The Ring Report II, Vol. 1, Issue 6

Ring Report II Vol. I  Ed. VI
It’s September and school’s back in session.  This not only means that I have homework, but I also have to get those dreaded Aplications out to Colleges.  The changes I promised it this issue, will take place in the next issue.  Some of the changes will be that we might be sponsored by Z100 Radion in New York City.  In addition, some new reporters will be added to the Ring Report II staff.  In this issue, we will examine the success/failures of WWF Pay-Per-Views.  Also, we will have some interesting advertisements, and the same great gossip.
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WWF PPVs, Can they please anyone?

I am an AOL member.  When I read posts in the Wrestling Rap area, I simply cannot understand what is would take to please WWF fans.  Although some PPV events are hyped to be better that they actually are, they are not all that bad.

The recent WWF Summerslam was a success for Titan Sports in all ways.  Not only did it have one of the highest PPV buy rates in recent times, it was a very enjoyable event to watch.

I challenge anyone to e-mail me with a legitimate reason to say a PPV stinks, or they could just keep their traps shut.  WWF fans can never be satisfied with any event.  It is a shame that it happens, but it does.  Mail your input to me or  I would be interested to hear what you think.
The Ring Report II is looking of a new title.  We will have a contest to name it.  Mail your entries to by September 25, 1994.  Next issue will have a new look and new name.  I look foreward to hearing what you will come up with.
FROM THE MIND OF THE MANIAC by “Maniac” Mike Blade

No sooner had the charges been dropped than the mainstream media managed to bludgeon professional wrestling once again. The worst part was that it was veiled as a compliment.

In a recent issue, a TV Guide writer listed the WWF as one of the Top Ten Guilty Pleasures on television. He wrote that the struggle between good and evil was played out in the ring (basically true). He then went on to write an off-hand slam about steroid abuse.

It was nice to see the WWF, pro wrestling as a whole for that matter, being recognized for what it is. There are those who believe that wrestling is real. There are those who believe that wrestling is fake. I prefer the term reality-challenged. Whatever you prefer, few of us would argue that it is, in fact, a guilty pleasure.

The steroid comment ruined what could have been a nice plug for the WWF. After all, most people never saw the outcome of the McMahon/Titan Sports trial. Entertainment Tonight showed video of the first day in court, but basically ignored it from then on. If you weren’t in New York or online, you had really no way to know that the WWF beat the rap. Then TV Guide, which has somehow managed to become the most read magazine in the country, makes one off-hand comment to throw us back to the dogs.

Fortunately the real WWF President, Linda McMahon, also reads TV Guide. In the 9/3-9 edition, Ms. McMahon speaks out about the trial in a letter to the editor. While thanking TV Guide for the compliment of putting the WWF in the Top Ten, she is quick to point out the results of the trial. She goes on to mention the drug testing policy instituted by the WWF in 1991. For those of you who don’t believe that they have been testing, and that they have been suspending wrestlers over results of those tests, what do you think happened to Kerry Von Erich?

Before his suicide, Von Erich admitted to a drug problem. One which apparently was the reason for his suicide. A great wrestler? To be sure. Popular in the WWF? No doubt. Expendable because of drug use? Apparently.

There are people who will say that I’m just flag waving for the WWF. I’m not. In reality, I’m bashing the media that purports to tell the truth, but manages to malign anyone and everyone at any instance. They will ignore pro wrestling until some charges come upx the accusations against Jerry Lawlerx the WWF steroid casex etc. Then they’re all over it like a school of piranha.

If the WWF’s drug policy is what they say, they should be applauded. If TV Guide calls itself journalism, they should practice such. If the two ever cross paths again, let’s hope they can get it right.
With the success of the video “Stampede Wrestling Classics Volume 1”, I am pleased to announce that there will be a new edition in the next couple of months. “Stampede Wrestling Classics Volume 2″ will be produced shortly, and like the original videotape, will contain matches from the days when Stampede Wrestling was one of the hottest promotions in the world.

This commercial tape will also be approximately 90 minutes in running length. The original 3/4” masters will be transferred directly to tape and recorded on the SP (fast) mode for the best possible video reproduction. The matches that are to be included should be determined within the next couple of weeks, and I will post them at that time. The estimated price will be around $28.00 U.S., including airmail postage and handling anywhere in North America.

Currently, I am not collecting any money. However, if you are interested, please let me know via e-mail and I will add you to the mailing list to be notified when it is available. Note: A number of people who wanted “Stampede Wrestling Classics Volume 1” were unable to receive it simply  because we ran out. Your name on the mailing list will reserve a copy for you. Please send your name to:
That’s it this week.  I am sorry to cut it short, but people did not meet their deadlines.  Next week I will make another issue, I encourage anyone who wants to read this newsletter on a regular basis to contribute.  You don’t need to be a great journalist.  You just need to know how to type.  Next week will have trivia and the rumor mill.