The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #53, June 28, 1999

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #53, June 28, 1999
(“No Queen of the Ring? ::pouts::”)
WHAT YOU MISSED: KEN SHAMROCK in the back, coughing up blood and refusing medical treatment . . . MICHAEL COLE says that SHANE MCMAHON might not be able to take part in the main event . . . HARDCORE HOLLY vs. X-PAC — QUARTERFINAL KOTR MATCH: Holly attacks X-Pac with a chair to get himself DQ’d. ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES makes the save . . . TERRY TAYLOR tries to get comments from Holly. Holly says that he’s the big shot and everyone has to play by his rules since he’s THE BIG SHOT. He also wants THE BIG SHOW PAUL WIGHT . . . THE BIG SHOW PAUL WIGHT vs. KANE — QUARTERFINAL KOTR MATCH: they say that the car didn’t fall on Bob Holly last week on RAW when Wight pushed it over. Holly runs in with a chair when the ref. is down. Kane stops him and chokeslams him. Wight gets the upper hand. Tuns into a battle of chokes. Kane seems to have choked Wight into submission but the ref. is still down. Wight breaks it. Kane gets the chair and clobbers Wight with it. Kane goes for the bin. The ref. recovers to make a 3 count . . . Michael Cole interviews VINCE MCMAHON. Vince says that Shane can’t compete. Shane wants to do it . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. BILLY GUNN — QUARTERFINAL KOTR MATCH: Ref. TEDDY LONG throws the match out since Shamrock is in such bad shape . . . ROAD DOGG vs. CHYNA — QUARTERFINAL KOTR MATCH: Hunter hits Road Dogg with a chain while the ref. is down. Road Dogg kicks out of the pin attempt. SHAWN MICHAELS comes down. Road Dogg opens up offensively. Michaels stops Helmsly from interfering. Michaels takes Hunter to the back. Road Dogg watches and Chyna attacks him with a low blow. She hurts her arm. Road Dogg takes out a protective metal jock strap cup, hits his move on her and gets the pin . . . THE HARDY BOYS over THE BROOD in a rematch for the #1 Contendership for the WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES . . . VINCE MCMAHON comes to the ring and says that the handicap match will not take place tonight. Shawn Michaels comes out and says it’ll be Shane McMahon or a suitable replacement. Vince says that since he can have a replacement tonight and the match is back on . . . BILLY GUNN vs. KANE — SEMIFINAL KOTR MATCH: THE BIG SHOW attacks KANE with a chair. Gunn gets the win . . . X-PAC gets a quick win over ROAD DOGG in a SEMIFINAL KOTR MATCH . . . THE ROCK ROCKY MIAVIA vs. THE UNDERTAKER: PAUL BEARER throws an ether soaked rag into the ring while the ref. is down. Hunter grabs it and uses it on the Undertaker. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY attacks The Rock. The ref. gets back up. Undertaker puts the Rock out with a tombstone . . . Shawn Michaels has Hunter Hearst Helmsly escorted out of the building. Vince gets on the phone and calls someone . . . X-PAC vs. BILLY GUNN — WWF KOTR FINALS: Gunn wins with a famasser . . . STEVE AUSTIN vs. VINCE MCMAHON & MYSTERY PARTERN — CONTROL OF THE COMPANY LADDER MATCH: Vince comes to the ring first and introduces STEVE BLACKMON. Shane appears on the Titontron and isn’t hurt. Vince freaks. THE MEAN STREETS POSSE & Shane try to leave. Shawn Michaels forces Shane to the ring. Michaels forces Blackmon’s “GI JOE looking @$$” to the back. Match starts. Austin climbs the ladder to get the briefcase and someone pulls it higher. Vince goes up the ladder. Austin follows. Shane knocks them both off. Shane gets the briefcase and wins the company back . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: VINCE & SHANE MCMAHON head to the ring. They say that the troubles in THE CORPORATE MINISTRY are over. Vince orders THE BIG BOSSMAN into a match with VISCERA & MIDEON. Vince says he feels so good that he can fight all night. SHAWN MICHAELS comes out. He says that since Vince feels so good, he orders Vince into a match on Heat with KEN SHAMROCK. Michaels says that if Vince refuses to wrestle Shamrock, he forfeits the handicap match tonight to STEVE AUSTIN and turns the company over to Austin. Michaels offers a replacement for Vince. Viscera & Mideon are taken. THE ACOLYTES can’t do it because they’d be lost. Vince looks at Shane. Michaels says that he’ll take Shane as a replacement. Vince agrees and Michaels says that if any Corporate Ministry members interfere in that match, the McMahons still forfeit the company and the match on the PPV . . . VINCE chastises SHANE for getting himself into a match with Shamrock . . . HARDY BOYS vs. THE BROOD: THE ACOLYTES run in and attack everyone. After the match JUSTIN HAWK BRADSHAW says that he wants BILLY GUNN in a match at RAW to get his WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE BELT back . . . Shane tells THE MEAN STREET POSSE that they can’t interfere . . . THE BIG BOSSMAN fell to VISCERA & MIDEON when Mideon hit Bossman with the European title to set up the win. MARK HENRY & D’LO BROWN made the save . . . ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES comes to the ring and says he’ll give CHYNA 3 minutes to do her best in their match at KOTR. Chyna & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY come out. Chyna slaps Road Dogg and Hunter attacks him from behind. X-PAC makes the save . . . during the break PRINCE ALBERT attacked VAL VENIS. They continue to brawl in a street fight match. DROZ knocks Venis off the top rope to set up for the Albert pin. THE GODFATHER saves Venis . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. SHANE MCMAHON: STEVE BLACKMON comes in with the kendo stick and attacks Shamrock. Shane loses by DQ. Blackmon works on Shamrock’s ribs and kidneys then leaves. Shane kicks Shamrock in the ribs then rolls out of the ring . . . Shamrock refuses medical treatment . . . THE ROCK ROCKY MIAVIA comes to the ring. He goes off on THE UNDERTAKER. The Undertaker appears on the TITONTRON. The Rock’s bull symbol is lowered in front of the Titontron and as soon as the Undertaker stops talking it explodes in flames . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at CURT HENNING crashing MASTER P’S LITTLE BUDDY’S birthday party on NITRO . . . CURT HENNIG, BARRY & KENDAL WINDHAM & BOBBY DUNCUM JR. come out and sing Hennig’s “RAP IS CRAP” song . . . EDDY GUERRERO over PSYCHOSIS . . . RIC FLAIR with DAVID FLAIR, ASIA, ARN ANDERSON & EVAN KARAGIAS. Flair wants David to break BILL GOLDBERG’S 160-0 Record and wants Evan to throw the match . . . a look at events from NITRO . . . KEVIN NASH comes to the ring. He says he knows that STING is on the side of RANDY SAVAGE & SID VICIOUS and that Sting was driving the Humvee that slammed into his Limo. He says he doesn’t trust Sting . . . FIT FINLAY & DAVE TAYLOR fell to CHRIS BENOIT & PERRY SATURN. LORD STEVEN REGAL comes to the ring after the match and talks to Finlay & Taylor . . . a look at events from NITRO with RIC FLAIR & RODDY PIPER defeating DEAN MALENKO & BUFF BAGWELL with help from ARN ANDERSON . . . RIC FLAIR comes out with ASIA. He orders a tag title match between THE TRIAD and Saturn & Benoit. He orders Malenko & Bagwell into a match tonight with RANDY SAVAGE & SID VICIOUS. He says that he has a surprise for Kevin Nash at NITRO and that Nash will walk out of the building without the title . . . LENNY LANE fell to CURT HENNIG . . . SID VICIOUS & RANDY SAVAGE w/TEAM SAVAGE come to the ring. Savage babbles about the driver of the Humvee . . . EVAN KARAGIAS vs. DAVID FLAIR: Flair wins with a figure four . . . HUGH MORRIS vs. VAN HAMMER: Morris is about to get the win when RIC FLAIR comes out and bans HARDCORE matches. Morris screams at Flair. Van Hammer picks up a table and attacks Morris with it. Hammer puts Morris through a table to get the win . . . SID VICIOUS & RANDY SAVAGE vs. DEAN MALENKO & BUFF BAGWELL: Malenko is put out with a powerbomb after MS. MADNESS interferes. Savage goes to the top rope to do the elbow drop. NICK PATRICK stops him. Savage attacks him. MICKY JAY comes out and DQ’d Savage’s team. Savage and Sid destroy Jay. They send a warning to Kevin Nash about the Bash at the Beach . . .

World Wide Wrestling Alliance Results 6/23/99 by ANDREW EBBESKOTTE (
The World Wide Wrestling Alliance was in action June 23 in Van Wert, Ohio and June 24 in Celina, Ohio. Results were as follows.

June 23 – Van Wert, Ohio

The Great Shinwa defeated “Hot Shot” T.Voeltz

Mr. Main Event defeated Guerrilla Assassin Oswald

Breyer Wellington defeated Tiny Mite Mullins

Dexter Dementia defeated Kwik Kik Lee

“Natural Wonder” KC Thunder defeated “Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox

Alexis Machine defeated Shadox

June 24 – Celina, Ohio

WWWA Light Heavyweight Champion Jimi V defeated Guerrilla Assassin Oswald

“Delicious” Devon Daniels defeated Breyer Wellington

Alexis Machine defeated Shadox

“Natural Wonder” KC Thunder defeated “Hot Shot” T.Voeltz

Tiny Mite Mullins defeated Mr. Main Event

WWWA Heavyweight Champion Crusher Kline defeated Kwik Kik Lee

WHAT YOU MISSED: a recap of trouble in the CORPORATE MINISTRY . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & CHYNA head to the ring followed by THE UNDERTAKER & PAUL BEARER. THE CORPORATE MINISTRY heads out to hold them back. VINCE MCMAHON comes out and says that the people want to see them fight and they can’t give the people that satisfaction. He says that they’re going to crown a QUEEN of the Ring this year. He says that THE UNDERTAKER is going to destroy ROCKY MIAVIA. He says that the stipulation for STEVE AUSTIN vs. SHANE & VINCE MCMAHON LADDER MATCH will be 50% ownership vs. 50% ownership. STEVE AUSTIN comes out to entrance ramp. Austin gets a ladder and brings it out. He says that the Corporate Ministry will be banned from the ring in their match and if they interfere, it’ll be a DQ win for Austin. Vince demands a No Holds Barred match. SHAWN MICHAELS appears through THE BROOD’S under the stage elevator. He brings out PAT PATTERSON & JERRY BRISCO as his associates. He says that there will be a match tonight to decide the stipulation. Steve Austin will face a member of the Corporate Ministry. Vince says that the Undertaker will face Austin. Michaels says that the Undertaker is already booked so no. SHANE MCMAHON says Hunter. Shawn says no, Hunter’s in a match. Michaels says that The Undertaker will put his WWF Title up to Hunter. Vince says that THE BIG BOSSMAN will face Austin. Michaels says okay, and that he’ll be the special ref. for that match. Austin leaves. Michaels orders Vince & Shane into a match with Brisco & Patterson. The Ministry clears out except for VISCERA, Vince & Shane. KEN SHAMROCK attacks Viscera with a steel chair and Vince & Shane scatter . . . JEFF JARRETT & DEBRA yell at SHAWN MICHAELS. Jarrett says he can’t defend his title tonight . . . Vince meets with the Ministry. MIDEON says he lost his belt and needs a new one . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. TEST vs. JEFF JARRETT — WWF IC TITLE: It was originally Test vs. Shamrock but Brisco & Patterson brought down Jarrett and ordered him into the match. STEVE BLACKMON comes in and attacks Shamrock with a Kendo Stick while Test & Jarrett are fighting. He runs out, Jarrett throws Test into a steel ring post, slips back into the ring and pins Shamrock after Blackmon leaves . . .WWF trainers meet with Shamrock, he’s injured but refuses treatment . . . Blackmon has left during the break . . . ROCKY MIAVIA over EDGE. The Undertaker attacks THE ROCK after the match and tombstone piledrives him . . . Vince & Shane meet with Hunter & Chyna. They try to talk Hunter out of facing The Undertaker . . . MARK HENRY fell to VISCERA in a Gorilla Press Slam match. After the match Viscera climbs to the top rope and tries to splash Henry but D’LO BROWN makes the save. MIDION comes out with the WWF EUROPEAN TITLE and lays out Brown & Henry . . . an interview with BEAVER CLEAVAGE. Beaver says he can’t do this and someone calls him from off screen . . . STEVE AUSTN vs. THE BIG BOSSMAN — STIPULATION ON THE LINE w/SHAWN MICHAELS AS REF: VINCE & SHANE MCMAHON bring out a ladder. Bossman tries to hit Austin with the nightstick, Austin ducks and hits with the stunner and gets the pin . . . during the break The Corporate Ministry attacked the Big Bossman . . . VAL VENIS vs. PRINCE ALBERT: Venis handcuffs Droz to the ring ropes then handcuffs Albert to the ropes. He then tattoos his initials into Albert’s rear end using Albert’s tattoo kit . . . BILLY GUNN & THE ACOLYTES vs. KANE, X-PAC & ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: it’s not originally a tag title match but James dared Gunn and Gunn accepted. This didn’t please the Acolytes. Gunn pins X-Pac after famassing him on one of the tag title belts. Gunn take the belt to the back with him . . . BOB HOLLY vs. THE BIG SHOW PAUL WIGHT: Holly wants it to be a Hardcore match. It goes out of the building. Wight destroys a car by pushing it off a parking ramp on top of Holly then pins Holly with one foot . . . VINCE & SHANE MCMAHON vs. JERRY BRISCO &
PAT PATTERSON: KEN SHAMROCK runs in and tries to attack Vince. Shane gets him by the foot and Shamrock destroys him. Vince runs off. THE MEAN STREETS POSSE runs in. A 3rd mean streator makes the save and brings in a chair. They proceed to try to break Patterson and Brisco’s legs . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY vs. THE UNDERTAKER — WWF WORLD TITLE: THE ROCK runs in and hits a Rock Bottom on the Undertaker. Hunter is DQ’d. The Rock’s bull head symbol comes down from the top of the arena. It’s snorting fire. Rocky chains Paul Bearer to it after the Big Bossman chased off the Undertaker . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a recap of RAW . . . HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY w/CHYNA come to a ring with an interview with JIM ROSS. They say that Chyna is going to win the king of the ring and that Hunter wants a shot at whomever wins the WWF title match . . . THE BIG SHOW PAUL WIGHT vs. KANE vs. BILLY GUNN vs. KEN SHAMROCK: Kane & the Big Show are counted out. Shamrock and Gunn fight outside the ring and Shamrock shoves the ref. to get himself DQ’d. He gets the ankle lock on Gunn inside the ring and refuses to take it off. Refs. come out to stop him and he goes after them all . . . THE UNDERTAKER with JIM ROSS. The Undertaker says he’ll take on anyone — including Hunter Hearst Helmsly . . . D’LO BROWN & MARK HENRY want VISCERA & MIDEON . . . X-PAC vs. ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES vs. CHYNA vs. HARDCORE HOLLY — elimination match: X-Pac falls first due to interference from Chyna. Hunter distracts the ref. and Chyna puts out Holly and Road Dogg with a chair. Holly falls on Road Dogg for the pin then Chyna pins Holly for the win . . . comments from VAL VENIS . . . BILLY GUNN vs. CHYNA: Chyna wins with help from Hunter. THE UNDERTAKER runs in to attack Hunter. They brawl and THE CORPORATE MINISTRY comes out to pull them apart . . .

With manager BARRY CASINO away on business, his charges batted .500 in his absence, and the Greatest Intercontinental Champion Of All Time was victorious in the main event at the monthly card of Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling that was held at the Berkeley County Multipurpose Center in Martinsburg, WV, on June 18.

Attendance estimated at 200-225. Ring announcer/Play-by-play guy: BERNIE “TURTLENECK” DIEHL. Also assisting at various times with the color commentary: MINISTER SINISTER, DON ROTT, PATCH, SEAN NICE and L.A. ROYALE. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR. Marathon-man referee: “THE GODFATHER” VINNIE GAMBINI. Taking pictures at ringside: TIM WALKER. Also observed in the audience: ALEXANDER LeGRAND, who will be editing the ATCW event program in the future.

BERNIE DIEHL’s opening announcements were interrupted by PATCH and DON ROTT, who took the mike to taunt the crowd and tell them that they would be dominating tag team wrestling in ATCW from now on. Patch also insisted that since he hadn’t been pinned during last month’s three-way championship dance, that he should still be the heavyweight champion.

MATCH 1: CHEF D.Z. GILLESPIE pinned AGENT ORANGE in 11:25. Chef, who early in the match let the crowd’s “Pills-bu-ry! Pills-bu-ry!” chants bothered him, overcame his anxieties to surprise Agent with a cookie-sheet clubberin’ as Agent tried a leap off the top rope. D.Z. then inflicted the rolling pin over Orange before pinning him.

MATCH 2: C.J. BROCK pinned PAUL MITCHELL in 6:03. It was 2-for-2 for “initial” wrestlers as C.J. covered for the pin after hitting Mitchell with his Brockbuster.

The ringside was then invaded by NATION’S BADDEST CREATIONS, as Messrs. Nice, Austin, Lightning and Royale grabbed the ringside mike and started to insult MINISTER SINISTER, who had been doing ringside play-by-play. As Minister rose up to get in their faces, he was dragged to the ring and beaten up until the WEST VIRGINIA WRECKING CREW made the save and asked for a match. Referee VINNIE GAMBINI agreed, and this unscheduled eight-man tag match was sanctioned for immediate execution.

MATCH 3: NATION’S BADDEST CREATIONS (“WHITE CHOCOLATE” CHAD AUSTIN & L.A. ROYALE & SEAN NICE & STEVE LIGHTNING) pinned MINISTER SINISTER & THE WEST VIRGINIA WRECKING CREW (HELL BILLY OTIS & NICKY “DA BULL” FURY & BELTWAY BRUISER) in 10:19. L.A. was still limping and holding a cane (earning him the nickname “Forrest Gimp” from Bernie) during much of the match. As the match started, DON ROTT and PATCH commandeered the commentators’ mikes from Bernie Diehl and provided some comments quite scornful of all participants in the match, not thinking much of their possible tag-team competitors. The match went out of control and out of the ring quickly. This [procreative act of the cluster variety] officially ended as Sean and L.A. double ddt’d Minister and Sean covered for the pin which was counted by a beleaguered Gambini. The chaos continued for quite a while after the match, even to the point that the ring announcer erroneously announced to the crowd that the match had been re-started. Everyone was relieved when the ring was finally cleared.

MATCH 4: “THE MADMAN FROM THE BADLANDS” GLENN OSBOURNE, in his first ATCW appearance, was the winner by disqualification over long-time rival J.R. RYDER in 8:51. J.R. went into his elbow pad for a foreign object and clocked Oz for the pin; but when the ref raised Ryder’s hand, the foreign object fell out, and the decision was reversed.

MATCH 5: “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO pinned JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS (with DINO DIVINE) in 10:48, in a match that was filled with “Joey [inhales]!” chants from the spectators. Matthews announced that his usual manager BARRY CASINO was in San Francisco on business and that he had sent bodyguard-for-hire Divine to watch Joey’s back. The match started out largely as a handicap match, with Cicero holding his own against both his adversaries. The match eventually evened out, with Cicero scoring the pin after blocking Joey’s attempt at a neckbreaker. He put the airplane driver on Joey and then covered for the pin.

MATCH 6: DON ROTT & PATCH pinned CHRISTIAN YORK & TY STREET in 17:11. During much of the match, Street was cornered by the bad guys and was unable to make needed tags to York until late in the match. Christian finally made the hot tag and started to get the upper hand; but Patch gave York a chair shot and Rott delivered a “Rottenbomb” for the pin, getting this one win for Camp Casino for the night.

MATCH 7: MORGUS THE MANIAC (with NURSE GRACE & MEDIC MAURICE) retained the ATCW heavyweight belt by pinning ARMAGEDDON in 11:10. This brawl ended when Morgus put the “shock trauma” on Armageddon and covered for the pin. I believe that Morgus needs to check himself back into Bellevue, as he seems to be developing multiple personalities. On a previous card, he asked the crowd to give him a “hell yeah!” in response to something. This card, he delivered a peoples elbow. What personality will Morgus develop next month?

MATCH 8: THE HONKY TONK MAN pinned TOM BRANDI (with DINO DIVINE) in 11:32 in the main event. With Divine already in the building, Brandi decided to also engage his services. One of Dino’s functions was to pass a chain to Brandi so he could use it on Honky; but Brandi was repeatedly frustrated in his attempts as he had to continuously give the chain back to Dino when the referee was looking. The end came as Divine distracted Honky. Honky plonked Dino, and the chain fell from the bodyguard’s hand. HTM picked it up and used it to KO Brandi and cover for the pin. After the match, Brandi and Dino argued with ref Gambini about HTM’s use of an illegal object.

ATCW returns to the Multipurpose Center on Friday, July 23, with the usual 7 p.m. bell time. Headlining the card will be the legendary big man who is a major star on two continents: VADER. Stay tuned for these boards for more information as the date gets nearer.

WHAT YOU MISSED: CURT HENNIG & BOBBY DUNCUM JR. over THE TEXAS HANGMAN . . . a look at events from THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH with RODDY PIPER turning on BUFF BAGWELL followed by Piper accepting a position of VICE PRESIDENT of the WCW. DEAN MALENKO interrupted the little ceremony by demanding that Flair steps down and pass the torch. All three ended up attacking Malenko . . . SCOTT RIGGS fell to THE DISCO INFERNO . . . a look at the problems between CURT HENNIG & MASTER P . . . EVAN KARAGIAS got a rare win over PRINCE IUKEA . . . a look at WCW putting a GOLDBERG theme on their NASCAR car . . . SILVER KING & LA PARKA fell to BRIAN KNOBBS & HUGH MORRIS w/JIMMY HART . . . THE BARBARIAN w/JIMMY HART fell to BOOKER T . . . a look at SID attacking KEVIN NASH at the GREAT AMERICAN BASH and joining TEAM SAVAGE. This is followed by events from NITRO with Nash calling out Sid, Sid & Savage destroying Nash and a black trench coated STING making the save . . . highlights from NITRO — RIC FLAIR, RODDY PIPER, KANYON & DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE w/BAM BAM BIGELOW vs. CHRIS BENOIT, PERRY SATURN, DEAN MALENKO & BUFF BAGWELL: Bagwell pins Flair cleanly in a decent match . . .

WWWA Results 6/17/99 by ANDREW EBBESKOTTE (
The World Wide Wrestling Alliance returned to action June 17, 1999 in Lima, Ohio in front of 305 fans.

First Round of the WWWA Light Heavyweight Title Tournament (3 matches)

– Breyer Wellington d. Truth Martini with a Top Rope Bulldog

– Jimi V d. Mr. Main Event after a masked man hit MME with his own brass knuckles after he hit Jimi V (Earns 2nd round bye)

– Suicido d. Guerrilla Assassin Oswald with the Sunset Bomb

– Karl Kox d. T-Voeltz with “The Verdict” (Belly-to-back into a sideslam)

– Guerrilla Assassin Hinkley d. “Beautiful” Brian Fury after the same masked man attacked Fury before the match began

Second Round of the Lightheavyweight Tournament (1 match)

– Suicidio d. Breyer Wellington after hooking the ropes after a failed Senton Splash (Moves onto Finals to face Jimi V)

– “Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia d. Kwik Kik Lee with “The Special Delivery” (Sit Down Curtain Call)

– Tiny Mite Mullins d. “Delicious” Devon Daniels after Daniels hit the Frog Splash and made a cocky cover allowing TNT time to recover and roll him up

– Dragon Yokira d. Alexis Machine after the same masked man hit Machine with “The Machine Head” (Pedigree) The masked man used Machine’s own finisher against him

Finals of the WWWA Lightheavyweight Title Tournament

-Jimi V d. Suicidio after the 450 Splash _AND_ the V-Nix Splash (Skytwister Splash) Jimi hit the 450 Splash but injured his ribs on Suicidio and was unable to make the cover, V then went to the top again and hit the V-Nix Splash to regain the Light Heavyweight Title that he vacated

– Earlier in the show “Prime Time” Damon Starr told the crowd that KC Thunder called him and told him to take his place in the Main Event with Crusher Kline. Thunder fed him a line that Kline had mono and had dropped over 100 pounds the past week. Kline entered and Starr quickly realized he had been had and challenged Kline to a dance contest before the match. Starr’s music played and he wooed the crowd with his “strut” and they weren’t impressed. Kline then dusted off the dancing shoes and showed Starr how it was to be done. Starr took offense and went after Kline. The clothesline turned out to be the only offense for the rookie as the systematic devastation of Starr followed. Kline hit the leg drop, powerbomb and finished it with “The Devastator”

-Through out the night, Billy Right and Gary Coleman argued over missed calls. (The masked man hitting Mr. Main Event, Brian Fury and Alexis Machine and also missing Suicidio using the ropes to pin Wellington. Coleman could take no more and attacked Right after the Main Event. Coleman hit a nice powerbomb but went to the well one too many times and tried another. Right countered with a backdrop and took control of the match finishing Coleman off with a Top Rope Huracanrana. Coleman and Right made up at the end of the match and celebrated together in the ring.

The return of the MCW heavyweight belt to the First Family, the continued spread of antagonistic factions within management circles, and the crowning of a most unlikely new cruiserweight champ[ion highlighted the Maryland Championship Wrestling monthly card at Teamsters Hall in Baltimore.

Attendance was standing-room, estimated at 600-650. MCW commissioner: MR. JACK ADONIS. MCW communications honcho: PETE McDEVITT. Ring announcer: STEVE VENTURELLA. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR. Referees for the evening: D. EDWARDS and JOHN RILEY. Also at ringside: ANDY VINEBERG and MCW program editor (and guy who gives me the names of moves I don’t know) ALEXANDER LaGRAND. Taping for televised sports highlights: WJLA-TV, channel 7 in Washington. Taking pictures for his miraculously recently-updated website: “BLATANT” BERNIE DIEHL. Taping for MCW: BARRY ROBERTS.

To begin the evening, a ten-bell salute was given to members of the wrestling family that had passed on since the last Teamsters Hall show. In addition to RICK RUDE and OWEN HART, the moment also honored: the father of Dan (Corporal Punishment) and Pete McDevitt; Axl Rotten’s grandmother; and Duane Gill’s father and uncle.

Adonis then announced to the crowd that he was not pleased with the matchmaking that Pete McDevitt had done for this card; in particular, the main event, scheduled to be a three-way dance for the heavyweight title between champion HEADBANGER MOSH and challengers ROMEO VALENTINO and TOM BRANDI. He noted that both Brandi and Valentino were members of the FIRST FAMILY. An angry McDevitt, wearing sunglasses for some reason, came to the ring to defend his booking. He stated that he wasn’t quite sure that Mosh deserved to be champion; but if he could beat both the former two-time champion Romeo and the number-one contender Tom, then he definitely would deserve to be champion.

Pete further announced that since he, being the oldest offspring, was now the new head of the McDevitt family, he had to look out for his siblings. He stated that he didn’t think that his brother CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, still traumatized by the recent family tragedy, was emotionally ready to resume wrestling. Acting upon this, Pete said that he got Maryland State Athletic Commissioner LOU LEAVEY to suspend Corporal for 30 days.

MATCH 1: “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ (with DONNIE B) pinned DINO DIVINE in 6:02. With the referee distracted, Donnie hit Dino with a superkick. Julio then grabbed a staggered Dino, gave him a modified Samoan drop, and then covered for the pin.

MATCH 2: “DOOMSDAY” DANNY ROSE & “THE EXTREME SHAH” HACK MYERS pinned 2-DOPE & SYDESWYPE in 11:21. This was originally supposed to be a singles match between Doomer and 2-Dope; but when Sydeswype came out with 2-Dope, Danny announced that he had gone outside the FAMILY OF FREAKS to bring in “the extreme Freak” to watch his back. This was then made a tag match. This was Hack’s first match in his native Baltimore in almost two years. Rose scored the pin when he caught 2-Dope in an airplane spin and segued it into a Death Valley driver.

Hack looked in great shape. For those of you who haven’t seen him since his ECW days, he’s definitely been hitting the weight room. He is 130 pounds lighter than he used to be.

It was then time for the STUD LEE interview segment. His subjects: cruiserweight champ JOEY MATTHEWS and his manager PLATINUM NAT. Originally, Joey and Nat had been scheduled to team up against CHRISTIAN YORK and his valet ANGELICA; however, the match was scrapped as a result of Angelica’s having signed a contract with ECW and her having to prepare for her debut. Nat requested interview time to ask Joey about the tryout dark match that Joey and Christian had wrestled three days earlier in Washington at the WCW Nitro card at the D.C. Chinatown Sports Palace. (Sorry, phone companies won’t get gratuitous plugs from me.) Nat seemed a bit peeved about this. Joey admitted that he and Christian did wrestle before Nitro went on the air. They haven’t heard anything yet from WCW other than the WCW brass seemed to like their match. Joey then said that should he make it to that next step, he will always remember the three-plus years of matches he wrestled in front of the Baltimore fans, and thanked them for their support. This infuriated Nat, who said that it was he–Nat–and not the fans, who supported him. Nat fired Joey in the middle of the ring and then slapped him before scampering out of the ring area as Joey lunged at him. The scampering Platinum man was met by a Flintstone-like roadblock in the form of commissioner JACK ADONIS, who told Nat that Joey would indeed be defending his belt tonight–against none other than Platinum Nat!!!

MATCH 3: CUEBALL CARMICHAEL & MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER (with DINO DIVINE) pinned GREGORY MARTIN & KEENAN CREED in 12:37. Marty had dropped his partner onto Shark; but Cueball distracted the ref, thus preventing the referee from counting. As Marty ran after Cueball and the ref tried to separate them, Dino came into the ring to do the gourdbuster on Creed and put Shark on top of him. The ref finally came back to the ring and counted for the pin.

MATCH 4: PLATINUM NAT won the cruiserweight title (Let me repeat that one in case it didn’t sink in the first time you read it: PLATINUM NAT won the cruiserweight title) from JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS with a 4:05 pin fall. Before the match, Jack Adonis had to personally drag Nat to the ring. Nat, wearing wrestling headgear, was predictably outclassed by the champ. This was to no avail, however, when the ref got in the way of some action and was bumped. Out of nowhere came RAMBLIN’ RICH MYERS, who grabbed the cruiserweight belt from the ringside table and cold-cocked Joey. He slid Nat on to Joey, and the ref recovered to do the 3-count.

The next match was scheduled to be a strap match between STEVIE RICHARDS and EARL THE PEARL. Stevie, adorned in a cut-off “Hanson” T-shirt, came to the ring and told the crowd that there would be no strap match because MCW couldn’t find the strap. JACK ADONIS came to ringside to assure Stevie that they had found a suitable substitute for a strap: a chain. Stevie was reluctant to participate, and brought out from the back a man who had phoned him earlier in the week to register complaints about the music-oriented clothing worn by Earl in the ring. So out comes the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time, the HONKY TONK MAN.

After Honky conducts a sing-along with the crowd, Stevie offers that if Earl can defeat Honky, then he (Stevie) will consent to the chain match.

MATCH 5: EARL “THE PEARL” beat THE HONKY TONK MAN via disqualification in 3:39. The dq was a result of a Stevie run-in, in which he not only slugged Earl but also plonked Honky by mistake. At the end of the match, Honky did not seem very happy with Stevie.

Per the before-the-match agreement, the chain match started. Stevie, however, did not want to be cuffed to that chain. It took the interference of Honky, who clubbed Stevie with his guitar, to immobilize Stevie enough to get the chain on him.

MATCH 6: EARL “THE PEARL” beat “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS in 6:56. Big Stevie Cool definitely lost his cool during this match, as he went ballistic after a pin attempt following a Steviekick got only a 2-count. He stripped to his red undershorts as he continued to yell at the referee. He then tried to put a figure-4 on Earl, but Pearl rolled him up for the pin.

After the match, Stevie savaged Earl with the chain, eventually hanging him by the neck over the top ring rope to the outside of the ring. People came out to help Earl to the back; but Earl eventually–and angrily–made it to the back largely on his own.

After the intermission, JACK ADONIS announced that the next card at Teamsters Hall on July 8 would be a special event, as he was to inaugurate the first annual SHANE SHAMROCK MEMORIAL CUP cruiserweight tournament, which would feature ADAM FLASH, CHRISTIAN YORK, JOEY MATTHEWS, RAMBLIN RICH MYERS, and two other cruiserweights. There would also be a final “I quit!” match between STEVIE RICHARDS and EARL THE PEARL. He also ordered a six-man grudge tag match between MARK SHRADER & CUEBALL CARMICHAEL & DINO DINVINE and KEENAN CREED & GREGORY MARTIN & a MYSTERY OPPONENT.

Adonis also announced that on Friday, July 23, at Bonebreakers Wrestling Training Center in Baltimore, there would be a special appearance by THE GODFATHER & HIS HO’S. More information on these cards will follow as the dates grow nearer.

Adonis then announced that there would be no tag title match tonight: to show Pete McDevitt that he can screw the FIRST FAMILY just as Pete screwed the FAMILY OF FREAKS, the commish said he had sent LANCE DIAMOND home and ordered MAX MUSCLE to face tag champs BRUISER & ADAM FLASH in a handicap match. If Max won, any two members of the First Family would get a tag title shot at the July 8 show. If there were any interference by First Family members, the whole FF would be permanently barred from participation in championship matches.

MATCH 7: ADAM FLASH & BRUISER pinned MAX MUSCLE in 5:14 of their handicap match. The end came when Muscle tried for a double choke slam but was instead pinned as the tag champs hit him with a double rompecojones and a double DDT before the 3-count.

MATCH 8: “RAMBLIN” RICH MYERS pinned CHRISTIAN YORK in 6:12. Toward the end of the match, PLATINUM NAT ran into the ring, but was quickly chased out by JOEY MATTHEWS, who continued chasing Plat. York was distracted more than Myers, allowing himself to be hit by a Myers springboard off the middle turnbuckle. Referee Riley seemed to give a fast count here.

Before the next match, PETE McDEVITT came to the ringside table, taking STEVE VENTURELLA’s seat and slapping me in the back of the head. He seemed to be quite nervous and easily agitated.

TOM BRANDI also took the mike to assure the crowd that this 3-way dance for the heavyweight title was on the level, that there was no alliance between himself and fellow FIRST FAMILY member ROMEO VALENTINO. Yeah. Right. Sure.

MATCH 9: TOM BRANDI won the heavyweight belt from champion HEADBANGER MOSH and fellow challenger ROMEO VALENTINO in a three-way match with a pin fall in 7:01. I didn’t watch this match as closely as I should have, since I was somewhat distracted by the antics of Mr. McDevitt, who was sitting next to me at the table. He gave encouragement and nodded in approval every time that things went right for Romeo and Tom; he pounded his fists in frustration every time things went wrong. Valentino and Brandi dominated and indeed double-teamed Mosh during the early part of the match; but Mosh rallied as the crowd egged him on with chants of “Beaver! Beaver!” Referee Edwards took a nasty bump and lie immobile in the ring for some time. Mosh hit a top rope leap for a pinning combination; but the unconscious Edwards couldn’t make the count. Riley, the other ref, came from the back to make the count but was pulled out of the ring by Pete McDevitt. Pete yelled at Riley and ordered him to the back. This prompted Pete’s suspended brother, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, to appear, trash can in hand. Corp lay the trash can down and chased Pete away from the ringside area. I lost sight of them, they may have gone out of the arena. Mosh then took that trash can and plonked Valentino. He then tried to do the same to Brandi but was met by a Brandi kick which thrust the trash can into Mosh’s own face. Brandi then covered the semiconscious Valentino for the pin. Edwards eventually recovered enough to count the fall. Valentino seemed very ticked that it had been he and not Mosh whom Brandi had covered to score the fall. The two members of the First Family had words as they left the ring.

MCW returns to Teamsters Hall on Thursday, July 8, with a 7:30 bell time for the SHANE SHAMROCK MEMORIAL CUP cruiserweight tournament as well as the other matches mentioned earlier. Also, there will be cards in Denton on June 26 and southern Maryland on June 27. Information on these has already been posted.

Don’t forget the MCW hotline at 410-234-9769 and the official MCW website at

WHAT YOU MISSED: a recap of THE HIGHER POWER revelations and the follow up with STEVE AUSTIN as the CEO of the WWF . . . STEVE AUSTIN now has VINCE MCMAHON’S parking spot at the WWF HQ . . . Austin has a bunch of men with wheel barrels outside the WWF HQ before he goes in to check in. He has the secretary answer the phone using “Who the hell is this? What the hell do you want?” . . . THE CORPORATE MINISTRY head to the ring. VINCE MCMAHON says that there are no cracks in the Corporate Ministry. He decides to add stipulations to the handicap between he and SHANE MCMAHON vs. STEVE AUSTIN at KING OF THE RING. He orders some matches tonight based on possible stipulations. He orders a dog collar match between JESSE JAMES and BILLY GUNN. Shane orders PAUL WIGHT vs. X-PAC. Shane orders THE ACOLYTES to fight KANE. Vince orders BIG BOSSMAN vs. TEST in a match where TEST is blindfolded. Vince orders KEN SHAMROCK to be put in a straight jacket for his match with JEFF JARRETT. PAT PATTERSON & JERRY BRISCO come out. Pat chastises Vince for putting STEPHANIE MCMAHON in harm’s way. Jerry tells Vince to get his own coffee. Vince puts them in a match with MIDEON & VISCERA . . . a look at ROCKY MIAVIA’S new CHEF BOYARDE commercial . . . Austin heads to Vince’s office from earlier in the day. He has 3 secretaries go get him beer . . . ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES vs. BILLY GUNN — DOG COLLAR MATCH: Gunn comes out with his neck in a neckbrace. James proves that B.A. was B.S.’ing and the match starts. BA never puts on the collar and CHYNA attacks Road Dogg after Gunn gets the win . . . ROCKY MIAVIA comes out and demands a WWF TITLE SHOT with THE UNDERTAKER at KING OF THE RING. The Undertaker comes out and agrees to the match. Vince & Shane McMahon come out and say that the Rock is not worthy. He puts The Undertaker and The Rock against each other tonight in a non-title match. The Rock must win this match to get a title shot at King of the Ring. Shane says that he’ll add a stipulation to that match 5 minutes before it begins . . . IVORY vs. DEBRA w/JEFF JARRETT — WWF WOMEN’S TITLE: NICOLLE BASS comes out. While the ref. is distracted Nicolle chokes out Debra. Ivory gets the easy pin . . . Austin is at the WWF Board Meeting. Austin passes out beer and fires one guy and replaces him with a gofer. He has them drink the beer and says that if they’re still standing when he returns, they can keep their jobs . . . during the break Jerry Brisco stops Pat Patterson from leaving . . . TEST vs. THE BIG BOSSMAN — TEST IS BLINDFOLDED: Bossman loses by DQ when he uses a nightstick. STEPHANIE MCMAHON runs in to stop the Bossman from hurting Test . . . Steve Austin makes the Director of Human Resources swear and follow him around . . . X-PAC vs. PAUL WIGHT: Wight doesn’t want to do this. KANE comes in. Wight walks off . . . SGT. SLAUGHTER & security put the straight jacket on KEN SHAMROCK . . . a recap of the events so far tonight . . . JEFF JARRETT vs. KEN SHAMROCK — SHAMROCK IN A STRAIGHT JACKET: Shamrock wins by tap out to a leglock around Jarrett’s throat. Vince McMahon runs into the ring and attacks the ref. and takes the key to Shamrock’s jacket then runs off. Shamrock goes nuts . . . Patterson & Brisco have a plan . . . Billy Gunn chastises a woman for improperly shaving his rear end . . . JERRY BRISCO & PAT PATTERSON vs. MIDEON & VISCERA: THE MEAN STREET POSSE attacks Patterson & Brisco from behind. It’s a 4 on 2 and Brisco & Patterson are destroyed . . . Austin takes the old man who swore with him to check the WWF Financial records. He orders the Financial person to take some of the zero’s off of Vince and Shane McMahon’s salaries and put them into MICK FOLEY’s salary and into a beer budget . . . KANE vs. THE ACOLYTES — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Acolytes get the win by using a chair. X-PAC makes the save . . . Shamrock goes crazy in the dressing room. He gets one of his arms free . . . a look at VINCE MCMAHON’S shrine to himself . . . Austin is in the office
sitting with his feet on the desk by a stack of empty beer cans. He has a bunch of men bring wheel barrel after wheel barrel full of cow manure into the office and dump it . . . Vince & Shane McMahon freak out and head towards the ring . . . Vince & Shane come out. Vince says he’ll have revenge on Austin. He says they’ll put stock vs. stock up in the handicap match at KOTR and make it a ladder match. Shane is about to announce the stipulation for Rocky Miavia’s match when Ken Shamrock hits the ring. Vince pushes Shane into the attack by Shamrock then runs off . . . during the break Vince McMahon ran to a limo and left alone . . . ROCKY MIAVIA vs. THE UNDERTAKER & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: Hunter is the unconscious Shane McMahon’s stipulation. Towards the end there’s a ref. bump. The Undertaker chokes slams the Rock. Undertaker goes for a tombstone but the Rock gets out, pushes the Undertaker into Hunter, gets the rock bottom on the undertaker then hits with the people’s elbow. A second ref. comes in for a 2 and 3/4 count but CHYNA takes him out. The 1st ref. revives for the pin attempt but Hunter stops the count. Chyna accidentally trips the Undertaker instead of the Rock. The Undertaker goes after her. Hunter tries to grab the Undertaker by the hair and pull him in the ring but the Undertaker turns it into a slingshot and Hunter goes right into a pin by the Rock. Hunter and the Undertaker battle after the match. The Corporate Ministry has to pull them apart . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at VINCE MCMAHON revealing himself as THE HIGHER POWER and LINDA & STEPHANIE MCMAHON naming STEVE AUSTIN as CEO of the WWF . . . a look at the war between MICHAEL HAYES & THE HARDY BOYS vs. THE BROOD . . . THE BROOD vs. MICHAEL HAYES & THE HARDY BOYS — ELIMINATION MATCH: Elimination order: 1) GANGREL, 2) EDGE, 3) MICHAEL HAYES, 4) JEFF HARDY, 5) TOO MUCH comes to the ring with a boom box and knock MATT HARDY off the top rope while the ref. is with CHRISTIAN. They destroy him and put him back in the ring to be pinned by CHRISTIAN . . . comments from D’LO BROWN & MARK HENRY . . . MARK HENRY & D’LO BROWN vs. THE ACOLYTES — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: DQ loss for the Acolytes as VISCERA & MIDIAN attack . . . TEST says that he and STEPHANIE MCMAHON did go out, but that they’re going to remain friends and that there was no dirt. JEFF JARRETT goes by with DEBRA and yells at TEST to keep his eyes off of her . . . JEFF JARRETT & DEBRA with JIM ROSS. TEST comes out. He says he wants a match with Jarrett tonight. Jarrett agrees . . . comments from TOO MUCH, they say now they’re TOO COOL . . . HARDCORE HOLLY & PAUL WIGHT vs. X-PAC & KANE: Wight gets fed up with Holly so he chokeslams him and walks out. X-Pac pins Holly . . . comments from CHYNA, HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & BILLY GUNN . . . DROZ w/PRINCE ALBERT vs. VAL VENIS: Val gets the win. Prince Albert attacks him. Albert & Droz pierce Venis’ nose . . . Venis attacks both men in the dressing room . . . TEST vs. JEFF JARRETT — WWF IC TITLE: ref. bump. KEN SHAMROCK runs in and attacks Jarrett. Test gets the win and the belt. After the match DEBRA screams at Jarrett. Ref. TIM WHITE comes in and tells ref. HARVEY WHIPPLEMAN what happened. Harvey says that the decision stands. Debra whispers in Harvey’s ear and Harvey gives the belt back to Jarrett . . . KEN SHAMROCK & ROAD DOG vs. CHYNA & BILLY GUNN: Jeff Jarrett comes out and Ken Shamrock runs off after him. Road Dog counters the FAMEASSER and gets the win. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY attacks him. X-PAC comes out to make the save but gets triple teamed. The lights go out and KANE runs in and everyone runs out. ROAD DOG rolls Chyna back in the ring and KANE chokeslams her . . .

ECW 6/12/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: a review of the situation between CYRUS, TAZ & STEVE CORINO . . . Highlights of HEATWAVE 1998 . . . EL MASCO fell to TAKA MICHINOKU . . . comments from TOMMY DREAMER. He says he misses wrestling. He says that LANCE STORM beat him at HARDCORE HEAVEN, but it wasn’t Storm’s attack that put him out, it was several years of wars in ECW and that he’ll have his revenge . . . JERRY LYNN on the phone from Calgary. He says he’s the better man. He says that JERRY LYNN owes him one . . . we go to GERTNERVISION. JOEL GERTNER has her face taped up. Gertner talks in grunts. SIGN GUY DUDLEY interprets. He says that BALLS MAHONEY is by himself in the locker room and has no partner. THE DUDLEYS decide to go attack him. After a commercial they’re going to attack Balls in the shower. Balls comes out of the shower and they throw soap in his eyes and hit him over the head with a chair. He blades so there’s blood all over the place . . . more comments from LANCE STORM, he wants a title shot at THE DUDLEYS’S ECW TAG TEAM TITLES . . . JERRY LYNN vs. TONY DEVITO w/WILD BILL: we have a commercial in the middle of the match for HEATWAVE with no warning or reason. Lynn gets the win . . . Lynn goes back tot he dressing room and runs into ROB VAN DAM. Lynn wants another rematch with Van Dam. Van Dam leaves as his entrance music starts up . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: if you haven’t seen the new opening for WCW SATURDAY NIGHT, well it’s some sort of party with the Saturday Night Logo appearing in front of people dancing for no apparent reason. I guess it’s their “party atmosphere” but Saturday Night is like a party at Mike Teney’s house — math genius city . . . JUVENTUD GUERRERA vs. PSYCHOSIS went to a time limit draw . . . VAN HAMMER vs. CHRIS ADAMS: Van Hammer wins with the Cobra Clutch Slam . . . ADRIAN BYRD fell to SCOTT NORTON . . . comments from KONNAN & REY MISTERIO JR. They diss BOBBY DUNCUM JR. & CURT HENNIG and say that tomorrow night they’ll have soldiers in the crowd as a “surprise” . . . ERNEST MILLER and SONNY ONNO come to the ring. Miller says that he’s destroyed Scott Norton three times with his magic disco, err Karate powers. DAVE BURKHEAD comes out to take on Miller. Burkhead gets pinned and I thank the gods that it’s over. Norton charges the ring and Miller runs off . . . LODI over THE GAMBLER . . . a look at PERRY SATURN & CHRIS BENOIT winning the WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES on Thunder . . . SCOTTY RIGGS over LASH LEROUX . . . HUGH MORRIS w/JIMMY HART vs. HAK w/CHASTITY: Hak is probably in the best shape in his life, which makes this so wrong. The Sandman is spinning in his grave. BRIAN KNOBBS attacks Hak from behind before the match starts. KIDMAN makes the save. Knobbs & Morris double team Kidman and it goes outside the ring . . . GENE OKERLUND with SCOTT NORTON. Norton mumbles something about getting Ernest Miller . . . CURT HENNIG & BOBBY DUNCUM JR. vs. BARRY DARSAW & BARRY HORROWITZ: Thankfully, Darsaw doesn’t do the golfer character any more. The Barrys lose . . . JIM DUGGAN over VILLANO V . . . KONNAN & REY MISTERIO JR. over HORACE HOGAN & BRIAN ADAMS . . . Gene Okerlund goes over the Bash line up one more time . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: RANDY SAVAGE & HIS WOMEN are in a Limo bragging how it’s going to be easy to get the World Title. Savage has the limo pull over and Savage runs out to attack someone that he thinks is KEVIN NASH. It’s not, it’s BRIAN ADAMS. Savage says he’s letting Adams go . . . a look at events between RANDY SAVAGE & KEVIN NASH . . . GENE OKERLUND interviews BUFF BAGWELL. Buff is disappointed that RODDY PIPER assigned him THE DISCO INFERNO for his match at the BASH. ERNEST MILLER comes out and says he deserves a big push as well. Buff and Miller get into it verbally to set up a match later on . . . PSYCHOSIS & VILLANO V fell to REY MISTERIO JR. & KONNAN . . . GENE OKERLUND with WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE & BAM BAM BIGELOW w/KANYON. Well, it’s announced as the three but only DDP & Kanyon come out. They call their little group THE TRIAD . . . BRIAN ADAMS & RANDY SAVAGE run into each other again. They end up setting up a match . . . more on the troubles between Nash and Savage . . . ERNEST MILLER fell to BUFF BAGWELL . . . an interview with PERRY SATURN & CHRIS BENOIT. Benoit says that he no longer respects RIC FLAIR. DEAN MALENKO shows his face briefly at the end by walking out of the dressing room, then he leaves without saying anything . . . RANDY SAVAGE & HIS WOMEN come to the ring. He defeats BRIAN ADAMS w/VINCENT by using the banned elbow drop after the girls distract the ref. The NWO BLACK & WHITE try to make the save but the girls and Savage destroy them . . . FIT FINLAY fell to RICK STEINER in a WCW WORLD TV TITLE match . . . KEVIN NASH says he has cracked ribs after his limo was attacked by a Humvee on NITRO . . . KANYON vs. PERRY SATURN: turns into a tag team match when CHRIS BENOIT & DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE come out. DEAN MALENKO stops ARN ANDERSON from interfering. Benoit pins Kanyon to win the WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES as this apparently was a title match . . .

Before I start anything, I promised to follow up on Bleem! I plugged a couple of issues ago. To recap, Bleem! is a Playstation emulator for the PC. It plays your Playstation CDs — the original cds — not ROMS or illegal discs — and is a great little product. Last time I plugged it they were set to release their full version. That version went through some delays but they finally released a full version for those who purchased it and a no-time limit version that lacks 3-d support that anyone can play for free.
This is by far the best emulation product I’ve seen in a long time. You don’t have to break the law to play the games because it plays your actual Playstation CDs. I’ll say that again — it will not play ROMS and it will not play pirated Playstation games. They made that clear for the get go — they’re doing it by the book and hats off to them. They’re a legit business and have trashed Sony’s two attempts to block them from putting the product on the market.
As far as wrestling games go, I played WCW vs. the World on it and it ran slowly on my laptop (a k62-3d now chip with 32 megs of RAM), with the 3-d turned off it improved slightly but it was still kinda slow. WWF WARZONE ran a lot better and even though I had forgotten all the moves, I was able to create wrestlers and play the game just like if it were a regular Playstation. It supported my USB Gravis Gamepad Pro (looks just like a Playstation controller), so making the transition to the PC was pretty painless. A good product and worth a try if you want to take your Playstation games with you on the road.
Now that that’s out of the way . . .
The King of the Ring last night was my first PPV in about a month. Well that I remember anyway after last week’s surgery (don’t ask). I gave up on WCW PPV’s a while back because I didn’t like the way the WCW is doing *anything* (and yes, I’m glad my VCR kept cutting off the last hour of the NITRO REPLAY so I didn’t have to cover it AT ALL this issue), and the thought of PAYING FOR IT just didn’t make sense to me. ECW PPVs, on the other hand, are memorable while your watching them but then you forget them about 2 days later because they’re so generic. The ECW used to be so much more and it’s sad to see them sticking to the same matches and a lack of major surprises on every PPV. I miss Barely Legal and I miss the old days when a house show in the ECW Arena actually meant something. But that’s a rant for another day.
So the King of the Ring. Surprises? Not a one.
In my book, in order to get people talking about your PPV you must provide one really big surprise to talk about. Be it a return of a legend, a signing of a new star, a big turn angle, something that’s a surprise to make people feel like it was worth the $30. The WWF’s last few PPV’s have lacked any big surprises and while the quality of the matches made up for it I was looking for something big to talk about and they didn’t provide it. While it didn’t spoil the whole show, I would have liked to gone off here about Shane Douglas or Chris Jericho or the return of DX this morning instead of just another PPV.
My buddy Brett Schwan predicted that Billy Gunn would face X-Pac in the finals and he was right. I was hoping for Chyna but the whole thing just didn’t play out for her to be in that role. Hunter’s interference can only go so far after all. Before I say anything else let me say that The New Age Outlaws have to get back together. I hated their work in the ring, I hated the team, but I can’t take any more matches of Billy Gunn and Road Dogg squaring off because they’re so over with the crowd as a tag team and it’s stupid to see them fighting.
Also on the no surprises front, during the PPV I told my friend Brandi that there’s no way in hell that Austin could win the final match. It just limited the storylines too much to have him run the company. While they did give him an out where it can be reversed (too long to explain it), the only way I could see them keeping him with control of the company was to have him turn the company over to Mick Foley to give Mick something to do while he was recovering from his injuries.
Mankind as President would have been funny, dammit.
Dude Love as Vice President would have been fitting.
And DAMN if it wouldn’t have played on the WCW’s idiotic insanity angle with Ric Flair as WCW President.
Overall I actually enjoyed the PPV. The matches were above the level of RAW and for once it seemed like they were putting on a show that was a notch above what they do on the Monday or Sunday shows. The only real match I was disappointed with with the X-Pac vs. Billy Gunn finals because it was so short and it didn’t really do anything for the excitement level of the overall card. In the end it was a good show, I didn’t feel cheated for spending $30 on it, and we’ll see how the ownership thing plays out on RAW.
On that note, I’m outta here. Take care and . . .

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