The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #54, July 25, 1999

The Ring Report TV Update, Vol. 4, Issue #54, July 25, 1999
ATCW Martinsburg 7/23/99 by Jeff Amdur (
A table-aided title change in a bloody championship match, and a superb effort from two high-flying cruiserweights highlighted the monthly card of Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling that was held at the Berkeley County Multipurpose Center in Martinsburg, WV, on July 23.

Attendance estimated at 250-300, in spite of the fact that ticket buyers were informed at the door by promoter MIKE BRANSON that main-event participant Jake Roberts had no-showed. The folks didn’t seem to mind one bit, as they were really into all the matches. Sponsoring the event: ANTHONY’S PIZZA. Ring announcer, back after a recent heart attack: MIKE DiMUZIO. Doing play-by-play with Mike at ringside: BERNIE “BUPBABUPBABUPBABUP” DIEHL. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR. Referees for the evening: VINNIE “THE GODFATHER” GAMBINI and JACEY NORTH.

Taking ringside pictures for the print media: TIM WALKER. Taping the proceedings from ringside: the FWA’s MIKE BURNS. Two other representatives from the PA-based FWA, “DAREDEVIL” DAVE NEISWENDER and JIM TITUS, were taping the proceedings and doing commentary for a tape that eventually will be for sale. Other promoters on hand to witness the proceedings: JIM KETTNER of the ECWA and BLAINE DeSANTIS of PCW. Also spotted in the crowd: IPWA ring announcer (and the p.a. voice of the Wizards, Mystics and Capitals) KEVIN CARSON, PCW ring announcer MATT DeSANTIS, and soon-to-be WCW star JOEY MATTHEWS.

MATCH 1: C.J. BROCK pinned NICKY “DA BULL” FURY in 6:39 after delivering the Brockbuster.

After the match, number-one title contender and former champ PATCH came to ringside, accompanied by his manager BARRY CASINO. Patch, who had been booked for a tag-team match later in the evening, reiterated his claim from last month that he should still be the champion, since he was not the one pinned in the three-way title dance from two months ago. Noting that champion MORGUS THE MANIAC now had an open contract for his title defense tonight, he challenged Morgus to a no-disqualification, falls-count-anywhere match. The match was set up, and Patch was removed from the tag team booking.

MATCH 2: TY STREET pinned “THE GHETTO SUPERSTAR” DON MONTOYA in 7:00. Ty recovered from a Montoya senton splash to stun Montoya with the Ty-i-kaze and cover for the pin. Montoya was so disoriented at the end of the match that he walked back to the dressing room thinking he had won the match.

MATCH 3: STEVE JOHNSON (with BLACK WIDOW, SEAN NICE & L.A. ROYALE) pinned MINISTER SINISTER in 6:09. Before the match, Nice and Royale attacked the Minister, and ref Gambini ordered them back to the lockers. The end came when, with Black Widow distracting the ref, Johnson (the artist formerly known as STEVE LIGHTNING) chair-shotted the Minister and covered for the pin. After the match, Minister returned the chair shot and then did the pile driver on Johnson onto the chair.

MATCH 4: “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ pinned J.R. RYDER in 11:03. When Ryder tried to put the figure four on Julio, Sanchez instead rolled him up for a 3-count.

Before the next match, play-by-play guys BERNIE DIEHL and MIKE DiMUZIO noticed that this was the first card in a while where a certain Pillsbury doughboy-like wrestler had not been booked. Hearing his name mentioned, out came CHEF D.Z. GILLESPIE with MELANIE LaFLEUR to pick an argument with the hapless announcers. Chef said the reason he wasn’t on the card tonight was that nobody had the guts to face him. He demanded competition for next month.

MATCH 5: CHAD AUSTIN (with BLACK WIDOW, L.A. ROYALE & SEAN NICE) pinned “THE ALL-AMERICAN” JEFF PETERSON in 14:36 in a fast-paced match, filled with high spots. Before the match, Chad laid claim to the “Western States Intercontinental Hardcore Cruiserweight Championship”. The flying wasn’t limited to the ring, as they went into the crowd to deliver various dives and ranas onto each other. Austin at one point delivered a particularly-wicked Asai moonsault over the top rope onto Peterson on the floor. Jeff seemed to finally get the upper hand after a top-rope huracanrana and a frog splash; but Chad kicked out. Jeff then put on the dragon sleeper; but the ref was being distracted by Royale. This allowed Nice to run in and clobber Jeff. Chad covered, but Jeff kicked out. Jeff then missed with a moonsault, enabling Chad to finally get a 3-count. Hopefully, we’ll see a rematch somewhere down the road–or up the road :).

MATCH 6: ARMAGEDDON pinned “THE MADMAN FROM THE BADLANDS” GLENN OSBOURNE in 5:19, largely due to interference from J.R. RYDER, who distracted the ref long enough for Armageddon to clobber Glenn with a chain. He threw the chain out of the ring, where Ryder grabbed it and hid it from the ref, who made the 3-count.

MATCH 7: In an all-heel handicap match, NATION’S BADDEST CREATIONS (SEAN NICE & L.A. ROYALE, with AL BINO & BLACK WIDOW) won by disqualification over DON ROTT (with BARRY CASINO) in 15:32. Rott was left to face NBC alone, as his scheduled partner Patch had been re-booked in the title match against Morgus. After holding his own for a large part of the match, Rott eventually fell victim to being outmanned. When C.J. BROCK ran in to attack NBC, the ref dq’d Brock. After the match, Brock was formally welcomed into Camp Casino.

Before the next match, bodyguard for hire DINO DIVINE came into the ring and announced that his purpose here tonight was the ensure that the WCW-bound CHRISTIAN YORK would not “get to Atlanta in one piece”. He talked about the discussions he had with his “boyfriend, er., [he means] good friend, JIMMY CICERO”. That Freudian slip was all that was needed to set the crowd off with raucous chants of “[person of same-sex persuasion]! [person of same-sex persuasion!]” The way in which Cicero and Divine eventually interacted in the ring did nothing to dispel the crowd’s suspicions.

MATCH 8: In one of his last indie appearances, CHRISTIAN YORK survived early double-teaming to pin “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO (with DINO DIVINE) in 8:48. York ducked a Cicero charge, and Jimmy wound up clotheslining “boyfriend” Dino by mistake. Christian followed with a superkick to Cicero and a top-rope cross-body onto both lov…, um, I mean, opponents. He then covered Cicero for the pin.

MATCH 9: In perhaps the most “extreme”, bloody match that ATCW fans had ever seen, PATCH (with BARRY CASINO) re-gained the heavyweight title from MORGUS THE MANIAC (with NURSE GRACE & MEDIC MAURICE) with a pin in 14:44. Match stipulations mandated no dq, falls-count-anywhere. At one point, Morgus’s face was smashed into a pillar. Morgus came out of that exchange fine; but the pillar was left with a deep impression about the size of Morgus’s face. The two guys’ brawling eventually sent the three of us at the ringside table scattering. A Patch dive crashed Morgus through the table, after which Patch covered for the pin. Morgus complained to the ref that there had only been a 2-count (seemed to me to be a 3-count) and demanded a five-minute extension or a rematch.

ATCW will return to the Multipurpose Center on Friday, August 20, with the usual 7 p.m. bell time. Already signed for the card is GEORGE “THE ANIMAL” STEELE. Keep tuned to these boards for further information, and keep on the watch for the ATCW website, which is in the planning stage.

From Jeff the ATCW timekeeper

WHAT YOU MISSED:KAZ HAYASHI fell to VAN HAMMER . . . LENNY LANE & LODI are worried about something . . . a look at DENNIS RODMAN getting into it with RANDY SAVAGE from NITRO . . . BRANDI ALEXANDER fell to MISS MADNESS . . . a MEGADETH video featuring BILL GOLDBERG . . . CURT HENNIG vs. CHASE TATUM: Hennig gets the win when SWOLL accidentally hits Tatum with a heart punch . . . a look at STEVIE RAY attacking THE TRIAD on NITRO . . . JUVENTUD GUERRERA & PSYCHOSIS fell to EDDY GUERRERO & REY MISTERIO JR when Misterio pinned Psychosis . . . a look at WCW guys on ARLI$$ . . . RANDY SAVAGE, GORGEOUS GEORGE & MS. MADNESS come to the ring. Savage fires MEDUSA. He strips Ms. Madness of her title. He wants her to beg for her job. She doesn’t. He says “Mona, your fired.” So she’s fired. He wants DENNIS RODMAN in a match and he wants KEVIN NASH . . . RICK STEINER over SICK BOY . . . a video for BERLYN . . . a look at Rick Steiner vs. HORACE HOGAN from NITRO followed by a look at Hollywood Hogan vs. SID VICIOUS from Nitro . . . KEVIN NASH on the phone. He says he’s sitting with a buddy of his that he’s known for 9 years in and out of the ring. The guy will be his mystery partner against Hollywood Hogan & a Mystery Partner . . . a look at STING vs. RIC FLAIR from Nitro . . . LENNY LANE & LODI fell to SID VICIOUS . . . a look back at DEAN MALENK vs. RIC FLAIR from an earlier NITRO . . . DEAN MALENKO vs. RIC FLAIR w/AYSA: PERRY SATURN & CHRIS BENOIT stop Flair from walking out. THE TRIAD attack Benoit & Saturn. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE attacks Malenko, gets shoved off and is shoved into Aysa, but Flair recovers to roll up Malenko from behind for the pin . . .

WCW NITRO 7/19/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: SCOTT HUDSON is the new host of the show with BOBBY HEENAN . . . a look at RIC FLAIR as president of WCW . . . SID VICIOUS came out ad ranted on the microphone. I don’t speak Sid. Fastforward . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . FIT FINLAY comes to the ring. JIMMY HART appears on the WCWOTRON and taunts him with the Hardcore trophy. Finlay runs out the street to get Hart but is jumped by THE FIRST FAMILY . . . LODI & LENNY LANE are with JJ DILLION. Their big secret is that they’re brothers. They sign new WCW contracts . . . GENE OKERLUND brings out HOLLYWOOD HOGAN. Fastforward. He’s going to take on KEVIN NASH at Road Wild but he’ll take on SID VICIOUS first . . .a look at STING vs. RIC FLAIR . . . LODI fell to NORMAN SMILEY . . . DJ Whatever . . . ERIC BISCHOFF joins the broadcast team. I fastforward as we look at Sting vs. Ric Flair again . . . STING vs. RIC FLAIR w/ARN ANDERSON, AYSA & CHARLES ROBINSON as ref for control of the WCW: Volume is off. I can’t take Bischoff or Hudson. After a ref. bump ERIC BISCHOFF runs into the ring and declares Sting the victor when he was Flair in the Scorpion. Sid becomes my hero my returning to destroy Sting and powerbomb Bischoff. HOLLYWOOD HOGAD makes the save . . . RICK STEINER over HORACE HOGAN in a WCW WORLD TV TITLE match. After the match KEVIN NASH & Steiner destroy Horace. Hollywood Hogan makes the save . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . PSYCHOSIS fell to EDDY GUERRERO. After the match THE LUCHADORES attack Guerrero. REY MISTERIO JR. makes the save . . . STEVIE RAY with VINCENT & BRIAN ADAMS in the locker room. He says he wants to end THE TRIAD. He asks them to watch his back. They want to know if he’s NWO or HARLEM HEAT . . . THE TRIAD do their pointless thing on the microphone. It turns into STEVIE RAY vs. KANYON. The Triad attacks Ray after Ray pins Kanyon. No NWO. BOOKER T makes the save . . . ROBERT WHUL makes an appearance as ARLI$$. Big deal . . . RANDY SAVAGE w/GORGEOUS GEORGE & MS. MADNESS. Savage declares that he’s running for President of the United States. He wants BILLY KIDMAN. Ms. Madness accidentally dropkicks Savage halfway through the match. Savage comes back, however, and attacks the ref. for no apparent reason. He does the top rope elbow twice on Kidman. DENNIS RODMAN comes out for no apparent reason and attacks savage with a bag. ARLI$$ gets into the ring and tells Rodman that he can’t do this. Gene Okerlund tries to talk to both guys. Rodman, who has multiple nose piercings, doesn’t talk or can’t talk or whatever. It’s a major mess. MEDUSA returns and goes after Ms. Madness. Why? Rodman leaves. No one cares . . . KONNAN vs. VAMPIRO rematch. Konnan wins by DQ when THE INSANE CLOWN POSSE & RAVEN come in. Thle Posse attacks Konnan and lay him out. Rey Misteiro Jr. tries to make the save but is taken out . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . a recap of how HOLLYWOOD HOGAN won the WCW WORLD TITLE . . . BUFF BAGWELL comes out dressed as ERNEST MILLER with one of the NITRO GIRLS dressed as SUNNY ONNO and another Nitro Girl for no apparent reason. Ugg. Fastforward. The real Ernest & Sonny come out and attack the fake ones. The Real attacks Buff with his big red shoe . . . PERRY SATURN & CHRIS BENOIT vs. CURT HENNIG & BARRY WINDHAM: Ends with THE WEST TEXAS REDNECKS attacking Saturn & Benoit. DEAN MALENKO tries to make the save but is taken out. SHANE DOUGLAS hits the ring and makes the save . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . another look at how Hollywood Hogan became the champ last week . . . SID VICIOUS vs. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN — WCW WORLD TITLE: worst match of the night. I get bored. KEVIN NASH runs in and attacks Hogan. Sid is DQ’d. STING makes the save but is taken out (hey it’s a trend!) by RICK STEINER. BILL GOLDBERG makes the ubersave . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at the history between STEVE AUSTIN & VINCE MCMAHON . . . Vince McMahon is wheeled to the ring in a wheel chair. He says this will be STEVE AUSTIN’S last RAW as WWF Champion. Vince guarantees that Austin will lose the title to THE UNDERTAKER. Vince says that he’ll place the Undertaker’s career on the line in the PPV match. Undertaker objects. He says that he’ll win the WWF title for himself and not for Vince. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY pulls the Undertaker away from Vince. Hunter says that Vince can’t trust the Undertaker. He wants a shot at Austin instead of the Undertaker at the PPV. The Undertaker objects. Vince puts them in a match tonight with the winner getting the shot at Austin and the loser getting a shot at ROCKY MIAVIA. Austin drives a blood mobile into the arena and taunts McMahon . . . ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES vs. CHYNA — DOG COLLER MATCH: No match. BILLY GUNN immediately runs in and attacks Road Dogg. They then hang him over the ropes by the chain. X-PAC makes the save. Why even have them in a ring when the match is THIS short? Blech . . . Vince & SHANE MCMAHON meet with HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY . . . SHANE MCMAHON & THE MEAN STREETS POSSE come to the ring. McMahon says he wants to apologize to STEPHANIE MCMAHON and calls her out. In the back, TEST doesn’t want her to go. She says she’ll be okay and she goes to the ring. Shane apologizes and blames TEST for everything. he says that JOEY ABS wants Stephanie back. She slaps Joey Abs for trying to touch her and she storms to the back. Shane says that she had her chance and now he’ll stop at nothing “for her happiness” . . . a look at the announcement that JESSE VENTURA will be a ref. at SUMMERSLAM . . . DROZ & PRINCE ALBERT vs. THE ACOLYTES vs. VAL VENIS & THE GODFATHER vs. THE HARDY BOYS — WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE ELIMINATION MATCH: 1) Prince Albert fell to BRADSHAW, 2) Bradshaw fell to Venis after being hit in the head with the Godfather’s cane, 3) MATT HARDY pinned Val Venis with help from MICHAEL HAYES . . . JEFF JARRETT & DEBRA come to the ring. Jarrett puts down STEVE AUSTIN. Jarrett goes on to defend his title against CHRISTIAN. Jarrett got a bloodbath when the lights went out then brawled with EDGE . . . BILLY GUNN vs. ROCKY MIAVIA: CHYNA hits The Rock with a steel chair when he’s setting up to do the People’s Elbow. Gunn gets the win with the famouser . . . Helmsly kisses up to Vince in the back . . . THE BIG BOSSMAN vs. AL SNOW w/HEAD: Bossman handcuffs Snow to the ropes then beats him with a nightstick. No match . . . EDGE & D’LO BROWN over MIDION & GANGREL . . . TEST vs. STEVE BLACKMON: THE MEAN STREETS POSSE attack Test, DQ of Blackmon (but of course), big attack. The Posse Holds down Test while Shane McMahon slaps him. KEN SHAMROCK makes the save with a baseball bat . . . HARDCORE BOB HOLLY & PAUL WIGHT vs. KANE & X-PAC: THE UNDERTAKER comes in and attacks X-Pac. Kane sees the replay and chokeslams the Undertaker. He takes X-Pac away . . . THE UNDERTAKER vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: STEVE AUSTIN attacks the Undertaker, match is thrown out. THE ROCK attacks Hunter. The Rock and Hunter go out into the crowd. Austin locks the Undertaker in the blood mobile and goes after Vince. Austin attacks Vince with the smoking skull belt and Vince bleeds. Austin signs the contract for the title match at the PPV. PAUL BEARER releases the Undertaker. The Undertaker attacks Austin in the ring with a beer can. He rips Austin in the face with the can and Austin bleeds. Austin falls on McMahon, the Undertaker considers both, walks into the ring and takes the Smoking Skull title belt . . .

ECW HEATWAVE ’99 7/18/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: PULP FICTION opens the PPV . . . JOEY STYLES welcomes us to Heatwave 1999 . . . DANNY DORING & ROADKILL w/an unnamed beautiful girl vs. NOVA & CHRIS CHETTI: Doring proposes to the girl before the match and she says “yes.” He doesn’t have a ring so he uses a birth control device instead. Chetti is now doing a BUFF BAGWELL type character. Chetti does a Ricky Martin dance routine in the middle of the match. Doring’s girl bumps and grinds with him. Nova stops it. The girl goes to slap Nova but hits Chetti. Chetti suplexes her. Doring clotheslines both. Nova & Chetti come back to pin Roadkill . . . a look at the events leading to TAZ vs. YOSIHIRO TAJIRI . . . a segment with the guys from the . . . JASON vs. JAZZ: for those who don’t know, Jazz was the girl who used to come to the ring with JUSTIN CREDIBLE & JASON. Jazz gets the win with THE JAZZ SINGER . . . CYRUS comes out to do color commentary . . . SUPER CRAZY over LITTLE GUIDO . . . Joey Styles & Cyrus announce that ECW will be on THE NASHVILLE NETWORK on Fridays at 8 PM ET starting Aug. 27th . . . SPIKE DUDLEY & BALLS MAHONEY vs. THE DUDLEY BOYS — ECW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: they let BUH BUH RAY DUDLEY go off on people on the microphone. Well I guess there goes the TNN deal. What was PAUL E. thinking? Buh Buh goes outside the ring and throws a cup of soda in a fan’s face. This is just stupid. Then they let Joel Gertner on the microphone. Are we SURE that TNN Saw this before they signed a deal? I notice the small children in the front row. Oy vey. Eventually the match starts. Ends in a pin attempt by both teams, with the ref. declaring that Spike & Balls are the champions. In another disturbing twist, the JOEL GERTNER is unmasked to have no facial burns. Then the Dudleys light 2 tables on fire. Buh Buh misses the first time he tries to put Balls Mahoney through a table and has to try to relight it. Spike Dudley goes through a table just fine. Incredibly lame and dangerous. NEW JACK’S music starts up. New Jack hits the ring with a shopping cart filled with garbage. He takes out both Dudleys . . . September 19th is the next PPV, it’s called “ANARCHY RULEZ” . . . TOMMY DREAMER & FRANCINE head to the ring. Dreamer’s time off has given him boobs almost as big as Francine’s pre-surgery. He attacks the WWF and WCW PPVs. He praises the wrestlers, but not the shows. He goes over the Nashville Network announcement. He thanks the fans for their support. Dreamer says he has something else. He breaks down. RHINO wheels JACK VICTORY to the ring. They’re followed by STEVE CORINO. Corino calls Dreamer a has-been and that Dreamer’s career is over. Corino wants Dreamer to lie down in the ring so he can say he was the guy who retired Dreamer. Dreamer refuses. Corino attacks Dreamer. Dreamer takes Corino’s best shots then attacks Corino. Francine gives Corino the Bronco Buster. She follows it up with a swinging DDT and the ref. counts a three count. YOSIHIRO TAJIRO hits the ring and attacks Dreamer and Francine. Jack Victory & Rhino come in and hold Francine to watch as Tajiri destroys Dreamer. TAZ makes the save . . . YOSHIHIRO TAJIRI vs. TAZ — ECW WORLD TITLE: Taz wins by tap out when Taz puts the Tazmission on Tajiri outside the ring with barbed wire around the Tajiri’s throat . . . JUSTIN CREDIBLE & LANCE STORM vs. ROB VAN DAM & JERRY LYNN: Joey Styles dedicates the match to Van Dam’s wife SONJA, who is recovering from a jet-ski accident. Lynn pins Storm with a tombstone after Storm is stunned by a Van Daminator. SABU, Van Dam & Lynn brawl after the match . . . a recap video took us out . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: THE UNDERTAKER comes to the ring and says that he’ll be the new champion at the PPV. He claims to have reunited with KANE. On cue, the lights go out and KANE comes to the ring and they leave together . . . ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES vs. JEFF JARRETT — IC TITLE MATCH: Jarrett brings the IC title belt into the ring. James grabs it and goes after him. Jarrett throws the ref. into a swing by Road Dogg. 2nd ref. comes in and DQ’s Road Dogg. BILLY GUNN & CHYNA jump Road Dogg. Chyna puts a steel chain around her fist and goes to work on him with it. X-PAC makes the save . . . D’LO BROWN vs. GANGREL: Gangrel spit blood in the face of D’Lo while the ref. was distracted, Gangrel wins by pinfall. MIDEON attacks D’Lo, EDGE makes the save . . . ROAD DOGG with TERRY TAYLOR. He wants CHYNA in a dog collar match on RAW . . . X-PAC vs. “THE BIG SHOT” BOB HOLLY: Holly says he can’t wrestle this match because he’s a super heavyweight and X-Pac isn’t in his weight class. X-Pac attacks him. Holly hits X-Pac with a chair to get DQ’d. KANE comes to the ring. Kane chokeslams Holly. PAUL WIGHT comes out. X-Pac takes out Wight with a chair. THE UNDERTAKER comes out. Kane leaves. Wight chokeslams X-Pac . . . KEN SHAMROCK w/JERRY LAWLER. Shamrock challenges STEVE BLACKMON to a Iron Circle match at the PPV . . . a look at the announcement that JESSE VENTURA will be a guest ref. at SUMMERSLAM . . . THE ACOLYTES vs. DROZ & PRINCE ALBERT: MICHAEL HAYES brings out THE HARDY BOYS to watch the match. VAL VENIS & THE GODFATHER come out. The Hardy’s brawl with Venis & Godfather. Ref. TEDDY LONG is on the other side of the ring as Price Albert takes RON SIMMONS’ foot out from under it and holds it from outside the ring for a pin by Droz . . . PAUL WIGHT vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: THE UNDERTAKER & KANE interfere, match is thrown out, Paul Wight clears the ring . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: VAMPIRO over VAN HAMMER but Hammer destroys him after the match . . . RICK FULLER over SICK BOY . . . FIT FINLAY, DAVID TAYLOR & STEVEN REGAL vs. SWOLL, BRAD ARMSTRONG & CHASE TATUM: please note that I’m fast forwarding through this crap. I’m not taping this. I see no point in remembering the whole MASTER P angle next month, next year, or in 20 years. Though the Master P army dudes sorta remind me of the immortal team of JACKO VICTORY & RIP MORGAN. The match? Swoll pins Taylor after a heart punch. I don’t care . . . a recap of STING vs. DAVID FLAIR on NITRO . . . BOBBY EATON does the job to DAVID FLAIR. See previous comments. I’ll remember Bobby Eaton in 20 years. I hope to god I don’t remember David Flair . . .a look at Konnan vs. Vampiro and other Nitro “thrills” . . . MIKEY WHIPWRECK does the job to BILLY KIDMAN. I could care about this match but I don’t. I’m into a 14 tape catch up session and poor Mikey was old 3 years ago. I’m sorry that the national tv audience has to see him like this . . . a recap of HOLLYWOOD HOGAN defeating RANDY SAVAGE for the WCW WORLD TITLE on NITRO . . . the I HATE RAP video . . . THE TRIAD vs. CURT HENNIG & BARRY WINDHAM goes to a no-contest . . .

WCW NITRO 7/12/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: a recap of last week’s NITRO . . . GENE OKERLUND in the ring. He announces that RANDY SAVAGE defeated KEVIN NASH for the WCW WORLD TITLE last night at the PPV. He brings out Savage. Savage challenges anyone but Nash to a title match. HOLLYWOOD HOGAN comes out and wants a match. Savage says yes . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . a replay of the RAP IS CRAP Video . . . VAMPIRO vs. KONNAN: Vampiro loses by DQ for throwing a chair at Konnan then savages him after the match . . . ERNEST MILLER comes out and babbles. This leads to BUFF BAGWELL prancing out. The exchange words. I fastforward. Miller attacks Bagwell and leaves him down in the ring . . . a look at BUFF BAGWELL defeating RODDY PIPER in a boxing match at the PPV . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . DEAN MALENKO vs. RIC FLAIR w/AYSA & ARN ANDERSON & CHARLES ROBINSON as the ref.: ERIC BISCHOFF does color. I turn off the volume. Anderson attacks Malenko. STING makes the save. Sting challenges Flair to a match with the WCW Presidency on the line. Flair says that if Sting defeats DAVID Flair, he can have that match . . . STEVE REGAL vs. BILLY KIDMAN: Ref. bump. ERIC BISCHOFF comes in the ring and counts the 3 count of Kidman on Regal . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . KENNY KAOS fell to SID VICIOUS . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . DAVID FLAIR w/TORRIE, AYSA, ARN ANDERSON & RIC FLAIR & CHARLES ROBINSON as ref. vs. STING — for the shot at RIC FLAIR: Sting attacks Charles Robinson then defends against Anderson & Flair . . . GENE OKERLUND awards the HARDCORE TITLE to FIT FINLAY. THE FIRST FAMILY jumps him. THE LUCHADORES jump them. DAVID TAYLOR, HORACE HOGAN, PUBLIC “WHO CARES?” ENEMY and STEVE REGAL come in. It’s a big brawl and JIMMY HART steals the title trophy . . . DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE leads THE TRIAD out. They babble. Page goes on to face BOOKER T. Ref. Bump. The Triad tapes Booker T to the ropes. We cut to the NWO BLACK AND WHITE in the back. STEVIE RAY runs out to make the save . . . HOLLYWOOD HOGAN defeats RANDY SAVAGE for the WCW WORLD TITLE. Eric Bischoff is totally unprofessional in his orgasmic play by play. I should have kept the volume off. Sid Vicious tried to make the save of the title and the ref. ignored it for whatever reason (Bischoff now says it was a no DQ match). Sting takes out Vicious. GORGEOUS GEORGE gives Savage a chain. Savage ko’s Hogan with a chain. Savage makes the pin attempt but KEVIN NASH pulls out the ref. and powerbombs Savage. Easy pin for Hogan. Shoot me. After the match Nash says that it’s the second title he’s handed Hogan and he wants a shot. Hogan agrees . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: STEVE AUSTIN heads to the ring. He calls out VINCE MCMAHON. Austin refuses to sign the contract for Fully Loaded until Vince hands over his smoking skull belt. McMahon doesn’t have it. KANE’S music starts up and the lights go red. Austin starts to wheel McMahon (who was wheelchair bound after being injured in a motorcycle accident), up the entrance ramp. Instead of Kane, THE UNDERTAKER attacks Austin and bloodies him with the smoking skull belt. Vince has the Undertaker fill a fountain pen with Austin’s blood and he uses it to sign the contract . . . Austin yells when medical treatment is offered . . . EDGE vs. GANGREL: the match goes outside the ring to where Gangrel makes his entrance through the fire. He throws edge through the hole . . . a doctor looks at Austin . . . X-PAC & ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES threaten HOWARD FINKEL in the back and tar & feather him . . . X-PAC & ROAD DOGG go to the ring. They claim to be the true DX. Kane comes out. X-Pac wants to know what’s going on with Kane. Kane makes him choose between their friendship and helping his brother. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY, CHYNA & BILLY GUNN attack everyone. THE UNDERTAKER saves Kane. Undertaker says he won’t make him choose then leaves . . . VAL VENIS & THE GODFATHER vs. THE HARDY BOYS for the WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES ended in a DQ when MICHAEL HAYES interfered. THE ACOLYTES jumped everyone after the match . . . comments from Hunter, Gunn & Chyna . . . JEFF JARRETT & DEBRA head to the ring. Austin returns and attacks Jarrett. Austin says he wants the Undertaker. PAUL WIGHT comes out and says he wants KANE. He says let’s do a tag team match. Austin says yes. Jarrett stumbles back to the microphone and gets another stunner . . . X-PAC & ROAD DOGG & KANE vs. CHYNA & BILLY GUNN & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY: Kane no shows. ROCKY MIAVIA replaces KANE. The Rock pins Billy Gunn . . . TERRY TAYLOR interviews DROZ & PRINCE ALBERT. Droz is in a dress and wants an evening gown match with anyone . . . The Undertaker & Kane meet in the back . . . AL SNOW over DROZ in a Hardcore Evening Gown match. After the match PRINCE ALBERT drives a railroad spike into the head of HEAD . . . from earlier, the WWF doctor refuses to let MARK HENRY wrestle due to high blood pressure . . . D’LO BROWN & Mark Henry leave the dressing room since Henry can’t wrestle . . . THE ACOLYTES come to the ring and put down Brown & Henry for walking out. They demand someone to beat up. HARDCORE BOB HOLLY comes out to take on both guys. He’s pretty much destroyed. PAUL WIGHT saves Holly . . . GTV catches JOEY ABS trying to hit on STEPHANIE MCMAHON and her turning him down . . . a promo for STEVE BLACKMON . . . TEST gets through most of the members of THE MEAN STREETS POSSE but is attacked by Steve Blackmon. KEN SHAMROCK makes the save. Blackmon and Shamrock fight into the crowd. The Posse gang attack Test and try to break his ankle. Stephanie McMahon hits the ring and Shane McMahon accidentally decks her . . . during the break Blackmon and Shamrock went at it in the back of the building . . . comments from THE UNDERTAKER w/KANE . . . THE UNDERTAKER & KANE vs. STEVE AUSTIN & PAUL WIGHT: Kane brings to the ring the wrench that Wight hit him with on Heat. Kane and Wight immediately attack each other before Austin comes out. Austin comes out and goes after the Undertaker. It’s an all out brawl after that. End comes with the Undertaker reopening Austin’s wound. Austin comes back to stunner Kane and get the win . . .

In the opener (which took place about 15 minutes into the PPV), Ernest “the Cat” Miller defeated Disco Inferno.

Next up, Rick Steiner defended his title by beating Van Hammer in a match, which similar to the first one, had no right being on PPV.

In the most sickening bout of the evening, David Flair pinned Dean Malenko after Ric hit Dean with his kid’s title belt. The only high point of this bout was being able to look at Tori Wilson who looked better than ever.

Swoll and Rey Misterio Jr. were the last two men in the elimination match.

In the Junkyard Invitational, Fit Finlay was able to climb out of the Junkyard to capture the Hardcore Title. Other competitors included Brian Knobs, Public Enemy, Hugh Morris, Mikey Whipwreck, Hak and the following group of hardcore brawlers: La Parka, Jerry Flynn, Silver King, Ciclope, Steve Regal, Horace, and Dave Taylor.

The Triad of Bam Bam Bigelow, Diamond Dallas Page, and Kanyon defeated Saturn and Chris Benoit in a very good bout.

Buff defeated Roddy Piper by pinfall in a 10 round boxing match? “Judge” Judy Bagwell bit Piper’s ear then dumped a bucket of water on his head. Buff hit with the blockbuster and referee Mills Lane made the 3 count.

Sid and Randy Savage defeated Kevin Nash and Sting when Savage dropped the elbow and pinned Nash. Savage becomes the WCW World Champion. Gorgeous George, sporting a black eye, helped Savage with the win.

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at the history between THE UNDERTAKER & KANE . . . PAUL WIGHT heads to the ring. He wants the Undertaker & Kane . . . THE BROOD say that they’re back together . . . THE BROOD vs. MIDEON, VISCERA & THE BIG BOSSMAN: GANGREL DDT’S EDGE and The Bossman pins Edge . . . AL SNOW is trying to recruit the mini-Luchadores . . . Gangrel runs out of the building during the break . . . THE MIDI-LUCHADORES vs. AL SNOW w/HEAD — HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: goes to a no-contest when Snow chases the minis to the back . . . ROCKY MIAVIA heads to the ring. He doesn’t get how HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY could lose a match to him on RAW yet turn around and be the #1 contender to the WWF title. He wants BILLY GUNN . . . CHYNA & BILLY GUNN deny that they spray-painted Chyna’s car even though evidence indicated that they did. Chyna clears it up by admitting that it wasn’t her car . . . THE HARDY BOYS fell DROZ & PRINCE ALBERT in a WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE match by DQ when VAL VENIS & THE GODFATHER attacked Droz & Albert. It turned into a 3 way brawl . . . a look at STEVE AUSTIN throwing out the first pitch at a METS game . . . a look at the relationship between TEST & STEPHANIE MCMAHON . . . BILLY GUNN vs. TEST: SHANE MCMAHON & THE MEAN STREETS POSSE come out. Test goes after them. Gunn attacks him before he gets to them. Match is thrown out when the Posse attacks Test. Rocky Miavia & KEN SHAMROCK make the save . . . HARDCORE BOB HOLY comes out. He’s going to be the guest timekeeper for KANE vs. BRADSHAW in an anything goes match. Holly hits Bradshaw with a chair. Kane chokeslams Bradshaw and pins him. Kane chokeslams Holly. Paul Wight makes the save and takes out Kane with a metal wrench . . .

ECWA New Castle 7/10/99 by Jeff Amdur (
After over a year of inactivity, the most popular performer in the East Coast Wrestling Association successfully completed a comeback from what had been thought to be a career-ending injury at the ECWA outdoor “Roadside Wrestling” card held at Mike’s Famous Harley Davidson in New Castle, DE, on July 10.

Mike’s Famous is kind of a Harley Davidson theme park/dealership/restaurant/recreation area that is located right off I-95 at the exit before the Delaware Memorial Bridge. It caters to a family-oriented clientele, and holds special events throughout the warm-weather months.

The weather, which had been threatening most of the day, cooperated perfectly, as the sun came out for most of the card, and the temperature was considerably cooler than what it had been for the previous days.

Official paid attendance count: 612. Among the spectators were PCW’s BLAINE DeSANTIS, New York-area promoter BARRY GEIGER, the NWA’s DENNIS CORALLUZZO and KATHY FITZPATRICK, and Internet folks LEE “DARK CHEETAH” MOREY, SCOTT LACY (coming all the way up from Atlanta), and the MAGEE BROTHERS.

At ringside, communicating with the sound folks: “FLYIN” RYAN O’BRIEN. Ring announcer BILLY K. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR. Referees for the afternoon: LARRY PEACE, PAUL TURNER, and BOB DENSMORE. Videotaping the proceedings: SHAWN “THE FAN” O’DOMSKI.

MATCH 1: BOOGIE WOOGIE BROWN & “THE ALL-AMERICAN” JEFF PETERSON (with CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO) pinned THE PERSIAN PRINCE & MONSIEUR OOH LA LA (with BARRY CASINO) in 8:42. One of the highlights of this match was Jeff doing a running springboard plancha off Boogie’s back over the ropes onto the two bad guys outside the ring. The end came with Jeff hitting Prince with a top-turnbuckle Frankensteiner, and then Boogie splashing the poor Persian for the pin.

MATCH 2: “THE MADMAN FROM THE BADLANDS” GLEN OSBOURNE pinned “FAST” EDDIE VALENTINE (with SEBASTIAN NIGHT) in 8:08. In one of the more disgusting portions of the card, manager Night “groomed” Eddie by combing his chest hair before the match. After surviving an earlier choke slam, Eddie tried a top-rope leap onto Glen, but missed. Glen then executed a pile driver and covered for the pin.

MATCH 3: J.R. RYDER pinned SWEET MISTER E (with E.S. EASTON, who kept on losing his director’s cap to the wind) in 11:11. Surviving much double-teaming, J.R. loosened himself from E.S.’s grasp just in time to avoid a Mister E charge. He scored the pin after a reverse power slam.

Making an unscheduled ring appearance before the next match were VIPER and BRUTE FORCE, in the company of the “tres pneumatique” (as they say in French) BOBCAT. Viper uses this time to not only degrade the quality of their opposition in the ECWA, but also to degrade the quality of Harley Davidsons and the quality of life in Delaware. Not a good move, folks.

MATCH 4: KING KONG BUNDY pinned “THE DELAWARE DESTROYER” FRANK FINNEGAN (with the equally “pneumatique” KELLY) with a roll-up in 4:31, in a match that had the crowd equally divided as to who the favorite was. Probably depended upon which side of the Delaware River one lived on.

After the intermission, the owner of Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson, the famous MIKE, came to the ring to thank promoter LAR…, er, make that JIM KETTNER and the wrestlers for making this outdoor event possible. He then brought out managerial legend CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO to say a few words. Lou, whose wife is from Delaware and who has a beach house on the Delaware shore, talked about how he always enjoyed coming to the state. He also told the crowd that he’s in fine shape and will be celebrating his 70th birthday on July 29.

Mike then took exception to the remarks that VIPER and BRUTE FORCE had made earlier in the show. He is sneak-attacked by Viper, Brute Force, and Bobcat, who lay him out and stomp him until Captain Lou enlisted the aid of CHEETAH MASTER and BAD ATTITUDE to make the save. The security folks had to help Mike to the back.

MATCH 5: TWIGGY RAMIREZ (with SEBASTIAN NIGHT) pinned “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS in 11:13 in an extremely fast-paced match that had many near-falls and power moves. The power move that ultimately worked was a Twiggy choke slam, after which he pinned Stevie.

MATCH 6: BRUTE FORCE (CARNAGE & STUD, with VIPER & BOBCAT) pinned VINCENT GOODNITE & J.J. THE RING CREW GUY in 12:30. Viper scored the pin on Good-night after repeatedly and clandestinely punching Vincent in the face with brass knuckles.

MATCH 7: In a 6-man affair THUNDER & BAD ATTITUDE (two enormous bearded, tattooed guys who obviously love motorcycles) pinned RAGE & MAXIMUM JOHNNY MAX & BIG MIKE MAYHEM (with E.S. EASTON) in 16:27. Easton’s crew really got on the Harley fans’ nerves early, as they came out with the words “Kawasaki”, “Honda”, and “Yamaha” written on their bodies. Thunder scored the pin on Rage after hitting a drop kick off the top turnbuckle.

MATCH 8: CHEETAH MASTER (with CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO), in his first match since severely injuring his knee early in 1998, proved he had come back all the way as he scored a pin fall victory over VIPER (with BRUTE FORCE & BOBCAT) in 12:59. After a while it looked as if Viper and his cohorts would have free rein after referee BOB DENSMORE had been knocked unconscious, and then his replacement, LARRY PEACE, had also been stunned woozy. Things looked bad after Viper had plonked Cheetah with a chair. Out to save the day came Famous MIKE, accompanied by BAD ATTITUDE, looking for revenge for his earlier beating. The Attitude guys kept Brute Force at bay while Mike was able to chair-shot Viper. Cheetah covered Viper as Mike took off his “Mike’s Famous” T-shirt to reveal a referee’s shirt. Mike made the 3-count.

Keep tuned to these boards and access the Official ECWA Website at for news about the next show, which will be held soon at St. Matthew’s Parish Hall in Newport.

From Jeff the ECWA timekeeper

WHAT YOU MISSED: a recap of the main event of NITRO . . . KEVIN NASH came out and babbled on the microphone. He says if anyone can pin him — including STING — in the tag team main event of the PPV, they can be the WCW WORLD Champion . . . DEAN MALENKO confronts ASYA, ARN ANDERSON & RIC FLAIR. Malenko wants a match with Flair at the PPV . . . a look at EDDY GUERRERO making the Luchadores unmask on NITRO . . . LENNY LANE fell over EDDY GUERRERO when the Luchadores ran in and attacked Guerrero while the ref. was knocked out . . . GENE OKDERLUND interviews THE DISCO INFERNO . . . AL GREENE fell to VAN HAMMER. RICK STEINER attacked Hammer after the match . . . JIMMY HART pleads with HORACE HOGAN to take part in the Junkyard match . . . a replay of the BRET HART tribute & Hart’s retirement announcement from MONDAY NITRO . . . FIT FINLAY vs. BRIAN KNOBBS was thrown out when THE FIRST FAMILY, THE LUCHADORES, & DAVID TAYLOR & STEVEN REGAL interfered . . . RIC FLAIR & COMPANY come to the ring for an interview with GENE OKERLUND. Flair puts DEAN MALENKO in a match with DAVID FLAIR at the PPV in a U.S. Title match . . . The I HATE RAP video . . . THE DISCO INFERNO fell to BILLY KIDMAN by DQ when ERNEST MILLER attacked Kidman. After the match Miller went to kick Disco but accidentally hit SONNY ONNO . . . THE TRIAD come out and rant on the microphone . . . CHRIS BENOIT over KANYON . . . a look at MEGADETH from NITRO . . . KONNAN vs. CURT HENNIG ended in a pin of Konnan with help from THE WEST TEXAS REDNECKS . . .

MCW Baltimore 7/8/99 by Jeff Amdur (
Cruiserweights were the word of the evening at the Maryland Championship Wrestling show at Teamsters Hall in Baltimore on July 8, as the first annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup cruiserweight tournament was held, and the entire company joined the fans in a heartfelt thank you and farewell to two of the promotion’s cruiser mainstays who have signed with WCW.

Attendance estimated at 500 Supervising for the Maryland State Athletic Commission: LOU LEAVEY and TOM KANARAS. MCW commissioner: MR. JACK ADONIS. MCW communications director: PETE McDEVITT. Sound by BIG DADDY PRODUCTIONS. Ring announcer: STEVE VENTURELLA. Timekeeper at the bell: JEFF AMDUR. Referees for the evening: D. EDWARDS and JOHN RILEY. MCW program editor/ring guy/guy who knows the real names of holds: ALEXANDER LeGRAND. Taping for MCW: BARRY ROBERTS. Taking photos at ringside: “BERNJAMIN FRANKLIN” DIEHL. Also in attendance: the ECWA’s JIM KETTNER and NWA’s KATHY FITZPATRICK. Special guests: the HOWSER (SHANE SHAMROCK) family.

The introductory remarks by STEVE VENTURELLA are interrupted by ROMEO VALENTINO, who calls out fellow FIRST FAMILY member and MCW heavyweight champion TOM BRANDI, demanding to know why, during last month’s three-way championship match, Brandi had chosen to pin him (Romeo) for the title rather than then-champion HEADBANGER MOSH. Brandi, blowing that familiar whistle and accompanied by JIMMY CICERO and MAX MUSCLE, came out and responded that Romeo, too, had enough chances during that match to win the title. The dispute widened,as they argue who exactly formed the First Family. Cicero and Muscle tried to settle the argument, and they all eventually retreated to the back.

The next entrants to the ring area were one of the teams in the six-man tag match: CUEBALL CARMICHAEL, MARK SHRADER and DINO DIVINE. Shrader was wearing a new bright yellow leather (vinyl?) shark-pattern singlet. Two of the members of the opposing team, KEENAN CREED and GREGORY MARTIN, arrived wearing t-shirts emblazoned with “Shrader swallows”. They were accompanied to the ring by two personalities from radio station 98Rock, ANDY BLACKSMITH and JOHN GLASSMAN. The deejays told Shark that on behalf of Greg and Keenan, they had engaged as the “mystery partner” the “man who trained [Shark]”. Shark laughed it off, saying that if they were talking about Axl Rotten, “he didn’t teach me anything”. The jocks responded that they were not talking about Axl, but rather,

the one…
the only…
the legend…
the icon…
the man…
the myth…
the enigma…

yes, …


MATCH 1: DINO DIVINE & CUEBALL CARMICHAEL & MARK “THE SHARK” SHRADER pinned GREGORY MARTIN & KEENAN CREED & GILLLLLLLBERRRRRRRG!!!!! (with ANDY BLACKSMITH & JOHN GLASSMAN) in 20:06. The end came as Gillberg recovered very quickly from a Shrader DDT and then speared him. As Gillberg set up Shark for the jackhammer, Dino and Cueball came into the ring, with Q clipping Duane from behind, with the momentum putting Mark on top for the pin.

Before the second match can be announced, STEVE VENTURELLA was interrupted once again, this time by communications honcho PETE McDEVITT, who asked commissioner JACK ADONIS, seated at the ringside table, to call out Pete’s younger brother DAN “CORPORAL PUNISHMENT” McDEVITT. Corp still had seven days left on the 30-day suspension that had been handed him by the State Athletic Commission at Pete’s request. Pete stated that he wanted to use the occasion of this day, their recently-deceased father’s birthday, to prove his loyalty to his family and to reiterate that he had Corp suspended for the good of the family as they had to deal with much grief. Corp responded that Big Brother should have a bit more class, that this was neither the time nor the place to discuss family business, suggesting that Pete “get his head out of (Tom) Brandi’s [gluteus maximus] This prompted another entrance from Brandi, Cicero and Muscle. As Pete told Brandi not to interfere (“This has nothing to do with your storylines”), a mysterious man wearing a red mask and fatigues emerged from under the ring, and Pearl-Harbored Corp from behind with a metal tray. Pete stood over his fallen brother, gloating and cackling,. He then left. Jack Adonis came into the ring to tend to Corp; but Corp, assuming that Jack had something to do with his attack, pummeled the commish.

The beleaguered Mr. Adonis got no respite at all, as 2-DOPE entered the ring for his match, asking Adonis why he and SYDESWYPE hadn’t gotten a title shot recently.

MATCH 2: BRUISER (with AXL ROTTEN & GINGER LYNN LUCAS) pinned 2-DOPE (with SYDESWYPE) in 2:48. 2D managed to kick out of a pinning combination after being power bombed; but his attempt at an even-flow was countered by a Bruiser power slam, and Bruiser covered for the pin.

MATCH 3: “DANCIN” STEVIE RICHARDS defeated EARL “THE PEARL” in an “I quit” match in 8:09. With the no-holds-barred aspect of this match, Stevie was able to choke Earl into submission in what may be the final chapter of their feud.

Intermission: Polaroids in the ring with GILLLLLLLBERRRRRRRG!!!

After the intermission, it’s the STUD LEE interview segment, as Stud dissed both the crowd and his favorite insult-target of late, BERNIE DIEHL, as Stud noted the marked resemblance between Bernie and the picture of Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill. The interviewee tonight was current MCW cruiserweight champion PLATINUM NAT, who comes out with QUINN NASH and RAMBLIN’ RICH. Nat explained why he wasn’t in the Shamrock Cup tournament, as he had had an exhaustive international schedule. Nat claimed, if these claims are to be believed (I, for one, find them dubious; maybe PWI’s roving reporter Matt Brock can speak as to their veracity) that he had lately defeated Kidman with a “shooting platinum press”, Chris Benoit with a “platinum cross-face”, and, in Japan, Jushin Liger with “the preacher’s elbow”. He was kind of resting up from that [alleged] schedule; but predicted that a member of his PLATINUM MINISTRY will take the cup.

MATCH 4: “THE LATIN DRAGON” JULIO SANCHEZ pinned former tag-team partner “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO (with MAX MUSCLE) in 10:04. Max had held Julio in a full nelson for a charging Cicero; but Julio ducked, the two others collided, and Julio finished him off, pinning him with the “near death experience”.

After the match, Cicero took the mike, called Sanchez lucky, and reminded the crowd that his real strength is as a tag-team wrestler. He asked Jack Adonis to set up a match with current tag champs BRUISER and ADAM FLASH. Bruiser came out and said that he would put the tag title up even though his partner Flash wouldn’t be wrestling in it due to the fact that he was in the Shamrock cup match. later in the evening Amidst Cicero’s protests (“I didn’t mean a match right now!”), Adonis sanctioned the match. As the ref signaled for the match to start, suddenly it became two against one as Cicero got some First Family help.

MATCH 5: “WISE GUY” JIMMY CICERO & ROMEO VALENTINO (with MAX MUSCLE) win the tag-team title by pinning BRUISER in 2:03. Largely double teaming, with Romeo clipping Bruiser and Jimmy covering for the pin. After the match, Bruiser was quite agitated, shoving away security personnel who were attempting to assist him to the back.

MATCH 6: TOM BRANDI retained the heavyweight title by pinning “DOOMSDAY” DANNY ROSE in 7:10. During the match, with the ref trying to get the two back in the ring from brawling outside the ring, PETE McDEVITT came out, accompanied by that masked guy in fatigues. The ref was still occupied elsewhere, Pete directed Fatigues Guy to go under the ring. Later, Pete slipped him that metal tray, which had stayed at the ringside table since its first use. Pete eventually got into an argument with the ref, as he yelled at the arbiter to “do your job”. This diversion allowed Fatigues Guy to plonk Danny with the tray and be pinned by Brandi. After the match, Brandi and Fatigues stomped on Doomer until CORPORAL PUNISHMENT made the save, enraging brother Pete.

And now, MATCH 7, the special main event: the first annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup cruiserweight tournament. This is a six-man elimination tournament,the same format as the July 1998 tournament at which Shamrock became the first and only MCW light-heavyweight champion. This format will be used only once each year, at the July show where the tournament will be held.

The participants were: ‘THE ALL-AMERICAN” JEFF PETERSON (whose weight was announced at “1000 ounces” by Steve Venturella); “MIGHTY” QUINN NASH; “RAMBLIN” RICH MYERS, CHRISTIAN YORK, JOEY “THE FUTURE” MATTHEWS, and ADAM FLASH.

The match turned into an amazing display of aerial agility, with leaps and dives in all directions. Adam Flash was the first eliminated. Quinn suplexed Jeff; but before anyone could get up, Adam dove from the top turnbuckle on both of them, only to be hit himself by a flying Rich Myers headbutt (I believe that’s what happened, the action was sometimes too fast for my aging memory [whew!]), with Rich following up for the pin at 11:38. Jeff Peterson was the next to go, being pinned at 12:57 by Christian York after that patented York twisting-slam (anybody got a name for it?) finishing maneuver. Matthews was eliminated by a famouser from Nash at 17:08. York put that same finishing maneuver on Nash at 17:45, and then on Myers at 20:06 to win the cup.

EARL THE PEARL, who had been Shane’s best friend, came out to present the cup to York. He quickly turned on York, stomping on him. Out came Platinum Nat and Ramblin’ Rich to join in the kicking. Joey Matthews came out to help Christian; but he too was stomped by the bad guys. Finally, Quinn Nash, realizing that whose loyalty to his former “Backstreet” tag-team partner Matthews outweighed any recent allegiances with Platinum Nat, made the save. Quinn promised the departing Joey and Christian that he would seek revenge on Nat.

“Departing Joey and Christian”, you say?

To conclude the evening, in one of those real-life emotional moments that transcends battles and story lines, most of the workers who had participated in the evenings card came to ring side. Dan “Corporal” McDevitt took the mike and announced to the crowd that this would be Joey’s and Christian’s last MCW appearance for a long, long while, as they have signed contracts to wrestle for WCW, and when those contracts go into effect in a few weeks (but before the next MCW show), they will not be allowed to work independent dates, as, unlike the WWF, WCW contracts prohibit working for other organizations. Dan thanked them for sticking with MCW, and helping make it the strong group it has become. Brian “Axl” Knighton also took the mike and saluted all the workers like Joey and Christian that have made Maryland Wrestling the cohesive group it is, the organization that Axl feels is his home. Joey and Christian each thanked the fans and their colleagues, saying that it’s very hard to leave the people they grew up with. Joey and Christian walked around the ring, receiving the good wishes, hugs and handshakes of both their colleagues and the fans.

MCW returns to Teamsters Hall on Sunday, August 8, with a 7 p.m. bell time. There are also shows at the Glendale Baptist Church (Prince George’s County) on August 3 and the Ocean City Convention Center on August 5. Stay tuned to these boards, call the MCW Hotline at 410-234-9769, and visit the Official MCW Website at, for further information.

PERSONAL NOTE: Joey and Christian indeed grew up in the Maryland-area indies. I have rung the bell for many matches involving Joey and Christian over the past three years, not only in MCW, but IPWA, ATCW, ECWA, NWL, a former Teamsters Hall tenant, and that 1996 Woodbridge, VA, fiasco where Joey was clearly one of the only bright lights on the card. I’m no worker. I’m just the guy who rings the bell and writes the show reports and shills. I’ve been watching wrestling for over 40 years, saw my first live show in 1957. I’m anywhere from 20 to 30 years older than most of these guys. Hell, for that matter, I’m older than Nikolai Volkoff [sigh]. Nevertheless, it gives me a feeling of pride to have in some small way witnessed the development and maturation of wrestlers like Christian, Joey and all the others who cut their teeth in Mid-Atlantic promotions, from yesterday’s “who’s this guy?” matches right up to tomorrow’s “he’s the guy that went from Maryland to WCW/WWF/ECW, that’s who” matches. And if this at-the-bottom-of-the-rung unpaid timekeeper feels the pride, I can imagine that the pride is hundredfold that wrestler-teachers like Axl, Corp, Shark, Wise Guy, Cueball, Jim Kettner, Duane Gill, etc., feel when they see their students making that step to the big time.

I’ll see Joey and Christian one more time before they leave, at another fed’s card I’ll be clanging my dinger for in a couple of weeks; but July 8 was the meaningful farewell from the place that was indeed their home.

Thanks for all the great matches, guys. I guess I’ll be seeing you soon from the nosebleed seats at the Baltimore Arena.

From Jeff the MCW timekeeper.

WHAT YOU MISSED: a look at STEVE AUSTIN defeating THE UNDERTAKER for the WWF WORLD TITLE . . . STEVE AUSTIN heads to the ring. He accepts the FULLY LOADED FIRST BLOOD MATCH. VINCE MCMAHON comes out. McMahon puts a stipulation on the match that he’ll leave the WWF if THE UNDERTAKER loses the match and that Austin will never get another WWF World Title Shot if the Undertaker wins the match. Austin accepts . . . comments from ROCKY MIAVIA . . . THE HARDY BOYS defeat THE ACOLYTES for the WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES. BRADSHAW couldn’t get medical clearance for the match but wrestled anyway . . . an interview with MICHAEL HAYES & THE HARDY BOYS switches to GTV with DROZ & PRINCE ALBERT getting dressed up in drag . . . GANGREL vs. THE GODFATHER w/PRINCE ALBERT & DROZ as Women: Gangrel helps Droz & Prince Albert attack Venis & the Godfather. CHRISTIAN & EDGE make the save . . . STEPHANIE MCMAHON talks with TEST . . . TEST is in the middle of destroying JOEY ABS when SHANE MCMAHON drags Stephanie out. THE MEAN STREETS POSSE attack Test, resulting in the DQ of Abs. They force Stephanie to watch as they destroy Test . . . CHYNA tells the police that ROAD DOGG & X-PAC vandalized her car . . . D’LO BROWN fell to AL SNOW w/HEAD in a WWF HARDCORE TITLE MATCH . . . the police are looking for Road Dogg & X-Pac. HOWARD FINKEL tells the police where they are . . . ROAD DOGG vs. VAL VENIS ends in no contest when the Police bring X-Pac to the ring in handcuffs then arrest Road Dogg . . . CHAZ fell to JEFF JARRETT in a WWF IC TITLE match. After the match THRASHER attacked Jarrett . . . EDGE gets the win over THE BIG BOSSMAN. After the match Bossman handcuffed and beat up Edge. CHRISTIAN tried to make the save but was taken out and handcuffed as well . . . comments from CHYNA & HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY. Chyna says she’s pressing charges against X-Pac & Road Dogg . . . MEAT fell to BILLY GUNN. After the match Chyna destroyed Jackie. She then took out a can of spray pain and spray painted PMS & Meat . . . PAUL WIGHT & HARDCORE HOLLY vs. KANE & X-PAC: X-Pac is in jail so he can’t make the match. THE UNDERTAKER comes out to join forces with Kane. Kane chokeslams and pins Holly while Wight is watching the Undertaker come to the ring. Kane attacks Wight from behind and Kane & the Undertaker double team and bloody Wight . . . ROCKY MIAVIA vs. HUNTER HEARST HELMSLY — CAGE MATCH: The Rock wins by climbing over the cage. After the match CHYNA & BILLY GUNN attack him . . .

WCW NITRO 7/5/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: a recap of last week’s NITRO . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . JUVENTUD GUERRERA went to a no-contest with CHAVO GUERRERO JR. when RANDY SAVAGE & SID VICIOUS came in and destroyed both men. Savage & Vicious rant. KEVIN NASH appears on the WCWTRON. Nash challenges Sid to a match tonight. GORGEOUS GEORGE appears with Nash, apparently willingly . . . DJ pointless rocks . . . GENE OKERLUND in the ring with RIC FLAIR. Flair says that DAVID FLAIR will be the UNITED STATES Champion tonight. CHARLES ROBINSON comes out with a ton of women and the U.S. belt and David is now the champion. BUFF BAGWELL crashes things. Buff wants a match with David Flair . . . RICK STEINER over EL VAMPIRO in a WCW WORLD TV TITLE match . . . LODI & LENNY LANE arrive . . . WCW looks at BRET HART . . . in an interview BRET HART pretty much announces his retirement . . . JERRY FLYNN over ERNEST MILLER in some sort of boxing/shoot fighting/karate man match . . . LODI fell to VAN HAMMER . . . DOUG DILLENGER approaches the masked Luchadores and says that a masked man stole EDDY GUERRERO’s wallet . . . RODDY PIPER with GENE OKERLUND. Piper calls out STING. Someone in a Sting outfit comes out. The fake Sting refuses to take his mask off. Piper attacks and unmasks the fake Sting. He orders himself into a match with BUFF BAGWELL at the PPV. JJ DILLION comes out and brings out JUDGE MILLS LANE to be the ref. for that Boxing match . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . STEVE REGAL & FIT FINLEY fell to REY MISTERIO JR. & KONNAN by DQ when THE WEST TEXAS REDNECKS led by CURT HENNIG attacked Konnan & Company . . . DAVID FLAIR over BUFF BAGWELL in a US TITLE defense with help from ARN ANDERSON, RIC FLAIR & Ref. CHARLES ROBINSON. DEAN MALENKO saved Bagwell . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . Doug Dillenger has the Luchadores line up and unmask to see if EDDY GUERRERO can identify one of them as the guy who stole his wallet . . . comments from HAK & CHASTITY. He announces some sort of mass Junkyard Hardcore match at the PPV . . . CURT HENNIG & THE WEST TEXAS REDNECKS lip psynch a “live” performance of “I HATE RAP” . . . THE TRIAD fell to SATURN, CHRIS BENOIT & DEAN MALENKO when BAM BAM BIGELOW was pinned by Benoit . . . MEGADETH plays live. At the end of their single BILL GOLDBERG appears . . . SID VICIOUS vs. KEVIN NASH — WCW WORLD TITLE: THE FAKE STING comes in and helps Vicious & Savage attack Nash. THE REAL STING makes the save. He helps Nash up but Nash powerbombs him. Nash heads back to the dressing room and says that GORGEOUS GEORGE is there. Savage follows. He finds Tori and slaps her. Then he throws George into a wall . . .

WHAT YOU MISSED: X-PAC & KANE over THE HARDY BOYS. After the match THE ACOLYTES destroy the Hardy Boys. X-Pac & Kane make the save. Kane tombstones BRADSHAW on the steel stair that Bradshaw brought into the ring . . . THE UNDERTAKER & PAUL BEARER come to the ring. The Undertaker says that he wants blood from STEVE AUSTIN . . . HARDCORE BOB HOLLY in the back looking for a fight . . . AL SNOW vs. MIDEON — WWF EUROPEAN TITLE: D’LO BROWN comes to ringside. Ends in a DQ of Snow when D’Lo attacks Mideon. D’Lo and Snow go at it after the match . . . TERRY TAYLOR interviews STEPHANIE MCMAHON. She wants her brother SHANE to stay out of her life . . . TEST vs. JEFF JARRETT — WWF IC TITLE: match is thrown out when THE MEAN STREETS POSSE attack Test . . . HARDCORE BOB HOLLY comes to the ring and calls out anyone to fight him. He gives a minimum of 6’6″ and 400 lbs for his opponent. VISCERA comes out. Holly knocks Viscera out of the ring with a chair and calls out Kane. Kane destroys HOLLY. PAUL WIGHT makes his way out. THE UNDERTAKER comes out. The Undertaker joins Kane in the ring as Wight circles then makes his way back to the dressing room . . . comments from PAUL WIGHT . . . VAL VENIS & THE GODFATHER over PRINCE ALBERT & DROZ in a match where Droz & Albert have to be women for Venis & Godfather for losing. If Venis & Godfather lost, Albert could pierce anything on Venis’ body . . . comments from TEST . . . PAUL WIGHT vs. ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES: match is thrown out when KANE attacks Road Dog. X-Pac runs in and tries to separate Wight and Kane. He succeeds but The Undertaker and Paul Bearer come out and the show ends . . .

EMLL/CMLL Guadalajara 7/4/99 by Jeff Amdur (
With less than 24 hours remaining to my 10-day vacation in Guadalajara, I decided to forego the rookie-league bullfight at the Plaza Monumental to take in one last EMLL show at the Arena Coliseo de Occidente, with the main event being the hair-vs-hair encounter between PEPE AGUAYO (nephew of the soon-to-be-retired Perro) and APOLO DANTES (son of the already-retired Alfonso), members of two of Guadalajara’s most prominent lucha families.

Tonight, I have a second row ringside seat, almost directly behind the old timekeeper, whose giant wad of tobacco can be smelled probably all the way to Tlaquepaque. Next to me is a guy who has brought a sign that says “Arriba los tecnicos / Rudos y excremento son lo mismo” (“Up with the faces / Heels and [products of bowel movements] are the same thing.

Attendance estimated at 3500-4000, not including the dogs that at least two families have brought to the arena with them. Ring announcer: THE SAME GUY THAT NO ONE CAN HEAR CLEARLY BECAUSE OF THE SOUND SYSTEM, WHICH STILL SUCKS. Timekeeper at the whistle (no bells here, folks): THE SAME OLD GUY THAT HAS BEEN HERE SINCE THE PLACE OPENED IN 1959. Referees for the evening: EL GAVILAN and PEDRO “EL MALAN”.

MATCH 1: ACUARIO (rudo) vs. MAGICO (tecnico): Holds and 2-counts are traded during the first fall, which is won by Magico’s schoolboying of Acuario at 6:02.

It’s all Acuario in the second fall, as the rudo ties the good guy upside down in a corner and stomps him. Later, Acuario throws Magico to the floor. When Magico returns, Acuario greets him with a body slam, cradles him for the pin at 10:55, and throws him back out of the ring. Third fall: Magico is still out of the ring, being dragged by Acuario. When the two come back into the ring, the bad guy starts biting. The end comes as Acuario tries in vain to get Magico to submit to an airplane spin/torture rack combination. After being freed from the hold, Magico applies the same maneuver to Magico and gets him to submit. MAGICO by submission at 17:05.

Between matches, that photographer who looks like Justin Credible passes by.

MATCH 2: Tecnicos ESPARTACO & MILENIO vs. rudos DEPREDADOR & SINIESTRO. During much of the early action, Depredador seems hesitant to wrestle, prompting chants of “miedo” [coward] and “culero” [rectal aperture] from the fans. Fast action, consisting of both holds and slams. The tecs get the fall after delivering flying body presses on both rudos before pinning them at the 6:52 mark.

Second fall: Depredador and Espartaco trade hip tosses before Espartaco drop kicks him out of the ring. Siniestro holds Espartaco for his partner, but Espartaco moves, which causes the one rudo to drop kick the other. Espartaco is finally disabled with a knee clip from Depredador. Milenio is double-teamed by the rudos. The ref doesn’t see Espartaco being fouled. The bad guys even everything up at 12:04 with pins of both tecs following splashes.

Third fall: Bad luck for the good guys at the beginning, as the ref misses both of them being fouled. The final result is a lot better as, at the 16:04 mark, Milenio pins Siniestro and Espartaco forces Depredador to submit to that same airplane spin/torture rack submission move that ended the first match of the evening.

MATCH 3: Tecnicos AKUMA & GENETICO & GUERRERO SAMURAI vs. rudos DAKOTA & CAPITAN GARFIO & ESCOCES. The relatively-huge Escoces dominates early with power moves over the smaller Genetico, and gloats to the fans about his superiority. Then, Akuma and Dakota trade some moves as the crowd taunts the recently-shorn Dakota with “pelon” [“baldy”]. Samurai then sends Garfio head-first out of the ring. Escoces misses a sit-in on Genetico and finds himself drop kicked out of the ring. Akuma then hits Dakota with a reverse clothesline and bulldog. Then, Garfio and Dakota are pinned while Escoces submits to a stretcher in 8:52.

Second fall: A Samurai back flip sends Dakota over the top rope and into the front row of fans. Akuma similarly sends Garfio to the floor while Genetico flips Escoces around the ring. Genetico puts a sleeper on Dakota, but Escoces makes the save. Escoces puts Samurai in a bear hug, while Dakota punches away at Sam. Escoces then turns his attention to Akuma. Garfio then slaps Samurai around, while Dakota completes the triple-teaming with an ax handle off the top turnbuckle. Escoces and Samurai take their fight outside the ring, while Dakota pins Akuma after delivering a top-rope Frankensteiner. Escoces follows up by pinning Genetico, and Dakota finishes Samurai off with a cross-body off the top rope. Rudos even it up at 14:14.

Third fall: With Dakota holding Samurai, Escoces bites Sam’s stomach. He then gets a bit careless and winds up biting Dakota. The tecs then get their second wind and clean house, culminating in a triple tope suicida onto the rudos in the first row of seats. At the 18-count, Dakota and Genetico make it back into the ring, with Genetico then rolling up Dakota for the pin. AKUMA & GENETICO & SAMURAI win the match with that pin fall at 18:10.

MATCH 4: Tecnicos ATLANTIS & EMILIO CHARLES JR & NINJA DE FUEGO vs. rudos VILLANO III & BESTIA SALVAJE & REY BUCANERO. Damn, I have over two pages of notes on this classic lucha brawl that once again continues the Atlantis-Villano feud. The rudos get a quick upper hand with a before-the-whistle attack. Villano manages to tie Atlantis to the rope by the laces of his mask, and Atlantis is bloodied quickly. Rey works over Emilio as Bestia works on Ninja. Bestia taunts the crowd as to the superiority of Mexico City wrestlers over those from Guadalajara; the crowd responds with the familiar pitos (whistle jeers) and the “chinga tu madre” (“Why don’t you be like Oedipus?”) whistle. The referee finally frees Atlantis; but the wrestler is too woozy to be of any help as the three rudos pummel Emilio in mid-ring after biting Ninja. When the bad guys refuse to stop illegal hair pulls and choking, they get disqualified. Tecs go one-up at 8:21.

Next fall: Bucanero continues to extract a blood cocktail from Emilio’s face, as Atlantis and Villano take their fight into the crowd and eventually to an entrance ramp leading to the arena lobby. Atlantis temporarily unmasks Villano but then puts the mask back on so he can tie Villano to the rope by the mask laces. Emilio and Bestia take their fight to the seats. The referee signals an end to the fall by disqualifying the good guys at 15:03. I’m not sure why they were dq’d. I ask my neighbor (the one with the sign) why the dq, and he, too, seems puzzled. He shrugs and postulates, “exceso de golpes” (too many punches).

Final fall: Atlantis and Villano slug it out one more time. Bucanero joins the fray and falls victim to an Atlantis tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Emilio puts in his two centavos by throwing Villano and Bucanero out of the ring. He dives, horseback-style, onto Bucanero on the arena floor. Ninja contributes with a tope suicida on Bestia. Atlantis once again unmasks Villano and tries to tear the mask to shreds, but the referee grabs the mask and gives it back to the rudo. Atlantis has his mask ripped off by Villano and goes a bit crazy, shoving one of the referees in the process. The bout then branches off into all parts of the building. The action becomes as difficult to follow as that in an ECW main event. One of the wrestlers grabs the mike (the ring announcer is up in a booth in the grandstand, so we can’t see it) and gives a short speech; but the sound system is so bad that nobody seems to hear it. The refs raise the rudos hands in victory, so I guess VILLANO & friends take the match by disqualification at 19:39.

That’s just a temporary pause in the action for Villano and Atlantis, who continue to brawl. Finally, they exit the premises, with Villano accepting a souvenir mask from a fan so he can cover his face.

And now, the main event, that hair-vs-hair match. There’s an anticipative electricity in the air at this point. There’s that feeling of “we really care about this match and especially about Pepe Aguayo”, the same type of feeling that my generation experienced during Bruno Sammartino settle-the-score matches, a type of feeling that is largely absent from big-two cartoon-character main events that American fans have been subjected to over the past two decades, that un-smarky, suspend-the-disbelief, we-are-true-believers atmosphere that made wrestling in the past so much fun to witness. For this match in particular, I seem to be transported back to those more innocent days of fandom. Indeed, as I often say, “SOMOS TODOS MARCOS”. First people to come out is the representative of the promoter, accompanied by the CMLL barber. Then the drama/action/fun begins.

MATCH 5, hair-vs-hair. APOLO DANTES (with BESTIA SALVAJE) vs. PEPE AGUAYO (with NINJA DE FUEGO). Two native Guadalajarans, members of the Tapatio wrestling elite. Apolo, of course, is the lead heel of “WWF Super Astros”. The reason this grudge match didn’t take place the preceding Sunday was that he had been at a WWF taping in the US. Pepe, with the shoulder-length hair, ils the fan favorite, much as his uncle and cousin have been through the years. Pepe comes out wearing two championship belts; but I am so caught up in the moment that it never really occurs me to ask anyone what championship(s) is/are at stake here. Pepe gets a quick advantage, and Apolo is bleeding after a couple of minutes. The two trade two-counts after some slams, clotheslines and punches. Pepe gets the pin at 2:54 after a backslide.

Punches and head butts dominate the beginning of the second fall, with some Apolo bites opening up a cut on Pepe’s forehead. Out comes CESAR DANTES to observe his older brother in action, the same Cesar who had himself lost his hair in a match with Aguayo several months back. As referee Pedro is occupied with getting Cesar out of the way, Bestia Salvaje hands Apolo a large chain. As Cesar sits on the laps of some front-row fans, Apolo plonks Pepe with the chain and then chokes him with it. By the time the ref turns around, Apolo is covering for the pin. Dantes evens it up at 6:42.

Between falls, Ninja, Aguayo’s second, calls the ref’s attention to Bestia and the chain. Bestia proceeds to punch out the ref with the chain. The ref is carried out by security personnel, and Gavilan, the other ref, takes over the match. Ninja and Cesar slug it out in the seats.

Third fall: Apolo bloodies Pepe up big-time, choking him on the middle rope before getting various 2-counts that are stopped by Apolo himself, who wants to punish his rival even further. Dantes misses a top-rope leap, and Aguayo is reinvigorated. Pepe slams Apolo, Apolo claims foul, the ref doesn’t buy the claim. Pepe puts on the Boston crab, but Apolo reaches the ropes. Pepe gets v 2-counts of his own, following, respectively, clotheslines, a splash, and a power bomb. The referee gets in the way of one mid-ring collision and is knocked woozy. Bestia uses this opportunity to throw Apolo the chain; but overthrows it, with Ninja catching it on the other side of the ring. Ninja hands the chain to Pepe, who clocks Apolo. Unfortunately, ref Gavilan had regained consciousness and seen the chain shot. He promptly disqualifies Aguayo, prompting a near-riot from the fans, who angrily surround ringside and hurl whatever fruit they have left in the bags o’ fruit they had bought from the vendors. Bestia gets plonked by a rag doll (!?!) thrown from the upper deck. Cesar grabs the doll and throws it right back upstairs. As the brothers Dantes and Bestia look on in laughing approval, the barber cuts off all that long Pepe hair.

EMLL/CMLL Guadalajara 6/29/99 by Jeff Amdur (
I went back to the Arena Coliseo del Occidente in Guadalajara, MX, for the weekly Tuesday night CMLL show. These shows are always lower-key affairs than the Sunday encounters. Tickets are half-price compared to Sunday, and only ringside/floor seats are sold. I wind up in the first row. There are no gimmick tables outside in the lobby, and the crowd is somewhat late in arriving. Five minutes before the start of the show, I counted 62 spectators in the crowd.

Attendance estimated at 150-175 very loud aficionados de la lucha. Sound system: even worse than it was Sunday due to increased echo effect. Ring announcer: not the usual Sunday guy. Timekeeper at the whistle: A SENOR WEARING A WHITE SHIRT AND TIE. Referee for the evening: MARIO “EL RUDO”, the man the aficionados love to hate.

MATCH 1: EL SINIESTRO (rudo) vs. AGUILA DE ORO (tecnico). Judging from the body and hair color, I’m pretty sure that Aguila de Oro is the same guy who wrestled two nights before in the opening match as Caudillo, using a different color uniform and mask. Much of the first fall is spent with Siniestro exiting the ring, drawing shouts of “miedo” (coward) and “culero” (that rectal body part the WWFans often call the McMahons) from the fans. Aguila gets the pin in 6:43 in spite of an extremely slow 3-count from evil ref Mario.

Much of the next fall is holds and counter-holds, accented by counts from ref Mario that favor the rudo Siniestro. Siniestro evens up the match with a sit-in off the top rope and a cover for the pin. Mario makes the 3-count at 12:14 even though he is well cognizant of the fact that Siniestro is using the middle rope for leverage. During the rest period, the fans and the ref continuously trade insults.

The third and deciding fall goes to SINIESTRO by stretcher-hold submission in 16:36, ending that rarest of all types of lucha matches: one with absolutely no high spots.

MATCH 2: TOBY (tecnico) vs. MONJE FRANKENSTEIN (rudo). Both of these guys go at least 300 pounds, a rarity itself in lucha, men built in my own bodily image ;). Toby, from the chins down, is a dead ringer for indie manager Barry Casino, as far as body shape is concerned. As far as wrestling moves, let’s say that Toby is the closest thing that lucha has to Chef D.Z. Gillespie (the face version that I saw in a PA indie a couple months back). Frankenstein wrestles in full Frankenstein costume, including a complete Frankenstein mask. Coming to sit next to me is the ringside photographer, who bears a striking facial resemblance to Justin Credible. The first fall is the predictable symphony of bumps, whips and splashes. Toby puts on a stretcher submission hold at 6:56.

Fall number two goes to Franky at 11:18. After Toby hits a maneuver similar to the “rolling pin” of Chef D.Z., Franky quickly recovers (reminding one of Morgus the Maniac) and does a splash off the middle rope for the pin.

Third fall: Toby has Franky over the middle rope but is pulled off by ref Mario. A Franky backdrop is followed by a Toby horsey ride. Franky hits the leg drop o’doom and stretchers Toby into submission.

FRANKENSTEIN by submission in 15:16 as he is serenaded to the back by those “culero” chants. Now we have had two matches and nary a high spot to be found.

MATCH 3: Rudos CHOLO & KUBLAE KHAN & MALANDRIN vs. tecnicos AGUILA DE PLATA & HALCON & DEPREDADOR. Lucha tipica, replete with high spots. Por fin! A triple tope suicida by the tecnicos! Finally something meriting all those exclamation points and tildes that both the Spanish language and Dean Rasmussen’s video reports are famous for! Aguila pins Kublae while Halcon gets Malandrin to submit at 6:58.

The tecs continue strong at the start of the second fall, as Halcon cleans house. The bad guys re-group and end up being able to triple-team various good guys. Malandrin fouls Depredador with evil ref Mario staring right at it, but Mario doesn’t declare “el faul”. Cholo pins Halcon after a back drop while Kublae pins Aguila, both at 11:28, evening the contest at one fall apiece.

In the deciding fall, Mario lets the bad guys have complete license; but not even that can prevent rudo captain Malandrin from submitting to Depredador’s abdominal stretch in 15:22. AGUILA & HALCON & DEPREDADOR by submission take the match.

MATCH 4: Rudos INFERNAL & ESCOCES & ARTURO GARCIA vs. tecnicos PIRATA & BABE ROCK & NEGRO VERA, almost the same matchup as two days before, except for one member of each team. Escoces (“Scotsman”) has that Gringo look about him, and removes his kilt to show Scotch plaid trunks. He goes about 240-250 pounds, at least a head taller than his teammates. As the match starts, Pirata and Garcia stare each other down; but it’s Babe whom Arturo is opposing in the ring. Arturo gets a 2-count from a leglock, then Rock puts on a cloverleaf that sends Garcia reaching for the ropes. Pirata and Escoces then enter the ring and trade 2-counts. Vera dives in and is caught by the big Scotsman. Escoces slams Vera but misses a splash. Vera throws Escoces out of the ring. Babe throws Infernal out of the ring. The three rudos re-enter the ring as a group only to be caught in sunset flips by the three tecnicos, with ref Mario doing a very slow 3-count at 12:09.

Infernal starts the next fall strong, with face rakes and chokes on Babe. Pirata is then triple-teamed, being fouled repeatedly by Garcia as Mario refuses to call for the disqualification. At 17:01 the Rudos even it up as Escoces pins Rock after a tombstone and Infernal gets Negro to submit to a reverse Boston crab.

The final fall is a complete clustercopulativeact punctuated with periodical favoritism shown by heel ref Mario. The tecs triple-schoolboy the rudos to a very slow 2-count. Then the rudos triple-splash the tecs to a very fast 3-count. INFERNAL & ESCOCES & GARCIA by pin in 22:07.

MATCH 5: Tecnicos AKUMA & GUERRERO SAMURAI & SUPER MAQUINA vs. rudos CESAR DANTES & DAKOTA & ECLIPSE. Dantes and Dakota have extremely short haircuts, and the folks near me explain that both rudos had lost their hair in separate matches a couple weeks ago. Dantes, whose father Alfonso I had seen wrestle in Guadalajara a decade ago, delivers a twisting body slam to Akuma; but Akuma counters with a springboard back flip. Eclipse and Samurai take over with some mat wrestling. Akuma comes back in and puts a submission hammerlock on Eclipse, but Dantes and Dakota make the save. Samurai neutralizes Dakota with a savate kick to the neck, while Akuma pins Eclipse after a moonsault and Samurai forces Dantes to submit at 9:01. Advantage tecnicos.

Second fall: mixups have the rudos hitting each other by mistake. Akuma delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Dantes and puts a submission stretch on Eclipse who is saved by Dantes. Dakota joins Dantes in double-clotheslining Akuma. As Dantes and Eclipse hold Maquina, Dakota hits a flying body press for a pin. Then Eclipse hits Akuma with the same pinning maneuver. Rudos tie it up at 18:58. The tecs seem to have the third fall going their way until Dantes suddenly catches Akuma off the ropes and follows with a body slam and pin at 21:11.

WCW NITRO 6/28/99
WHAT YOU MISSED: RIC & DAVID FLAIR arrive. Ric says that David will be the new WORLD CHAMPION . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . FIT FINLAY & STEVEN REGAL fell SATURN & CHRIS BENOIT when Saturn pinned Regal . . . DJ WHATSHISNAME does whatever . . . Ric Flair meets with ARN ANDERSON, RODDY PIPER, CHARLES ROBINSON & ASYA. VAN HAMMER interrupts. He wants a title shot. They give him one with RICK STEINER . . . The Flair contingent comes to the ring to talk with GENE OKERLUND. Piper announces that the title match between KEVIN NASH & DAVID FLAIR will be a LUMBERJACK MATCH. Flair apologizes to RANDY SAVAGE and says he has a deal for him. SID VICIOUS & RANDY SAVAGE come out and they make a deal . . . LODI falls to EDDY GUERRERO . . . The Flairs meet with Piper, Tori & Aysa. The discuss lumberjacks for the main event . . . the DJ does something I fast forward through . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . HAK w/CHASTITY falls to BAM BAM BIGELOW when DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE attacks Hak behind the ref.’s back . . . KEVIN NASH puts over his own ego on the microphone . . . I again fastforward through the DG . . . THE NWO falls to THE TEXANS when BOBBY DUNCUM JR. pinned VINCENT . . . ERNEST MILLER vs. THE DISCO INFERNO in a “DANCE CONTEST.” Miller attacks Disco. Turns into a match which the goes to a DQ of the Inferno when JERRY FLYNN attacks Miller . . . another look at the Flairs arriving at the building for no apparent reason . . . DJ again . . . BUFF BAGWELL & DEAN MALENKO fall to DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE & KANYON w/BAM BAM BIGELOW in WCW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE match when Bam Bam Bigelow and Page attack Malenko while the ref. is down and Kanyon gets the pin . . . the I HATE RAP Video premiere . . . DJ Fastforward leads into SCOT PUTSKI doing the job to SID VICIOUS w/RANDY SAVAGE & THE GIRLS . . . NITRO GIRLS . . . in a WCW WORLD TITLE MATCH with ARN ANDERSON as ref. as Flair allies as LUMBERJACKS, KEVIN NASH emerged with his title against DAVID FLAIR. After the match KEVIN NASH kidnaps GORGEOUS GEORGE with help from TORRE . . .

EMLL/CMLL Guadalajara 6/27/99 by Jeff Amdur (
It’s been seven long years since I have seen a lucha card at the Arena Coliseo de Occidente in Guadalajara, MX, and I’m happy to say that it hasn’t changed all that much, and that’s for the better. I wait in line for my ticket, and eventually get one second row ringside (costing 60 pesos, which is about $6.35). I’m a little disappointed that I hadn’t arrived in Guadalajara one week earlier, as there was a special card to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Arena Coliseo, and this card featured most of the major CMLL stars, from Mil Mascaras to Gigante Silva [sigh]. The Arena was one of many arenas built specifically for wrestling and boxing by the Lutteroth (EMLL) organization.

When I return three hours later (when the gates open), I pause to gaze at the pictures in the “Salon de fama” (Hall of Fame) of wrestling in Guadalajara, a room in the Arena which opened only a week before. There are pictures of famous wrestlers, past and present, Mexican and otherwise. There is one of several Mexican wrestlers posing with six-time American champion “Lou Tess”. There is “homenaje especial” to the beloved CUAUHTEMOC “DIABLO” VELAZCO, the Guadalajaran who trained most of the major luchadores working today, who died in early June.

Sitting in the Arena, I notice that it’s still sweaty, and that the concept of “no smoking in Arenas” has not come to Mexico yet. Cough, cough. Regular popcorn is sold in “movie bags”. Butter popcorn is sold in “Act II microwave bags”. The concessionaires are still selling those plastic bags of fruit, and I’m still not sure whether people buy them principally to eat or to throw at the wrestlers. They’re also still selling those disgusting-looking chicharrones (kind of giant pork rinds on steroids, dipped in an equally disgusting-looking sauce). The sound system is as tinny and echoey as it ever was. There is a young woman sitting directly behind me, that is, in the third row ringside, who will be using binoculars the whole night to watch the proceedings.

Attendance estimated at 3500-4000. Ring announcer: A GUY THAT NO ONE CAN HEAR CLEARLY BECAUSE OF THE SOUND SYSTEM. Timekeeper at the whistle (no bells here, folks): THE SAME OLD GUY THAT HAS BEEN HERE SINCE THE PLACE OPENED IN 1959. Referees for the evening: EL CONEJO and LOCO ESTRADA. A word about Loco: he is one of my all-time favorite local wrestlers, a luchador of decent ability who did a crazy-man rudo act. As a wrestler, he facially resembled northeast indy worker Persian Prince. Now retired as a wrestler, he now referees. Whatever hair he has left (on the sides, there is *none* left on top), he has combed neatly. He no longer resembles the Prince, but rather he impressed me as a Hispanic dead-ringer for Bob Ryder, if you’ve ever seen Bob Ryder. If not, imagine a younger version of black-and-white television character Fred Clark. If you are too young to know who Fred Clark was, well, I give up.

One match that had been hinted at on last week’s card was a hair-vs-hair match between APOLO DANTES and PEPE AGUAYO, who had previously won a hair match against CESAR DANTES, Apolo’s younger brother. This match will be definitely held next Sunday, as tonight Apolo is wrestling for the WWF in North Carolina (or, maybe it’s somewhere in the northern part of the Mexican state of Colima–hard to tell with that sound system and its imperfections.

MATCH 1: MULATO vs. CAUDILLO. These are the local guys who start things off. Mulato is the no-mask rudo, Caudillo the tecnico with a blue mask and costume. Take off the mask, make the costume a lighter blue, and you’ve got a carbon copy of Super Nova, down to the shoulder-length hair. The first fall is basic mat work, as Mulato plays to the fans, who respond with the familiar “chinga tu madre” whistle. (For the uninitiated, CTM is basically an exhortation that the person you are addressing should make like Oedipus.) At one point, Mulato set up Caudillo for a tope suicida; but a fruit vendor inadvertently blocked the attempt. Phtpthtpthp! Mulato’s attempt at a back flip turned into a sunset flip as Caudillo gets the first fall in 9:29.

The second fall is all Mulato, kicking Caudillo around the ring (literally), and then (probably inspired by his lunch at the KFC on avenida Juarez) working on the leg and thigh. Mulato got several 2-counts that he stopped himself by pulling Caudillo up. The rudo evened the score at 15:31 by getinng Caudillo to submit to a camel clutch. During the third fall these relatively inexperienced luchadores seem a bit winded, as the action is slow motion compared to the first two falls. Caudillo drop kicks Mulato out of the ring. Mulato puts on Boston crab but can’t get the submission. Caudillo does the sunset flip again for a 2-count. Mulato misses a top rope moonsault. Caudillo turns his huracanrana into a roll-up and gets the pin. CAUDILLO by pin in 19:50.

MATCH 2: Tecnicos AGUILA DE PLATA & HALCON vs. Rudos MAGNUM & FANTASMA DE LA MUERTE: Halcon works on Fantasma early with some pressure holds. Aguila and Magnum then trade moves. Magnum does sort of a “gay moonwalk” across the ring and gets dropkicked by Aguila. Aguila follows up with the atomic spine buster before pinning Magnum. While this goes on, Halcon has Fantasma in an abdominal stretch. Tecs take first fall in 7:31.

The second fall is dominated by the Rudos’ double-teaming. As the ref is diverted, Fantasma crotches Aguila. Magnum eventually does a top-rope leap onto Aguila, and both rudos cover for the pin in 13:09. The rest period is no rest for the good guys, who continue to get pummeled by the bad guys.

As the third fall begins, Fantasma slams Aguila into the seat directly in front of me as Magnum and Halcon fight in the ring. As the third fall ends, Fantasma has Aguila in a surfboard submission hold and Magnum covers Halcon for the pin. MAGNUM & FANTASMA DE LA MUERTE take the match in 17:40.

MATCH 3: Tecnicos EMPERADOR & PIRATA & BABE ROCK vs. Rudos INFERNAL & REY LAGARTO & ARTURO GARCIA. This “Pirata” is not Morgan but supposedly his nephew. During the early action, the rudos steer clear of Emperador in particular. Garcia and Pirata chase each other around the ring. Babe does a huracanrana onto Rey on the floor. Infernal tries to avoid Emperador until sneaking in a drop kick, followed by a crotch chop to the crowd. The crowd does that CTM whistle again. Emperador hits his own dropkick as Infernal leaves the ring. Babe and Lagarto now are in the ring. Rock does a rana, and Rey counters with a Russian leg sweep. Babe replies with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Pirata and Garcia enter the ring briefly before Garcia runs for cover in his corner. Emperador continues to torment Imfernal with drop kicks, huracanranas and back flips. The tecnicos get the first fall as Babe and Pirata force Rey and Infernal to submit at 13:34.

The Rudos triple team the Tecs at the start of the next fall, finally evening the score as Lagarto pins Pirata (with the help of Garcia’s foot on Pirata’s throat) at 20:24.

Pirata is triple teamed in the third fall as his partners are rather woozy outside the ring and can’t help. The action then goes around the arena and the ring. In the best-looking move of the match, Babe does a reverse plancha (remember the “Fosbury flop”, high-jump fans?) over the ropes onto Rey; but while this is going on Garcia gets the opposing captain Pirata to submit to a stretcher hold. INFERNAL & LAGARTO & GARCIA take it in 25:52.

MATCH 4: Rudos CHICAGO EXPRESS & REY BUCANERO & GUERRERO MAYA vs. Tecnicos TONI RIVERA & MR. HOY & SUPER KENDO: Express plays the usual role that any “Gringo-looking” luchador plays–namely, that of a Gringo. As a Gringo, he isn’t allowed to speak much while wrestling; the only words we hear from him the whole match are repeated “si” and “no” utterances. His tights contain the expression “Chicago New Time” on them. (WTF?) Rey Bucanero, who has appeared on Super Astros, is wearing tights decorated with the WWF logo. Mr. Hoy’s costume is emblazoned with the word “hoy” (“today”) across it. The usual chaos ensues, much of it out of the ring and in the grandstands. The Tecnicos get the first fall at 6:52 when Hoy leaps off the top turnbuckle onto Chicago for the pin.

During the rest period, Bucanero and Kendo are involved in a vicious fight in front of the ring. As the second fall begins, Chicago yells “si” to the crowd every time he lands a punch, to which the crowd responds “no”. As Kendo and Bucanero resume their fight in the grandstands, Guerrero pins Toni and Chicago pins Hoy to even the match at the 11:30 mark.

The third fall has the rudos triple-teaming various tecs until the good guys get their second wind. Rivera follows his tilt-a-whirl backbreaker with a surfboard-like submission maneuver on Chicago; but the other bad guys make the save. This is followed by a weird chain of head scissors, tecnico on rudo on tecnico on rudo on tecnico, leaving only Chicago standing, gazing in bewilderment. He dives off the top rope only to land on his own teammates as the tecs released their holds. The tecs then throw the rudos out of the ring, following this up with a triple suicide dive over the top rope. The referee begins the count, and the good guys make it back to the ring before the 20-count. RIVERA & HOY & KENDO by count-out at 18:20.

MATCH 5: Tecnicos ATLANTIS & TARZAN BOY & OLIMPICO vs. rudos VILLANO III & BLACK WARRIOR & KARLOFF LAGARDE JR. Yes, Villano is the older brother of the Villanos IV and V who wrestle in WCW. Tarzan Boy is another WWF luchador, known on Super Astros as Armando Fernandez. This match is highlighted by a continuation of one of the hot feuds in CMLL, that of Atlantis vs. Villano. Even before the match officially starts, Villano has Atlantis’s mask partially ripped off and Atlantis’s mask is a bloody mosaic of red and blue. The good guys don’t have a chance in the first fall as Tarzan submits to Karloff, followed shortly thereafter by pins by the other two rudos in 3:26.

The second fall continues the vicious exchanges between Atlantis and Villano, most of it in every corner of the building. In the ring, as Lagarde and Tarzan are exchanging clotheslines, Olimpico gets the fall for his team by pinning Warrior after a top rope leap in 7:55. Oblivious to it all, Villano and Atlantis still bloody each other on the arena floor.

During the deciding fall, the two referees are occupied with exchanges between Tarzan and Black Warrior, and between Olimpico and Karloff. Thus, they don’t see the latest, in-ring, brawl involving Atlantis and Villano. With Atlantis nowhere near him, Villano falls to the floor clutching his trunks in the gonadal area. Referee Estrada believes that Villano was fouled, and disqualifies the good guys. VILLANO & WARRIOR & LAGARDE by disqualification in 10:48.

Both the crowd and the tecnicos are ticked at this point. The fans register their displeasure at Estrada’s officiating by pelting him with their leftover refreshments; the tecs act more directly by punching the ref out.


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