The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #52, June 8, 1999

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #52, June 8, 1999
(“Rest in Peace Owen.”)
WHAT YOU MISSED: ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES vs. THE GODFATHER — KING OF THE RING QUALIFYING ROUND: BILLY GUNN tried to attack Road Dog but accidentally hit the Godfather, resulting in the Jesse James win . . . a look at THE ACOLYTES winning the WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES on RAW . . . an interview with The Acolytes. THE BROOD hear the call from the Acolytes for someone to face. The Acolytes get a blood bath . . . DROZ fell to PAUL WIGHT . . . STEVE AUSTIN attacks DROZ & PRINCE ALBERT in the dressing room . . . MARK HENRY vs. JEFF JARRETT — WWF IC TITLE: DEBRA and IVORY go at it only to have STEVE AUSTIN come out to destroy everyone . . . MEAT vs. KEN SHAMROCK — KING OF THE RING QUALIFYING ROUND: easy win for Shamrock. Jarrett comes out to attack Shamrock with a guitar and puts the ankle lock on Shamrock. Steve Austin comes back out to attack everyone . . . Shamrock challenges Jarrett to a match in the Lion’s Den on RAW . . . TEST vs. KANE — KING OF THE RING QUALIFYING ROUND: Kane gets the win in a decent match for both guys . . . LUCAS tries to interview STEVE AUSTIN on who THE GREATER POWER is. All Austin will say is that the Greater Power isn’t here tonight . . . CHYNA over VAL VENIS in the final KING OF THE RING QUALIFYING ROUND . . .

The World Wide Wrestling Alliance ran shows on June 5, 1999 in Sandusky, Ohio in front of 125 fans.

Short Results:

Suicidio b. “Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia
Mr. Main Event b. Tiny Mite Mullins
Alexis Machine b. Breyer Wellington
Shadox b. The Great Shinwa
Kwik Kik Lee b. “Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox
Crusher Kline Referee: referee Billy Right b. referee Gary Coleman

Long Results

Suicidio defeated “Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia (w/ The Postmaster) after hitting him with a toilet brush

– That’s not a typo. Dexter had a toilet brush in the “Bag” and used it to comb his hair periodically throughout the match. Dexter hit the “Special Delivery” but was distracted by the “Bag”. Dexter went to see what the “Bag” wanted and got into a tug-of-war with the Postmaster over “Bag”. The toilet brush fell into the ring and while Senior Referee Gary Coleman was making sure Postmaster stayed in Dexter’s corner, Suicidio hit Dexter with the brush to get the 3 count. Junior Referee Billy Right then told Coleman what happened, but Coleman ignored him and went into the back.

Mr. Main Event (w/ “Brilliant” Bobby Baker) defeated Tiny Mite Mullins with a Mexican Hammerlock

– A back and forth match highlighted by a suplex/powerslam by TNT. Mr. Main Event’s offense consisted of…well cheating…closed fists, chokeholds and Bobby Baker taking advantage of Billy Right being distracted by MME. Ultimately, Baker’s tactics paid off as he was on the apron distracting Right allowing Mr. Main Event to use the infamous brass knuckles to knockout Mullins and put the submission hold on him. Coleman, being the senior referee told Right that he missed Main Event cheating, words were exchanged and Billy Right left the ring disgusted at Coleman.

Alexis Machine (w/”Brilliant” Bobby Baker) defeated Breyer Wellington with a handful of tights

– Best match of the night. Breyer used his amateur wrestling background to his advantage as he dominated “The Machine” on the mat. But at a vertical basis, Machine’s height and strength advantage gave him the upperhand. Wellington worked on the left arm of Machine throughout the match, dropping elbows and knees on it in succession. Wellington kept a close eye on the manager of Machine, Bobby Baker, and he was a minor factor in the match. Wellington went after Baker at one point in the match and as Baker was running to avoid the youngster, he slipped and fell, turns out cowboy boots aren’t made for running on a slick concrete floor. Wellington was in control towards the end of the match and had Machine in the corner giving him the ten right hands to the head but Machine countered with a powerbomb and a handful of tights for the 3 count. Coleman was screened from seeing the infraction and Right told him of this. Coleman once again believing that he truly is always the “Right” one ignored Billy.

Shadox defeated The Great Shinwa with the “X-File” (Chokeslam)

– The size difference paid off for the seven foot Shadox as Shinwa was unable to get him off his feet until Shinwa went for the knee. Shinwa then took control working over the knee of Shadox. Right was knocked out during the match allowing Shadox to use a low blow as a setup to the “X-File” Coleman once again told Right of his error in judgment and not refereeing the match properly and even offered Right his glasses.

Kwik Kik Lee defeated “Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox after Alexis Machine hit Kox with a DDT

– Kox dominated the match for the most part, Kwik Kik got in the occasional cheap shot, but Kox’s size and power and size advantage played a major role. Kox hit a big spinebuster and had the match in hand, but went to the well one too many times and as he attempted another spinebuster, he was met with a dropkick from Lee. Kox was attempting an avalanche in the corner and Lee pulled Coleman in between them, allowing Machine a window to attack Kox and allow Lee to get the pinfall. Right got in the ring once again and got in Coleman’s face. Coleman shoved Right and Right came right back at Coleman, Coleman then attacked Right and they rolled around on the mat exchanging punches. The WWWA Heavyweight Champion saw this going on and intervened. Kline told the two that they had to get along and it was going to be settled once and for all tonite. Both men agreed to the match and Kline one-upped it and made it a lumberjack match. The locker rooms emptied and the match was on.

Billy Right defeated “Senior Official” Gary Coleman with a top rope huracanrana

– Early on the referees exchanged chops in the corner followed by their own strut. Right then took control and hit a barrage of moves including a bodyslam, suplex, dropkick and clothesline. Right then got a little ahead of himself and attempted a top rope huracanrana, he slipped and both men fell to the mat. The lumberjacks then got into a scuffle outside the ring as Right recovered and attempted another huracanrana, this one successful and Kline made the 3 count. All the lumberjacks then stormed the ring and a huge brawl ensued. Billy Right grabbed the mic from ring announcer Aaron Matthews and told the crowd and everyone in the ring that the brawl must stop, he then handed the mic to Coleman and he admitted that they should get along and what happened tonite won’t happen again. The ring cleared and the two referees celebrated in the ring together and Coleman showed his sportsmanship by raising the hand of Billy Right. No word from the Executive Committee on whether the outcome of this match will jeopardize Gary Coleman’s “Senior Official” title.

ECW 6/5/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at THE DUDLEY BOYS putting thumbtacks and lighter fluid on a table, lighting the table on fire then putting BALLS MAHONEY through a table to get a pin in a match with AXL ROTTON & BALLS MAHONEY . . . CYRUS outside the building with STEVE CORINO. Corino claims he’s going to put out TAZ. When Corino goes in the building, Cyrus disses him after he leaves. Taz pulls up in his car, he has Cyrus and the camera guy get in the car. He has Cyrus promise that he’ll watch his back. Taz then disses Cyrus after he gets out of the car and can’t hear it . . . Cyrus tries to convince Corino to take on TAZ tonight . . . SUPER CRAZY over TAKA MICHINOKU . . . a recap of events between Cyrus and Corino . . . STEVE CORINO vs. an unnamed jobber. Cyrus goes out to get Taz. Taz comes out and Corino pleads for his life. He calls Taz a name when he thought he was saying it to himself. He introduces CHRIS CANDIDO and says that Candido will hurt Taz. Candido comes out. Turns into Candido vs. Taz. Easy tap out win for Taz . . . Taz approaches Cyrus and says that Cyrus did a good job. Cyrus and Taz both think they put something over on each other . . . JOEY STYLES tries to put this all in perspective. Try as he might, he can’t make any logic out of it . . . JUSTIN CREDIBLE vs. SABU: the ref. says that Sabu might not be able to wrestle on the East Coast, but Sabu is allowed to wrestle in DETROIT and the match will go on. An executive and other refs. come out and say that Sabu is banned from wrestling in any building that ECW wrestles in. Sabu attacks the executive then attacks Credible. SID heads to the ring and we fade out . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: shortened due to Braves baseball . . . hell, thy name is WCW SATURDAY NIGHT . . . BUFF BAGWELL over STEVE ARMSTRONG . . a video highlight reel of MONDAY NITRO . . . VILLANO V & SILVERKING fell to HORACE HOGAN & BOOKER T w/VINCENT . . . GENE OKERLUND w/BOBBY DUNCUM JR. & CURT HENNING. Hennig & Duncum dis rap music and gloat that they must face KONNAN & REY MISTERIO JR. at THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH . . . a look at the situation between TANK ABBOTT and RICK STEINER leading to Rick Steiner vs. STING in a cage match where Abbott attacked Sting . . . LA PARKA fell to RICK STEINER . . . BRIAN KNOBBS over FIT FINLEY . . . comments from SONNY ONNO & ERNEST MILLER . . . PSYCHOSIS fell to BILLY KIDMAN . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: SCOTTY RIGGS fell to BAM BAM BIGELOW . . . a look at Bigelow and DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE attacking RAVEN and the events that led to the WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE win . . . HUGH MORRIS fell to BILLY KIDMAN by DQ when BRIAN KNOBBS attacked Kidman . . . BRIAN ADAMS fell to BUFF BAGWELL . . . a tribute to Melling Racing owner Harry Melling who died recently . . . a video for ERNEST MILLER . . . SCOTT NORTON destroyed SILVER KING . . . a look at the events between KONNAN & REY MISTERIO JR. vs. CURT HENNIG & BOBBY DUNCUM JR. from NITRO . . . CURT HENNIG vs. REY MISTERIO JR.: match is thrown out when BOBBY DUNCUM JR. attacks Misterio. KONNAN & BILLY KIDMAN make the save . . . a look at KEVIN NASH giving RANDY SAVAGE & THE GIRLS the sewage treatment on NITRO . . . a look at DEAN MALENKO walking out on RIC FLAIR and Flair getting into it with RODDY PIPER on NITRO . . . RIC FLAIR w/ASIA vs. CHRIS BENOIT: match is thrown out when BAM BAM BIGELOW & DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE attack the ref. then help Flair attack Benoit . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE and BAM BAM BIGELOW attack RAVEN as Raven is coming into the building. They toss him into a dumpster and slam the top down on him . . . a recap of last week’s Nitro . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . EDDY GUERRERO comes out and does color commentary . . . HAK w/CHASTITY vs. BILLY KIDMAN: TANK ABBOTT came out during this match and made some comments against STING & RICK STEINER and says he wants to ref. their cage match then leaves in a huff. BRIAN KNOBBS comes out and attacks Hak & Kidman . . . RIC FLAIR on the phone and orders 8 girls to his room. JJ DILLION says that he was successful in getting RANDY SAVAGE’S elbow drop banned . . . another look at TANK ABBOTT . . . DDP & BAM BAM BIGELOW come out. They demand a WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE shot tonight . . . SATURN & KANYON get the news that DDP & Bigelow took out Raven . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . CURT HENNIG comes out to color commentate. He goes off on Rap Music and REY MISTERIO JR. & KONNAN. TONY SCHIVANE tells him to take it up with the lame WCW DJ. Hennig calls out BOBBY DUNCUM JR. Hennig puts a cowboy hat on. They go after the WCW lame DJ. They give him a 3 count to leave. Konnan & Rey Jr. come out and it goes from dumb to dumber. I fast forward . . . EVAN KARAGIAS fell to VAN HAMMER . . . RODDY PIPER comes to the ring. He brings out DEAN MALENKO. Dean Malenko says that he and CHRIS BENOIT feel that RIC FLAIR has ignored them. RIC FLAIR & ARN ANDERSON come out. Malenko goes off on Flair. Flair says that Malenko & Benoit are nobodies without Ric Flair. Malenko says he put his heart and soul into the Horsemen. Arn says that Malenko shouldn’t be complaining. Malenko says he no longer believes in Arn Anderson and walks off. Anderson storms after him. Flair attacks Piper. Piper gets the upper hand and Flair gets out of the ring . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . KONNAN & REY MISTERIO JR. vs. CURT HENNIG & BOBBY DUNCUM JR.: Konnan is now dressed almost exactly like the all time great “NAILZ.” Match is thrown out when Hennig & Duncum hog tie Misterio and beat up Konnan . . . RANDY SAVAGE comes out and goes off on the subject of WCW WORLD CHAMPION KEVIN NASH. He wants Nash in the ring . . . we cut to the back where DDP & Bigelow have put out KANYON . . . ERIK WATTS did the job to DAVID FLAIR . . . Ric Flair and Arn Anderson meet with BUFF BAGWELL. They try to convince him to handle RANDY SAVAGE . . . ERNEST MILLER calls out SCOTT NORTON again. This time he wins the quasi-match when Miller hit Norton with a crow bar . . . RANDY SAVAGE vs. KEVIN NASH: Savage fights a jobber in a dress instead of Nash. he lets the girls beat up the Jobber then he gets the pin . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . BOBBY EATON did a rare job to BUFF BAGWELL . . . SATURN vs. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE & BAM BAM BIGELOW — WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Saturn puts on a good match against these two. Kanyon returns, Saturn makes the tag to him but Kanyon walks right into a Diamond Death Drop and is pinned . . . Randy Savage and his women get in a limo. KEVIN NASH drives up in a septic tank truck. He unloads the truckload into the sun roof of the limo . . . STING vs. RICK STEINER — CAGE MATCH: Steiner wins after ref. TANK ABBOTT attacks Sting . . .

WWF RAW 5/24/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: all the WWF Workers come out and they ring the bell 10 times in honor of OWEN HART. The show is dedicated to him. Most of the workers are wearing black arm bands with the name “Owen” on them. They play a video tribute to Owen . . . comments from MICK FOLEY on Owen. Mick explains that Owen was his kids’ favorite wrestler and how his son Dewey wanted to be Owen Hart . . . comments from Bradshaw. He says that Owen was ribbed for being cheap on the road. He says Owen was saving money like crazy to retire and be with his family and that Owen was a great dad . . . JEFF JARRETT defeated TEST with a sharpshooter in tribute to his partner . . . MARK HENRY reads a poem in tribute to Owen . . . comments from DROZ on Owen. He says that Owen was a good guy who could make people happy and entertain them, even at his own expense . . . X-PAC & KANE over THE BROOD . . . comments from HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & CHYNA. Chyna says that Owen was always trying to make people laugh and that he’d try to make his hair look like her hair in the morning. Hunter breaks down. He says that everyone is like a family in the WWF, that you see the best and worst of people because you’re constantly around them. He says that Owen was always at his best and never hurt anyone and was there to make you laugh or get a rise out of you. He said that Owen was the only guy who had the guys to make him laugh in the ring and that he was a good father and loved his family . . . comments from EARL HEBNER. He says that Owen was a special person, who could make you smile no matter what . . . HARDY BOYZ w/MICHAEL HAYES over TAKA MICHINOKU & SHO FUNAKI . . . comments from BRUCE PRITCHARD on how Owen was a great practical joker and was a great friend . . . comments from DUSTIN RUNNELS on how Owen was a great family man and prankster. He tells a story of how HARLEY RACE would invite everyone over to dinner when they were in Kansas City. One time Harley spent a day cooking a whole big pot of Chillie and when he wasn’t looking Owen dumped a whole thing of hot sauce into it. Once everyone had the Chillie their eyes watered and everyone’s mouths were on fire from the hot sauce — including Harley, who had no clue what was going on. The next thing they heard was Owen’s laugh and they knew they were tricked again. Race got out a stun gun and chased Owen around with it to teach him a lesson . . . KEN SHAMROCK over BOB HOLLY . . . comments from RON SIMMONS aka FAROOQ. He says that the WWF was his family away from his family. He says it hurts a lot and he’ll miss Owen and that he doesn’t have the words to sum up his feelings . . . comments from TEST. He talks about Owen playing a joke on him in Chicago on a snowy day where they were snowed in. They were scheduled to do two shows that day and one was canceled due to the snow. He said he was at the hotel and he got a call from some guy claiming to be a person from the arena and that Test was the last guy on the list to contact. He demanded that Test make a call on whether the show should be canceled or not. Test said to cancel it if they wanted to but not to use his name. Test didn’t find out until literally the earlier this morning that it was Owen doing a practical joke on him . . . MANKIND vs. BILLY GUNN: Gunn starts the match by saying “If you’re not down with Owen Hart, I got two words for you . . .” and the crowd goes nuts. . . . JEFF JARRETT says that Owen was one of the few men in wrestling who had integrity and that Owen was real and that Owen was there to keep people sane. Owen was a guy who made things fun and made work fun on and off camera, he breaks down in memory of his partner. He promises that as the years go by he’ll do the best that he can to share what a great guy Owen was with his kids . . . comments from EDGE. He says that Owen was the leader of the “Canadian Mafia” who was a guru to him. He helped him on the road and learn the ropes. He smiles when he thinks of Owen because of the laughter he brought. He and Christian fought
Owen & Jeff Jarrett in Owen’s last match and share the memory of that match with joy and sadness . . . MARK HENRY & D’LO BROWN over THE ACOLYTES . . . comments from PAT PATTERSON. He says that Owen was special and one of the best workers in the ring. Outside the ring he was a fun person and a pleasure to be around . . . comments from BOB HOLLY. He remembers the harmless ribs and the ribs of himself just to get a laugh. He says that Owen helped him 3 years ago in Mobile, Alabama (Holly’s home town), where Owen volunteered to put him over in the ring because it was his hometown . . . ROAD DOG vs. GODFATHER. Half way though the match Godfather says let’s just stop and go for the night. Road Dog agrees and says that they should go light one up and tell some Owen stories. They leave . . . PAUL BEARER reads a poem in tribute to Owen . . . comments to X-PAC. He says that Owen was one of the funniest guys to walk the face of the earth . . . AL SNOW fell to HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY . . . “ROAD DOG” JESSE JAMES says he just got to know Owen very well in the past six months and he has 2 kids just like him. They had similar goals in the business, to provide for their kids, and that Owen was loved and will be missed . . . comments from GERALD BRISCO. He says that Owen was the younger brother of a superstar, just like him, and how hard it was to be in that role. He says that Owen gave his best effort every night and never cut corners and was there to make people happy . . . PAUL WIGHT over GOLDUST & BLUE MEANIE . . . comments from DEBRA. She says Owen was a great man and she wishes the world could see how funny he was and how he’d make her laugh at autograph sessions and on the road. She says that you ended up taking Owen for granted because he was always there and funny. She says she keeps looking for him and that it will be hard to come out without him . . . comments from SHANE MCMAHON. He says that the McMahon and Hart families go back years and that Owen will be truly missed . . . OWEN HART over VAL VENIS . . . JERRY LAWLER and JIM ROSS share their memories of Owen . . . STEVE AUSTIN comes out and has two beers, one for himself, one for Owen. He shares it as we fade out . . .

World Wide Wrestling Alliance 5/21, 5/22 by ANDREW EBBESKOTTE (
The World Wide Wrestling Alliance ran shows on 5/21 and 5/22 in Celina and Wapakoneta, Ohio with the following results.


Mr. Main Event (w/”Brilliant” Bobby Baker) defeated Guerrilla Assassin Oswald with a cross armbreaker after hitting him with a pair of brass knux.

WWWA Light Heavyweight Champion Jimi V defeated Breyer Wellington with a flying elbowdrop to retain his title.

In a surprise upset, Shadox picked up his first win (not counting battle royals) when he choke slammed Kwik Kik Lee after Lee missed a somersault legdrop from the top turnbuckle.

“Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox (w/The Postmaster) defeated “Hotshot” T.Voeltz (w/”Delicious” Devon Daniels) after Voeltz ran into Daniels, and was given The Verdict.

Tiny Mite Mullins pinned “Delicious” Devon Daniels (w/”Hotshot” T.Voeltz) with a DDT after Daniels ran into Voeltz. As Mullins was celebrating, Mr. Main Event ran up behind him and knocked him out with his brass knux and challenged him to a match at the next Celina show.

“Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia (w/The Postmaster) defeated Guerrilla Assassin Hinkley with the Special Delivery.

In a triangle match, with the winner to receive a future title shot, “Beautiful” Brian Fury and “Natural Wonder” KC Thunder both pinned Alexis Machine in a battle of Hotseat Production members. After the match, head referee said that Fury and Thunder would have to wrestle at the next Celina show, with the winner receiving the title shot.


WWWA Light Heavyweight Champion Jimi V defeated Truth Martini and Breyer Wellington in a triangle match to retain his title, when V pinned Martini with the 450 splash.

Mr. Main Event defeated Tiny Mite Mullins with the Tongan Death Grip after hitting him with the brass knux.

“Hotshot” T.Voeltz defeated Cisco with a superplex.

“Beautiful” Brian Fury (w/”Brilliant” Bobby Baker defeated “Disgruntled” Dexter Dementia (w/The Postmaster) with the Beautymark.

“Natural Wonder” KC Thunder (w/”Brilliant” Bobby Baker) defeated Shadox with the KC Masterpiece.

After the match, Bobby Baker challenged Light Heavyweight Champion Jimi V to a match for the Light Heavyweight Title. Jimi came to ringside and said that since Bobby was not a professional, and that Jimi was he wouldn’t face him. Jimi asked Wapak football player Andy Zerkel if he would like to face Baker since Zerkel was an amatuer. Zerkel accepted, and Jimi said that it should be an amateur ref as well and he nominated himself.

Amateur Match, Jimi V referee: Andy Zerkel defeated “Brilliant” Bobby Baker with a powerbomb in 8 seconds after Baker missed a clothesline. After the match, Bobby Baker challenged Zerkel to a tag match at the next show, with Baker teaming with a Hotseat Productions member and Zerkel getting to choose his own partner.

WWWA Television Champion Alexis Machine (w/”Brilliant” Bobby Baker) defeated “Bounty Hunter” Karl Kox (w/The Postmaster) with a cross bodyblock to retain the title.

The WWWA announced that they will be a part of the annual Country Classic Concerts in Ft. Loramie, Ohio from July 8 thru July 11. This will be very big for the WWWA, as they will get to be seen by over 100,000 fans when the weekend is all said and done.

MCW Wheaton 5/21/99 by Jeff Amdur(
The underhanded tactics of one of Maryland Championship Wrestling’s managers helped the charge of one of his absent managerial colleagues in the coveted cruiserweight belt at the MCW show held on May 21 at Wheaton High School in Wheaton, MD, to benefit the WHS athletic department

Official paid attendance: 525. Representing the Maryland State Athletic Commission: LOU LEAVEY. MCW commissioner: MR. JACK ADONIS. MCW communications director: PETE McDEVITT. Sound by BIG DADDY PRODUCTIONS. Ring announcer: STEVE VENTURELLA. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR. Ring attendant/ Program Editor/ Guy who tells me the real names of the wrestling moves: ALEXANDER LeGRAND. Referees for the evening: D. EDWARDS and JOHN RILEY.

Video taping the proceedings: BARRY ROBERTS for MCW and TIM NOEL for his cable access program in Richmond. BWHAH (“Big Wheaton High Alumnus Helper”, or is it “Blatantly Without Hair At Head”?): BERNIE DIEHL, WHS ’90.

MATCH 1: EARL “THE PEARL” pinned “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS in 5:10. The warm reception Stevie got upon his entrance into the ring quickly dissipated as Stevie insulted both Wheaton High and its students. At one point in the match, Stevie had Earl in the Stevie cloverleaf but released it to punish Earl some more. Later on, when Stevie tried to put on the cloverleaf again, Earl blocked it, slapped Stevie and then rolled him up for the pin.

MATCH 2: DINO DIVINE (with “Canada’s greatest athlete” CUEBALL CARMICHAEL) pinned GREGORY MARTIN in 11:01. Dino scored the pin after a gourdbuster.

MATCH 3: 2-DOPE & SYDESWYPE pinned BRUISER & ADAM FLASH (from THE FAMILY OF FREAKS) in 8:25 to keep their recently re-won tag team belts. 2-Dope DDT’d Adam onto one of the championship belts and then scored the pin as he meticulously hid the presence of the belt from the referee.

MATCH 4: THE BLUE MEANIE (with BOBCAT) pinned ROMEO VALENTINO (with JIMMY CICERO) in 6:54. Meanie thought he had the pinning combination after delivering a splash off the middle turnbuckle; but Cicero distracted the referee. Then, Bobcat delivered a rompecojones and enabled Meanie to cover for the pin.

After the intermission came the STUD LEE interview segment. Stud Lee couldn’t resist razzing BERNIE DIEHL, taking his usual ringside pictures. Bernie, the aforementioned class of 1990 graduate of Wheaton, had worn his old “Wheaton Knights” T-shirt for this special occasion. Stud took several pot shots at Bernie’s days at Wheaton as well as his subsequent hair loss, as Blatant Bernie did the slow burn. At one point, Bernie took off his glasses and it looked like he was going to challenge Stud Lee; but he then decided Stud wasn’t worth his time.

Stud Lee then called out JIMMY CICERO, who was to challenge HEADBANGER MOSH for the MCW heavyweight title later in the evening. Cicero (coming to ringside with ROMEO VALENTINO) mentioned the run-in he had had with WJLA-TV (channel 7, ABC in Washington) news anchor RENE KNOTT during last Tuesday’s channel 7 news program. He threatened to rub Knott’s face in the mat were he to show up here. Commissioner JACK ADONIS came out and told Cicero that not only would Knott be here for the championship match, but that he would also assign the news anchor to be the special troubleshooting outside-the-ring referee for the match.

MATCH 5: In his pro wrestling debut, KEENAN CREED (with GREGORY MARTIN) pinned CUEBALL CARMICHAEL (with DINO DIVINE) in 8:25. As the ref was occupied with Dino, Cueball set up Keenan for the Q-digree but was clotheslined by Marty (who had come out after the match started when he saw how Dino was interfering for Cueball). Creed followed with the pin. After the match, Cueball and his bodyguard Divine were involved in a shoving match; but they eventually embraced and made up.

MATCH 6: JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS (with DONNIE B) became the new MCW cruiserweight champion by taking the belt away from CHRISTIAN YORK (with ANGELICA) with a 15:27 pin fall. Joey’s usual manager PLATINUM NAT was out of town (probably mining some platinum to refresh that shiny suit of his), so DONNIE B was in Joey’s corner. During this match, the crowd sporadically questioned Joey’s sexual orientation. York had several pinning combinations but Donnie repeatedly interfered by distracting Angelica as well as the referee. Joey scored the pin after Donnie tripped Christian from the ring apron, getting his three-count as Donnie held York’s legs down. After the match, Donnie got in some stomps on Christian but was then hit by a vicious spear from Angelica.

MATCH 7: HEADBANGER MOSH pinned “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO (with ROMEO VALENTINO) in 7:21 to keep his MCW heavyweight title. The match went outside the ring several times, as both in-the-ring ref D. EDWARDS and special out-of-the-ring ref RENE KNOTT had some difficulty seeing everything. After ref Edwards inadvertently found himself on the receiving end of a squash, Mosh hit an inverted vertical suplex (thanx, Monsieur LeGrand) and newscaster Knott made the three count for his ko’d colleague. After the match, Cicero argued with Knott and was on the receiving end of a modified stunner from the newscaster.

MCW’s next show is tomorrow night (Sat May 22) at North Harford High School in Pylesville, and will return to its home base at Teamsters Hall in Baltimore on Thursday, June 17. Check the MCW website ( and the 24-hour hotline (410-234-9769) for up-to-date information and other features.

MCW Pylesville 5/22/99 by Jeff Amdur(
Following up the previous night’s card which had seen the Maryland Championship Wrestling cruiserweight title change hands, the MCW tag belts changed hands at the card held at North Harford High School in Pylesville, MD, on May 22.

Attendance estimated at 500. Maryland State Athletic Commission representative: LOU LEAVEY. MCW commissioner: MR. JACK ADONIS. Sound provided by BIG DADDY PRODUCTIONS. Ring announcer: PETE McDEVITT. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR. Referees for the evening: D. EDWARDS and JOHN RILEY.

Taking pictures at ringside for the mags: TIM WALKER. Taking pictures at ringside for MCW: BERNIE DIEHL. Videotaping the proceedings: BARRY ROBERTS. Ring attendant/namer of moves that I can’t name: ALEXANDER LeGRAND. Among the spectators in the crowd: the NWA’s KATHY FITZPATRICK.

Commissioner JACK ADONIS began the evening by informing the crowd that MCW champion HEADBANGER MOSH (a.k.a. BEAVER CLEAVAGE), who had been slated to defend against ROMEO VALENTINO tonight, had been called to St. Louis by the WWF to appear on weekend shows and possibly on Raw. The commish was then interrupted by a whistle-blowing TOM BRANDI, who asserted that nobody cared about Mosh’s absence, since Brandi would “slap the life out of him” had he showed up. He then made an observation about the preponderance of “ugly fat women with moustaches” in the North Harford crowd.

MATCH 1: TOM BRANDI (of the FIRST FAMILY) pinned “DOOMSDAY” DANNY ROSE (of the FAMILY OF FREAKS) in 12:08. The referee had been knocked down, and as Danny went to check on the ref, he was rolled up by Tom. The referee was still a bit woozy when he made the 3-count, as he didn’t notice that Brandi’s feet were on the middle turnbuckle for leverage. During the match, Brandi had snatched my clanger from the ringside table and used it on Danny. When the clanger was finally returned to me, ring announcer PETE McDEVITT grabbed it and tried to offer it back to Brandi.

As he left the table to announce the second match from the ring, Pete made it known to me at the table that he was not particularly thrilled at having been ordered by Jack Adonis to be the ring announcer for the evening in the absence of the regular announcer STEVE VENTURELLA.

MATCH 2: “SUPERSTAR” LANCE DIAMOND pinned KEENAN CREED in 8:31, scoring the fall after hitting a northern lights suplex.

MATCH 3: GREGORY MARTIN (with BOBCAT) pinned “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO in 7:09. With the referee again having been knocked down, Bobcat was able to hit Cicero with the stunner and enable Marty to score the pin. Once again during this match, Pete was making disparaging comments to me about Marty and could be seen openly applauding First Family member Cicero by everyone at ringside. After announcing the results, Pete slammed the microphone down.

MATCH 4: EARL “THE PEARL” (with JAMES E. CORNETTE) pinned “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS (with DONNIE B) in 8:18. Earl had secured the services of managerial legend Cornette for the evening to counter the presence of Donnie with Stevie. Stevie was frustrated during the match when he could only get a 2-count after giving Earl the Steviekick, and he got involved in a pushing match with the ref. At another juncture during the match, Earl delivered a “people’s Earlbow” (I just had to get that line in the report 🙂 ) The end came as Stevie’s attempt to maneuver Earl into the cloverleaf resulted in Earl’s rolling him up for the pin instead. After the match, Donnie berated Stevie for losing the match. Stevie responded by powerbombing Donnie and then carrying him, unconscious, to the back.

After intermission came the nightly STUD LEE interview segment. Pete greeted Stud with a warm handshake as Stud came into the ring. Stud then proceeded to ream the North Harford crowd (commenting on the smelliness of his ride up to the area), the local womenfolk (something having to do with cows), and, for the second night in a row, ringside photographer BERNIE DIEHL (“Is this guy Frasier Crane, or is he Benjamin Franklin?”) Bernie does a not-so-slow burn at ringside. The interviewees, tag-team champs 2-DOPE and SYDESWYPE, take their own pot shots at the locals, commenting on the girth of the womenfolk.

MATCH 5: BRUISER & ADAM FLASH (from the FAMILY OF FREAKS) won the tag-team belts by pinning 2-DOPE & SYDESWYPE in 9:44. At one point in the match as 2 & Syde had the upper hand, Pete McDevitt points to the fallen Flash and Bruiser and tells me “I hope they lose”. Although Jim Cornette was not at ringside, his backstage influence could be felt as Bruiser and Adam used the old “veg-a-matic/it slices and dices” move of Cornette’s legendary Midnight Express to score the fall. Pete looked none too happy in announcing the results.

MATCH 6: “RAMBLIN” RICH MYERS pinned DINO DIVINE in 5:38 after delivering a wicked-looking springboard bulldog (thanks for the name of that move, Monsieur LeGrand).

MATCH 7: JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS continued his day-old cruiserweight reign with a disqualification win over CHRISTIAN YORK (with ANGELICA) in 14:15. The end came as Joey pinned Christian with the aid of his feet on the ropes. Referee D. EDWARDS counted the fall, but then noticed Joey’s feet on the ropes and waved the count off. Little old timekeeper me, unfortunately, had already rung the bell to end the match. Angelica then came into the ring and delivered a face buster to Joey, which caused the ref to disqualify Christian.

After the spectators had left the premises at the end of the evening, I was royally reamed by commissioner JACK ADONIS, who thought I had been a bit hasty at ringing the bell to end the match. He not only suspended me without pay until Wednesday, but he also withdrew his offer to talk to his Hollywood connections about getting me the coveted role of “The Great Gazoo” in the proposed “Flintstones II: The Bedrock Menace” live-action movie. Well, phtpthtpthtptpth to you, Adonis 🙁

Then, ROMEO VALENTINO comes out, accompanied by JIMMY CICERO. Romeo once again brings up the subject of the absence of champion Mosh, saying that not only did Mosh bail out, but MCW didn’t seem to be able to find him an opponent.

Romeo spoke too soon.

The music blared.

The crowd went wild.

It could only mean one thing.

That’s right,



MATCH 8, for the WWF light-heavyweight title: GILLLLLLLBERRRRRRRG!!! pinned ROMEO VALENTINO (with JIMMY CICERO) in 3:33. The bad guys quickly got the upper hand, and at one point both Cicero and Romeo picked up Gilllllllberrrrrrrg!!! and slammed him. Very proud of themselves, they turned to gloat to the crowd and didn’t notice that Duane had recovered very quickly from that slam. When they turned around, they fell victim to a Gilllllllberrrrrrrg!!! spear, as Duane wiped out both of them in one maneuver. He then hit the jackhammer on Romeo and covered for the pin.

MCW’s next show will be on Thursday, June 17, at Teamsters Hall in Baltimore. Stay tuned to these boards, call the MCW 24-hour hotline at 410-234-9769, or check out the MCW website at

WWF RAW 5/17/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES & X-PAC & KANE vs. BILLY GUNN, D’LO BROWN & MARK HENRY: Everyone battles out into the crowd and the match is thrown out . . . SHANE MCMAHON comes out with VISCERA, THE ACOLYTES, THE BIG BOSSMAN & MIDIAN: Shane says that fate was responsible for the delay of THE UNION’S car. Shane targets VINCE MCMAHON and says he has plans for Vince and 2 others . . . VINCE MCMAHON with THE STOOGES. They barricade themselves in a room . . . Shane leads THE MINISITRY around the back of the building. They find Vince McMahon’s office and try to break in. Inside the office Vince opens his closet door only to be attacked by CHYNA, HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & THE UNDERTAKER, who were hiding inside it . . . they take Vince to a hospital . . . JEFF JARRETT & THE BLUE BLAZER w/DEBRA vs. VAL VENIS & THE GODFATHER: it’s announced that The Union has arrived. NICOLLE BASS comes out and gets in Debra’s face. The Blue Blazer is thrown into Jarrett, knocking Jarrett off the ring apron, and is pinned by the Godfather . . . MEAT w/THE NEW PMS (RYAN SHAMROCK, JACKIE & TERRY RUNNELS) vs. TEST: Jackie attacks Test with a dropkick from the top rope, earning MEAT a DQ. Meat uses a Sting-like reverse DDT after the match. PMS attacks Test. TORRIE comes down and saves Test . . . STEVE AUSTIN comes to the ring and makes a speech. Shane McMahon leads THE CORPORATE MINISTRY out. The Ministry goes after Shane and KEN SHAMROCK chokes Shane from behind. THE UNION comes out. Austin gets PAUL BEARER and lays him out with a Stone Cold Stunner . . . THE UNDERTAKER vs. ROCKY MIAVIA — CASKET MATCH: HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY attacks the Rock and helps The Undertaker put the Rock in the casket then Hunter destroys the casket with a sledgehammer . . . WWF officials pry open the casket in the back and call an ambulance . . . “FREEBIRD” MICHAEL “DOK HENDRIX” HAYES & THE HARDY BOYS vs. THE BROOD: goes to a double DQ brawl outside the ring . . . they take THE ROCK to the hospital . . . a recap of how PIERRE THE DEER HEAD became the WWF HARDCORE CHAMPION . . . AL SNOW comes out and holds a funeral for Pierre the Deer Head. BOB HOLLY comes out with an antler. Snow goes crazy and attacks Holly with HEAD . . . MICHAEL COLE interviews STEVE AUSTIN. THE MINISTRY & UNION battle during this interview . . . THE BIG BOSSMAN vs. PAUL WIGHT: Wight puts out the Bossman with a chokeslam . . . Shane with Hunter & Chyna . . . a segment with BEAVER CLEAVAGE . . . members of the Corporate Ministry are chased to their cars by the Union and flee in a car . . . STEVE AUSTIN vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: THE UNDERTAKER’S symbol is lowered to the ring during the closing moments of the match. THE UNDERTAKER walks to the ring and attacks Austin. Shane McMahon and Helmsly lower the symbol to the ring floor. Chyna, Hunter, and the Undertaker roll Austin in the ring. The Corporate Ministry returns. The Union attacks them. Austin and The Undertaker are alone in the ring. Austin sneaks a handcuff on the Undertaker and locks it to the symbol. Austin straps the Undertaker to his own symbol and orders it to be raised up. We end with the Undertaker hanging in the air by his own symbol . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: CHRIS CANDIDO & TAMMY LYNN SYTCH come to the ring. They bring out THE DUDLEYS to protect Candido from TAZ. TAZ comes out and attacks Candido and it turns into the title match, which TAZ wins easily. The Dudleys do the 3D on TAZ and he needs to be helped to the back . . . The Dudleys get on the microphone and babble about being tough. BALLS MAHONEY comes out and attacks them and is joined by SPIKE DUDLEY. Balls blows fire at JOEL GERTNER but is attacked from behind by the Dudleys and is pinned . . . SUPER CRAZY vs. TAKA MICHINOKU: Super Crazy gets the win in a great match . . . Joel Gertner is on the floor in the back. The Dudleys didn’t take him to the hospital. Gertner gives them a hit list. The first name is NOVA. They go and beak the heck out of him . . . SYRUS is doing color tonight . . . YOSHIHIRO TAJIRI over LITTLE GUIDO . . . THE DUDLEYS in the back with Gertner’s list. ROD PRICE is on the list next. They destroy him . . . Syrus stops doing color . . . LANCE STORM w/TAMMY LYNN BYTCH vs. TOMMY DREAMER w/FRANCINE: Dreamer destroys “Beulah” but Storm gets the win by pinfall with help from Syrus . . . the Dudleys go after JACK VICTORY. They destroy Victory . . . TAZ says that he’s going to take on THE DUDLEYS tonight . . . JERRY LYNN vs. ROB VAN DAM — ECW WORLD TV TITLE: Van Dam gets the win in an incredible match . . . BIG DICK DUDLEY brings CHRIS CHETTI to the Dudleys and they destroy Chetti. DVON DUDLEY hurts his hand on Chetti’s head . . . JOEY STYLES explains that SHANE DOUGLAS has apparently left the ECW forever . . . JUSTIN CREDIBLE comes to the ring and says he’s the best. JEFF JONES comes out and says that Credible is GUILTY AS CHARGED and brings out SID. Sid destroys Credible until LANCE STORM comes in and tries to get Sid. Storm throws powder in Sid’s eyes and the Credible and Storm double team him. They put Sid on a table and then BILL ALPHONSO & SABU come out. Sabu saves Sid with a chair. Sabu then puts Sid and Credible on the table. Storm rolls Credible off the table and Sabu leg drops Sid through it. After it’s all over, Sid gets back in the ring and argues with Jeff Jones. Jones ends up on the bad end of a powerbomb . . . BUH BUH RAY DUDLEY vs. TAZ — ECW WORLD TITLE: Buh Buh Ray Dudley taps out in the bloodiest match in recent memory . . .

MCW OWINGS MILLS 5/16/99 by Jeff Amdur (
A tag team regained the Maryland Championship Wrestling belts and the Owings Mills High School wrestling team was assured of a returning coaching staff as a result of what went on at the MCW card held at Owings Mills High School in Owings Mills, MD, on May 16. This event was held as a fund-raiser for the OMHS sports boosters.

Official paid attendance: 508. MCW commissioner: MR. JACK ADONIS. MCW communications director: PETE McDEVITT. Sound guy from BIG DADDY PRODUCTIONS. Ring announcer: STEVE VENTURELLA. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR. Referees for the evening: D. EDWARDS, BARRY ROBERTS, and JOHN RILEY. Taking pictures at ringside: TIM WALKER and Bonebreakers newest trainee “BIG SHOW” BERNIE DIEHL (who knows the names of the holds that I don’t). Indie manager BARRY CASINO was also spotted in the crowd.

Background: MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER, a former champion wrestler at Baltimore County rival Woodlawn High, had issued a challenge to the Owings Mills wrestling team’s coaching staff, head coach GUY PRITZKER and assistant JUSTIN OTT, to a match where if Shark and his partner DINO DIVINE won, they would become OMHS’s wrestling coaching staff for the 1999-2000 winter sports season. Shrader even went so far as to invade the OMHS cafeteria earlier in the week while Pritzker was on lunch duty, slapping him around in the process.

The card opened with JACK ADONIS’s opening announcements being interrupted, as usual, by STUD LEE, coming out for his interview segment. The interviewees—MARK SHRADER, DINO DIVINE and CUEBALL CARMICHAEL—ran down the Owings Mills coaches as well as Cueball’s scheduled opponent for the evening, GREGORY MARTIN.

MATCH 1: EARL “THE PEARL” pinned “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS in 5:31. It looked like Stevie was trying to maneuver Earl into a pinning combination when Earl went with the momentum and scored a sudden rollup for the pin on what seemed to be a faster-than-usual count.

MATCH 2: ROMEO VALENTINO pinned ADAM FLASH in 5:47. The match featured plenty of Adam’s flying high spots; but it was former MCW champ Valentino who hit a pump handle power slam (Thanks, Bernie) on Adam for the pin.

MATCH 3: CUEBALL CARMICHAEL (with DINO DIVINE) pinned GREGORY MARTIN in 7:49. As bodyguard Divine distracted the referee, MARK SHRADER ran in the ring and kicked Marty several times. Cueball was then able to easily hit Marty with the Q-digree (or is it the Q de grace?) and then cover for the pin.

MATCH 4: TOM BRANDI (with JIMMY CICERO) pinned “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ in 7:31. After Julio knocked the ref down by mistake and went to attend to him, Cicero ran into the ring; but Julio was able to turn around and hit Cicero with a clothesline. Unfortunately, when Julio turned back, Brandi was waiting with a knockdown punch after which he hit a full nelson body slam. Brandi then rolled up Sanchez for the pin with the aid of a handful of trunks.

MATCH 5: 2-DOPE & SYDESWYPE won back the tag-team belts they had lost two weeks ago at Teamster’s Hall by pinning BRUISER & “DOOMSDAY” DANNY ROSE in 6:53. 2-Dope clobbered Bruiser with a gold chain and then covered for the pin.

MATCH 6: In a three-way elimination bout, cruiserweight titleholder CHRISTIAN YORK retained his belt by scoring the pinfalls of both his opponents, first “RAMBLIN” RICH MYERS in 8:57 and then JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS (with PLATINUM NAT) shortly thereafter at the 9:06 mark.

MATCH 7: HEADBANGER MOSH held on to his MCW heavyweight title by pinning “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO (with ROMEO VALENTINO) in 7:35 in spite of continued interference by Romeo. The pin was preceded by Mosh delivering an inverted vertical suplex.

MATCH 8: In the match that all of Owings Mills High School was waiting for, GUY PRITZKER & JUSTIN OTT (with wrestling team manager SHARON LILLY) guaranteed their coaching berths for the next wrestling season by pinning MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER & DINO DIVINE (with CUEBALL CARMICHAEL) in 14:27. At the start, Pritzker (one of the leading high school coaches in the region) and his assistant Ott scored with basic scholastic wrestling maneuvers, surprising Shark and Dino. Ott had Shark in a pinning combination at one point but got up at the one-count thinking that this was a high-school match. With the help of some powder as well as from Cueball, Shrader and Divine went to work and pummeled the coaches with more “professional” maneuvers–stomps, body slams, clotheslines, suplexes and the like. After using amateur/scholastic wrestling maneuvers for most of the match, Pritzker surprised Shark by kicking him in the gut and then hitting a PritzKold stunner, which was followed by the pin of a shocked Shark.

MCW will have two more school shows at the end of this week—Friday, May 21 at Wheaton High and Saturday, May 22 at North Harford High—and will return to its home base of Teamsters Hall in Baltimore on Thursday, June 17.

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE CORPORATE MINISTRY arrives . . . X-PAC vs. D’LO BROWN w/IVORY: Ivory attacks X-Pac and gets her man DQ’d. Brown attacks X-Pac. Refs. come out and take D’Lo away . . . The Corporate Ministry comes to the ring. SHANE MCMAHON orders HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY into a match with STEVE AUSTIN on RAW. Shane says that ROCKY MIAVIA can’t wear a cast at the PPV. He orders the Rock into a casket match with THE UNDERTAKER on RAW . . . THE BROOD vs. DROZ & PRINCE ALBERT: DOK HENDRIX came down to get in the face of the Brood. The Brood go to give Hendrix a blood bath but THE HARD BOYS save him. In the back Dok says that he’s Michael and then is attacked by the Brood . . . ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES vs. HARDCORE HOLLY — HARDCORE MATCH: News comes that AL SNOW is not the WWF HARDCORE Champion since Snow covered Head with the Deer Head, the Deer head is the WWF Hardcore champion. Easy win for Road Dog with help from Al Snow. Holly attacks Snow after the match. Holly attacks the deer head after leaving Snow flat on the mat . . . Snow tries to get the WWF doctor to take care of his Deer . . . THE UNION over TOO MUCH & DOA. After the match THE MINISTRY comes out and try to attack, only to be fought off by the Union with 2x4s . . .

WWF Baltimore 5/15/99 by Jeff Amdur (
The World Wrestling Federation is in town tonight–May 15–and I make sure I’m at the Baltimore Arena just before 6 p.m. so I can get one of those parking spaces on Eutaw Street when the meters no longer have to be fed. I already have my $22.25 ($20 for the ticket, $.2.25 for the Hecht Co/TicketScalper “service charge” [Phtpthtpthtthhp!]) nosebleed seat way up in section 307, row D; but I would have been out of luck had I been looking for a ticket now. The show is a complete sellout, and I observe a scalper-type guy selling a pair of “ringside” seats to someone willing to pay almost $100 each for them. Oy!

I am joined up in nosebleedland by Jeremy Soria, who has come up from Virginia Beach to see the Preakness and has stayed for the card. I, on the other hand, grew up less than a mile from Pimlico Race Track and am a graduate of Pimlico Junior High School but have neither been to nor have ever had the desire to go to a Preakness. Jeremy promises not to resurrect his explanation of piercing of certain body parts. I, in turn, promise not to krechtz on him.

Crowd is a sellout, which I believe is in excess of 13,500 for wrestling. In spite of what Vince would make us believe about his demographics, I’d estimate that the crowd was about 60 percent kids or early teens. Ring announcer: HOWARD FINKEL. Timekeeper at the bell: HOWARD FINKEL, doing double duty. Referees for the evening: two of those interchangeable WWF refs who are definitely not Teddy Long or someone named Hebner. I’ll take a guess and say they are JACK DOAN and TIM WHITE. Or are they JIM CORDARIS and MIKE KIOTA?

The recording of the NATIONAL ANTHEM was played in 1:21.

MATCH 1: SCOTT TAYLOR & BRIAN CHRISTOPHER vs. MATT HARDY & JEFF HARDY: The Hardy Boyz prove to be much too much for the opposition, delivering the double top-rope leap onto Taylor before covering for the pin. Christopher had been planchad onto the floor right before this happened. HARDY BOYZ by pin fall in 7:10 in a match I wish would have gone much longer. As far as fast-paced action and high spots, this is the best match of the card.

MATCH 2: PRINCE ALBERT vs. TEST: After getting pulled around the ring by his ample chest and back hair, Al falls victim to a flying elbow off the top turnbuckle. TEST gets the pin in 6:16.

MARK HENRY, scheduled to face PAUL WIGHT later in the evening, comes out as he is serenaded by a “You [inhale]” chant from the crowd. After insulting the crowd, he insists that he isn’t “the Big Show” but rather “the Only Show”. He challenges Big Show to a slam match in which the first wrestler to slam his opponent wins.

MATCH 3: TERRY TAYLOR vs. KURT ANGLE: Poor Terry comes out to the rather embarrassing strains of the old “Red Rooster” music, complete with the opening chicken sounds. Terry has his problems in his match with the former Olympic champion. At one point, after a pin attempt in which the ref stops the count when he sees Taylor’s feet on the ropes for leverage, Terry argues with the ref and winds up being body-slammed by the ref for his troubles. Angle scores the pin after hitting a Russian leg sweep. ANGLE by pin fall in 12:04 in a match that the crowd doesn’t seem to be into very much.

MATCH 4: AL SNOW vs. BOB HOLLY: First the good news amidst much applause from the fans: Finkel announces that this is a hardcore match. Then, the bad news amidst much booing from the fans: Finkel announces that the Maryland State Athletic Commission has declared that the use of tables is prohibited. I notice that to emphasize this point, athletic commission member TOM KANARAS is patrolling the ringside area during most of the match. During the match we do, however, see the use of a fire extinguisher, several chairs, a cookie sheet (perhaps left over from a Chef D.Z. Gillespie match somewhere) and a hockey stick. Holly in particular has bad luck with the fire extinguisher, unable to get it to work until he looks down the nozzle and gets a self-zap. The chair finally proves to be Holly’s undoing. SNOW gets the pin in 13:44.

As GOLDUST and BLUE MEANIE come out for the next match, Goldie takes the mike and tells the crowd to shut up. Meanie then does his own version of Sable’s signature “To all the girls who want to be me, etc., etc.” line, complete with his own version of the grind.

MATCH 5, for the Intercontinental title: GOLDUST (with BLUE MEANIE) vs. GODFATHER (with three HO’s).


As the Ho’s follow the Godfather out, in the seat next to me, Jeremy Soria, a well-known practitioner of an “alternative” lifestyle, jumps out of his seat, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, to get a better look at the Ho’s. Hmmmm–maybe Jeremy might be one of us dreaded “straights” after all 😉


Goldust is so frustrated that at one point he tells Godfather that he’ll take the Ho’s. Godfather’s answer is a couple of kicks. At another point Goldie prepares powder to throw in El Pimpo’s eyes, but Pimpo kicks it in Dust’s face, after which the temporarily-blinded Goldust starts to attack Meanie, even to the point of giving him the shattered dreams. Godfather follows all this up with the pimp drop and a three-count. GODFATHER retains the I-C title with a pin in 5:40.

MATCH 6: “ROAD DOG” JESSE JAMES vs. OWEN HART (with DEBRA McMICHAEL). Roadie’s signature speech has a new twist as he says “…Degeneration X proudly presents to you the–I don’t have a title, just say–champion of the world–the Road Dog Jesse James, and Billy Gunn can kiss my [gluteus maximus]!” Debra comes out with her newly “won” WWF women’s title, and the chant of “puppies, puppies” is the loudest chant of the night so far as well as being the first chant where the adult voices outnumber the children’s. Before the match, Dog asks Debra to “show us your [mammary protrusions]” and lunges for her but Owen attacks Dog. A see-saw battle turns when TEST comes out and carries Debra over his shoulder back to the dressing room. Owen is distracted enough not to see a body slam coming. The body slam is followed by a three count. ROAD DOG by pin in 7:10.

Shills, shills, shills. “Stone Cold Metal” CD’s, belt replicas, framed photos of Steve Austin and of Sable, Road Dog t-shirts, the people’s T-shirt, and tickets to the next WWF show in Baltimore which will be on Thursday, July 29 with a 7:30 p.m. bell time.

MATCH 7, a mixed affair: JACQUELINE & VAL VENIS vs. IVORY & D-LO BROWN: Valboski’s monologue to the fans delivers a reminder that he is very similar to Evander Holyfield: “strong, hard, athletic, and packing a hell of an uppercut.” An oldie-but-goodie move in this match as Jackie delivers the old Gorilla Monsoon giant swing to Ivory. With D-Lo and Val fighting outside the ring, Jackie bulldogs Ivory and then pins her. JACKIE & VAL the victors in 9:55.

MATCH 8: KEN SHAMROCK (with TEST) vs. A DISCIPLE OF APOCALYPSE (with HIS TWIN BROTHER) (either 8-BALL accompanied by SKULL or SKULL accompanied by 8-BALL). Test comes out to keep things kosher after the twins perform their first switcheroo. SHAMROCK the winner with his submission ankle lock in 4:31.

MATCH 9: “SEXUAL CHOCOLATE” MARK HENRY (with D-LO BROWN) vs. “THE BIG SHOW” PAUL WIGHT: This is the slam challenge match, and BIG SHOW slams Choc in 1:19. He then chokeslams D-Lo for good measure.

MATCH 10: BIG BOSSMAN vs. ROCKY MAIVIA: The highlight of this match occurs as Rock and Bossman are fighting outside the ring. Rock grabs a fan’s camera, punches Bossman to the floor, takes a snapshot of the floored Bossman and then gives the camera back to the fan. A rock bottom and people’s elbow make Traylor trash of Bossman. THE ROCK by pinfall in 8:10.

ATCW Martinsburg 5/14/99 by Jeff Amdur (
An unfamiliar venue neither dampened the spirit of the fans nor prevented a new Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling champion from being crowned at the monthly ATCW card that was held at the Old Police Gym in Martinsburg, WV, on May 14.

The day before the card, the folks at the Berkeley County Multipurpose Center had informed promoter Mike Branson that due to a booking snafu, the wrestling show had to be moved to the new place but assured Mike that the Multipurpose Center would be available for all future shows. The ATCW folks worked overtime the day before to prepare the Old Police Gym for the card, even to the point of knocking out some dry wall.

Attendance estimated at an extremely loud 150-175. Doing play-by-play on the public address system: “BLATANT” BERNIE DIEHL. Bernie’s somewhat silent partner: the still-injured L.A. ROYALE. Ring announcer: MIKE DiMUZIO. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR. Referees for the evening: SCOTT STATER and VINCE BONO.

Also spotted among the spectators: Maryland Championship Wrestling’s “bodyguard for hire” DINO DIVINE.

MATCH 1: HELL BILLY OTIS & NICKY “DA BULL” FURY (“THE WEST VIRGINIA WRECKING CREW”) pinned AGENT ORANGE & TINY (with PINKY THE FLAMINGO KID) in 5:05. Nicky scored the pin after giving Agent Orange the Death Valley driver. After the match, Pinky and the 440-pound tiny turned on Agent and stomped the living kishkes out of him.

After the stomping subsided, out came KID EXTREME, arm in a cast from a shoulder injury I had seen him incur in a match in Palo Alto, P…, er, um, make that Mexico the previous Saturday. Kid Extreme had been scheduled to face Pinky on this card but could not do so because of the injury. He did, however, bring back from Mexico a luchador that had crossed paths with Pinky before: THE PURPLE HAZE. Apparently, Pinky had at one time lost his hair as a result of a stipulation in a match against Haze. Pinky protested, but ring announcer DiMuzio reminded him of the “card subject to change” language in his contract. Pinky had to wrestle. Out came Purple Haze, a masked luchador who is no relation to either Maniac Mark Lewin or Michael P.S. Haze. 😉

MATCH 2: PINKY THE FLAMINGO KID (with TINY) pinned PURPLE HAZE (with KID EXTREME) in 8:22. Pinky used a double leg takedown to segue into a pinning combination, with an assist from Tiny who held Purple’s feet so he couldn’t kick out.

Once again, some after-the-match brutality from the Pinky stable as Pinky and Tiny stomped on Haze until AGENT ORANGE made the save (real strange seeing AO in the good-guy role after over a decade of seeing Ol’ Pumpkinhead with bad-guy tactics. This will lead to a tag-team match on the next card with special stipulations: If Pinky or Tiny is pinned, both wrestlers will have their hair shaved off in mid-ring. Should Agent or Purple lose, they will have to remove their masks.

MATCH 3: MINISTER SINISTER pinned CHEF D.Z. GILLESPIE (with MELODY LaFLEUR) in 8:34 of a cookie sheet match (well, DiMuzio said it’s a cookie sheet match, Bernie said it’s a pastry tin match, you say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to, let’s call the whole thing off–oops, I’m digressing). Ref Stater was temporarily taken out of the picture when he got in the way of a charging Chef. This allowed Chef to hold up Minister so Melody could throw powder in Sinister’s face; but Minister ducked and Gillespie got the powder in his eyes. Minister then DDT’d Chef on the cookie sheet and got the pin.

MATCH 4: “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ pinned ARMAGEDDON in 8:42 after delivering a devastating sidekick. Non-stop action had the fans totally involved.

MATCH 5: CHRISTIAN YORK & PAUL MITCHELL pinned JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS & C.J. BROCK (with BARRY CASINO) in 14:35. Christian small-packaged Joey for the pin as C.J., trying to make the save, was tripped by Paul. Manager Casino wore his deep orange outfit tonight, prompting some fans in back of our table to remark that Barry bore a striking resemblance to the road work signs they put up on Interstate 81.

MATCH 6: TY STREET won by disqualification over CHAD AUSTIN (with SEAN NICE & STEVE LIGHTNING) in 8:45 after Nice and Lightning interfered. Nicky “da Bull” Fury and Hell Billy Otis came in to make the save.

MATCH 7: In a three-way affair, MORGUS THE MANIAC (with NURSE GRACE & MEDIC MAURICE) won the ATCW heavyweight championship over ex-champ PATCH (with BARRY CASINO) and DON ROTT (with BARRY CASINO) in 13:16. Both Casino charges ganged up on Morgus early, but Morgus, largely impervious to pain, made various comebacks. The end came when Patch took Barry’s cane to slug Morgus. Morgus ducked, Patch decked Rott by mistake and Morgus rolled up Rott for the pin and the title.

After the match, both Patch and Rott complained bitterly to ref Scott Stater, saying that how could Patch lose his title if he wasn’t the one who was pinned. The ref reminded them that the stip of the match was that the first pin would end it, that it wasn’t an elimination match. Rott then took the mike to issue a challenge for the next card to “any tag team out there” to see if they have the guts to face the Camp Casino duo of Patch “the true champion” and Rott “the best looking man around”.

MATCH 8: In the main event, former WWF and AWA tag-team champion MARTY JANNETTY pinned J.R. RYDER after delivering a flying fist off the top turnbuckle.

ATCW returns to its usual home, the Berkeley County Multipurpose Center on Friday night, June 18, with the usual 7 p.m. bell time, tentatively featuring a main event of TOM BRANDI vs. THE HONKY TONK MAN, with a possibility of CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO being in Brandi’s corner.

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE UNION and THE CORPORATE MINISTRY arrive . . . KANE vs. BILLY GUNN: ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES & X-PAC attack Gunn when Kane is trapped in the ropes. Road Dog and Gunn battle into the crowd. MARK HENRY & D’LO BROWN attack X-Pac and Kane . . . THE UNION are led to the ring by security guards. VINCE MCMAHON demands that SHANE MCMAHON & the Ministry come out. SHAWN MICHAELS appears on the TITONTRON. He orders STEVE AUSTIN to face THE UNDERTAKER w/SHANE MCMAHON as ref. at OVER THE EDGE to be changed to add VINCE MCMAHON as the 2nd special ref. For RAW he orders a lumberjack match between FAROOQ and BRADSHAW with THE UNION as Lumberjacks. He orders TEST vs. THE BIG BOSSMAN in a nightstick on a pole match. JERRY BRISCO & PAT PATTERSON vs. THE MEAN STREET POSSE — loser leaves the WWF. KEN SHAMROCK vs. CHYNA is also on his revised line up for tonight’s show. He also orders THE BIG SHOW vs. PAUL BEARER — with the stipulation that if any of the Ministry interferes — the Undertaker loses his shot at the WWF title. VISCERA & MIDIAN vs. CACTUS JACK. Finally, for the Women’s WWF title — SABLE vs. DEBRA in an evening gown match. If Sable fails to show, she loses the title. The main event will be THE UNDERTAKER, HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & SHANE MCMAHON vs. VINCE MCMAHON, STEVE AUSTIN & ROCKY MIAVIA — special ref.? Shane McMahon interrupts and says that he’s going to name the special ref. since Shawn isn’t in the building. Michaels says “not so fast” and has the security officers unmask. #1 is PAT PATTERSON, #3 is JERRY BRISCO & #2 is SHAWN MICHAELS. Michaels names himself the special ref. . . . PAUL WIGHT vs. PAUL BEARER: halfway through the match, Wight asks for permission to have THE UNDERTAKER join the match. The Undertaker comes out. The Corporate Ministry runs in. THE UNION makes the save . . . DEBRA vs. SABLE — WWF WOMEN’S TITLE — EVENING GOWN MATCH: VAL VENIS comes down. Sable rips off Debra’s gown while Debra looks at Val. NICOLE BASS follows Venis up the ramp and Venis runs right into a JEFF JARRETT guitar attack. MICHAEL COLE gets in toe ring to interview Sable. Shawn Michaels gets in the ring. Michaels says that the woman who gets her evening gown taken off should win — so he awards the belt to Debra . . . TEST vs. THE BIG BOSSMAN — NIGHTSTICK ON A POLE match: Test gets the night stick but Bossman uses a foreign object on TEST to get the pin . . . VAL VENIS says that DEBRA wants him and he wants JEFF JARRETT in a match tonight . . . CACTUS JACK vs. VISCERA & MIDIAN — HARDCORE HANDICAP MATCH: Jack pins Viscera . . . comments from CHYNA . . . a promo for STEVE BLACKMON . . . BRADSHAW vs. FAROOQ — LUMBERJACK MATCH: The Corporate Ministry come out and try to get the guys to stop wrestling. The Union chase everyone off except for Viscera, who they pummel with 2x4s . . . THE MEAN STREET POSSE fall to JERRY BRISCO & PAT PATTERSON in a loser leave town match . . . comments from KEN SHAMROCK. He says that he doesn’t feel comfortable with his match with CHYNA . . . VAL VENIS vs. JEFF JARRETT: Debra starts to strip as Val is on the top rope. Val goes after Debra. Val goes to kiss her and Jarrett takes the WWF Women’s title belt, clobbers Val over the head with it, and gets the pin . . . CHYNA vs. KEN SHAMROCK: Shamrock isn’t going to fight. Chyna hits shamrock 3 times. Shamrock goes to hit Chyna but Hunter attacks him. Shamrock snaps and belly to bellies Chyna . . . SHANE MCMAHON, HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY & THE UNDERTAKER vs. VINCE MCMAHON, ROCKY MIAVIA & STEVE AUSTIN: Austin pins Shane . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE CORPORATE MINISTRY arrives at the building. They lock the door to the building . . . THE ACOLYTES vs. X-PAC & KANE — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: THE UNION arrives outside the building during this match. BILLY GUNN attacks X-Pac outside of the ring. Kane runs after him. ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES comes out and becomes X-Pac’s partner. James gets pinned. The Ministry come in and destroy James and X-Pac. Outside the ring PAUL WIGHT rips the locked door off its hinges and the Union comes in to make the save . . . Kane returns to the ring and shoves everyone away from X-Pac then carries X-Pac back to the locker room . . . BILLY GUNN vs. VAL VENIS: DEBRA comes down to the ring and distracts Venis. Venis gets pinned. Kane comes back to destroy Gunn but Gunn throws Venis into a chokeslam. NICOLE BASS makes the save and gives Venis mouth to mouth . . . AL SNOW plays cards with his STAG head . . . HARDCORE HOLLY comes to the ring dressed as a referee. He has HEAD. Holly calls out Snow. Holly says that there’s a HARDCORE title match tonight with HEAD defending against Snow. Snow pins Head and regains the WWF Hardcore Title . . . comments from ROAD DOG . . . ROAD DOG vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: Billy Gunn attacked Road Dog. Kane comes down. Hunter, CHYNA & Gunn flee and Kane goes to attack Road Dog. X-Pac stops him . . . during the break Billy Gunn ran out of the arena to his car and drove off . . . MIDIAN vs. PAUL WIGHT: Wight destroys Mideon then THE UNDERTAKER appears on the TITONTRON to threaten Wight . . . DROZ w/PRINCE ALBERT vs. MEAT w/PMS: Prince Albert gets involved. PMS makes the save . . . ROCKY MIAVIA comes out and challenges HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY to a match at the next PPV. Hunter and the Ministry come out. Hunter attacks the Rock. The Ministry follows. THE UNION makes the save . . .

FWA Palo Alto, PA, 5/8/99 by Jeff Amdur (
Taking to the road yesterday, I spent the day visiting friends in Schuylkill Haven, PA, before journeying to the nearby town of Palo Alto to witness the quarterly wrestling show put on by the Future Wrestling Alliance, a relatively new group designed to showcase the talents of both regional wrestling stars and local performers from Schuylkill County.

Arriving at the Citizens Fire Hall, I immediately run into newlyweds CARRIE & ED ZOHN, who run the neighboring Lethal Arts Wrestling promotion. (Ed was the first promoter to put me to work as a timekeeper way back when, BTW). Ed was there to offer aid and encouragement to the FWA folks, many of whom are also associated with his promotion. Also there is TIM WALKER, taking pictures for various wrestling magazines. Also in the crowd is this strange-looking older guy with a bald head and a walrus mustache who seems intent early on to get in the wrestlers’ faces and disrupt the proceedings. I wind up sitting with the Zohns and some friends of theirs, one of whom is wearing a T-shirt designed by Carrie that contains the saying “I jobbed to GOLDBERG and all I got was this stupid T-shirt”. Speaking of t-shirts, Ed is wearing an oldie-but-goodie bearing the insignia of the 1991-1993 WIN promotion with which we were both heavily involved.

Attendance estimated at 450-500, a full house. FWA evil commissioner: erstwhile genial ring announcer DAN MORELAND. Ring announcer: DAVE NEISWENDER. Guest ring commentator: local disk jockey R.C. Timekeeper at the bell: JAMES TITUS. Referees for the evening: MIKE DiMUZIO and PAUL TURNER.

One down note for me, and about the only down note, consisted of the no-shows by the three Carolina-based wrestlers (Venom, Shannon Moore and Cham Pain) that had been booked for the card. The promoters have no idea why the three didn’t show up.

MATCH 1 (the SCHUYLKILL ELECTRONICS match): ROB NOXIOUS vs. LITTLE RUNNING BEAR. Rob quickly “endears” himself to the crowd by spraying water on the fans, first from a bottle and them from a supersoaker. Walrus Guy tries to attack Rob but is restrained by the security folks. The end comes as Rob misses a backflip off the top rope but recovers in time to bodyslam a charging Running Bear. Rob then conveniently finds a table under the ring and sets it up in the ring.. After putting Running Bear on the table, Rob does an elbow smash off the top rope, crashing the poor Native American through the table before pinning him. NOXIOUS by pin fall in 8:01.

We are then graced by a visit from evil commissioner DAN MORELAND, who comes out with his charge JAKE DANIELS as well as a briefcase with “$” emblazoned on it. He reiterates a challenge that he apparently made at the previous card to give $1000 to any wrestler who can beat Daniels. Guest ring commentator R.C. accepts the challenge. He says that since he is not a licensed wrestler and cannot get in the ring, he has engaged the services of Schuylkill County’s own “SHOCKWAVE” SCOTT JOHNSON to perform the task. Unfortunately for R.C., Johnson turns on him and clobbers him with the gloating Moreland’s briefcase. Moreland welcomes Johnson to his stable and the three of them proceed to punch out R.C. Moreland reminds the crowd to listen to Howard Stern in the morning instead of to R.C. Moreland issues the challenge once again.

MATCH 2: JAKE DANIELS (with DAN MORELAND & SCOTT JOHNSON) vs. KID EXTREME. Daniels hits punch, kick, power slam, and rock bottom, and pin. DANIELS gets a 30-second pin fall.

Moreland re-issues the challenge.

MATCH 3: JAKE DANIELS (with DAN MORELAND & SCOTT JOHNSON) vs. “STEELWORKER” DANA HINKLE. Daniels with backbreaker, powerbomb and pin. DANIELS gets an even faster pin here, lasting all of 19 seconds.

Moreland continues the challenge, and this time CHEF D.Z. GILLESPIE comes to accept; however, at the sight of the 400-pound-plus Chef, Daniels and his entourage decide to go to the back.

MATCH 4: (the RODDICK’S TOOLS & GIFTS match): TOMMY IDOL (with PAUL ADAMS) vs. MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER. By this time, Walrus Guy and his minions are so obnoxious and drunkenly violent in the crowd that they are escorted out of the Fire Hall by building security. The crowd applauds. Idol has the advantage in most of the early going, as he tries unsuccessfully to get Shark to submit to a Boston Crab and a sitting surfboard. Shark finally mounts an offense with an array of backflips, dropkicks and sit-ins. Mark goes to the top turnbuckle for a finisher but is crotched by manager Adams. Idol rolls up Mark for the pin, aided greatly by the fact that Adams is holding Shrader’s feet so he can’t kick out. IDOL gets the pin in 10:55.

Intermission finds a long line of fans lined up at ringside for pictures and autographs of MIKE QUACKENBUSH and THE CREMATOR.

The second half begins as R.C. takes the commentator’s mike and calls out SCOTT JOHNSON, promising to “take his [gluteus maximus] out of the ring”. As Johnson and his guru Moreland come to ringside, R.C. brings out Johnson’s challenger HIGH VOLTAGE.

MATCH 5: “SHOCKWAVE” SCOTT JOHNSON (with DAN MORELAND) vs. HIGH VOLTAGE (with R.C.). High Voltage, with black vinyl trunks and with no connection at all to the WCW tag team of the same name, gets the biggest pop so far of the night, with chants of “Voltage! Voltage” resonating throughout the match. I guess he’s the local version of Cheetah Master. There’s a 50-ish or 60-ish woman who comes to ringside holding a “High Voltage” sign aloft and taking tons of snapshots. Carrie and I figure she’s either Mother Voltage or Grandma Voltage [shrug]. I’ve never seen Voltage before. He’s a good worker, but his facial expressions seem to be incongruous with what is actually happening to him. There seems to be this sheepish smile on his face during the whole match, no matter whether he is dishing out punishment or being choked out of his electrical outlet. Odd, to say the least. HV gets R.C. a modicum of revenge on Moreland as he hits Johnson with a stunner and then covers for the pin. HIGH VOLTAGE with the pin fall in 6:35.

MATCH 6 (the RUMORS–WATCH MONDAY NIGHT RAW ON THEIR BIG SCREEN TV–match): JOHNNY RINGO vs. FLASH WHEELER. Ringo gets the pin when he rolls Flash up after dropping him squarely on his head. RINGO’s pin time is 9:44.

MATCH 7 (the ROCKY’S PIZZA–USE YOUR TICKET STUB FOR $1 OFF ANY SIZE PIZZA–TEXAS TORNADO tag team match): THE INTIMIDATORS (MARK MEST & MAXX CRIMSON) vs. THE CREMATOR & CHEF D.Z. GILLESPIE. Before the match, Mest shows the crowd a tabloid newspaper that headlines a story of a 4000-pound man and claims that the story is about the Chef. In this anything-goes match, a trash bag o’ weapons appears and we see used during the match the following: a cookie tin, a giant pizzeria spatula paddle, a 2×4, a giant hard-plastic tube that makes a hell of a lot of noise, an empty gasoline can, a computer keyboard replete with splattering keys, a telephone, a broom handle, a giant chain, and a second computer keyboard also replete with splattering keys. The final weapon is a vial of powder, which Crimson blows in Cremator’s face. Cremator is splashed by Mark and them pinned by Maxx. MEST & CRIMSON get the fall in 9:38.

Where was the Chef while Cremator was being double-teamed? He was somewhat involved on the outside as during the latter stages of the match, DAN MORELAND and company (JOHNSON & DANIELS) came to the commentator’s table to issue another challenge to R.C. The deejay responds by issuing a challenge for the next Fire Hall card (August 21, I believe) for a tag team match between JOHNSON/DANIELS and VOLTAGE/CHEF. This will be preceded by an arm-wrestling match between MORELAND and R.C., with the winner entitled to some as-yet-undisclosed special privileges during the tag match.

MATCH 8: (the BERTOLET VOLKSWAGEN–FEATURING SABLE FOR A MEET ‘N’ GREET ON MAY 20 FROM 7-9 PM–match) For the FWA championship: Champion “LIGHTNING” MIKE QUACKENBUSH vs. “DIRTY” DON MONTOYA (with PAUL ADAMS). I’m not sure whether this is Quack’s first match back since suffering that nasty head injury in Texas last month, but he seems to be looking fine. Montoya seems to be letting the crowd get to him with those chants of “Pork chop” and “Jenny Craig”. Quackenbush gets into high gear with a flying head scissors and sit-in, followed by a 2-count. Adams catches Quack coming off the ropes; but Montoya decides to choke Mike rather than go for the pin. Don hits a rompecojones but again doesn’t go for the pin, choosing rather to strut before covering for a 2-count as Quack drapes a foot over the rope. Quack’s attempt at another head scissors is countered by a Montoya power bomb and a 2-count. Montoya misses a top-rope splash and ends up rolling out of the ring to the floor where Quack meets him with a suicide dive. With the two back in the ring, Quack tries for a top-turnbuckle flying body press but is met by Montoya’s elbow; nevertheless, Quack gets another 2-count. Montoya recovers to deliver a vicious spinning body slam for a 2-count. Quack turns a sit-in off the top rope into a huracanrana and gets a 2-count. Montoya gets another 2-count after a back suplex; but Mike escapes before Don can deliver a follow-up power bomb. Mike jumps off the top turnbuckle and delivers a bulldog-type maneuver that he calls the Deja Vu DDT. He covers for the pin. Referee Turner counts to two before he is distracted by manager Adams. Montoya hits another back suplex. Quack recovers to punch out Adams before delivering a springboard huracanrana off the top turnbuckle, then rolling up Montoya for the 3-count. QUACKENBUSH keeps the title with a pin in 17:56. The two shake hands after the match.

WHAT YOU MISSED: a recap of the last few weeks worth of events . . .a recap of Flair in the “hospital” . . . SCOTTY RIGGS & MIKE ENOS fell to RAVEN & PERRY SATURN . . . a look at RODDY PIPER . . . a look at DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE . . . RICK STEINER over ERIC WATTS . . . another look at the set up to DDP vs. KEVIN NASH at the PPV . . . a look at CHARLES ROBINSON vs. GORGEOUS GEORGE . . . DISORDERLY CONDUCT fell to HORACE & BRIAN ADAMS . . . KANYON vs. REY MISTERIO JR.: CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO run in to attack Rey but are knocked out of the ring. Rey pins Kanyon. The Horsemen destroy both guys after the match . . . THE HORSEMEN over THE TEXAS HANGMEN . . . a look at the events from NITRO . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: RIC FLAIR in a limo with a muscled female nurse and ARN ANDERSON. A bus filled with Flair’s “Friends” from the mental hospital is driving beside the limo. Flair says he’s going back to Nitro . . . a look at events from last week’s Nitro . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . a look at GORGEOUS GEORGE training with MEDUSA . . . a look at the NITRO GIRLS’ WEBSIE . . . a replay of Ric Flair’s stay in the hospital . . . an interview with one of the drivers for WCW’S lame ass Motor Sports . . . SCOTT & STEVE ARMSTRONG fall to REY MISTERIO JR. & BILLY KIDMAN. DEAN MALENKO & CHRIS BENOIT attack Kidman & Misterio after the match. RAVEN & SATURN make the save. Kidman attacks Raven and gets DDT’d for his trouble. Saturn takes out Misterio with the DVD. The Horsemen return to destroy all 4 guys . . . ERNEST MILLER did the job for BUFF BAGWELL . . . DJ FLYING FISH returns . . . Flair’s limo arrives. Flair heads to the ring. Flair demands that STING, DALLAS PAGE, BILL GOLDBERG, RANDY SAVAGE & GORGEOUS GEORGE to come out. They don’t. Flair fires Savage again. Flair orders himself into a WCW WORLD TITLE match with DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE . . . RANDY SAVAGE with Flair’s contingent after the commercial. RANDY SAVAGE, MEDUSA, MS. MADNESS and GORGEOUS GEORGE come out. Flair fires Savage yet again. Flair calls for the police to take out Savage, Medusa and the gang but to leave Gorgeous George. Savage’s little group beats up security and are taken out. Flair holds George, who nearly loses her top. CHARLES ROBINSON yells at George. George attacks Robinson. Flair’s muscled Nurse attacks George. Can we just call this a bad nightmare? Security takes George off. Flair again orders himself into a WCW World Title match tonight. STING comes out. Sting punches Flair. Flair demands Goldberg to come down. Goldberg comes down and shoves Flair. Goldberg and Sting go at it and security try to pull them apart and fail. Ends with a wall of security & police trying to pull them apart . . . RIC FLAIR hires STEVIE RAY to take out KEVIN NASH . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . HAK was going to do the job to BAM BAM BIGELOW yet again but BRIAN KNOBBS attacked both guys. Why? I’m thinking someone missed their percidan . . . Stevie Ray approaches THE NWO BLACK AND WHITE and halves the price that Flair told him that they’d be paid for taking out Kevin Nash . . . one of Flair’s little friends from last week was in the bathroom . . . a look at RODDY PIPER . . . Flair’s little friend tells Nash about the plan . . . KONNAN over HORACE by DQ when the NWO Black and White attack Konnan. Kevin Nash saves Konnan . . . another one of Flair’s “friends” invades the control room . . . Ric Flair meets with DAVID FLAIR and Torrie. Flair thanks David for putting him in the “hospital.” Ric puts David in a match tonight. Ric puts David in a match with MENG as soon as David leaves then sends CHARLES ROBINSON to tell Meng that David was talking trash about him . . . RODDY PIPER arrives and attacks Flair in the back. Piper attacks a cop then puts a “Reality Check” T-shirt on Flair . . . Flair hires SCOTT STEINER to take out Nash . . . DJ WHOLESALE DISCOUNT with THE NITRO GIRLS . . . some sort of announcement from LEX LUGER & ELIZABETH is interrupted by “technical difficulties” . . . Scott Steiner attacks BUFF BAGWELL in the dressing room . . . DJ I SPIN FOR FOOD with THE NITRO GIRLS . . . MENG destroys DAVID FLAIR. Ric Flair comes out after the match and asks what happened to David. Ric gets in the face of Torrie as David is being stretchered out . . . a plug for the Nitro Girls web site . . . another look at Gorgeous George in training . . . GENE OKERLUND brings out DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE. DDP mugs his way through a heel interview . . . yo fly girls the hip hop is up it’s the NITRO GIRLS in the ring, worse than ever . . . CURT HENNIG wins over BOOKER T by DQ in a WORLD TV TITLE match when STEVIE RAY attacks Hennig. RICK STEINER attacks T after the match . . . RIC FLAIR vs. DDP — WCW WORLD TITLE: Savage &
Gorgeous George come to the ring when Flair has the figure four on DDP. George grab’s Flair’s hair and almost pops out of her top again. CHARLES ROBINSON runs her off. Savage throws the brass knucks to Page, Page clobbers Flair, another ref. counts the pin . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a recap of the UPN special from last week and last night’s HEAT . . . THE CORPORATE MINISTRY come out. SHANE MCMAHON says that he knows compassion for all the fans since they’re losers. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY disses ROCKY MIAVIA. THE UNDERTAKER threatens STEVE AUSTIN. McMahon says that VINCE MCMAHON has 2 hours to come to the ring and meet him. PAUL WIGHT, TEST, MANKIND & KEN SHAMROCK come out carrying 2x4s. Mankind says that they’ve formed a “UNION of PEOPLE YOU OUGHT to RESPECT SHANE” against Shane McMahon. They complain about treatment and payments. They head to the ring and attack the Ministry with 2x4s. The Ministry flees . . . BILLY GUNN vs. X-PAC: ROAD DOG comes down to save X-Pac and Gunn hits him over the head with a chair. KANE saves X-Pac . . . yelling is heard behind the office door of Shane McMahon . . . the Corporate Ministry come back to the ring. Shane McMahon announces that he’s changing the match line up tonight. VINCE, LINDA & STEPHANIE MCMAHON arrive. Shane orders THE BIG BOSSMAN, VISCERA & MIDIAN to face TEST in a 4 corners match. He orders MANKIND to face THE ACOLYTES in a handicapped HARDCORE match. He says that KEN SHAMROCK will face HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY with CHYNA as the ref. He says that THE MEAN STREET POSSE will take on PAT PATTERSON & JERRY BRISCO. He wraps up by ordering THE BIG SHOW to face THE UNDERTAKER and an evening gown match between DEBRA and SABLE. The loser strips to bra and panties. Hunter reminds Shane of something so he orders ROCKY MIAVIA to face STEVE AUSTIN. Hunter interrupts says that they’re too smart for that. So he orders that match to be a LUMBERJACK match with the lumberjacks being The Corporate Ministry. Then he decides that he has one more slot open. VINCE MCMAHON walks out with a microphone. Vince gets in the ring. Linda & Stephanie McMahon & 2 security guards come out. Vince tells Shane to stop. Shane refuses. Vince says that the family wont back him. Shane wants a one on one match. Vince refuses. Linda starts to say something and Shane stops her and tells her to shut up. The McMahons leave. Shane says that he was the mastermind behind the Undertaker abducting Shane. Vince snaps and the entire Ministry attacks him and leave him lying in the middle of the ring. Shane declares that the match is on for later . . . Stephanie and Linda ask Vince not to go to the ring. Vince orders them to go back to the hotel . . . THE MEAN STREET POSSE vs. PAT PATTERSON & JERRY BRISCO: Patterson & Brisco are awarded the match after the Posse runs off . . . McMahon & the Corporate Ministry regroup . . . The Corporate Ministry head to the back to look for Vince McMahon . . . TEST vs. THE BIG BOSSMAN, VISCER & MIDIAN: Test pins Mideon then all three men attack him. THE UNION makes the save . . . Hunter, the Undertaker & Shane McMahon come out of Vince McMahon’s office and leave Vince of the floor of the office . . . SHANE vs. VINCE MCMAHON: Shane comes to the ring and declares himself the winner. Vince staggers to the ring. Shane throws Vince into the ring and has the ref. start the match. A dazed Vince gets the pin after a Stone Cold Stunner . . . MANKIND vs. THE ACOLYTES — HARDCORE HANDICAP MATCH: BRADSHAW pins MANKIND after the Acolytes powerbomb Mankind through two steel chairs . . . KEN SHAMROCK vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY — CHYNA AS SPECIAL REF.: Shamrock hits with the ankle lock but Chyna rakes his eyes. Hunter tells Chyna to cover her eyes and he gives Shamrock a low blow. Later Shamrock has Hunter pinned but Chyna refuses to count. Shamrock gets the anklelock on and Chyna helps Hunter get to the ropes. Chyna and Shamrock argue and he goes to suplex her but Hunter makes the save. Chyna then low blows Shamrock to set up for Hunter’s pedigree and the pin . . . PAUL WIGHT vs. THE UNDERTAKER: the Undertaker douses his elbow pad with ether. He gets Wight in a sleeper and sticks the pad in Wight’s face. The Undertaker shatters a wooden baseball bat over Wight’s head and is DQ’d .
. . DEBRA vs. SABLE — EVENING GOWN MATCH: Sable appears on the TITONTRON and says that she’s too busy to be here tonight but her stunt double will take on Debra. NICOLE BASS comes out in an evening gown. Debra freaks. Debra takes her own dress off. Nicole goes to chokeslam Debra but JEFF JARRETT comes out and hits Bass over the head with a guitar. VAL VENIS saves Nicole. Then he carries Debra to the dressing room . . . during the commercial break Jarrett attacks Venis in the back . . . STEVE AUSTIN vs. ROCKY MIAVIA — THE CORPORATE MINISTRY AS LUMBERJACKS: The Lumberjacks attack The Rock & Austin. Vince McMahon leads THE UNION out to make the save. The dressing room empties to help the Union. Hunter and the Undertaker get Austin and the Rock on the stage. Austin accidentally knocks the Rock off the stage. The Undertaker throws Austin off the railing and through a table onto the floor. We end with Austin & the Rock unconscious on the floor . . .

As I write this it’s been two weeks since the Death of Owen Hart. To be honest with you, I haven’t been able to watch wrestling in a couple of weeks. I’ve been too busy and really, a lot of my passion about the sports just drained when Owen died.

May 24 was the last day of a 3 day weekend for me out of town and off-line. I went to the Chiller Theatre Horror Convention in New Jersey for the weekend. We tried to get a phone line to connect with my laptop but the hotel wanted too much for a deposit to activate the phone so I couldn’t get on-line. On the drive home I was thinking about the PPV and how I’d probably miss the first show and have to catch the 2nd show or the Tuesday replay.

I got home and was exhausted. I caught up on my mail once I got home and fell asleep. Oblivious. I was going to get the PPV that Tuesday now and that’s the last thing I thought about before going to bed.

The next morning I had to get up early to return my rental car. My mom went with me to give me a ride home and once I got in her car after dropping off the rental, she asked if I heard about the wrestler who had died. “Owen something.” I was shocked. How? Why? Where? When? She said he died in a fall at the PPV. A news report came on the radio almost immediately afterwards and my jaw just fell open.

The world stopped, to tell you the truth.

Suddenly, It was 1997 again. I went away for a weekend in early October, a really horrible weekend in hindsight, couldn’t sign on, and came home only to find that Hart Foundation member Brian Pillman was found dead the day before. It was scary how my mind went back to that.

I was never a big Owen Hart fan. He had his ups and his downs with me but that Monday I was just in shock. I found myself walking around in a daze when we stopped at Walmart on the way home and ended up at a movie theatre seeing star wars in a daze that afternoon, not knowing where I was or how I go there, because I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t stay at home and I couldn’t work and I didn’t know what to do.

In the past two weeks I haven’t been able to face this whole thing or what to say. I couldn’t work for a couple of days after hearing of his death. I didn’t know why I took it that hard. I just sort of moped around and did nothing for three days. Once I could work again, I put up a dedication page featuring other people’s tributes in the area that I’m doing for my job ( — select wrestling from the list), and I started work on the Ring Report web site again (

I had to reformat a lot of the old Ring Reports to do the web site. When I started doing this back in 1993 I had to constrain each report to a 70 column format because the old DOS software for Compuserve couldn’t handle more than 70 characters or so per line. I’d spend hours reformatting it to constrain to the 70 columns and now that we’re putting them all on the web I have to do the reverse, and get rid of the 70 columns. Line by line, take out a hard return, put in a space and make sure the lines line up.
In doing 40 or 50 reports this weekend there’s one thing they all had in common — Owen Hart was listed. Week in, week out, he was there. From the main event to mid-card, to even starting the show. Owen was in nearly every WWF Raw result we’ve had for a couple of years now. He was constant. It didn’t matter where he was on the card, Owen was always there doing a part. From tag teaming to Jeff Jarrett and Jim Neidhart, to being involved in the Hart Foundation, his King of the Ring win, “the Slammy Award Winning” Owen Hart, the Blue Blazer, the New Foundation, the scary incidents with Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels, report after report featuring Owen.
He was the stability of the WWF. Always there, always up to something and I think that’s one of the reasons I took this so hard and miss him so much. I think that in doing results here I’ve written about him in results more than just about any else in the past five years. It’s hard to know that I won’t be writing his name again in a win or a loss or an interview, or a funny spot as the Blazer. I miss him.

My heart goes out to his family, to his fans and to everyone he touched.

Rest in peace, Owen.


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