at the titles. They settle for a 3 way dance . . . KEN SHAMROCK destroys everything in the back . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. MIDEON: Shamrock wins with the ankle lock then snaps as refs. take him off of Mideon. Shamrock says he’s ready to die for his sister . . . SYXX talks to KANE in the locker room . . . comments from ROCKY MIAVIA . . . MANKIND is wheeling around a cake for MR. SOCKO . . . JIM ROSS interviews MANKIND. It’s a huge birth place party for MR. SOCKO with a clown . . . OWEN HART & JEFF JARRET talk with DEBRA in the back . . . a look at STEVE AUSTIN destroying the TITONTRON . . . ROCKY MIAVIA over D’LO BROWN . . . THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS get ready in the back . . . DROZ vs. THE BIG BOSSMAN: a large man comes out of the crowd and destroys the Bossman. TEST makes the save . . . KANE & X–PAC defeated JEFF JARRETT & OWEN HART and THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS in a 3 way match for the WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES when X–Pac pinned BILLY GUNN . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: shortened due to baseball . . . FIT FINLEY fell to RICK STEINER . . . a look at STING and RANDY SAVAGE’S announcement from the end of NITRO . . . GENE OKERLUND plugs SPRING STAMPEDE . . . a look at BRET HART quitting . . . NORMAN SMILEY fell to ERNEST MILLER . . . LA CUCARACHA w/JUVNETUD GUERRERA vs. KONNAN: Konnan unmasks La Cucaracha and Juvie puts his shirt over Cuca’s head so no one can see that he’s THE DISCO INFERNO . . . a look at JERRY FLYNN & MENG vs. HUGH MORRIS & THE BARBARIAN from last Saturday Night . . . JERRY FLYNN & MENG vs. HUGH MORRIS & THE BARBARIAN — NO DQ/FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Flynn pinned the Barbarian in this all out “hardcore” brawl . . .

MCW Baltimore 4/8/99–MOSH WINS MCW TITLE!!! by Jeff Amdur (
The Headbanger entered the ring for his match with a “new hair” look, and exited the ring several minutes later with a “new belt” look, as the crowning of a new Maryland Championship Wrestling heavyweight champion highlighted the MCW show at Teamsters Hall in Baltimore on April 8.

Attendance estimated at 400–425.  MCW commisioner: MR. JACK ADONIS.  MCW production manager: PETE McDEVITT.  Ring announcer: STEVE VENTURELLA. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR.  At ringside, telling me the real names of moves I wouldn’t know otherwise because I don’t do “play station” stuff: MARK COALE.  Referees for the evening: D. EDWARDS and BARRY ROBERTS.

MATCH 1:  “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ pinned “SUPERSTAR” LANCE DIAMOND in 10:27.  The pin was preceded by a maneuver similar to a Samoan drop.  Lance’s valet BOBCAT was consipcuous by her absence during this match.

MATCH 2:  GREGORY MARTIN (with MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER) made his pro wrestling debut a successful one by pinning CUEBALL CARMICHAEL in 7:18.  Cueball went to set Marty up for a Q–digree; but he took too long, enabling Marty to reverse it into a side Russian leg sweep and then cover for the pin.  After the match, Cueball called Marty “lucky” and demanded a rematch.

Scheduled to wrestle EARL “THE PEARL” in the third match, “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS came to ringside, accompanied by DINO DIVINE, walking on crutches and wearing a neck brace.  He presented commissioner JACK ADONIS with a note from his doctor saying that he had re–injured his neck, and further stated that he further injured the neck while doing warm–up exercises in preparation for this match.  Mr. Adonis, however skeptical, accepted the excuse; but ordered Dino to face Earl instead.

MATCH 3:  DINO DIVINE (with “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS) pinned EARL “THE” PEARL in 5:45.  With the ref temporarily woozy from a bump, Stevie plonked Earl with one of his crutches.  Dino then hit a gourd buster and covered for the pin.

After the match, Stevie shed his crutches and the neck brace (“Well, well, well, it’s a miracle!”, he said).  He started to stomp on Earl while adding insult to injury by disrespecting the memory of Earl’s best friend, the late SHANE SHAMROCK.  This was too much to bear for Shane’s mother, SHARON HOWSER.  She came into the ring and pushed Stevie away, caring for the fallen Earl.  The dastardly Stevie then grabbed Mrs. Howser, kicked her in the stomach and started punching her.  A whole bunch of wrestlers and officials (JULIO SANCHEZ, GREGORY MARTIN, CHRISTIAN YORK, MARK SHRADER, PETE McDEVITT and BARRY ROBERTS) came to ringside to hold Stevie back as Earl protected Mrs. Howser.  Earl vowed revenge on Stevie.


MATCH 5:  2–DOPE & SYDESWYPE (with “WHITE CHOCOLATE” DONNIE B) pinned AXL ROTTEN & ADAM FLASH (with GINGER LYNN LUCAS, from the FAMILY OF FREAKS) to retain the MCW tag title in 7:08.  As the referee was arguing with Ginger, 2–Dope clobbered Axl with the championship belt, enabling Syde to cover for the pin.  After the match, the champs continued to double–team Axl (as Adam was temporarily incapacitated) until BRUISER and “DOOMSDAY” DANNY ROSE ) later joined by the recovered Adam made the save.

Next came the STUD LEE interview segment with “SUPERSTAR” LANCE DIAMOND.  As Lance came out, deliberately infuriating the Baltimore crowd from the beginning by wearing a hat emblematic of the New York Yankees (a.k.a. Satanbrenner’s Evil Empire), the crowd started to chant for his absent valet BOBCAT.  Lance’s response was that Bobcat came late (“shows that you can’t depend on a woman”) and told the fans that he was sick and tired of the T&A exhibition that wrestling had become.  He said that if they wanted T&A, they should “plop down a dollar at the local strip joint”.  He further said that it is no surprise that the fans are cheering for both Bobcat and the Orioles, since “they are both losers”. He calls Bobcat out, and continues to rant on her, saying that she has been stealing his Thunder too long, comparing her eight months in the wrestling business to his eight years.  Tag champs 2–DOPE and SYDESWYPE join the conversation at this point, announce that they have parted ways with their manager Donnie B, calling both Donnie and Bobcat “white pieces of trash”. Along with Lance, they start to stomp on Bobcat until JULIO SANCHEZ and GREGORY MARTIN make the save and chase the bad guys out.

MATCH 6:  CHRISTIAN YORK retained the cruiserweight championship by pinning JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS (with PLATINUM NAT) in 14:42.  During the match a young woman from the crowd (whom Nat may have called a “sinner” in his opening rant) jumped the barrier and attacked Joey, successfully delivering a face buster before being taken away by security.  York then followed with a tilt–a–whirl backbreaker and a cover for the pin.

MATCH 7:  Although the decision was never announced, it was obvious that CORPORAL PUNISHMENT defeated MAX MUSCLE (with TOM BRANDI & JIMMY CICERO) by disqualification in 2:41 as the triple–teaming on poor Corp could not be stopped and the ref lost control.  ADAM FLASH and GINGER LYNN LUCAS were also plonked by the three bad guys, and it wasn’t until BRUISER and DOOMSDAY DANNY ROSE, the scheduled opponents for Cicero and Brandi, came to the ring that the bad guys scattered.

After the match, TOM BRANDI took the microphone and begin a long tirade against the FAMILY OF FREAKS, and against CORPORAL PUNISHMENT and AXL ROTTEN in particular.  Corporal said he wanted a match in which all three heels (dubbed by Brandi and the absent ROYCE C. PROFIT as “the First Family”) would be involved.  Brandi and Cicero responded with some more disparaging remarks about Axl and the Family of Freaks, and decided that they wouldn’t wrestle in their scheduled match.,  It wasn’t until commissioner JACK ADONIS threatened to fire Brandi and Cicero from MCW that the two returned to the ring for their tag match.

MATCH 8:  BRUISER & “DOOMSDAY” DANNY ROSE (from THE FAMILY OF FREAKS) pinned TOM BRANDI & “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO (with MAX MUSCLE) in 16:48.  With the ref distracted, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT arrived on the scene and plonked Cicero with a vicious chair shot, after which Bruiser covered for the pin.

After the match, LANCE DIAMOND joined Cicero, Brandi and Muscle in stomping the out–manned Family of Freaks, and singling out Corp in particular.  Bruiser and Danny eventually had to help the injured Corporal back to the dressing room.

MATCH 9:  HEADBANGER MOSH won the MCW heavyweight championship from ROMEO VALENTINO (with DINO DIVINE) with a pin in 6:14 in a no–disqualification, no–countout match.  The end came when Dino threw Romeo a chair, a move that backfired as Mosh hit a flying body press off the top turnbuckle onto the chair and Romeo.  Mosh then legdropped Romeo (by way of the chair once more) and then got the 3–count.

MCW will return to Teamsters Hall on Sunday, May 2, with a 7 pm bell time.  Stay tuned to these boards or call the MCW 24–hour hotline at 410–234–9769 for updates.

Don’t forget these other MCW dates:
Thursday, April 15:  Denton Volunteer Fire Hall, Denton
Sunday, April 18:  “Chokeslam for Charity” basketball game featuring the MCW wrestlers at Cardinal Gibbons High School, Baltimore
Friday, April 23: Frederick Douglass High School, Upper Marlboro

Check out the MCW website at

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at the abduction of STEPHANIE MCMAHON . . . KANE & X–PAC defeat JEFF JARRETT & OWEN HART for the WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES . . . VINCE MCMAHON has SHANE MCMAHON lead THE CORPORATION while he stays with Stephanie . . . comments from X–PAC . . . THE CORPORATION heads to the ring lead by Shane McMahon. Shane orders HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & ROCKY MIAVIA to face PAUL WIGHT tonight. They taunt STEVE AUSTIN and put a freeze frame of Rocky wearing Austin’s title belt on the Titontron . . . Shane checks on Vince and Stephanie. Vince wants Shane to calm down and says that he doesn’t give a damn. He says he doesn’t want to provoke Austin & Wight tonight. He tells Shane to “chill” . . . IVORY comes out anc complains about PMS. She wants TERRI RUNNELS. Terri comes out with JACKIE. She sends Jackie back to the dressing room. Ivory and Terri go at it and Ivory pulls Terri’s top off. The lights go out and THE UNDERTAKER and THE MINISTRY come out. The Undertaker gives his regards to Vince and Stephanie McMahon. He says tonight there will be a sacrifice or a beautiful young woman who will become one with the Ministry . . . Vince sends JERRY BRISCO & PAT PATTERSON out for more security. Vince ponders giving The Undertaker what he wants. Shane is upset by that . . . AL SNOW takes on HARDCORE HOLLY for the WWF HARDCORE Title. After the match STEVE WILLIAMS destroys both guys . . . Shane McMahon has the guys in the control booth put the freeze frame of the belt back up on the Titontron . . . THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS vs. THE BROOD: GANGREL & EDGE represent the Brood as CHRISTIAN was whipped with a leather strap in the back by The Undertaker earlier. Christian limps to the ring and is thrown in the ring by JESSE JAMES. BILLY GUNN hits Christian with the famasser to get the win . . . comments from STEVE AUSTIN. He says that it’s going to cost Shane McMahon a lot of money . . . VISCERA vs. KEN SHAMROCK: Not a minute into the match the lights go out and the entire MINISTRY OF DARKNESS attack Shamrock. In the back Shane McMahon thinks its a trap and stops the Corporation from helping Shamrock. They Ministry drags Shamrock to the back and put him in the trunk of the car. THE ACOLYTES drive off with him in the trunk . . . VAL VENIS fell to MANKIND . . . the Ministry plot something in the back . . . THE GODFATHER vs. GOLDUST — WWF IC TITLE: goes to double count out . . . Vince McMahon on the phone in the back saying that things will be fine when the phone is cut off and the lights go out . . . back from commercial in silence. The Ministry of Darkness bring out someone under a heavy black robe. They strap that person to the Undertaker’s symbol. Cut to the back and Vince and Stephanie are together. Back to the Undertaker and he takes the hood off the person to reveal RYAN SHAMROCK. He says that she’s not the one that he wants but that she will soon join him. The symbol goes up in the air and Vince McMahon screams into the camera for the Undertakre to stay away from his daughter . . . PAUL WIGHT vs. ROCKY MIAVIA & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: CHYNA attacks Wight, resulting in the DQ of Hunter & Rocky. Chyna, Hunter, Rocky & Shane attack him. STEVE AUSTIN makes the save and runs them off. Shane McMahon says that Austin is going to look at the Snake belt on the Titontron for the rest of the night. Austin has Wight pull the Titontron down to ground level then Austin rips the giant screen apart and share a beer with Wight . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a new STING opening, with the white faced one walking around with his baseball bat . . . the new opening is a GUNS –N– ROSES cover from 1989 . . . BILL GOLDBERG walks around with a lotto drawing device . . . take me down to Paridise City where the grass is green and . . . sorry. The announcers are down to BOBBY HEENAN & TONY SCHIVANE now at ringside . . . GENE OKERLUND brings out BILL GOLDBERG. Goldberg has his lotto hopper. He complains aobut being left off the last PPV. He says he’s doing the Goldberg lottery and everyone’s name is in it and that the person he picks will face him at the PPV. KEVIN NASH comes out. He’s a face now, remember. Nash gloats about stopping the Goldberg streak. Nash says they’ll get it on at SPRING STAMPEDE. Goldberg walks out . . . RIC FLAIR & ARN ANDERSON in the back watching a TV monitor. Flair wants something resolved . . . where the girls are pretty take me home . . . NITRO GIRLS now have a big stage to dance on. Oh god that means they’re keeping them . . . RICKY RACKMAN comes out to plug the WCW Hotline. Apparently we’re going to be seeing more of him. Joy . . . KENDAL WINDHAM fell to HAK w/CHASTITY . . . a MENG video . . . welcome to the jungle . . . Goldberg storming around the back. He gets to Ric Flair’s office. Flair has LEX LUGER & MZ. ELIZABETH in the office . . . Arn Anderson approaches Kevin Nash. He says that Flair needs to see Nash now . . . a segment looking at THE DISCO INFERNO vs. KONNAN . . . KONNAN over LIZMARK JR. . . . Anderson back with Flair. Arn says that Nash is coming. Nash arrives and we cut to commercial . . . a SCOTT STEINER segment . . . Flair walks with Nash. HULK HOGAN is in the back on a cel phone. Hogan doesn’t like what Nash is doing . . . Nash talks with CHARLES ROBINSON. Robinson scutters off when Hogan comes down the stairs. Hogan complains about Nash not returning calls. Nash says he’s tired . . . Gene Okerlund in the ring with RIC FLAIR. Flair says he likes the Nash vs. Goldberg match. He says that he’s going to wrestle HOLLYWOOD HOGAN tonight for the world title instead of at Spring Stampede. Hogan runs to the ring. Hogan and Okerlund leave. Hogan accepts the match. Flair says that if Hogan touches him before the match, the match will not happen. Hogan says when he wins he’ll never give Flair a title shot again. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE comes out. He wants to be in on the match in a 3 way dance. Goldberg comes out. He shoves Flair. Flair makes the match . . . take me down . . . SCOTT STEINER comes out. He goes off on Diamond Dallas Page. He says that DDP must put up KIMBERLY for one night to get a match with Steiner. Steiner faces MENG in a semi–final match for the U.S. Title Tourny. Pretty easy win for Steiner . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . one of the riggers looks like he’s wearing Sting’s clothes up in the rafters. Dumb segment that goes into the Sting promo that opened the show . . . Flair on the phone in the back. Flair wants to know what the camera man is doing there. He orders the cameraman to turn off the camera . . . a look at JIM DUGGAN . . . LENNY LANE falls to Jim Duggan . . . a segment from Thunder where Hollywood Hogan got together with the NWO BLACK & WHITE and told them to get their acts together. It leads into a battle royale between HORACE HOGAN, VINCENT, BRIAN ADAMS & BOOKER T with the winner getting to lead the NWO Black & White. Vincent was the first one out. Stevie Ray wins it . . . a look at DEAN MALENKO & CHRIS BENOIT losing their belts to REY MISTERIO JR. & BILLY KIDMAN . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . SATURN & RAVEN vs. REY MISTERIO JR. & BILLY KIDMAN — WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: it’s announced that MIKE TENEY & LARRY ZYBSZKO are now the new full time team on THUNDER. Malenko & Benoit attack Raven & Saturn when the ref. is down. Malenko puts Rey on Saturn and the ref. recovers to make the pin . . . HOLLYWOOD HOGAN works out in the back . . . BOOKER T vs. CHIRS JERICHO — WCW U.S. TITLE TOURNAMENT: Jericho is back in due to an injury to CURT HENNIG. SCOTT STEINER interferes with a chair, Jericho
loses by DQ . . . BUFF BAGWELL vs. BAM BAM BIGELOW: Bam Bam jobs out to Buffy Boy . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . a KEVIN NASH vs. BILL GOLDBERG promo . . . HOLLYWOOD HOGAN vs. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE vs. BILL GOLDBERG vs. RIC FLAIR — WCW WORLD TITLE: Kevin Nash it at ringside. Kevin Nash attacks Goldberg. STING comes down from the rafters and chases off Flair. The match is thrown out. Sting points to the monitor and RANDY SAVAGE’S voice announces a four corners match between Flair, Hogan, Sting and DDP with Savage as the winner . . .

The WWWA returned to Lima on April 3rd in front of 300 fans for a WWWA Supercharged TV Taping with the following results.

WWWA Light Heavyweight Champion Jimi V successfully defended his title against Guerilla Assassin with the 450 splash.

Dragon Yokira defeated Mr. Main Event. Dragon Yokira was unmasked this time as WWWA Heavyweight Champion Crusher Kline. If you recall, several weeks ago, Mr. Main Event stole Yokira’s mask and defeated The Great Shinwa.

Albanian Justice (Truth Martini & Cisco) defeated Too Delicious (“Hot Shot” T.Voeltz & & “Delicious” Devon Daniels) when T.Voeltz was school boyed after he refused to pin Martini following their “Deliciously Hot” finisher.

The Great Shinwa defeated Guerilla Assassin Oswald with a top rope senton.

Kwik Kik Lee defeated “Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox after “Beautiful” Brian Fury hit Kox with a foreign object while the referee was distracted.

“Delicious” Devon Daniels went to a time limit draw with “Hot Shot” T.Voeltz. Devon was upset about T.Voeltz costing them their earlier match and challenged his partner to a showdown. After neither man was able to walk away with a victory, they hugged and made up.

“Natural Wonder” KC Thunder defeated “Prime Time” Damon Starr with the KC Masterpiece.

“Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia defeated Shadox with the Air Mail.

WWWA Heavyweight Champion Crusher Kline defeated “Beautiful” Brian Fury via DQ when Hotseat Productions ran in. After the match Kline laid out a challenge for a six–man tag team match, and we had a new main event.

WWWA Heavyweight Champion Crusher Kline & “Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox & “Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia defeated “Beautiful” Brian Fury & “Natural Wonder” KC Thunder & Kwik Kik Lee when all three members of Hotseat Productions were pinned.

The WWWA has recently released their first four TV episodes for sale to the public. Prices are $20.00 (including shipping) per tape.  More info can be found at:

I’m taking a break from my constant work schedule to try to knock out this issue before the end of the night. We’re a couple of days late and well, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last issue. A lot is going on with my job and my personal life that has kept me on-line but working my butt off for the past few. Next issue I should be able to share the god awful ugly things I’ve been doing on the web 24/7 these days. So stay tuned.

Right now I’m taking a break as I wait for a neat product to be released tonight at 5:55 PM (don’t ask). It’s a playstation emulation program called BLEEM! For something like $20 you can play all the WWF and WCW Playstation games discs on your computer. Their final build comes out tonight and I’ll give a review in our next issue but if you’re interested in playing it’s free demo try it at Sony is planning on suiing them so check it out while it’s still legal.

I’ve also dabbled in MP3 files over the past couple of weeks. For those who don’t know, MP3 is a highly compressed file format that lets you put cd quality songs in files the size of 2 or 3 floppy disks. Quality is about the same as CD and frankly, the format is addicting now that I have my laptop. I can pack 100 or 200 songs on my hard drive and go places with a whole jukebox of songs. Waiting for my dad at doctor’s appointments isn’t so difficult now that I don’t have to lug around a dozen cds or tapes to help pass the time. A good source for them is The record industry hates the format since it allows nearly unlimited distribution of songs on the net, but hey, because of files I’ve downloaded I’ve actually gone out and bought cds and I’m about to ::gasp:: buy my first country CD ever because of a stunning song I heard on MP3. It’s hard to keep rocking in the 90’s when record prices are $20 a CD.

With those plugs out of the way, it’s time to put this issue to bed. Be safe and . . .


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